Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 16, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1974
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tbur*., May 16, 1974 26--For Sole -- Miscellaneous rAVCTTKVILLC. AftKANCA* 24-Oogs, Cats I Pets FRBB colo. 5. htick ^nrt h.iir I '; (I HcckN old, JlS.iSfi 1 .' Hfler -):W. -FREE to a so«i home, 2 p-jp^es, male and ore feirtnlc. 2 k l l t r n s , lxth ·ftmnle. 531-MTS. AKC KVXJlSTKItKI) OM · IXC puppies- Pianc fOl-432 COLUER REXALL EAST ALl BREEDS DOG GROOMING For Appointment CaD 443-3441 Q111*r* haj 50 lb. «acka of Wa; ·nd Kwco doj: food. Compete Line of Pet Supplies at «ll Collier Store*. MAURKKN O'noal NIKJA tfo^ rr lArxe and h u n U n g lf^ j:niniin wmWF, ica-a.-iah profc.csinnal biC. Call 442-17-13. AKC \Ve:inAiT«r pup? 1 -", (vwllcnt hunl- · jpg snd pel «taek. oil 521-5W) i ' S:30 p.m. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Lines Complete selection of all veterinary supplle*. EveiTthlnu for you! animal. Eastgal* Shopping Center. Hwy. 1 Ea«t PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cynthia Johnson, Groomer Individual Attcnlion -- No Trun quilizers used. Personalized ^room Inj done wilh lender loving care : OCCASIONAL BOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR ANY BREED Phone 412-85*2 days or evenln, 25--Home Needs--For Sole KTRBV vacuum npanpr Inr M!C. Ksrfl 5-Home Need*-for Sale MOVING? twin allrfij. trrs? cij'l'rti ni.i ;nc nhait, Coor l a m [ , iniliu* dt tvKiiji'ple Kc-t. JJU. \Vn]t* .1 picvc pch 1'rovirrial bed rwxn PJItc, S3"* r i^tp* O»J rurtams, draperfi. I'txx; 6 for Sal* -- Mitcellaneouj ~~WESfFORK~ NURSERY Hwy. 170 by the School Open 9 a.m.-- 1 p.m. Phone 839-2926 We have 100's of plants polled ind ready lo KO. Prices arc pci THE LITTLE WOMAN /HI T.V.. v-,1 her an! tln'C'l !!** Thumlcrbinl, MA'rruKsys ANT) imx. prKTNf;s XKT -- Tff\ par jiir^irrinlrfd oiiliojifflir s''is 'v!,'l Or nis'ipporl onfy i^.^S. Pomp 'iur': fln'I kinK s:« ,sfS a'.-ai'jir*:'; a'^n. Cflvb or terms avaiEablc. United Frrtsii SVs tes. I Iwy (32, \V. f x -j i cttcvitle. O?«. 9-3 Mai-Fri.. 1111 fi-.OT Sni. 35 Ground Ivy 8 12" 15 Lale Lilac 6" 26 Phnlcnia 4-6" 25c Ivy 8 12" ac 6" a 4-6" 75c HORN BROTHERS Full size niaUros,ses or box p p r i n g $44 M;iple trundle \tKi\, Complcti 1 w i t h niattres'es, makc.s into 2 beds. $138 2 piece mod em livintrroom su it. Sofa a n d in niching c l u b cliair, black vinyl. $148 Swac lamps. Clio ice of colors. $8.73 Odd h e a d b o a r d s . $2.88 Bunk beds. Maple finish. Complete w i t h mattress, ladder, and Ku;irr] rail. Also makes into twin beds, $98 U mi[c- west of Silosni Springs on Oklahoma Highway S3. 9:00 lo 9;00 Weekdoys 12:00 to 7:00 on Sundays 27 I ' c r i w i n k t o 12 Ipatl clum|i ll Div.lrf Y n u p o n Holly 4-6" 26 Foster Holly 0 12" 2.3 HllConli Holly 6" 17 Dwarf Bufordi Holly 6" 42 Forsythia 12-18" Bf, Black Lcgiistnim 6-15" 32 Orange Pyracanthia !-6" 27 European Wiilc Birch 4-6" 3t C a r o l i n n . f a s u i i n e 4Ct" 122 "Slarlcr" A / a l c n s 6 15" $1.00 14 Ribbon Grass fi-12" 5 Lombnrrly P n p l a r 2-3' 5 Shoelmllori Spirea J)-12" 0 Concord Crapes in bloom 2'.] Frctlnniii Cranes in bloom $1.25 18 Sfetrhin Grnppf; n Cyiitfii.nii.i Grants 25 Norfork l^hirul Pine 2-4' $1.50 71 Assorted A z a l o a s 12-SO" 5 N i a g a r a narpcs 43 H l l l l a t a Holly 12-18" 3 O a r l a i i r l Snircn 15-1B" 3 While K l . A l m m i c l 12 15" !1 llnssi.Tll Olive 1821" 1 Short Leaf Pine 12" 10 Mimosa 24-36" f, T n l i n P r m l n r 12-18" 8 Silver|r ;-3' GRANDFATHER Milburn Noill. Phon f MS KErtipr A^ ;tii'l hnpht ar 3,'uo ],us1n?. Kei Lewis i!rolhpr, MATKIAS DISCOUNT 71B South on Curve ·1ALK -- Indies' cMsunl I r a i h c r .aminis Tu - n pairs, So.OO Jood soJccMon ]n dies' men's western hoots -- Tony Lama etc WESTERN Shirts -- ST.S8 ^ up West er n Illou ses -- M .85 -$.1.3H AMERICAN made canvas -- $1.:0 . up, LADIES brns -- C.irnivM brand -Pi lOLF loy »IKTAL Dewcloia - Garrelt, U0 csstonal's Choice. Gold anrl sliver w:ni hl and ?olr3. Call Abe Lincoln. SS57. Flapcrs. Art 27--Musieal Merchandise NKW SPINKT riANOK (:Ti.m ~ m w/auio rtij-tfim Jl'fl.ffl -- £A-'£l-\2 R. S. AlcClain Music To. V i n i l H Okl,i FRNOKFt guHur, Two Si-track tajx- p::. erj;. Set ol stolf r!u!«. r-honp rv.^fnn. Kl'MIJKO F P K A K K I t S -s hfis- jiut rfccivffl d r m n l y rin'i pair. UnslciJ dinner/' 30--Wanted To Buy TOP I)01.J,.M: for '[i'-Tn (jl-U'i V n l ' a n t or »drt v\ilh fi«H«I lxr]y. A M c r ::(HI. -tt'JC'-VI. h:HT I'KICFS r'OK HOOD USED FURNITURE fc APPT.L\!-fCES INCLUDING ANTIQUES 4U-2J91 WANTED 2 (on r," 70 mol"l CTT"P.. fiMC, or Intern-it ota is 11 n ^ vvilhoul bed. Must bo iTfyvl kur-V 7il fj""n .. . .. reiiflit Open KUJ'KJi COMPONENT KVSTKM.S -- .Ills! ica'ivei] ( L O i ,sui«r ximp | iii-''»t sv^Seins w l i i r h ir.clu-k- Gnrraixl profcsiiona) luni- l,i Ij'r. p\tni txi'.v crfu! LTfl wn(t m u l l i p l r v rci-eiver, provisinnv n»r.. r «lins awl n l » r r i K p'ui " lah'ir su.irarilef anrt have a r p l n i value of KV^).00 but c,in l« yours fo oly (K».ft: ca sli or 1 CJTOS at Un i! cf Fra r jhl Salos H;sy (J?, \S'. Fm.T»evJlIe Opon !»-3 Mon-Fri.. 1 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 190% ABOVE FACE (Snbiect to daily clinn^c call (or (juolfi). A!a ncec small roin arid sfanip collections lop dollar paid FAYETT'EViLLE COIN STAMP 2:,G1 N. ColleRC. 521- 31--Wanted To Trade Mtrrf -I fhair.s, ilmln?. modern Rr u:hanflisp. vc. Phflni 1 li'llcr t i r o s LI-* nlles. nargnEn Toj plct-lrirj on Ihc LOST hrJBhl rann't »\Vor.-i . . ri'sloie 1hern w i t h BLUi- I.Uf-iiv. R.^iit c!«'lric sh3niptoer H- Polk Furniture, iXVi W. WINTiOW Blr-^fMrtitimrr. rnp^nirp-lni- l.'JW 5ti. J l . . i.V). FJionc 521-Sl^i?. SOFA: 5 drawe:, 2" steel kilchfa cabinet: Meel kitiihpn lalile: bo.v springs, single bed size: I n n e r spring ml*tlre?y, ^inpip b-M sire; S:nRle l»l; Ixix springs, stanrlJini s"«: IT" OK p-irtah'c lc!t'visLiTi «1 "illi sland. -( - l i n ' n p riiairn: rrrprd j i l n y f r ^nd M^r.d. 5^ r.X'ord?. CaH SJ1^665 txMvvcvn -4 nnJ 7 p.m. BRAND Ts-EW BKDROOM SETS -- (« wiih matching cJiest ricJily (ramrrt mir United Freight Sale*. H«-v- 62, W. I".\ve'.1e V3l'*. Open 9-9 ilon-Fri.. liJ! 6:00 Sat. ROOM -Ajr-condilioncr. f.OW HlT_r u SO d (0-Jr inontAs, ElaO. Pnor.c 44.^-1279 after 7:00 p.m 1S.WJ ETU Air-Co^diLianer, Adniini! E!e? Full s:if nil! e\va% N-J, v'ttJ innpr ;p--n/ m a t t res-? Priori e 44LMM71. FTEP--, ismijrhl -rein r a i l i n g lor mohi'r jKi-nes r-1 ' and ~:' he:?h1, Piioic tT^- 1CW. SOFA AN D CiL\ IR O VT,Rj=TQr-tS - N«« shipni-;n1 ol b;a^d HCVT /amou name brar.d sofa and cha;r seis in a large lelecti-on of slvj«s and fabrics. ? stan at on!- S119.St« lor sofa and swi cnair iet-. cash or te;tiis. Unilcd Freian.! ?£.- Hwy, 6^ VV Faypttovillt. Open ;-9 Mo--Fn., li!] 6:0) at. PFAFF, V^:ng. I'.lna, and NccirJij K- i^ stoc-Jt Naiionfii Fabrics, ['IS Young St. S;:;fig«ja. 751-WS?. MOVING, n ncp! Portage dishw ^.vr 6v? pr.-^n m;, iron b-?d Ira rack. Aft.T 5:OJ, 4^?'23VI- QUA L1TY DI .VFTTTE JTJP XITUR K - heal ar.d wrnich rcjiitart t«b:a !op End fo^r matrass: rhaLrr P'.-JS e\tra "tv.f Or.'.} 1 J16?.W E-Z terms ava::ab.?. Ur.r,ed ^:O\^^·G: must scli. B.T.U. Wards " air cvntfilicciir. K\rc'at no-iii'Jon, C£io ?xl2 m?, BrtMTi bra^.M ms, F 1973 MAZDA RX2 Rotary Engine^ 4-Door, Auto marie Transmission. In mint condition. Wbeelef Motor Co fHONE 443-3453 H M44 N. Colleg* ·· 7) North* STRAWBERRIES M Ftollini: I f i l U D c.l light a1 71 Dn r.OI.DKN' TOUCH AMI) ,51'AV -- fnmo:is mat-hino lhat tin?! 11- TJicie machines hav«.- never been sed. will do built-in Mttwholes, dc live stilohcs p!u? u n i q u e self n-indinir KWJ in ani 1 much niorp. Thi s tn ac^i i ne i-ouiil ntmnalJy t-ost !«u STiOO bal c-^n e r i i r ^ lor only SJS^.r6. Ciish or Irrm^ .vnp!,il»:c. U n i t p i l Freight A\]^. Hwy. ^ \S', Fayctieviltc. Ojicn 9-9 Mon.-Fri. at B A K E R ' S FIUJIT M A K K K T y. Kfhool. Ruljrpr. I? v z'j: ^,ig natinnfilly advcrii riPi that do huttonT»!«s. darr rram, etc. for JlflCTn CASK or (frr i ;O.\n'ON'KNT SKI'S ~ Wo : sct-i A M / K M j,t( . 'Jlio ill I ·asi. M/iy li* in- spctlcii al Uniled Krpishl KatPd, Hwy is \'. Favo«c\ille. Opc-n 9-9 Mcm-Fri., till :DO Sit. 28--Antiques--For Sale Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitives -- Glass Ctnn/i -- -- Collector's Items lrairlc Grove. Ark. Phone 846-l'S8 30--Wonted To Buy STUDENTS Fell 3otir unwanted c^olhinsr and mi I ancou ·; Ltcm; al t h e UTi i1 p Klpp-'m" FiJiop, West (?^, Ravor)«rk Hit. C S C O I N S H O P PAWN Paying 190^; wf-T face for Silver Buy Sell All U.S. Coins 1208 S. Thompson 751-3710 rOUTIf; A!'.\K'[' ·?AN OFFliR SMALL 3 JIOOM /(JUNISII^D 1TOUKK A N D i m i , - J'l'lKS TO YOUNG M A n n i K I | AGRI S T U D K N T IN E X C H A N G E FOR FARM WOHK. CAIA* 2r,7-r,fif77 32~For Sale Or Rent · j i r t f J l 1 : year ot'i Ji'H-xvo'i'l, J"\Ffl com f u l l y furni'.lwJ :m»l (Virju'tt round rintsifIe of frailer. Ci11 Her E^M p.m. M.'iy flnfisici;. 33 Rooms For Rent ink. ff'aiv- liviii-rociii. kitcii?n, 1) I per rnosiih. Phone -llL'-^Vlii a l t e r o:lW. 1973 VEGA HATCHBACK 9,500 actual miles. A Sharp Car! Wheeler Motor" Co, PHONE 443-3458 | i l 3244 N. College «H (Highway 71 North) TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONTIAC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 We had an answer to the gas problem long before there was a gas problem. Plymouth Valiant. M years m wdo» m prt wr fcsJ Vafont M (fepiar, it got a W of attention. And wtiy not? n was part of a new breed of smafl cars that offered good, solid tote in a compact size. A simH car tta* featured easy handUng and parking, nee low price, worn tor SB aside, plenty of (rank space a«f good gas imteage on res»tar foot. Back then, the otter aoto uwpanes caree o»t witl) new torn- pads, loo. Bat while tlicir tans Itavc fallen by Hie wayside, Vaiianl has kept on going strong. In lact, wer 23 mill ion Valiants have been sold since 1960. So we figiwe we'»e been doing something tight. had naluiaHy, Valiajit's good gas mileage rs pait of H. One good reason why America's No. 1 selling compacts come from PlynwnUt. Stop in today and weH show you plenty of olhcf reasonr,. Sec us for eight C1IKYSIKR great small car buys. Plymouth IVEY MOTOR CO. 620 North College 442-8691 id. r^j. Phon. vf-:\V. L' liodrooi unfitted, coup'c -1 M i · r . \ ( : '']··· IN III _ r' ^-»£- -- tSc-K^r"* j oul Tor a nice or Rent ins l'ir two ma If ·ill i and kili-hrn. Wiilk n pus. Pr vjilc cn'.rjnco ,ani'led, CMlral heat, 11IX. Ejist Kuincwav c- Phone U2-R71S. ills For Rent \K'S'l',-~ inf r)Cir'rom. Univ; '.iiU, av;nlnVc ail. fa!! ^l-'Wfi or -1 2 , Cancel or Rcl Your fisd Ad for ow's Paper BEFORE M. TODAY 2-6242 r Classfied Luni-lK-i, SHE! a imnlh ::. i. one hoiiroom apar imju?, $VT.50 p?r montl lioncd. Slttl mo!i1h. A IJ-HIV2 or rvJl-TPJL ;nln;i(- stdilrnl mify, K v ;ipni Impiil Air rn Is UtililU'j: .«iti cub o -112-Sorj. wni duplex. Complete e* only, no pels. SI one ftfl-se:* artpr 5 p.rr PAKTMENT. 'J'Jl Noi .MI Aupiiriiuents. Plot 34-- Apartments For Rent "\VO BJOriKOOM nU-clv fumlvheil aixjrt- ni'nu H:«x-k *f t Ir-xn c;nniu. v\Jlly cji^-tM hfjt/air. All ul.hlLe.* pai-l. JV10 norilh "iL-l-til^j. Av.iilat:c May IS June . July l. .'K.VIUA' ti'-w. TVCO V-vo M'diwrtn unfur- i s'ir'1 i^rci-l ..'.ivr. * n \ ro(ri?Pi-ri1'ir. rar- 'o. No prls. Oill UVWfiS or 4tt-ISlfi afirr -!:(». nvo liedtwm, unlurm^ed, all utilities xiiil. !x-aUv! r;f Hiwav 71 Soutli on Jfiori-y St ;\i-el!cril lot-ation lo facto- rios, SIOJ iiiMithly. I'rvMe ·! 1^54-11. ONK Ixvlroom (urnislifl. 5M. uUlilics [Mi-i. no |«o»s, Hast 15. ('hone -I^-ISOJ hc'inwm, manici] cou[»'e S~i plu^; utiH- 1 e\ r,o d«^. inqulte al r^TJ West FpnnK. ONK BKW.OOM Mparlmcnt niceb 1 f^Ti isheJ. but no air. SSi month without utililies. Sorn.' /io pets- Call 521-5W) alter ?:00. KKA1.1A* NICK, one or 2 hciroom apart- mrnl on Kaywnoa I^ine. Phone 521-1 (? MAPLE MANOR APIS. KAYKITEVILLE'S FINEST Now lensinj! one two, three or four Jjedrooms -- Furnished or unfurnished. 3001 Wedington ONK BKDI'.OOr ainrtnicnt, furnishc.] inrlu'lina ilishwaslicr, garbniic- ilt^io-^il ronlial fit?al -iiirl air. (i;mp:clr! «-ir lirlcil. ?HO munlh. All 3:lh ]Vili1 1 :rur/. Oi 11 b-^loi c 0 :?.0 a.m. or n flcr 5:1X1 p.m. f nvo iMvIroom rurnibticrl mvirtmciit, air condilionci], tlisliwaslier, caipcied Uirousjli out, Ht iKiths, summer leduccd rale m'j Univcrsitv. Oakhill Apis. Phone 36 219? or *«-««. nJKNI.SIED aparlmonl-- cfritrJeticiCi', on am\ Iwo lipdrooni-snmp-nir coTiiLitionci pus :'!! -:'2Tfi. ' SUMMKK E-TKCIAL 1 bedroom fipar m"iU V So, Dunoan. Well lurnishrji cGitlral v.\r, lishsvn i ;hf r, riispo^l S!25 Phone 571-5W]. BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 mirt 2 Bedrooms FurniKhcrt or Unfurnished Rlav lalli, for .su tinner and fall. Phone 521-2761 STUDENTS: Kuuiislicd apar(nienl5, hlocks I torn campus. CoHasc"! in onu trv, 10 minutes from campus. SW u piiono iii:-'jsri. in" foi- summer. C-ioit- t» MHU**S. o and two bedrooms, [timi.slie-t Phon ·1 tS-lTnT. FREE RENT THIS MONTH Move in now and get the moil of May rent free. Special summ rntf-s. Two bedrooms, [urnishet qunlily built apartments with a Call today for an appointmen ·ll.Vt7o7. SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom effioienry [urnis.h apartment. Utilities paid, STO. Fro After 5:00 and weekends call 1 fllDS. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENIS! 4-- Apartments For Rent 3 LEASING FOR SUMMER orncr of LevtreU Law.son. 2 r. townhous*; apartments. l\3 c th central air, frost free tc- " gcrnlor, dishwasher, disposal. 1 urni.shcd or unfurJiLslicd. Water ' ]] piiid. One unli vntrant May 1st. a ormatLnn unO application call i ryce Davis. 521- 8630. j S08 TOWNHOUSE / \K, IITO nm\ three lioilrnoni furnished MMnc-nls. Vf to JtW. tJjilvcnily «iin- is niva. Phone V1!Mri70. - SUMMER RATES x AVATTjABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. 1~M N r . Ix:vcrctt Kaycltcville o^l-IOl^ Mgr. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 1764 N. Lcvorctl Faycttcville 521-3313 M^r. Aph No. 1 KEN ClAIRE 1!WO N. Garland Fiiycllcville 142 8981 Mgr. Apl. No. 64 COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Levered Fnyellcville -.21-2110 Mer. Apl. No. 1 JENNY LYNN 11 South Uunc-an Fayetleville r ^l-J^O Mgr. Apt. No. is GARLAND GARDENS ?(K)D N. Garland FavcttcvillD II- WS1 Rlgr. (Ken-Cf^ite Apt. No. M) SWIMMING POOL OR . POOL PHIV. l-IIRNlyriKP vciv nice anil i-onvtnlen NAltlf.^iin Apis.. 1-5LO NcHk-ship. TJiw =,-1-' ,2 aflcr 5 mil .II2-W1S. NOW rMlini: (or siniiliirr an.l fall-- o a i d livn wilnwin -.ipailjnnetF. Kerr 1 \t^liiniiil Co.. ri21-419l). 1 r.'.'.WT, 7ilil-!^l L-ampus. one bedroom, paneled, tile Elio er and lub. mnrriol eouplp. Also o c£lifiency lor mature sluilpnl. phone If SSS. C.^y ^ .. OW BUS iUJ K-. % _ t j S ^ / /y_ m KM ^v*^ 1 " ^ MOST OF ONE T We Don't Hove ANY C 34--Apartmentt fo» ^ 'A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom J°-22 Two Bcdrpom hi'nn Tlirec Betlroom L-u.uu All u t i l i t i e s pnid. central heal and a/c. u n f u r n i s h e d . fainili£S. WASHINGTON PI.AKA APARTMENTS 1655 N. Lewis 521-3073 OKIci; Hours 8:30-5:JO Closed Saturdays Sunu. \VO tolrrKMil IurrtMir-1 apartment, JIOS r .iw"tli Pl'K «li"'i«- """ " cara ' us. TOO f^oarjani!. UMH1S. _______ ___ _ ~ SPECIAL SUMMER RATES AZOKHACK PLAZA no» lakins am«»- ons tor Juno 1. Furmstal. 1! bcJrooms, inlli hilly rarrclcJ. dishwasher. l»o . I bills |«ilil. Walklns ilislnuco In Unl- Tdly I'liono KI-517C manaSM apart- on I Ko, 11 a l l f r a |i.m. 5111-1.30. CREEKWOOD VILLA Cheek Tliese Fcalurw: Central Air · ShiiB C.irpcls Queen size beds · Frost-free re- ri» · Dishwasher .t Disposal , pool · Free TV Hookup. Low u miner rales. S117.50 -- One Bedroom S127.50 -- Two Bedroom _ All hills paid except electric UllN'ISHEI) nfcllG Inuur nrinc. 600 apartment and furnlshc* noro'H i("l»i«!; »"; M rrili-tciK-y NtSEJED apnrtmerl f!20 icr inonlfv Unfurnished apaclmcnl ^"»Per month. AH lull'! yaid except "'.ilcr. Gil Whitham. TJI'.XISTHCn .-iTvinnlcnt, Iwo ^liC'l- ·ln«iil- I t r f c T D J i c P rciiiirr.l. South I- Block sis.. A|il. !± ·!l?-Iil». . 1973 TOYOTA PICKUP Automatic Transmission, Air Condilioning, 3,500 actual miles, local one owner, ir; like new condition. Wheeler Motor Ca PHONE 443-3458 fog 3244 N. College BB (Highway 71 North) We don't need special summer r a t e s . . . . We offer reasonable rent AIL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By Unjversity tlousing Razorback Annex -- 575-3951 The 2O mpg luxury wagon, Introducing the 1974 Volkswagen 412 Wagon covered by Owner's Security Blanket. Before the energy crisis hit us oil rn the gas tank, the VW 4 1 2 v/as right. A sensible luxury wagon. Now it's more right than ever. Wilh the nation's big gas guzzlers in disfavor, ihe 4 ) 2 Wagon may be one of the lev/ luxury wagons slill aroixid. For il gels a good 20 miles per gallon! How's lhai for a luxury wagon thai also treats you lo loads of space, plush seats, eleganf corpet- inq, and a timed prehealing system? Fact is, it's the only kixury wagon with ils combination of features, slondard equipment, for only $'1200." Guess you could say ihe VW 412 is a kuaxy wagon whose time halh come '[·i!eag« boied oo German rnduslly lest track **T*-,c 197* V.wv.-;c;cr. J12 Wagon :o9ges«ed r«Joii pt'Ke. J 1 O E L«oJ loo^ af'd othcT cha^GCs, H o/vy, orfdtliono'. WHEELER MIR. CO., Inc. 3244 N. College 443-3458 ONE THAT WE SOLD NEW. ANY Out of State Cars at A Come See Our Selection Today! 1973 OLDSMOB1LE 98 Luxury Sedan. A local one owner car with factory air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes, power windows, 60-40 divided seat with 6-way power on driver's side, cruise control| M/FM stereo radio, Tilt 'n telescoping steering wheel. Vinyl top and whilewall lires. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $4795 1973 OLDSMOBILE Toro. Custom Coupe. Factory air conditioning, power steering, power fronl disc brakes, power door locks, AM/FM radio, tilt 'n telescoping steering wheel, rear window defogger and whilewall lires. Beautiful cranberry paint with cranberry vinyl top and interior. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $4795 1973 OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 Royolee 4-Door Hardtop. Fae- tory air conditioning, power steering, po^/er front disa brakes, 350 C.I. V8 engine, tutrbohydramatic transmission, AM/FM radio, vinyl interior and whilewall lires. A 110 '"^ local one owner with 18,000 miles. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $3250 1972 OLDSMOBIEE 98 Luxury Sedan. Factoory air conditioning, power steering, power fronl disc brakes, power windows, 6-way power seat, tilt 'n telescoping steering wheel. AM/FM stereo radio, vinyl lop and whitewall tires. Local one owner car. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $3293 1972 OLDSMOBILE Toronado Custom Coupee. Factory air conditioning, poy/er steering, power front disc brakes, till n telescoping steering wheel, AM/FM stereo radio, vinyl top and whitewall tires, very clean car. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $329S 1969 CHEVROLET lmpa|«, 4-Door Sedan, Factory air con* dilioniny, power sleering cincl brakes, turbohydramatie transmission, radio and whitewall tires. A very good car. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $1295 1972 GMC Vi Ton Pickup, 350 C.I. V8 engine, 4-speed transmission, radio, two-tone paint and long wide bed. WHITFIELD'S PRICE $2295 1972 DATSUN Pickup. Here is a very nice lilllle truck, a local one owner with 11,000 actual miles. A real gas saver. See it today for only $2495 1972 CHEVROLET Kingswood Estate. If you're looking for a full sized station wagon, hurry in to see this one! Factory oir conditioning, poweer steering, power front disc brakes, turbo-hydramalic transmission, power windows, power door jocks, tilt steering wheell, cruise control, rear window defogger, AM/FM roctio, luggage rack and whitewall tires. This n a real good buy for only $2895 1969 OlDSMOBILE Delta 88 Toown Sedan. Factoory air conditioning, power steering and brakes, turbohydramatie transmission, radio, and whitewall tires. Lots of good transportation for only $1295 1965 VOIKSWAGEN "BUG", looking for some realty eco- Domical transportation? Well here's the answer. 4-speed with radio. Engine recently rebuilt. Hurry, it won't lost long at only $695 WHITFIELDMOTORCO. OLDSMOBILE-GMC 14-16 NORTH EAST AVE. - 521-7282

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