Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 7, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1974
Page 6
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NerthwMt Arkan*a ( TIMES. To**., May 7, IV* FAVrmVILLI. ARKANSAS At The Library By ANN JACOBS The alphabet and the Dewey Decimal System create strange artnerships in the library. the alert browser could 'Coffee Nerves' Can Lead To Much Anxiety D E T R O I T -- Iwork a g a i n s t the effects of too p a r t n have heard liny firecrackers'( : ,',"^: n 'of''Warier 'iVce^Army Unrecogimed "coffee nerves" could load you to a psychiatrist ami months of useless treatment \vith calm-down drugs a psychiatrist said today. Too much caffeine in coffee, tea or cola drinks can bring on all the symptoms of an . a n x i e t y state said Dr. .John I much c a f f e i n e he said. Doctors should routinely ask popping as Midge Dcclor ("The New Chastity") and Norman j) ^ Mailer ("The Prisoner (if Sex") snuggled jacket to jacket on the j same shelf -- a rather u n l i k e l y . reaHifc situation. So suppose that some neighbors in new Biography got together at a cocktail party? "Benedict Arnold. The Dark Eagle" could undoubtedly pass on some dirty tricks to Howard Hunt '("The Berlin Ending": since we will never know the real Mr. Hunt, his fiction w r i t i n g s must suffice for acquaintance). Would Alice B. Toklas ("Staving on Alone. Letters of Alice li. Toklas") recognize a ' k i n d r e d spirit of elevation to' a loved partner in B a h y Doc Talmr ("The Legend of Baby Doe"), widow of silver king Horace Tabor and one of the tnnst talked-alont women of the old West? Duke Ellington ("Music Is My Mistress") and George Gershwin ("The Life and Music of,"' George Gershwin"), two powerful personalities, would circle around the piano and euch other w a r i l y : Ellington [Mil down Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess" as "an opera about Negroes rather t h a n a Negro opera" and ascribed its best qualities lo an excellent black cast. I UUNTEK'S A M K I T I O X 'John Dunn Hunter, captured by Indians as an i n f a n t and raised in the Osagc nation U: the age of 19 ("Memoirs of n Captivity Among the Indians ol North America") would talk seriously about white-Indiai: relations with "Osceola, the Un conquered Indian" who cost the government $40 million to des troy the Seminotes. Hunter'? ambition was lo found a buffer state, equally white and red on the Mexican border -- ;: radical gesture that was mel with his murder. An island of calm radiate? from the corner where Pope John ("I Will Be Called John") holds benign court with tha primitive gospeleer. Leo Tolsto\ (''The Search"). They arc too absorbed in the point Father Philip Berrigan ("Widen th( Prison Gates") is m a k i n g abou the necessity for f i n d i n g one': personal witness against cor porate evil, in Vietnam or Dan bury Prison, to pay much at (cntion to the others. Mean while, a rehabilitated Lucrezi ("Fall of the House of Borgia" passes trays of punch and nor d'oeuvres. SPECIAL ATTENTION Girls and women receiv special attention in three nc\ arrivals. "The Lady Is'a Jock- is a coast-to-coast survey c girls who ride horses at th major tracks. "Girls Are Equal Too" i. written for teenagers who wan to be jockeys or civil engineers and reviews the history of wo men's rights in clear, readabl language. Dr. Spock is back, with "Rai sing Children in a Difficul Times," and making a spirite. case for giving children strong, appropriate sex identiU He believes girls should be pre pared for careers but rejccl tlic competitiveness and mate ialism t h a t men h a v e brougt into American society in favo of a spirit of cooperation. .Two overviews of the N'ixo administration are on the ne book shelf. Evans and Novak "Nixon in the White House argues that the notion's situ; tion is a result of the Pres dent's drive for power and i f r u s t r a t i o n ; "What N ' i x o Is D o i n g to Us" is collection of essays by N 1 ; Hentoff and 1-1 other social cr tics surveying America in th seventies. "Have a skill to offer? Wa to acquire one? Pick ui a que tionnaire from The Exchang Network at the library ai: swap two hours' know-how wit a new f r i e n d . The party goe? on here, to 0 Monday-Thursday, 9 to Friday and Saturday.' Setting Of Trial Date Postponed LITTLE ROCK (AP^ -- Jud«, William J. Kirby of Pulias Count v Circuit Court Mond? postponed uiuil June 3 tho da for sotting a po = ible t r i a i time for XoniKin W a y n e J a u r n c 1 } . -J5, of St. Louis. Journev i; accused of having in his possession at Little Kock in September 1972 $8.00r» \\orih of jewelry stolen from a St. Loui? shop. 'Gene W o r ? h a m . Journey's \ aUorney. risked for tiie post pOTierneni so t h a t he could f i l e j a · second brief supporting hi.-] motion to dismiss the charge under the double jc-opardy rule. Kirby heard arguments and received exhibits Feb. 2J in connection with the moiicm and took it under advisement. Worsham and the prosecution both have filed briefs .since- then, but Kirby has not made a formal ruling. | Worsham claims t h a t because; Journey was tried and acquitted 1 June 1, 1S73 in U.S. District j Court at St. Louis of transporting the jewelry across state lines, he- cannot be tried on Ihe charge of possession of stolen property. The charges are related and the Arkansas charge accused Journey again for substantially the same alleged crime. Wor- ·ham contends. Medical Hospital in Washington can states help hut in true may no I patients about their caffeine intake Greden suggested lo the American Psychiatric Association. Over-doses of caffeine can bring such symptoms as ner- yonsness. irritability, tremul- onsness, occasional muscle Iwilehing, s e n s o r y d i s - turbances, attacks of diarrhea, drop in blood pressure and even circulatory f a i l u r e s he said. A doctor could interpret it all Tax Rules Said Creating Subsidy For Farming Sector WASHINGTON (AP) -- A }w Agriculture Department uily concludes t h a t U.S. tax ules do not necessarily create subsidy for farmers "who epcnd: on agriculture as their lajor source of income," Those rules, al the same time, :iavc created a subsidy to a orlion of the f a r m i n g sector," said. Theoretical models using lhc lost popular proixisals lo ' c a t c h ' 1 nonfarmcrs using inning interests lo write off thcr income show t h a t prima 'y lhc very poor and the very ich would have taxes in^ reased. il continued. The report, distributed Mon High Court Opinion Sought On (ooper LITTLE ROCK CAP)--The late Supreme Court was askec loriday to rule on whether Dr. Jranl Cooper can legally teach I the University of Arknnsas- jitlle Rock without pay. Cooper, an assistant histor irofessor, is a member of the 'regressive Labor party and a elf-styled Communist. Chancellor John Jernigan ol 'ulaski County recently rulec iiat Cooper could not be p vilb state Funds because of his .ffiliation with the Progressive -abor party. However, Cooper las said he plans to teach with mt pay. If the Arkansas Su jrerne Court docs not want ti rule on Cooper's continued presence in the classroom, tin JA board asked that Jernigni )e instructed to clarify his orig .niil order. Board members said th order to cut off Cooper's pa ambiguous and does not sa. whether Cooper can teach with out pay. They also satd the wanted 'Cooper to be allowcc :o remain in the classroom unti .he end of the school year. ay. was written hy Thomas . Carlin and W. Fret! Woods, gricultural economisls in Ihe alional economic analysis divi ion of the Economic Research ervice. "In t e r m s of numbers of U.S. axpayers and amount of non- -irm income reported," Ihej vrote after studying 1970 ncfomc tax returns, "the najorily of farm-loss returns do iot appear to be tax shelters. However, there is some abuse f the f a r m - t a x provisions." Nearly 1.3 million persons 3 per cent of those f i l i n g f a r r r ax returns three years ago eported losses. More t h a n -10 per cent o hose total losses were reporlei persons vith less than $5,00i ncome aflei adjustments. Bui more ,Vian 17 per cen ,f tho losses were reported b. )crsons with more t h a n $25,00 adjusted annual gross come, and this group - 5 pe cent of those reporting losse paid 56 per cent of the taxes. "The higher the basic in come," the economists wrote the more frequent became th reported f a r m losses." If farm losses were limite r lax-deduction purposes t $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000, Carli and Woods found, "such prov .ions would more or less liin the use of the special tax rule o taxpayers whose primar .ource of income was frot farming operations or whos nonfarm earnings were les .han some specified amount." "Farm-loss limilations woul most affect returns with nega Live basic incomes and tho? with basic incomes of $25,01 and over," they said. dout 37 |er cent of th returns studied reported bas incomes below zero, they foum If a $10.000 limitation wei imposed, the tax liability oi 11 group would have soared fro $2.7 million to $74.9 million. About 19 per cent of tho in the above-$25,000 catego: would have been affected I such a l i m i t , and their- taxi would have been $157 millit higher. as anxiety attack. Greden !d of reviewing records of 100 lychiatric patients. 42 diag- rised as having anxiety, with i question ever having been kcd about caffeine con inplion. He cited a new case oF £ oman. 27. suFfcring attacks of eadcichc. Ire- ulousness a n d irregular ,'artbeat two or three times lily. The symptoms developed ,'cr a three-week period. Rejecting a diagnosis ol nxiely reaction lo something her life, s h e did her own elective work tracing the ·mptoms back to her purchase a Fresh-drip coffee pot. "because this coffee was 'so men better, s h e had begun onsuming an average of 10-12 ups of strong, black coffee per iv. more than 1,000 milligrams caffeine." That's Four times the 250 lilligrams considered a large osc. When she reduced coFfee onsumption to normal, her vmptoms disappeared. An A r m y officer took calm own drugs for 14 months ;ithout effect. H i s dizziness butterflies i n I h e stomach,' iarrhea and other complaint ent away when he cut bad rom consumption of as many 14 cups of coffee daily, in erspersed with three or fou ola drinks. He had been consuming 1,20' nilligrams oF caffeine daily. "Three cups of coffee, t w i iver-the-counter h e a d a c h ablets and a cola drink con umed in one morning approx na(cs 500 milligrams of caF eine intake" said Greden M a n y Americans exceed that. Sixih Graders To Present Extravaganza '.'It's Cool in the Furnace, musical presentation will b staged by 400 sixth grader From city schools at 7:30 p.n Friday in the Fayetteville Hig School gymnasium. Preparation for the extrav s anza has been undcrwn during the past semester wit elementary school music te; chers conducting the practi: sessions. The 45-minute production wi Feature 80 kazoos and an e Ironic taped accompanimen Also appearing will be portra als of Daniel, Nebuchadnez/a Shadrach, Meshach, and Abe nego. Guest conductor will be Mi Linda Buyd of Jefferson Cil Mo., children's choir specialis The elementary school mus instructors are Mrs. Ida Eh lich. Miss Vicki Purifoy, Mr Freda Bradley. Mrs. Nan Knight and Mrs. Betty Sims. The public is invited to a tend. Europe Shocked By Resignation 01 Brandt LONDON ( A P ) -- West EU- pcan political leaders ex- essed shock loday at the res- nation of West German Chandler Willy Brandt. They liled him as one of the era's ·eat statesmen and said his eparture was a heavy blow for 'est Germany and for Eu ipean unity. "His resignation, like his po- .ical conduct, marks his total legrity." said Dutch Premier oop den Uyl. "But without him urope is impoverished." Premier Trygve Bratteli of o r w a y . where Brandt spent le Nazi years in exile, said the ews was received with regret id sympathy in Brandt's "scc- id homeland." Danish Premier Poul Hart- ng praised Brandt as a good riend of Denmark and said he ad made a real contribution to nternational detente through is jxjlicy of reconciliation with ermany's Communist enemies n Eastern Europe. Former Danish Premier Aner Joergensen deeply deplored irandt's decision and ex- .ressed the hope he eventually ,'ouUI make a comeback. Former British Foreign Sec- etary Michael Stewart also re- reltcd Brandt's resignation, -aying: "He established hini- elf as an eminent statesman of ;reat stature and has done 'ery valuable work in improv- ng relations between East and Vest." Brandt's decision was an- lounced too late for editorial lomment in London's morning papers. Hut the political correspondent of The Guardian vrotc: "By forcing Mr. Brandt o resign, the Kast German in- elligence service has accom- )lished one of the most impor- ant achievements in the recent lislory of espionage.' 1 In Brussels, where foreign ministers of the Common Mar:ct countries met today, French Foreign Minister Michel Jobert paid tribute to Brandt as a man. Palmer Lawyer Cites Lack Of Comprehension LITTLE ROCK (AP) The attorney for Ronald R. Palmer of Little Rock, accused of misapplying federal f u n d s said Monday t h a t Palmer was a novice in the business world and attributed whatever he had done to lack of comprehension of the law. James SJoan made the re marks in his opening statement in the U.S. District Court trial here. The prosecution expects to rest its case today. Palmer is being tried on 10 charges of misapplying, obtaining by f r a u d and embezzling $12,000 from O f f i c e Of Economic Opportunity grants if Community Investment and development Inc. Palmer is a former vice president of CIDI, an nation designed to organi- develop in minority business enleprises he state. James Tindall. t h e f o r m e r treasurer of CIDI. testified Monday that Palmer told him to make out a 51.500 check from the CIDI account for a company called "Trendex." The money was to pay for a feasibility study the company allegedly had done for one of CIDI's business ventures, he said, Bernice L. Bass of Little Rock testified that Palmer had directed her to open an account in a Memphis bank for "Trendex Economic Develop ment Consultants." The authorized signature for withdrawals from the account Newspaper Says SLA Used Apartment As An Armory SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -The San Francisco Chronicle said today pieces of firearms were found in the Symbionese Liberation Army hideout discovered by authorities last week. The newspaper said the evidence indicates the apartment was used as an armory. The newspaper also said neighbors were reported lo have heard drilling and other sounds coming from the apartment. The newspaper speculated that "work weapons was in preparation for new and unexpected aclion." Authorities, asked about a report that a SLA bomb factory had teen found, said they were unaware of such an operation. Meanwhile, unverified sightings of heiress Patricia Hearst, whom the SLA says it kidnap- ed, continued pouring into FBI offices here and in other citie as Ihe case moves into it fourth month. Sightings in North Carolina and Tennessee of a red car containing SLA members and Miss leading European states- Two Killers Freed ATHENS, The Greek "reed two Greece AP) -government Palestinians has have not been con FBI agent Jim Kelly :enced to death for the grenade and pistol attack at the Athens airport last August tha killed 'ive persons and wounded 55. Thet terrorists. Arid el Shafik, 22, and Khantouran Palaal. 21, both Palestinians born in .Tor- dan, were Flown to Libya. Their final destination was not known. Their release to ward off retaliatory terrorist attacks had been expected ever since they were convicted of premeditaed murder last January and sentenced to death. The death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment last Tuesday. Hearst firmed, said Monday. The half-ton of clothing, pa per, bedding and trash taken by FBI agents Thursday from the last known refuge of the SLA has yielded no clues as to Miss Hearst's whereabouts, the FBI said. SLA members are thought to have hidden in the rnach-in fested dwelling after robbing : ocal bank of $10,690 April 15 'he apartment was vacated the ast week of April. Painted messages taunting be police were found on the walls and the keys to gctawaj ars used in the bank robbery also were found. The SLA is believed to con jst of fewer than 25 heavily armed persons, mostly women. Several weeks after Mis Hearst was dragged screamin rom her Berkeley apartment she said in a taped messag .hat she was voluntarily joinin. ier captors. Failure of Miss Hearst to ap pear last Friday canceled plan "or a $4 million food giveawa irogram. In another development, Sti ven Weed, Patty Hearst' "iance, tried unsuccessfully t obtain a handgun permit and passport in Santa Rosa north o :ierc. it was disclosed Monday Wed told newsmen that h was merely having his passpo renewed. "I'm not going an where," he said. Sonoma County Undersheri Robert Hayes his mother. Pepper, tried said Weed Mrs. Bernar to get Ihe gu permit at the sheriff's offic Friday. He was sent to the Sant Rosa Police Department, whic said they denied the permit lie cause Chief Salvatore Rosan had ordered a ban on new pe mils until he takes command the Force June 1. as "B. L. Ban," she said. le account with a $1,500 check e account with a $1500 check om CIDI to Trendex and that e bank statements on the ccount were to be sent to her Palmer's address at Littl* ock. She said she had never with- rawn any money from the ccount and had never had ossession of the checkbook for le account. One of the charges against aimer accuse him of con- erting the $1500 Trendex heck to his own use. Five of the counts against aliner charge him with using IDI funds to cover his per- onal travel expense to Alexanria. La., where he allegedly id consulting work for an rganization called PRIDE. Inc. Tindall testified Monday that e. Palmer, Mays and June had ncorporated PRIDE as a rivate consulting firm. Tindall aid Palmer's trips to Alexanria had been on PRIDE busi- ess even though. CIDI reim- ursed Palmer. In September the federal _rand J u r y for the Eastern district of Arkansas returned 32-count indictment charging 'aimer and two other CIDI ificials. George Mays and jlenn .1. June, with misuse of OEO money to CIDI. Asst. U.S. Ally. O. H. "Bud" Itorey said Monday that four if the original 14 counts against 3 almcr had been dismissed. S t o r e y said t h e charges dismissed involved about $2,000- Mays and June have been sentenced to six months imprisonment for misuse of th» unds. Bill Supported W A S H I N G T O N (AP)-Twenty-two governors and 31 mayors have sent a telegram to President Nixon supporting Senate bill providing legal services to the poor. The telegram effort was organized by Action for Legal Rights, a group representing the views of some Ij?gal Service lawyers and itself an advocate of the Senate bill. 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