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Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, May 12, 1974
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Artcamot TIMtS, Sun., May 1), 1974 テつサテつサVfTTtVILLa. F. A. Scroggins St. Loulsan Hooks Healthy Striper, Despite Backlash Whtt* bats art going wild, wheeling and surface feeding from Horseshoe Bend to the dim and up the coves and crtcki. One crappie fisherman was so over run with surfacing whites, which he didn't want. he Just picked up and left the area. Another fellow was fishing lor the whites on bottom with a spoon, and got a backlash in his reel. While he was busy picking the (angled mess of line, with the spoon dangling in about twenty feet of water, a 12'A pound striper almost took the rod and reel from his hands. It was quite a tussle, but Cecil O'Connor ol St. Louis, boated the fish and was o excited and surprised he says he'll have it mounted. Thai action look place in the Rocky Branch Area. One day at Horseshoe Bend, Chick Slubbs o( Rogers took 5S while bass on "boy howdy" lure, and gave up when he gol tired of pulling them in. George Andreasen took 35 to 3Vi Ibs., on humpback rebp] in about 45 minutes fishing. Several others reported 25 or more in short order, then Ihey moved out of the area apparently; at least the schools were not surfacing that way the past few days. A lot of white bass have been reported from downlake near the dam. Lost Bridge area and Indian Creek showed whites weighing 2 l Xi to 1 lb. size. Starkey reported tome anglers taking whiles to 4% pounds. That can be great テつキport, expecially on light tickle. Another amusing tiling happened the past week. At Lost Bridge Bellye Aruchleri of Topeka, Kans., wanted lo go fishing. Friend husband wasn't in the mood to go, and wouldn't let her take the boat. He finally gave her a beetle and said, "Here, lake this and (o fish along the bank." She lopped the Beaver Lake Junker list for the week with her 7V4 pound largemouth bass. CATFISH KITTY? .John and Betty Douthitt of Springdale fish only for erappie. John lies his own jigs, in many different colors. They had caught a siring of erappie in the Rocky Branch area, and were aboul lo leave because of a slorm cloud moving in lhal direction. As many anglers do. Belly wanted to try onテつォ more cast; this time with a purple jig. She caught a three pound channel cat. John found this amusing, and was joshing about her crappie fishing and calling her "calfish Killy". He tied on a red jig for one more cast, and was very surprised to bring in a five pound flal- head catfish. He thought he had a big walleye. (He who laughs last?) Vance Harp really did get a walleye while crappie fishing in War Eagle Dock area. He and a friend gol about 20 nice crappie on minnows, and Vance thought he had a big crappie, working it slowly as lo nol tear out the tender mouth. Pretty nar the boat, the fish m a d e a hard turn and headed for the bottom. A nice walleye netted m i d s t much excitement, weighed five pounds, seven ounces on the dock scales. At this time of year, many anglers are surprised and-or disappointed when something unexpected happens. Bass fishermen often take big flathead catfish on jig and eels, channels often hit deep running lures; sometimes even top water plugs. The disappointment comes when a big ole carp decides to take a jig or spoon, and the fisherman thinks he has a new record black bass, walleye, or something worthwhila in the "sport fish" category. This next story is a tongue- in-cheek fish story from Missouri. Three fellows were fishing together when one of them had a very heavy "strike" and wrestled w i t h the "fish", resetting the drag so the line wouldn't break. After long minutes another buddy tried to get it moving low-ard the boat, and then Ihe olher fellow thought he might relieve his partner. Between the three of them, working for nearly an hour, they Bill Dance Fishing Better"""" Firet Woc * Af WaH * Bor Now As A Non-Smoker naments cads Ihe 162. Ricky ihia. Ark. hauled in a very large water- soaked piece of board. At the dock. Ihe scales wouldn't weigh it. and when someone asked what Ihey inlended to do with it, the first guy said he planned to use it for bait to go paddle- f i s h i n g : (hang on to something,..get ready for this,) he had heard patldlelish eals plankton! T O U R N E Y AT BEAVER There's another lournament scheduled lor Beaver Lake Saturday May 18. This one is called Mid America Bass Fisherman's Association, with headquarters at Box 14, Oceola. Mo. They will be fishing from Rocky Branch Marina, with headquarters for fishermen at Highway Host inn, in Rogers. Entry fee is S25, wilh .10 per cent of Ihe purse going for first prize. No olher details are available al Ihis lime. but. if you're interested in competing, you may slill have lime to write the association at the above address. On Wednesday. May 15, there will be a benefit fish try at Hickory Creek Recreational Area beginning al 2 p . m . Fish, hushpuppies. baked beans and cole slaw on the menu for $1.50 for adults, and a buck for children. Sofl drinks arc available al extra cost. This would be a good lime lo have a fish dinner and help a good cause at the same time. It's sponsored and prepared by Beaver Lake Palrol. The proceeds will go for search and rescue equipment. H's a volunteer unit of reserve deputies patrolling lake areas to assist when anyone is in distress, or there's a disaster in an area. The patrol is under the direction of Civil Defense, and in connection wilh t h e Sheriff's office of Benton County. On file is a list of names of people who call and are willing to pay for fresh fish. Since il isn't legal lo sell fish in this area, perhaps this benefit could "kill two birds wilh one stone" so to speak, by bringing someone you know who doesn't fish, and treat Ihc-m to a good fish dinner. Fishermen, have you laken time lo check the old lackle box lately? Some rainy evening it would be well to reevahiale the lures you've been c a r r y i n g around for too l o n g . Different seasons require different plugs. You might begin by removing some of the unused plugs with rusly hooks lhal haven't been doing anything but taking space in the box for some lime. If there are favored jigs or lures wilh bent tips from hilling rocks or loo many logs. clc.. they can he sharpened on a small tackle-box size emery rock. It's a good idea to keep one or two of all types available in the summer. Early mornings, single or tandem spinners are good Later you go i a p ] as tj c worms, and in mid-day, you may w a n t to try jig and eel deep running hellbenders waterrtogs. or medium running hot spots and big 0 types. Keep a few assorted colors and names of surface lures handy lo take those Kentucky spotted bass along the bluff sides of Hie lake. Many people overlook Ihe sheer rock bluffs, and miss a lot of good fishing during daytime hours ftems other than lures needed in a well stocked tackle box, should include- long - nosed pliers, diagonal cutlers, (for c u t t i n g hooks and olher uses) nail 'clippers a sharp knife, a sharpening rock, safely pin, and even matches. If you fish a !ol il s well lo carry a penlite flashlight. Often al nighl when you need to rclhread a new slip-sinker worm, von need just enough light to see into the tackle box without lighting up (he shoreline That MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Bill Dance of Memphis. Tenn. has made quile a name for himself catching fish for money. He has netled over 128.900 on the professional Tournament Trail sponsored by Ihe Bass anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.). Dance's fishing career com pares lo golf's Arnold Palmer. The former furniture salesman was the cast-for-cash sport's first super star. He won seven 1974 B.A.S.S. money winner with J6.6I3.70. "Unless I can get some extended leave, I won't enter another B.A.S.S. tournament until Ihe Classic," said Green, who automatically qualified wilh his dramatic dash from 21st place to win at Sam Rayburn. Green was runnerup in the 1972 Classic at Percy Priest near Nashville. Tenn. two-year glory days, Ihe lournamenls span. Since Ihe . . young lions have made it increasingly lougher and tougher. Dance hasn't lasted victory mid-November 1270. He's old angler is hungry. The 32-year going al] oul lo reclaim his losl Ihrone. He even quit smoking. "I stopped smoking April 9 Florida Invitational winner Billy Weslmorland of Celina Tenn.; Al Lindner of Brainerd Minn.. Ihe winner at Watts Bar; and Tommy Martin have also clinched the finals. Rayo Breckenridge. the 1973 Miller BASS Classic champion, is also an automalic contender. The chase for Ihe remaining Classic berths will continue June 5-7 al the $22,000 Virginia and I honestly believe il has helped," said Dance, who placed fifth in a field of 191 pros at the {22.000 Tennessee Invitational ( M a y 1-3) al Watts Bar Lake. THINKliN'fi CLF.ARER "Since I've slopped smoking, y thinking on the lake is a lot clearer, and I don't miss casts while Eiddling for a smoke," asserted Dance. "My biggest desire right now is lo win the 1974 Bass Angler of-lhe-Year point championship and quality [or the Miller-BASS Classic finals." he said. Wilh only Iwo qualifying tour- Invitational. A full field of professionals is expected 2W Kerr Reservoir, located on th Virginia-North Carolina border Final qualifying lest will IK he All-American at Clark II Reservoir on Sept. 25-27. Th South Carolina-Georgia horde ake was the surprise site fo the 1973 Miller-BAS SCIassic. remaining. Dance point standings with Green of Arkadel is next with 144 of Lindner Came Plan Best ollowed by Bobby Meador Baton Rouge. La. with 130. After his brilliant start in 1568, Dante dropped out of lournamcnl fishing lor over a year. "When I came back to the Tournament Trail. I had loo many outside interests. Tourna- Sneak Preview COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (AP テつキ-- Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves figures to reach the Hall of Fame site long before he is officially chosen. His Braves face the Chicago While Sox in the annual game here on Monday, Aug. 12. Aaron first visited Cooper- slown in 1955 as a member of ROCKWOOD. Tenn. -- The ass Anglers Sportsman Sociely テつキill award over $150,000 to ucky fishermen this year on ie professional fishing Tourna- icnl Trail. To be a winner, the first thing ju must do is forgel about jeing lucky. Pure luck has very iltle to do with winning fishing ournaments. If you follow any lype of ports events closely, you know he best prepared team wins. They don't leave anything to chance. The winners play with "game plan". Al Lindner, a 29-year old ishing tackle manufacturer "rom Brainerd. Minn., proved .he same systematic approach can be used to win professiona ishing tournaments. He won he $21.125.00 Tennessee Invita :ional BASS Tournament al Watts Bar Lake on May 1-3. Watts Bar, an almost 30-yeai old TVA impoundment on the Tennessee River, covers some 39.000 acres. The lake has very little cover (obstructions) tha attract and concentrate bass Man-made objects like fishini and boat piers, brush tops, rocl rip-rapping and a few scalterc slumps make up most of th bass hideouts. Water tempera ture had reached 68-72 degrees For the largemouth bass thi the honeymoon season. Th fish head for the 2 lo 6 fee deep water to spawn. FOUND PATTERN "After three practice days, discovered a pattern thai looke like il would hold for the tou nament.and I decided to stic with il." said Lindner, who wa the only angler in the 191-rna shing his firsl big-lime const, discovered the same .tlern. He weigbed-in 26 bass nd scored 39 Ibs. 15 ozs. The lerm "pattern" in basso- gy means: The .combinalion same or similar features and ondittons that exist in several reas on a lake at any given me. which altract and hold ass. The discovery of this ombination coupled with the r o p e r lure presentation ecessary to catch fish in tour- amenl lingo is called "eslab- shing the pattern". Lindner's pay-off tactic was concenlrate his fishing round stumps located in the ack ends of coves. He fishec ix-inch blue and purple plastic worms. "I moved from cove to cove nd restricted my casts to thi tumps," said Lindner, whi acktracked over a four-mill oute several times. Included In Lindner's fishing ackle is a pair of polaroid sun glasses used to cut the glar m the water. "Without Ihi jlasses. 1 would have missel spoiling several stumps," h' said. SMALL WEIGHT He used a small '/テつォ oz. weigh the Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta's predecessor. He also here in 1963 with Milwaukee. Both times the Braves mcnt fishing requires all your allention and concentration," he said. Last year's point champion Roland Martin, who dominated the slandings with a remarkable 292 out of a possible 300 points, agrees. Afler capturing three of six lournamenls, Marlin of Tulsa. Okla., had only one direction to go -- down. SILLY MISTAKES Martin's best effort this year was seventh at Sam Rayburn in the Texas Invitational. "I'm making some silly mistakes," concentration going for a whole tournament. Things like losing a good Tisii (around eight pounds) at the A r k a n s a s tournament kil Imy confidence." Tommy Martin, winner of the Arkansas Invitational, and Roland Martin (no relation) are tied for fourth wilh 112 poinls afler four evcnls. Others high in the ranking include Tom M a n n . Eufaula Ala., 109; Billy Primes. Jackson, Miss., Iflfi; Elroy Krueger Ciholo, Tex., 104; Russell Cook. Hollislcr, Mo.. 103; and Bobby Murray. Hot Springs, Ark. 101. Points are based on 59 for a win. 49 for 2nd, 48 for third, etc. The top 24 season point scorers, along with tournament winners, reach Ihe $15.000 winner-take-all finals in Inle October. The hook and line world series is fished on a "mystery" lake lhat remains a secret until the contestants are onroute. .テつキU Ihe moment, the holiest plug slinger is Ihe 28-year old Green, a fishing chemist, who must fit the tournaments into his vacation schedule. He is employed with the Reynolds Aluminum Company, and wont fish all six events. LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Naturally, Green selected the tournaments close to his southern Arkansas home. He finished 1st. 2nd and 6th in Ihe Texas. Arkansas and Tennessee contests. respectively. He's the top played Ihe Boston Red Sox. field lo check in the 10-ba daily limit each day. His bass weighed 42 Ibs. 14 ozs. Hunnerup Lonnie Hendric son, a rookie from nearb Harriman. Tenn.. who w Young Qualifier ATLANTA (AP) -- One of 1 women golfers who have qual: fied lor the 1974 Ladies PGf tour is 20-year-old Denise Le Bebernes of Santa Maria, Call 1 She won the California women' amateur last year. Her falhe once played football wilh Cal fornia Poly Slate and her motl er was a vocalist with the Ha ry James band. ^_^ head of the plastic worm. The ghl weight allowed the worm sink slower beside the stump. The bass weren't hilling a oving lure," said Lindner, ho often allowed the worm to テつキテつキsi near Ihe slump for several econds before the bass decided inspect the fake wiggler. Lindner said he boaled almost 0 bass the first two fishing ays. He kept the best ten fish boat's live well for of the bass I caught テつキeighed between US and t w o the coring. "Most Toufids and were males.' ilatcd Lindner, who said he id boat and release a six xnmd largemouth in practice. 'The bass were really moving nto these areas, and I could Imost count on other fish to eplace the fish 1 wcighed-in he day before," said Lindner, who pocketed a $3,990.20 top arize and an automatic quali- ying berth in the 1974 world bass fishing finals -- the $15,000 on June 5-7. The final qualifying event for the 1S74 Miller-BASS Classic is Sept. 25-27 at tha $22,000 All-American at Clark Hill Reservoir on the South Carolina-Georgia border. T h e Miller-BASS Classic matches Ihe lop 24 season point scorers and champions of the six qualifying tournaments in a rod-to-rod duel on a "mystery" lake that remains a secret until the contenders are enroute. The top finishers and money winners at the 1974 Tennessee Invitational at Watts Bar Lake: AnHテつォr. Hometown. Tort! W.ifW, n"J J. Al Lindner, Braliwrt. Minn.. 12-14 2 Lonni* HMrtrlcfcson. Harrimテつサn, Trnn., 39-15. テつサ1,W4,90 I. Elror Krutf". raK . Ttx " 3!1 4. Clln' Mil, GrwnbrifT. Tenn., U-T winner-lake-all Miller-BASS Classic in late October. A heavy overnight rain caused Lindner problems in the inal round. He didn't boal his enth 12-inch keeper bass until he closing 30 minutes of 'ishing. "The rain stained up .he waler. and made it difficult to spot Ihe stumps," he ex- jlained. Lindner is the first Yankee angler from outside the tradi lional Soulhern bass belt to win B.A.S.S. lournamenl since 1969. Joe Verbeck of Bellevil 111. is the only other northern fisherman to reach the winner's circle in 43 tournaments, since the pro Tournament Trail was launched by the Bass Angler- Sportsman Society. Next slop on Ihe 1974 Tourna ment Trail is the $22,000 Virginia Invitational on Ker Reservoir near Clarksville, Va S. Bill DinW. 7 Elm 1 MテつォnpW. Twin., 31-7 6. Ric*r orwn. Artraoテつサ'^iiテつォi AT*., ^S-IB Pirh*flテつォ, awymour, Twiv. 2S11 8. Hubert Grテつォi!, Splnflii!*. H.C., 3-13 9. Jtotrr Moort. テつォprlmテつォrH, Mo.. S-II S45S.30 10. J. R WテつォI Knテつォvil!テつォ. Art.. . I I , .Tohn Powell. Montg m. Alt. テつサテつキ .lafcr Cov. Lテつォkテつサ City. Twin,, 77-U 1J. tjirrr McCMirtlon, sprint CltT. Turn.. - E36.W . . . , テつォ テつキ 14. Tom SUnn, テつサ!テつサテつサ, A!*., s* 15. rSfn.ton, CTihvlll.. Turn.. B-t IT. Bo Dowflwi, 18. ixwi Norhw WM.flO M. Jimmy Houston, TrnWrqian. 53-11 -- Wl.テつサ テつサ. We Hoi テつサ. Round XテつォrUn. Tula. Well.. テつォ. Bill Wart AllHKBi'itMH. Mo. テつォW5fl 9. Bob*- MurwT, NutcMtoctm. U.. , 3hYton, Mil*., of course refers to Mack bass fishing. Xigdt fishing for crappie and vvhite bass under light is entirely different. Any way one chooses to fish can be fun for the individual- and (here's an old saying': The Good Lord does not deduct from a man's lifetime the amount he spent fishin" " So why not enjoy fishin' Candidate Profile State Senator Gene Rainwater" Barney Hess Named Worihen Athlete For Month Of April viulters. Runner-up lo was Forl Smith North- LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas State's Barney Hess pole vaulted 17 feet and one half inch for a victory in the Southland Conference track mtct. For that effort, the best in state hii'.ory. Hess has been named the Worthen A m a t e u r Athlete for Ihe month of April. April was a good month for Hess テつキide'i Greg Picket!. Only a Junior, Pickett vaulted 15-6 and % for thテつォ highesl pole vault in Arkansas high school history. Hesi' l**p wai something ol a cometeclc [or the senior from CJearwテつォt*T, Florida. He had vaulted 1M four years ago as a fnshnuu at ASU. The next two years he was plagued by ftriou* Injuries, including a awoken ankle Ala* テつキテつキttini voting support from tha Worthen pcnel, which consists of 13 sportsvvriters and sportscasters around the state, テつキas Paul While of Russellville figh School. A shol p u t t e r , Vhite had z personal high toss of 64-9-U at (he Tiger Relays. Other nominees included ennis players Buddy Bowman, who won the men's singles title n the Burns Park Spring Tennis championships, and Gus Palafox, Jr., who won the Boys 14 and under singles championship in the Southwest Junior Invitational Tennis tournamenl at Ihe Racquet Club. Swimmer Linda Frazier was nominated for finishing 14th out o! a field of 90 in ths AAU National Swim meet at Dallas, and Henderson College short- Slaughter Of Dolphins Now A Possibility MIAMI (AP) -- Slale officials say a proposed change in Ihe federal law will allow commercial fishermen who buy a $5 permit to slaughler dolphins along Florida's coast. The change actually was proposed under a law designed to protect dolphins, also known as bottle-nose porpoises, from drowning when Irapped in luna fishermen's nets. "If this change is allowed it will wreak havoc wilh our efforts lo protect porpoises," says Maj. Joe Brown, chief enforce- menl officer for Ihe Florida Marine Patrol. Adopted in 1972, the Marine Mammal Froleclion Acl gave fishermen Iwo years to switch to gear that would let Irapperi dolphins escape. A federal spokesman said Friday that uith two years up in October, a change is needed to keep fishermen from being held liable for Ihe occasional dolphin killed even with the new nels. The proposed change would let a fishermen kill a porpoise that endangered his gear, catch or life after he first tried to frighten the animal away. Rut Cliff Willis, fisheries director for the Florida Department of Natural Resources, maintained it would encourage fishermen to kill dolphins, whic stop Larry ballot with of -535 in Wills was on lh batting Arkansas legiat* Conference play. average Intercol- baseball have little commercial value themselves but eat some commercially valuable fish. "If it only covered occasional dolphin trapped in a net, it would be ckay," Willis said. But it lets the fishermen decide when to kill porpoises.' The U.S. Department of Commerce has set a hearing on the proposed change May 16 in Seattle. Wash., alia テつキ I fishing fleet area. Age: 49 LEGISLATIVE EXPERIENCE 2 terms -- Arkansas House of Representatives 2 terms -- Arkansas Senate (currently serving 2nd term) MILITARY SERVICE TO COUNTRY: Naval Commander (Retired) World War II and Korean War WORK EXPERIENCE: 20 years, Rainwater Trucking Company (14 years as president) 2 years, Partner, MR Polled Hereford Farm 4 years, Dairy farmer EDUCATION: Cavanaugh High School College of the Ozarks Arkansas AM Northwestern University (Chicago) PRESENT LEGISLATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES: Vice-Chairman, Public Transportation Committee Member, City-County Local Affairs Committee 3rd District Member, Joint Legislative Audit Committee CIVIC, POLITICAL, AND FRATERNAL ACTIVITIES: Life Member, VFW Member, American Legion Member Reserve Officers Association Member, Farm Bureau Board of Directors, South Sebastian County Boys Club Vice-President, South Sebastian County 4-H Foundation President, Greenwood Roundup Club Bill Clinton* Age: 27 NONE NONE 8 months, Teacher, University of Arkansas Law School 5 months each of 2 different テつキ years, instructor, University of New Haven (Conn.) 18 months (while in college) Assistant Clerk, Foreign Relations Committee Hot Springs High School Georgetown University Yale Oxford (Rhodes Scholar) NONE Texas Coordinator, McQovem Campaign Arkansas Bar Association American Bar Association "Prepared from Official Biographical Sheet published by Gテつォw Ratowtfv テつォテつキ ywr. -Prepared directly from Official Biographical Sheet puMshed by EKI dnton thfe ywr. W.I

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