Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 12, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 12, 1974
Page 22
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UofA SCHOCK OF LAW la Beeklnr to eatablbh annual pool of hlfhly-qua lifted local ire* atlor- neyt to teach complete law oounet ·a BUbviitutc* for full-time profe*- »ora on leave durlnjj aumrner 19T4 and 1974-75 academic year. Law graduation with honon and law practice experience -e**entt»l. Af- TO-tfalp Wantwl DMHWAF«ER, 10:00 S.TH. to 3:30 Monday throws* Frl*y. Hein«y - l Houi». Bprlnrlak. WAITRESS, 4:00 p.m. to 10:W p.m.. Sundays on. HelAty't Suak Hcute, apTtng firm to Bprlrpldd. Mo. has tec tha foltowlrj: exprrtmced ,rl layout Mo. Ofiic*. MAINTENANCE man, Mwviav Friday, two tn thr** hnun yrr mHlc»l pJinle. Wrltt Box M-tt, NoJltiwet Arlt. TimM, FayelteY.1!i ./anted men tr tmhi an foreman for the r----r Irwp«Uw of utility pries. Prefer your* v TM t men with wm« cnlteg*. Opportunity to Sr- 1 J" travel Southern U.S.A. Good pay arvi WANTED: retired coup'* lo IJct on farm 3 miief from FavettcvilEe. 3 bedroom, modern, uU!iti« furel.*iH, n»f- den. in *-.chan.e for llgtA work. Witt* box $ FayKtevillf. lay-ofte. Write inquiries lo o N. W. AJI.U Tim«, Fayetlt- LIVE-IN COMT'ANTON »rvi helper for flrtwly 3art7, plMiaM, c^ow-bi horn*, IJ«*rt oooklnA. houAeworti. Room, tyjard, attractive wl- an". Refererxrei. «2-40Ri- CLASSIFIED INDEX 7--Buwness Opportunities^ CARD 0» TMAHKS HI MIMOHIAM t_»MtiooNein«it«T» CVIHT* MI1KUCTIBIM rOUND CCIEATION JJVPKRVI30R to m«l hustnws . coordinate stafl of ottiw help. Business or office bkynvi, plpaxan* urBressivrrww. Salary, h*a%7 inrenlivea, /f* pd. Call Jan, or Vfntil. HFXJ. NURSES, LPN'f, AUES: RH to fWH: DPN lo |4S, p»rt lime »t *2.9Q hr. AlDliK .VMS. These lobs acattered abort N\V Ark. Call Carol. HJMLVN'ER'S LUCK: WiU Iraia rj-p*-* (-15 wpcn up, »-hr Him [i|urei Ea lite bk)rpg. R4fi. Call Oarol. PERSONNtTL. S1-;C: M4fl up. C*!l Jan. AOCTS. RBC: Anj' hacksmd. In Bed*. To HOO. Gull Carol. KEARNEY CO. of Fayetteville Rai Immrtlate opening Pw a n*cre!an- WiU mfk with emt!n«rir\j tlerK. person nel hi ft* completion «/ projects. Mi be an KCtltent typist, jthorthanr] in!red, tiling and maintenance of record* are included In lob duties. Excellent atartlns nalary §M heneftti Send rewime or ipply at personnel office hiway 71 South. Ptwne 5Z1-3700. exl. ffl Aa Bqua! Opportuilty Bmpj'»r PAVROIJj AND tesortnt* e;«rlr Prefe torn* bookkeeping Bcpefienre.. J*xn« lyp- Ing, 40 hr. week. puM \iotionx an bolldayf. Excellent fringe benefits. Pa; ownmeiwu ral« to eitperience. 363.-2503, to 5:00 7M41S2 erenlngs. billing. OP- BUT equities or trade In eqtiitiei Houses-Commercial property. Mall all de; to Box M-33. c/o Northwwl Art. Times, 1V-MACHIHCIIT · FAWi tT=MI»ICAL MIHCHAH01SB »_AHTKtun - ro* «At.B S^fOm «ALI OH TKAL.C WZW ANTED TO BUY H-- WANTED TO TKADI n~WO* * ALC OK MHT ia-- IIOOM* FOR KENT PAIITMCNTS FOH MNT UPLEX FOR HCKT -MOUin F0« ««" T -_.-_. 17-- MOBILE HOMES A (PACE* ·_MOBILC N HOMH-FOR SAL! OFFICE (PACE, ^^^ BUILDINGS FOR RENT NEW OPPORTUNITY National Company seeking qualified individual to supply company established accounts with major lines of record albums. No selljngl Part or full time. Excellent income possibilities with $3,500 investment. If you are sincere and* looking for business of your own, call COLLECT foro Mr. Elliott (214) 661-9208, With accts, p*y«b!«, tSSi. Oil J«i OFKIOB C-VPHIER: T^lce pajments, · b ( l ol tilling, aode. IW5, Call Carol. LEGA.I.. SEC: IXcUphone. tTin«. Need no legal txy. 1350. Call Carol, lYPfflT with SH: W35. Call Carol. OFFICE MGR: BUepn 1 .. · offtce, * oraani- zir.ff skills. »JOO up. Call Jan. PURCHASING 5BC: Will artuaily do some buying. WO up- Call Jan. KEYPUNCH: Day AKt, To H33. Open. n£s in F»y* SprllP- Call I«n. MEDICAL AFKT. TRNEB. HS p^l. 7*0 ^.'cperlence. W25 *art. Call Jan. TBLJ..KR: !3M. Ca" J fl °- I'RPlSH OPERATOR: L**erpre« of Wehii press hackaround ffeta lo 15340. Tmees t WSO. Call Carol. N'T MAINTENANCE: Two opening's mechanically Indlnrt or atitted. To ,,...« P:US OT. Call Jan. ^^FX7H. DRAFTING. A1» elertrioal. To JANTPOR: Afternoon and evening hotirt: Apply in person, Northwest Arkarua* Ptaia. W. U--WAHTKD TO MBHT Oft LKAU O--HEAL tSTATt--WANTEB U--WCAI- CSTATm-- ·ALC OK TPaAD.1 ·t--LOTS FOH- «ALB .·.V-VARMt 8. ACMVAan JT^EAL E«TAT«-FOII «Aut LCCAL 1--Announcements For home delivery of the TIAAES, Phone 442-6242 FUTURE DOUBTFUL? Check NEED EXTRA MONET? Do you a part l!m« Job with better than a versa pay, ra pld promotion opportunity wtth M irtorria-tLc pay tncrea ies, clothtn z vidrf »t no expense to you and t ra I n Ing In almort K\'try lie'-d of bus nem wltti an ''tarn UE you l^ara 1 ' ^ram Included.. Do not delay, carvta Gtvrff Parks. U.S. Army P.eserve, 306 Cirtl AtTalra Group at U2-8141 Krtay. DAY TIME h«)p needed. Apply In pe ·on, Manager aeve Beck. Hardet'a R« tauraM, 1005 Mt ComWrt Rd. . Ctall . G E.VG'R: Nf*« « bkernd. (10,500 9C1ENCH TCHR: Pill Mo.. NW e A tooling pro , W pit. Call Jan. "H, All kin*. wanted. Ptior* 44! OOOKTAIL waHrau 9S2I after 8r30 p.m. MAIDS needed, apply In person, Rama 1 Inti, Fayettevill*. .. Must h« certHle-1. Call Verffil. SURVEY: Rodmen. chalnmen. ln.«inime«. raftsmen , party temporary. Call . . ch:*f», permanent A . . tXD. RlvL. DIRECTOR: COTW fall ape- Innn ot IR rtsp*n^^lli*i«- *" ·«·. J10K tn way op, fee pd. Ctall Jan. APPRENTICE: Start stalled rar«*r »t S540Q, double that as joupn«Tn«n. Oat- doora- HR .trade. Call Ver-fil. AG.MCY 31811 E. Etnin.i, Sprind*l« REGISTER TO VOTE BEFORE MAY 8th DICK HOYT Candidate for Sheriff Tol. Ad paid for by Dick Hoyt 2--Coming Events WHITE AUTO STORE FRANCHISE Why not check our projfram of SUCCCM. Over 600 stores now In operation. Thii is your opportunity to become the owner of a hardline department store selling many nationally known products for in* home and a u t o . Full line of merchandise for every season of the year, We will help you in locating in a town of your choice, and aid you in establishing your business. No experience is necessary as we will aid and train you, An investment of 130,000 to 135,000 depending on the size of town you select, will put you !n biistne«*. WRITE TODAY FOR FREE BROCHURE Paul Francis WHITE AUTO STORES Prospect Bldg. -- Suite 413 1S01 N. Universfty Ave. Litlle Rock. 7220T Ph. (501) 691-3561 NEED SEWING MACHINE · OPERATORS -- Hiring rat* - *2.00 -- Incentive bonu* with powible earning te *2,W durinf training. -- Paid tried leal Inauranc* -- Eight paid hoUdaya a year MANPOWER INC. the world's largest lemporary aervlce, needs people with abo^ average ability experience otfic* skill* auch as KEY FUNCJ- PBX, BOOKKEEPING, etc. Earn money and enjoy a varied and i tere-rting, short or long assignmen -- T51- Call Mary S-3530 SMELLING SNELIING AGENCY WOIUJTS LARGEST EMPT/YM33?T SERVICE "W» Plow People" S o . . . . Call 521-7111 for Secretarial, Clerical, Offjce Technical, Administrative and Sales Norton Brown, Manager 21W N. College -- Upper Level -- Three-week pa.d vacation after thre* years continuous servic« If you are intereated, apply In person Monday thru Friday, *:30 a.m. thru 3 p.m, LEVI STRAUSS CO. 1800 STIRMAN AVE. or phone 442-7366 for dir»cllon« to the plant. An Equal Opportunity Employer 0-Help Wanted $680 PER MONTH ne«d 8 good p«ople to itart mmediatftly at manager ees. Phon« 521-6371. XPSRIZNCED ihlrt prtwcr M*Je4 A i ptnon, R4»rt»ck Uniform W4 iten Service. 3X «. Wnt 3L Offered i do babyvittef I 3J7-TWL Termites? Pests? ITTJ. «n4 part tinw wcltren over XL P.OCE R Y cashier wantrt, Ore*n!it»d 1-Mart. Mtwt have reference*. Aak Mike Hopfclfli 443-3912. ifEDTATE opeTtint. BookJteeper-flecre- _ /, 40 hour wee*, start IT10 per our. Harding Glass, 443-4373. 20-Motorcycltw Roy Johnson 521-3750 CB 350 HONDA, food COodHJflO, S35a Phon* 442-9007. FULL TIME EXPERIENCED HELP WANTED ExTsertencetf Grocery Cl«t?k» Cuhlen -- experienced -- f day week, rotating shifts, COMPANY BENEFITS InAurance Program Paid Vacation., Christmas Boniu Profit Sharing £mployee Dl*counti Contact: L. Clark Appl yln person -- No Phone CaH*. GIBSON DISCOUNT CENTER A.n Equal Opportunity EmplqyCT U-STOR SELF STORAGE HOUSEHOLD AND BUSINESS NEEDS 10X10 to 50x60 tOfl Lowell Rd. 5PRINGDALE CALL 75I-9163 or 7X-333B 971, «* Yamaha, $1,100 cash. New back Sharp. Call Pam 751-7396 day.,, or Phil at 7514178 evenings. HOUSE building arwl slzn painters, minoi house repairs, RefereriMs. Free estimate* Call Mark, U-2S6 after 5- 17-BooH And Marine Supplies 15 FT. FIBERGIASB boat. 3 hone Evinrude motor, factory built traitej yS5. Prior* 946-2506. 17 Ft THUNDERBIRD boat with S) H,P Johnson motor, excelletrt for skinny and tfeasur«. James Inn in. 7!H49(K SAIL boat. LI ft sloop rig. beauiU mahogany and brass with sails a trailer. Phone 521-1128. 16--Service* Offered HA\ r B opening for 3, 4, and 5 olds Big fen«d-Ia yard. Morale? afternoon snacks, well balanced lunc*. Experienced. Phone 44WSH9, an-tlme. 14 FT. fiber g!a« boal Run a-bout, Merc ury Mark 30 snotar and trailer. |300 be^t offer. Phone 5214558. BASS boal, 13T3 Rebel 16 £t., 1973 Mere- nry motor, 86 h.p., super motor (raid Irolli ng motor, Ideal drive-on tratle two five wells xnd ttomg* tcmpartment astro turf carpetlrg throofhout, Pbon 756-3306 After 6:00 p.m. PARTY BARGE 28x10. Jnboard-outboa , J2.0QQ. Pbon t Ifi Pi. Bonanza, walk: through Iron rs, 13,70?.' Phone 756-SM4. SPECIALLY MADE CIOTH1NG FOR ARKANSAS SUMMER SUN My designs or yours. Square dance dresses a specialty. Also golf and tennia outfit*. Call for estimate* or consultation*. "KACK" ORIGINALS 709 S.W. 2nd Strwt B^ntonvill*. Ark. 72T13 Z73-51U 18--Camping And Sporting Goods MALE retired cook, dependable, llve.ln «rd care tor elderly. salaYr « 442-6617 or 442-ZP53. CUSTOM upholsferv and draperle*. wide selection of fabrics. Ftor appointment phone 44J-9MS OT U3-SKO. AIR CONDITIONER SPECIAL Replace the filler, oil the fan motor, clean the condenser, and complete checkup for J12.M. ANTENNAE SPECIAL Complete 30 ft. antennae with rotor initalled for »!55. FAST MOBTI,E HOME SERVICE 675 EAST HUNTSVIIXE - E V T U J . ARK. 521-1831 REMINDER TO EMPLOYERS: TayetteviUe High School Placeme Service ia seeking to place students in j oba th la Spring and Summer. Interested employer* may contact the High School Placement Service, ROGER WILLIAMS ~ YILLE HIGH SCHOL 443-3535 ARE YOU SATISFIED with your prewirf . work togetJ«r. For bilenflew phon» AUCTION IATUP.UAY -- 10 A.M. -- MAT 18 OLD SOUTH nKSTAUKA.YT 7U TOW3O.V AVK. FT. SMTI"H, AR.K. I?atonal Clash P-opLUpr, Toas'jnas^r En'. Warmer, DSpwell Unit. Norrls \ti:k ~ ' peowr, Coonerton MnUitfex Broile: doubte .Veils d*ep fry units. 2 Ic* terser trip'.* sbfce-, 3 ilesm tebs 15. 8 * S fio'e). 2 (crif t/jn-iCr Cory O)ffep Mak ers. n* Wo'J griil w/douhle rontrots A ' b-jrrier* ^ s 1 . toaster. riouh C.tyjr fin. worV: tab'w * shflvrs- AIJ- EQUIPMENT ABOVE IS SIArSI.F^ FTTEF.U Kobart CrPsr^r.t Dual-Drive rliJi WA^IPT, }vjb!e oven A- It" grit!, F* 1 .:*ite Ic* maker, e. ricv-jb'e oven, A.O. Smith wali?r hen:-?r. Itnbfirt ifAcr. r,:obp itrat Kit'er, AIM,' Tiil^ EQUIPMENT IS COMMERCIAL TYPE. T-^O 7'i tn sir cctx!., In toi air cocni 1 ., 6* E?vc rasc Eav, n,tto Cope-" Mart;n*. rTTF.ACiJSE S.\FS B"\4?"x2T". 2 Crtm- ·tar, Temkr-5tetk msrnir.e. exhaust 19' formica wuntfr, 10 ;trx'£, 27 bx-'.hs * tebief.. ap?rox. ]rO chair-, h^. t iril'il src'j, rneta 1 . r:oacls, cce; r, 13 fo'dirj: wcoden tAbies. 1 dr. me!at f;!e cabinet, lS"\43"'xrv 11 Rliss sho-r inzKrJ rreiimfr=. srjikf r? * murf!. tnurti more. Aij3o iiu? Bijn.itLvr, WTIJ, Ei HOLD AT 2 P-M. TO BE TOr.N* nOVX " h«s be?n cicv'M o your tnjriis t bc !s.y, Urir.Tm Ivj frt ciTedc or Sev. beak. Jerry Auctioneer 10-Help Wanted BARTEXTEP. wanled, 4 to 12 p.m. apply in perau. Hitddte J.ub. »W Kortl PART-TIME CLERKS for nljhtj. w«k-«ncU and ao-forth, special consideration jriven lo working UofA studenta. Application* taken Monday. Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 n^n. al Harp's IGA General oHice, located at the Intersection of Hiway 71 and 68 in Springdale, Apply to Carolyn Trammel- MORNTNa WAITRESSES needed- Apply hi peracr, Ramada Inn, Farettevllle. Apache and Starcraft Campers New and Used Sines Body Shop 442-2691 17 FT. OAMPER trailer, sleep* sin, cell cut condition. H.,400. «2-«760. POIJR wheel ftrtT7 ft. Deluxe trai (blue) has even-thing. S82-88M. Ask Fred. Must sell. SCHOOL bus camper, sleeps aix, kjtcher 60 trallon water pressure system, n apartment-size zas range, built-in*, nice. -U2-T156 after 5: DO p.m. k--C«mp«ng And Sporting Good* VT bnift then camtwr. »« Keen at ««-34n between 9 p.m. 9 p.m. 1973 MOTOR hene, Brougham co** alr-mndlaionen. 1600 miles. Be* at Palrlaae, Faje^tevlQe. 9T4 HOKDA MT2» Wtslnor*. lots x(r»», ctreet or trail, 1800. See a* ISIS lelby, t^rtQftlale, TTS1-80M after «:00 HOXDA SLtTSO 4TOO mtles. | '" "^ before 2:30, 441-2565. 17T4 YAMAHA MX, two monBw old, er oellent wndiHon. Fbon« 442-6421 or 531 5113 after 6:30 p.m. MOTORCYCLE MECHANIC TRAINING VA. APPROVED bore starting Incom* plus o portunlty lo open own phop. ProfwRtana nlnlng a\ · major matorcyctes Enrol .cnt Inlorrnation. Phone Standard Tecb- kMl InsHtuts «34U3, ny.-Uev.lIe. 371 KAW.\SAKI 350. 3,900 miles. 'Hfnt condition, JoOO firm, Phone OOG. .1--Automctiv Sole 1972 TRIUMPH Spitfir*. 6800 miles, top conditicm Phons 521-7782. FORD Oalaxie. 4 door sedan, pow» leerine ami air. 44SX4T after 5:00. FOR Sale: Landau tops tnr all convertible toos.all types auto apholstei i Body Shop. 971 TOYOTA Vi ton pickup with camp* shell, alr-KxxidJtoned, new tires, 36,000 jles, J2135. Phone 441-^57. 967 CHJmiO.^ET Bel Air. mechanical Sfumd, needs light bod»- worit. »SO. ITion 442-7823 after 5:00 p.m. 373 IXJDGB Ad^·efrtnre^ pickup, equipped all powe r, 5,500 - balance only. Oili Sato Complete Selection New Tires for Both Cart Truck* W« Ats« Hove a Large Selection of USED TIRES From $3 Up VISIT WARDS in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center at Fayettevilie AUTOMOTIVE OPEN a.m. Daily 443-4591 COMET Ojtrlone with merhaurrt automatic. Rark vinyl top, jood condition inside land out. Cfcll 442-964S anytime. 969 VW FASTBACK. Excellent condition. Needs minor boty "·« 5174 or 442-2022. 1371 VOTaKSWAGBN squair back. S?,009 ps. radio, air-contliUon, automati* traiismfesion, |1W5. M-76Q8. 1967 CHBVTILLE, *ulomatic, air condf- inj?. *25. Phone 443J14S alter 4:0a 1969 «td- New - . - Hres, rebuilt short bkx^t, 11,350. 1946 o:d« 4 door $125. Camper w/icebox, closet and bunks $300. 1973 15W ft FabuKla* ba« b«t 50 h.p. Johnson raolor, dill? trailer Pf1neg#r remote Iroiling motor, »2400 r*one 521-1481 or 442-7030 alter 5. I PERSONNEL AGENCY OF FAYETTEVILLE, INC. 1985 North College 521-8040 and 636-8578 WINWOOD DEVELOPMENT CO. 617 North College -- 521-4836 STAFF ACCT. -- To J18.000 -- OPA, MfJ. exp. or public auditing H«lo«. ASST. CONTROli'ER -- »25.000. CPA, heavy oct. «xp, In VHtf. «n- vironment. EDP bckgrd, prefer out ot textile ind. Reloc. pd. to ACCT To fU.OOO. exp. In oil or 8aa or 3 yrr. «xp. in public Aoct. with good GPA-MBA or OPA. reloc. to Okla. pt. MECH DESIGN ENGH. -- To JH.OOO, Dee.. 2-3 yrs. dMiign exp. CHEM. ENGR. -- $12,000. BSChE. will train. TNT or MECH ENGR -- *! 2,000. Dee., Plastic exp. preferred. SEN. or RESEARCH ENGR. -- To J20.000 Deg. 4-S yrs. exp. CONSmUJCTION INSPECTOR -- To M.OOO, water. aew«r. ata. liramu* ability 1o read Sc interpret eng. drawings apeca. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYST -- To 510,200. BSBA Economlca Of Mlctlng. emphasis statistical i mathematical analysis. SALES -- Min. JIO.OOO. Food Industry, Deg.. travel, relocate Pine Bluft, mu^t Icnow area. SALES -- 11,200 per month. Plumbing fixlrues, de?.. travel. ALL ABOVE JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE CO. FEE PAID SALES REPRESENTATIVE Curtis Industries, a leading manufacturer and supplier in Ices'machine*, key blanks and hardware specialties has a local territory for * sales nrofesslonal who ia looking for ths following benefits'. MEN or WOMEN No a?e limit, who ara interecled in opportunity to earn |175 per we«k or inor« repreaentinr our company. Call 443-2590 or com* by 905 N. Colics*. professional who u looking J 1. Established, protected territory 2. Some exclusive line* 3. Salary pin* commission Immediate Opening For Qualified Applicants APPLY AT PERSONNEL DEPT. Management Secretary, Key-Punch Operator, Production Control Scheduler Applicants must hove experience in chosen field, Good opportunity for those qualified. CRANE CO. VALVE PLANT 1201 North 8th St. Rogers- Ark. 72745 An Equol Opportunity Employer 4. Incentive bonus 5. Expense allowance . Company Paid profit Bharing independent M well aa national rhain etorea in this in tales to retail stores would be helpful but not BR1TANNICA COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES NEEDED NOW! Part Time No Training Necessary Male or Female In the following counties: WASHINGTON-BENTON-MADISON-SEBASTIAN CAU: AREA CODE 501-664-2142 or send brief resume to: ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, PIAZA WEST, SUITE NO. 630, McKINLEY LEE STREETS, LITTLE ROCK, ARK. 72202 - PHONE 405-528-0548. This is the First all new Britannica in 47 years that you have heard about. At a cost in excess of $32 Million Released just 3 months ago, the revenues have been tremendous. We need people to inform the public about this great publishing achievement. If you have the time or just need the money Contact ut TODAY! you will service area Experience ... v -- - necenari'. For a ptraonal interview, call: Mr. Norm Shatz In F»yetteville (501) 443-4323 . ·'Collect Phone Calls Accepted" Tueaday Wednesday Thursday May U, 15 and 16. 1974 All Day M Unable To Call, Write To: Mr. Norm Shatz No. 8 Montauk Court Cr«ve Coeur. Missouri 63141 CURTIS NOLL Curti* Induslri« IMvision An Equal Opportunity Employer M- For Residential * Commercial Sales ;ervlce Healing * Al r Ocmdilionin g rail SHELTON RMXS A SERVICE 443- 1G40. Salci * Serv1«*. liisUilatton, beating-cooling duets. I^ed eatcalattou. Frw EJt, Call PaaMtal'i. 751-0138, -Bulldozing* PATIO F* - liar 4--School i And Instructions HIGH SCHOOL AT HOVZ ipxn* awarded -- Fin!j Ri^ rit* for free b,-tx±...r* Atrerican *rf Oiiajo, D«nt. U Boa 17B. LttUt odL AA- 72.VI. i Found X/ST: Female cat. white, Orange R.wW «r/l tai3. In H · rea. Very feri!im«rvtaU C4i; LO3T: Gold frTn*3 gtawes, l (wr,«. L«sl May 6 on Sonh C «ot. H. renard. 521-6611. Irish Setter, aBW*er« ti b'jck cntlar, BO La«f, a LIFE INSURANCE GENERAL AGENT We have an outstanding opportunity for an experienced agent. Quality leads, top commissions, and you can own your own business. If you have two years of experience and wont to make some real money, write in confidence to= "SALES" P. O. Box 3798 Little Rock, Arkonsos 72201 Fcrirfield Bay is HIRING! We need several success-proven salesmen to fill key positions created by our growth and expansion. You con earn $20K+ your first year, and you'll live in one of America's top vacation/retirement developments-- Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. YOU NEED TO BE: * licensed to tell real estate * Experienced in land sales * At least 21 years of age * Able to past a careful credit and character check * Willing to relocate to beautiful Foirfield Boy YOU WILL: * Be earning in excess of $20K your first year * Have company paid training * Hove above overage draw * Be living in THE resort development of Arkansas * Be working with the finvst professionals in your field Call now for personal intnerview (long distance call collect) Cal Everett Fairfield Bay, Arkansas 501-884-3333 SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning -- --Concrete Worfc , , pAtios, r*sid?ntlal and commercial rioors, ROADS, PONES. CLEARING, REASONABLE RATES. 751-3339. CONCRETE WOTk -- petlos -- retaining rails -- driveways -- carpenter repairs -- rock wort. Call after 4:00, 442-SB2, 42-7209. Free estimates. atlft*. retain! na walla, No Job too small Miner. 443-Cli --Bushhogging PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE, PHO1TO 443-i973, If no answer rail after 5:30 p.m. P1/KV1SG -- DISCING --BSfde Ww* All Traolor Wort -- Fre* Ertlmate* -Phone «2-7517. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $14.25 PER MONTH --Carpenter-- HOUSE PAINTING AND OARPENTRT WORK -- OtlTFTDE AND FN, HAVE REFER'WOES. RAT RAGSDALE. 4427106 or 42'B05. COMTUTTE HOME REPAIRS, We carp«n1«r woric that your hasbsofl won't. FOK the bnt csbteet wort, bom* b reraodcllci. tecUrcd erilinn, cmfl arport Addition, iftstttaa, ROOM L-mltBg, BooCn.1. Palntta*. PbOM 443-ia.^, T91-1TH.- , diUons, Rome* bnllL . Kefrrvncc*. Happy Asd*r*m. Call CARPET WAREHOUSE 3M W. UOl, r«rrtlsrril!e 1 Koc* Wnt o( Mr. Quirk. Rwv 7 Phone SZ.S4B4 Ovm muy NI(M -.«! p-m, c«a SX. --Concrete Werk-- CONCR15TE -- CARPENTER WORK OF ALL KCTDS. FATIOe, DR^TWAVS AND ETC. REPAIR AXD REMODELCTG FR£T EffnkUTBl DOM JDOOMMUI CONCRETE Work, p ·ways, repairs. Rock work. Mack FLOWING -- Cultipating -- Brash be«- King -- tine grading. F/ee eatLmate Calf Wayne Ticket! at 521-L1S3, --Ditch Digging-- BACKHOE and Dump Truck Work. Joba Mtller -- Phone --Earthwork-- 1OU3B cleaning. linK. bru.ihJ. UabULly i D a road or an old one rebuilt, top , backhoe, road (trader work and gravel hauling, bulldozer work. Phone. Lefty, SSa-2639 ---Garden Plowing-- ROfTOfTTTjUNG -- With Troy-Bill rear rnr] tiller, santens, lawns, flower beds. 441-T087. PLOWING -- Harrowing, yard leveling, bnisWiorfgir gr, R*R Tra dor Service, Phone 443-943. Reasonable rate s, free estimates, --Hauling-- ARf Wort, Twnlinz, General Cleanup, Trimmed. Fart Service. Reasoe- and Reliable. Phone LOOK! Raullnc. moving * trtsb Have tract A atoct nrk. Too n«m« -- We baa; it. R«-»nfnb. , LmQnc, Tap SDU Cr*efc Oravd, Dowr Work. CU1 4434886 --iawm t Cardont-- PKAP.LT GATES lawn and hnllntf ser- vir«. Fast sernce, mtonabie rates Phone ,=31-15O. FOR Compete lawn rare by eontnc or by the Job call DcUnvy'i Janitor Lawn S*rsicf, 44:-7S2L AVOID COSTLY REPAIRS by maint«i · not puintirxf. R«sMential, oomm«rci« r barrj, new homes, etc. ffl yean expert enc«. F«? e*im»t«. SG OOSZ aUe Ralei e T9B-2197 PAPER HAKGING. Snttrior/eTrterlor P«intintf. Vor Frc« Batlmat* FboM 2137 or 99-3571 Wt« Fork. PAC4TCTO, p*p toc. atMM iwk fM.*. --Piano Tuning-PIANO CARE Phone (50L) 442-77«T --Plowing TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY ft! 4.23 PER MONTH Real Estate Reconditioning Mirlc*. trash ndnc, Tre« s«r Pnon* S9-MOL --Soptic Tank Service-- BBPTIC TANKS PUMPZD L1n« ReiaKlred. LoireH Rate* Local Business. Pho TO PLACE AN AD m THIS SFACS WOULD COST ONLY S14.2S PER MONTH -Sewing Machine Kepair-- Sewintf \tachine Problenu? PhaWi 3ew. tlque w i l l repair any maVe. We are your authorised Whit* and Elnui dnlrr. W» ranlee **^iet work. We ilw IUT* p«n(j, cewui; accessories and dassej. Pbone 751-5737, --Small Engine Repair-- mmowen and small en^nei np«lrH or tuned. Free pickup and telinry. KL. I alter i p.m. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY IU.25 PER MONTR --Tree Service-CHARTER OAK Tre« Service, laninrt fa £V».000. Fre» «tim«l«, IrlmmlM, feeding, iM-aciflff, removal. TRIM, Cm aod remflvB Trees. Umlm. Inwred. Phon. 521-2S90. , Trtramlnf. aMaUoa; rrc* .TEW S?OFA hide-a-berts. Choice o( fafr. rira from JZ». C]art'» Uphtfstery M9I South Mw'. 71, Sprin^dflle, 731-742! Veneteion Blind i VENTKTIA^ BLDUX REPAIREn tot Windi TnttJt to order. Fbma Gab* Ooop- --W«fc a tana*- WOLD HURSEK* WATT* STaTOI romp., FMtn. l-iulrluim afl ----

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