Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 7, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1974
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THSEE BOOKS AKS AWTH . DEFENSE!!! DEFENSE!!! POOk's AW FOUR KXX5 ARE WAV THE RKtJS Be AKXANSEP N TH £ SH E LF S3 TH AT ALL THE MATH BOCXS WILL BE WETHER?" BUT TONIGHT HE.5 TOO WJNS?Y TO TALK.' HE JUST WANTS 5OME WHO $AY * imp I AMf AT THE OASIS HOTEL, SIR. 1* tAY THINS is 00. SHUX--I CRN DO eOODER'W THflT LOOK ftT MV BUBBLE-SUM BUBBLE, UNK SNUFF 1 / -AMDSOUR HOUDINGSOME FOLKS IS COMPAMV TO OUTER A RICH,SOME MO MGOUA /' VOU ?( FO LKS IS LA'Z.'Y-- WOM'TMAVETOPAV ) AW'EV'RVBODY ANVTA*ESTHIS fSf ELSEISLJKEUS.? YEAR,.'/ , ^ i~- . / -FO' US FOLKS TO M. V/E TRANSFERRED ui O u otf THIS NW D1£T IS FANTASTIC \,,, 1 CAN SAT ANYTHING I WANT AMD ALL I MAVE TO DO IS TAKE ALL PAY VVHATfe TM TIMS 6IMMICK t 1 ST£P OK THE SCALES LESS t'M NOT ALLOWED -TO SXHALE YOU REMEMBER 5A |P ME PIDN'T LIKE OUR POPCORN. WE LET o o THIS LION CUB WOULD MAKE A NICE P=T , AN ANIMAL LIKE THAT COULD GROW UP V--' AMD EAT ME/ Y- BUT, UNTIL THEM, TMIWKOFALLTHE ) /, FUN TIMES YOU'D HAVE Believe It or Afct/ 0 · Northwest Aricanw* TIMES, Tu«., May 7, 1«74, rAVrTTCVILLt, ARKANSAS ' LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D Parents' Cancer Fear No Longer Required of INDIA CONSIDER THEMSELVES MARRIED BV EXCHANGING AND CHEWING 6FIELLEAVtS A WILD DOS STUFFED WITH STRAW IS SUSPENDED OVER THE ENTRAMCE OF THEIR- CAVE BY HERMITS IH THE HIMALAYAS TO KEEP OUT EVIL SPIRITS THE'ANN ALEXANDER A FUU-RIG(5EDWHALWfiSHIP FROM NEK) BEDFORD) MASS., SANK IN A FEW MINOTFS IN 1850, ffTER AN ATTACK 8YA UHAtf ! :!ll^ll; !ir\iii- jiiiip 'iiiif: -iii^inr.iiiV'ii: .iir:,!!! 1 ';!!!!-'::;!!:' nit 1 ' ,;iii|i" jiiii:;! 1 siiiiiii Ji FRANCES DRAKE As long as I can recall, both my mother's and father's lives c centered on their fears of am a college student cancer. I now and must confess that I dread a weekend visit home because of the constant discussions of their anxieties. I find that their 'ears are beginning to rub off ;n me. Miss E.B., Ky. Your Daily Horoscope Dear Miss B.: It is sad when happy, productive lives are modified by such unrealistic fears. A home filled with phobias c a n , indeed, become an unhappy one. Cancer need nol be the eventual heritage of all mankind, Concentration on this possibility has affected the lives of your parents. You must quickly shed the seeds of fear that may have been already implanted in your own sensitive mind. SEEDS OF FEAR Children are born into this world free of fear. The forces of anxiety are rapidly exerted on them from the moment they are born. Some behavioral psy logi-sts b e l i e v e that pressures of anxiety can affect even the unborn child. Often, under the guise of love 1II[|II1I[!I!1I[[!II1IIM Look in the section in which i your birthday comes and find vhiil your outlook is. according 0 the stars. FOR WED., MAY 8 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) You may encounter one who makes some pretty rosy prom- .ses about Finances - II you'll just follow his (her) lend. Turn 1 rioaf ear. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) You m;jy be too close to a problem. An intimate friend :ould have \\ different - and ·setter - solution. Listen carefully. G E M I N I (May 22 to June 2 Mixed influences. Co-workers ill prove cooperative, but superiors may be difficult. Bear in mind and act accordingly. SANCER (June 22 to July 23) Your intuition still in fine working order. A good day for capitalizing on unusual idens, ·xperimentirig generally. LEO (July l\ to Aug. W Sonic unexpected changes indicated. Do not be dismayed. They should prove hcncficiai in the long run, so stress your adaptability, willingness to cooperate. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Double-chock plans. Work oul business deals, a l t agreements with deliberation, ascertaining facts beforehand. Attainmenl now will s[)ai'k more gains in the future. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 Kep things moving, and with well-planner! design. A "wait and sec" attitude could o n l y stifle enthusiasm on this somewhat problematic day. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Let your instincts guide you now since your chances of attaining goals arc excellent. imagination and a little daring :onld pay off handsomely. . nad devotion, aprents inadvert- ; ently transmit to their children - !hc-ir own unreasoning fears. * These eventually leave their ) mark on the impressionable ; child as he progresses i n t o : adolescence and adulthood. Later, it becomes difficult to rid oneself of the deeply ingrained fears. You must extricate yourself' rom (he anxiety patterns t h a t . surround you. It may take pro- , essionat guidance to accom- ; plish this. The benefits of emancipation arc limitless. DISCUSS FEAR You may, in fact, yet be re- ' sponsible for redirecting the , emotional content of your home "" and parents. As an enlightened student, you can induce your "·_ parents to openly discuss their · unfounded fears with a psy-; chologtst. doctor or spiritual leader. Your new insight c a n free . them from their bondage. ; Speaking of your heath... An , automobile is a. lethal weapon when driven by those who are depressed, angry or emotionally ' tense. The alcoholic driver in', perhaps the most serious men-" ace on the road. ·AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Patience will be needed in 'ew tricky spots but day, on .he- whole, has a big potential Avoid haste, u n d u e anxiety You can deliver the goods. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Searching for offbeat avenues -oward achievement could leac vou astray now. Do the bcsl ju can in your own field anc ains will he yours, AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Tackle that difficult job! You've boon postponing, a n d ' anxieties will vanish, facing a problem he-adon is half its solution. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Superiors should be receptive to your i cl uus no w. Ad va nee your best ones - but, tactfully, of course. Romance and travel also favored. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with an engaging pcr- s o n a I i t y ; are enterprising, gifted in leadership and business acumen. Yc u are not HS creative or artistic as most other Taureans, but you find fulfillment striving for goals of more material nature. And you can achieve them! You ideas are progressive and you are never happier than when producing. Thus, many benefit from your enterprises and, no matter what your calling, will follow' happily in your wake. I You love power and 1 , unless an underdeveloped Taurean, will never misuse it. You would make nn excellent lawyer, statesman, financier or investment broker; coulo* also succeed as a physician or head of an institution devoted to human welfare. Where art concerned, you are more clined to be a patron tha dined to be a patron than creator. niiiii;iiiiiiiiiii:iiiiini!iiiiiqiiiiii;,iiiiiiii;eiiiiiiw B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) Soutli dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH *A Q 10 8 3 »Q J 7 2 » 9 6 3 + 8 W e n y o u d o t i s you're hound to arrive at one of three conclusions: !. You're sure to make the contract. 2. You're sure to go down. 3. You may or may not make the contract, depending on how the cards are Crossword By Eugene Sheffer 36. Early Persians 37. An overseer 40. Australian cuckoo salmon ¥1. Hawaiian hawks 49. Ananias, for one 50. Large lake ACROSS L Short form of Rudolph 5. Danish weight 8. Arabian gulf 41. Charm 32. Seed 45. Young covering 13. Hebrew priest 14. Dark area on moon 15. Region 16. Paid notices 51. Held 17. English session clergyman- 52. Being author 53. New 18. Native -- , Zealand a famous horse 20. Judge's bench 22. Muskmelon 26. Odin, Thor et. al. .29. Slave, for one 30. Handle roughly 31. Arrayed 32. Free 33. Rasp 34. Ohio city (abbr.) 35. Conger 54. To test 55. Proofreader's mark DOWN 1. Electric catfish 2. Odd (Scot) 3. Charge against property 4. Flabby 5. Fix in the mind 6. Ancient 7. Scatter S. -- acid tree Average thne of MhitMMit 24'min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle 10. Work unit 11. Born 19. Sense organ 21. High, in music 23. Caudal appendages 24. Ashen 25. Farm animals 26. Figure man (abbr.) 27. Charles Lamb. 28. Ancient language 9. Shakespeare 32. Not a wrote of him dreamer 33. Instruments of discipline 35. Uncle (dial.) SS. Hebrew- letter 3S. Asian republic 39. Sapid 42. Roster 43. Comfort 44. Allowance for waste 45. Through 4C. Constellation 48. Paddle 50 53 38 47 m 39 41 52 WEST * 9 7 5 W 9 6 4 « J4 + A 9 7 5 2 EAST *K 6 2 » B S 3 « Q 10 8 7 + K 10 4 SOUTH * J 4 » A K l f l * A K52 + Q J 63 The bidding: Sooth West North Kust 1 « . Pass 1 * Pass 2 NT Pass 3 V Pass 3 NT When you do divided, or on how well yoit' or ynur adversaries perform The first two possibilities ari'- of academic interest only; it'sT the third that offers *: challenge, as well as som«: measure of excitement. Take this deal where Soutfi : doesn't know at the start ho\$'. he will fare. West leads a club;, won by East with the king.andl Kast returns Ihe ten, which^ SouUi cavers with the jack. 7: IF Wcsl dlicks, as he uru, doubtcdly should. South finsihei." rfmvri one. The best lie can do is lake eight (ricks against per; 1 ; fcctly normal defense. ;. Hut if West stumbles at trick two by f a k i n g the jack of clubSV with the ace - which he shouldn't do because he has no? entry card outside of clubs »· South finishes with ten tricks. \i However. South should riot allow his fale to depend on what West does or does not do'." When East returns the ten of clubs Hi trick two. South should play the six on it! This ducking, play insures the contract. ;; South should willingly let the 1 defense score the first three; club tricks because he can then safely finsse the jack of : spade?, 'lot caring a whoop or a holler whether the finesse" wins or loses. For practical' purposes, he guarantees three notrump by playing this way. ;; PONYTAIL "I like (o hang out next lo the drinking fountain .boya always stop here on the way to class!" ' ·' HOW TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD BY TELEPHONE Dial 442-6242-Ask For CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: CfJkSSIFIED WORD ADS -- to £fert Sunday a« accepted ontll 4 p.m. Friday. -- To start Monday ar* ac^epfcd atitil 11:30 a.m. Saturday, -- lo start Tuesday thro Raltirday are acvtptpd u n l i L -1 p.m. on the irly pubticatJon. (STACK! ADS -- lo .lart Sunday art F-m. Tfiursday. -- lo start Tuesday ttim Shtaniay u* acceirfe] imlll 4 p.m. two dar* b*fa*» publication. Classified Office Hours Are: Monday through Friday, 8:00 4:00 p.m. Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

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