Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 17, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1974
Page 6
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Some Penny Wise Food Buys Bv MKSCAI, JOHNSTON Kxlenslon food Specialist (Jnod buys POULTRY - Fryers, eggs, turkeys and parts. P O B K - Hams and picnics, sausage, fresh shoulder roasts, sliced quarter loins. BEEF - Ground beef, chuck roasts, round steak. OTHERS - Milk, cheese, liver, bologna, f r a n k s , tuna, frozen fish. VEGETABLES - Potatoes, onions, cabbage. Induce, celery, corn, carrots: dry beans, peas, ricei canned vegetables, trench fries. FRUITS - Bananas, apples, orantfes. lemons, grapefruit, strawberries, canned and frozen Juices. Traditionally. May means s u n s h i n e , strawberries, and exciting changes in produce counters. This year. May has also brought unusual ups and downs in the total food picture. MKAT SUPPLY Beef. pork. and broiler supplies have increased enough to be large rthan a year ago. Turkey sunplies, normally lou in the s p r i n g and summer, arc the largest on record for thi month. Milk production, though below last May's level is above hat of other recent months. Farm prices for meat and loultry dropped several weeks ign. Lower prices are being )aid to producers for C 1 a s s I roducts move through markct- ng channels, some are absorbed by higher processing, wholesaling, and retailing costs. Others actually do reach consumers. Bccaus'e of several instances in which lower farm costs are reaching retail counters, grocery prices are again chang- ng from week to week. The result is a more normal price relationship within each lood group than we've seen in almost a year. PROTEINS PRICE Fluid milk prices may not change with the seasonal peak in milk supply. Some drop in price is expected, however, tor cheese, butter, and non-fat dry milk. N'ot only are meat prices looking like the ones we saw 15 to 18 months ago. a normal cost relationship is returning among moderate cost and more he less expensive cuts of beet and pork. This drove prices up more rapidly for ground beef, round steak, beef p o t roasts. lams and pork shoulder roasts han for broiling steaks and pork chops. Now the supply is tiore in line with demand, steak and pork chop prices are dropping; but the big news is n the 79-to 89-cent ground beef, varied lower prices for ham, and correspondingly moderate prices for beef pot roasts and fresh pork shoulder roasts. The bony cuts of beef that were once considered economical lor stews are still exensive by com- arison to pot roasts. Also easing back in the direction or normalcy is the price of prepaed sausages, fesh pok sausage, and bacon- Such prepared sausages as frank- expensive cuts of read When meat simply fell meat he'ow demand, consumers attemptec to hold the budget line by using Arkansas the same products that were once sold as "all meat frankfurters" or "all meat bologna." When the present price of bologna is compared with former prices of all meat bologna, the difference is not as great as it seems when present bologna prices are compared to previous prices for the product that formerly carried that name. PRODUCE SUPPLY In produce counters, the plentiful supply of fresh corn and citrus fruits continue to hold or MEN Friday, May 17, 1974 moderate p r i c e s for items. Prices for those other furters a n d b o l o g n a have been s u b j e c t to two price pressures -- high prices For ground beef and _pork plus an upgrading of ingredients. When the name "all meat" was abolished for prepared sausages names of products were changed. Now the products sold as "frankfurters" or "bologna" are about MR. AND MRS. ROBERT L. MAYES .. .following their marriage in the Firs/ United Methodist Church o/ Bartlesville, Okla., on Saturday May 6 Mayes-Tunnell Vows Repeated Miss K a r i n Gay Tunncll became the bride of Robert Lee Mayes on Saturday. .May 4. at 6 p.m. in the First United Methodist Church of Rartles- villc, Okla., with Dr. Robert W. Smith officiating. Parents of the bririe are Mr, and Mrs. Roy Tunncll of Bartlesville. The bridegroom is the son oE Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayes of Fayetteville. Miss Kristin Olson was organist for (he double-ring ceremon and Miss Debby Wilson of Fay cttcville s a n g ' "The Wedding Song." and "Whither Thou Clopst," The bride, escorted to the altar by her father, wore a for- empire waists with m a t c h i n g caplots closing in V-neck!incs. They carried Flemish clusters 'iishioned of rosebuds, gladioli 'lorcUes, daisies, statice, coi'ti- 'lowcrs ami baby's breath pastel shades. Coordinated [lowers were designed for each mat gown of while Mni-cain jer- pcarls em bell- circlet neckline sey. Tear-drop ishcd the high and long traditional sleeves. The empire bodice f e a t u r e d p e a r l embroidered midriff above the formal-length train. Her veil of silk illusion was held by a garland of fresh flowers and she carried an in Forma' Flemish cluster of white roses stephanotis Heretics, miniature carnations and bnby's breath with green foliage and snlii: streamers. Miss Bekki Tunncll of Bar tlesville. sister of the bride served as maid of honor Bridesmaids were Mrs. Uichan Bowersock of Stillwatcr, Okla. sister of tlie bride. Miss Lcann* Gray of Bartlesviile. Mrs. John attendant's hair. Camllcliahlers were Benny Childbirth Group Sets Meeting The newly organized Childbirth Education Association ol N'orthwcsl Arkansas will meel it 7:30 p.m. Tuesday it Cits .ihrary in Fayettovillc. Thi ocnl group, an a f f i l i a t e of lh(_ International Childbirth Edusa lion Association (1CEA). is the irsl chapter lo he formed Ihe state, according to Mrs. .Ian McGibbony. Arkansas stat( coordinator. "The group was organized.' says Mrs. McGibbony, "t( support prepared childbirth sr _]i;it couples can more fully ex icficnce the joys of pregnancv and childbirth. The organization also seeks to further bette parent-child relationship: starting right from pregnancy and the moincnl of birth." Trained instructors in the prepared childbirth method, Mrs. McGibbony and her CO- r. Mrs. Melanie King, have recently begun offering classes to prospective parents in the area. "The purpose of the classes," states Mrs. King, "is to equip expectant mothers and fathers with accurate information about what is happening to the mother's body during preg- EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS CLUB Mayes and James Mayes of Fayeltcville. Scrying the bridegroom as best man was LI. Kenneth Strauss of Fort Carson. Colo.; groomsmen \v e r e Lt. Gary Hunt of Fort Leonard Wood. Mo.. Stephen Ycrby, Wayman Holland and Charles M a r t i n of Fayeltcville, and ushers were David Christie of Rnrtlesville. William Mayes and Steven Mayes of Fayetteville. A reception was held immediately following the ceremony in (he church parlor. Among those assisting were Miss Mary Jennings and Mrs. William Mayes of Fnyeltevillc. The couple will graduate [rom the University of Arkansas and the bridegroom will receive his commission in the U.S. Army. They will reside at Fort Ben- riin£. Ga. Store Salad Oil Store a bottle of. salad oil that nancy. normal labor and BUTTERFIELD Butterfield Extension Homemaker Club met for dinner al Wyatt's recently. The meeting was held later in the home ot Mrs. Alice Talbert where dessert was served. Committee reports were given and mystery gifts exchanged The next meeting will be held in the home of Mrs, Dolores Cook. VALLEY HOMEMAKERS Valley Homemakers Club held a recent meeting in the home of Mrs. Hugh Richardson Ten members and a guest, Mrs Hal Saunders were present Mrs. Richardson conducted the meeting. Devotions. "kind words.' were given by Mrs. Donah Weaver. Mi's. Nora Brown gavi he program on health care. New officers elected are Mrs Weaver, president; Mrs. O. R Dodson, vice president; am Mrs. Set!] Timmons, secretary :reasurer. Mrs. 0. R. Dodson read a poem and Mrs. Richardsoi showed apple dolls she hat made. Refreshments were servec The June meeting will be heli in the home of Mrs. Lloy. delivery and how, together, they can prepare for the stren- ous work required during the birth process. In addition, excr ciscs in controlled breathing and muscle relaxation teach the mother how to respond to the stages of labor and has Nixon or P^nyetteville and Miss Iterator. Ann Wilson of Dallas, Tex. solidifies, They '.vore formal-length gowns of apricot Talami crepe. The princess-styled gowns featured been opened IF the oil it need the rcfri- fjiQiicls or only be warmed to room temperature to become clear and liquid again. Held six to eight weeks before the expected birth of the baby, the classes are also designed to offer emotional support to couple-, and to help dispel common fears and misconceptions ot pregnancy and childbearing. However, as Mrs. McGibbony paints out, the classes are in no way meant to supplant or contradict the expert prenatal care and advice which a preg nant woman receives from her physician. In fact, the tech niqucs espoused by 1CEA must he recommended and approve; by a board of consultants composed of outstanding doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and physical therapists. Anyone interested in obtaining more information about the classes is invited to attend the meeting Tuesday evening. or they may call 521-3960. Shanks. Mrs. Lloyd Shank Reporte CHERRY BELLE Cherry Relle E x t e n s i o Homemakers Club held a spe cial Mother's Day program i honor of 20 deceased member of the club since its organ! zation in 1939 on Thursday i the homo of Mrs. Eva Williams Mrs. Juel Hamblen Giles, char ler member and second clu president, was in charge. Th president, Mrs. Foncannon lighted a candle decorated wit white roses in their memor and a candle decorated with rec roses honoring two living mem bers. Mrs. Jean Rowan an Mrs. Jo_e Harrod. both resident of nursing homes. Mrs. Harro was the third president and : 93 years of age. The late Mr: Griff Wilson as remembered a the first president and Mrs. An Workman, who died recently. Mrs. Paul Sensintaffar ga\ a meditation on the joys an sorrows of motherhood. Men bers displayed pictures of the mothers on a show and te table. MATCH-UP for SPRING. Varsity Town Sport Coat Duo. Daring decisive pattern, styled in adventuresome fashion and co-ordi- nated in coior and fabric with handsomely tailor slacks. $125.00 Trumpeter Shop Open Won. and Thur. nites 'till 8:30 City's Legal Secretaries Name Officers Debbie M. Davis was in- tailed as president of the Washington County Legal Se- retaries Association at its econd annual installation cere- fresh i t e m s are changing gradually with the season-some up and some down. New Valencia oranges are in m o s t produce counters now at a lower price than that for popular navel oranges, Valen- cias are juice oranges, but they compete more favorably with navel oranges for dessert and salad use than do other juice oranges. Surely, for Arkansas natives, the big excitement in fresh produce is a second week of Arkansas strawberries. The surprise of the week, in some stores, is the display of early Arkansas peaches. While fresh strawberries are available most all year, homegrown berries increase interest their use. Appearance of Arkansas berries differs from that of varieties from other areas, but quality signs are similar for all varieties. The finest flavored berries are clean, bright, and glossy. If they are to be served immediately, it is important that.they have an overall red color, though bright, glossy berries Beta Sigma Phi Chapter Presents Scholarships monies tailed iresident May 14. Also in- Waller R. Ni block, of the Washington pink are part red and when purchased p a t will bounty Bar association, were "Sharon Glcason. vice president; Mary Rani:, secretary; Jeannie Viblock, NALS representative; nd Nancy Cozort. director. following the installation, fliss Davis appointed the ollowing committee chairmen serve for the year: Sharon J u d y Biswell and Donna Kittle, legal educa- ion; Marjorie Niblock, employment; Martha Brown, finance; )arlene Skelton. insurance; Nancy Cohort, bulletin and VI- ian Lin{i.7jy, publicity. The Washington County Legal ileason, membership; Ward, program: Gail Secretaries Association rofessional association dedicated to serving legal seerc- atries, attorneys, courts and the genera! public. It is a f f i l i a t e d with the Arkansas Association of Legal Secretaries and Ihe National Association of Legal Secretaries (International). Membership is open to persons employed in the legal secretarial profession, law clerks, legat assistants, and court clerks and reporters. Further information and applications may be obtained by contacting Sharon Gleason at 521-7600 or Debbie M. Davis at 521-5510. continue to ripen at room temp- eaturc. Big berries have much eye appeal and take less time io prepare than little onixs. However, small ones of the same quality taste just as good large ones and may give higher yield. Berries w i t h dull surfaces, soft spots, or decay give low yields and are usually off-flavored. BUY CAREFULLY IT's a good rute to buy no more berries than you can use within a day or two and see that they aren't spilled or mashed in your grocery bag. When you get the berries home, carefully pour them into shallow pans or trays. Remove any that arc spoiled. If they have reached the desired slate ot ripeness, store them unwashed in the refrigerator a tightly covered container. If some need further ripening, spread those out at room temperature until they are red all over; then refrigerate. Just lief ore using, wash berries gently and quickly in a bowl of cold water or under running water. When berries stand in water, they lose color and flavor. Tf you're preparing several quarts for preserving, perforated boxes may be held under running water. This flushes away particles of dirt. Leaves and moved as capped. stems may he re- the berries are mil lEiiiiiii mini iiiiifflimiiiiiunnTiEFiiiiiiiiii Miiiiniiiimin Births niimiiiiinniiiiiiiNiiniiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiniKinniiiiinini! REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Ricky A. Lawrence of Springdale. a son, May 14. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald I,. Miller of Winslow, a son ,May 14. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Vaughan of Colcord, Okla., a daughter, May 14. Mr. atd Mrs. Gary C. Langham of Fayetteville. a daugh ter. May 13. ' EXPERT WATCH REPAIR SWIFTS a Nntfe RWfc m. persuasion. If you've ever been pressured into : 'doing something, you'll appreciate : : the gentle way we conduct a : ; Weight Watchers'class. And you'll find that being with people who | feel just as you do is a lot more helpful than frying to lose weight all b y yourself. '. _ ' " - - , ' · · Join us! We understand you: New F»y«tt»vill«-Springd*l« Location GOFF BUILDING (Opposite Kanada In M.Hiwir.m ThuTM,TK» p-m. Q to be TOP IT for SPRING Left -- A navy blue halter top, tie-front with contrasting white dots. $6.98 Matching pants in baby blue with red belt and red piping on legt. Sizes 6-12. $12.98 RIGHT-- You Babes Polyester knit cuffed shorts in navy denim or white. Sizes 5-13. $4.98 Matching halter tops in polyester and cotton. White or navy with embroidered front. Sizes S-M-L. $5.98 Members of Upsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi sorority met Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Roger Stroh with Mrs. Dick O'Connell. president-elect, presiding over the business meeting. Mrs. Ed Smith, service chairman, reported the completion of the chapter's service projects for the year. The selection of students to receive the outstanding band student award ill both Ramay and Woodland J u n - ior High Schools were completed. The $15 award to each student will be used towar: payment of summer band camp fees at the University of Arkansas. Mrs. Smith also announced prizes were to be delivered to Sunrise Manor to be used in their recreation program. Mrs. O'Connell presented her own "merit" awards to members who served "above anc bevond Ihe call of duty" in the Cancer Crusade service project. Cathy Hale, Judy Justiss. Carol Ripple, Jo Buescher and Susan farter received these awards. Chapter members surprised Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Smith with appreciation cards and gifts ot Mizpah discs for their past service to Upsilon Chapter. Got! will progress to Xi Alpha Epsilon Chapter this fall. Mrs. Kayc C li a p p e 1 1 p r e s e n t e d t h e program modeled in clay an item which identified her secret sister. During the social following, members used the clav model nd a charade to reveal hSr ecret sister to the others. Mrs. Stroh, hostess, served efreshments of champagne and Cherries Jubliee to members nd guests, Mrs. Debbie Price, Irs. Connie Thornton and Mrs. Mary Klingman. The final meeting of the year vill be held Tuesday, May 21, vith Mrs. Tony Aldridge as \ostcss. Petty Cash Stolen A small amount of pe'ty TMsh s believed to be the only thing missing following the burglary of the 'office of Dr. John Sugg, 17 N. Block Avc., overnight. Favetteville police said a rear door was found open this morning. A window glass in the door had been broken to gain entry. 5'/4% S*A% 61/2% 6 3 /4% 71/2% We have a savings program tnd interest rate to meet your needs. Foyetteville Savings Loan Association '· Ml N. East Avenan I ! iniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiM^ iiimiiininiitiiiira u ' Daily Calendar of Events j Today ', NWA Retired Officers Group, Elks Lodge, 6:30 p.m. 2 Tryouts for i"FIdd!er on the Roof," Arts Center, Springdal !, - 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. 1 SMITH'S Communication n 2- Way Radio r Tour 2-wav radt? headiruarters 5 1m electronic* sine* WSt r SX N. College 443-2??2 For Your Prescription Needs' See Us QUAKER DRUG 22 E. Center -- 442-424* City Parking Lot In R«r j Saturday 5 EOA Day Care Center Rummage Sale, American Legi n '1 Hut, B a.m. to 6 p.m. e Children's Art Show, City Library, 9 a.m. lo 5 p.m. China Painting Display, Northwest Arkansas Plaza, 10 a.m. · to 9 p.m. AAUW Antiques Group, Mrs. Ellis Shellon, 12 noon Tryouls for "Fiddler on the Roof", Arts Center, Springdate, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Al-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. - ·wmniMinillllMlllllffllllTM^ (% . - £ ? · / I 1 Budget Fashions STREET FLOOR 1

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