Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 9, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1974
Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Thurt., May 9, 1974 FAYETTEV1LLC. ARKANSAS 28--Antiques--For Sal* «-Uvt«tock-For Salt 26--For Sal* -- Miscellaneoui ~ RnniCTKiiKn iwiird Hpioront imi · months, excellent Mvj;jnrs. 1'honc S679. REGISTERED ANGUS W« InvHo you lo viU and sec we are doin$. We fllso have n tew younp bulls for /sate, 20 years nf prodbcinc tine breed LIIR stock. Phone Homer Fry -U3-2r29. FRY ANGUS FARM I..ARGK QUALITY NorUiorn H ·prinpors O h f a n i n n broil an»i Brown Swiss Wvatt Hrartlwrry, miles North of Graven o m JO. one East on Rocky Doll Hiclrw.iy. RBOISTKKKO I1QR NED HER RFO R D BULL?:, HAGSDKLL KAHM. phone 3S3. PRAIKU: GKOYK. D»vu LHthe RefMlm) DC FnnnlrElon. · 24--Dogs, Cats Pets · - BF^MmyVIj A K C rcsistcrM puppiM · Toy P*^]!?. 1 !. and Cairns-. Paul (".ifford - Ca nr'hi II, Art;. Phono S3J-XS1. GRRMAN Sir [^hc nl p jp;i :r., ?31 earh Parent ^ reRi s'.c red. (rrfwn U KC, m a i l Esk i mrS:?;ti, S?0. prown AKC*. (rrtin 11 GciTtian ^TiCTi^eril. 13). Ftii'i service To' ·cvcrai breeds. K13-3v5T. AKC PKKKvGESK Pup;:ei by rh,ini?:r-'n Hired Ilci-Mar Cnu Le. Orchard TH1! Jatnesioivn. A- Cai e:,hani blo^lisir^ I:n-K Pckin=ese. Ilionc 113-1705 a f l c 5 p ni. ' SPECIAL THIS WEEK C HOICK FOR $23 Mausers -- Military 8mm (3 only) Mausers -- M i l i t a r y 7mm (2 only) M A N Y OTHER 1TKMS TO CHOOSE KROM A KCVT Smith A: Wi-.ssons J u s t A r r i v e d BILLY G, SOSfS 22« N. College F a y c t t e v i l l c , Ark. 72701 Kin/'c axte Lr^ K H A N U NKW !1K\VlNfi HAOnNf-y; f 7 ) N.i!:ona]]y advcrvtic brar.d. Tncse arr j-Uetch s'.iu-h, i\ntag sowing tnaohlnos ci^ip^flc v i:h 'JO vr. trunmnlcc in he MM [or S1W.M -:.sli or terms, r^rse m n c h l r i f i have built -in rcvor-'p KtiLch. b u t t o n h o l f r . d.'irninR, monocramminu. and many oiher frsitures. Sec them w h i l e thry lasl ^l t'nilei] Kreiwhl Snip. IJwy. f,2 \V. r a j r l t c v i l l e . o.xrn 3-9 Mon -Fri.. till fi iv-!t Battlefield Antiques ' u r n l t u r t j -- Primitives -- Glas- Chin.i -- Hrass -- Collector's Items Prairie Grove. Ark. Phone S1C-2881 30-Wanted To Buy C S C O I N S H O P PAWN P a y i n g I GO?? Over Face for Silver B u y Soil All U.S. Coins 1208 S. Thompson 751-37IU v - Due to d e a t h of o w n e r , wo mus riisnor.^c four Scottish Terriers al g i v e away price. M i k o o f f e r . One ' * male, t h r e e female.-;, Show n u a M y , , lop breeding, 31 c h a m p i o n s in pcdi- ' R i e r . papers aurt peiligrces f u r ' · nished. Phone .J43-3SW U f t K K N O'nc.-il SPOA rtos ?rrsmtr. f? .ind h u n t i n g (So? C- All v u f s rn^-n^alj'e professional sroom- . C'al'l 4i2-I"-!^. r R K D IKWIKUMANS for pot or show. rnpiOTi Wrollmes. 521-7^12. R K R R K n AKC tcRKt»T«l Irish Fr MATHIAS DISCOUNT 71B South on Curve SALE -- Ladies' casual leather s a n d a l s Two pairs. J5.00 Good s e l e c t i o n Indies' men's western boots -- Tony Lama . WF.STKRX Shirts -- $7.*S up. Western Blouses -- H.Sii-SS.F" M F . R f C A N made canvas -- S up. A D I E S bras -- C a r n i v a l brand -\' 3 Price. BEX HOfjan V Foot Joy small, and 'i ' AKC WcimarcMr puppies, c v r r l l r n t hunt. Ire End f«l Bt-Kk. Call S21-5KV) aftcj 5:^0 p.m. _ COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Lines Complete selection of all veterinary supplies. EverythijiE (or rout ·nimal. Eastgatc Shopping Center. Hwy. IE Gut COLLIER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING For Appointment CaO 443-3441 Colliers has 50 lb. sacks of Wayne and Kasco dog food. Compete Lini: of Pet Supplies all Collier Stores. PROFESSIONAL DOG GROOMING Cynthia Johnson, Groomer Individual Attention -- No Traiv quilizers useti. Personalized groom Ing done with tender loving care OCCASIONAL HOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR ANY BREED Pbon e 442-5J2 d ays or evenlni 25--Home Needs--For Sale KLVG BED, matin ·i stand. Solid oak. FRARS washer and rfrver. LARGE RUMMAGE Rd!c: Lnts ol ot books and (Jshej, pattern high brie chairs, old oak s!on* counters, 1U I · t'lih farvinga. Starts Tnursday, a blocl: *es; of lUzorUnk lid on Hwy. 62. EXCELLKXT u^f-d carpc-lins. l i g h t grce! KVSS M). yard?. Still on floor, now rarpe in c orri crM. Call nl to r 6:00 Thu rxdaj anytime Kriria;, 521-mci. SKARS K e n m n r o di shwa ihcr. avoer Kreen. chopping VKirrt top portable. $1 real iTxxl mnd'.tio-u Phono 521-?JTi3. ROPBR co'.d 3L inch rancc. used fi SPOTS before your eyes -- cm your m carpet--remove Ihrm w'ith Blue LiL-t Rent electric shani[VKer SI. Pol!-: Furn ture. 603 W. Dickon. BBATEX do^Ti c-arpct pciths so Bine "Lustre arrixvs. Hem p l e r t r i t - ; potvr 51. Ijjwis BnX"., 01 the squa MATTRERS * BOX SPRINGS* only jsn.? OUF:BX i- K I N G sue, also avail ah! NaconaU;- a»hcrt].eJ brand oflo:. y« at U.Wri PYoiEht -sate.-;.' Hwy. (C M FE yet^evj 1 le. Opf^i 9-9 Mo^.-Fn., t ill Pat. BUDGKT BKDP.OOM ?lo!. ^Tof^cm nxcri xro' w.'kii S*E jnr:i;d;r.ft mirro HS9 ca.-='i or T.7, \fims at Unitrd FreU Ea'e- Hwy. r2 W., Fnyelteville. Or 9-9 Slot, - Fr... t'.Jl E S^.J TSVO, PJ rv-"'.:---n re-fl:rLir.a chair.i f Sii'c. K:-e:nTji rfnoitjo.i O^ly 6 mom o'd, Prwr.e :O.-?-i f Jl FACTOr.V I"U?^TTUR2--IXTfiCt JJO?.!v- No pi^'ine o^xiors 7i"f,"=.-5. 10 roUNOS ol 10-'JO-10 fortih/.pr iflcr. Phfvne Jack Moncrict A1 LCX-U.ST |xns. 6',i Icet !on«. tOO er poits. EN For*! tnit-lo:, l«o spcei IrailcT. Phono 13-31SS, L i k i n s , KSVINO MAnr|NKS-?.JO.flr) '^1 Elere shipment will) push hu'.to^ rrv ch and xig^^fi r«ntro:; /animus ma ·y may hr- in^rcc1r'l mul trUt"! at toil Freight Hales. Hwy. fi'2 \V., K.iy- levilEe, open 5-3 iton.-Fd.. till 6 S.-it. KTAI. Dcicclon -- Garatt, the pro- ssional's t^iotco. Gold awl sllvar coins il a n d sold. Call Abe (jncoln. £16 Itojors. Ack- HKST i'KICKS FOF\ GOOD USKD NiTui'.K A AE Pla,^^'CEs LVCLUD NO ANTIQUES *!2-Z#2. ANTKn 2 ion ''5-'70 nrylcl Chevy MO or Internal Ion a! 'vilbor wltho'J f J. Musi bs g-yyl truck. 751-5751 B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 160°b ABOVE FACE (Subject lo d a i l y change, call fo quote) Also need small coin an stamp collection.* top dollar paic FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 25G1 N. College. 52]-«-m 31- Wanted To Trade 7--Musical Merchandise l.1f:HTIV (JHI-51) ItKOORDR: E'.ock, and o.slcrn, Irom our j u k e box mules. '.?'·· or -i for f].m. TRt STATK HAL?:S K\V SPIXKT PIANOS fr/fiOO -- n W*ns w/aulo r)iv thin f-HW.CO -- naix'o ..... call A n d y rollwl now! v^U2 il. S. M c C l a i n M u s i c Co. Vini CAN OFFEH SMALL 3 ROO1\ FURXTSHEU HOUSE AND UTIl IT 1KS TO YO U NG MAURI E AG-IU STUDENT TM KXCIIANG FOU FA TIM WORK. 33--Rooms For Rent ]:0f).\[ for rent, r.irpctod nir-comlilionrd. 11W fc [)r:vc,. F,ivcttcvl]lc, Phone central fie; Kt I!id?cwi ·H2-GY1S, 34 Apartments For Rent ONt: BhinitOOM .ip;irlmcn! nirofv fi L-!ic il. h'j t no air. ??Tt rn'nilli vvj It: ofinislicd. FEolIs rc'litrilt i THE L1TTLEWOMAN 34--Apartment* For Rent "Herbert! Not just before we cat lunch!" 34--Apartments For Rent MAPLE MANOR APIS. FAYETTEVILLE'S FINEST 34--Apartments For Rent FURNISHED apartment--efficiencies, one two Ijc-Iroom-iomo-air conditioned; cry iuJct environment, close to cam* Xil-2226. Now ]c r bci e two. t h r e e or · Furnished or un- M01 W e d l n g t o n Phono f.21-1206 -- Office i Apt. 1 O S F, H R MltOOM aj» rtmcnl. fumi J m] hr-at nniJ a i r . Coni['.clely . ?HO m o n t h AH hills paid. '.: «v. C-iU before 0 :30 a.m. or after utililies tcrred. tun, livinfiroom - bert: hufic kitchen ar.ri. lwthro:m. Pri- [f.inrc. Od.nrrct [».irkin«. SJW, pair] dpjwsiL M a t u r e adult [ire 'hnno 531-Vrli; alter 6:00 p.m. tti FRANCKSC.V afMrlancnts: "Aero; ,fri«t tioni riimpus". summer rate. Sl'/j. Furnished two bedroom, central aii IbTiwashcr. 44^-COIO. 1-URN'ISHKD, i:raduiitc stu'lent wily, i tra nice plfit-kfliY aiiartment, air-wn Honed, no |K'l T , ^JKJ. lit i I i lies ani! c,i' apnrtmpnt, and two bc]mom, summcr a n r roittin;'. Clo=.c In University. 4-!2-JOT or ailer H:00, ffil-'JJW. UKNI^HED APARTMENT, 11 u t i l i t i e s paid. 2 blocks froi on LcvcrcU. S110 a monU 2 bcilroom i UnivorsLt , Available SUM ME El SPECIAL 1 he i! room a mentj; T So. Dunum. Well f u r n i s h e d i: f ntrn I air, rllhwashe r, dispDial, ?L5. Phone KTL-.WH, BEHTND~THE"WAIL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and Ji Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May lath, for summer a n d f a l l . Phone 5 2 1 - 2 7 6 1 STUPKNTti: Furnished apartments, 3 b'octri from campus. Collages in country, 10 minutes Irom campus 1 . SK up. PJione 4-12-fl2£3. SUMMER RATES AVAILABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION': C H A T E A U , INC. nl N. Lcverctt Kaycltevillc 521-3313 MKf. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV ni N. Lovcrctt F a y c t t e v i l l e Kl-3313 Mgr. A p t . No. 1 KEN CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland Fayelteville 442-8981 M£r. A p t . No. M COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Lcverett Fayelteville 521-2110 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 JENNY LYNN · 11 South Duncan Fayctteville 521-7240 Mgr. Apt. No. 15 GARLAND GARDENS 2000 N. Garland F a y e t l e v i J l e ·H2-S9BI Mgr. (Ken-C!aire Apt. No 91) SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PR1V. W A K T K I J : Female room mule (o stiatc ntff ap.Hrlmcjit. '2 hloclcs from campus, EGV.50 THIiaro electricity. Call 575-.TW1. S-5:I« weekdays. XICBLV tumlsiTiei!. rGrlc ftp'-. Couple over 50 or SO. Sfvi month utilitios W.-ishin^lni,. 112-93)3. upsldirs O.MiXJNBNT Stert HH. V'MISJ. I P - 1 F^UI'.NISHUIl gai N'. Olive. SO |ic i hills. Phone ·; TKFtKOS Tnree dclnve solid s,1ale, ( L i l l y sislomciJ stcrr*ihonii: Jiijjh f d c l i l y -n'es In h r a u l t h i i lisirfl nililwd finish. ivc brand of record rlianper iinri -1 i k r r aurLio ^ ^ ' ^ t p n l , nl t'JVI.!:. Cash or is-. U n i t e d Freight K i k i . H«*. fTJ W., 'nycltcvillc, op*n 9-3 Mon.-I'ri , t i l l 5 Sal ·'K snER. tolPfiaslc r gu i Li r anil ^mpl -, sujwr siv reverse. Phone 112-7W7. ART.MRNT. 221 North rn A[iartmciiti. Phone Mil: UnrurnifJioiJ !:KM,T,V NMC-B, one mcnV rn Kay^vnod APAf'-T.MKNT for nialo stu^ynls in nicnl of pri^ile rcsicJcncc, Close lo pus 1 . Reserve n o w for summer or month. 521-7120. TWO BKDttOO.M nicely furnisher! apart. mcn\s. Bltx.-^ H from cam pu s. Rill v- r.iipelcd, conlral heat/.iri All ulililtos paid. Available Mf^- IS, Juno 1, July 1, and August 1. $UO montli. 321-6KK. FREE RENT THIS MONTH New apartments now availab! Move in now find get t h e n of May rent free. Special sur rates. Two bedrooms, f urn Is he quality Tmilt ap:irtnients with a fhe extras inL-ludiny dishwasher Call t o d a y for an. appointrnei -41ii7. r.NJSIlED, 3 bedroom. 03 EJoiilh Hi , Apt I. Call 521-6U5 or 787-5115. 4--Apartments For Rent LEASING FOR SUMMER orner of Leverett Lawson. ? dr. townhouse apartments. P.'a ath central air, frost free rc- igcrator, dishwasher, disposal, urnlshcd or unfurnished. Water 34--Apartments For CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Feature*: · Central Air · Shag Carpet* » Queen size beds * Frost-free re- frlii. · Dishwasher Dlaposal Pool · Free TV Hookup. Low ill paid. One unit vacant May 1st. urnmcr rates. i v c units vacant June 1st. For in- SI 17.50 -· One Bed rmation a n d application ryce Davis. 5^1-SCOO, 808 TOWNHOUSE 1JHNLSHED vary nic cship Apis.. 1510 372 is Her 5 call ani convenient Kotltcihlp, Phone "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.00 'wo Bedroom . 'hrec Bedroom .. 113.00 All utilities p a i d , central heal and /c. unfurnished, families. ^ASHINGTON ^LAZA APARTMENTS U- _ 1655 N. Lewis 521-3073 O f f E c c Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sundays SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom efficiency furnishec a p a r t m e n t . Utilities paid, $70, From 8:00-5:00 call Scholars Inn, 5^1-5323 A f t e r 5:00 and weekends call 412 9198. VOW rentiniT tor summer and fall--on- two bedroom nparttnncts. Kerr In mcnt Co 534116 or 412-2537. FU RXISIIED t rt-plcx. Save gas ! Nc: ipus, one bedroom, paneled, l i l o slio\v cr and tub, married couple. Also cfriciency for mature student, phono 5,w. $12750 -- Two Bedroom AH bills paid except electric 413-3216 GRANDV1EW APARTMENTS NOW LEASING 1, 1, and 3 bedroom apartments, Furnished or Unfurnished, Central heal and air conditioning. Drapes. Unfurnished. Family living. Storing at $101 per month. Phone 521-8796. Manager on premises. flPflRTMENTS RJRNISHED apaitmont and [urnishcd mobile home. Deposit required. Hnnna ·inc. 600 W. Stti St. Phone J21-G5So.^ "R51AI, one nnd two Tidin-Nim upaii- im'or ra IPS. JT5 to 5125. Plione 5a- T\VO bedroo lshcrt apartments. J montli plus utilities- Olnsa In 700 N. Garland. 412-0)16. SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occupoancy. Also for June Sept. Completely carpeted. A l l utilities p a i d except Electricity. Arkja gas heating and air condi- j. 1 -- -t -- 3 Hcdroom -- Townhouse* B e a u t i f u l l y Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator IBlMjli. Capncity Freezer dO Ft. Pool Complete Laundry Acres of Play f! round Quit^l Family Atmosphere IftQD Mi-liiinr Drive Office 4115-21-11 -- Apt. 100 ONE. tw apartinirn ]Klroom lumlslied l^). University c SPECIAL SUMMER RATES KAXORBACK FLAK A now takhiR applications lor June 1. Fu tnlslicd , 2 bedrooms, 2 hnlh lully cnrpclcd, disliwasher, pool, a l l hills paid. Walking distance Lo Uni- versils* Phone 521-517S m^naGcr apart- menl No 11 after 5 p.m. 531-123'.*. pin-irAN-iiiLL APARTMENTS rnhchO two bcttroom apartments -- cundi lionc c] -- mrpcl -- ga rba s« iiOaiil -- near University -- ·US-STOT MOST NF.W two beflroom famished u-lnicnt5. 1 blocks campus, central sitminer rates. 5Z1-1»» or 531-5399 THKEE BPIDROOM unfurnished apartment on Hwy 62 West. F/ione ·J12-SWS or 357-3501. CUiLMINGS AT'AIITMEKTS. ing lor summer. Clnse to c and I wo bedrooms, [urnis 4-13-1757. Sow rrnl impus, Oni led. Phoni TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONTIAC-CADtLLAC For These Cars Today 220 N College Phone 442-2308 LEWIS FORD'S TIMELY NEW MID-SIZE CAR IN THE THUNDERBIRD TRADITION: 26--For Sale -- Miscellaneous J100 off rerj:?r pr'.v* o'. rlL'ia FJTVT Mo-Je; No, S Jl?.1 bo^ wa-j.'ig fnacn:r,f?. Tr,0 M-w-^g Er.-I \v;SKv;.v- " America's Youngest Car is Unique in the MID-SIZE Field FOR THE LUXURY CAR BUYER WHO'S READY TO GO MIDSIZE. Totally new inside and out: Classfc grille · unique twin opera windows * vinyl roof · elegantly contoured bench seats · distinctive instrument panel · SelectShift Cruise-0-Matic transmission · power steering - power front disc brakes · steel-belted radial ply tires · electric clock- much, much more, WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENT OF THE NEW ELITES --OUR SHOWROOM IS FULL! COME OUT TODAY WHILE THE SELECTIONS ARE BEST! FORD "THE BIG SPREAD" CO; age GOLF clubs for sale, 15*73 n ei ipcn? 2 Uirt«#i 9. r K swin^ wetrht, w*xis ·LrfT shaft. D?- iwmj ireip ·ell lor 5350. Ft/r,e W^-77 DESKS, chairs, ti'.e 16 inch effxi chain FAW, i« ] ,S Karct IOK« diamond, p ifler 5:06 PJB- LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301 HOLY COW WHAT A SALE! Whitfield has had so much success with.the new car sale they've decided to extend the Holy Cow Sale to these used cars. You can benefit by faking advantage of these HOLY COW USED CAR PRICES! 1973 OLDSMOB1LE NINETY EIGHT LUXURY SEDAN A local one owner car with factory air condi- t i o n i n g . Power steering. Power front Disc brakes. Power Windows. 60-40 divided .seat with 6-way power on d r i v e r s side, cruise control, AM FM stereo Radio TiH'N'telescoping steering wheel. Vinyl top and \vhitewall I ires. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $4795 1973 OLDSMOBILE TORNADO CUSTOM COUPE Factory air conditioning. Power steering, power front disc brakes, power door ItiL-k-;. AM FM radio, tilt'A 1 'telescoping steering wheel, Rear window defogger and whilcwall tires. B e a u t i f u l cranberry paint with cranberry vinyl top and interior. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE 1969 CHEVROLET IMPALA ·l-Donr Sedan. Factory Jiir conditioning, power s t e e r i n g power brakas turhohydramalic trans- mlftstun, radio and whilowall tires. A very good, car. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $1295 1971 CHEVROLET VEGA STATION WAGON If you need lots ot economy with a l i t t l e room lo £u with it, Koe this one today. .1-cyllndor e n g i n e , It-speed transmission, bucket scats, radio, tinted glass and white-wall tires. 20,000 actual miles. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $4795 $1895 1973 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 ROYALE 4-DR. HARDTOP Fadory air c o n d i t i o n i n g , power steering, power front disc brakes. 350 C.I. V-fl engine tnrbo- hydramatiu transmission ,AM FM Radio, Vinyl i n t e r i o r and white wall lires. Another local one owner w i t h 18,OM miles. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $3250 1969 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS STATION WAGON Factory air c o n d i t i o n i n g , power steering, nowor brakes, iurholiy drama tic t r a n s m i s s i o n , MO C.T. V-S e n g i n e , rmlio. iuggage rack and whitewaH tires. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $1295 1972 OLDSMOBILE NINETY EIGHT LUXURY SEDAN Factory nir conditioning. Power steering. Power front disc brakes, Power Windows, B-way power, scat. tiU 'N'felescoping steering wheel AM FM stereo radio. V i n y l top ant! w h i t e w a l l tires. Local one owner car. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $3295 1970 DODGE DART SWINGER 2-DOOR HARDTOP 3tf C.TL V-8 engine, 1-.speed transmission, rarlfa and bucket seats, vinyl top and white-wall lire*. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $1195 1972 OLDSMOBILE TORNADO CUSTOM COUPE Factory air conditioning, Power steering, Power front disc brakes. tilt'N'telescoping steering wheel, AM FM stereo radio, Vinyl top and whit ew aH t ires. Ve ry clca n car. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE 1972 CMC 3 A TON PICKUP 350 C.T V-S engine, -I-speed transmission, radio, two tone paint and long wide bed, WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $3295 WHITFiELD MOTOR COMPANY 14-16 N. EAST 521-7280 $2295

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