Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 10, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 10, 1974
Page 9
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N. Vietnam Concentrating On Economic Buildup By CEOROF, ESPER Associated Press Writer · SAIGON. South Vietnam (AP) -- Economic and military analysis here believe North Vietnam has put oft any idea of a general military offensive in South Vietnam for perhaps 18 months In order to gear up tor a full-scale economic development program at home. ; They emphasize, however, (hat Hanoi is s^ill keeping its military options open. · Said one U.S. source: I "It is fairly safe to say that during the next 18 months, Hanoi probably will not come full force with a military in Vestment in the South." ; U.S. military analysts gener- jlly agree with this assessment. · Despite intensified fighting along South Vietnam's western borders which has spilled into Cambodia during the past Jnnnlh, U.S. military analysts Disagree with Saigon govern- fnent officials, including President Nguyen Van Thieu. that Hanoi has launched a genera offensive. » "I don't see it as an outbreak 6f a general offensive,*' says 6ne analyst. "A number ol Spokesmen for the governmenl pf Vietnam have painted it that jvay. But I don't believe it. ·^ "All of it has a plausible ex planalion. The fighting is being jirecled at local objectives. I Soes not hang together. There Is no common thread such as Jlie Tel offensive of 1068 and Jhe Easter offensive of 1972 tiol yet. · "The Communists flre at, tempting to improve their posi lion militarily ,su they will be ii !R bettor position to launcl 3ieavy strikes sometime in th '.future." ; fighting is still bloody after cease-fire that has been in ef [eel 15 months^and casualtie are heavy. The Saigon militar command lists more than 90,00 men killed, wounded or mtssin and claims its forces hav killed nearly 60,000 North Viet fiamese and Viet Cong. But U.S. and South Vietnam pse sources acknowledge tha some official battlefield report in Saigon command commu niques telling of North Vie namese tanks and assaults b regimental size units are exag eraled and in some cases un- unded. They claim the purpose may ·e to picture South Vietnam as country under major aggres- on in efforts to convince a re- clanl U.S. Congress to pour lore aid dollars in both for "conomic and military pur- oses. By the same token U.S. offi- als, including Ambassador raham A. Martin say Hanoi is aging a major propaganda ef- irt aimed at convincing Con- ress it should reduce aid to aigon. One U.S. analyst believes tat if North Vietnam moved in ill force military now "it 'ould move sentiments in the nited States for greater mounts of money." On May 6. the U.S. Senate oted a temporary suspension f U.S. military aid shipments o South Vietnam. American sources say both he Soviet Union and China ave significantly cut their mil- ,ary aid to North Vietnam but hey claim that economic aid is t an all-time high. Other courr igh. O East Germany, economically ries, such as are contributing o Hanoi, these sources say. One of the most significant developments in recent months, iccording to observers of North Vietnam events, was a major reshuffle of the Hanoi govern ment cabinet in which three new vice premiers were named and at least three ministers were fired. "There is no question lhal *iorth Vietnam's economy is vurling," says one .U.S. source. 'The cabinet reshuffle indicates they are finally trying :o take serious steps to reverse .he situation. During the war, there was no distribution system, no economy, no centralized planning, effort. "They just tried lo gel Ihe goods lo people who needed it. There was little control in the administrative supply system." The new cabinet lineup groups blocs of ministries under vice premiers with emphasis on planning, finance, trade, industry, aimed at better coordination find at replacing party funclionaries with competent people who know about the jobs they are charged with. One of the significant changes, sources say, is the appointment of a vice premier assigned "to get rid of graft, corruption, bribery, extortion and other economic ills." Sources say that North Vietnam must be economically strong to sustain an offensive, the Saigon government likewise to withstand one. They believe that sometime next year Hanoi will review the situation before making a .decision whether to launch all out war, or move ahead with a full- scale five-year economic plan for reconstruction and development scheduled to begin in 1976. One source says: "Hanoi will have to consider these factors. What level ol .support will they receive? What are their chances of success? What will be the impact on their economy? What will be the reaction from the United States?" Military analysts see (he continued fighting as an attempt by North Vietnam to keep pres sure on Saigon so that economically and politically the South will be strained, its morale cracked and the time ripe for a major offensive. "They hope," says one analyst, "to crack the economy and that the economic strait will be manifested in politica action against the Saigon gov ernment." Friday Editorials Support Resignation Or Impeachment Valedictorian James M. Rryan, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. George Bryan is valedictorian of the graduating class at Fayelteville High School, and is the recipient of a music scholarship at the University of Arkansas. He p l a n s to study music education. He has been a member «f the All S t a t e First B a n d for the past three years and was elected to the first chair horn position. He has also served on Ihe Student Council, and w a s a Merit Finalist- He was. named outstanding orchestra musician for two consecutive years at the University of Arkansas summer music camp. Bumpen Warns Of Proposed Federal Tax Cut FORREST CITY, Ark. (AP) -- Gov. Dale Bumpers said here Thursday that a proposed federal tax cut would increase inflation. He described inflation as the nation's top problem. Bumpers, who is seeking the Democratic senatorial nomination, said he would be happy :o consider such a tax decrease if he could be sure that the federal budget would be reducec by $6 billion somewhere else. "I think one of the things that has caused working people to be cynical is that they're tol( they're getting a tax break, anc the tax break is causing defici spending which, in turn, cause, inflationary pressures tha more than offset the tax break they got," he told newsmen "These things have a pyramid ing effect." Bumpers said he wished hi could say categorically that hi favored such a proposed ta: cut. fo Air Real Issues Py THE ASSOCIATED PRESS · Three newspapers that supported President Nixon in 1968 and 1972 have editorials in Friday's issues calling for his resignation or impeachment. ; The positions taken by the Los Angeles Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer and Ihe Kansas City Times follow by one day a similar call by the Chicago Tribune, whjch also had been a Nixon supporter. ; Also, the Nashville Tennes- seau said in^its Friday editions that Nixon should resign from office. . The Tennesscan, which supported the 1972 presidential bid of Sen. George McGovern, D- S.D., said "President Nixon must be painfully aware that be has lost the most desperate and dangerous gamble of his political career." ' Ttie Tenne.ssean referred to Nixon's decision "lo defy sub poenas for tape recordings anc 4o submit edited transcripls of some tapes instead, in hopes that this move would establish his innocence in the public .mind." ; "Resignation would be the honorable course for Presiden Richard Nixon," the Tennes senn editorial concluded. 'PRESUMPTIVE EVIDENCE ' The Los Angeles Times saic the transcripts "contain pre sumplive evidence of at leas one impcachable offense--the obstruction of justice. The newspaper s aa d nothing Icsi than impeachment by th House and trial by the Senati tould determine the President'; fitness to continue in office. "Standing alone, the Iran script of March 21. 19V3. woulf appear to justify Mr. Nixon' removal from offict under cvei Che narrowest definition of ai impeachable offense - the com znission of an indictahl crime," Ihe California news paper .said. The Plain Dealer said "Th President has gone too far. Th transcripts of While House con versations clearly involve hir hi a coverup, lo say the leas That and his refusal to compl w i t h the subpoenas of the Wa fergate special prosecutor an Ihe House Judiciary Committee have virtually assured that im IJcachment of President Nixo will become reality," The Plai Dealer said. "The facts of the matter no' 3how thai no other course i possible." Ihe Ohio ncwspape said. The Kansas City Times sai '.'The American Constitutio Win Rockefeller Da Designated Today · UTTLK ROCK (AP) - Fr day has been designated Wint rop Rockefeller Day in co nectinr with a tribute to I h late governor by his brothe former Gov. Nelson Rockefell of New York. The Iribute. sponsored by Ih Arkansas Republican part will begin at 8 run- tonight the Little Rock Convention Ce ter. Gov. Dale Bumpers issued proclamation praising the la governor Thursday for his se sitivity to "the needs of tho less privileged," his "dedic tion to elimination of injustie and his unselfishness in contr ·ting his time, energy and r lourcss to the "betterment is refleclive of the hopes d ideal of mankind for jus- e and truth and a good life Can such values really be conciled with the sleazy dia- gues now emerging in the hite Hotise transcripts? Can e end product of the men who thered nearly .two centuries [o to frame the Constitutor · a bank of knaves who talk ol Ivantage, revenge and adroit aneuver and never of what is ;ht or wrong, or what is goot r the country?" The Kansas City Times said xon scored successes in for- gn policy but "now must ask mself whether his continued esence in office might not de roy these great achieve ,cnts." State Panel OKs Pine Bluff Landfill Plans LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A echnical advisory body to the overnor's cabinet committee Natural "Resources and En- ironment Thursday g a v e its pproval to Ihe formation of a i n d f i l l and loading dock at the wrt of Pine Bluff. Ccrro Corp. of New York will mild a $75 million copper mclter and refinery at Ihe itc. The advisory group, a com- niltee of state agency repre- entalive.s. stipulated (hat its pproval was of the l a n d f i l l and oading dock only and not for rocessing plan. The representatives from the Jame and Fish Commission nd the Arkansas Ecology Cen- cr voted not to give immediate lermission for the work. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has set Monday as the deadline for filing protests of he initial Cerro project. A stain expert on air pollu- :ion control t o l d the review committee Thursday that the TO plant would be the most modern in the world. Jarrell E. Sothhall. director of air pollution control for the "'ollution Control and Ecology 3eparlment, said Ccero's m a x mum operational proposal fel well within air quality stand ards set by his own dcpartmen' and the Environmental Protec ion Agency. Southall said that about $20 million of the total cost of the plant would go for pollution control equipment. Newspaper* Endorse LITTLE ROCK ( A P ) -- Four Arkansas newspapers have en rlorsed David H. Pryor in hi race for governor and anothe has endorsed former Gov. Or val E. Paiihus. The Bcnlon Courier also ha endorsed Sen. J. W. Fulbright D-Ark.. in his re-election to against Gov. Dale Bumpers. Those newspapers endorsin Pryor were the North Lilt! Reck Times, the Marked Tre Tribune, the Lincoln l^lger o Star City and the Hot Spring News. The Petit Jean County Hear; light at Morrilton sairt it wa supporting Faubus for th Demnratic gubernatorial nomi nation. Mother's Day SUNDAY MAY 12 Reline Lunch Box The insides of a lunch bo: always begin to look badly first Just reline with colorful, wash able adhesive-backed plasti when this happens. NorthwM* Arkamo* TTMtS, FrUay, May 10, 1974 r*vrmviLLi. Fulbright Advocates Debates EL DORADO. Ark. (AP) -- sen. J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., aid Thursday that the three elevision debates in which he ad invited Gov. Dale Bumpers o participate with him, would re the only way to develop the iignificance of the Democratic lenatorial race. By campaigning in opposite comers of the state, he said, he candidates never joined the ssues. He said debates would seem to be "the best way to bring them together." Fulbright said the two candidates "owe to the people the responsibility of making it clear what is involved." The real issue in the race, he said, is the individual -- "Is he willing to stand up and be counted or is he a fence-stradd ler?" Fulbright said no one coul say that he had been timic about expressing his opinion. " think timidity is one of th greatest faults of man people," he said. "They are timid because they can't trus their judgment." The senator praised Bump er's "brief record as gover nor, but said the governor ha ' ittle understanding of the opet- ition of the U.S. Senate. It will take Bumpers years to ecome an effective senator, ulbright said. "We need to shift our empha sis from foreign involvements o the development of neglected needs here in Uiis country," he said. Fulbright cited as an example of such neglected needs as the proposed Central Ar- tansas highway for which there had been no federal funds. Fulbright said he thought he could be influential in persuading Congress of the highway's importance and in getting the necessary funds. "That is a good example of the influence, or seniority. being used for the people of this state if this road could be funded," he said. Kitten Ad An ad in a shopping guide in Omaha. Neb., proclaimed: "Free Kittens. Mother is Persian and father from a gooc neighborhood." Athletic Award! Lee Stubhlefield, son of MriT; Lena Stuhhlefield, is a menaV;- her of the graduating clasi.^ at Fayetteville High Schoit^ and (he recipient of an athletic scholarship at Henderson State College at Arkadelphia. has been a letterman during his high school career and plans to study physical education, Hu is also a member of Ihe Fellowship nf Christian Athletes, Briar Cluti and is active in youth work at the University Baptist Church. £U.ih^uAJB M\A»feg-. r ?% / "Country Cords" for Active Girls! 85% cotton and 15% polyester pincord to take active summer wear Sizes 7 to 14. Tie-back jacket in blue pincord with red floral trim ..$10 Blue-pincord natural waist parvts with red floral trim $13 100% cotton red floral flutter sleeve midriff top $7 Blue pincord shorts with red rooster applique $7 Girls DILLARD'S-Second Floor Panteuits $32 Voliie 019 lightweight short sleeved lOO'/r- polyester pant suits. Easy care woshables in blue, orange, green, brown and gold. Action clothes for cool comfort during summer work and fun time. Sizes 8 to 18. Open BUndoy thru Saturday 10 a.m. until ·) p.m. Creates Cool Gift Sleepers For Mom 65% polyester and 35% cotton blends for easy care and cool comfort this summer. Mom can enjoy this sleepwear in her choice of blue, pink, mint or maize Sizes ore Small, medium, large, X-large. Robe has gripper front, eyelet embroidery collar .$7 Shift gown with eyelet yoke and telf ruffle at hem $4 Baby doll with eyelet embroideery, lace trim neck 4.50 Long gown has lace trim at arm and neckline $5 Budget Lingerie--DILLARD'S-Second Floor Open Monday thru Saturday 10 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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