Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 16, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, May 16, 1974
Page 3
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Public Relations Takes Variety Of Forms Uses Cited For Governor's Expense Fund By .BILL SIMMONS LITTLE ROCK (AP) _ Gov. Dale HumpcTs lias used his public relations expense Fiinil lo take orphans to baseball games. That was among the items noted by The Associated Press in a review of receipts and payments concerning tile fund. Tlie legislature appropriated $l2,500-a-.vcar for public relations expenses mid B u m p e r s has drawn the money in monthly increments uf Sl.O'H.Gt). The fund becanme news when Roger Mears of Little Rock. Pnlaski County Democratic c h a i r m a n , said drawing the money in advance of expenses made it personal income foi Bumpers. Mears, a supporter of Sen. .1. W. Kulbi'lghl, Mumpers' foe i| the Democratic senatorial pri mary, said this made the governor's total compensalion Irani the state $52.50(1 a year. He reached t h a t f i g u r e In- combing Hie $12,500 fund for PR ex|)ensi-s with the $2IO.OOO-a- ycar governor's s a l a r y , lowest in Ihc nation, and a $:iO,()OU a year appropriation by Hie legislature for upkeep and operations of the stale's Governor? Mansion. Actually, the mansion appro- p r i a t i o n is $:«,'IOt) a year. \*hidi would make the grand total 55'l.oni). OI'KNS KKCOUDS lluinper.s denied that his melltod of using the mone made it personal compensation, and, at the request of The AP, he opened his records for in spcction by newsmen. The PR fund is used main!} lo pay the costs of gelling Bumpers and a few members of bis s l a t r io o f f i c i a l functions. In fact, Hie w a r r a n t s drawr on (he fund are on a torn which is labeled, "Dale Bump ers Travel Account." But the appropriation ilsel stipulates thaL the money is frn p u b l i c relations expenses which apparently · can t a k e a v a r i o l y of forms. Bumpers does nnt wrilc ( I n checks tin Ihe Tumi. K i l h r r o two aides -- M a r t i n Uorchcr · and Archie Sdiaffei 1 111. tin governor's nephew -- are au Ihorized to approve p a y m e n t * from the fund. Borchert write, the checks. Bumpers apparently bad sail n o t h i n g p u b l i c l y a n n u l (akinj, orphans on outings. The AP dis covered payment for l l i (rips to baseball games while siftin. through PR fund warranls an receipts. One p a y m e n t was for $11.Of for admissions and $ll».5l) In refreshments for 22 youngster · from the Methodist 'Children' Home in L i l i l e Rock to Hie Ar k a n s a s Travelers basebai game Aug. 15. IflVll. HASEliALL ADMISSIONS Another was for $2I.OO for ad missions and $2:{.fi5 in refresl menls for '18 o r p h a n s from SI Joseph's Orphanage in \'ovl I.iltlc Rock lo the Traveler game on Sept. l. 1973. "lie does t(. every year. an thoy love il." said K i c l l a n i f- Arnold of Texarkana, a Hunn.: ._ ei;.s friend and campaign aide. In confirming Ihiil the govei ; nor took orphans to the [»amf ; (be administrator of St. Joseph' also said the governor visits th ; orphanage a n n u a l l y aroun · Christmas and brings a gift. II has given l u r k e y s In t h e · pliannge at Cbristmns in th ; past, she added. ' The AP did Question a fe ^ minor expenditures tioted in th ; PR fund receipts. One was Ihe reimburscmer · of Trooper Danny I l a r k i n s . · the Stale Police for SM.fiO in ex ; prases in Moulrral. C a n a d i ; The expenses ropresented Jl.f '. in lips In luggage handlers an ;. MO.dO for food for Ihc fovei ; nor's wife, Betty, and her si. · ter-in-law, Mrs. Carroll B n m i · ers. The'governor's brother, Ca ' roll, was in a Montreal hnspiti · after-suffering a stroke. Arnol : said (be (rip (o M o n t r e a l ' paid for from Bumpers' : funds. The v i s i t was on pcrsoi · al business. R K I M R U R S K M H i V T ; Arnold said Ilarkins was er · tilled to reimbursement for h · expenses, but iliat the slal ,. should not have borne the cos : Mrs. Bumpers ilid not kno . J l a r k i n s had gollcn reirnhiirs ; ment from Ibc stale u n t i l A · nold questioned (he action A ; nold (old The AP. · A $16.55 payment was mat ; to Friday's of Little Rock c |)l. li. 1973. for a "lerrarium r Doug Harp's folks." H a r p is tile Stale Police offi- !· assigned as bodyguard mid iver for Bumpers. Arnold id he believed the payment as justified as a business ex- rise and that the Internal evenue Service would agree. A ?5:!.OI tab al Coy's Steak oiisc in Hot Springs was paid om the PK f u n d when Bump- Is and several friends and jlalives were visiting the Miss rkansas Pageant. The gover- or's accounts indicated the lymenl was for food for a included Bcqnita u g y i n s Gray, who is a ror-ep- onisl in the governor's office nd also is the cousin of both re governor and Mrs. Bump ·s. The group also included Irs. lluggiiis' mother, Floy umpers. Arnold said lie did rrt t h i n k there was anylhin; rong with the payment. G O V K R N M K N T BUSINESS The f u n d also has been user: pay loi' meals and Uu- cost of ecommodations for governmental meetings groups umpers has used the fund to lake small donations to cancel uids and similar drives. ML rovidcd a $300 casli prize foi arts and crafts show. He avc ?Ho.(l(l lo support the Ar ansas Orchestra .Society. Tile governor ha.s used Hie rnd lo lease a small car, !ova, at the rate of $450 each ix months from Buchanar hevrolet and Oldsmobile ii )sceola. The fund also was sed lo pay the Ford Marketing "orp. .51,51m for the lease of 'orl C o n t i n e n t a l foi' one year iiiling next Dec. 22. Horclier lid Ford makes arrangements vith all governors for the usi f Continentals. He said In igncd the conlracl, but askec 'onl lo relieve (he stale of Hi ililigalion a f t e r the cncrgs t'isis developed. Ford asket he s t a t e lo honor the contract le said. I'here wasn't any hard of orl. lo break the contract." Ar lold said. "We fell like we hac nade the deal anil we ought l( ·hide by it." The m a i n use of Ihe f u n d ha: ten for Iravel, mid the mail ravel expense has been for air ine tickets, payments to Con Flying Service of f.illli R o c k , and payments lo Hi lale Game mid Fish Conmiis inn and the stale Highway 'Dep a r t m e n t for Ihe use o t ' l h e i !anp.s by Ihe governor on shared-cost basis. , GA.SOI.hVK PURCHASE A newsman noted, however hat gasoline for automobile lad been purchased from t i n nii'l at a Charleston sei-vic iilion called. "Dale's G u l f . Arnold laughed when asked i hat was the governor's servic s t a t i o n . He said the govcrno Kid no connection with "Dale' G u l f . " Upon exploring the costs t ising tlie Highway Deparl uenl's p l a n e . The AP Icnriu- h n l tile governor's share of III cost apparently includes e. enses not directly related t lis use of tlie plane. iw as $28.OY per hour of use lo s high as $106.93 per hour of se. "All the governor knows is lal She Highway Department cuds us a bill and we pay it," \rnold said. The Highway Department de- ermines the governor's share f the cost by this formula Jach month, all costs con ecled lo the operation and naintenance of Ihe plane are allied; Ibis sum is divided by he number of hours the plane vas in flight, yielding a figure howing Ihe cost per each hour he plane actually was in l i g h t ; Ihe bill Bumpers receiv- s reflects tlie cosf-per-honr-in- light figure times Ihe n u m b e r f hours Hie plane was flying or him. AIRPLANE MAINTENANCE That means that lo some degree [lie repairs, labor, pur- ·hase of parts, inspections and itlier costs related to the upkeep and operation of an a i r - lano find llicfr way into the bill he department sends lo the governor. The department's po- silion is t h a t , the use of the plane by anyone contributes to he need for repair, labor, parts and so on a n d , therefore, all isers should pay a proportion ale share. The Highway Department md lliu Game and Fish Com- nission are agencies independent of the executive branch of government, which Bumpers heads. Air-lino liekels have been purchased lo get Bumpers and his wife to energy conferences in Washington, national governors conferences in Reno. Nev., and Hilton Head Island. S.C.. and itlier such meetings. Her air fare and their hotel accorn- odalions have hcen paid from Ihe fund on such trips. On Ore Reno trip. Bumpers look his sons. Brenl and Bill, and bis daughter, Brooke, but the PR fund receipts and war- ranis show t h a t it was used lo pay only Ihe fares and accommodations of Ihe governor and Mrs. Bumpers. One $102 airline flight to Atlanta. Ga., was paid from the fund. It sent slate Rep. Cal li I.edbelter of Liltlc Hock to a meeting of the Southern Growth Policies Board. Led better was n a m e d by Bumpers to a SGPB subgroup. LeribeUer's wife, Brownie, a member of the stale J u v e n i l e Services Training Board, works in the Fulbrighl campaign. R I I - E V EXPENSES A payment of $239.75 was made on Oct. 20. 1973, lo sent LI. Gnv. Boll Riley to a meeting in Raleigh, N.C. Bumpers aide Tom McRae went lo San Francisco, Calif lo attend a meeting of ttie Adv'i s o r y Council on Inter governmental Relations He took along his wife, Christine Her costs were paid by McRae with a personal check for $20,1.15. the PR fund records show. His costs were not pare by Ihe PR f u n d , either, but r a t h e r by the appropriation fo. maintenance anr! operations of the governor's office. McRae is tlie lop aide in Ihe office. Ford Continues Busy Schedule Wins Scholarship David Lee Chandler plans to study accounting at the University of Arkansas under a scholarship from the Fayetteville High School Business Education Department. The soil of Mr. and Mrs. Darn II Chandler, he is a senior at Fayetteville High School where he served nn the school's newspaper staff and held membership in the Ecology, Language and Stamp Clubs, the Future Business Leaders of America, and the National Honor Society. He is also a member of the Baldwin Church of Christ. ELEANOR WILLIAMS DANCE STUDIO For Girls and Boys. Age 3Vi through 18 COMBINATION CLASS OF ... · ACROBAT · TAP · BALLET · MODERN JAZZ Personality Singing and Baton Given With Routine Accepting Pre-R-egistration for Fall Phone Mrs. Eleanor Williams 442-9217 or 521-5373 .MART CITY WAL-MART CITY WAL-MART CITY Choose From Finished Color Portraits · Not Proofs or Slides "What You See - Is What You Get" 11x14 OFFER LIMITED ONE PER SUBJECT ONE PER FAMILY ALL AGES WELCOME Minors Must Be Accompanied by a Parent Wonder-Color Wall Portrait ONLY $-|99 Fri. A Sot., May 17th t 18th Plus Me Film Charge HOWS: Uf !· i t He Bin r*r r**m NICE THINOS HAPPEN TO FOtKS WHOTRADE WITH US WAL-MART DISCOUNT CITY Fri. 10 to 1 and 2 to 7 -- Sot. 10 to f WASHINGTON (AP) -- , Though President Nixon suggested l;ist wwk his vice presi- ienl may hi' working loo luird. Gerald R. Ford is showing little ign of easing his busy pace. However, Ford has scheduled wo days of relaxation and golf his weekend in Hawaii, sandwiched between two busy days here and in Washington slate. Then, after returning to Washington on an overnight flight next Monday night, the vice president has five separate me-day trips scheduled in Ihe "ollowing six days. When they met at the White louse last Friday, according to Ford, Nixon suggested "per- laps T was working too hard" on a heavy schedule of speechmaking around the country. However, Ford has made clear he has no plans to cut back his schedule any time soon. He w a s scheduled lo leave nearby Andrews Air Force Base in early afternoon for Honolulu, ivitili a refueling stop scheduled al Travis Air Force Base near San Francisco. His Friday schedule includes three speeches, two Republican receptions and Et lour of Ihu Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, scene of the 1'Jll Japanese attack. Northwest Arkonw* TIMES, Ttwn, May 16, 1974 r»TlTT«VltLE, The siKechcs are 10 the Nation;]! Council (r the Boy Scouts, a luncheon and a Republican fund-raising dinner. One of the receptions is at the Honolulu home of Mrs. Clare Boottie Luce. A f t e r the GOP dinner. Foul flics to the island of Hawaii where he'll stay until Monday morning. He has nothing on hi schedule Saturday and Sunday. On Monday he flies to T»- corna, Wash., for another GOP reception and fund-raising dinner before his overnight flight back to the capital. · TERMITES? CALL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL Roaches, Ants, Spiden, etc. COMMERCIAL 1. RESIDENTIAL, 442-7296 Here is the event you've been awaiting! toujfHcounln] shop "the nicest shop in town" Our Annual Trunk Showing SW1 Knit Separates Designed in England ... laiih, a continental flair /or fall ... available now ... onlyby special order! 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