Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 10, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, May 10, 1974
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· Norrhwwl Arkonias TIMES, Friday, May 10, 1974 . »KK»NI»» Kissinger May Return To U.S. To Allow Study Of Proposals CAIRO. Egypt (Al) -- Secre- Plans Completed For Benefit Dr. Mtrliacl Rudko. president of (he Fayetlevlllc School Orchestra Society (SOS), confers v i l l i Mrs. Vatricia Irby, secretary and Dr. Phillip R;ishor, (righl) t r e a s u r e r , on last mlnlue d e t a i l s for {he SOS honlh at the Fayeltcville Dcwntown Flea Market Sat- urday. The society will have donated household articles, children's clothing and other items for sale to raise money In support the newly organized society. The sale will start at 9 a.m. and continue u n t i l 4 p.m. (TIMESpholo by Pal Donal) lary of State Henry A. Kissin- £o r may re turn to Wa sh i ngton soon nn'd lei the Syrian and Israeli governments think ahout heir r i v a l disengagement pro- )osals for a week or two. mem- icrs of Kissinger's staff indicate. One senior American official said the legotialions to separate the warring armies on the Solan Heights are "barely in he s t a r t i n g block," and so far .he odds arc less than 50-50 t h a t Kissinger \ \ i l l be able to work out an agreement for a pulJ- back of the Israeli forces. Although Israel is willing lo give up at) the Syrian land captured in the October war, it has offered only a token withdrawal from the Golan Heights territory seized in the 1967 war. The Syrians want much more as a first ilup toward complete Israeli withdrawal from the Heights. Bui the Israelis have given no indication of a retreat from their often-repeated stand t h a t they will never return all of the platc-au from which the Syrians shelled northern Israel at will. IN 10TH DAY Now in the 10th day of his sion. Kissinger was meeting vith Egyptian President A n w a r Sadat of Egypt to bring him up o date on his shuttle diploma c.v. atcst Middle East peace mis Five Springdale Youths Required To Pay Damages Five Springciale youths have been referred to the in-lakc program of tho Washinglor County Juvenile Court and will he required to pay for damage. 1 ! in a stoning incident thai occurred in Washington Count\ Jan. 25. M a r k Copland, 17-18 Apple bury Place, driver of a 1!)72 Dai sun, and Joe Gardner. 8nl Crossover Road, had reporter to Washington county author! ties J a n . 26 t h a t five youths had thrown stones at their car in a reaming "batttc" thai started on Flwy, 71 north ir Fayctlevifle and ended in .John «on. Copland and Gardner told the TIMES thai they could gel no coopcralinn in finding the youths from the Washing to County sheriff's office. The, went to Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ron AlcCann a week after the incident with the make of the car in which the youth: were riding, and a license num her. McCann Raid he helper them identify the owner of Ih car through the license number Copland and Gardner invest! gated on Iheir own, McCain said, to f i n d the name of a Icnft one of the boy.s involved M cCa n n hel pcd lo a rra ngc . pDly graph test for one Spring dale high school student, whicl led to the discovery of the othe youths involved. Sheriff Rill Long said he dot* not remember t h e case but i c u r r e n t l y checking on it for th TIMKS. McCann said be expects Ih Springdale boys tn rnnkc rest tution of about $!10 each fo damages to Copland's car. The juvenile i n t a k e prograr Is for youths needing the o fice's services but not specifii ally charged in Juvenile Court Arrested In Joil Mds. Patricia Fern Aneli 2?, Springdale is being held i Springdnle city jail after he arrest Thursday afternoon the Washington County jai where she was visiting her hu band. 1 Mrs- Anglin came lo the ja and gave a false name. Whi - the woman was visiting h , husband, jail matron Nil - Clark became suspicious at chocked on her identity. ; M r s . Anglin was arrested b - Fhcriff's deputies for violatii ; of the Arkansas hot check la' a misdemeanor am! was turm .' over to police at Springdal ; where th? w a r r a n t for h I arrest was issued. MISSED YOUR PAPER WE'RE SORRY! It you cannot reach your TIMES carrier PHONE 4S2-621Z DaUy 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday's to 9:30 a.m. NEW YORK STOCKS Opening Prlc«« Furnished by A. C. Edward* S«n rk Best Corp ner Tel k Tel rk La Gas nldwin impbeU Soup entral S W hrysler el Monte illards 8 s s 4814 36% 15'/i 1C'/a 20% MY4 1CW President's (CONTINUED FROM PACE ONI) Chairman Robert Strauss said Nixon's "credibility is gone for all time. They will never he- lieve him again." He also said transcripts ci White House conversations showed Nixon and his closest aides "totally devoid of any moral indignation or revulsion about the Watergate It was considered certain that Sadat would do all he could to Jet the Syrians to accept a lim led, first-phase Israeli with drawal. But it was not known now much influence the Egyptian leader now wields with the Syrians, his allies in the October war. Kissinger flew to Cairo Thursday night after a meeting with King Faisal and Saudi Arabian officials in Riyadh. During his visit there. Foreign Minister Omar Sakkaf praised :he secretary of state's "integrity, straightforwardness a n d truthfulness" and said: "We deeply appreciate the concern consistently shown by President Nixon and his interest in seeing a solution to the Near Eastern problem." SUCCESS EXPECTED Sakkaf said the Saudi Arabian government expects Kis singer to succeed by dint of his perseverance, extreme hard work, patience and utter conviction o[ the need to achieve peace. It was announced that a high- level Saudi Arabian mission would go to the United States on May 24 to work out plans to accelerate economic coopera ion between the two governments. Saudi Arabia is anxious or American technical assist- ,nce in utilizing its vast riches to develop industry ,he desert country. Tornado Causes Minor Damage In Benlon County BENTONVILLE -- A small tornado caused minor damage along Ilwy. 71 north of Ben- tonvillo near the McKissick Creek Bridge about 5:15 p.m. Thursday, according to Civil Defense Director Harley True. True said slight damage was confirmed by Stale Trooper I.arry King and Deputy SheriE! Wiley White who were investigating an accident at the scene. A truck carrying a mobile home had jackknifed on the Highway, and K i n g and White were at the scene when the tornado dropped down, tore the mobile home from its base and smashed it into a ditch. Both the State Police car and the deputy's vehicle were "jostled around" and received minor damage. True said slight damage was caused when metal roofing was blown from two nearby brooder houses. No injuries were reported. Surgeon Sees New Use For Anlabuse Obituary BALTIMORE, Johns Hopkins scandal . . . Meanwhilo there were these G Edwards 4'/j merson 40 i- fB xxon 79'A ord 52!i rentier Air 6' 8 en Growth 14 V4 ... Mlrs 4814 onion Jewelry WA ill Harv 27;!i T-E Imperial 15 3 /s C Penney '?% evi Strauss 15 ing Temco SVi "arcor 26 an Am World Air 4 nillips Petro 55ft jzza Corp J27F1 lillt alston afcway .. 23', comments from Republicans: Sen. Robert P. Griffin of Michigan, assistant GOP leader. said he is confident after partial reading of the t r a n scripts t h a t Nixon was not involved in the Watergate break- in. "I am not going to defend him beyond that," G r i f f i n added. Sen. Milton R. Young, R- N.D., a respected conservative elder running for re-election this year, told a reporter "I think the President is getting in deeper trouble. I have been deeply concerned about how he has handled this whole thing," Young 421s ...... 85V4 ...... 1C ',4 ....... 6% ....... 31'/s ....... 2T,i .... TA ...... 43-% ......... 29 ....... 7-Ti ....... 16V4 .. 1414-1 4-U Md. (AP) - A surgeon says Kissinger was welcomed at Cairo airport by his wife Mancy, who has spent the last three days sigh'secing in southern Egypt. She got sick Wednesday in Luxor and postponed her tour of the ancient ruins there in the 100-degree-plus heat. Rut she said sha felt fine Thursday morning and visited the tomb of King Tutankhamen before returning to Cairo. said. Sen. Bill Brock. R-Tenn., cott Paper ... lakespeare .. ou Pac exaco State JItrs nion Carbide Jnitccl Air . . . . ictor Vnl M a r t irk West Gas . ;ilation ifc-J'f Ce.Trney Nail Sl'i-J^i linutc Man Hi-Hi 'ionccr Foods SJl-oM K Porter 30M-3B1 Id Regis 15-16 r.vson Foods 12I.V13 'cllow Fit 50-51 Averages , QS down 2.11 Vans down .08 Ilils . . . . .down -35 Volume 4,150,000 Commodity Openings July corn 2.5G 1 A \ov soybeans 5.29 Sopt eggs 48.45 luly pork bellies 38.40 . ., chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. said most of his colleagues "are getting very quiet and are studying the transcript and arc t r y i n g to reach their own conclusions." As for resignation, he said "that's still the President's de- Plaintiffs File Answers In City Operations Suit Attorneys for tour plaintiffs who filed suit against the city of Fayetteville last year have filed answers to some of the city's questions in Washington chancery Court. The city had requested and more specific the against the city. cision. Sen. Marlow C o o k . R-Ky., after reading the transcript, also called on Nixon to consider resignation. Cook said the tapes indicated t h a t "the President and mem- hers of his staff coldly . . . placed the prestige of the Pres- dent and his administration ibove the welfare and integrity of the Uni'cd States and the United Sti'.es government. Chancellor Warren Kimbrough had granted a rnotion to make c h a r g e s The questions involve specific alleged violations by the city in respect to operations of the water, sewer, and sanitation departments, borrowing of funds, operation of off-street parking, and expenditures of f u n d s for private enterprise. Trial in the case is set for June 25. scientists should explore the possibilities of fighting cancer with a drug widely used againsl alcoholism. But under Dr. Edward . . Lewison's concept, the drug would be mixed with alcohol-the very thing it is intended to make compulsive drinkers abhor. lie said extensive studies involving use of the mixture in animals would bo needed before there could be any human experiments. And he said that very small doses always would be mandatory. The drug is disulfiram. trade- named Antabnse. As a treatment for alcoholism it is taken daily. If an alcoholic takes a single drink while using Anta- buse he suffers violent nausea, a pulsating headache, palpitations and other intense discomfort. Lewison told a scientific meeting here Thursday his idea stems from the "remarkable" experience of one of his breast cancer patients, a woman who also was an alcoholic. He said the woman had been plagued by extensive recurrence of malignancy elsewhere in her body after having had a cancerous breast removed. But he said she enjoyed com plete freedom from cancer symptoms for 10 years after starting to take Antabuse. At the same time she was continuing to drink, presumably despite the intense discomfort. She was not given any standard cancer treatment during this time. Lewison described the case in i report to the world's first OSCAR BERRY I Oscar Berry, 73, ot Westville, Okla., died Thursday in a Kay- etteville hospital. Born Sept. 17. 1900 in Campbell, the son of John W. and Lydia Fuller Berry, he was a retired contractor. Survivors are the widow, Mrs. Irma Berry of the home; two sons, Webster of Fox and Gerald D. of Missouri; three daughters, Mrs. Bernita Bagby and Mrs. Irma Rose Smith of Mountain View and Martharene of Colorado; one b r o t h e r , Ulis of Kansas City, Kan. and two sisters, Mrs. Syble Fisher of Morrow and Mrs. Earl Hall of Fayetteville. Funeral and burial will be in Marshall Saturday under direction of Coffman Funeral Home. Local arrangements by Moore's Chapel. MRS. NINA WHITTLE Springdale -- M r s , Nina Whittle, 72, of Route 2, Springdale, died this morning in the Springdale hospital. Born Aug. 6, 1901 in Spring Valley, the daughter of Thomas and Susie Reynolds Fletcher, she was a Baptist. Sur\*"rors are three sons. Milo, Thomas and James, all of Springdale; five daughters, Mrs. James Head, Mrs. Eugene Graham, Mrs. Susie Owen, Mrs. David Todd and Mrs. Calvin Woodring. all of Springdale; three half-brothers, Ernest Doley of Kansas City, Kan.. Leo Doley of Ripley, Okla. and Carl Doley of Cushing, Okla.; three sisters. Mrs. Walter Perry and Mrs. Betty Hoggatl of Gushing and Mrs.'Alice Baker of Newton, K a n . ; 23 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Funeral service will be 2 p.m. Monday at the Pilgrivn's Rest Freewill Baptist Church with burial in Joyce Cemetery under direction of Sisco Funeral Chapel. Receipts Stolen Store receipts including approximately J200 tn checks and $100 in cash were reported missing Thursday evening from the Wce-Wash-It Laundry at 116 W. Spring St. . Miss Anila. Edmonson, an employe of the laundry, told Fayetteville police that she noticed the bank bag containing the recipts missing after two young black males cam* to pick up a package of laundry and lett. Breakable, maskable, collideable, crashable- --your car needs the protection of MFA Auto Insurance, When the unexpected happens, you'll ajp- preciate the prompt, personal ter- vice your MFA Insurance agent can provide. 2587 No. College Fayetteville Phone 5Z1-71M Workshops Offered On Food Preservation Workshops to offer instruction on food preservation are scheduled this month by the Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service and the home economics departments of the Fayetteville Public Schools. The sessions are scheduled May 13 and May 20, and repeat workshops will be held at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on these dates a t the Ozark Electric Cooperative Corp. building Hwy Ifi west. The first session will be on drying. freezing and jells making, and the second on canning and pickling. M i s s Hattie representative of Hinkle, : the Ker Glass _Making Co. will prescn afternoon session on Ma The public is invited to attend ion na is no admissio: Free education symposium on regression of "spontaneous cancer." The meeting is sponsored by Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and the American Cancer Societv. and there c h a r g e . _ materials will be distributed. Call Williams Co. for "CANCER CARE" Insurance Karf N. William* Eugene J. Willianu 521-59*9 442-202} S21-3W* M. William fields CHARTERED UFB mDERWMIS» SPECTRUM FINANCIAL BERVTC3W The Finest In Life iMuranc. Product. 309 Hauicock OffL« Bulldlnf. 340 Nortt Block Bt Telephone: 53-5178 Faretlertle. Aituuu nm Experience In Management and Personnel VOTE Democratic Primary MAY 28 W OSTMEYER COUNTY JUDGE FOR: Honest Government Efficient Administration No Self-Serving Activities Pol. Ad Paid For By Gus Ostmeyer. Wash, county July 3.38 Pili il Fay?tt*7l], Art. MODIEH ASSOCIATED FFE3R~"~ The AnctfatM Pr*i» !j ctl-Jei o- c:a lively lo tit us 8 for : 1 711^! !c»- t!oa of all Iacz.1 cens prir.'.ej In !h!i r*^»?»pcr w we^ IT ill XP PMM Brandon Seeks Expanded Role T h e lieutenant governor should be allowed to serve as tficK) member of some state boards, state H e p . B. D. "Dnug" Brandon of Little Rock saiti Thursday. Brandon, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, also said the ieutpoant governor might could serve as a member of the Governor's Cabinet. Brandon has said he believes tho lieutenant governor's office should be e x p a n d e d . The lieutenant governor could s e r v e with t h e Higher Education Board, the Parks, R e c r e a t i o n a n d Tourism Commission and the Arkansas I n d u s t r i a l Development Comm i s s i o n , he said. Brandon, a state representative from Pulaski County, a l s o reminded Washington County voters of his record of h a n d l i n g the University of Arkansas budget d u r i n g the General Assembly, and said he worked to keep the law school on the FayciteviMe campus. Key Evidence WASHINGTON CAP) -- The tape of a White House conversation Uvo months before the June 1972 Watergate burglary emerged today as a key piece of evidence missing 'in the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment probe. Arkansas (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) for such cooperation and added that he hoped other businesses would also help in keeping the city clean. He urged citizens not only to lake care of their own yards, but the right-of-way adjacent. "The city can't take care of everything and if each of us would take care of the area in front of our property, it would certainly help." he said. BfGGEST PROBLEM "f t h i n k the biggest problem we have in town is not creating more p r e t t y places, it is taking care of what we have." Chairman Brown said. "If every person would clean his area and his business would he a (own." Committee members expressed hope that with the city leading the way toward im'- proving the city's appearnce with clean-up campaigns and the two major landscaping projects, people would begin to take more pride in the appear- nce of thicr own property. The committee will meet on June 13 lo conduct further study of the Arkansas Avenue beautification project. it (Fayetteville) much cleaner Funerals scuscrurnoj! RATES Ei;c:lvi Oclobe: 1. !»! frj raooto t7 ___ n» tia*l« papy dil!y JOe. soafltr He tits. Irlc., Adalr Co., O i mosthl · mor.thj ______ 1 TEAR 0*7 Bat MetM Outiidc tbor* ao»it!««: . I8.W . 3 5.00 . » * » . 1100 $50 REWARD Lost--on« female Australian Shepherd Dog, Hiway 16 E. Near Lake S«quoyoh. Black a n d Brown and white. Scar on right hind foot, an- twers to the name 'lady" Call 443-3441 521-4986 442-9954 David E. Kinzer; graveside services 10 a.m. Saturday. Fairview Memorial Gardens. Additional survivors are great-grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Claude Cline of Fayetteville and Mrs. K a t h r y n Murphy of Bayonne, N'.J. Just For MOM Her Special Day May 12th Chantilly from Hubigant. A beautiful set of perfume talc and spray cologne. $5.50 "L Air de Temps" -- a 2- oz. bottle of Nina Riccet spray. Eau de toilette with a complimentary bottle of perfume. $7.50 Charles of the Ritz -- a 202. bottle of Ritz perfume spray. A delicate touch. $8.50 Evgan White Shoulder bath powder and spray cologne set. $12.50 Director* of __i Fun*ral Servic* ff S«rvlc»it FOSTM, Mrs. Tma t. -- Thun. day. 2:00 p.m. W«t Fork Christian Church. R«v. L. L, Rader oiflciitlnl. Interment, Union Star Cenwtery. ·ROOK*, Mn. AMU Of* -Thursday. 2:00 p.m. Slloim Spring* Pentecoetal Roilneai Church. Rev. D*w«y WUUrd officiating. Interment. B*H Cemetery. Cosmetic Dept Make Mother's Day A Special Day . . . with these coordinates from Russ. Create your own special look in pink and white polyester dotted swiss. Sizes 8-16. Prices 12.98 to 25.98 Budget Fashions Street Floor

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