Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 12, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 12, 1974
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10A A NortfiWM* ArVonio. TIMES, Sun., May 12, 1974 F»Y«TTIVILLI. AHKAMtA* I Premier Sunday Crossword Puzzle By JO PAQUIN ACROSS 1. Gas in coal mine (. Intolerant enthusiast U. Pompously IS, Siamese coin M. Two-toed sloth M. Growing oat U. Languor of spirits SX. Arabian chieftain M. Fortifiei M. Devices used with violins K. Bland J6. Solitary S7. Penitentiary t9. Biological mutation 41. Famous London corporation S3. Gardener's need M. Farm (Hist.) 15. British statesman «». Mud volcano 5«. Ferber title 51. Festival Si. Massachusetts cape SI Corned (Fr. (em.) Si. Mediterranean vessel 55. Madame Curie M. Strike it rich? 58, A pry 59. Circui tent ««. Tung,et aL SI. Fed SZ. Pope'i short cape (var.) «t Mortar's companion 68. The monkey puzzle 67. Coercive power 7L Leaf of the calyx 71 Shrew 73. Old World M. Scene of the action SI. Cow barns (dial. Eng.) 82. Saliva: comb, form S3. In a state of disarray 85. White House occupant 16. Acute, obtuse and reflex 87. Exclamation 88. American journalist- novelist 89. God of love 90. Tiger, for one 93. German flowers 94. Important person 98. Fragrance 89. Occurrence 101. Chemical compound 110. German president 111. Germ DOWN 1. Voiceless JS. Biblical name 17. Ancient tribe of Britons IS. Subject of 74. Black, in sandpiper 103, English fish story S9. Turkish coins «0. Bar offerings 44. Fields 45. Postpone 46. -- Hop; kins Univ. 47. Large tub 48. Meadows Celtic names 75. Macaws 76. Biblical name 77. The black nightshade 78. Star in Eridaui 79. Yntang painter 1M. Caliber IDS. Climbing plant 10«. Visible sign 107. Sea swallow 108. Winter vehicle 109. Arabian country 2. Philippine 38. U.S. termite president 39. Biblical name 40. Staid 41. Turn inside out 42. Mean proportion 43. Saturate 49. Tropical American trees 46. Lectured (Obs.) 49. Luxury fur 50. The hills of Rome 51. Bundle of twigs 53. Moonshine plant SI. Colorless gas 55. Capital ot White' Russia 57. Jots 58. Ocean vessel (var.) 3. Lead astray (Scot.) 4. Scuffle hoes 5. To daze 6. In employment 7. Means ol entrance g. Native of: a suffix 9. Mosaic pieces 1«. Straw brooms 11. Harden 12. Insect 13. Former. Broadway hit 14. Submissive 15. Be a member 18. Asian port 17. Female red deer 18. Very (Fr.) 59. Doughnut- 28. Zoundsi shaped 30. Utter roll 61. Southern U.S. 62. Discharges 63. Sacred song orisons 32. Camera need 34. Optional answer 35. Character manifested by a people 64. Uncanny 65. Extends across 66. -- girl 67. Small, pulpy fruit 68. Utopian 69. South American republic 70. Accolade 72. A planet 71 Organized trips 76. Decorously 77. Soak in brine 78. Persons of prominence 80. Soft palates 81. Except 82. Weather word 84. Conse- · crated 85. Hurry 86. Silvery 88. English poet 89. Sea duck 90. Hope, etal. 91. Heathen god 92. Clotted blood 93. Quantity of paper 94. Child's vehicle 95. Fencing sword 96. Ireland 97. Afford 1W. Compete 102. Large crowd f i!!iii 1111 ii tiiintMfflnmniwifli iMimiiimtWKiiiM Edited by Bill William* «llll!!«!!!lllllll«!ll«nilllll!lll[lllll»lllllllllllll«!!IIMI!ll!!U!!inW ZANY EYE ON WORLD WAR I! WAITING FOR THE GENERAL KDGB OK THE l,Ai\D. by Steven C. Lawrence (Ace -- 7i cents) "Edge nf the Land" is a western set in Texas shortly after the Civil War. General Shelby was leading his Missouri brigade into Mexico to fight for either Lhe Juaristas or the French -- whichever would offer the best deal for his defeated Confederate troops. They had never surrendered after Appomattox. Adam Tyree had come home to find his family killed by raiding indians -- all but his two young sisters -- they had been taken by the Com- manches. He begins his hunt for them. Hearing that one of the men who knew what happened was in Mcssila, a town on the Mextcan-U.S. border, he goes there. At Mcssila. he meets and eventually befriends the black soldiers, accepts a deputv sheriff's badge and a town full of violence. The violence come: RAFFISH PICARESQUE TALE OF 17th CENTURY ENGLAND Awn«e tinwi of ·dutiim! 65 ninnfa* 99 108 from the out-of-work drifters f o r m e r Shelby to come, and a gun runner who is selling guns to a Mexican outlaw-guerrilla. Clayton Sinclair, the freighter who sells guns to the outlaws manages to keep the town ... an uproar by getting the. drifters drunk and looting and opposing any move by the .soldiers in town. "Edge of the Land" is a very good novel of the west after the war between the states. The author has a good sense of By BILL WILLIAMS THE SOUND OF COACHES, by Leon Garfield (Viking -- JS-95) T h i s raffish, picaresque adventure begins on a cold winter's eve in 17th century England. In Dorking, at the Red Lion Inn. the passengers dismount to stay the night.. The young, pregnant woman has a baby and dies shortly after. The boy is taken in by the driver and shotgun rider, Mr. and Mrs. Chichesler. The Chichesters become the child's parents. The boy is named Sam. He rides with them, on every journey, strapped in a special c o a c h box beside the Chichesters. As he grows up, he begins to wonder about his real mother and who his father is -- if he still lives. He eventually learns to control a team of horses and when Chichester is shot by a highwayman and can't work. Sam takes over. But, unfortunately, the first trip ends in disaster because he wrecks the coach. Going to London, he meets some of the men who had been sending him presents every Coventry, the egotist, turns out to be more than just a drunken actor, scene stealer and all around cad. Sam Chichester turns out to be a man who can deliver dramatic or humorous line with the best. Eventually the parts all come together and Sam realizes who his natural father is but also realizes that the old stag!. driver and his wife are trul his parents. "The Sound of Coaches" indeed a happy blend of poig nant comedy certain to appea to anyone who enjoys historica novels. ADOLF HITLER: My pirl In His Downfall- By Spike Mllli- gan. (Harper's Magazine Press, $5.95.) Spike Milligan, the British comic of "Goon Show" fame, turns his zany's eye on World War II in this collection ot his rmy misadventures and come* p with a lot of laughs for any eader who takes delight in foo- ishness. In his preface, Milligan says all the salient facts are true" n his book although "I have arnished some of them in my wn manner" which is a good ling to know since any army uch as the one Milligau describes would be hard put to unction properly. Not when it's got men in it ike the sergeant who kept a rig in the barracks but paintec Branch Bonk NAIROBI (AP) - The Firs National Bank of Chicago ha been licensed bv the Keny government as the first Amer can bank to open a full servic branch in Kenya. This was announced here by Karl Ziegler, manager of the new branch. Ziegler, who has served since 1972 as the hank's Nairobi rep t to look almost like a cocker spaniel because keeping pigs in tarracks was forbidden, or the soldier who tells the psychiatrist he doesn't like his um- orm because, "It's dangerous, jermans shoot at it on sight.' Or would-be athletes who compete in service contests by .rying to broad jump the high jump and machinegunners who [ire their weapons into the ground. These are just a few of the many odd types Milligan writes about in his very funny book where the gags come so thick and fast that the reader has finished long before he really wants to. One good thing, Milligan says in his preface that this book is the first of a trilogy. It's to be hoped he holds to his promise. history combined storytellers sense dramatic. with of the the bww year both at Christmas he and the time men and disillusioned. He also meets a traveling Shakespearean actor named Daniel Conventry. Coventry is a fine actor, when sober and, for a fee, agrees to take the handsome young man on as an apprentice. Sam also meets and falls love with Jenny, a London chambermaid, at the rooming house where he is staying. Answers On Page 13B TWO TALES BY TRIMBLE THE MAN FROM COLORADO and THE MARSHAL OF SANGAK'EE, by Louis Trimble (Ace -- 9." cenjs) Louis Trimble is one of the great western writers of our lime. His stories are powerfu and have the feel of the wide open ranges of the I9th century. "The Man from Colorado" begins when Jim Lane steps off the train at Mountain City and gets in a fist fight with two toughs who are trying to hassle a parson. Tilburn, K a friend of Dan Seeley who is seeking election as mayor of the city. Seeley also turns o u t to be Darrel Sanders who Lane is hunting for murder and embezzlement. Two other men in the town. Paul Dtirby and Ed Nason, are trying to take over the town either through an election or by killing Seeley. Lane ends up helping Seeley defeat the hardcases and also solves the murder of his close PERSONAL WRITING resentative, added Chicago also that First operate wholly owned merchant bank in Kenya, Both the branch and the mer chant bank will open here later this year. told newsmen First Chicago would use its Nairobi base to extend its commercial On Mother's Day Take Mother To Dine At The SCOTTISH INNS Buffet Serve Yourself 2.50 banking experience eastern Africa. throughout Over February Employment In Area Shows March Increase NOTES ON AN ENDAN- ERED SPECIES. By Mordecai Richler. (Knopf. $6.95.) Granted the days of the essay have grown lean, but while this kind of personal writing isn't exactly flourishing it's also far 'rom dead and will remain so 'or as long as such highly talented writers as Mordecai Richler keep on working in the 'orm. For whether he is writing of the problems of writing, or the comic book heroes of his youth, or the good -- in retrospect -old days in Paris in the 1950s, Richler never fails to amuse or amaze or both in the 15 essays which make up this most agreeable collection. Deposits Increase LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -State-chartered banks in Arkansas did well in the 10 years from 1963 to 1973. Stale records show their deposits increased 198 per cent, to total of $1,651.986,122. friend. The killer turns "out have been Darby. Total employment in M itood at 57.700 in the Fayetteville area, up 400 February and up 1,550 March of 1973. Non-agricultural wage salary employment gained persons while all other agriculture employment 100. Manufacturing employ at 16,50(1. was up 100 February and up 550 over same period last year, manufacturing employment No Shortage NEW YORK (AP) though predictions indicate 1974 will be remembered as year of "shortage," tl ing industry is looking forward to better dollar volume says Modern Packaging. The magazine says the parent discrepancy will be due in large part to inflation. The McGraw-Hill partment of diets gross Publications Economics national will climb 8.2 per cent in 1974 and consumer spei rise 7.8 per cent over 1973. Modern Packaging predicts sales in packaging material and containers will exceed the 1974 figure of $23 billion by 8 per cent. !arch 'ette- since since and \ ^50 non- added nent. since r the Non- )t at Al- 1974 the ckag- ward sales. e ape due The Depre- ocluct 1974 will 33.000 was up 3aO over February and 1.150 over the year. Unemployment at 2.600 was down 200 since February but up 350 since March of 1973. The s e a s o n a l l y adjusted unemployment was 4.1 per cent in March. In February it was 4.0 per cent and in March of last year it was 3.7 per cent. Non-agricultural wage and salary employment increased from 49.050 to 49.500 in March. Increased hiring at canning plants was responsible for n gain of 100 in food and kindred roducts. Non-manufacturing Stapling Taught NEW YORK (AP) -- More nan 50 per cent of (he medical eaclling institutions in the united States are now teaching the use of stapling as a surgical :echniqne. According to United States Surgical Corp.. which markets surgical " staplers. UCLA, the llavo Clinic, the University of Pittsburgh. Ml. Sinai University and Einstein College are among the universities teaching the procedure. In addition, the N a v y is also teaching stapling in its surgical training program at Oaklanc N ' a v n l H n s n i t a l SCOTTISH v INNS 4 Baked Ham w/Glaze Roast Beef Fried Chicken Assorted Vegetables Salads Home Made Pies Home Mode Dinner Rolls Old Fashioned Country Cooking By: Prissy Bichlcr. Canadian best canadien?" has wit that quickly "Marshal of Sangaree" finds Ben Craig hunting for the Luvain brothers in Montana. He comes into Sangaree which is run by Park Jarrod. Before he contract construction increased 150 due to better weather and more hiring at schools prompted government. gain of 250 in Transportation utilities rose 50 Costly Pepper SYDNEY (AP) -- A shake of pepper on a sandwich at one Sydney take-away food bar costs an extra cent. MORE ta th« Ozarks N O E L S.W. Missouri -- FWi -- Swim -- CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NOEL, MO. M8S4 and public while? trade service and mining were down 50 each. Average weekly earnings for m a n u f a c t u r i n g workers increased $1.91 in March as a result of 0.9 of an hour rise the a v e r a g e work week Average hourly earnings were down from $2.99 in February to 52.97 in March. Unemployed workers were paid a total of S246.220 March, up $28.653 or 13.2 per cent from February and $77.684 or 46.1 per cent more than the amount paid in March 1973. The number of weeks of u n e m I o y m e n t for which workers were compensated totaled 5,002 in March, an in crease of 597 weeks since February and 1,015 w : eeks since March last year. The average weekly benefit . in March was $-19.22, a decrease of 17 cents since February, bul an increase of $6.95 over the year. Employment gains are anticipated over the nest 30 days as vegetable and poultry processing increase. arrives in town he meets the younger Luvain brothe: bar and bests him in fight. In Sangaree. he is apointed town marshal. He talks to the ranchers who have been raided by rustlers and they work out a system to put an end to it. Eventually he battles t h e older Luvain and wins. He also finds out that Park Jarrod is in with Luvain in a try to take over the entire valley. Trimble's stories have all the usual (lungs a western has but somehow his writing stands out. His heroes have humanity. They are strong, of course, but never superheroes. These two western tales may not be the greatest but they will do. bww known for his novels, a subject he deals with deyastatingly in "Etes-vous penetrating .. gets to the core of the absurdities surrounding us and dissects them with highly effective verbal surgery. And he is not averse to using this wit on himself as may be seen in "Why I Write," where he wryly notes that after telling an aunt that one of his novels has been translated into five foreign languages she answers. "There must be a shortage of books." In "A Sense of t h e Ridicn- lous" Richler returns some 15 years later to Paris, a city where he had spent some years as a young aspiring writer, and finds that some of his acquaintances of that earlier time are still there. A fact that "made me exceedingly .nervous, for now they appeared embarrassing like fat bachelors of 51 tooling about in fire-engine rec MGs or women in t h e i r 40s flouncing their miniskirts." All of these pieces are highly recommended but if only a few can be read be sure not to miss "The Great Comic Book Heroes" and "The Catskills." HELLO-I'm Jerry Hart "SIDING SPECIALIST" AM, NEW 1974 STEEL SIDING Vinyl with STEEL backing, New sawn Texture design, 30 year guarantee. The SIDING of tomorrow today. New colors for *74. Lower everyday prices and better workmanship because: 1. Low overhead. 2. Jerry does his own estimating, no high pressure salesman. 3. Supervises work himself. 4. The know how, 32 years in the business. 5. All savings passed on to you, the home owner. ' wiH Give 20% D' 5 * 0 ""* Off O ur Everyday Low Prices. Free light timer for letting me explain our progra JERRY HARR 35 GARDEN LANE JOPLIN, MO. 64802 Name Address .W City . State Telephone Collect Calls Accepted I Mail Today for Free Estimate and Light Timer I For Fast- Service Call:! Office 419-781-7530 Home 417-781-59951 THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. n* razfc,#Mn«aj Mother's Day Dinner Served 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. MENU SPECIALS 1. Ham Steak with Fruit Glaze 2. Barbecue Beef Ribs 3. Chicken and Dumplings ; All Above Orders Served w/English '* ' feat. Salad Bar -- Homemade Bread 'n Butter -- Dessert. Your Choice $2.95 Children Under 10 1.95 3901 N. College (Hwy 71) FayettoriHe -- 443-3431 O « O o Mid-'America's Great Family Entertainment Buy If your family likes swimming, ice skating, rive entertainment great food, craft shops, boat rides, trains, cable cars, fishing, trained animafs, thrill rides and mountain frails and wants Jo $tay in motels, hotel apartments, chalets or could spend your whole vacation driving from one place to another could come to-Dogpatch USA. We've got it all. Plus live characters from Al Capp's comic strip. Lil Abner Daisy Mae and all the other zany Dogpatch folk. Dogpatch USA. Just a short drive away. Dogpetcn USA and Mvtto ftM Resort Convenflcm Center The Great Tv*i Part* fctttw Onto 8 Mite* Sow* of Hermon, ML on Saenfc M*. T OPEN WEEKENDS IN IV AY D A I L Y ALL SUM ME P

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