The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1936 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1936
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, August 11,1936 NEW TRACTOR TO DO STUFF',, THUR. Leo Lichter to Demonstrate New Case at Schoby Farm Oto August 13, at the Fred Schoby farm Itt miles west of the junction of highways 18 and 169 history will repeat Itself when farmers gather to Witness the performance of the new Case Centennial tractor plow Being demonstrated here by Leo J. Lichter. Many of those planning to attend say that they want to see for themselves how well this latest "creation In a hundred years of plow progress lives up to its claims of easy pulling, ability to handle and cover bulky trash, correct crumbling of soil for the root-bed, and IftVel, uniform work with its high speed bottoms. Mr. Lichter recently took over the Case machinery llrie and is located lust a block and 6 half east, and one block south of the Standard Oil tanks. It was nearly a hundred years ago thai the discouraged, incredulous farmers of northern Illinois fathered at Grand Detour to see that first steel plow tried out in the sticky prairie soil—to see if it would really scour, and thereby open the way to successful tillage of their fertile lands. Though they came on horseback or In creaking Dragons, some of them drawn by plodding oxen, they came from fttr and wide. For Mr. Lichter's demonstration they will come with the swiftness of rolling rubber driven By gasoline. The Centennial plow which they come to watch Is a direct, lineal descendant from the Grand Detour plow of 1837. That flrtt plow of a century had one revolutionary feature—the mater.. iftl of Ita moldboard. This latest plow of the century has several revolutionary features, and many other* that bring striking advances in strength, speed, ease of handling, quality of work, and long life. Starting at 1 p. m. the Centennial will be put through its paces under as wide a variety of conditions as can be found in the available fields. The keenest and most critical attention will be centered on the am- asing design and performance of the new plow: high lift, greater trash c ! -(trance, no landaide pressure, high speed bottoms, easy- reach levers, light draft and long life. Due to its capacity for putting into the toil large volumes of organic matter, rank cover crops, tall weeds, loose straw, long stalks, etc. —It has been dubbed the "soil- conservation plow." So, too, will be studied the crumbling, compactness, covering and level finish of the furrows when turned at the high tractor speeds for which the Centennial's bottoms are designed. St. Joe Threshing Crews Tangle In Baseball Game St. Joe: The Thul threshing crew defeated the Kirsch-Bormann-Reding crew Tuesday afternoon in a game of baseball by a score of 19 to 9. Andy Kramer and Richard Thul were batteries for the Thul crew and Alvin Klein and George Bormann for the other team. On Sunday the Thul crew played a game with the Friders-Faber- mann-Wagner crew. This proved to be a real game. Stella Mae Reding is spending some time at the Orville Wagner home. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Faber and family were callers at the Theodore Faber home near West Bend Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kayser and family spent Sunday afternoon at the Nick Eischen home southwest of Algona. Mildred Fabor of West Bend spent several days last week at ttie Matt Faber home. Miss Faber is a daughter of the Theodore Fabers. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Wagner, Mrs. Lucy Wagner and Nicholas Wagner were Monday evening visitors at the Nick Reding home at Whlttemore. Zlta Thill came home Tuesday after nearly five weeks In the Iowa City hospital. Her parents* Mr. nnd Mrs. John Thill and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fuhrmann drove down to get her. Sister M. Georgene, daughter of George Becker spent Tuesday in this vicinity. Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Becker and daughter and Nick Becker took Sister Georgene to Bancroft, where she will remain for the coming year. Warehoused Grain Loans Are Offered Warehoused grain loans on the 1936 crop of oats, rye, barley, and wheat will be made by the Emmetsburg Production Credit association, It was announced by W M. Townsend, secretary-treasurer. As a means of assisting farmers and livestock men to conserve teed supplies, loans will be made to applicants qualified for membership In the cooperative association. All loans will bear 5 per cent interest and will mature March 1, 1937. Loan limits of 20 cents per bushel on oats, 30 cents on barley, 35 cents on rye and 50 cents on wheat have been set, Mr. Townsend said. gas W. E. Titus Garage, and oil --------------- Hovcy Super Service Station, gas nnd oil -----F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. Kossuth Motor Co., repairs ---------------Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service -----------------L. A. Copp. adv. -------Treasurer of State, sales tax ---------- ........ John Mahoney, labor ---H. W. Post, freight and dray ----------------Archie Dodds et al, latoor. Kennedy & Parsons Co., City Bills July 30, 1936. Council met in regular session with all members present. Resolution passed to suspend Mary Dunn tax. Ordinance Nos. 244 and 245 passed. Transfer of $9,000 from City VUltora From Chicago Mr*. Louis Wegener and daughters, Ruth and Lydla, and son, Robert, all of Chicago, came last week Monday for a visit with relatives hear Falrville, Whlttemore and Algona. Monday they were callers at the John Wegener, Ed Grelnert, CUff Frlnk and E. K. Johnson homes. Louts Wegener I* * brother of John Wegener, Mrs. Cliff Frlnk and Mrs. Ed Grelnert. Stubble Field At Studer Farm Burns Wesley: Fire was discovered In n stubble field on the Ben Studer farm at 10 o'clock last Tuesday evening. The Wesley fire department was called to fight the flames, and two tractors were put to work plowing about the burning area. That the fire would be prevented from destroying the straw stacks, furrows were first plowed Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, S3. In District Court, No. 4139, June Term, 1936. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, That an nstrument of writing purporting to >e the last Will and Testament of Pauline Bahr, Deceased, dated July 3. 1936. having been this day filed, opened and read, Friday, the Slst day of August, 1936, is fixed for i earing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at ten o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause If any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of aid deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, July 25, 1936. KATHARINE Me EVOY, dark of District Court ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. L. A. WINKEL, Attorney. 30-33 Imp't Fund to Geaeral Fund. Beer permit granted to H. S. Beatty. App. ordinance No. 453 passed as follows: ELECTRIC FUND J. W. Kelly, salary $ 180.00 Leo Bollock, salary 135.00 F. C. Dailey, salary 135.00 Tom Halpin, salary 130.00 Walter Gorman, salary -- 130,00 H. E. Stephenson, salary- 125.00 C. C. Wright, salary 80.00 Adah Carlson, salary 135.00 Ernst G. Thiel, meter reading - 28.20 Wm. Johnson, labor 133.69 Joe Dunn et al. labor ... 101.72 N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service 16.49 W. W. Sullivan, P. M., postage 194.44 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., indse. 31.88 Cresco Union Electric Co., signs -- 4.30 Irvington Electric Co., signs 2.88 Igona Ins. Agency, bond 2.50 he Petroleum Brokerage Co., gas, oil — 227.53 arnsdall Refining Co., gas, oil 423.21 ocony-Vacuum Oil Co., lub. oil 71.32 , M. St. P. & P. R'y, freight on gas. oil 438.86 Igona Upper Des Moines, adv. 12.00 elson Hdw., mdse. 5.24 ratt Electric Co., mdse.- 88.98 ohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. 3.43 '. A. Richardson & Sons, labor 35.40 , H. Borcbardt, mdse. -- 3.13 Vestern Union, time service 8.10 kelly Oil Co., gas and oil 18.74 kelly Oil Co., gaa and oil 15.54 'y Express Agency, express - 3.08 lugh Post, freight & dray 13.13 . P. Bowser & Co., mdse. 24.28 lectrlc Supply Co., mdse. 260.81 Western Metal Products Co., mdse. 7.08 ine Material Co., indue. . 167.80 Malleable Iron Range Co., mdse. 202.00 180.69 • Come and see in action a plow that actually carries landside pressure on the rear furrow wheel . . . a plow with clearance where it counts, high speed bottoms and unusual ability to cover trash or rank, green growth. It's a knockout — with a power lift that raises high and snaps into action immediately . . . "easy- reach" levers . . . light draft . .. everything for fast plowing and better work. It's worth going miles to see the CENTENNIAL plow perform. Come. Bring your neighbors. Miller, repairs -Murtagh, ins. on 1.27 2.53 6.68 7.11 8.11 4.0 .65 449.9: 4.7 23.1 221.9 14.6 269.8 44.6 172.1 41.1 mdse. Geo. I E. J. sheds F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. Algona Upper Des Molties, printing Advance Pub. Co., print- Ing 68.2 M. S. Pratt, gas 13.2 SWIMMING POOL FUND Holland White, salary —- 10.0 Holland White, salary — 80.0 Frances Clayberg, salary- 60.0 Joe Kelly Jr., salary 60.0 Russell Sands et al, labor 22.6 Chrlschiiles & Herbst, mdse. — 161.1 Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. 8.4 Nelson Hdw., mdse. 3.0 Laing & Muckey, mdse. ._ 6.5 A. H. Borchardt, mdse. __ 1.3 T. H. Kirsch, laundry ... 58.74 Firm Laing Jr., refund .- 2.04 Thos. Akre, mdse. .68 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service 3.32 Thompson-Hayward Co., mdse. 12.75 rom and after its passage and ublicatton as provided by law. ADOPTED AND PASSED by the Jity Council of the City of Algona, owa, this 30th day of July, 1936. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. APPROVED by me this 30th day of July, 1936. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor of the City of Algona Iowa. •IT 50. 244 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING THAT IT SHALL BE UNLAWFUL FOR THE OPERATOR OF A VEHICLE TO TURN SUCH VEHICLE SO AS TO PROCEED IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION AT THE INTERSECTION OF CERT AIN DESIGNATED STREETS IN THE INCORPOR ATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA, AND PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF, AND REPEALING ORDINANCE NUMBER TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE (223) OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section One. That It shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to turn such vehicle so as to proceed In the opposite direction, or make a complete or "U" turn, at the Intersection of State Street and Jones Street, or at the ntersection of State Street Harlan Sreet, or at the intersection of State Street and Moore Street, or at the intersection of Stata Street and Dodge Street, or at the intersection of State Street and Thorlngton Street within the incorporate limits of the City of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa. Section Two. Anyone violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall upon conviction be punished by a fine of not to exceed Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00), or by imprisonment not to exceed five days In jail. Section Three. That ordinance No. 223 of the ordinances of the City of Algona, Iowa, be and the same Is hereby repealed. Section Four. This ordinance shall be In full force and effect from and after Its passage and publication as provided by law. ADOPTED AND PASSED by tho City Council of the City of Algona, this 30th day of July, 1936. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of the City ot Algona, Iowa. APPROVED by me this 30th day of July, 1936. C. F. SPECHT, Mayor of the City of Algona Iowa. Kennedy & Parsons Co., mdse 101.89 Advance Publishing Co., 9.35 .51 printing K. D. James, mdse. Algona Building Material & Supplies, mdse. J. W. Kelly, salary Monte Scobba et al, labor Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary Algona Fire Co., 7 fires -Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil Kohlbaas & Spilles, mdse. Clapp's Master Service, rental Norton Machine Works, mdse. and labor W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. 6.13 30.00 333.30 52.82 134.7!) 45.00 210.00 3.55 .61 6.00 35.29 24.40 ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. 'erry-Durln Co., mdse. -"he Vulkon Co.. mdse. — Jangamo Electric Co., mdse. topical Paint & Oil Co., mdae. ?. A. Heard, repairs Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. )watonna Tool Co., indue. W. 8. Nott, Co., mdse. Hilton Iron Works, repairs 170.50 7.02 40.9(5 35.20 2.75 6.33 38.65 2.66 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. S'. W. Bell Tel. Co., pole-Advance Pub. Co., mdse. DEPOSIT FUND M. A. Jensen et al, refund deposit WATKR FUND W. Kelly, salary Prank Oatrum, salary — Harry Barton, salary -aura Mitchell, salary — •'art Bowman, salary — ion Palmer, labor 'ack Hlnniman Jr., water test &. Muckey, mdse. -. Norton Machine Works, repairs 3eo. Holtzbauer, mdse. .. Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil H. W. Poet, freight and dray. U'y Kxnre<;s Agency, express Munzel Brothers, mdse. -- Wiiiiuan Co., mdse. Kennedy & Parsou.i Co., ('ratio < 'o., nid.-ii>. - _- CKNKIIAI. FI'NU Laeilihrook. salary.- I.astilirook, Kilary - Kllioit rikilliiif:, man and team . .. — . - Klliott Sktlliii;.', man and team Willard Oregon, man and team - - --Willard <; and <*• mi 220.78 1.0') 4.90 160.00 70.00 125.00 120.00 105.00 120.00 43.65 ORDINANCE NO. 245 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING THAT IT SHALL BE UNLAWFUL FOR THE OPERATOR OF A VEHICLE OVER SIXTEEN FEET IN LENGTH TO PARK SUCH VEHICLE ON STATE STREET BETWEEN JONES STREET AND HALL STREET WITHIN THE INCORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA. AND PRESCRIBING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF. BE IT ORD1NED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OP ALGONA, IOWA: Section One. That it shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle over sixteen feet in length to park such vehicle on State Street between Jones Street and Hat! Street within the Incorporate limits of the City of Algona, Iowa. Section Two. Anyone violating any of the provisions of this ordinance shall upon conviction bo punished by a fine of not to exceed Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00), or by Imprisonment not exceeding fivo days in jail. Section Three. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect FREE — Beautiful goose-down Comforter. $12.50 value, with the nurchase of a Coronado Model D Model 65 or DeLuxe Power Washer. Sale prices also In effect on other washers. Model R, Electric $31.95—RX Two Well Located Iowa Farms 80 Acres-282 Acres Fertile Land The CoHln* or John Latttn M to 2 n«He» «Mt of town ««»§$way No. 10. The Andrew Miller farm to 4 mth* doe west of Hardy 6 southeast of Llvermore and 7 northeast of HnrnboMk Will Be Offered to the Highest Responsible Bidder AT AUCTION IN AMERICAN LEGION HALL IN HUMBOLDT, Humboldt Co., IOWA MONDAY, AUGUST 17 SALE STARTING PROMPTLY AT TWO O'CLOCK REMEMBER—The Collins or Latttn 80 I* Just east of Hum- hold t; the Miller farm 7 miles northeast on east side of river, Both sell in Legion Hall, Monday, Angr. 17, at 2 o'clock. price $54.95.—Gamble Stores nrm products show- grains, fruit* ind project display* from 99 counties. Nxtion r««l—3 dayl, Auf. 28-2>Sept 4. America'! erwit- eft driven competing for t&OUO cuh purse*. Ith annual rodeo — ^ night*. 200 foremont U. S contestant* in roping. and »th«i contest*. Iowa Ecauty Pageant Open Air Circus "Festival of Light" 20 [lands. Orchestras 10 Acres Side Shows Night Horse Shows <-H Club Conirress Fish and Cam? Exhibit Iowa Art Salon State Flower Show Auto and Radio Shows 100 Acre Free Camp Hone nrcft — •! days, 6 nighta. lli-catcst trotlen, p;icrrs and runners la n-.idvvrst; nurses over llu.OUO man labor labor lah'/r - Demonstration at Fred Schoby Farm, \ l /. z miles west of junction of highways 18 and 169. Starting at 1 p. m. Thursday, August 13 Leo J. Lichter n ji- (iundfr, Kra u k S k 11 (diver lUklit-n, labor .... Oliver Bakki.-D, labor .... (lieu Struycr, labor Hurl Arrowood et al, labor . .- NYl.sou lidsv.. mdse. Norton Mac-hine "Works, Kohluaus i: Spilles, md=e F. S. Norton & Son, mdse h'. ri. Norton & Son. cor no Holtzbauer, uidse oahutu County Imp. Co. mtistr. \Vm. I'e.stoinik, kei'o. Cha.s, Heard, repairs Boisfoid Lumber Co., - J!_•;-.> I'lubeuhowcr, tare of dump Amudcu I'avuiji Co.. repairs atid mdse. --- — Kiank Git-tn, salary H. A. Van Alstyne, salary II. A. Van Alsiyue, salary U H. Valentine, talury _- Wiu. Leisaer, special polite Akre, rent Tho*. Akr*a, Spcclacular "bar man* KighU daily, in addition to huge all-star Thrill'* program THE LATTtN 80 Humboldt County Is regarded by almost everyone as being among the best In Iowa. We prefer to hold lands such as we are offering In this sale and dispose of less valuable lands. We cannot await the better range of values which we believe near at hand, but instead, we must sell lands as we go along. We have listed two farms for this sale. The Collins or Lattln 80 and the Andrew Miller place. This 80 acres Is surely well located and it is fertile land with fair improvements. A small outlay in cash and considerable work would make this tract a choice Humboldt County farm home. There is a good road, being on State Highway No. 10. There Is good water and not far away Is a good school. All farms In this part of Iowa have brought in good incomes. Either the investor or the home owner should carefully consider these properties. THE MILLER FARM Some time, sooner or later, we are going to recognize the worth of Iowa pasture land. The cost of getting feeding stock from far away ranges and the unstable supply on account of droughts and hot winds is going to make it of more and more importance that a constant supply of feeding stock be had closer to the corn lands. The Miller place Is nearly a balanced farm. It haa some pasture land that has always produced a wonderful lot of grass ever since the country has been settled. The farm has a nice lot of farm land, capable of good crops of alfalfa, corn and small grains. This farm will furnish feed for fifty cows and grain to feed out the calves every year. Or, It will nicely balance a lot of corn land that la not capable of producing pasture. Only the fact that we must dispose of lands as we go along causes us to offer these properties. SALE TERMS The Lattln farm In leased to J. C. Bommel and R. E. Newton; the Miller farm to M. A. Miller. Leases will be aaalgned to buyer. Pouesslon Sept 15, 1936, subject to lease*. DESCRIPTION* Lattln farm is WH of SWVi of 33-92-28. Miller farm lengthy description. Sec. 3-92-28. Immediately at close of auction we will expect successful bidder to execute contract and attach check for $500 to Lattln contract and $1,000 on Miller farm. On approval of contract by th« Bank, and approval of title by the purchaser, but on or before Sept 15, 1936, we will expect additional cash to extent of one-third of purchase price. Bank Is willing to carry back two-thirds In a 8-year loan with Interest at 5% from March 1, 1036. Buyers will receive entire 1936 rental income. Abstract, brought down to date, will be furnished show- Ing merchantable title, and taxes paid for 1935 and prior years- Insurance will be kept In force until deed is delivered. Do not hesitate to consult our representative on terms. For Additional Information, Phone or Write Representative* or Owners. Property of Lincoln Joint Stock Land Bank LINCOLN, NEBRASKA This sale, as all sales made by this Bank, is under the super-• vision of the regular employees of the Bank, and subject to the final approval of its proper officers. lW HAUL Kf LOWEST COST IN CHEVROLET TRUCKS 70.:!.") 28.00 !M.oO 19.U5 'J.6I 10.83 10.73 12.2ft lO.'ll 1.2'i 3.64 1.57 7.10 5.54 20.00 1U8.90 125.00 6».00 5'J.OO 100.0'J 13.80 10.42 2.70 1'A-Ton Staka, 157-inch Wh««lba»8-*730 fTMlESE big, sturdy Chevrolet J. trucks will haul full-capacity loads over short or long routes, over smooth or rough roads, without fuss or strain, without coaxing or coddling. Because they have the greatest pulling power oj any truck in the entire low-price range. And they will haul these loads, day in, day out, at savings which will surprise you. Because Chevrolet is the mott economical truck in the world today for all-round duty! Chevrolet trucks have every feature for better, more economical service, including HiBh-Compreg- Valve-in-Head Engine, New Perfected Hydraulic Brakes, Full- Floating Rear Axle on IH-ton models, and New Full-Trimmed I)e Luxe Cab with clear-vision instrument panel for safe control. Be wise . . . economize. . . . Haul at lowest cost in Chevrolet trucks! CHEVBOLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT. MICHIGAN 1'A-Ton Open Exprats Pick-Up, 131-inch Wheelba»s-»670 FOR ECONOMICAL ' TRANSPORTATION !360 ANA ur. Liajfria V «*• kulJ-UM duuli alflial. UiM- _ -- _. tan. S<»cia/ fauifrnmltan. Price* auofrrf w» lai« aaMrnwiumJ ar« lul al Hutf. ulifit't Blul •I'M'—'* to cluUtft M34&4WJ 1 HOIICf. GENERAL MOTORS INSTALLMENT FLAM -MONTHLY PAYMENTS TO »UJT YOU* FUJUE Kossuth Motor Company Phone 200 Algona, Iowa

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