Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 16, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1974
Page 10
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ArfcanMt TIMES, Thun., May 16,1974 FAVITTIVILLC »»K»N«»« ADMINISTRATORS PLAN OBSBIRVANCKS .. ./rom lejt Williams, Sanders and lleudricks confer an plans to observe National Hospital Week 'Get To Know Us Before You Need Us' Three Local Hospitals Observe Special Week The three hospitals in Fay- pUevillc are observing National Hospital Week with special activities plnnneri lo highlight the special week which concludes Saturday. This year's Ilierno is "Get lo Know Us Before You Need Us", and special lajml buttons bearing the theme nrc being worn by hospital personnel. A I Washington Regions] Medical Confer (\VRMC) the Charity Ltvigiic, the forerunner of the center's auxiliary, serve refreshments for will all employes of the hospital today. Several of the Charily League members still serve as members of (lie auxiliary ;uu] will be among the hostesses for the occasion. The annual awards program wil] be held today at the V e t e r a n s Administration Elnspitai, and service recognition pins wilt Ix; presented during Ihe afternoon. Committee Listens To Tape Revealing Nixon Vendetta BOSTON (Al 3 ) -- The Boston' Globe reported today Ihe edited version of one of the White House tapes omits a considerable portion of a conversation it) which President Nixon launches a personal vendeda against lawyer Edward Bennett Williams. Members of HIP House Judiciary Committee listened in a closed door session Wednesday to the tape En question, a Sept. 15, 1972, conversation between Nixon, former counsel John W. Dean HI and former White House aide H.R, Haltlc- inan. The committee got Ihe recording from the special Watergate prosecutor for its impeachment investigation. The Globe said it obtained a copy of the unedited version of the conversation from a committee source. The edited version was made public recently when Nixon releFised the contents of 42 White House conversations. The Globe said the version it ohtaincrl Wednesday contained far more information about the Williams matter than does the public version. Judiciary members reportedly beard Nixon say of Williams, "1 think we are going to fix the son of a hitch/' and "I wouldn't want to he in Kdward Bennett Williams' position after the election/ 1 The Globe quoted Haldeman as saying in reference to Williams, "That is a guy we've got to ruin. 1 ' Williams was hired by the Democratic National Com mittee to represent it in a civil suit against I IIP Committee to Re-Klecl the President in con nection with the Watergate break-in. He also representcc The Washington Post, whicl traced the break-in to Nixon' campaign committee. According lo the Globe's unc diterl version, (he following din logiip concerning Williams tool place between Nixon and Dean Nixon: "I think \ve are goin; lo fix the son-of-a-bitch. Belicv- me. We arc going lo. We've go lo. because he's a bad man." Dean: "Absolutely." Nixon: "J want (he meat, want Hie most comprehensive notes on all those who tried ( do us in.' 1 This evening volunleers am rganizaLions providing sunprir o the volunteer program at th /A hospital will he honored a n award program. No special programs hav won scheduled at City Hospila t coincide witb the onsen nces but Administrator Ke JimiTers said the liospita . u p p o r I the theme ;orvices provided. The weeks is sponsored b he A m e r i c a n liospita Association to "si miniate: rnibl lorcst in, and support u Hospital administrators ai e f i rst lo a gree these a i challenging days for bospita md Sanders, Hichard William administrator or WRMC aj Fred Ilendricks. director of tl VA hospital, urge the public become heller acquainted wi the hospitals. The three agree thai (termini e o n I i n u e lo increase hospitals. The public cxpec comprehensive quality care becoming increasing concerned about the incvitai rising costs of modern jinspil care and Ihe difficult Miianc problems created by compl economic pressures. During the special obsei ances, and at any time, administrators invite the pub to become informed ;ibonL t services, the quality of .service, and efforts by a r c hospitals to provide Minn efficiently and economically pussible. REUPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! SOFA $129.00 J"£. Choice of Naugahyde f Nylons, Herculons and Velvets Choice of Colors 3 EAST MOUNTAIN RECOVERY ROOM Phone 521-8815 (^l/neh wan, ( The Fresh Idea Company . COLLIER DRUG STORES 100 W. Dkfcson Across from Post Off** Phono 4424262 Hfelmy 16 Ead Phom 443^441 Kilpalrick Says Nixon Won't Quit Under Any Circumstances Alexander Plans To Alter Minimum Wage WASHINGTON" (AP) -- ! J M-S i nl \i\rm says fie li;is ^ivcrr ·H tliniijilit lo ihr pus^ihililv iTsitfi;ition 1ml lia^s rirnlrl \v)ll mil quit IH»- nfiliim's jliL'sl office "under any cir- mstances." ills strongest vow to date not resign came in an interview th conservative columnist mcs .1. Ki![;ilnek, puhhshrri today's Wiisliinulori Star ws. Nixon to!c] Kilpalricl-; he JHId not surrender his office en temporarily to Vice Presi- ·nl Gerald H. Ford tinder the Ih Amendment. Jf the House of Represent a- -e.s votes impeachment, Nixon if] ho would accept the vr-r r f "wilh goorl yraco" ant nt '[('Fend limisclf lo the vor iri bi-Fore tlie Senate. Nixon's release of cdiln jnscripls of private Water itr_- convrrsEilituis t\\ r o weeks CS ;V 1 l« led to dciminds -- including 'inL i from leiulers of bis own u'tv -- that lie consider' re- fjning. The House .IncHcFHry Com- littro br^;in ln:;iring evidence i Nixon's possible impcjacfi- srn( la Hi Tlnirsifiiy. The cuniniiltcu rvc'iiln;illy if] submit its rocornrrieiidn :HIF; to tbe full House, wliicli iL-n would decide by iiuijorily lie whether Nixon should bu npcachud. If tlie Ilousr: voles For im- I'iU'limcnl, I he Sr-n;it: would K'M ccHnIiid a h'i;i) on I he; ion si? diaries, with a l\vn urds vote needed for cnn- iction and removal from of- Hie White House, "I litre vas nnt only surveillance by In- [-'HI. but bugumg by the ·'IU. and (.1. I-'rlgar) I I'jover ntil me Ihul my plane in the asl two weeks was bugged. --All of his Cabinet members except one then Treasury Sec- .·etary John Connally--opposed his "loneliest decision of all" to resume bombing of the Hjir ]Irii|)bong areas of North Viet) in nccnnfjtr I'l71i. Me believes "wr liar! choice" but to make public the edited transcripts, and said lie sees no reason to permit technicians to examine the tapes because "we've already done that." Several limes m the article dislribuird by the W.'fslhngloi Slav Syndfe.-il.e Inr. Kilpatikk (|imtrd Nixon as rejecting en" for him to step down rathci thrin Face impeachment proc WASHINGTON (AL 1 ) -- Rc|.i FiilL Alexander, O-Ark,. said today that he is introducing legislation to defer .application oF the minimum wage to domestics. le said lie was asking For Ihe lay until it can be dcler- ned whether the extension of ,· minhnun wage coverage mid cause unemployment and KUpjitriek said thai he spent ne hour, 20 minutes with the ^resilient in his Oval Office 'uosrlay in ;i srssiori tie etc crifieri as "more nf a tnuno gne than mi iniervicw." Hesides pledging nut to re ign, Nixon marie these dis losuresr --During his 10G8 campaigi I would have lo rule out res gnatwn. And I would have to rule oul the rather fatuous sag josLum that I lake the 2511 Amendment and just step air md have Vice President Kim ilep in For a while." Nixoi i l M f f . "If the House should vote ni inpeaclinienl, and we go .riai by the Senate, of course would follow that course." Nix wa s qu oled as s ay ing. GOLD Top Prices Paid for Old Gold and Jewelry. Underwood's severe hardship among Ihe nation's women workers. As of May 1, minimum wage coverage was given to domes- lies under the Fair Labor Standards Act )F 1974. Alexander said because many women in several job categories cyrn small weekly wages, the new requirement of paying domestic help S80 week causes a severe liurusnnn on working mothers who us* domestics as babysitters. lie said Ihe exli'iisiun of His minimum wage may result in bolh the unemployment of the female employe and the domestic. , , Alexander earlier had requested Labor Secretary Peter Brennan to make a speedy assessment of the impact or tlio new minimum wage coveraga for domestics. LIVE DEMONSTRATION OF HOTPOINT'S MICROWAVE OVEN-THE COOKING WONDER DATE: SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1974 TIME: 10:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M. PLACE: FARM SERVICE COOPERATIVE'S STORES FAYETTEVILLE, LINCOLN, SPRINGDALL ARK. BETTER COOKING IN LESS TIME! Hotpoint's Microwave Oven does more rhan save on cooking time. Vegetables taste fresh and are attractive in appearance. Meats cook tender and succulent! Lets you cook right on serving dishes--glass, ceramic or some plastics --to reduce clean-ups. Because Ihe oven stays cool, it wipes clean in a [iffy, no baked-on spatters. With less cooking time and less clean-up time, Mom has a chance to spend more time with her family doing the fun things in life. SAVE ENERGY! SAVE MONEY! SAVE FOOD! SAVE TIME! THIS COOKING WONDER is ON SALE AT ALL YOUR FARM SERVICE COOPERATIVE'S STORES. YUM-YUM COME ONE! COME ALL! TRY ONE OF YOUR STONE SUPERVISOR'S QUICK COOKED HOT DOGS. "SEEING IS BELIEVING AND BELIEVING IS WANTING TO OWN ONE" OPEN DAILY 9-10; SUNDAY CLOSED THURS. FRI. SAT. 3 DAYS ONLY 75 Effective Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Pads. STAY FREE© SANITARY PADS Medicated Powder 125Q-TIPS 3 Days Only 3 DAYS ONLY BOX OF 10 MINI-PADS. fi 02. S .ToFlllSDIl Juhnson. Savt Double- tipped collon swabs. 3 DAYS ONLY 13 OZ SPRAY DISINFECTANT FOAMY SHAVE CREAM 3 DAYS ONLY II OZ. SIZE LIMIT 1 Alberto Balsam Shampoo p3R i s J E0En 58 7 Of. Keg. I-'nrnnilii Only. 3 Days Only 2.5-oz.V feminine hygiene, ·IJetwI. BAN' DEODORANT 3 Dais Only Roll-on antiperspirant. 1.5 E)V,. DRISTAN 12hourr»*3l d+congwrant ca DrislarT Capsules 54 NOXZEMA® CREAM 3 Days Only 10 Counl Pkg. Decongestaitl 3 Days Only 16-Oz. Medicated ' Cream for Skin. 12- -OZ.* VITALIS 3 Days Only [ HAIR TONIC BAYER 100 BAYER" 3 Days Only Fast pain relief. 100 labs. ASPIRIN LISTERINE 3 Days Only Mouthwash. 14-fl.-oz. 96 EFFERDEMT J57 3 Days Only ' Cleans denture stains. 96 labs. MUIOX TIBIETS 3 DAYS ONLY 10O COUNT BOTTLE NO. 1 TABLETS ALLEREST 3 DAYS 24 ALLERGY TABLETS IN BOTTLE. WASH 'N DRY 3 DAYS ONLY 22 TOWEUTTES IN PKG. BROMO SELTZER 3 Days Only Antacid/analgesic with effervescence ·· ·N«tw1 17 6.5 oz. 1 OZ.' MACLEANS" 3 Days Only Denial cream. Minly flavors. Jergens® lotion 3 Days Only l.i o;. Bollle H'ith Dispenser Colgate® MUSH s Dart on/y C Adult - size toothbrush. ClAIROl BALSAM 2 3 DAYS ONLY RINSE 8 OZ. SIZE LAVORIS® MOUTHWASH 3 DAYS ONIY 14 OZ. SIZC MOUTHWASH t 6ARGU J4J FWST AID KIT 3 DAYS ONIY JOHNSON t JOHNSON SAVf ON THIS! 2" HWY. 71 B, North a( Rolling Hills Drive in Fayefteville, Ark.

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