Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 15, 1974 · Page 28
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 28

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1974
Page 28
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., May| IS, 1974 "· r«VlTTlVILH, 3T Voight Pokes F an At Himself Come To Daddy A soldier at a South Viet- In the Mekong Delta, lifts his Wircphoto) namese outpost near Moc Hoa child up into his position. (AP Except As Television Phenomenon $6,000,000 Man Not To Be Taken Seriously By EVE SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) -- On« minute Jon Voight is clowning, joking and poking fun at himself. The next he's deep into serious discussion of what he says really matters -- his fami- y, the theater, growing as an actor and a person. Tall, blond and slightly rumpled, Voight stopped here en route to Los Angeles and home after filming the suspense thriller, "The.Odessa File," ' Munich. Ahead, he says, are months to relax and prepare a play for regional theater. "I need to return to work on the stage. It's the only place other t h a n the classroom where I do a thoroughly creditable job. I can feel myself stretching a bit and it refreshes me so that I can do the quick work required in films." Voight said. Last year the 35-year-old ac tor appeared as Stanley Ko walski in .a revival of "A Streetcar Named Desire" in Los Angeles, opposite Faye Dunaway; (hen look his own production company and the same play to Buffalo. "I think it got better as we went along, although c r i t i c s weren't necessarily in agree ment. By closing night I was pretty good." Appearing on stage. h added, lakes away that dis ance between actor and au dience that comes in movie and "makes you feel more like a person. SEEKS WIDE SCOPE "I'd like to do more -- come dy, classics, not necessarily bi. stuff but something pertinent t oday's situation. There's in reason why we shouldn't, m ·eason why critics shouldn' have a chance to take a swip at me," Voight said. What he has in mind specif Hy, for himself is a produt LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "The(newspaper contacted Universal Studios. Majors wrole a letter lose the kids." chuckles. He's a physical man So as Steve Austin he's capable of many things besides super spying." MORE ACTION Adds Majors: "The main $6Million Man" isn't to he taken seriously -- except as a television phenomenon. In the hit midseason show on ABC, Lee Majors plays a test pilot and astronaut whose artificial, atomic-powered limbs give him superhuman power- he was "rebuilt" after a plane crash in a blend of aerospace biology and cybernetics. Despite the Superman element of the half-man, halt-rob ot hero, Majors · and executive producer Harve Bennett say it is just "a good, old-fashioned action-adventure show." In other words, brain is sacrificed for brawn. They try to give the hero, Steve Austin, a khaki-clad, "aw shucks," dirt-kicking air. Ben nett took that path when askec to develop the once-a-month 90- minute show ino a weeklj series. He wanted it away from the James Bond-Watergate plumb er overtones of the longer show in which Steve Austin was a super-sleuth taking orders from a power-mad boss at the President's right hand. "I said the only way I'd do it was to make him credible within the incredibility of having bionie limbs," -said Bennett, one-time coproducer of "The Mod Squad." "1 had a clear : cut image of Lee Majors in the year of Watergate as a bonafide American f^ij'n^ ·"' hero. He's the man in the white °'' hat. ft was a case of the actor and the role coming together, pro\idine I thought of him as the traditional outdoors Western hero. The show is also science fiction's answer to Superman. And because it is aimed at the same audience -- children -- it has created a fe\v of the same headaches. .. - · . RISKY IMITATION Just as a generation ago youngsters leaped .off rooftops to imitate Superman, some kids today try to make themselves like the JB million man. Mostly the things they do are h a r m less, like running in slow motion to emulate the show's camera tricks. But in Philadelphia, a worried mother wrote the In quirer's Action Line for help. Her 7-year-old son swallowed pennies to "get iron" in his body and dragged his foot to try to slop an automobile. The U.A. To Abandon College Program At Foreign Bases The University of Arkansas announced Tuesday t h a t it would discontinue its European program because a new contract offered by the Air Force would not guarantee that the program would break even. Dr. Aubrey Harvey, director of Ihe UA Resident Graduate Center in Europe, Raid the program had been financed entirely by student tuition under the expiring three-year contract. Under the new contract, he said special expenses have occurred because of Uie withdrawal of Air Force support in certain areas of maintenance equipment and in utilization of administrative services Harvey said he had heard of three other schools that had withdrawn from negotiations because of the financial demands of the new. Air Force to the boy explaining il was all make-believe. When "the $6 Million Man" was a ouce-a-month show. Ma jors bicycled back and forth be tween it and his costarring role "Owen Marshall." Majors, 33. previously in "Big Valley" " and "The Men from Sliilon." was itching for a starring role in a series. He had learned the "co" in costarring means you stay in the background. In January, when the show Became a series, he bowed out , of "Owen Marshall." Majors said he likes the new format because it gives him less to say and more to do.' "I want to stay away from anything deep," he said, "if it gets too talky you're going to . Says Bennett: "Lee's bright but shy. He's not inclined la say three words when one will do. He smiles instead ol thing is that there's more ac Lion. We use the biotiic limbs much as possible, but stil ' keep the human element. I've ' heard a lot of comment that it's like 'Batman,' but you reallj , believe the guy. He still has on of Tennessee Camino Real." *'I can work with people I ad- ire, get work for them -- ome of them people who need ork. People in films can af- ord to do it, even it il means osing a little money." Eventually, Voighl added, jerhaps there might be a the- itcr of his own. a place to do a lassie like Molicre's "Don 'nan." Voight likes to do things well. Inn of a Yonkers, N.Y., golf rofessionnl, liis early-plans Williams' jargon of theirs had a wonder- il poetry. It teaches you a lot bout, yourself to work with ids. "They could all sing and I an't. really. There's a scene in film where one student ays. 'Conrack sing like a frog.' hat's about right. As long as t's silly, I'm fine, but if I have o be serious, I'm in trouble. "One of the boys -- Ronny Harris. 1 think -- came up to ic and said, 'You're shy, ren't you, Jon. f had a cou.sin hat was shy." rJvery (lav with hese kids was like that. They'll ·ludcd following in his lather's ootstcps. His golf scores were n the low 70's. but his interest changed to painting, sculpture and drawing and he majored il Ine arts at Catholic University But he found a new interest n dramatics and says he real- zed he would never express limself as well in drawing as le could in performing. Voifiht, ever selective about scripts, has appeared in 'Catch-22," "Deliverance,' "The All-American Boy." anc "Conrack," in which he's teach ing school on an isolated all black island. ODESSA KILE In "The Odessa File," Voighl will appear as a young Germai journalist who. for persona reasons, tracks down a forme Nazi commander of a World War II concentration camp. It' a change, he admits, from thi tiappy-go-lueky but committee schoolteacher of "Conrack.' 1 In "Conrack," Voight said the part is the type of charac or he likes best -- with a sens of purpose, a person \vho re latcs to people. And he playei against 23-scenc-stealing blacl youngsters who had never aei ed before -- recruited, indeed from a church group. "They were genuine and won dcrful kids. Anything they di was perfectly believable -- tha ell you straight just what they eel. CHIt.DRKN TAI,K Voight, who appeared in al most every scene of the film, retired to a camper to rest and ;et out of the humidity on loca- ion in Georgia. The kids, he .·ecalled, always were trying to come in, to sit and talk, playing me adult against another. "I kept Ihinkng of my own child, wondering how he'd grow up to be when I saw how they approach life, their attitudes and the problems they have,' tie said. Voight's son, just about a year old, was born just before filming began for "Conrack." "We've been living in a apartment in Los Angeles,' Voight said. "We've never hat a house. It's time I though about my son and got a house with a stream and trees." He plans to take a vacatioi with his wife Marsheline, reai no scripts and relax. He take his work seriously, but admit he's done good things and ba( things. "I'm experimenting, and want the freedom to periment and fail. Acting getting to whatever is the mos distorted part of you, the rea guts of what that is. an stretching to give your bes performance, maybe even d vith Rock. Hamlet.) Rnl I want to do stii- id things, -too -- stupidity is ampant today," he said almost eriously. "Most of a l l , 1 want to do a ot of different kinds of things nd erow." HEW GionT" WASHINGTON (AP) -- A 159,901 grant has been ap- roved by the Department of lealth, Education antl Welfare or the Arkansas Child Abuse ind Neglect Project. The funds will he used to es ablish a model for protective ervices in a four-county area headquarters al. Little Former City Resident Gels Nursing Degree Mrs. Fonda Purdum of Conan. Okla.. formerly^ of Fay- etlevillp, lias received the associate degree of nursing from l.nbette Community · Junior College in Parsons, K a n . The-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hal Showalter or Route 7, Fay- ettevillc, she received :scholarships from the Caney. Irian. R. N Club, the Federation of Women's Clubs of Parsons and ;i school scholarship mads possible by the Nurse Training Act. " She is cmploved by the Caney Municipal Hospital in; Caney, Kan. : Speas makes the difference in Eggs Add a teaspoon of Speas Vinegar to water for poaching eggs. The whites will hold shape better. For fluffy meringue, add J /4 teaspoon Speas Vinegar to each 3 egg whites. FREE: Vinegar booklet 60 ways to cook and clean with vinegar. Write Speas, 2400 Nicholson Ave., Kansas City, Missouri 64120 The plastic bottle makes the difference in SPEAS VINEGAR Apple Cider · Distilled * Com ^ Bennett said he worries that he show is gimmicky, like 'Batman." Gimmick shows have a history ot going lip like a rocket and coming down like bomb. "How do vie keep from burring out?" he asked himself. "1 don't know, to tell the truth. The only thing I know is we have to keep surprising the audience." Achieving all that action, atiti giving it a look of superhuman lower, isn't easy. Some of the camera tricks tried came out looking like a Charlie Chaplin move. Once they put Majors on a treadmill on the back of a truck and drove at 60 miles an hour to make it appear he was running that fast. Instead it looked preposterous. "Sometimes you feel like an idiot." Majors said, "and the crew stands around snickering at you. You hit a wall and it doesn't give or a fake iron bar doesn't bend." What they did to convey the special powers was Eci settle ou a slow-motion technique accompanied by an electronic sound effect. Another problem is coming up with legitimate situations for the show. "We spend more lime in story conferences trying to get him into trouble than anything else," he said. "To put him into impossible jeopardy." On The Button Rnxaine Moxfcy of San Diego Higk School pits a dent In the ing a recent girls vanity softhall game. She is a 5 foot siie gets aD 1M pMmta 5 inch jnninr who plays third a swing hn-- . hase. (AP Wlrephnln) ·f weight bebM he didLW^Diink any other school WM) . completed contract negotiations · for the master'* degree' programs in b a » I n e » s management and international relations currently beiac taught by the U A at bases ·t England. Spain, Turkey, Germany ud Italy. "CANCER CARE" Insurance 5 J /4% We have t savtagf nd Merest rale to Beet Foywtteville Sayings Lean Association M N. East ATOM* Reg. 11.99. Sate 8.99. Part* and labor additional Heavy duty muffler. Gat-tight consfrucfion. Galvanized finish. XPenney auto center sale 30% off our 4 ply polyesters, Mrteagwnaker Phis. Four big pile* of polyester cord. 78 series wide profile. Available In Mackwall or whitewalL No trade-in required. Blackball tjbeless Tire size B78-13 C78-13 E78-14 G78-14 H78-14 G78-15 H78-15 Save 6.S9 8.09 8.69 10.49 11.09 10.79 11.39 Reg. 21.95 26.95 28.95 34,95 36.95 35.95 37.95 Sale 15.36 18.86 20.26 24.46 25.86 25.16 26.56 + fed. tax 1.83 1.99 2.24 2.55 2.77 2.63 2.82 Comparable Miring*, too, on these other tube less sizes: C78-14, F78-1A L78-15 (whltewaH only). Whitehall* only $3 men per tire SakTprices effective through Saturday. 33% % off Survivor 36 batteries. Survfvor 36. Our low cost 12 volt battery that gives reliable performance. In group stzes 24, 22F, 60, 53, 24F, 42, 22NF and 29NF. Save 9.36. Reg. 27.95. Sale 13.59 with trade-in. Survivor 36 six v., sizes 1 and 19L, Reg. 24.95, Sale 16.59 with trade-In Survivor 3C month guarantee. Should any Penney Batlery fail (not mere I/ discharge) within 12 months, return It (o Penneys and il will be replaced at no extra charge. After the Replacement Period but prior to Ihe expiation date of therjuaranlesh JCPenney Company »iU replace the Batlery ctiargino only for the period of ownership, based on the current prica at ths limo of return, pro-rated ortjr trio ilated guarantee months. ' · Save 33%% Wheel alignment special eg^ 10.77, New 7.It We gh«e y~our daV a complete suspension inspection, umber, caster and toe-in adjustment; (leering wheel position is centered. Road test included. Shop 7:30.9 Men., Thim., Fri. 7:30-5:30 Tuct., W«d., Sat,

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