Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1974 · Page 33
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 33

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1974
Page 33
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M · T1MIS, W*d., May 15, 1974 PAVITTIVILU. MttAMAt Sal* MOVING? , , eevw, n»tttn m*H« Dprmd, _ »lr. floor l«mp, «nt!qu« dr*n- e«mpl*4r ·*, UK WTUle S pipe* Provincial bwjronm su!K. 1300. F» OaA cvbkis. dmp*r!r*. Ptwxie AN OFFKR SMALL 3 ROOM FURNISHED HOUSt AND UTILITIES TO YOUNG M A R R I E D GUI STUDENT IN EXCHANGE FOR FARM WORK. CALL 367-M9I OAK WARN »XXH SIDING. 50-75 f»rt ··o. mom SJ4-MJS. STRAWBERRIES Vented. IV quart. Berries jvokrt ·i We quart or P 34 cule. » ItoUbK Wife Drive. ? blocks ml c 1 lijjM it 71 Drive-In Theater. C*H la your ·nier, Kfl-JWS. OOTiMW TOUffl AND SEW - ·*jj»r'l hnMBt maditn* that doc* Alt. TT»»* m»rfvln*i have ncver n»4. WiU ito bulU-lTi buttonho'c.% decor- ·tivr ditrtiiw pXji ontqut K-U wttvtirrff fcabbin and mwdi mort. This machine voulA nonrwl ty «»t J 11 *! IftOO but »»r h* j-oqm for *ily *».«. C** M- l«rm: ·miAtto. UnuXf FrtllK Sale.*., Hwy. B W. Fmyettrvill*. Open M MOfi.-Kri *U1 lid *M. OOOT) »« Wilww rtf C ehJb; · rul b* g. I Iran*. 1 wMd* .putter. H5. Ouwiittr tjttntr, CA 521-4357. BAKKK'I mUTT MARKET !· Open, IBS I. School. Rutft t. Better Boy, Tr»fi!*r TomMo pltnti, In 100 !o'- 5. urn*. RCRK7. tomato n!an\s at farni by we ' m. John r.rnr*. RI. * I or KM-MM. iO ggffDfQ ICAOmtEB -- Bri idrerti*«d ma ! ectric port»b!e tr»B«ntrr. oood eoMHion. Vtry r* ·»!· prtc*. *i3JBH arter 4:00. IMfi T-V., «M , wwl (*T^-*T, Old Kentucky . Pfaon« em BROWS AM! TOM mx*A twwrt IkU. On* r*d wool Pcrnn [Mktte ·W, teU u4 «nt VkrtraLa wHh iMtian r raeora* at ft* t»nr -yri i, eta in. Die e»blnH«, copier tD BOX «PRIWGB S«T -- T«i -*«r r«r»ftt»*4 «rthof«dk: MU fcr msoppert onlr JW.95, Sore* queen Mrf Uaf *·· «te awiUM« «HH or knra «v«i;»b*. UniM Fr *M. H-7 «. W. n*tl«vint. H^ till B:ffi M. WAT HI AS DISCOUNT 71 B South en Curve ·ALE -- L«d[«c' caiuil leather ·*ndl* Two pain. KM Good lelectiott lidiu' fc mcn'i w*«t*rn boot* -- Tony Lama etc WESTERN Shirt* -- f7» up AVBRICAN m»d« ctnv»i -- $1.50 up. LADTBS braj -- Citrnlvtl brand -Vi Price. GOUT SHOES-- B«n Hopin Foo Joy MBTAL ii mil ift CMc*. (Ml tad L_ _ : *»d mi. CU Ate Unooto. Ai*. 27-Muslcol MUrchandlM art at rott cloni, Phone 521-3006. RaaMte itereo ovtem. food eon OKOAN -- , f. Mak« eTrtf. i . 397-3302. « ul rtceived · brand ce at r»mou3 name brand a sp*«ker*. Tb**v speak eni a ·ndo«4 in hcndHnvc wttniX cabineti racry a 5 year wirmr1 · and pricss Mrt at }ut »3.96 a pair. UnUM Fr «·'·« Hwy ft W. FsyHttvil!*. Open ·-« Mon-rri., till 6:00 3s( ·UPKH COMPONENT SV3TKMS -- Ju: r»c*r»»d (10) tape r com pone nt system whJch lodwl* Garrard prof«slonal tun ftat, mn pownfal £0 watt AM/F ««ttip'«T r«O*iT«r, provision! lor ta p. and playhif plai * jumbo labnr vnarantrc and have t r.ormai reta wilo* of IS3S.OO tout c*n be youn f ·H- CHB.A rm* or trrma at UnitM M ta!« Hwy XL W. Fayettevkl! M Mfln-Fri,, tall 6:00 ftit. CXBflPOWBNT SKfS -- ·rt clearing oat our oncia!med compoc «* aert, Tt* *»ta meiad* AM/FM s!er^ Twcwirm pfat hn!!t in tarnt*b ar.d fnaMnnr fpeatori. 'Hvrv will he tn'A »1y t»M whil« they E«*t- Mfiy be 1 ^·irtrt at Unftrt Frel^h* ?a!e5, Hwy W. mjatterilt*. Opui M Mon-Frf., t f«r Sal* Battlefield Antiques mttm -- Prlmittvw -- Gla China ^ Brui -- Collector's Itenu Prairi« Cnv*, Art. Pbou« M6-1K »0-Wom»d T« Buy STUDENTS 8H»«Btrt chi^t ini m- item* «t the ?*hit« ;r . We« 63, lUacrbock p.d. TOP DOLUIH lor c\tin «-« Vi:Unt EBrt ·* food bo*. Xfler S:M1. rm. GOOD USE WA.TITO 3 «B VOK, er b«. KM b» mode! Ourrj w:ttor w C S C O I N S H O P PAWN , ,, 9% Onr Tmc9 for Silr* Buj S«H All U.S. Coins £·§ A. Tbompwn 751-3T1 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 160% ABOVE FACE t to flatty «fc»n«. eal] to AJJW BMd mall eoin and 1-Wont^ToTrod. 2--For $H« Or Rent fully (umi«hyJ and carpeted, c-cn- ral air, washer Br.rt drcr. Fealc/i round ouUiJ* of trailer. C»l| ilJ-2147 Htr 5:00 p.m. Miy fin 3-- Room« For Rtrtt nOFLE'S INS, 511 \Vfit Mountan. has ·· rooms op«n Irorn J12W per w«k. 1VO ilMpinj rooms for two m a l e ·. Share b«th nnd kitt-hcn. WAtkinj; nee of ram pus. Prix-alt entrance 12-7317. ARGU rcwn.s available May 13-2W !OcV. share ]ivlnjrroom. Xilthcn, l»alK X) p*r month. Prwn* 4^2-S7]3 aller 5:00. 1OOM For rent, c*rp«le«l, central hea Ir-condrtlor.rt, 1106 Bast IlMscwa irlve,, FayeUevillc. Phone 4--Apartmtntt For R*n1 To Place, Cancel or Correct Your Classified Ad for Tomorrow'* Paper CALL BEFORE 4:00 P.M. TODAY 442-6242 Ask For Classfied '0 HAVE OPENINGS ON day shift Full or part time. Uniforms lurnishcrt _ n*c*.-.viry. A pply in po. son, Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2T6K N h*droom. lurnli-he*!, CIO a rm On* block from campus. All u l i l i l l e W. Call 531-4659. QE furnfrfiert, one bedroom apart men!, close Io camtws, 137,50 per month Oil] 521-2Q3 atL«r 6 p.m. (EAR .UNIVERSITY, one bedroom, ctt pclcd n i r conrlilfoncit. S100 /nnntb. A! utilities rwifJ. +12-RM2 or SSl-TiEM. KUKNLSHKt), araduale student only. Kx In. iiic* eflicicncy ar«rUnent. A i r win ionH, no r*U, UliliHes nnd cabli d. 185. Ptwre +VJ-SW2. s'EW. 2 bedroom duplex. Compli furnlsScd, couples only, no pets, S11T p!u« electric. Pixne 521-S52J after 5 -~VR N ISHiiT) A PARTS! BNT. V21 N orih 4W444. ' mWn SPWr TWO BEDROOM nicely furnished apart me nta Block Vi trom ca rtuws. t'u carpeted heai/air. All uliWies part. J nonth. 531-6166, Available May 18 J , July 1. NEARLY new, nice two bedroom unfu ed except slove ^nrf relriscralor, ca pet«d, d i r «nd eenlral heal. ^ia:riC1l con .!«. No i«cts. Call 4U-386S or 443-4« Her -1:00. TWO bedroom, unfumishrf all irtililic .W, located of[ Hiway 71 South or e nry St Excellent location to factories, J100 monthly. Photie 4VJ-5443- ONB bedroom furnished, $30, utililH paid, no p*ts. )»sl 4H, Phone H3-4S05. WELL Localed clean, furnl sfiwj, bedroom, married couple. J75 plus utii tiei. no doffa, inquire at 30 W«il S OSfE BEDROOM aparlmeTft nlrel;- fun Wml, but no air. $35 month withou ulUiLIes. Sorry no pets. Call 521-160 afte 5:00. KBALLY NICE, one or 2 bedroom a. men! on Xaj-wood Lane. Fho/ie 521-4739 MAPLE MANOR APTS. FAYETTEVTLI-E'S FINEST Now leading one. two, three o four bedrooms -- Furnished or un, furnished. 3001 Wellington Phone 521-7206 -- Office In Apt. ONR BEDROO^f arartment, lurnlshc* including dishwasher, jarbaue rtispiw.1 centra] tical and air. Oomp^elety ca pe ted. J140 month, Ai I bills pa id. 521 29S7. Call before 9:30 a.m. or altc =.-f*t n m . .:0fl p.m. FURNISHED, Livm«room - bertroom inalio:i huge kilchon anrbalhndrn, I'r ale entrance- (XfMrccl parkin?. utilities paid, deposit. Mature adult pr l#rr*d, phone 531*53^5 adcr 6:00 p.m. dishwasher, 4-13-GOIO. FURNISHED, (fraduate student only, e: tra ni w efficiency a partment, a i r-oond tioned, no pels, JS5 utUilies and rah pRirt, nvattaUe May 12. Thorto -JW TWO bedroom furnished ai'artmen 1 ., a! ndititmed, dishwater, cai-pcled ihr t, 11 J bflUti, summer ro^uocd University. Oakhill Arrti. Phone 351 or F1IHNTM1IED apartment--effieici anil two bcdroom-soror-air co in very quit! environment, e1o?i nu5, 521-2233. NE and two bedroom, summer an fall rentinz. Ctose to University. - M or after 6:00, KI-35W. 3UM3 fE R SPECIAL 1 bwiroim menls. 7 So. Duncan. Wcl! ftirni central air, dishwasher, diipoial Phone 531-5371. FURNISHED, 3 bcdrortnn. PJ ft?ufh Dur can, A pi. 1. Call 521-B-HS or 7*7-501 BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May 15th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 KTUDKNTR: FT] rn! she'I ajv.rt: blode^ from campus Copses n c try, 10 minulea from campus. KS rhoae W2-?S3. if. CUUMIXG3 APARpIENTS. Now rcr In? tor summer. Close to ramp»s. Oi and two faedrooms. lumis-h?4, Phor FREE RENT THIS MONTH New apartments now avail alii Move in now and fjet the mont of May rent free. Special summc rates. Two bedrooras. furnisher 1 quality built apartments with s the extras i n c l u d i n g dishwasher Call today for an appointmen «3-4757. LEASING FOR SUMMER Comer of Levereit A Law-son, bdr. townhouse a p a r t m e n U . I s bath, central air, frcvM free re frigerator, dishwasher, disposa Furnished or unfurnished. Wate bill p a i d . One u n i t vacant Mav 1st Five unit* vacant June 1st, For in formation and application ca Bryce DavU. 521-8680. 808 TOWNHOUSE ONE, two a^I three bedroom furairfw ap*rtii«ts. W» Io H^0. University cam arc*. Phoce 443-2770, ·oljiactfcuM, tap doll FAYET1EVILI£ COIN STAMP SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One Twdroom efficiency furnish* tparlment. Ulilitiea paid, $70. Frtx 1:00-5:00 eili SchoUri Inn. 3:1-5923 A f t e r iM and weekend* call (42 91M. 4--Apartmtnh For Rant SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FOR YOUH INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. 17*1 N. Ixivcrett ?'avcllcvillc 92l"-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 1761 N. Lcverftlt i'iiyctlcvllle 521-"Z1.^ Mtfr. A p t . No. 1 KEN CLAIRE 1900 N. G a r l a n d Faycllcville 412-5333 Mir. A p t . No. M COLONIAL ARMS 12!! N. Liverell ra.vcllevLlle 521-2110 Mgr. Apl. No. 1 JENNY LYNN 11 South Duncan Fayclteville 521-72^0 Mgr. Apt, No. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland Fay cue vi He ·I-12-8381 M«r. (Ken-Claire Apt. No SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PR IV. FUR N IS! IK [) verj 1 nice ant) oonv«i! snl !«.;hip Ap*.s. T 1510 NeWeshfp, P ^^72 a(1?r 5 call 44MW NOW rentina for lummcr and Jall- two ]xdroom apaitmncls. Kerr I/i vestment Co. 521^34fi or 412-2*17. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" le Bedroom 101 .fl Two Bedroom 125.0 Three Bedroom 14ILOC All utilities paid, central heat and a/c, u n furnished, fa m ili£S, WASHINGTON PI.AZA APARTMENTS J655 N, Lewla Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sunday* FURNISHED lri-p!cx. save pas! K pLis, otic bedroom, paneled, tile sho er and tub, married couple. Also on efficiency for nialure »lud«nt. phont 442- FIJRNTSHKD flpartmcnt and furn.s mobile home. Deposit rcquirtrf, Harm* ilarine, 600 W. Bib SL Phone 21-6565. TWO bedroom ttirnrshe1 apnrtmcnls. Sit per month piiu utilities. 0!o« to cam pus. 700 N. Oarland. +12-9418. SPECIAI* SUMMfiR RATES RAZORBACK FUO,\ Jiow lafclng appl ions for June 1. Fttrnlshed, 3 bedroom I bath fully carpetett, dlstiwastiCT, poo all bill* paid. Wftlkfng distance to " versHy. IlKme 521-5176 mnnaaer apart I N'o 11 altor 5 p.m. 531-12W. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: Central Air · Shag Carpet. Queen size beds · Frost-free re Frig. · Dishwasher Dtsposa · Pool · Free TV Hookup. Ix' summer rates. $117.50 -- On« Bedroom $127.50 -- Two Bedroom All biLls paid except electric 443-,' GRANDVIEW APARTMENTS NOW LEASING 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apart menfs. Furnished or Unfur nished, Central heat and ai conditioning. Drapes. Fa mil Living. Starting at $ T 0 1 pe month. Phone 52 1 ,-72Q after 5 521-8796. Manage on premises. Office open to 5. HAS^:^TR^·T eft tcie ncy a perbnf nt. rooms, 2 blocks Irom campus, for ve; quiet student. }30 blH* paid. 521-2358. E^'ERYBODY reads th« TliCEg WANT ADS, You art! FURNISHED apartment 51^ P«T month, Unlumished apartment ?100 per month All b i l l s paid except water. 641 WWtham HJRNI5KED one b*!fOom, carpet, conditioned, private parkinjt, sincle !P, 5-^5, no pels. 442-1W3 or -HWiTaS. UN'FURXISirED arwrtmer.l, two bd rooms. S5(VI65 per month plus $25 clea up dopoaiL Reference required. Sou B'ock Sts., Apt 12. 412-77TO. flPflRTMENTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occupoancy. Also fc June Sept. Completely carpete AI! u t i l i t i e s paid except Electricit A r k l a gas heating and air cond tioning. 1 -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouse, Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free R e f r i g e r a t o r 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Complete L a u n d r y Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 3900 Melmar Drive Office 4J3-2141 -- Apt. 100 ALMOST NEW IMO bedroom furnish apa rtmwits. 2 blocks ra mpus, cent; asr. summer rales, 521-1W9 or -531-5389 after 1;CO, THE SUGAR TREE TOWN HOUSES The ultimate In 3 bedroom fu nished and unfurnished, P/a ball fenced patios washer-dryer co nections. all electric kitchen, 15 Ixjverett Street. Phone 443-207 New town houses, IKS N. Grej Phone 521-4975, ' T G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenber 632 Putmon -- 442-663 HOLLINGSWORTH ARM, One block south of the Selene Engineering Building. One and tw bedroom, furnlihed apartmen available now. Alv leasing fo aummer and fail. Summer nt4* ·21-MSt. UFF-A-DAY I MooMv "You've given up .cigarettes... now give up cigarette girl!" 34--Apartments Far Rent NOW AVAILABLE 1 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT IEVERETT GARDEN APTS. i'riendly atmosphere 2 large pootj. ·ecreation room. Summer rate* «f- :ectlve June 1st. CALL, 521-7200 9 TILL- » SKULL CREEK APTS. «00 N. Levtrttt 521-2761 . 2. and 3 bedroom rurnbhed or unfurnUhed. All utilities paid, two wimminjt oooli, tennis court*. Uundiy. crocerr. i.u fadllUe*. «lr mdltloned. Villa MOBILE HOMB PARK ral tocallon * Ovorsized lots · Pave Streets · Swimming Poo! · Playground Recieation V.titl · Sloriigc bldg · Unrtei Ktound 'ulilJtles · Off Street Parking. Hwy. 71 It. 442-231 Entrant* ACTOM from Holiday Inn MISTY HOLLOW APTS. Two blocks of campus. Summer Rates. 443-4460. 521-1249. or 2L-22U BEVERLY MANOR APTS, COUNTRY living. ctor-Jn private. l« bwirooms, 12x60 Cflrpcted, fsrge fcitche " liills paifl. Phon? J-I3-3K6 or 75 771. NISHED two bedroom, I 1 ,; hall carpeted, air-conditioned, automatic \vas! er. coujile, no pels, gds paid. J10S. Phon 412-5-190. 35--Duplexei For Rant SUNLOVERS See this duplex. Two bed rooms, landed throughout, close to University. Redwood sundcck. Unfurnished. $165 per month. Call Lee :os» at Gallery of Homes. 52M272, CONTEMPORARY AND BEAUTIFUL Two bedroom unfurnished town- louse. All conveniences, shan carpet and gorgeous view. $230 per m o n t h . Call Lee Boss at Gallery of Homes. 521-71272, UK-CONDITIONED furnished carpeted, plus utilities. Phone 443-2029. DUPLEX apartment, furnished, two bed, Rir-condi(ionpfl, summer $30 plus eleclricity. (all J120 plus electricity. 1101 North Levcrctl -H2-741S. nNFSirBD two hedrnom duplex, air :!il!onerl, no prtfs. $115. Ray Ra Phone 369-2281, ^folIntainhll^g. WEST of University, one beslroom, (urn [shed, 19(1 per month, bills paid, one stu dent. Phone 442-8350. DUPLEX, unfurnlstiM, two bedrooms, dults preJured, on WMIock Street. Phone 4424091. TWO bedroom, famished duplex apart ·nt. no utilities paid. Phone 52.-HN Also 'available, unfurnished duplexes. NEW, two bedroom untumished a pen ment »LL utilities paid, (125 per month Phillips Drive, 521-7106. GUARANTEED QUE7T. Qoupic.s and rn lure jlnglp* only. TWO bedroom u lurnlhseil, e.^wpt stove and refrigerate $110. Call 521-1621 altc- 5 v.m. TWO bedroom, shag carpet, gtove refrigerator furnished. Centra) heat and i1r-conditloned, parbapc disposal, wasfa- e?/dryer connections. -112-8878. 36--Houses For Rent Jj sublease this summer h* respon e individual. Furnished, 2 bedroom house. Air conditioned, carpel, palio fenced back yard and garsije. 1 b'ocl trcwn U of A ea mpus, M '20 pe r mon t plus uliliticj, PhonR -U2-S7SI. FOR RENT Six room home. Three miles wes of. Farnxington. $80. per month. BARRETT-FINCHER Phone 521 1929 TWO betirooni. partly ftirni!,h«d, 17: uliiy. Conlaa Carl between 3 ft : 6 ROOM house Tor lease. Un turn i shcrl 51 In per inonlh. References. 216 Sutlon 4H-SC03 or -H2-S-B5. 2 KBEMlOOM. nice, v'tan, o'.titr horn* pa rase. SIS per month, plus d*posiL Tl\'O 3 bedroom m obile homes, *1 month. One ^ bedroom mobile hom J125 month, All air-condilwned, carpel cd .all bills [a:d. JCo cleanup deposit ' FURNISHED house near rainptH idea for three male students. Phone -H3-36W. fttL\LU on« bedroom fumislied houw. $7 FUHMSHKD one bedroom, jr.impc apn mcnl. adulla. Hiwny 7! Prmlli ne Shakespeare, iaQ utilities paifl. Phone 4K 4116. N'lCC c!ran, unmrnistied two bedroom or\ lar^e lot. flC6 j:us S50 deposit. Phone D, 2 bedroom houje in nice ne;ahborhoo-!- Yard, rarport. Sl*5. Refer enecs rcquireJ, Writ.: has ^^47 c/ Northwest Art. TIME5. T^VO, three ,and four bednsorn houses fo; rcnl, fnm:sh*i1, complelely carpeted r.icely docorated, tor students and /acttllj- members. 413-2141. FUP.XI?HKD, 2 bedroom. »T)iher and drjcr. carport 6e^i Califoml*. Phow 787-5115. 37-Mobil* Homw For Rent GO lurnfsheri 1 bedroorm, central ftii condition in?, water and aar. paid:, nu . Phone 26T-^J]9. FarminKton. MCE three bed norm trailer p»rtl furnished, bills paid, country Uvintf. per monUi. Phor.e M5-TS45. AlR-CONDiTIONKn trailer, Metl tor Horkifl* touple. JSO. pav electricity. 387 3-SG1 after 5:00 r m TWO. iwe bedroom, mo-tern, in FayeHe * $75, you pty fui and e'«c tr;c. - 17--Mobile Homes Space* For Rent BW Iwo bed room f urnistiert, t . ilocks to campus. $100 plus *lectri e BB Bar-B-Que, 442-9574. TWO BKUROOM trailer. Pfiotie 447-25M BRAND new tw» bedroom, Dfel? fu! elM. nicely (umishevl, washer r t r y e r hoolr-uji, alr-condl1icmed, g a s f . IshPd, J12S, JoO clean.u^ ileposll. IK bloefc North Collejte. -H2-3124. PURSUED 2 botlroom. a i r - c o n d i t . - . mobilp home, must be quiet and reliab! io diildccn, no pots, $110 month, cab intl ulllilies p«iid. Also trailer spaci small trailer welcome. f30. sewer pa erct; Iwo beOnwm, Jumished wnt, lir-oondilioninfr. automatic washer, pot rivilege, locafeil Western Hills Par a^ and space paid. K20. Phone 442-273 GOOD COUNTRY living spaces at Gre Acres, 36 West. Phone 443-1828. KURN'ISKED mobile hornet Afso spwrc for rent. Wsyno Hinkle Mobile H 1'ark. Hwy. IS Knst. Phore SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles U of A. -- 1 mile NW Ar Plaza on 71 nypasi »nd Johnso Rd. Phone 443-2452. Mobil* Horn* Own era SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-U For a limited time only. Call toda SHENANDOAH MOBILE HOM VILLAGE. Highway 16. By-Pa* 443-4757. Swimming pool, stor buildings, patio, sai grilles i lights. Laundry. ItNtailED, (wo bedroom mobile carpeted. air-conIilioned, washer/dry connorl ions. Space 133 McKIm Mai FURNISHED tvvn hcdroom mobile lion Carpeted, air-conditioned, pool privjleg irasher and drier hookups, gas paid, C NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK Spacei * ilr-conl moWl. borne, tor rent Gyxl Urtiz at Good Prtnn W*« End St -- lit ml. K.W. of UofA. CHI r,a-533 or sa.iiio. LOT FOR mobile home, nas anti w li.thed. 530 a month. Phone 267.: Fnrminston. BRAND new 12v50 two bedroom, "-ditioned, fully carpeled, no chik ..- pels, S12) month, JoO Cleanup posit, sas paid. 147-74:4. 38-Mobile Homes For Sale FOR a heller TrailwowT. :W6 ome see the Vimirtle Ml. Comfort Road. MOBIIE HOMES KL Comfort M. -- 4U-GM rayetlevilli 47-Real Estat*-For Sal*SALES and PARK HAM ADA mobll* bomff. 12xfi5, two rooms, two ba(hs. alr-condilloncd, fur- ciJ, waslirr/drver, iklrling, muM ncc. 5'JMW_». THAILEK, 14x70, t l ."3 bedroom, par ally furnished, central heal' anj arpcl throughout, snra;} tqully and *ments, .37-3T95. J.t52 2 bedroom fully furnished, al heal and alr-uondlitonlntr. Under inntd. Call after 6 p.m., 521-SSVi. xfiO on a private shady lot, law .rtlally covered siindcck, air-conditioner efrigeraior and wasJiinjf machine stays hone 442-9KO 2\flCI TWO bedroom pa rim! ty hirni,s1e1 raer lot I n Wostom Hi 11 IT, Cove c rt*i, sitllns, ROW. 5^1-7115. WESTERN HI US Mobile Homes Like new 1972 and 1975 Repos. Frcn Delivery Setup Hwy. 62 West at 71 Bypass CHANDUIR TraHn Oonvoy, Inc. Loca aatlonwlde. IOO ·ppravvd. Phon T31-(B2i Johnson. Art 39--Office Space, Buildings For Rent OOMlfERCIAL BiiilrJIng. Township Boat currejitly under conblructlun .1WO squar eel. I»ng tcnn lease a\"a11able- AH o pad. Ideal for shop, warehouse or oflic space, Phone 413-2S86. IWY. 62 and 71 Rypass, Wc5t*a1« Shop- i l n R Center. 5,000 square tccl, Inclutles ieat, air, carpels, two baths and some ijTiircs. Reasonable. Carl Ctolller at 443- KK2L -Farms t Aer*og«* 1\"K nc/cs, sev«n mitM from KaeUe- PJ.WO. 8«-3759. -BY OWNK1I: ICO *crcs, n«ar Devil's iii'oll;' WRO-IO'l. niountainons, or- l lo« ntbin, vear round sUe«Jti. 47-Real Irttrte-For COUNTRY HOME Completely redecorated with ex- -xinsive materials f u r n i s h i n g s i.xlures. All rooms very larjje w i t h : iiont 2700 sq f( heated area. Sep-. irate d i n i n g room. '3 fireplaces, i Two ceramic baths. CH A. Dou-i ,'le garage with hobby room I workshop. A beautiful home t o ' see by appointment -- and its on! 29 acres inside city, NEARLY NEW DUPLEX Those two bedroom u n i t s with shag and o a n c l l n g , central beat and iir. rent for M30 monthly. Gnoti .n vestment practically no maintenance. :WITH NATURE Bcav-O-Rama beauty. Near lake, contemporary, 2-3 BR. Fnil basement. Large liv area. Pretty sct- tlric. Lots of trees. S18.800. Cal! Christine Blondeau 521-2001 or 4425351. INVESTMENT Ope nland on Zion Road. 13 acres inre or less .Not Car from the Mall. Area' of other nice homes. CHy water gas nearby. Price $26,500. HAS EVERYTHING Beautiful 4 BR, 2 1 ,? bath home in the Root School area. Complete kit. Family rm with F/P. DBI, garage. Deck, Large loan can he assumed. Call Martha DavL "" NORTHEAST Excellent floor plan Cur easy faintly living. 3 BR. Master BR has separate bath and walk-in ctoset Family room with F/P, U-shapec kitchen. Glass doors fo pnlio area CHA. L^arjie assumable loan Price $35,000. Judge Us By Our Standards ts It The Truth? YOU WON'T FIND BETTER FC-58 SqiKiru 10 acres of level land with no improvement), well located in Bcnlon C o u n t y . New fences, all seeded I n k'rass, road on two slue» 01 property. Price SSUO per acre. HOUSE AIN'T MUCH, BUT LOOK AT THOSE TREES FA-249 YC-JS older home on . r tree studded acres in Bon ton County, All seeded In jjrass with good well and. real nice shop building. Honci on 2 Bides w i t h several o u t s t a n d i n g uilding siles. Price $10,500.00, ·sIVESTORS DREAM FD-35 000 acres unimproved l i m h e r l a n d , uchcs county r o a d , lots of wa- :r. excellent place for h u n t i n g irgc. Sl^j.OO per acre. 85 ACRE STOCK FARM VITH EXCEPTIONALLY NICE 000 SQ. FT. HOME CD-15 real income producer as - w e l l s Ihe i i i t i m a t e in c o u n t r y Hviny. omc is S years old has 2 firc- laui-s, 2 bailis. and all the f-ooii- rs, i, r »0 aures seeded to p e r n i a n - nt grass, 8 live w a t e r springs, ood fences. You will j u s t have o see it. Owner will finance tool XCEPTIONALLY NICE CD-12 * level acres, nice 3 bedroom farm nine. 17,000 broiler capacity. Loa l e d 20 minutes from Springdale. [ood price and good terms. 1000 SQ. Ft. store on IVesl Dlckson near University. Phone 442-3!'.!, FAUCETTE REALTORS 202 N. College Office 442-535: Evenings and weekends call: OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT 935 N. College, fl offices and a reception room. Call Jamc.s Baker 521-1300. Virginia Bowers Sylvia Danfortti Christine Blondeau Cathy Boyd Vlarlha Davis G. C. Faucctte BAKER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1418 N. College 521-1300 41--For Rent--Miscellaneous SECURITY SEIF-STORAGE ·i SIZE UNITS. NIGHT LIGHTING BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O H SHORT TERM RENTAL E. 13th ST. FAYETTEVILLE. Phone 751-7068 \vn.l, rent paslure (or horses En city nor tii past near BuUnfield school Phone 41Z-S713. 42--Wanted Tn Rent Or Lease RKSPOX51B1.E empioycd willow anri t" student ilnughlcrs want Io lease or rei w i t h r nou gh pa st urc for five IIOITSC erenccs jjlailly excJiangcr] Phono cc let I 301-253-SSS?. lf,T Inexpensive h«ise onlsIMP of F;iy c'ncviMt, w-itli jwnlen snof. CalL S'2I-T(iS3. I a.m. or G:;!fl p.m. WANT Io mil: Unfuniislicd lioiif.G in I'cst Fotk, Grecnr."Ld area; aocxl rcfer- nces, .M2-2S21. 43--Real Estate--Wanted APPROXIMATELY 19-50 acres with without house, williin 30 miles of Fay- Dltevilte. P.casonahly priced. Write information to : Leon Lowe. 2200 Sutton Drive, Jonesboro, Ark. 7JL01. Res. 4l2-«3ft Res. 442-99:5. Res. 521-200- Rre. 521-597 Res. 413-5K Ktn. 442-227 NOT A LOOK ALIKE Pretty stone front sets this hom apart from its neighbors, and i iias a most liveable arnmgemcn with 3 bedrooms, 2',i halhs, fire place, covered patio and muc more. Central heat and air, o cours-.' Listed by Jan Henson. HOME AND ACREAGE Longing for the wide, open spaces Try this 14 acnv; on T\1t. Comfor on for siiK. 3 bedroom, l l ,i hat home, city water, new scwcr lin to bo constructed through acre age. Keep the house and sell th l a n d later, if you want. Close i and lays very nicely. LOW DOWN PAYMENT Appro*:. 51,900 down and assiltn "V-i^f loan payable ?lflR per m ltdnns, lilu h a t h , central h;ji ^35 range, carpeting in l i v i n g an beriroums, 96x176 lot with garde space. In Farming ton. Listed h Jan Henson. MAKE YOUR $$$ GROW Approx. 2.29 acre's, level, on Nort Leveret t,, paved street, sewer, wa tei'.alread y zoned Cor apartment. Has 3 residences already rented t help carry investment u n t i l yo Inn Id or sell for apartment con p I ex. A bo u t 25 r ,'(i down. ba I a carried by owner. HUGE FAMILY ROOM With aci joining screened pore! PLUS 3 bdrms. H! baths and cei tral air. make this newlv liste home most liveable. 3 blocks froi Asbell school, saves lots of t driving, Listed by Jan Henson. WANTED to rent nr leaso: pasture land, 1.000 acres or more, any nnd nil size acreas fs considered Phone cffcr 5:30 45--Lots For Sale ONE acre biiitdiniT site on Stadowrldae Drive. brcalhtaWng view, in select noish- borfiood For fuctlier ln[o^^^ation call 4422551 weekdays 8-5. BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS, CLOSE TN. NEW AREA, HAS A BEAUTIFUL VtKW. ALL UTILITIES. YOU WILL H A V E TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE. BY OWNER, 442-7511. 46--Farms Acreages APPROXIMATELY 31 cleared acre.-:, m i l e fiom late 1 V mile from pa Yem Cash, I arms or cnnlract. Phone -H^-5 In ACRKS. Beautiful building silos a ?0 mi'e view. 2 miles fnwii p'ayctle- vlllc. cily limits. $S..m ·113^019. LON'G TERM LOANS w i»rge and imaa farms--Federal Land Ban* Awor, Phoiw 112-6273 [or more information. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 F R E E M A N R E A L 1617 N. College E S T A T E 521-6300 James Freeman, Broker-Owner, formerly of Baker- Freeman Real Estate Co., invites you to visit his new office (in the Davis Plaza) and let them help you with your real estate needs. We pledge to serve you better. If you can't come by, call. We are always glad to talk real estate. Residential Commecial Farms Rentals Management Appraisals James Freeman, Broker-Owner . Phyllis Freeman, Sales Associate Randall Webb, Broker-Manager Jo Dodson, Sales Associate ... 521-7088 521-7088 521-5088 751-7537 1985 N. College Julio Eaves Jan Henson Wilma Coolick Loris Slanton M2-62S 412-726 521-7M 44-J-87 BEACON REALTY CO. Across from AQ Chicken House-Hwy 71 North Springdole, Arkansas Office Ph. 751-7473 Earl Sherry 751-2959 Brad Wright Gary Tech BROKER 'Bob" McMillan 361-2663 751-2196 7SI-97M THINKING OF SELLING We iiro available any 15 me to di.s- c uss the sale of you r home w it h you. No obligation on your part wi! have clients watting. FRONTIER REAL 1015 N ESTATE Company BAUOB Doug Harlley ____ 442-6446 Les Davis ....... 521-4448 Art Clark ....... 751-9724 "Bill" Laienby ____ 521-5833 TO BUY, SELL 01? ttWT, CALL DREAMS CAN COME TRUE i 1 cm w i l l Love this very nice custom b u i l t , H Hr. bi-Lck home. ]o- eafert on I acre, double garage, 2 CuU bains, f u l l y carpeted, larfie liii'in'firoom A: f a m i l y room, j u s t off kitt-hen. all buiH-1ns you will need. CH CA. Call for a p p o i n t m e n t . HERE TIS Nice 2 br. home on 7 level acres, y R rd eh n i n link f em: ed, b a r n co r- r n l , Io;idiM* cluilc, K: ixniri, good shade St grass, close-in. 3 ROOM COTTAGE on nice level l o t . c i t y utmtir.i. w a l k i n g distance to U. of A. fS.SDO, FAYETTEVILLE REAL ESTATE Office 412-7081 32-17 N. College Omcr Vcnvers 442-8113 Thfiima Cnlwol) 442-7102 Uarbara McCletoter 267-33^8 lurry Watson 751-BiM 'NKW 3 1oliixni with small ncrc- n"c. covrri-a intio. rarport, [Lilly -arpcl- cil $"0 iVCO - fieilKXMii rinplcv, pvcolk-i.t ron.lilinn, fcnivil lot. Can easily he i-on- vcrk-iL Lo -I bedroom house. $LS,j00- Phont FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer r a t e s . . . We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kjtchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Coll or Come By Unjversiiy Housing Razorback Annex -- 575-3951 ^Estate BY JAMES R. SULLIVAN MMMMMM REALTOR mi REAL ESTATE Vs. DOW JONES When.talking about fortunes made in investments-the mind normally equates with the stock market. However, when we compare the results over the past decade between stock market profits and real estate increases, we'll see quite a dramatic difference in dollars. In the decade from January, 1960 to January, 1970, the Dow Jones Industrial average jumped from 688 to 800--an increase of 16 percent in ten yean. In 1960, the average sales price for a single family house in many suburban areas of major cities was $T8,307. Ten years later, the average price had increased to $27,022 · - an appreciation of 47.6 percent. Nationally, the increase in real estate value has been somewhat less dramatic -- 32% -- but even that is double the Dew. No matter how you slice the coke, an investment in real estate over the past decode has proved to double stock market increases. And the trend appears to b« widening in favor of real estate. If there is anything we can do to help you in the field of real estate, plaese phone or drop in THE SULLIVAN AGENCY, 434 N. College FayetteviUe. Phone: 442-4294. We're here to help!

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