Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 9, 1974 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1974
Page 19
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Budget Cut CROSSETT. Ark. (AT) Sen. J. W. Fulbright. D-Ark.. said here Wednesday that the first step nerxlcc! to stop in- · nation is to cut, the $304 billion federal budget. Fulbright said there is noth- Ing wrong with the nation's economy, only th» bad policies that have been forced on it. For many years, the economy has been called on to support, "unproductive and unnecessary federal spending." he said, citing as examples, the Vietnam War and I h e space program. HELEN HELP US MOVING! EXCITING! CONTINUOUS FROM OAK 3 SHOWS NITELY PH. 7JI-4724 ·«iMniiniiiiiiiiiim THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. PIZZA, Husband Is Watching All The Girls Go By By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Sunday Interviews Series North*.** Arkanrn TIMCS, Thun., Moy 9, 1974 PAVITTIVtU.!, ARKANSAS Two Black Networks Plan Weekly News Show My husband is a girl-watcher! Ve've been married a year, but e's got the eye of a bachelor- 'lease don't tell me. "Let him ook as long as he doesn't ouch." It's embarrassing when, vherever we go, he checks out o o d - l o o k i n g women... in hurch, restaurants (waitresses ncluded), at the movies. U we re in the car, he stares at ,,irls through the rear-view iiirror. It's a wonder he doesn't ask me to move my head! I'm not being conceited, but 've gotten many compliments jn my looks. I've asked him nicely to keep his eyes at home base, but it doesn't go any good. I've even started to ogle ther guys, but he doesti't notice. What can 1 do to cure him? -- Inferiority Complex 3ear Complex: Why not. start a discussion on :irl-watching in your group? When your husband discovers how most women feel atwut oglers these days, maybe he'll stop this juvenile pursuit. -Helen I.F.: Ask your husband how would feel if some man checked you out from head to toe? And ,et him know a few have! If this doesn't help -- well, maybe he's trying to make you jealous. Could it be he needs more reassurance that he's top man in your life? -- Sue Dear Rap: Which letter brought most response during March and April? -- Wondering Again Dear Won: H a n ci s - d o w n winner was 'M.C." who said any girl who had premarital sex is nothing mt a pig and a prostitute. She Jot thoroughly trounced, to wi .he following letters. -- Helen And Sue Dear Rap: "M.C." calls herself a Chris tian. yet writes a letter f u 1' of hate for any girl not a pure" as her sweet-smelling holier-than-thou, self! To classify prostitution with an act of mature love is verj low. Why doesn't she cal marriage "filthy?" -- A Virgin Rap: In hatefully condemning ai _irls wtio make love with thei boyfriends. M.C. is withholdin love for her fellowman (or sis lers). God wouldn't like her fo that. I think she should till with her pastor alxnil her "pig 1 complex. -- Mrs. T.M. Dear Helen and Sue: I expect to be a virgin fo a long time yet. Also I'm Christian. I don't steal, and don't like to h u r t people, so don't want to be condemned fi natural thing like makin love, by some self-righteous stuck-up prif; like M.C.! I realize there's a differenc between plain old sex and lov and I don't feel t h a t it shoul be entered into until you're sponsihle and mature enough t know that difference. Sex is a lovely part of HI and whcm (he time comes, an I want it. I'll have it. If th snob. M.C., doesn't like today morality, she should enter convent. -- L.F. Rap: M.C. is certainly cutting dov on her friendships if she cal nil non-virgins "tramps." Fe virgins would accept her as friend cither. This chick can be for real! If she is, I fe very sorry for. -- N.G. ...And only two letters out a hundred took M.C.'s sit! ARKANSAS INSTRUMENT TV RADIO S E R V I C E Free Pickup Delivery "Color Specialists" 4JH-5S52 or 442.9356 Stereo equipment at ls-30y «f. Call for «ree catalog NOW SHOWING Open 7:30 · Show 8:20 'JESUS CHRIST SUPERSOAR" Bang the drum slowly NOW SHOWING Stewardesses 8:20 CO-STARRING Gary Grimes from SUMMER OF 42 Ron Howard and Charley Martin (Toad) Smith from AMERICAN GRAFFITI STARTS FRIDAY COUNTRY OPRY IN EASTMAN COLOR 3 HOURS OF LIVE MUSIC 7:30 P.M. FRIDAY NIGHT COUNTRY- GOSPEL -COUNTRY ROCK A FAMILY SHOW LATE BONUS FEATURE ANGELS WILD WOMEN SPECIAL GUEST KEN HARVEY PALACE THEATRE On the Square in Fayetteville Admission: Adults $1.50 Children FREE With Adults Mil. NEWMAN HOBCRTRCOTORO THE STING WINNFIi OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture OUR SPONSORS: KFAY-KKEG Town County Restaurant Rochier Jewelry Ben Jack's Guitar Kentucky Fried Chicken Advance Floor Co. Burnett's Locksmith Oak Plaza Phillips "66" (Wrecker Service) Lafayette Radio Electronics 71LRZING SADDLES E ENJOY OUR DELICIOUS BUFFET Both Noon and Evening GeneHodcmon Cofwersotion . Bring th* fomrlyl \ CMhfs Plot. Only $1.35. TIB.* FM. Sun.-Thun. 7:45 Fri.-Sat- 7:W-9:«« tan. MM. 2 p.m. !PG) W« haw three private rooms that will up to 350 Buffet Noon and Evening HIGHWAY 7t NORTH By JAY SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) -- Al- ough such shows as "Meet e Press" have long been mar news attractions for Sunday udiences, lew of the issues dis- issed on these shows have rectly concerned black life in e United States But two radio networks srving a predominantly black udience say they hope to emedy this shortcoming when ach starts a half-hour Sunday ews show. One network, the New York- ased National Black Network ays it's starting its new "Meet le Black Press" series this unday with a panel interview f Rep. Charles B. Rangcl, D ~.Y., a black member of the :ouse Judiciary Committee. The Washington-based Mutua Hack Network, part of the Mu ual Broadcasting System, says ts Sunday news show, "The Iiitual Black Forum." wi! tart in June at a date tha asn't yet been decided, Both new shows will be taped n advance, network official: ay. Mutual's show will be moder ted by MBN newscaster Glci 'ord. who'll be helped out eacl veck by a different Mutua lewsman and occasionally by a hird reporter from outside thj letwork. Mutual said. The National Black Net vork's Sunday show will b moderated by newsman Shannon, with two newsmen om outside the network rought in as guest panelists, PN officials said. The two networks now serve 57 radio affiliates with a basic ally diet of black-oriented ews and sports items. What rompted the new shows? "We simply felt there was a eed to bring black -- and 'hite -- social, political and :ondemning us for our answer 'Jesus said not to cast the firs (one." Not that everyon igrees virginity is passe -- ou r e a d e r s simply couldn stomach M.C.'s selfrighleou lateful name-calling -- and ne her could we! -- Helen An Sue economic leaders to a torum in which questions are raised in terms of the black community," said NBN president Eugene Jackson. A similar reply came from Ralph Kcalherslonc, general manager of the Mutual Black Network, who said Ihe routine fare of sports and news . just wasn't enough to sufficiently in- DENNIS THE MENACE By Keteham 'MAYBE NEXT WEEK, AUflSAREi; I GOT 'fl ALL W TOW AN' TQrWRPDW AN' THE NEXT HAY.' orm an audience. The two black networks arc datively new in broadcasting. 'cathcrstone said his company Kiin operating two years afo his month and now has 92 a If 11- dtes. Jackson said his network tarted operations in July a ·car ago and now has 65 affil- dlcs. McClellan Plans Weekend In State UTTLE ROCK (AP) -- Sen. rohn L. McClellan, D-Ark.. said Wednesday that he hopes to make a routine trip to Arcansas this weekend. He emphasized, however, hat the trip would have no special political significance. An aide saki McClellan was lot scheduled to make any pub- fc appearances or speeches vhile at home. The Memphis Commercial Appeal reported Wednesday hat a group of northeast Ar- tansas businessmen are seek- ng McClcllan's endorsement of Sen. J. W. Fulbright's re-elec- :ion bid. Paul Berry, a McClellan aide, said no one from Fulhright's camp has asked for McClellan's support. McClellan. re-elected to a sixth term in 1972, has only endorsed one Arkansas candidate during his long tenure in t h e Senate. That endorsement went to Francis Cherry nf Joneshoro when he defeated former Gov. Sid McMath in 1952. Auto Fatality MENA, Ark. (AP) -- James W. Moore, 54. of near Waldron was killed early today when the truck he was driving ran of! U.S. 270 and overturned. State Police said the accident occurred eight miles east of "Y" City (Scott County), which is · about 22 miles north of Mena. 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T l C T i S Me' n i Today i.'i's. 'i'i'.'i 12. IB! * 8:00 -News 3 fRIDAT AFTEfcJJOON- . 5. 7 8. n 6. 1G . 8. 12 BUY YOUR CARPET DIRECT FROM THE LOCAL PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT. WHERE YOU GET THE BEST AND SAVE THE MOST. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. HIGHWAY WEST I51-7M1 SPKINGDALE, AKK. 16 Cartoon Circiis Captain Kangiiroo .. * 8:30 Oklahoma Friday .. All My Children Hnil Donahue Tabletalk .Nov.* 7 Hodgepodge LotJpe Lucy Show A l l M v C h i l d r e n D i n a h Shore S j Throe On \ Mat 2. 6. 7. 12. , 12 ( Movie 7 · Sesame Street ' It's Your Bet . 9 A M. Joker's Wilrt .. Dinah Shor« Jeopardy IMVK. Americ Gambit ";* 1Z:15 - j Leave It To Carol .. Three on a Match - , 8'1 Make A Deal 3 A* The World Tu.'na « i # 12:35 *i Melody Matinee '§ *!:·« Newlywed Game .... G u i d i n g IJght 2. 3 b. s, 12 4, It ! Slar Trek Jeopardy Fugitive A n d y G r i f f i t h ' D r e a m of J e a i n i e ....... 5omer Pyle. US1IC Sesame Street '.'.".'. Merv G r l t f i n n Style Now You See It « 16 Wizard of Odds 2. 3. S. J Gambit 6. 16 ( A l l My Children . 12 «'*10:3t - Hrady Bunch B 12 Love of Life 8, 16 Hollywood Square* .... 2, 3. *. 1 * 10:55 - Coflce Break · News S 12 *U N -Jackpot 3, S. · Mike DouKlu The Youne and (he RntleH 6 I PAMWord I. 3 *1I:30 - Ci-lebrlly Swetpataket 1, 5. 7 Split Second «. " Search for Tomorrow t * 11:55 - Days Ot Our Llve« *1:30 Girl In My Life ... Doctors Ed£e of Price la R i g h t ..... Another World ..... General Hospital ... *!:}» - MaCch Game ..... How To Survive A Marriage ........ One U f a To LlTa .. *3:H - TaHIctale* ....... ... 8. 12 6. 16 2. J. J. 7 , . 2. 4. 5. t. . Cartoon* Tel' Yoga I. S. Joker's Wild Dick Van Dyke .............. Petticoat Junction ............ Deal The ClocX !,ucy Show Beverly Hillbin.e World Report To Tell The Truth . Andy G r i f f i t h 6 T r u t h or Consequence* 7 Mister Rogers 11 Electric Co. 11 T r u t h or Consequences 8 News 2 3. 5. 6. 7. 12 Twilight Zone 16 FRIDAY EVEN1NG- *»:»fl Consultation 11 News 2,3 5 6. 7. S. 12. 16 *l:3t - Draffnct S, 12 Adam-12 5 Treasure Hunt 3 Hogan's Heroes Iti Wall Street Week 11 To Tell Th« T r u t h 2 '; Movie l 5 , l' vc Got a Secret 3 J ! S a n f o r ! and Son 5 . 7 | Dirty Snlly 6, 16 B r a d v Bunch a 12 S 1 Washmston Week In Review 11 . 3 * 7:30 16 Lotsa Lue'/t 3 T 12 Gooil Times 6.' 14 . 7 Six Million Dollar Man . 5, 8 12 - 8 I n t e r f a c e .. . 1 1 . S * S:l!0 - · ' G i r l With Something Extra . 3. 7 · 2 : Movie 6, 16 Masterpiece Theatre 11 . 3 * S : V l . *' Brian Keith 2. 3 5, 7 . 7 i Odd Couple 8 12 12 i * S:00 " G l e n Campbell 2, 3, 5, T U .. 5, 8 Toma 16 Inside Oklahoma Education * 9:.W - 1C U 2. 3, 5, 8. T. . 12. 1* Pilot Film ,. Today's Yoga * 10:90 News * 10:30- Movle e. 9. 1» i'lshing Hole 12 Johnny Car^oa 2. 3 a. 1 * 1I:OD Country Place 11 + 11:30 Country Carnival , 1] * IJ:00 In Concert ... n Midnight Special 2. I. 1. 7 * 12:30 In Concert · * 1:30 -

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