Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 8, 1974 · Page 28
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 28

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1974
Page 28
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I'M fORKf TO HEAR THAT.. I* IT 5CHOOL A6A1N? Q, I VEAH...ACCORPIN6 TO A RECENT POLL, AW «TI/P|DHV IS ON THE RISE! ^$£5 * *^V X ^ O § WEIL, WELL, SOT YEAH. TWICE" WE'VE GOT A I THE VALUE BUYER'FOR Otf? /OF ITS GOLD NOT BAP, SUU.Y,AVJ tET'S NOT WALK IHTO A TRAP, SULLY. ^: ep _.. A ,. , «|| 1 CHECK THE KIP OUT. MAKE DOUBLY /ESPECIALLY ^1 L 6URE HE'S NOT FKOW 1NTERPOL. X"! WHEN.POLICE ALL II OVER THE WORLD 1^ ARE CLOSING IN. ' WMMMV M0 STIU. WANTS VWV6S ·re want TV* Hf-ftM IN rue F*M*y~ 1XY9 Uf WOATiM- ICEMANPS ^8j«--_. MVNEUJMfllL-ORDER GIRDLE COME TODflV, ME LOOK A HEflP SLIMMER GOODY I! GO PUT IT ON SO'S I CflWSEE 40RE NEW FIGGER ( I ALREflDY } ^ GOT IT ON!?/ OH,VJ HAT SELFISH CHILLUN.'.' DON'T VO'THINKVORE ' PAPPY WOULD US SCRWSGS TRAVELLED A THOUSAND MILES TO SHOOT VDKOMSrf WHAM* THtt? OKAY! WHAT'S TM£ CRIME Z SfcPPZP THIS 5UY R?OM SfAUNS THE 5TW OUR SQUAW WAS COOKIN6 FOR YOU, CM? 1 . HAN6THAT VWJON6/ J MAN W HIS c ^ f -^jf JHUMBS! LSI ^H^. \ TdE ROAD 1$ OUT AHEAD AND Trie TRUC* MA4 A BROKEN AXi.e LUCKILY I 0RIN6IN3 MV INFLATABLE PILLOW YOU NiVER HAD IT W BEFORE. DID YOU' ) = * NOBODY S EVER ORDHPJED IT TWICE -Bclicvo/torMrt/ 32 · FAVnT NerlfiwMt Arkorao. TIMES, Wed., May 8, 1974 IVILLI, AKKAHtA* _ __ . UIIINIMII ..... uiuin FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope NtiiiuDiiiwMiiHiiiMiwiinnniiittiiiu^ ·JHONPRA MOSQUC in AW, INDIA, is KNOWN AS THE HUTOf2J4DArS" BECAUSE IT WAS CONVERTED FROM A HIUDU muLf TO A MOHAM- CZARINA ANNA IVANOVNA ( 1603-1740) of Russia HAD THE POWER OF LIFE ANB DEATH OVER HER SUBJECfS- YET SHE FREQUFNTL Y KflEL T BEFORE HER CHHMBCRLAM JOHAUtJ ERNST, von BIREN TO BfS THAT HC SPARl THf LIFl OtONlOfHfK 6000 FKIIHK A HORSESHOE ATTACHED TO THE DOOR OF THE CHURCH OF ST. SEVERN, FRANCE, MADE 8V A BIACKSMITH IN THE 13th CEWTURY, WAS DESIGNED B ENUPAP THf £NTIRE HOOF LESTER L- COLEMAN, M. D. Readers Share Rx's For Cramps, Sores linnilHIIIIIIH^ I want to share with you two letters from my readers. The first, from Rev. H.A.P. in Ohio, reads, "An item in your column said that a lady was able to stop leg cramps by holding her nose. I have had this problem for a long time. Not many nights after reading this I had an opportunity to try it. It worked in a matter of seconds. I want to thank your and the lady wh osugegsted this easy remedy for sharing it with us." CANKER SORES Another letter f r o m M r . N.M.S.. in Florida: "I h a v e been suffering for years with painful canker sores, f finally realized that 1 had been drinking too much coffee. I replaced coffee, except (or one cup to start the day, with buttermilk. Since then I have had no more the mouth." It is most receive letters like these. They o stop taking them on my Mrs. M.B., Mich Dear Sirs. B.: The drugs you mentioned are ones that most certainly cause dependency, il not outright addiction. Nine years is a long time to :ake drugs of this nature without interruption. Now thai your life canker sores of gratifying to reflect share spirit wanting to other readers unusual experiences that can be mutually beneficial.- Are Iranquilizing drugs anc anti - depressants addictive? have been taking them for nine years and would like to slop Look in the section is which] your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR THURS. MAY 9, 1974 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Some p a s t agreements may have to be revised, strengthened. Competition should enliven the day in an interesting and challenging manner. Be responsive to new ideas. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Consider all propositions and suggestions offered, but do not be inveigled into anything that's not your dish. Fine influences stimulate your ambition. G E M l N K M a y 22 to June 21) Don't give up on a pet project Because it seems to lack luster. Try a novel twist in approach- to restore incentive and get going again. CANCER (Juno 22 to July 23) Organize your schedule so as :o eliminate time-wasting confusion. A good activity day for those horn under this Sign. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Your judgment a hit cloiub now, so make no major cle cisions and. above a l l . don'l launch any new undertakings Stick with the familiar. VIRGO (AuR. 24 to Sept. 23) Certain dilemmas and ob stacles will not be as difficul tn handle as you may think Don't let them keen you from appreciating your advantages. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) No matter what changr-s an made in your routine, even ii your environment, vou cm make qtiick adjustments, shouli get alon.E* well and even mak notable improvements. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Unexpected interruptions ma slow you down a bit hut. you coordinate as you shoulc you will find the means t straighten everything out sati factorily. AG1TTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. Adjustments, revisions, quick langes may be the order of ie day. Take all in stride. Dts- ·ibute energies judiciously; on't argue where tact, finesse 'ilt w i n , APRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) Some things may bother you lore than usual. Don't fret. :ather, check and look mor» loscly into pertinent matters-0 find the cause, and be able o cope. 4QUAR10S (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Bo careful how you express f oursclf now. Reach conclusions 1 a logical, orderly manner, our decisions could affect lany; also, your example. 'ISCES(Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Your native intuition and self- eliance stimulated now. And wth will be needed if you are o solve some possible tricky" i t u a t i o n s . Don't becom* anxious, however. YOU BORN TODAY ar» extremely versatile and are endowed with a personality so engaging t h a t you can sdl yourself and your wares with an almost unbelievable ease of effort. You are especially gifled along creative lines, with music, literature and the d r a m a n the front line of your many affinities. You have also been endowed with the proverbial g r e e n thumb" and would make an excellent horticulturist, botanist or agriculturist. You are self-sacrificing and will lend yourself to causes [o humanitarian value. As a teacher or nhysician you would be outstanding but, no matter what you take up as a career, it will have distinctive touch-the mark of the true artist. Birthrtate of: Sir James M. Barrie, novelist. dramatist: Henry J. Kaiser, industrialist. order," it is time for set out on a program of releasing yourself from the Mndage of your dependency. With substitute drugs which, Loo, can be tapered off, and psychological support it should not be difficult for you to break (his dependency. Are sulfa drugs classed as antibiotics? Miss A.T., R.I. Dear Miss T.: Sulfonamides (sulfa) are synthetic chemicals which were found to be very effective En combatting some forms of bacteria. 'LIVE DRUGS' Antibiotics a r e chemical substances that are produced by living micro-organisms. Both sulfa drugs anr] the j _ antibiotics have an antibacterial 1 have my life i n ] f u n c t i o n . The ctwice of one or the other depends on the nature niiiiiniiiiinniiiiniiiii!H!iiiini!iiii!ffl!iit!iiii!iniiii!!iiNniira^ B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) !llllini!!!llll!llllllllll!!lll«lllll!lll!IINini!lllUII!ll!!inllllll!lllll!l!li!]!« have been taking the following drugs, but I am afraid of the bacteria that have invaded the body. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer North dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH *7 2 * K98 3 * A Q J 10 7 5 * J ST EAST 3 * 8 65 1 5 4 » A Q 7 « K6 4 + K 9 5 2 SOUTH * A K Q J 10 V 6 2 · 9 8 2 + A 83 ACROSS 1. Carney, etal. 5. Young boy Curse of cities 12. Bumpkin 13. Be in debt 14. Decorative metalwork 15. Exclusive right 17. Man in Genesis 18. Platform 19. Drawing rooms 2L Perfidious friend 24. Animal doc 25. "Auntie 28. Take the bus 30. Money of account 33. Philippine volcano 34. Ankle bone 35. Edible seed 36. East Indian muslin 37. Portent 38. Unit of force 39. Table scrap 23. Commercial vessel 25. Fairy queen 26. South American river Z7. Towel decoration 29. Sand hill 31. Operate 32. Goddess of infatuation 34. Carry 38. Small handbill 40. Ladder rounds- 42. New: comb, form 43. At a distance 44. Capital of Latvia 45. Pintail duck 47. Railway station (Fr.) 4S. Discharge 49.^ Gypsy husbands 52. Goddess of harvest Answer to yesterday's piuzle. 53. Pinch 41. Western city 43. Reasons 46. Garden tool 50. Neve 51. Opposed to digamy 54. Amalekite king 55. Slender finial ·56. City in Pennsylvania 57. Male sheep 58. Moot possession (abbr.) 59. Soaks. DOWN 1 Charitable gift 2. Source 3. Prickly pear 4. Cheap cigar 5. Card game 6. Pointed tool 7. Rulers of Tunis 8. Fur piece 9. Wearisome sameness 10. Pearl Buck heroine 11. People (Fr.) 16. Size of coal 20. The birds 22. The chickpea Average time o( lolution: 23 roin, LIOIDBAIDIEIN The bidding: South I * 3 * West Pass Pass Opening lead - six of clubs. Let's say you're in four pades and West leads a club. r ou win East's king with the ce, r u f f a club in d u m m y , Iraw three rounds of trumps, nd try a diamond finesse. East akes the king and returns a luh, whereupon West wins with he ten, shifts to a heart, and lown you go. The next day you visit your sychiatrist and tell him about the dreadful luck you encountered on the hand. After' all, West could have had the king of diamonds - in which case you'd have scored thirteen ricks instead of nine - or, ailing that, he could have had Ihe decency to hold the ace of iearts - in which case you'd have made at least ten tricks. The psychiatrist hears you out patiently and, after you rise from the couch, tells you that despite your bad luck you should have made the hand. He points out thai it would have been better to let East win the first trick will the k i n g of cluhs, in which case the contract would have been frigid. Whatever he returned, you'd be iti the driver's seat, At worst you'd, lose t club, a diamond and a heart, period. Reluctantly ymi n^ree with the man - partly because he charges plenty for listening to you. and partly because his analysis is mi.inswcrablc!. You tell him he's rigSH and that you j\vere all wrong in blaming the outcome of the hand on bad luck. He smiles smugly upon hearing his - he f e e l s he's earner! his fee - and you leava his office wondering whether or not some of those other frustrating h a n d s . you and your partner suffered recently were entirely attributable to th» vicissitudes of ill fortune. PONYTAIL new perfume...smells just like hot apple BE A CUT-UP! 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