Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 8, 1974 · Page 19
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 19

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1974
Page 19
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Northweit Arkantot llMfci, Wed., May B. 19/4 rAYCTTCVILLE. A R K A N S A S 1974-75 Ramay Cheerleaders The cheorlettding squad at Rurally J u n i o r High School was sclecleil last week. The cheerleaders, who will serve d u r i n g the 1371-75 school year are frrmi left, lop rnw, Joyce Terminella, Cathy Robinson, Dchhic Sanders," Scharlene Combs, Jacque Ciirtsinger; bottom row, Julie Finch, Julie Taylor, anil Cindy Allred. (TIMKSrilioto by Itny Gray) Government Rests Case Former CIDI Official Testifies In Trial LITTLE ROCK CAP) -James Wagner, a former official of Community I n v e s t m e n t fine] Development, Inc.. testified Tuesday tliat Ronald R. Palmer asked him to help Palmer steal money from one of CIDI's business ventures. Palmer, a former vice president of CIDI, is being tried on a charge of cmbe/zlmE* ;nu] misapplying $12,000 allocated to CIDI by t h e federal Office of Economic Opportunity, Wagner said he told Pnlmei that lie could not help him steal, but later said t h a t he had agreed lo Kelp Palmer concea embezzlement of Funds in the f i r m ' s business records. He s a if I Pa i mer la t cr told him that he \va-s not going to take any more money. The CIDI money was to have been used lo fund minority business enterprises in eastern A r k a n s a s and in the Pine Bluff area. The government rested its case Tuesday. Palmer's attorney, James Sloan, will present the defense's case today. Palmer and two other CIDI officials were indicted in September for mis use of 0 KO money. Mack Taylor, the executive vice president of Metropolitan National Ran kat Little Rock, testified a limit two certificates of deposit totaling $250,000 t h a t his bank had in an account [or Great Vid-U Inc. Great Val-U, a CIDI grocery store project, was funded by OKO grants. Wagner said while he was with CUM he had found a bank statement for a discretionary account for Great Val-U. Funds from that account could be withdrawn only on Palmer's s i g n a t u r e , bank records showed. Wagner said the bank statements showed withdrawals of $1.200 and $300. He said be asked Palmer about the account. Palmer told him he bad withdrawn the $300 for his persona] use and asked him to "hide it" in the records, Wagner said. Wagner said Palmer said the $1,200 withdrawn was money another CIDI official had used for a trip to Europe. To Improve U.S. Image Mansfield Urges Confidence HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) Recent advances in foreign af- Mansfield made the remarks text on congressional lead fairs will be of l i t t l e avail im- erstiip prepared for delivery to less there also is a restoration!(lie a n n u a l convention o f ' llic of public confidence in the fed | Arkansas Bankers Association eral government. Sen. Mike : ]iere. Mansfield. D-Mont.. Senate M a - i Mansfield commended Secre jority Leader, said Tuesday t a r y of Stale H e n r y Kissinger n '." ht - for improving United States' re Heath Favors Special Category For Sfate Jobs proving lations with the Soviet Unioi and the People's Republic ol China. Mansfield said the restoratior I of public confidence in govern i m e n t could begin with the pas sage of campaign reform bills. During the past year the ie« islative branch of the govern, merit has been the princ: A rock and the guardian of repre sentative government, he said. Mansfield said he was glad tr note t h a t the April Gallup poll LITTLE HOCK ( A l ' t -Richard R. Heath, director of the state Department of Finance m^public''".?^"^! 1 ^ ffom^^ 1 and A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , said Tues- ceni to 3ft per cont day t h a t the state should create "This is most encouragin a special job category for per- *}? y a i t i - "because it could son, with "scarce skills." su "This he said. dica;e recognitiion...that the . . . l Senate has not been diverted b\ as doctors and insurance ac-.Wateraate." "«"iin u luaries. Mansfield said Democrats Heath told a special com-'TM"'? 1 ' ^ e Republican presi- mi'.lee of the L e g i s l a t i v e Coun- dential victory in 1972 as "?. cil that in order to hire such separate mandate f r o m the vot persons the state is having to Lrs ^ or ' nc assertion of the in bring them in at the top pay dependent functions of the leg scale which is a grade 20. He i s l : l t i v e branch." said their skills actually would' f l e saici Congress had acted fit job description? in the 19 '0 lo "^"("rce the nation's system and 21 grade levels. "' checks and balances asainst an excessive accumulation An Old System In 'Last Gasp', Pryor Asserts ROGERS, A r k . (AP) -- Da- ·id H. Pryor said here Tuesday hat the public was seeing in ,he current gubernatorial cam- aign "an old political system making a last gasp attempt lo ;et back in power.' 1 The r e m a r k s apparently were nadc in reference to one of ^ryor's opponents for the; democratic gubernatorial nom- nnlion, former Gov, Orval E, i-'aubus. Pryor said he did not think hat the issue: in the? race is who can promise a highway commissioner's job to a par .icular section of the state, F a u b i i s has said that if elected he will appoint a highway commissioner from southeast Arkansas. Political promises have little credibility, Pryor said. Kc said ic had been endorsed by several groups, hut added. "I don't say to one group what I don't ;ay lo all groups." Pryor. a former state representative, said that Faubus had said last week that Pryor had been an unpopular member of the legislature. Pryor said t h a t when he was a legislator anyone who cast a vote against the administration bet nine unpopular. In response to a question from a trucker. Pryor said he hoped for some flexibility speed limits for trucks. He said he would not veto a bill to raise the speed limit for trucks, The former congressman said he realized that the lower speed limits presented special prob' lems for trucks. The central corridor route for a proposed interstate h i g h w a j running . north and south through the stale is the besi route, he said, but actdecl thai he hoped the highway needs ol western Arkansas could be mei also. A high school student askeci Pryor if he considered Lt. Gov, Rob Riley a formidable gubernatorial opponent, Pryor sak lie did. adding that he felt Ri ley's health had deterred him somewhat in his campaigning Riley underwent open hear! surgery last month. Mansfield Talks Of Congress, Seniority, Election Reform Gels Scholarship Bill Walkin.s plans In sluily electrical engineering at Cornell University under a Mc- M ill leu Dean's Scholarship. Bill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ausbrooks, a senior at FayettevUle High School, has been active in extra-curricular activities holding membership and offices in m a n y of (he school clubs. He was a delegate to Boys Slale, a member of the Explorer Scout Post, and serves on the Youth Advisory Board. Barnes Heads West Signees LUBBOCK. Tex. (AP) -- Joe Barnes and Kenneth Wallace, who helped Texas Tech to an 11-1 season and a victory over Tennessee in the Gator Bowl, have signed to play in the 14th annual Coaches All-America game June 22, with All-America centctr Bill Wyman of Texas. The game will be in Texa: Tech's Jones Stadium. Other signees announced Tuesday were Richard Williams wide receiver, Abilene Christian; Paul Vellana, defensive lineman. Maryland: Billj Howard, defensive lineman. Alcorn AM; Early Smith, rim ning back, Richmond; Jim Cagle. defensive lineman, Geor gia; Chuck Ramsey, kicking specialist. Wake Forest; Join' Holland, receiver, Tennessee State; Rod Kirby. linebacker Pittsburgh, and Tony Bell, defensive back. Bowling Green. LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-Mont., the Senate Majority Leader, said his visit to Arkansas Tuesday was not intended lo boost the re-election campaign of Sen. J. W Fulbright. D-Ark. Mansfield, who came to address the Arkansas Bankers Association meeting in Hot Springs Tuesday night, said he was invited about I'/i months ago lo make the speech. Coincidental!}'. Gov. Dale Jumpers announced on March 11 -- about 1W months ago -hat he would oppose Fulbright the Democratic primary rather than seek a third term as governor. Mansfield said candidate se- ection in Arkansas is a decision for Arkansas voters. But when a newsman told VlansfieJd that Bumpers had jeen critical of the Senate seniority system, Mansfield said .hat he and Fulbright came to Congress together, adding thai oth men should be judged on .heir records and not on their ages. Mansfield was asked if the nation would IK strong despite Watergate and other coiv Iroversies. "We sure as hell are," Mans field said. "There's no queslioi: about it in my mind because we're going through a purge al the present time. CYNICISM, A N G E R "I've never seen such cyni cism. such anger, such dis satisfaction, and justifiably so, 1 he added. Watergate may bring alxml a renaissance in the Unite States, he said. Mansfield salt Congress is aware of the uee for reform. He pointed out that the Senate has passed two campaign reform bills -- one aimed at presidential elections and the other directed towards congressional races. A newsman asked Mansfield if he believed it was all right to raise money to influence an Arkansas campaign by going outside Arkansas to get it. "Well, I don't know what raising money outside of Arkansas would do lo influence the election in Arkansas, when hat money is raised outside," Mansfield said. "But it's custom in the Senate for those of us who are invited;, who are asked, lo get together and sponsor receptions and whatnot for our colleagues." Attorney General Asked To Decide On Capitol Bids LITTLE ROCK (AP -- The Committee on Legislative Facilities voted Tuesday to ask Atty. Gen. Jim Guy Tucker if it could accept the one bid it has remaining for a contract to furnish three new committee rooms in the state Capitol. Only two f i r m s submitted bids. The committee voted March 28 to award a contract for the furnishings to Bob Book, Inc., of Little Rock. Book had submitted a higher hid than a Memphis firm which bid. The committee awarded the contract lo the Little Rock firm, after applying the state's five per cetit preference taw for Arkansas businesses. Tucker told the committee in an opinion issued last week that the five per cent preference law could not he applied to contracts awarded under Section 15 of Article 10 of the state Constitution. He refused to approve the awarding of the contract to Book. The Arkansas Constitution says contracts for repairing and furnishing the rooms used for meetings of the General Assembly and its committees shall he performed under a contract given to the lowest bidder. Marcus Halbrook. director of the Legislative Council, told the committee that the Memphis firm that had submitted the low hid had withdrawn its hid. Halbrook and William VV. Goodman Jr., administrator ol the council's fiscal review section, said they thought the committee should readvertize the project. Music Grant Chantry Smith, has received a music scholarship and hand granf-in-aid from the University of Arkansas. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Smith, she is a senior at Fay- elfeville High School. She has played in the school band for Ihe past four years and was first chair oboist in the All-Stale Burn! lor three consecutive years. She has also lilayed « t l h the Arkansas- North Arkansas Symphony for the past three years. Good Neighbor Award KANSAS CITY (AP) -- Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton. D-Mo., las received the Harry S. Truman Good Neighbor Award. Eagleton, whose 1972 Democratic vice presidential bid collapsed when it was learned he :iad undergone shock therapy for depression, accepted the award Tuesday at the annual luncheon marking Truman's birthday. T r u m a n , who died Dec. 26. 1972, would have been 90 today. Has Pacemaker NEW YORK (AP) -- Actor Henry Fonda has left Lenox Hill Hospital, where he had a pacemaker implanted five days ago to stabilize a heart rhythm disorder. The (i8-ycar old actor walked briskly to a limousine and was driven off Tuesday. He declined to talk with reporters. He was admitted ' A p r i l 24 after collapsing in his dressing room following a performance of his hit one-man Broadway show. "Clarence Darrow." WED., THURS., FRI., SAT. OPEN DAILY 9-1 ft CLOSED SUNDAY Mother's WOOD JEWELRY CHEST PENDANT WATCHES Your Choice *^PO/J Reg. 8.76 W41W f 4 Days A gift lor Mom in white or yellow gold-finish Quality Swiss movement, shock-resistant. 4 Days Two-door wooden chest with 12 drawers! Rich fruitwood finish; colorfully lined drawers. concessional input Assembly likes the i n d i v i d u a l structive Heath's remarks were made n" a °t T?ar'"t'iian°"ai "'-'nv "n-hrr to the Special Committee to Re- time 'he said view Special Entrance Salary! Mansfield said Confess also must study how to keep bureau- Authorization. That committee received a progress report Tuesday on a review of the slate job classification program. cracies responsive to public need. What Watergate has done to public confidence with regard T · Wll · J . U L X I . ^ *,wiiiiul-'ln,l: * S 1 L N ILiirtll Louis Miller, manager of the to the federal g o v e r n m e n t ' the classification section of the |energy crisis has done in the state Personnel Office, said the:realm of the nation's economy review was designed lo achieve he said tltenul p e«julty so that persons i Mansfield said a national pol- dm'ng similar work would re-'icy on energy must he deter- ee'v« Ariiar pay. mined. fcmpire or Swiss Style Clocks Reg. T2.96 Enlarged To Show Detail DIAMOND PENDANTS Reg. 23.96 f (,, -. -, , Enlarged To Show Detatl L^ RING HER IN DIAMONDS Your Choice! 3 ; Enlarged To Show DctarF' GOLD/SILVER EARRINGS 6 66 Roman numerals on antique dial, or luminous dots and hands. 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