Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 13, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 13, 1974
Page 8
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Arfcamot TIMES, Men., May IS, 1974 Since Release Of Transcripts Editorial Support Withering Bj The AssocUled Press Editorial support for President Nixon has deteriorated since the release ol the edited White House Watergate t r a n scripts, a sampling of the nation's newspapers shows. Past supporters of the President now urging his resignation or impeachment include the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Ihe Spokane Daily Chronicle, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Kansas City Star and William Randolph Hearst, editor-in-chief of the Hearst chain. Two newspapers which had been staunch defenders of Nixon, the San Diego Union and the Nashville. Tenn., Banner, said thai the President had not gone far enough and should release the Watergate tapes themselves. Newspapers still supporting the President's position include the Columbus. Ga., Enquirer, the Peoria, 11!., Journal-Star, and the Borgcr, Tex., News- Herald. The survey by The Associated Press covered nearly 100 of the country's 1.774 daily newspapers. Following are some comments: The Spokane Daily Chronicle. which has defended Nixon, said .hat the transcripls showed him 'a vindictive, crafty politician. oo small a man to occupy the world's most powerful office." Resignation, the paper said. .vould be the President's "one final service lo Ihe nation." And Ihe Fort Worlh, Tex.. Star-Telegram recalled its past support for the President, but said: "II would seem lo us lhat :here are now reasons for the House to vote a bill of impeachment." The editorial said the transcripts "portray a man whose thought processes are chilling. who seems unable, really, to understand the basic philosophy of our democratic system." Mobile Medical Unit To Be In Hunlsville, Berryville A mobile medical unit will be in Hunlsville and Berryville May 22 and 23 to provide free medical screening tests Tor persons 60 yea rs of age a nd older who have not recently «een a doctor. The Multiphasic Examinations to Reduce Chrontc Judge Taking Motions On Reinecke Case WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal judge is taking up motions by California's Lt. Gov. Ed Reinecke to dismiss the perjury indictment (hat (hrealens his gubernatorial candidacy. Reinecke was expected lo testify al today's hearing before U.S. District Judge Barrington Parker, Failing dismissal of the three count indictment. Reinecke wants to move his trial to San Francisco or Sacramento and suppress certain evidence he gave to the Watergalc special proseculor. Judge Parker has set the trial date for July 15. but Reinecke repeatedly has said he w a n t s the trial completed before voters decide on h;'s hid for (he GOP nomination June 4. Reinecke has pleaded innocent lo the perjury counts and has charged that the indictment was politically motivated. Reinecke, 50, contends that it would cosl him al leasl $10,000 lo bring 20 defense witnesses lo Washington and that he should be judged by his peers in Cali' STANDING SUPS Once viewed as the leading contender in the California G O P primary', Heinecke's standing in public opinion polls has slipped since he was indicted April 3. Watergate assistant prosecutor Joseph J. Connally, heat of the task force invesligaling Ihe ITT mailer, which led to Reinecke's indictment, opposes the request for a change of Reinecke is charged with ly ing to the Senate Judiciary Committee about when he firs told President Nixon's re-elec lion campaign manager, for mer Atly. Gen. John N. Slit chell. of a $400.000 offer from a subsidiary of Internationa Telephone Telegraph Corp. [o underwrite a 1972 Republican National Convention in San Diego. The indictment said Reinecke lipH whpn h p f p s l i f i f i H i i n H c r llnesses (MKRCI) project was stabiished by the Arkansas Department of Health lo assist lis age group who live in rural re;is. The unit is staffed with two urses, a lab technician and a river. Nine quick and painless linical tests are made, which re designed to delect traces o fanemia. diabetes, high blood ressure. heart disease, and ther diseases which frequently [feet people in this age range. TKSTS RKVIKWKI) The mobile unit staEf does not ispense medication or diagnose patient's illness. The results f each test is reviewed by a physician in Little Rock. If an bnormality is found, the atient will be advised lo see doctor. The patient's ihysician will also be advised f the results of the tests. The M.E.R.C.I. Project is ponsored by the Arkansas )epartment of Health, the Mfice on Aging and the Ar- ;ansas Health Systems Foun- ation. The unit will be at the Berry- 'ille 'Methodist Church from fl a.m. to 4 p.m. May 22 and at he community center in Huntsville during the same hours May 23. Transportation in n y be arranged for the Huntsville visit by calling 738-2810; 685-2685 or 677-2550. Fulbright Seeks Aid For Cattlemen LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Snn. J. W. Fulbright. D-Ark., has sent a telegram to Agriclullure Secretary Earl L. Bulz calling for a report on the "critical" situation in the cattle industry. The telegram was sent in re sponse to a letter Fulbright received from Frank Blcnville and Dan Glover of the Glover Bros. Livestock Commission Co. of Pine Bluff. The lellcr called for Ful- sright to draft legislation to ensure that cattle ranchers receive subsidies to avoid possible bankruplcy. Blenville said rising costs ant the freeze on beef prices hac caused a severe problem. "If seniority really means something, show us by getting somethinj done lo relieve our problem," he said in a lellcr to Fulbright.. The senator said he was exploring all legislative and ad ministrativs avenues lo determine the most effective method of achieving assistance for those in the cattle industry. Because He's Old The Chicago Tribune, calling r a bill of impeachment, ?rmed Nixon "humorless to he point of being inhumane . . . cvious . . . vacillating . . . pro- ane . . . (and) willing to be ed." Three other newspapers com- ·ncntcd on the Tribune's witch. The Oklahoma City Daily Ok- ahoman, a strong Nixon sup- mrter. wrote: "Nixon's slaun- ·hcsl supporters in Ihe press, ncluriing the Chicago Tribune threw in the lowel . . . The climate in Washington is lhat of Ivnching." William G. Conomos. editor and publisher of the Orlando "cntinel-Star, wrole that Amerca "cannot have the inslilution the presidency subject to the vhim of public opinion and icwspaper edilorial writers." And the Peoria. III.. Journal- Star said: ". . . we suspect that he Chicago Tribune is doing vhat the President and his ; considered doing in one of heir recorded 'unfeeling, ruth- ess, and immoral' discussions, 'hey talked about throwing ohn Mitchell or somebody to he wolves in order to save heir own skins. They just alked about it. The Trib ap- jears to have done it." A R K . DEMOCRAT The Arkansas Democrat, vhicti twice endorsed Nixon, -.aid: "The net result of his ipeech and the release of these apes is to make it increasingly lifficult to believe that the ~ J resident is NOT guilty. This is i lough judgment to make for hose of us who wanted lo be- ieve him and who slill think he vas the tetter choice for Presi dent in 1972." The Cleveland Plain Dealer, vhich also supported Nixon in fllifi and 1S72. said the Judiciary Committee had choice but lo recommend im- jcachment. "The facts of the matter now show that no other course is possible," it said. The Saginaw, Mich.. News satd the transcripts show )resident who is wavering anc ndecisive. a lawyer by profes sion who is soft on law and the udicial proceeding." The Philadelphia Bulletin said the President should not re ign. Bui it said that the Iran ·scripts show Nixon as "chieflj ntcrosted in his own politica survival at virtually any cost.' U urged the Judiciary Com mittee to "proceed just as ex pediliously as possible" with it; inquiry, HAD HIS DAY The Topeka, Kan., Capital Journal: ". . . President Nixon should very quietly resign, pick up his hat and move on. He ha had his day and been founc wanting." The Borger. Tex., News Her aid: "We believe Ni.von shoul stay in office. We don't believe an appointed President. Wi realize thai we could get some Ehirig worse." The Corpus Christi, Tex. Caller-Times said that Nixon' "departure either by impeach ment or resignation, has neve seemed more likely -- nor more necessary." The Nashville, Tenn., Banne said it "has stnnd wilh Presi denl Nixon long after most' and urged Nixon to "relinquisl all of the Watergate tapes." The San Diego Union, , strong Nixon supporter, sail lhat edited transcripts were no enough. "It would be our vie\ that an unqualified offer to pla all of Ihe requested tapes in th p r e s e n c e of the Hous Judiciary Commitlce member would be a reasonable step," i said. The Los Angeles Times ar gued for impeachment and tria to determine Nixon's fitness t remain in office. It said tha the transcripts "contain pre sumptive evidence of at leas one impeachable offense -- th obstruclion of justice." The Burlington, VL, Fre Press said that while Ihe Hous might impeach (he Presiden "there isn't a ghost of a chanc the Senate will vote to convic oath that he did not lell Mit chell of the offer until after fa vorable settlement of an anti trust case against ITT. KARACHI. Pakistan (AP) Chinese Premier Chou En-lai is saying he's "nol very well be cause I am old now," according news accounls circulating here. The remark was reporter- Sunday to have been made at a Peking to vis Premier Zulfi _The Democratic Congres sn't about to install 'Mr. Clean erry Ford as an incumben 'resident who would be virtual i unbeatable . .. it's pure noli ics." IMPEACHMENT PREFERENCE The Minneapolis Star said npcachmcnt is preferable l Ihe resignation under fire st many of the Presidenl's critici re seeking," because it woul eny Nixon "the mantle of larlyr who had been driver rom office by his critics." Charleston. W.Va., Gazette 'Now that President Nixon ha Iccidcd to stonewall it and no urn over any more lapcs I nybody, we're reminded _ cenes from old James Cagne movies in which the trappe esperado looses one las cream of defiance: 'Come am get me coppers.' And, o ourse, that's precisely wha he House of Representative must do." The Memphis, Tenn., Com mercial Appeal supports th mpeachment investigation ra her lhan resignation- It sai. ^lixon "is assuming the role o udgc and jury in his own cas and) even the chief executiv fficer of the nation cannot d hat." NAFIA DISCUSSION The Alabama Journal Montgomery said of the Iran cripls: "What was release places the White House deliber ations on about the normal te. ·1 of a Mafia family dis cussion." The Kansas City Star, whic wice endorsed Nixon, said h should resign or be brought t rial quickly . Noting bis ac complishments in foreign airs, the paper said, ". . . th President must ask himse vhether his continued presenc n office might not destro hese great achievements." The Hutchinson. Kan., News 'Many Americans, probabl most, wanted desperately to b ieve their President was th victim of evil men around hi The transcripts, garblec deleted, and incomplete as the are, have destroyed lho« hopes." Philadelphia Inquirer: "Fo all the ambiguities that M Mixon said the transcript :ams, one things rises to th :op: Richard Nixon was le: than eager -- as he was pub] cly insisting -- to have tl truth come out and the guilt prosecuted. Rather, he wa with remarkable consistenc concerned with the superfici' manipulation of public opi ion." ESTABLISH REASONABLE DOUBT Richmond. Va., News Lea er: "If nothing else definite ca be said about the transcripts, can be said that they do esta lish a reasonable doubt (abo the President's role in Wate Rale and its its aftemalh) Yet it is impossible to read th transcripts without a sinkin Feeling." The Portland Oregonian . . . Resignation would not a swer a national demand for th t r u t h , and all the t r u t h , abo Watergate and other charg against the Nixon admini Iration ... A strong showing criminal involvement must produced before the House ca vote impeachment and send t charge to the Senate for tria The impeachment process now under way and should completed." The Phoenix, Ariz., Gazetl "resignation of t h e Preside of the United States would flicl a morlal wound on the r public . . . Whatever else mig be said about Mr. Nixon, he c serves credit for continuing face his accusers . .. Let the get on with it. Impeach tl President or gel off his back. The New York Times: "Rig or wrong are never the issue The question is merely wh will or will not 'sell.' Even wi their frequent and inexplicab deletions of 'materials unr lated to Presidential action the transcripts lay bare t shambles of the nation's nig est office.' Jump Rope Rhymes Reflect Psychology And Culture By M. A. BARTHOLOMEW STORRS. Conn. (AP) -- The cxt time you see a youngster mping rope and reciting cemingly innocent rhymes, sten carefully. The child may e telling you more than you hink. "You can tell a great deal bout the psychology of chil- ren from rope rhymes and bout the culture of nations." aid Francelia Butler, a Uni- ersity of Connecticut English rofessor who specializes in hilciren's literature. Dr. Butler, who has collected lore than 2.000 rhymes from ;r travels throughout the I'prld, leaves Sunday armed ith a dozen jump ropes for six-week Asian tour. With the help of an in- erprclor, she says she will visit 'illages in Southeast Asia. India nd Japan, giving children ump ropes and collecting their hymes. Dr. Butler said most of the hymes arc scraps of ballads dating back to Roman times he Middle Ages and the Renaissance. "The reason why they last is hat there's something haunting about them. They are remem tared emotions that have a uni ersality about them because hey deal with the problems ol growing up and existing," she aid. A constant theme throughout pecially younger brothers anc sters. Dr. Butler said. She ave the following rope jumping lyme as an example. "I had a little brohter. hib ame was Tiny Tim, I put him the bathtub and taught him ow to swim. He d r a n k up al le water, he ate up all th oap; he died last night with bubble in his throat." She says other rhymes opular with children reflect a ather matter of fact accept- nce of death. "Mother, Mother, I am ill; alt for the doctor over the hill, loctor. doctor I will die. Yes, ly dear, but do not cry." In her world travels, Dr. Ju'yler has found a consistency n children. "Given a rope, all children ill begin to skip. Most, except i Greece and Italy, will also recite rhymes." Of course, not all the rhymes iave meaning. But Dr. Butler ays they symbolize things people just can't express. "Last night, a lemon and a lickle came a knocking at my loor. When I came down to et them in, they hit me over he head with a roller pin NEW YORK STOCKS A. C. Edwinh A *«· Ark Best Corp 8Vi Amer Tel k Tel 47 Ark La Gas Baldwin Campbell Soup '.".'.'.'. 35% Central S W Chrysler 16V4 Del Monte 21 Dillards ]4y Eacso 9'/ A G Edwa rds 4V Emerson 40} Exxon 773,, Ford 50} Frontier Air Gen Growth Gen Mtrs 4 Gordon Jewelry .... Intl Harv I-T-E Imperial J C Penney Levi Strauss Ling Temco Marcor Pan Am World Air Phillips Petro Pizza Corp Pizza Hut Ralston Safeway Sears Scott Paper .".".'.V. 16V Shakespeare Sou Pac ' Texaco Tri State Mtrs '.'.." Union Carbide United Air " Victor ^ 1 Wai Mart -.- ' 18V Ark West Gas 14-14 Citation %.] Kearney Nail V S'A-55 Minute Man IVz-t" Pioneer Foods 5!i-5 H K Porter 3(B$-31 Sid Regis ." 15-1 Tyson Foods Yellow Frt Averages Int "s down 6.2 Trans down 2.1 Utlls down Volume 3,190,00' Commodity Openings July corn 2.6 Nov soybeans 5. Sept eggs 49,2 July pork bellies 40.5 July wheat 3. 25 7 / 141 7|s .. 5 11 22} 45-} 30 Golbroith Criticizes NORMAN, Okla. (AP) -Harvard economist John Ken neth Galbraith drew boos an catcalls Sunday night when h made biting comments aboi President Nixon problems du ing his commencement addres at the University of Oklahoma Galbraith's sardonic remark came one day after Nixon wa greeted warmly at Oklahom State University in Stillwate where the President delivere that school's commencemen address Saturday night. any of the rhymes is the frus young children cxper- ation nee with their families. To Tour China ' McCHORD AFB. Wash. (AP) -- Six governors have taken off on a two-week tour of the Pco- les Republic of China. Aboard the White House jet .hat left Sunday were Govs. Daniel A. Evans of Washington, Arch A. Moore Jr. of West Virginia and Robert D. Ray of Iowa, all Republicans, and Democratic Govs. Marvin ?^l del of Maryland, Calvin Rampton of Utah and Philip W. Noel of Rhode Island. Evans, chairman of the Na- ment. which asked Eran» choose the governors. tional Governors Conference, said the trip had no specific goals. The trip was arranged at the request of the Chinese government by the State Depart Th« TIMES b On Top of Th* N«w» S*v*n Days a W««k TERMITES ? CALL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL ooches, Ant», Spiden, e'c COMMERCIAL 1 RESIDENTIAL REUPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! SOFA $129.00 Includes Labor and Materials Choice of Naugahyde, Nylons, Hercutons and Velvets Choice of Colors 3 EAST MOUNTAIN RECOVERY ROOM Phone 521-8815 Sewage Disposal Plan The proposed sewage disposal guest hous, plan will be Ihe lopic of a '" " ' " meeting of the Illinois Rive Farmers Cooperative at 7:3 p.m. Friday at the Robertson was not at the airport Saturdaj Community House. All persons for Bhutto's arrival because hi doctors had advised complet rest but greeted him 1 a t c r a the guest house in the city. iting P a k i s t a n i kar Ali Bhutto. Radio Pakistan said Chou. 76 who live along the river and doctors had advised complet its tributaries are urged t ' attend. MATURE JUDGEMENT IS A VITAL QUALITY NEEDED BY YOUR SHERIFF ELECT DICK HOYT SHERIFF WASHINGTON COUNTY Hoyt for Sheriff Coram. Op»l Hammond, Chrmn. WHAT IS FIRST FEDERAL UP TO? No Charge for Traveler's Checks For Anyone Having A Savings Account MAY WE SERVE YOU? first federal savings 2 Locations To Serve You On HM SqtMr* and ArtnntM PUr* PHOME 571-3424 or 521-3534 Win the building/ remodeling game with Wise Enern Manning There is only one way to come out a winner... call SWEPCO, extension got a staff of professionals ready and anxious to help you save time, enwgy and money. Ask us about anything: heating, cooling, kitchen planning, lighting, whatever. If you like, we will be happy to come out to your home. All you have to do is call SWEPCO, extension 500. When H comes to wise energy planning, we're people helping people. SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER CO. 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