Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 8, 1974 · Page 30
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 30

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1974
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

Noithwtn* Arkansas TIMES, WM)., May 8, 1974 r*V(TTtVILL«. AI»H»N»A» Sat* .IMCtsTEKKh rolled Hcrclort bull. montt», e\eelletit blrtoillnp*. rhone W xa. REGISTERED ANGUS We Invite you to vi*it and c« what 'we art doing. We also h a v e ' a few y n u n c bulls tor sale. 20 years of producing fine breeding fctock, Pteme Homer Fry 443-2529. FRY ANGUS FARM LARGB QUALITY Northern Ho.rtfii JV*rir«vr*, C-hlflnlna bied and op* Bitwm Rwf ss. Wya H Bnul her ry. ivv miles North X Oravclt-c on K, on* mit Cast on Rocky Poll l.Iffhvra*. REGISTERED 24- tirrd B«1-Mar J«m*Mo»n. Un-Ky r*kfa 5 p.m. I»e to rle disperse f o u r gtv* a w a y -: male, thr« top trceiu grte. pap* nished. MAUKKKN O'i S- SoU iKATKN down r.irjvl p*l*s no wh*Ti iluo UJstrp arrlvf*. Rent e!cvir!r strain. r f l , l*»i* »ru-., on the square. .1ATTHEW *· BOX «r It I SOS onlv 1ST QUKB.V A- K t S Q ,ic, also rtvnila Lirnumy a d vc rl i» cM bran! of tc n 11 i ly an't be iiul v, ncoomlor colors-- ilthlu!, g f n l l r . (inn support. Fee loiay I'ni1rl Frrichl SaUv.. Itwy. S3 W.. FayeMoviire. Open 9-9 Mon.-KrL. till 6 ^t. 26-- For Sol* -- Misceltan«oui 4fO I"OUNMS 1.000 LOCUST XAli. '.t fool ton?, Ford Inu-tur, V*o ST ic I3 31SS. K l k i n i . THE LITTLE WOMAN rtwible dre.^rr. ' cash or K/. 1 ·KwiNC! MAC-MINKS ---*ICI.K d) Received n yhipment wSUi |ush button revere* .li!Ji and z\zaf! control: famou* m.ikes. riiov may bo In.spct'lr'l and (filed :it U n t i e d J-VHffhl Sales, Hwy. S2 W.. J-'ay- cltcvillfr, open 9-9 Moi.-Fri., Ull « Sat. L Deifclon - Gnrit, the Pry al'j Choice. Cold and silver co!ni and ioM. CUM Ab« Uncoln 536- 27--Musical Merchandise AKC \Veim Ing and f V30 p.m. FOUR ar!( mese kitte Phone 5'.n-J421 Individual qullizei inx do D HORNED liKKKFORD 39DE1J. FARM, phone S46- IE ORO\ T I. « AMP-WOOM* * TK* Oortom o»d*. B*r ITtk ar«a Cots Pets GKSK PupT-« b' c-Hunpion- ar Chu I/-. Orchard Hil! A Cavorsham b]i»1lincs. nse«. ITwnc 413-47WJ afier ath of owner, we must our Scottish Terriers «l price. Make o f f e r . One * females. Show q u a l i t y , rig. 37 champions in p e d l - ers and pediprces f u r - Phone «,1-SSOfi O'nr.i! KHOA d(: ^iwmcr. tiunling 'kz ?rortmin?. Ml iso.iah'e profcssiirial "rown- 2-1743. XBBRMANH ffT pol OT show. Moodhnes. ^21-TMl AKf! Tr-nlstcrcd Irish ScUtr \cr]]fnl Mo'Jier's I)a- (Titl. 5 p.m. S31-3715, and an- Terrierj, small, piirohrcd red, while aM WarJt. no mpion ]tnp. SW-2S1. rt"*r p-jpplw. cxcrUcnl hunt- tl siock. CaU 524-3160 nfler -ab, lem-le, Fwlrrtlnl Elans. 6 w«*lc* old, J10 each. 421 COLLIER XALL EAST inary Department me Brand Lines » election at al) vetertiv lie*. Everything for ou *t* Shopping Center. Hwy. 16 ftut »ER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS )G GROOMING Appointment Call 443-3441 as 50 ib. «ack« at Wayne o dog food. Line of Pet Supplier m 11 Collier Store*. ROFESSIONAL 3G GROOMING ia Johnson, tiroomer used. Personalized ffroom with lender loving care SIGNAL BOARDING T CE TRAINING FOR ANY BREED 42-8592 dayi or even n me Needs- -For Sole ght IToovrr and one cnnlMc 1'hotie Kn-SCViri. '. enmnre dLsTiwashe r, avoca pjiine board lop portable. ?U- condilion. Phone 5'^l-T2fC. old ~n Inrji range, u-^ed fo 125, Phone 413-3^'fi. a ! e-s HWV. R2 w. , tv ptte vine, open -? Mon. · Kri., ILL) 6 fiA.l PTO. 3 position rerlinlne chAln: fw ra!c. Kvr^.lo.Tt ovidllion, Only 6 mnnttis V.I. Phone K3.102. FACTTOR v FU it NITUEI K-- nirert *i?- IIP:I!S a^virlcd piccfl.s. T^is wrrV only wifn/chalr set lor J119! 3 tMincrs at ;HP.tr5 N'o r^onc order 1 : p'rase. 3'irst ·onir first icrvM. Gish or (rms. United Xrcich'. SMIo-; II»y. R? \V,, KnycllevtfLe, Open 9-3 Mon.-FrJ., 1111 6 Sal. . . . Y)R s.M.K TJIJ^ soM: ircfl Chcvro'fl, tifols, c:ccltir rnnlor. clyiiirj!, !oh rrf her M u f f . 1124118. 00 off return r price o! Etna fluprr »|p] N'o. 01 IlRl bort sowing martii/jcs. IP scwrnc pp-rformancc ami versa tiHty the KljSA Super a r e unmat!hcrt. Come (or Ircc- rtemonslnition. NATIONAL AHKIfTS. 91S Young SL, Kirinzd-ilD. il-Wi.S5. frilafco china 12-p]n-« sellings f^rt; *.i lhcr-lop,noil Injitwofyi ivx-lctai! an'l (vlnc-s^apc'l r a m p Inhlr-i !70 ea.; JTim- lons sleep iota S?S: Fireplncc wrre^. oi n'j; an.0 iron?; , ]of* haskrl, c te. NO ninplcte; IV.itnul AM-TST Alnrm fSocV: 11; fediir-UiHv] rJirsi ^20: Quality luff- t«e $5 a nrt 57. sw forn r?r Ol iver fr ardwcll I^ne. ITione -tia-afiW. COIjK t'lulis lor «ite. Ur75 Tilleist Aetf-h- not ironu 2 thioufjti 'I, regain r sh«ft, F^ swin^ weight, wavls I thrtwph 4, tfttt ;Jia». D3 ssrtnir wciRhl. tfM n o w . hell Inr JffO ITione 4l2-774r, PKHKS, rh.iir'. file cnhinrls. con lor, decimate (Mlml.ilor. t.ihlr.s. slirlvjni: and drawing hoard. :'Jl-3t?J or WKfMS. SPECIAL THIS WEEK CHOICK FOR S25 Mausers -- M i l i t a r y 8mm (3 only) Mausers -- M i l i t a r y 7mm (2 only) MANY OTHER ITF.MS TO CHOOSE FROM A Few Smilh Wessons Just A r r i v e d BILLY G. SONS 2243 N. College Fayettevllle. A r k . 72701 S3 FT. KLATRHn single axle trailer. J100. Piwne SJfi-JC-l". K K A R K 1G inch echo rr^in iwiw, like new. Also 1*1 karri loose dinnioiKl. Phone W1-{J715 after S:00 p.m. HP.AND N 1:7,1' i'BWINO "MACHINKS f t ) Xali n n a L l y aJvcrr.iilc bntml. "ntcsc are sltPlch sl'i Lch , /.in^.1 K st w i i ig inarliincn t'oniptotc witli 'JO v i . guarantee to 1e solU fur $liy.95 reish or tpnns. These maehine.i have built-ui reverse .stilrh tiuUonholer ilarnlnR, nionOrTraniminR, And iminv other fratures. !^e thctti while the last "at Unilcd FreiRlit Pale, Hwy. 62 W- I\ivettcville, (n«n 9-9 Mon.-Fri,. tiil Sit. MATH1AS DISCOUNT 71 B South on Curve sandals Two pairs, ?j.OO *\ A YBR pianos, mnipletrly rchuill nn vfinishcvl Rolls avajlah'e. Phone H2- "SI or tt^-Wfl.1 . ·OMPOXKNT Stereo. 8 Inch speakers, \M-KM moiver, 1urn(ab!e, new slylus. 10Q. :i?l-51Ki. BTKROTS Tliiee deluxe .wild stale, fully ra risi stori ztf 1. s1 erenhon Jc hlph Mel i t y ·onsOs in heautifui lianl ruhbe^J IJnish. He uxc biar.rt of r«corl rhanger and 1 speaker a u d i i svsttm, at IJCT.'C. Cash or terms. United Krciehl Wilov, l i n y . R2 W., Fnvcttcville, opi?n 9-9 Mon.-Fri., till % Pa!, KK,S[KR tofecasler fpiiWr and ampvll- fier. super six reverse. Phone 412-TW, ORGAN -- Magnax-ov, lwo-kc fwa rl . all .ransi.stnr. Make of'cr. PV-ine OT7-M02. 28-- Antiques-- For Sale Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primillve* -- Glasa C h i n a -- Bra,«* -- Collector's Items Prairie Grove. Ark. Phone 846-2881 30-- Wanted To Buy WK hay used app 1 . larccs. Ref rij;e rsln rn , 1 rectors, mnzfs, washers, riryers. rlish- washcrs, working or not. Phone 635-5S28 for cush. c s C O I N S H O P PAWN Paying 160% Over Face for Silver fluy Sell All U.S. Coins 1208 S. Thompson 751-3718 WANTED: Hand-crank tyiw canning ma- eJi ue, (Capable nT seaming up (o one ttc-itlon.f cans. -U2-BWJ. m''HFST PK1CBS FOK GOOD USED FURNITURK A APPLIANCES INCLUDING ANTIQUES 442^591 WANTED 2 Ton '68-'tO model Chftvy. CMC, or International wither without beti. Must b« good truck. 751-6333. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING \m ABOVE FACE (Subject lo daily change, call for quose) Also need s m a l l coin ant! stamp collections top dollar paid FAYETIEVILLE COIN STAMP 2561 N. College. 521-M21 31 -- Wanted To Trade CAN OFFER SMALL 3 BOON FURNISHED HOUSE AND UTIL IT1ES TO YOUNG MARRIEI AGRI STUDENT IN EXCHANG FOR FARM WORK. r CALL 267-3607 5-8 -- =--S^^^^^ ff i $ "Sixteen requests for contribul doesn't that make you feel we strcel from campus". Summer rates, 511ft. Furnishc'l two bedroom, L-entral air, ·lishwasiior, H2-W10. FIJRWLS1IBI), Kraiiuate student only, ex- tm niw efficiency afar\mGnt, air-condl- Lifncd, nr» r-tLs, $?Z utilities anrt cah!e T«id, available May 12. Phone -t!2-EV:r2. T\VO be]rxyim hirntshed jipadment, a!r- i.-onriitiono'l, rJtqhwashor, i-arpetel throujrh- ewjl l 1 ^ i»lfM summer retiute*! rale.s, ?Jfi Univcrsily. Oakhill Apis. Phone 361- aicfi. SUMMER RATES AVAII.ABLE FOR YOUR INSPECTION: CHATEAU, INC. 1764 N. Leverelt Fayetteville 521-3313 , Mgr. Apt. No. 1 CHATEAU IV 174 N. Lcverett T a y c t l c v i l l e 531-3313 Mgr. Apt. No. 1 KEN CLAIRE 1900 N. Garland F.iyetteville 442-8981 Mgr. Apt. No. 64 COLONIAL ARMS 1211 N. Lex'erett Fayctteville S21-2110 Met. Apt. No. 1 J E N N Y L Y N N 11 South Duncan Fa yet Seville 521-7240 Mgr. Apt. No. 15 G A R L A N D G A R D E N S '000 N. Garland Fayctteville 442-8981 Mgr. (Kftn-Claire Apt. No W) 1 SWIMMING POOL OR J POOL PRIV. 344 C Fu For i June All i Ark! tioni 1 -- CUM InE and · 13-4 FIT t NBA carpf txiup 461U Nev Mo of rate q u a the Ca] 443- l Cor bdr bat (rig FUI hil Fu for Brj FU Net 521 FiARGK one or two bedroom ararlmont, i t i l i t i M paid, centra] location, l^hone S*l- 4;«5. I 34--Apartment* For Kent AljMOCT NKW two b*ffrwn [umls apartment!. 3 b:od(s campus, cen summer rates. 521-1013 or 531-WW THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSES The ultimate In 2 bedroom furnished and unfurnished, 1 !a bathj Icnccd pat COB washer-dryer con-. necllons, all electric kitchen, 1501 Lcvcrett Street. Phone 443-?072. 36--Houut For R«rrt 3*-MobiU H«m»» For Sato TOUR bedroom hou« with Urn lot. iust oulslde city. raralllH only. Call SHOWS atter S:S9 p.ra. TWO b*d ranm pa rttally furnished, U mites wc^l of airport on Mountain Drive. Phone M3?.39S. TWO BK»ROO[ pl house fent-ed back ; d«i or 3 bedroom ird Vt block from it!, (ITS a monlh. idv Immediately. Hbont 521-TZ77 or 9--Offic* Spoc» f Bvildlng* For Rent . New (own houses. Phone 521-4975. . 1828 N. Gregg. THREE bedroom, !'.» baths, family room. Root School, S1S5 month, J50 deposit, !aVe now. I'hone 44'_'-S210. 34--Apartments For Rent G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: ; AH Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Elsa Rosenberg Call Paul or 632 Putmon - 442-6638 TWO bedroom furnished, quiet ncislibor hw»I. 112 per monlli. retcrcnccs required 1 . Phone Dr. John SUfftf. 521-^020.^ TIIREB bedrooms, IVi baths, slove and rpfrigerslor, located in Woodlawn Heights Kprin£d«le. *160. Phone W3-2131 or SHXD, 3 bedrc»m. ^Bshe carport 969 Li California- PUTMAN-miJ* A^AHTSTKNTS Furnlsehd two bedroom nparfmcnls condilloncfl -- carpel -- Karb_. osnl -- nar University -- 412-8797 r 4 p.m.. MISTY HOLLOW APTS. Two blocks of campus. Summer Rates, 442-1460, 521-12-19, or 521-22*8 BEVERLY MANOR APIS. EXCELLENT FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD Untumlsrwd, fully carpeled, Ihiee rooms, den wilh fireplace, ulility n two baths, douWe car garage, « heat and central air. On Urge lot CaJ sa-6505 lo inquire. 37 Mobile Homes Space! For Rent lAIXURTOUa 2 bedroom mobile horn* Oliler 1 bedroom mobile home. 3 rooi collage .ind I! room ai»rtnien1. 4-12-2(0 T\VO bwlroom near aior ami lights SUMMER RATES ·nished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For immediate occupo.incy. Also for June Sept. Completely carpeted. All utilities paid except Electricity. Arkla gas heating and air condi- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- TownhoiLses B e a u t i f u l l y Decorated Frost-Free Refrigerator 186-Lb. Capacity Freezer GO Ft. Pool Complete L a u n d r y Acres of Playground Quirt, Family Atmosphere 1900 Mchnar Drive Office 413-21-11 -- Apt. 100 CUMMINGS APARTMENTS. Now rent- ier summer. Close lo campus. One two be drooms, lum i shed. Phone FURNJSlfED Rpnrtment S3STJ T«r month UnEkimi.shed ar*arbnent JlOO per month. All b i l l s paid except water. 641 Whitham. FURNISHED OTH male. bedroom, carpet, nlr- private parkin? single te- pels. J42-ir ) 38 or 442.6733. U.VFTJR.VISEIKD apjirlment, two room,?, t50-SK5 per month plus !S c up dcpo-iit- Reference retfulrcd. Jfe Block Sts., Apl. 12. -M 2-7700. ixitii. Won 1 for part-tin (aitn NICK two bedroom, fviriUtfied. centi [·ondUlouing, aulcmxtlic w*asher, pf ·ilcjje, located Western Hills Tni pis and sjwra paid. *l'JO.JF1ionc 412-27: COUNTItV living. Close-in piivale. I' bedroom, 12\GO carpel ctl. large kileln a l l hills paid, *150. Phone -1 tt-107 rclia HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south of the Science Engineering Building. One and two bedroom, furnished a p a r t m e n t , available now. Also leasing for summer and fall. Summer rates. 521-3825. iLY new, nic , ;hed except sieve ref i-i ser ·peted, air ami central ho^t. Mn :c. Xo pets. Call 443-:!SC or 443- alter 4:00. NOW AVAILABLE 1 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APTS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large poola. recreation room. Summer rates fecUve J u n e 1st, CAI,I 521-7200 9 TILL 6 .70 TOTAL y full b*tta, Earl; iple IwuUUoo. dll ·llwood. aitlonwlde. IOO OMMKRCIAL BuildinC, Twm*tp ftmd, JrrentH' under construction 3«0 «pi«i* ct. Lontf tc-rm Leave tv«l!abl«. All «r irt. Ideal for shop, w*r*hou» er offk* «cc. Phone 443-CGS"). 500 st\. 11. Office or w»i tiway firoitace. .'J568 or 44*-'.2in. JWV « and n Bypaw, Wfstxmta C«nler. 5,000 squaw f«t, 1K oat, air, carpets two b*tfw »nd aom* gures. KeawnaM«. Chrl CblUer «t 4O- 3J2L 000 KQ. T-1. store on West ~ T,I[V. Ptione OFFICE BUILDING FOR RENT G5 N. College, 5 offices and a eccption room. CaC Jarne* Baker .21-1300. Baker- Freeman 1618 N. Collegs 521-1300 40--For Rent Or leas* KUIlNlKHD 2 beUrooni, ai mobile home, must be quiet no children, no ircl/, 5110 month. ami utilities 1x3id. Also trailer srtao snnnll trailer welcome. £». sewer pai iW-5-Jfil. GOOD COUNTRY living s|*iftf at Gic is, 1« West. Phone 413-1628. ·: bedroom witli iltniy, modem, elc lo UA. $75. ou pay sas and clcclrici Phone 11:1-1559. __ __ SIsTKHHP mobile homes Also slices for rent. Wayne Klnklc Mobile Home Park. Hvvy. 16 East. Phone 413-?fi5S. "SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY J miles U of A. -- I mile NW Ark. Plaza on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd. Phone 443-2-152. CHOICE RETAIL OR WHOLESALE SPACE ISfjO £i. It. In a n«w bluldlnff. Locate4 one block west o[ llwy 71 en Biclnl* Avenue in ifrrinffiar2 1'anclcd. c«nlr»i anil air conditionlns. Lots « parV. ini:. CM'ellcnt location. High traffic cowl C.ill ITil-O^Oi atlcr 6 p.m. 41--For Rent--Miscellaneous SECURITY SELF-STORAGE :i SIZU UNITS. NIGHT UGIFTINO BUSh\ESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O RSHORT TERM HENTAL E. 19th ST. FAYETTE- LLE. Phone 7S1-T06S FREE RENT THIS MONTH v apartments now available, .'e in now and get [he month of May rent free. Special summer , Two bedrooms, furnished, ity htiUt apartments with all extras including dishwashers, today for an appointment, LEASING FOR SUMMER Corner of Leverett Lav/son, townhousc apartments. 1 \ SKULL CREEK APTS. 900 N. Leverett 321-2761 1. 2, and 3 bedroom furnished or unfurnished. AU utilities paid, two swimming pools, tennis courts, laundry, grocery, fias facilities, air 35--Duplexes For Rent SUNLOVERS Mobile Home Own ers SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-Up For a limited time only. Call today SHENANDOAH MOBILE HOME VILLAGE. Highway 16 By-Pass 4t3-i7o7. Swimmiag pool, storage buildings, patio, fias grilles lights. Laundry. KOPRR months, $125, MAGIC CHEF ranee. Gibson frost-clearj % refrigerator, small upnzM freezer, living-' it»c*ii ati'l bedroom [nr/iittirc, everything must go. Phone 621-659 or come by 15,15 N. GarJand. RPOTS hpforf your eyes -- »n your Tie carpet--remove them with Blue Luilc Rent plcdric shaninooer $1. Polk i'urn tor*. 606 W. Dickson. WESTERN Shirts -- $7M up, W e s t e r n BLouse-s -- J1.85-S5.83 AMERICAN made canvas -- $1.30 fv up. LADIES bras -- Carnival brand -Va Price. BEN Hofian Foot Joy MBVI Mary Jvan, Superstar of OUT Economy Team, *ays here's soma_ Fuel for Thought Block. Khnro ]j Phone 442-S713 SFAI.K -people. JtO RKAIJ.Y NICK, NICELY lu carpclert, caled. conv Now leasi f o u r bedr furnished. Priced less than Volkswagen's most popular model. The mawfacturer's suggested retail price for Ouster is SI73 less than the Volkswagen Super Beetle. That's one way Duster giwes you economy... here's another. More miles per gallon than Nova, Maverick and Mustang II. hi recent U.a Auto Club tests, Duster's Slant 6 got better gas mileage on the open road than the Nova and Maverick 6. And, in city driving, even got slightly better mileage than the 4-cylinder Mustang B. The mileage tests were sanctioned and the results were certified by the U.S. Auto Ctub. The test Duster was equipped with ·tandard transmission, standard 2.76 fuel-saving axle and open-road testing was done at a constant speed of 55 mites per hour. All ctf which prows that our Duster s an economy car superstar. Come on in and aeeotnow. Seeyour Crrygtor-Rymouth Economy warn. IVEY MOTOR CO. 620 N. College --442-8691 "^ I N. College. 51M-6421 ted To Trade, TER SMAL1, 3 ROOM ED HOUSE AND UTIL- O YOUNG M ARRIED TIDE-NT IN EXCHANGE M WORK. CALL 267-36OT ms For Rent INN. 311 Wcsl Mountain, has s open Irom ?12.aO per w«lt. ooms a\-ai!ah ^ray 15-23 ro living mom, kite-hen, hath. IB after 5:IJO. 20-30. with 3 othe r youn g week for rent, Jfi week to erics. Free launilry, 2 blocks ms. Call early in the mom- 5. rent, cnrnoleri, central hent, en, llffl Bast RiripGwav eUeville, Thoiic liafiTJS. rlmenls For Rent ICE, nnn or 2 bedroom apart- aywoort I^inr. Phone 521-1739. rnlslicrf. Uiree room aparlnicnt, enicnl to hospilals, lire ha(h, E MANOR~APTS7 ^TTEVILLE'S FINEST sing one two three or rooms -- Furnished or un- 3001 Wedington 1-7206 -- Office in Apt. 1 TP.OOT apart me n1, furnisJiefl at and air. L\mp! ctcly i-a r- 0 month All bills pa d. 521- Wfore" 9:30 a.m. or after ii£p Vile-hen and balhronm. Pria noc 1 . Off strop I p.i rki n«. SX. ^1^^ ^ iSi ' ·**-i\Ws5SSS -^g^^*--;S^i* B ' n ALL Chrysler c Oil F i l t e r Spe( SPECIAL Lube Job with Front Wheee! Be G A R L A N D C i A R U t N b '000 N. Garland Faycttcville 442-8981 Mgr. (Kftn-Claire Apt. No. SWIMMING POOL OR POOL PHIV. FARGK one or two bedroom aiwrlrnont, i t i l i t i w paid, t-entra] location, l^hone S*l- WANTED: Female roomm;ife to share nice apartment, 3 blocks Irom ampu5, iff/.aO Share electricitj-. Call 5T3-30U1- S-5:00 weeMays. NICEITjY ( unii-Jierf , rodecoraied u pstai rs nrl. \mn!e over 50 or one person over M). ?fi5 monlh, utilities r«!d. 310 N. WashinMton. -H^-K113. J-TJRNISHKD apartment elfiL-iencies, one in verv n.uict environnie al, close to campus. 52L-2236. ONTJ and two bedroom , summer a nd rail rentinz. Cio*e (o University. 142^022 or alter 6:00, T21-216. FURNISHBD APARTMT.NT, 2 beiiroom, all utilities pai'I. 2 blocks Irom University on Lovpron. ?110 a month. Available now. -U2-!WSfl. clients, 7 So. Duncan. Wc-11 furnish*], central air. dishwa*pr, disposal. J1S. B E H I N D THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple I and 2 Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished May 15th, for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 STUDRNTfl : Furn i shed apartments, ! Koch-s from c-ampus. Cottases in country, 10 minules from campus. J55 up- I'honc 44^-fi3vt. menl of prh-alc TP side nc-c. C'iose to ram- pu s. lies si-ve now for summn r or lal 1 . S!0 month. 521-7120. T\VO BKDROOM niroly fiirnislied. Block '? from mmpii;;. F'lillv carpeted, central heat/air. Alt utdlilleps paid. J14Q month. TilREE BEDKOOM unfarnishcrt apartment on Hwy. 62 West. Phone 443WI8 LUBRICATION SPECIAL! it HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS, INC. Now Thru MAY 31st nd Datsun Products ; J Q | _ Reg. $8.25 . . . $5.98 Oil Special 99 aring and Check Front ngerator. dishwasher, disposal, burnished or unfurnished. W:iler nil paid. One unit vacant May 1st. j'ive u n i t s vacant June 1st. For information and application call Bryce Davis. 321-8690. 808 TOWNHOUSE FURNrsirEI) verv nice and convcnienl. Nrtllcship Apts., 15SO Ncttleship, Rion« 521-3S72. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.00 Two Bedroom 125.M Three Bedroom 143.0C All utilities paid, central heat and a/c. unfurnished, famines. WASHINGTON ^^^J^^ APARTMENTS ^^^^J 1655 N. Lewis 521-3073 Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sundays SCHOLARS I N N NOW LEASING FOR S U M M E R One bedroom efficiency furnished a p a r t m e n t . Utilities paid, $70. From A f t e r 5:00 and weekends call 4429198. NOW rt^nllns for summer and fall-- one and two bcrlroini npartmnrts. Kerr Investment Co. E:TI-J?r!6 or 412-2537. FURNISHED tri-picx. Save Rns! Near campus, one bedroom, paneled, tile sliow- er and tub, marricl cou pie. \ Iso one e ficiency for mature student, phone -J42- 8335. FTIR NISHED apartment an d furnished mobile home, Deposit required. Hanna Marine, 600 IV. 6th St. Rione Kfl-6SS5. SBVERAI, one anrt two bedroom apart mcnt s, rinse tn cam pits cwi Ounui n summer rates, fTa to $125. Plione 53 5071. TWO bedroom furnlshert apartmenls, ?10-i per montli [!ILS utilities. fjiore lo ram pus, 7W N', Garlanri. 412-941S- ONK, two, and three bedroom furnish« apartnonL?. SfiO to $1.10, University t'am pus airEi. Phone -V12-2770, SPECIAL SUMMKK KATKM RAKOE1BACK FI*\ZA now taking applica tions for June 1. Furnished, 2 bcJroomg 2 bath fuLLv- carpeted, dishwasher, poo all bills raid. 'Walkinff disiance to Un versify. Phone 53L-M76 mnraser apart menl No. 11 after 5 p.m. S31-12K3. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: · Central Air · Shag Carpot · Qupen size beds · Frost-free re fri-j. · Dishwasher Dispoaa · Pool · Free TV Hoofcup. Low summer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom §12750 -- Two Bedroom AH bills paid except electric 443-3216 ^^ GRANDVIEW V M B p A P A R T M E N T S LHM^ NOW LEASING 1, 2, and 3 bedroom a p a r t ments, Furnished or U n f u r nished, Central heat and at conditioning. Drapes. U n f u r nished. Family l i v i n g . Start ing at $101 per month, Phon 521-8796. Manager on prem ises. uncled throughout, close to Um- " ersity. Redwood simdeck, U n f u r - ished. S 1( * 5 P n r month. Call L C D Boss at G-allery of Homes. 531-7272. J ONB BKtHtOOM duplex. unAtrnishrr! ex. cpt stove and refrigeralor. $; a niftfith ]us utilities. Phone 442-P«V2. "\VO bedroom duplex, unf u rnisTicd , stove, irfwasher, disposal, washer/dryer con- cdioris, fireplace, Root Scluwl area, S11O wr month. Phone 521-162S. TWO bedroom duplex', u nftirn i shed oxoppt love, re/rlseratnr anil lmpos, wsishcr onnectinn, ample 1 parking. fSO por m«nlh. Oal' 442-9SS6 or 4-13-4Sa» a f t e r 6 p-m. LARGK aUractivc, furnished apartment n dupl ex near Univcrally. Aw i! able May 1C. Couple preferred. I'lione 442-JSS. VK3T o[ UJiIvprsHy, one hcdmom, (urn- shed §SQ per monlh, bills paid, one student. Phone 442-ES30. TWO fjcdroom furnishod. all extras, in a triplex, S135 Quiet neighborhood , walk o school. Hurrv for this. 4-i^-S3.12 or 5'.n-IM ask lor Steve. JUFLBX, unturnLslioil, two ted rooms, a- rliilts proferrpd, on tt'hlllCK.'h Street- Phone TOO bedroom, lumlshed duplex apartment no utilities fa^- Phone 52i-l(Ma AUso av-aiiable, unfurnisbed duplexes. NK\V, two licdroom unfurnished apartment -.ill utilities paid, 5125 ;x;r monlh, PhiLlii..; Drive, 521-7108. TWO bedroom fnrnlsbrd duplex $70 furn- shed, S65 unfurnished. Two bedi-oom rurnished Imtter. Electricity and water furni.fjipd. 5S5. C. R. Paulk. 839-26T3. jUAK,\NTBED QUIET, couples and ma- ,ure singles otily. Tft r O bedroom un- 'urnihsed, except stove and refrigerator, JLH). Call 521-1621 aftei 5 p.m. TWO bedroom, shas carpet, stove and refrigerator furnished. Central heat and air-con di Honed, sarbase disposal, wash- er/drj'^c connections. 4-12-8878. 36- Houses For Rent 2 RKDROOM furnished, central air/heat, in Norlhrasl. N'o jwls. Jcposils rwiuirC'l. 51 ?5 monlh. Immctlfale oct-upancj-. 44^- FUKJCIKlfKI) house, four riwrn^ nnd Kith, blocV; Jrom main ranipujs. couple preferred. Phone W'2-1 aw. UXFtlR-NISirKU, five rooms and bath, W«-k from L'am pus. fi cepla ce, ca rpol. room ai r-cond i ! tone r, rcf riccrator and kiUihen stove, couple preferred. Phone ON K hcH room (iirni-shcd house. STv per month no pels, avnllnWe midiSle of Mar- 'Phone -H2-2SfiO. TAVO, three .and /our bedroom houses for rent, furnished, completely carpeted. nicel v decorator!, d csi n/iect lor sturfents and faculty members- U3-Z14I. ^'UK.^^-SHf:D two b^room, two htrx-Vrs from campu5, summpr only, air-conrlilion- ed. reasonable, rhone J531-il!i, ask for Dave, SlIITARLR for couple only-. 1425 IjUn.T* fonl. $105 plus security denosil, one ypar lease rcfcrcnres. Phone 52I-3-S5G or nTS-WO], Kairnes. 1 IJFjOCKS from campus, $125 month, all bills exrerrt telephone paid. 2',4 bedrooms furnished. For Pummer. Pnoae THRKK Tx;droom hou.w. partly fum shed. Close lo University and citj- parlr. 4;T Prospect. Phone 442-7737. FIVE BEDROOM furnished house, four b'ocks from new stiirfwit union, ava t- ahle summer only. KSW monthly. Phorw 44.^2227, IN Johnson, one bedroom house, singl? ao^lt, eas and water paid. 751-9791 till 2-3 BKDROOM furnished:. \', acre wood* FREE MOVE Wouldn't you really ralher live 31 Villa? We your prese will move you from it location -- FREES Villa MOBILE HOME . 71 N. PARK 443-221 Entrance ACTOM from Holiday tn ONE und two bedroom mobite home for renl. furnished and air-condilionc{ At Villa Mobil* Home Park. Phone -til 22M. , JHC Uiree bcdrooni trailer home, 4135 tnontli. Country living. Couples onl BllLt paid. Call NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK spaces * Alr-cond. moWlo horoei rent Good llvinTM at Good Prices We*1 Enrt St -- \\'~ ml. N.W. ol UofA. Call S21-5323 or 521-5^0, KURNISUKD, two hodroom mohilc lion. carpeted, Rir-eonditioncd, washcr/dr conncclions. Space 123 jrcKim Mano 7S7-5I1!). IjyT FOR mobile home, das and wit furnished. J.tO a month. Phone ?67-? Farmingtc MOBILE HOMES 2554 ML Comfort Rd. -- M2-6Z2S Fayetteville SALES and PARK tU 9 Each Evening MJRNISirBn two herlroom mobile h Carpeted, nirrnndilionetr, pool ptivjl wa!lier nnrt flrycr hookups, pas pa it] rent pasture for horws in citj .ist near Butferlteld 3*eoJ. Phon* 3--Real Estate--Want«d "·PROXIMATKr-Y 10-50 acres wHJi of Ihmil house, within 30 miles of Pay- Leville, Krnsonahly priced. Write irv rmnlion lo : Ijcon Lowe, 22f» Suttna rive, Jonesboro, Ark. T3VK. ANTED lo real oi lease: Pasture Land, 000 acres or more, any and, all six* ireages considered, Phoo« after 5:30 m.. 521-M60. 5--Lots For Sale IO1CK U)TS in re.sirfential drweloi i Crossover ilI. 0.73 aere. 55,500 and: VT ntTc. JtJ.fiOO. rtwns 513.-3363 or after ro p.m. sai-rwak XH ,ncre hnlldine site on Shadow rid re rive, bieiilht.ntiinK view, In select ncijrh- rhoorl. For Inrtlier Information ea!3 442- fil wcekcfays 8-n. BUILDING SITES lAHGE LOTS. CLOSE IN. NEW .REA. HAS A BEAUTIFUL VIEW. \t,L UTILITIES. YOU WILL HAVE 'O SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS \RE AVAILABLE. BY OWNER. 442-7511. in Foil Ctvartftttee. Florida, . _ y and lake over payments. ·Jl-Jfl.36 atler 5 p.m. 6-- Farms Acreage* XNG TKRM LOAMS en la TO VI d M1UI s-- Federal Land Bank AJHC PtUHM 273 for mom 47--Real Estate--For Sale-- :i,"i. OR! the most for your mon- 4 iH^rlrooms 2 baths -- Z ftre- i;cs -- 2 level with lots of Hv- lor a family. Price $36.500. A-1S3. Profit by buying now. 21M It. S beriroxims. -- 2 . bath. S ^arnge. Screenpd patio. Ijols of t r n c s , ' C a l l for showing. Pric* i3S,700. 2243 N. College 521-1180 REALTOR Call: Bill Kceton LeRoy Willis Patt CarmichaeJ xine Smith Mildred Graue BUI C. Graue 442-M1C Ui-4117 442-2291 521-3793 Brake Linings. Reg. $12-98 SPECIAL . . . $6.98 Disc Brakes $3.00 Extra We have an expert body shop to repair body damage quickly and efficiently. All Specials Effective Thru May 31 it HOUSTON TAYLOR MOTORS 3372 N. College 442-4251 BASHiJMENT rooms, 2 Rocks quiei slud«nt. ? .n_.tii\,j ajiniji.!..!.. j. i wl, small family, from campus, for wry ion Lewis, 16 West Evenings. Deposit, 0 t'lls paid. 521-ZK8. I rent negotiate. TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 B K A N D new 12x50 two bedi conditioned, Tullj' carpelcrl, n pels. !i25 month, ?i0 Cleanup de- K n j o y lire us you inhabit this 11 acre tract w i t h a 30 or 40 mil* v i u w of our Ozark Mountains. Th* acreage is nearly a t l in dark tfreen Fescue;. Two ponds. Two well*, one for house and one for a Hk« new 375x32 steel trussed, all In* sulntcd Broiler house with auto- m a t i c fH]iiipmnn(. Home is 2, bedrooms w i t h Iprge den with fir*. place plus l i v i n g room, nice kitchen anrl h a t h - u t i l i t y room. A place you w i l l enjoy looking at and one we'll enjoy showing. Tt· priced r i g h t at M8.000. Drlv down :»ii. a h - ; and let us show you. children, I 38-Mobile Hom« For Sale i llonod , un- fhcr, stove obile home. Air ro furnished except for (lish and refrigerator. 521-3700. ^ ^ 372, 12v6i. 2 bednxim EroatJrnore; skirting, rontrnl nir. X-i V i l l a Park-. Ovrnc-r tate, must sell. 'Jl^TiH. _ 12x60 TWO bedroom r«rtiii!ly furnished. Corner lot ir Western Hills. W.OOO. 531-7415. 14x64 TWO bedroom, large Wlrheji, Hv- JnBmom and bath, furni.s'hed, Incatecl Ln Fayetteville,, must sell. »K-ZHfi^ WESTERN HILLS Mobile Homes Like new 1972 and 1973 Hepoa, Free Deltvery ** Setup Hwy. «2 West at 71 Bypa« MEWIIN RF.AITY CO, 8X9-2522 or 83»?259 West Fork. Arkansas IX5VTNG HOME NEEDS NEW FAMILY 2 Acres off 45 East. Buttrrfl«14 School, brown cedar, native stona (rim and fireplace. Over 1,900 sq. ft. Ccn t ml a-e, carpeted, S bedroom 2 hath.s, huge familyroora, ci mini-room, kitchen with eating space. Stable for HORSES. Completely fenced. By Owner. Mid Wa. 521-W97 LOVELY ALL BRICK HOME Buflerfielrl District, 4 bHroocns, walk-ta closet, two baths, Aha* carpet* out livintfroom. dining are*, l-imilv ioom/(irc[!apt, utility ronm, pantry, lLshwa!iher/s«1f;!«intn(t own, «n- Iral a i r , double Bar»(t«. tencfA tn yanl. E.IS «ri!l baskettMill court, 9% \a* en nHy loa n ran be Knm«d, Phone 521-S190. 80 ACRES Irf«i Dcveioomenl Prosed Jus* 3 miles from downtown B«rtflnrt!!» fratn dormloim KMm, hclwren Hitfiway 1K *ni n Nonh. C5ty » gas ana sew«r »r«IHh!t. Also has two houses ami Mm. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OMTAOT CASE REALTY, Inc. 415 East Locust--Highway 12 East Kogen, Arkansas 72756

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