Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 11, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1974
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

10 North*** Aricovwot TIMIS, Sot., May 11, 1974 29-Uvwtocli-For Sal* QUARTER GKUiINO unmiisVnvl, ·olW liver rttfjrtniH, Win BO KnRiish B1ACK seldlnir. IWQ ytwrs. 1! hand. Is brokrn. vrrj* quirt *ivi InlpllicenL. So- riout inquirers only. S3I-4744 or Hl-IRSl. THRKE year old rc[Tislcr«I Anx'K bull. - KttiVKR laced WyanArttps | ARTIFICIAL INSRMTNATIOS sorv fcrt*ds. top balls, fast efflcif/M pa anywhere. nnlirne. ReaM*tnbl rtionp S43-EW. ·xv. All ncrviro, o rates. POUND feeder p:E*. *3Q ntf clean, phone Klfl-2S67. RKGISTKRKD Arabian nnl H Arabia (teldings. Phone 521-P07. POUN [ A N D BBAtrnFUTj; MO RG AN WEbSH roNIKS. 413.212* artfr 5 p.m. - HEGIffTERV.n polled Hrrrfrri calvrs. R party tor limited service, FALAM1NO ceVifna. I ·nd bay mare. All ec. " ·: adulvs Phone 443-377 Ule fo. r children REGISTERED ANGUS We i n v i t e you lo visit and sc« whal we are doing. We also have a few y o u n g bulls for SA\E. 20 year* o1 producing fine breeding slo ch Phone Homer Fry 443-2-529. FRY ANGUS FARM IA RGf3 QUAhTTT Northern Hoi s1 e! ·prinpcrs. Chianiria bred an'l opci Brwn Swiss, Vi'yaH Drarthorry, I* 1 miles NoiUi rf Gravcttc on W, nw mil Fast on Rocky De!l Highway MATHIAS DISCOUNT 71B South on Curve ALE -- Ladles' casual leather indalu Two pairs, (5.00 norf selection ladies' men's estern Iwots -- Tony Lama etc 'ESTERN Shirts -- $7.fc8 up W e s t e r n Blouse* -- J4.B5-$5.8B MERICAN made canvas -- $1.30 up. LADIES bras -- Carnival brand -i Price. BEN Hogan Foot Joy REGISTERS HORNED HEREFORD BlfU,S. IUGSDEIJ. FARM. Phone 816253, PRAIRIE GROVE. t*vn Lewlbri Rpp*1r*d oi Oortara 24--Dogs, Cats Pets AKC RJ5O1STBRED DalmBlfrm. 1 m o:ilh« o' d. ma IP. rtuimplon blood! J.iO. l^onc 521-1315. AUSTRALIAN silk;- terriers, n l n * weeV o:d. ma!e anrl female. 2"3-K6fi, Eui BRAUTIFUIi p'jrrtTcrt German Shepher pupp-M, six wwkr old. Phone ."521-5510. HALF B^ck Jt Tan. halt Blue Tio* pu^ ·oven weeks oM. one male * Ihrei males, *£5 each. Subject tor r«pUlrallo,T Phone S13-34S9 or t£I». lo . male ami one female. 1 kiltcns AKC RKGISTERK1) Old l^islish Sic* Dos pupjiic-s. Phonp S01-irC-4!*l. BFUUTIF'UL AKC Toy PoMlra 1 , and Calms. Paul CJiKorc Oanehill, Ark. Phone 831-5651. GERiLVN Shepherd puppies, $30 pa rwls rcRistcred, Rrovi n UKC', Rskinio-SiilE, PO. prown AKC. temal German Shopherxi, TJP. Stod win-ice d ·everai breeds. MAUREEN O'neal NFlGA no large and hunting dop Kfo Krvices, rpasonaKe proiosslo fciC, Call 442-1743. AKO RED DOBRHMANfl for pet or Owmpion hlootlltnes. 521-T951 COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Lines Complete selection of all vete ary «uppHe», Eversrthing for you animal. Eastjate Shopping Center. Hwr. If East AKC WeimAnwr puppies. evrcllpnl hui Ing Bud r* 1 itoelc. Call 521-5160 alt* 5; 50 p.m. COLLIER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING Tor Appointment Call 443-3441 Colliers hat SO ib. aackj of Wayn nd K«KO dog food. Compete Line of Pet Supplle* « ·11 Collier Store*, PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cynthia Johnson, Groomer ; Individual Attention -- No Trtn ~ quilizers used. Personalized groom ins done with t e n d e r loving care OCCASIONAL BOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR ANY BREED · Phono 442-8592 days or evanln 25-Home Needs--For Sale HEW SO lb. Bultrnattc trade for ionieLJiinp of «7-o3Yi, afier 5 pjn. washer, JI50 iual value. Phor A[OMXG: must sell, IS, 000 B.T.U. War · ir rondit ionor. Evc*i:eni caidition, aido i*x!2 rue, Brown braided ru?, K1-63S4. KING BKD, mattrres and box spriu drawer ches!, JO drawer dreiser, ·tand. Solid oafc. new. iMS-3517. G .E. REFTJGE R.VTOR. CAT i 41 OR SEE AT DUXAWAY'S. WALNUT b^flct hutrJi, con! ?m ·tyle. excellent conijH'ion SI 30- Fno S21-U37. S washe r «^d dtn v er. KHoh ena sher. Oomplele commode Pno 0SAFS Kenmorc dis'hwashei. greeii, pho^pitiK hsani top r-irUblr. J12* real cood rondiiion. Pho^p 521-TZB. F.OPKii sold M inch rans men ths, SliS. Phon e 442-23" SPOT? before yo-Jr eyw -- on \ o u s rpet-- renio« thrm with B! u e LIL; t r Henl shamt*ooi?r tl, Po'.k Fui t-^ie. W3 W. Dirtcson. BEATES down Blue L-Jstra ar." p.aer fl. Lewis rarp« p^l^s KO v ives. P.wit cloctrrc- si Bros., on the square MATTRESS * BOX RPR1NG? iml- QUBS.V ft KING size. a',?o ava Nafco.isUy artvcrt : spd hran^ offor healthfii', Kerj'Je, firm support. ?ee et Ur.ited Freicht Sa:«. By. F=ye::evii:e. Ope.-, 9-9 Mcm.-Fri., Sal BUDGBT BEDROOM 83",?. M*1« room jrrou?:ji? w,th s?t inrtuding doub:e dresirr End *1M cas'T or EZ if-nr.r a: Ur.ile-i Ba1* Hw-. fi2 W. Fiaypnevi'.k. 9-9 Mar, - FTJ., tiil 6 aa.l FArTTOH 1 ? FTJP.SrrrtTR.E--Direct ah] ni*.nls Essortt"} p:et-e s. This weel or ·ofa/c-hiir sel for tllS: S reelmers tlOft.95- No pJxn* orders pirate. come, firs! served. Oa^h or lerms, Un;'. F/eizhft Saroi. Hw-. 62 W,, Faye-tteva Oper, 9-9 Mw-.-Fri.. till 6 Sat. 26-- For Sal* - Miscellaneou INCH tire chSTis, o'd Un table, I:, nvjad cstt:e Phone 442-MW, lop copying macnir.e in perf WATCH, 443-2*. T.V., pas ranue, refrigeral .·r ami dryer. Old Kentucky n; Thonrterij'rd, phone OKZ BEOWS and ros* mixed tw**4 n yjyta, ot r«d w*wJ Persian pal tern luff, Sxl2 and «* Vidrola wit lection of recordi o th* early '2CTi 8° CHUN 1AW. XLKtt Bonwlit*. Pbo -For SoU -- MhK*llan*out MATO 11*\STS. IS.OO for 100. * shad. I3 1 Tor J^O. I ^«[^. ]373 TilirUt Acush- oujrti 9. rpRu!«r shnft, t, woft] I thrrxi^i 1. w i n g wolRhl J.VV) nrw. ioni! 112-7715, rhalrs, file TMbli,eis, cop!c ic tulculalor, lables. shelvinc «n board. Wl-StT-J or mutHS. :AIls 16 Lnrti «*o i-h-iin saw, Ilk* «·. Also '^ k-irct ;ooe dramond. Phone -6715 n t l c r S:M p-m, n . KL,\THK[) sine]* *xle Irallcr. 00. Phone S(G-2Mi. M foi ith 20 r. pi* r.inlw lo or These . nohines have btillt-Sn rcx-erw nfitch. UoTiholc-r, Hnminf;. monosrammln^. uny o^Jior feature?, p^e tliem whifp tJn-y ;t Rt United Frr[pM Palp, Hwy. fi2 W. ivoHcvlIlf, opfn 9-9 Mon.-Fri., till WING MACHTNK8-H9.95 tt) Receive. shipmpnt with r^sh button itverf* \jrh and zijtzAp control; famous makes py may be inspedcrl and tested s .ite*t Freight Sales, Hwy. 62 W-, Ka HeviHe, open 9-0 Mon.-Fri., til 1 8 Sal :BTAL Deredon -- oarreti, tii* pro isslonal'i Chofcc. Golfl and silver ccln auBht and sold. Call Ab« Uncoln, "3 5T. Ilojrers. Ark. 000 LOCUm' poits. 6!^ leel long. Iff! ·omcr posts. FN Ford tracrlor, two s " .'PJ|er,_ rhwie_^|3-a68, _Elklns. 7--Musical Merchandise JSED Realistic Klereo s^lwn, good con .tion, J75, Phone 442-64OT. LKJHTL.Y USED RPXXItrH: Rock, an ;m, from our julr« box routes. £1 or 5 [or JJ.OO. Till STATE WALK X). 315 R»llston. YER pianos. completely rehuill an isfied. Rolls ava i I a We, Phone or il2-8Ul. O.MPOSBST Ktereo. 8 iridi speakers .M rct-civer, turntable, new slylui 100. 5?1-41S5. RF-OS Three deluxe solid srtat*. full raa^islorized. st»repT3onio hi eh fdelll o'es In beatrti/ui hard rubbed fi *c brand of recorri (rhangcr a: poaker audio ivstem, at (3W.^5. Cash o is. United FretffM Silrs. Hwv. fi3 W pttES-jlle, open 9-9 Mon.-Fri , till 6 "RGAN -- Magtiavnv, two-(rcyhonrd, ransijilor. Make otter. Phone 3T7-3.VG. 8 Antique*--For Sale F orjran, excellent conrtltton,, ·jooftcase-rfilna cabinet. Antique typo writer, old bound set at musk; hooks Vill inak« irood price 21-1603. PUMP orga , excellent condition, x)lrc'asc-chin« cabinet. Antique t"p* v ·. nlrt bound set of music hooks, i nke good price If you buy all. HO. Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitives -- Glas* China -- Brasa -- Collector's Itenx Prairie Grove. Ark. Phone 846-288 30 Wanted To Buy VANT lo huy VJlllnji to pay niltt.iry M-l carb f a i r prit-e lor (»« S9-2W5. tVO 10-Kpfi eel, IK inch b:cj~cles, rru id woman's, Hoort condition. Call fi")19. Ask for Betf. c s C O I N S H O P PAWN 'aying 160% Over Face tor Silve Buy S«H A4) U.S. Coins 1308 S. Thompson 751-371 PRICES FOR GOOD USE KURNTTURK A APPLIANCES INCLU1 ANTIQUES W2-2S92. WANTED 2 ton 'S5-'TO mode] C CMC, or International withor withcra bed. Must be good truck. 751-6393. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING mi ABOVE FACE (Subject to dally change, call ft quoLeK Also need small coin an stamp collections top dollar pal FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP ?S61 N. College, 521-6421 31-Wanted To Trade CA N 0 rFKR SMALL 3 ROO FURNISHED HOUSE AND UTn ITJ ES TO Y O UN G MARK IE AGRI STUDENT IN EXCHANG FOR FARM WORK, CALL 267-36OT 32-For Sale Or Rent THRBB year o!d Rockwood. 12\-50 ? be room tu]1y furnished and carpeted, t« eir, wa.sher and dryer, ! anxind o-j'.side oE trailer. Call 442-21 afier 5:00 p.m. \fay fiance. 33--Rooms For Rent I.AHGE rooms avulatte May 15-335 B:ook. ?*mre livingroom, kitchen, S?0 per month. Phone 44^^713 after 5'00 ROOM For rent, rarpelisl csntral hoa air-cond i tior.ed, UK Eosl p. idgewa Drive., Fayetleville, Phone 443-67iS. 34-- Aparfments For Rent bedroom .furnished r month, utilities paid- NEARLY new. n:oe two bedroom unf; n:i!ied except stove «r.d refnperatoy. ci pe:Kf, air snd wnlral heal. Married c p^e. No pets. CaII 443-3*5 or 44S-(t after 4:00. TWO BEDROOM fun/*rf, utLIttlw pa f!OS. Phorif 521-6876. 4--Apartment* For Rent i'0 bedroom, unf ij, touted, r/f s. MOO mwiltily. ITrxir . Tt Souih ation to fac . per mwth. u t i l i t i e s [M-.d. I LARGE, 2 BEDROOM rn1*hed a p a r t m e n t . 1!'? blocks OMI campus. Couple or grad s l u - nis preferred. R e n t i n g for the ear al J106 per m o n t h - Include* 1 utilities. Phone 521-7428. miKhc-l. »«. uUlilie t5. Phone H^^W». .-btimmer rate: lyelteville's Newe«t Apartments jarldnd Garden Apts. 2000 N. Garland FnycUevflle PHONE 442-8981 OPEN SUNDAYS j |ycate'l rleau. furnisheyl, c'!rrom. married couple. S75 plu; no do?s. Inquire at 3TO West Spring IFE-K']KNCJY ajwrtmont and small j!c hwnc. Gmpletcly lurnished. tin eek, utilities paid. Airport Motel. Cal l'J-3912. KEN-CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland -- Faycttevlll* W2-8981 -- Mgr. A p t . No. H SUMME RRATES AVAFLABI,E SB KKTJROOM apartment nicely turn l, b'Jt no fl i r. J^S month wilhou ies. Korrj- no pets. Call 521-519) aflc ·URXIHJffin APARTMBNT- ^21 North huruh SI, Brown Apartmenls. P HM1H. GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland -- Fayettevllle 142-8681 Mgr.--(Ken Claire No. 64 SUMME RHATES AVAIUVBLE . I Z j Y NICE, one or 2 hertroom ap,i mcnt on Kaywnol Lane. Phone 521-4733 CHATEAU INC. CHATEAU IV 176) N. Leverett -- Faycllevill* 521-1313--Msr. Apt. No. 1 SUMME RRATJCS AVAILABLE MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVTLLE'S FINEST Now leasing one. two. three o four bedroom* -- Furnished or u n urnished. 3001 Wedington Phone 521-7206 -- Office in Apt. ONE BKDKOOM apartment, IurnisTe. ncluding dishwasher, ?arbare disposa central heat and air. Completely peled. S140 monlh AIL bills paid, Kl JDfiT. Call :00 p.m. b«[»re 9:30 a.m. or COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverett -- Fayctlevlll* 4i2-898\ -- Mgr. Apt. No. 1 SUMME RRATKS AVAILABLE F1JRNL=MED. Uvintfroom - bedroom binalion huse kJlchen and balhrocm. P ·ale entrance.. Orfstreel parJciny. f i 111 ili ps paid (fepo.^t. Mature adult pi ferrcd. Phone 521-5346 afler 6:00 p.m. Fit ANCKSCA n pfirbn Pnts: ' cl Trom r-ampus". Sum 5125. Furnlslied two bedroom, nastier. 442-HMO. 'A.CTOSS 1 t FURNISHED, graduate student only, e i nice e*ficienc- aparlmen(, «iL--com Mird, no pets, J85 utilities Rnd cat ,id, available May 11!, Phone M2- JENNY LYNN II S. Duncan -- Fayetteville 521-7210 -- Mgr. Apt. No. 15 SUMME RRATES AVAILABLE i one or two bedroom apartm pai''. ccrtral locution. Phone T\VO bedroom fumistied apartment, a conditioned, dishwasher, carpeted throns rait, l^i baths summer reduced rate University. Oakhill Apts. Phone 36 3103. RNnsHEn apflrtment- rificienRies, and two bedroom-some-Rir contiiliwie rer- (i^ ip t environment, close to cai pus. 5^1-2226. ind Ivro bedroom, summer itinsr. Close to Uni^rsity. 442-1033 r 6:00, 531-2HJ. SUSTNtER S7PBCIAL 2 bodroom apa me.nts, 7 So, Dunran. WeiL !uralshe ren Iral n i r, dlsnwa *er, disposal S125 Prrone 53-5571. BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedroom* Furnished or U n f u r n i s h e May 15th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 fTT] DENTS: Fu rnisheil apa rimcnts, b!ock"5 from campus. Cottaxes in cou piwne 4-! 2-933. CUM in NT, S A r ARTME NTS. Now re :ng (or summer. Close to campu? and l«o bedrooms, /nmlstirf. Pr,on ' FREE RENT THIS MONTH New apartments now availab' Move in now and get the mon of May rent free. Special summ rates. Two bedrooms, furnishd quality built apartments w i t h a the extra* including dishwasher Call today for an appointmen 443-4757. twrtroom. 93 Smith Dui y 521-6U5 or 787-5115. L E A S I N G FOR SUMMER Corner of Leveret! Law*on. bdr. townhouse apartments. I bath, central air. frot free f r i g e r a f o r , dishwa»her, disposa Furnished or u n f u r n i s h e d . Wat b i l l paid, One unit vacant May 1: Five units vacant J u n e 1st. For i formation and application c; Bryce Davis. 521-8660. 808 TOWNHOUSE OSK. two, and three bedroom furnish. ) to (130. Univ«rs:ty car . . area. Phone. 442-7T70. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 197 or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when yot buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileag for less than $5000. Se« HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-230. LAFF-A-DAY VO bedroom, shag carpet, stove refrigerator furni.the^. Central heat ant indltloned, garbage disposal, wasfa- 'e r com ectlons. 442-8878. "Talk! Talk! Talk! Thank heavens, in a few years he'll be a teenager and we won't be able to communicate with him!" 4--Apartments For Rent SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. 1764 N. Leverctt Fa ye Neville sn-3313 Mgr, Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 17R4 N. LevereLt Fayctteville 521-W1^ Mgr. Apt. No. 1 KESf CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland Fa ye Neville 442-8961 Mgr. Apt. No. M COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Leverett Faycttevllle 521-2110 Mgr. Apt, No. 1 JENNY LYNN 11 South Duncan, Fayetteville 521-7240 Mgr. Apt. No. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland Fayetteville 442-8981 Mgr. (Ken-Claire Apt. No SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PRIV. FURNISHED very nice and eonven NeuUestiip Apis. 1510 Nettleahip, Phon« 521.3373 -alter 5 call -H 2-9048. FOR "A GREAT PLACE FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.0 Two Bedroom 125,0 Three Bedroom T.43.0C All utilities paid, central heat and a/c, unfurnished, famfljea. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1655 N. Lewis 521-3073 Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sundays SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom efficiency furnished .partme-nt. Utilities paid, $70. From 'OG-SiOG call Scholars Inn, 521-5923 A f t e r 5:00 and weekends call 442 9198. NOW renting far summer Bud fall- and two bedroom Bpartmnets, Kerr In ·estmenl Co 321-43-W or 442-2S37. FURNISHED tri-pl ex. Sa ve gas'. Xea pampas, one bedroom, paneled, tile show anrt tub, married couple. Also on iripnoj- lor mature student, phone 4*3- FURNISHED apartment and fumishe* mobile home. Deposit required. Haruia Marine, 600 W 6th SL Phone 521-6583. TWO bedroom furnlshwl aiwrtme^ts, per month plu.? utilities. Close to cam pus. TOO N T , Garland. 4-J2-MJS- SPECIAL SUMMBR RATES RAZOHB,\CK PLAZA now lakin? applies tions for June I Furnlsheii, 2 bedrooms bnth fully carpeted, dishwasher, poo ill hills paid. Walking distance lo Un ,-ersity Phone a21-5i7fi manager apart enl'No U arter a p.m. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: · Central Air · Shag Carpel · Queen size beds · Frost-free re f r i g . * Dishwasher Difiposa · Pool · Free TV Hookup. Lo summer rates, S117.M -- One Bedroom ?127.5Q -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electrie 443-3216 GRANDVIEW APARTMENTS NOW LEASING 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apart merits. Furnished or Unfur nished. Central heat and ai cond Itioni ng, Drapes. U nf u r nished. Family living. Start ing at $101 per month. Phoni 521-8796. Manager on prem ises. UASUMENT efficiency apartment. rooms, 2 btoclts from campus, for verj quiet sliKient $90 bills paid. 521-2358. KW two bMrxxmi furnih« apartments-. 2 blocks rampus, renlra a-r. summer rates. 52MW9 or 521-53* 14--Apartments For Renl RPflRTMEMTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING 'or i m m e d i a t e occupoancy. Also fo r u n e Sept. Completely carpetec All utilities paid except Electricity Arkla gas heating and a i r cond: loning, -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Townhouse* Beautifully Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 0 Ft. Pool Co m plctc t^a u ndry Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere 1900 Melmar Drive Office «3-2141 -- Apt. 100 PUTMAN-HILL APARTMENTS IMrnisehd two bedroom apartments -- ,ir condilioned -- carpet -- garbag li^nosn! -- near University -- -H2-8W7 i Her 4 p.m. THE SUGAR TREE TOWN HOUSES The ultimate in 2 bedroom fur nished and unfurnished, l',4 bath, Fenced patios washer-dryer con nections, a!l electric kitchen, laffl Leverett Street. Phone U3-20T New town house*. 1828 N. Gregg Phone 521-4975. G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, t Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Cal] Paul or Elsa Rosenber 632 Putman -- 442-663 HOLLINGSWORTH ARM One h!fck sou th of the Scienc Engineering Building. One and tw bedroom, furnished apartmen available nnw. A].M leasing f jsummer and fall. Summer rates 521-3835. NOW AVAILABLE 1 * 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APIS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large poo recreation room. Summer rates « fective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TILL fi SKULL CREEK APIS. 900 N, Leverett 521-2761 1. ?, and 3 bedroom fumisbed unfurnished. All utilities paid, tw swlmm Ing pools, tennis court* laundry, grocery, fa* facilittw*. conditioned. MISTY HOLLOW APTS. Two blocks of campus. Summer Hates. 442-4460, 521-4249, or 521-23W BEVERLY MANOR APTS FURNISHED arnrtment S120 per mon UnturnisfiPd apartment $100 per mon All hills pairf except water, Gil Whitha 442-1361 FUP.NI. = HED one bedroom, carpel, con [J3 tioncd, private parking, sin ale male. $55, no pets. 442-)*J8 or 442-67A* UN-FUR NISHF.D apartment, two rooms, 530-Sffi per month plus fS e up deposit. Reference required. EJock Sts., Apt 12. 442-7730. 35--Duplexes For Rent NEW, furnished, for 1-2 peopl* on X"o pets. Soul h of Karminglo-n post f:cc. i?5 u l i l i t i e s paid. 35T-SfiSl. Ft) P.XTSHED, 2 bedroom duplex, v h«!s. shag enrpct, rpnlral air, la storage room, patio -- *1I5 plus utilili Call 52I-3IOT. FURMISHflD two bedroom fiuplex, a conditioned, no pelts. 3115. Kay Kasta Hior 1 e 369-2281, MountainburS- 2 BEDROOM furnished with carport, 1er paid, R6 per mfnth or $$5 month unfurnished. Phone 442-27M. TiVO hrnrm.-n duple?:, unfurnished, sto dishwasher, disposal, wasiier/dryer cc nedims, liiop'acc. Root School area, ~ per month. Phone 521-1K5. WEST of Universitv. one bedroom, fu " . hilts paid, or.e s , . dont. Plione 442-8691 FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need speciol lummer rotes... We offer reasonable rent AIL year long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnjshed, Utilities Paid include* Kjtchenetle $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By Unjversity Housing Raiorbock Annex - 575-3951 »t for SUNLOVERS this duplex. Two bedronnu, neled throughout, c!o*« to Unl- rslty. Redwood »undeck. Unfur Ished. $I5 per month. Call Lee at Gallery oi Homes. W1-72T2. B BKDROOH duplex, unfurnished tx- Pi Move and refrigerator. JT5 a raonlh utilities. I'hone «3-WH UPLKX, unfurnished, 'two bednwnu, *Its preferred, oo WTiUlock Eti*fft Phone 2-S654. bedroom, furnished duplex apart- no utllill*s paid. Phon« 5214W3 ftvalE« b;e, unfum! ibtd dup!«x«- EW, two bedroom unfurnished apart- ·nt all utilities patrt, (125 per month, ii!lip» Drive, 531-71W, UAJtANTEED QUIET. Coupler and nu- rc singles only. TWO bedroom un- ilbsed, except ttoie and refrigerator 110. Call Hl-lftn aftei 5 p.m. vnd two bedroom mobile ho r renl, furnished and alr-condlttonod ViU» Mobile Horn* Park. PJvxie 221i. 6--Houses For Rent UA1NT otrler country home, two block: it of campus, farpe wooded lol, tw three bed rooms, fireplace, furnished isher, Bummer rate *135 521-1670 00 p.m. [All. one T«droo mfurnibhed house for ·* $75 month. Inquire at Tristale Eteles RtfLston. 1IREB bedroom o!der home, cican, $9(1 ith deposit, srrtdll family. Two bedroom can, *7S with deposit, couple prefei ' hone 442-6466 after 3:00 p.m. BRDHOOM house. H block from ram us. Mostly furnished, SSO plus utilities T the summer. Call 321-7S21. IVO bedroom, electric kiUrhen, wa.-Oie dryer, beaulUu! yard. Phone 442-6300 I/RX1SHED one hedroom, if a rage apai ic^t, iidu!ts, Hiway 71 South ne bliakespearc, ??0 utilities patrt. Phone 442116. 'UAINT older country home, two Wocl asJ of c-atnpuj, large wooded lot, tv three bedrooms fi replace, furnished ·asher, summer rate (135. Kn-lfTH cr 6:00 p.m. BBDROOM unfurnished house. 3^ it or 16 \Vesi. $70 month, rJearmp de osit. Rrone -H3-3US. Hi\Ftjr3 mid-May lor summer terr nly: 3 bedroom, furnished, centrally alert, bills nnd cable paid. Phone 5 FURNISHED two bedroom, air-eonditlor :f. Small gardea spot. Couples or sma i mily. \Va lor pa id. $125 per montl ' T\VO BEDROOM rentals, one is 1 cks from campus with some hi] id. 2 houses which are X Mocks ·m campus with (rood shade. Call 75 TWO BEDROOM housr in good condition 100 month. ?50 cleanup deposit. Refe ences required. Phone 521*1175. KUHNISHKU, 2 bedroom house In iborhixxi. Yard, carport, JI40. Refc s lequired. Write box M-17 c/ Northwest Ark. TIMES. 2 BSDROOM ftirnished, central alr/hca n Northonst. No pots, deposits requlret 1 135 month. Immediate occupancy. "' -- 443-2018. TWO, three .anrt four bedroom houses f rent, furnished, completely carpefe licely decorated, designed tor sti and faculty members. 4-13-2141. N John son, one bcdmom house, idull, pas and water paid. 751-9791 t i:DO p.m., 442-9051 nfler 5. TWO BEDROOM plus den or 3 bedcoo house, fenced backya rl, \~ block fror campus. Air conditioned, 5175 a monl Ready immediately. Phone 521-7? 442-1S04. FURNISHED, 3 bedroom, washer an dryer, carport. 959 'A California. Phon 37-Mobile Homes Space For Rent tNIFMKT) two hediwim, !', carpeted, air-conditioned, niifonifUic er, couple, no pets, gas paid, $105. Photv J2-5430. N'F-W two bed room furnished, (we! ks to campus. S1DO plus el ect: Phone BK-R Rir-B-Que. 442-0574. r\VO BKDROOM trailer. Phone TIVO, one hod room, mtxlern, [n I eUevillo JSi and *75 You pay gas ' 'trio, -ua-iiisa U K A N D new two bedrctom, irpeled, nicely fumislieil, washer a dryer hook-up, air-coniiilioned, gas mi Ished, JIZ), 550 clean-u| deposit, 190 block North College. 442-2424- KURNlSHEn 2 bedroom, air-condilioned lobile home, must he quiet and reliah t^iildren, no pels. 5110 month, and utilities paid. Also trailer .s ill trailer welcome. $30. sewer pa K ICE two bedroom, f u misted, cent lir-conditioning, au1 otnallc w"ris-her, pi privilege, located Western Hills Pa: and space paid. J120. Plione -H2-27 GOOn COUNTRY llvinp J!pares at or Acres, 16 West. Phone 44.1-4628. . _.?NISHED mobile homes Also ^,-^ for renl. Wayne Hinkle ^^obile Horn Parfc. Hwy. 16 Eas1. Phone H3-265S. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PAR ADULTS ONLY miles TJ of A. -- 1 mile NW Ar Plazn on 71 bypass and Johnsi R d . Phone 443-2452. Mobile Hom« Owners SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Sel-U For a limited time only. Call toda SHENANDOAH MOBILE HOM VILLAGE. Hi ghwa y 16 By-Pa 443-4757, Swimming pool. Btora buildings, patio, gas grilles lights. Laundry. FURNISHED, t w o bedroom mobile horn carpeted, al r-con d i tio/ied, » ashe r/ctrj connections. Space L^ McKirn Ma 737-5U5. I.OT FOK mobile home. Gas and furnished. $M i month. Phone 367-55 FnrminglOfi. -- Mobtl* Hom«« For Rwrt *poc*» FREE MOVE outdn't you really rather lire at lla? We will move yon from ur preunt location -- FREE! Villa MOBILE HOUR PAJIK try. 71 N. U3-2?H itranc* ACTOM from Holiday Inn 43-Real Estale-Wentad NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK ion ft jUr-cond moMtB home* it Good living at Good Prices ffwt d SI - IK ml, N.W. of L'ofA, CaU r 521-5610. MOBILE HOMES SM ICt Comfort R4. -Fayetteville SALES and PARK ODen til 9 Each EvcnUU TJRN1RHED two bedroom mobile homi ^rpctcd, air-conditiored, pool privilege asher and dryer hookups, gas paid CA 2L.725Q. BRAND new 12v50 two bedroom, J nditioned, fully carpeted, no diLLdr pels, 5125 monlli, ^50 Cleanup posit, gas paid. 442-2124, 38-Mobile Homes For Sale WE'RE SELLING OUT THREE-YEAR-OLDHE 1971 Flee wood 12xGO. Three bedrooms, 1 »aths. Carpet in living room · maM er bed room; n e w Whi rl poi dishwasher. Furnished or u n f u nished -- your option. $4,500. O cupancy in uJne. May be sat B-14 Western Hills Mobile Hon J ark. Call a f t e r 5:00 p.r "or appointment. ONR bedroom trailer hnu ltip on a lake lot, rea Phone ·XTWfS. prit TOTAL ELECTRIC 74x64' COUNTRY SQUIRE 3 bed room , ha th A ^ , wall to w shag. Eye-level range. Double door frifferator. Sale price $5,4M, Western Htlls Mobile 62 West at 71 Kyji Home I-- tor kiwnt--Mi»«iian«o«« TU, reM pattur* tor horn* rtheart B«*r Butt*rti*M 2-S7I3. 2-Warri«d To R«nt Or JIKT lne.vpcnsl\'fi hous* oirtside o* Fay* leville, w i t h Harden spot. Ca!! JE.1-T653, a.m. or C:30 p.m. ___ 'K K\VB r*s.pofisLK« couple wh te lo rent lurnlshwl npartmenl or hous« r -1-6 weeks betfinnlwj midd* ol July. e-forenccs. C*al! Kay or Batty Gibbon* ey Realty, 751-8M1, ____ ANT~~(o rent: Unfurnished boos* In C!it Fork, Greentund area; Xood refer- PPROX1MATBLY 10-50 acr*s with Of Ithnul hoiiM! within 30 miles of F»r- Hcvllle. Reasonably priwd. Write in- rm;itlofi to : Leon Lowe. 2209 Sulton irivc, Jonesboro, Artt. 72401. VANTBD to rent or tease: pasture land, acres or more, any and al) size croages considered. Phoo« after 5:30 45--Lots For Sale TS, with or wilhoul mob!l» home* over payments. H2-J9«6, ONE acre buttdlntf site on rlve, b r e n i h t a k i n p view, in select nei Sarhood For further Information call 4 BUILDING SITES RGE LOTS. CLOSE IN. NEW AREA, HAS A BEAUTIFUL VIEW. ALL UTILITIES. YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS ARE AVAILABLE. BY OWNER. 442-7511. 46--Farms Acreages TWO ACHES on 60 ft, wide creek. Lars* ·s, jjixxl well Five miles Irom oily, ;1 roads Price JC.SOO. Good fisMng. Phone -1-12-O.S25. G TPJKM 1-DArtS on mrse and anaB arms- Federal Land Bank Aana Pfaont 142-H273 for more InforrnatJan. L'fTS TRAILKR, 14xTO, two Iwihooir, - furnished, central heat at!l air carpet Hirouglioa{, small equity and lalte up payments. 2S7-S7Sf3. iy\-52. 2 bedroom, fully furnished. C'PIL- ra 1 heal and al r-condit ioninc. Un iJc r- plnned. Call after 6 p.m., r»'2t»SSiG. llixfiQ on s [trivn te stiady [ot, la rcc pnrtinlly rovprert sunrtrek, nlr-comli1innpr. /riseralnr and wnshln? m n r l i i n e stays. hotie 442-«K#. Ti 12x«i, 2 bedroom BTOadmore: skirls. central air. 35 Villa Park. Owner avinn state, must sell. V12-73U. \60 TWO bedroom partially furnished. Corner lot In Western Hilts. Covered porch siding. W.OOO. S21-7-H5. WESTERN HILLS Mobile Homes Like new 1972 and 197.1 Rejxw. Free Delivery S e t u p Hwy. 62 West at 71 Bypass CHANDLER Tmner Convoy, Inc. Local a nd nationwide. ICO approved. Phone 751-082!. Johnson. Art 39--Office Space, Buildings For Rent OOMilERCTAIj Rnllrttnj, Township Road, iniTrently under cv»ris1riLClion ?£QQ w]iian feet. lxnR tfrm loasc available. All 01 pflrt. Itfcal for shop, warehouse or oftici spacp. PhotiR 443-3656, !, 62 and 71 B.v-pass, We.stpate Bhop- plnd Center. 5.000 square fret, Inrliirlfs it, air, carpets two baths nnrl some figures. Reasonable. Carl CWller at 4126261 i West DJcVson near 1000 SQ. Ft. store Univcrslly. Phone -i OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT 935 N. College, 5 offices and reception room. Call James Baker 21-1300. Baker- Freeman 1618 N. College 521-1300 REALTOR Co. 47--Reel Estate-For Sale-- SAFETY FIRST 3 bdr, !'/· hath brick beauty on quiet street. Pr[p«d righV at $19,- D95.00. AppointniL-nt only. Call Helen Harvey, HIDE-A-WAY HOME Hide-a-way year round In this I BR lake side 10x60 mobile horne seitinfi on two Large lots w i t h lake at your back door for no more lhati lots would cost. $8,850.00. Call R a m o n a Mobley. WEST FORK WONDER 3 bdr. brick. CH, U? baths, carpeted, u t i l i t y , carport, S18.000.00 must sec to appreciate. Terms -- 7U interest on assumption. BEAVER LAKE LOTS Can you believe!! Lake side loti SliHJ.OO and up. i sold only 3 left. WHITE BRICK S bdr. brick, den w-fircplace. complete kitchen, dishwasher, central hpat Sc air, 2 bath, double garage, patio, very nice neighborhood, Orafc" $^7,500.00. OAK HILLS ADDITfON 4 bdr. brick, l i f e bath, central heat double garage, fenced yard. Good central location, priced at $25,500.00. V.A. VALUES 3 Mr. home, 1 bath, LR riininR sn. kitchen. 1 car garage, all drapes and roils slay also window a-c. c e n t r a l heal, $16;250.00. Call J, O. Hopgard. LAKE FAYETTEVILLE acres w i t h pond f r o n t i n g on Lakeview Drive ;tnri Lake Fayetie- vilEe. Ride y o u r gn!f cart to Springdale Country Club, HARMON 3 bdr., dishwasher, range, sir con- d i t i o n e r , natural gas, .spring fed weU store, shop building and gai pumps. , 5 ACRES GOOD INCOME 5 acres level likeable .well fenced, income from y mobile homes plus 1 e x l r a pad will help make Ihc payments on this place, Good well has rural water across road). Only 1 mile f r o m Springdale city l i m i t s on blacktop. This will go in a hurry so cal] now. CLOSE TO LAKE 3 acres. 3 bdr., 1 b a t h , dishwasher, fi replace, good well, city water ready for hook-up, native stone on Hwy. 264. 1 m i l e from Beaver Lake, Bet 1 er hn rry. Needs som e work, f 18,000.00. Call R n m o n a Mobley. MINI FARM 21 acres, on b l a c k t o p , all clear, a l u m i n u m bldg.. close in and ready to go. Owner will finance. LAKESIDE LOTS 2 lots a1 Blue Sprints Village, city water nletrlricily, septic t a n k In place paved strcels, n t r e area. BUILDING LOT South F a y c t t c v i l l c . large lot will c n m o r i n l e ym,r home. YOU ASKED FOR IT acres on R o u n d M o u n t a i n . Nic« secluded area for your hideaway h o m e , , only $5,000.00. Call Fraser Stephens. HOMESTEAD REALTY Phone 73I-7D09 9-o Mon. t h r u . Sat. Col. Art McAnarney S21-1SSI Bob Blacks ton 443-56T1 4T--For Renl--Miscellaneou* Helen Harvey 75A-«524 SECURITY SELF-STORAGE 3 SIZE UNITS. NIGHT LIGHTING I BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O HSHOKT TERM DENTAL. E. 19th ST. FAYETTEVILLE. Phone 751-70W BY OWNER One a^re in Prairie Grove. 3 /t acr* in garden t h a i noes with place. Water cooler, gas cookslove, central heal three bedroom, small c h i c k en house and pen tote of shad* Irees. cancherries, strawberries, apple t r e e , cellar, rugs, good fencs. Quick possession. Phone 846-2508. rON'VF.NIRNT to .-shoots, t berironms. J ballis, central Jieat, larpe lot, (ramc-ston* coiJilw. 2121 Wcilinaton Dr. KH-3274. Re*. sonnb!e. By Owner. BVKRYRODT read* HM TTAT£3 WART ADSL You an! INDIAN SPRINGS MOBILE HOME PARK (501)847-3170 CorKrete patios 10'x30' Off-street parking Natural gas Community Center Swimming poof 2 spring-fed lakes Rental units available All underground utilities 30" wide payed streets Curbs and gutten Street lighting Day care center Playground 1 Fishing i Boat-trailer parking Regular garbage collection · Individual ml delivery Modem shopping center On the New Berrton Highway (1-30) batwetn the Alexander end Bryant Exte just minitee west of *eUU« Rock City Unit*.

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