Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1974 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1974
Page 30
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Refrigerate Eggs i lose lllcir m ' lll; V c left at roon temperature for even a shor lime. As soon , K thcv a r M,TM"*^ 1 f , r -?T tllc footi " lark(; they should bo refrigerated, fie trigeratcd leftover ege volk and white should be usud wUhir two. to tour days. NOW SHOWING Op»n 7:30 · Show 8:20 "JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR" -PLUS- Bangthe drum slowly · · - - - - Sun. Mat 2 p.m. MSiS*"""*" PAU. NEWMAN ·OKKTnxoroRD *,;$ THE STZffG WINNER OF SEVEN ACADKMY AWARDS Including Bast Picture Ttt. 7:3* Sun. MM 2 p.m. Funniest Western since "Cat Ballou" (R) Mel Brooks ·BUZZING SADDLES Open «: IS HWT.rl K » MWIMMU* J2MMO Fet. 7:2* -- 9:15 IPC Sun. Mat 2 fJtL. "The Spikes Gang Rumimgi Sal* Set A rummage sale will be held Saturday at the American Legion Hut by Ihe Parents Group of the Fayciteville Head Start Day Center. The proceeds from the sale which opens at 6 a.m. and will continue until 6 p.m. will go to support activities of the group. NOW SHOWING Play Boy Magazine ANCEL TOMPKINS IS COLOR ia- ·IHEIUCIKIt'i »»C[L10WK1MS ,,,,, HIBVSP W PP.ODKIIOto "·±* ACRCAt IMF! -CO-HiT- TO THEM LIFE IS A BAU ILASS Oklahoma Wind Damage Reported By The Associated Press Tornadoes swooped down from thunderstorm-laden skies over Southeast Oklahoma «nd caused property damage in at least two locations Tuesday. No injuries were reported. Twisters touched down at Mt. Herman in McCurtain County and near Hodgens in LeFlore County. The Mt. Herman funnel slammed into the Howard Johnson home and demolished a stnall trailer house, causing about $2,500 damage. The farm property of Dent Johnson across the street suffered about $6.000 damage, according to a civil defense sjxjkesman. The twister ripped off the porch of Dent Johnson's home, destroyed two barns and damaged several others. About 30 minutes later a funnel dipped down about six miles west of Hodgens in LeFlore County, causing about tlO,- 000 in damage. That twister blew a mobile home into the residence of Charles Scupert and demolished a nearby barn. The mobile home was occupied but no one was hurt. At least two other tornades were sighted near Id a be 1 and Wright City, but no significant damage was reported. iiaBMBiiliiiiBBlm«i»llllla»iaBB»a» ARKANSAS INSTRUMENT TV RADIO SERVICE Fra* Pickim a Deliver* "Color Sp*ciali»t" 443-5552 or 442-9X5C StOTM equipment «t UO*% off. on for free uMot. DENNIS THE MENACE By Kctcham ·Kit ML k NOUUM HUU F«l. Sun.-Thuri, 7:« Fri.-S.vl, 7:00-9:44 Sun Mai. 2 p.m. (PC) TK GRflT GflT/BV O««n Mcm-Thur^, 7:45 Frl.-Sat.-Sun. 7:M-S:1« ody c Diane Ileix'^'Keaton **C*t "* j^" Sleeper THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. HK PIZZA, Rib-eye Dinner This tantalizing cut of steak bears our brand proudly. This dinner includes a crisp salad with dressing of your choice, a hot baked potato and a tasty slice of Bonanza toast. Shrimp Dinner Mate *2" 5 pieces of Jumbo Shrimp, crisp salad n with dressing of your choice, a hot baked potato and a tasty slice of Bonanza Toast. The family restaurant even a father couM love. 1356 N. College, Foyetteyille B01HZA A WILD WEEKEND " rrint ciwr WILTON DICK cussior 3 SHOWS NfTILY _ CONTINUOUS FROM DARK COOOQUIAUSM. TAUCFUMNYI' ArkaitMn TIMES, W»xf., May IS, 1974 VAVITTIVILI.I, AstKANSAD _^^ ·niwn IIIHIMM HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL 'Homeowner's' Problem Brings Many Replies Uffl'IflMIIMBliri I'HiUl l I E 1 ! Dear Helen : I know how feels when she "maintaining i boys cHmbed "Homeowner" was fined for nuisance into her after back yard and drowned her cat in the pool. 1 live with an easement: that is, I must cross over my neigh- I I l| 1 I ...For good reason. I w victcd of a crime I commit and was on my fied the real criminal, tin State Minimum Wage Controversy Continues · * LITTLE ROCK (AP) £- Jcanc Lambic. president of ttie I ·- Arkansas council of the American federation of State, County TM,! an( l Municipal Employes, s«ki : HErlnV T l l c S f f i !- v lhat challenging '(He" , ,, , , , ' , , extension of the federal niui- payers money. wai nirkrrl n n " n n a HniK ^ lat!! Scn - R was picked up on a dru « 'Swifton has announced tha would propose that the state Legislative Council ask Atty. people Gen. Jim Guy Tucker to file almost carbon copy of pv charge, lie confessed, went free. Harvey.^of , h a f h V ,. ... . . ----- already bruirliei "n hie inh"iii"holli"nir f""-' 1 " lhe friends who suspcc- lenge when it joined 27 oilier; hoi temMraturr% Nn orS of lcd m *""* t h e n - arlri ' tlon ' t sta tes in a suit contcslin^ah.V. hot temperatures. No one of- ree | opcn enougl , ,,, ma) . c new j a r n c n d m c n t lo [h( , Fct|era j' ^. ; otlcs - |bor Standards A c t . Tliat I feel sorry for a rape victim, | amendment extended coverage,'^ Caldwell Asks Action On Cooper ROGERS. Ant. CAP) -- Jim Caldwell of Rogers, chairman of the state Republican party, said Tuesday that he would ask Gov. Dale Bumpers to do something about the actions of Dr. Grant Cooper Friday night. Cooper and a small band of p r o t e s t o r s interrupted t h e Winthrop Rockefeller Appreciation reception Friday night at Little Rock. Guest speaker was former New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Flyers distributed by the group said Nelson Rockefeller, as governor of New York, ordered the killing of prisoners at Attica prison in 1971. Cooper, a self-styled Communist, is a history professor at the University of Arkansas- Little Rock. Caldwell. a state senator, said he would ask Bumpers to urge UALR officials to take "strong, definitive action" against Cooper. He said he supported the right of dissent and academic freedom, but added. "I deplore his (Cooper's) action as an individual using that occasion to protest alleged atrocities that f r a n k l y have no relationship at all to the event." He said he was researching the matter and said he would have some suggestion to make if the board doesn't take some action. Caldwell said that Cooper's action Friday night demonstrated "that academic freedom is not his real interest. "He has hidden behind the :Ioak of academic freedom in his .efforts to teach Communism fered to help. Instead, our neighbors called the police and told them he was cutting down , [ *.«! sorry their flowers. (Not even dande-t ?",· '" . , lions grew here.) After four weeks deliberation, t h e judge fined our boy for destroying property B.O.V. )ear B.: and trespassing. -- ance. Problem here is one many 'rongfully accused persons ace: the expense of legal ssistance. They settle for laying a fine, even though they sum with indignation, because hey can't really afford a lawyer, or don't want to go through he hassle of a trial... Pity! -- P.S. What happens when the wrongfully accused is forced to Wins Scholarship Erica Willhanks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernle Willbanks, Is the recipient of the Fayetleville High School National Honor Society scholarship. She plans to study for eign languages at Trinity University in San Antonio Tex. She is a member of (he Language Club, the Youth Advisory Committee, and served as secretary of the National Honor Society. She has received awards In language festivals at the University of Arkansas and hi Tulsa. in the classroom. ^ai said. "He is a revolunist." Caldwel ud. He is a revolunist. The UA has been enjoined by Pulaski County Chancery Cour from paying Cooper. Chancello John T. Jernigan cited a stat law which bars state-supporte institutions from eraloyin. Communists. Cooper has con tinucd to teach without pay. :ver to protect her. t to all hospital workers. i t , , not forget she can cry | In 1968, thc U.S. Supreme'.· "Rape" and bring down' a I Court upheld thc right of .tHe .' -'-· · · 'federal government to extei'fd., thc act to state and local goy- '. eminent workers. ';," v -/ Shc said thc court has spokefi ; and asked. "Why waste Ar-.. kansas taxpayers' money i n ' a n ^ 'other Fruitless challenge?" nightmare on an innocent man! -- The Accused _ . . . Got a problem? An adult Seems to me you might have 1 subject for discussion? You can ounterclaimed that the poison talk it over in her column umac was an "attractive n u i - j y p u write to Helen Bottel. care ace a court trial? on...and weep. -- H. Read of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Use Covered Pan Broccoli should be cooked in covered pan. but the cover should be removed several times during the cooking because this helps to keep the broccoli green. Give other green vegetables this same treatment. Mrs. Lambie said public ern- .. ploycs consider the extension^- · m i n i m u m wage and overtime, coverage a major breajf-..'·'· through, " ..; Simplify Service ·-.-;.-..':. A cart for use between kit : .-' chen and dining room simplifies, meal service. A slight edge-^oly the lop of the cart will prevent- dishes and servers from falling^ off. ' l i - Dear Helen: You hear a lot about the rape victim these days. But think ol he man who is accused - and can't prove his innocence. A middlcraged woman identified me as her attacker. I had never seen her before, but she said she "recognized" me on he street near where she had een raped. Brutally. She was a prominent citizen, and "above reproach." T spent several days in jail acfpre I could raise the bail, which was high. I hired a lawyer who I Ihought believed me. ( T h e court-appointed m a n didn't.) Bills mounted up. and it got worse when my boss suggested I "take off" T o r a while. He meant "quil." and I did. No other firm would hire me. Friends drew away. Even my family looked at me strangely The tension of trying to prove notiiing was changed made everything in my life change. I was broke, in debt to the lawyer, jobless, nearly friend less and damn near hopeless. O Z A H K STARTS THURSDAY DOWNTOWN-44*4Mt ~ FOR ONE WEEK OPEN 7 P.M. -- Biscuit 7:00; Cat 8:45 Saturday and Sunday Matinee) 2 P.M. 4:10 P.M. A DOUBLE DISNEY CARTOON FUN-FEST WUIMSNEYnoouci The Biscidt DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Program! subject to cbuf e without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 IChMiiwr I «n c*b( in F»«t*vill) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel 7 KTUl, Tuba, Channel 8 (Channel 4 on cabl* in Fay*tt«vl«» '·?· KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Channel Tl KODE, JopEn, Channel 12 .. KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 '" ICMnnM * «n rabK in Faytt*vifl*)l i CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, TV Timo · WMth*r . Music 9 Channels-FM Radio All on "Th* Cabl*" WARNER CABLE of Fay*tfwvill« Phone 521-7730 O MOVIES ON TV Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 - "Skyway to Death" (1974) Bobby Sherman, Joseph Campanello, Ross Martin 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Change of Mind" (1969) Raymond St. Jacques, Susan Oliver Thursday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 6 -- "A New Kind of Love" (19o3) Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Who's Got the Action." (1962) Dean Martin, Lano Turner AUTO INSURANCE^ · $50,000 Liability · $2,900 Medical; · Uninsured Motorist " · 5 Tear Renewable Guarantee Safe $ Drivers . i i Premium, 1 . MeCARTNEY-FAUCETTE Fliont 442.2335 21W N. COLLEGE GET OUT OF TOWN M to Mkk«nr Cm* UK. «r» THE BARN WEDNESDAY EVENING I * 5:0» -- ] Twilight Zone le Andy Griffith 6 Truth or Conjequencca 7 To Ttll Th« Truth 1 News 5. A Huler Roger* U * 5:3» News 2, !. .1 «. 7. 12, 16 Truth or Consequence* 8 Electric Company U *R:00- Inside Oklahoma Education . 11 Newt . .. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. i. 12 1C + 6:30 - Th« Cowboys S Hogan'x Heroea 16^ To TeU Th« Truth 2 French Chef 11 Hollywood Squares 3, 12 Wait Til Your Fath»r Gtta Home -- 7 * 7:00 -Chaw I, 3, 5, T Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour 6. 1 The Cowboys ......... ...... a Washington connection ____ 1 * 7:J« Movie ...................... g. ! Theater in A m e r i c a .......... 1 * 8:00 No Place Like Home -Comedy .............. 2, 3. 5 Cannon ...................... s. 1 * U l O n Doc Elliot ............... K ! Kojak ........................ 6. 1 * 9:30 Today's Yoga .................. rt IO:M News .. - -^ 3. 5. « 7. 8. 12, ! * 10:30 Phyllis Diller'i 102nd B i r t h d a y 8, 1 -Movie . .............. i. 1 Johnny Carson .......... 2, 3 s. * 12:00 Tomorrow ................ 2 3. 5. New« ............................ 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT r ENTERPRISE '' Sight and Sound 2233 N. College 442-S575. Buy Your Carpet Direct From" The Local People That Make IK : Where You Get The Best And* Save The Most. ~f Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc.;; HIGHWAY 6S WKST 751-7961 SPKIXGOALE, ARK. '* Tutaa Youth Forum 2 THUESDAT MOBNTNG-- ·*«:»- Momenta at Meditation t *«:M- SWS Forum 3 Garntr Ted Armatrcma; I * *:K- Krupiration 3 * - " N« * Kewi ,, 12 Light of Life Today In AfTlcuTtur* * *:H.- Karveit Tbn* Project . . . . . . 521-3565 Timmy »nA CBS News Country Hole ' Today *7:»- drtoona * i-.n- Ciptain KanKvra* .... ··HIM CtnM Cartoon Circua * I:N Oklahoma: Trmraday . * »:·» Dinah than . t, t. t, T Se«am« fttre«t 3 A.M « Jolttr'a Wild 16 It's Your Bet ...., 12 Movie · * S:M Gambit S. 1« Jeopardy 2. I, 7 To Tell The Truth 12 * !»:·· Now Yon 9ft tt 6. 1« Wizard of Odda 2 2, i. 1 All My Chfldran U II:M Brad; Bunch « 12 Love of Life I 1« Hollywood Squarw J, J. J. 1 1»:» -Coffee Break « CBS WCTH 16 * I I : * Jackpot * S. 7 PAMword t. 12 Mike Douguai Younf and ReatleM * 16 * 11:3* Celebrity Sweepatakei .. 3. T Search for Tomorrow «, 1« Spttt Second _ t. U * 11:SS- Newi I. I 7 TrlURSDAT APTEVfOOrl- N«wi ' ft I, T, II Phil Donahoa Tabl. T»lk All My Children * 1M5- Leave It to Carol * U:J» Three on A Match Lel'a Make A Deal . . . . A* The World Turns .. 1f f£:25 ~~ Melody Matlne* * l:00- GiiMlng Light Day* Of Our Lives Newlywed Game ~ se Of Night 1:30 Doctors Girl In My Life * 2:00 Price I» RljM Another World General HotpKal Match Game How To Survive Marriaf One Life To Live * I'M - Tattletalea Cartoons Torlay'5 Yofa Somerset HO.OM Pyramid I. 3 .. 5. » 12 ... 6. 16 I E 2. 3, 5. 7 a, 12 6. 16 3. . 7 «, 12 ... «. 19 », 3, 5, 7 t, 12 6. 16 t .. 11 2 2. t. 7 12 Eye To Eye Joker's Wild rxnah Short Uncle Zeb 11 nick Van Dyke All My Children Petticoat ..unction Uucy Show Three On A VatAh * 4:00 Star Trek Fugitive Jeopardy Merv G r i f f i n 1 Dream of Jelnnle Andy Griffith Comer Pyl. U3MC Bonanza Setame Street * 4:30 Beverly Hillbillies Bonanza Lucy Show Beat the ClocSc iH'JU5DA7 CVKNWO-- * S:H - Tsvilishl Zone News To Tell The Trulh A n d y G r i f f i t h Trulh of CoraequcncM Mlsler Rogers If !'M -News 2. J. 5. «, 7, Electric Convtxinv Truth or ConsequencM f «:·» News i 3. I «, 7. §, Woman *!.·!· Chopper On* Police Surgeon ................ 7 · Dragnet , .................. ; -· ' riuck Givens ................ ; 32 Mogan's Heroes ................ -16 To Tell Thc Truth ............ 2 News makers .................... «lt Slim Wilson .................... - J *7:M - S Klip Wikon ............ 2. 3. 5*-? Chopper One ..... . .......... 8, 12 Advocates .............. . ....... 11 Thc Walioru ................ 6.3« * 7:30 - - Flrchouse .................. S, -II * S:00 Bachelors t -- Comedy ....... in Ironside ................. 2, 3 i~- 7 Movie ....................... -* 6 K u n g Fll ................... 5. 12 firing Line .................... JI *»:»« Music Conmry V3 A ... 2. 3. 3.-7 Streets of Sari Francisco -- 8:42 Who's A f r a i d of Opera ........ 11 *»:30 Tortay's Vciga .................. -11 * io:oe - :; News * 10:30- Dick Cavclt Movie 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. , 12.-J* 8. It ........................ S.'l» Johnny Canon ........ t, t, S, 1 Tomoirow .............. 2. ». V 7 News ........... . ............. a * l:«t Soun urc«

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