Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 6, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1974
Page 16
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Northwest Arkantot TIMES, Mon., May 6, 1974 r A Y E T T t V I L L E . A U K A M I A* 33-- Rooms For t*nt MAU: -- 'JO-TO * i Ih 3 oHi pcop'e. 110 w e e k lor ren\. Jo *1virc piXKvric-s. Free- lauiHry, fiom rnmp'-is. Call Nirly 1 ROOM Kor rent, rarprtod. *lrNxvJktionxl, 110-i Drive,, Fflvo'.lrviVo. Ph 34--Apartment* For R*nt GRANDVIEW APARTMENTS NOW LEASING 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, Furnished or Unfurnished, Central heat and air conditioning. Drapes. Unfur 34--Aportmertts For Rent WANTED: Female roi'vnnialo to * _ _ _ r^rfV^n^ 'S? SSSSi: "'shed. Family "tTvrng.'siaVt- mg al $101 per month. Phone ,ird upstairs 1521 -8796, Manoger on prem- 5-1:00 NlOKt,Y Ii apt, CVvjple over X) or me person o v e r . SO, MS monlh u t i l j t i c - s iviid. 310 N. ' l ' BKAUT1KUL cos. one i'litioTird; lo cnm- OSB ami t«o bedrxxwn, tall rentinsr. t'.oM? lo Urnvc or aller 6:00, SL']-aJfi. FUKNISH E J AI'AilTMENT. 2 hMroom, · EL u t i l i t i e s ?aii, 1 blocks from U n i v r r x i l y on lx"i-orrn. S1IO n month. Available THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSES The u l l i m a t e in 2 bedroom f u r - jiished and unfurnished, V.' a baths c n c c d pailos. washer-dryer con a c t i o n s , all electric kitchen, 15S1 jcvercll Slrrd. Phone 443-2072 cvv toxvn hnuse*. 1828 N. Greea hone 521-4975, TWO BEDROOM MOBILE HOME $135 [hrec bedroom 1135. One bedroom. are all carpeted, air- o n d l t i o n , all bills paid, no parlies o drunk-s. lots of yard room. $35 leanup deposit- 442-8871 FUMMKR KPKX:] AL 1 Ivd irrn hpart- mc nl5, " Fo. Han r-a n. Wrl 1 furnished, central sir. rttshwatficr, disposal. $12j. Phocic 53-.Wl. BEHIND THE WALL APARTMENTS 555 West Maple 1 and 2 Bedrooms f u r n i s h e d or U n f u r n i s h e d May I M h , for summer and fall. Phone 521-2761 flPflRTMENTS SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For I m m e d i a t e oceupoancy. Also for J u n e Sept. Completely carpeted. All u t i l i t i e s paid except E l e c t r i c i t y . A r k l a gas h e a t i n g and air c o n d i - tioning. 1 -- 2 -- 3 Bedroom -- Tou'nhouses B c a u 1 i fully Decora t erl Frost-Free R e f r i g e r a t o r lC6-Lb. Capacity Freezrr GO Ft. Pool Complete L a u n d r y Acres of Playground Quiet Family Atmosphere ]!KK) M c l i n a r Drive Office 443-2141 -- A p t , 100 STUDENTS: Furnished apartments Works from campus. Collates in r try, JO minutes I/wn cnmT*-is. fi5 rhone -i-llMCSn. MISTY HOLLOW APIS. Two bloi-ks of campus. Summer Rates. 442-4460, 521-1249. or 521-22*8 BEVERLY MANOR APIS FUnXTPIIKD apiirtnient H20 rxr m«,, u Unfurnished apartment $100 JKT month ,11 l u l l s paid rxcept water. Bit Whllham APART.MKXT for m a l e sturicnls In base- monl of prinitc tfsilcncf. Close 1o «nn- E us- RPFCITO now (or .summer or tall. 50 monlli. ri21-7120. T\VO HPJIll'.OOM nicely furnished. Rlo:-V »T from onmpu.s. l-"iil!v rwrpptcrt, (vntral lioal/alr AH utlliUees jvifd. JHO monlh. BB»ROOM unnJrnKictt H^vy, ffl West. TTionc 4 CUMALISOK APARTMENTS. No*' ront ing for summer. Ciose In ccirnptis. O nnrl two beilKJoms, [urntsliH. Plnx 443-iTTiT. NBA R I.V ne w, ni t-e 2 hrylrrvirm. w fumi'-hM rxci'pt stove A- rflnjjor.ito rarnoled n\r ai:rt central lif^l irnrri rou|!c. Ko px?L. Call HX-X-yS or -H ·!S16 f i l l e r ·!:(». F\JE!N*[SllKn, 3 tx-droa-n. ftt Wiuth T)U can, Apt. \, rail R^l-fiUS or 7KI-5U5, FREE RENT THIS MONTH New apartments now avaUn Move in now anrt get t t i e tnont! of Mav rent freti. Special summr r.itcs, Two lM!rirotiiiLS, furnished qu a 1 ily built «i pa rt m en ts w i th al the extras inc-iudmK dishwashers Call today for an appoint in cn1 413-1757. TWO iK-di out. VI- 3V Umvi 21CS or TWO bedroom, f u l l y 6 p m . r-ity.' OaV;hi!l Apiis. PrKi -aiTolO(1, Offered c.ui 4VJ!-7i LEASING FOR SUMMER Corner of Leverett Lavrson. bdr. t o w n h o u s e a p a r t m e n t s , 1 b a t h , central a i r , frost free re Iriscraior, dishwasher. d is pas a Furnished or u n Furnished. Wate bill paid. One u n i t v a c a n t May IL Five u n i t s v a c a n t J u n e 1st. For in formation anrf application Bryce Davis. Kl-6ftj. 808 TOWNHOUSE FURMSftED very nics a n r i rmve'.ship Apis., 15JO N'f til c ship. Phai "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107/H Two Bedroom . Throe Bedroom 143.0i All u t i l i t i e s p a i d , central heat an B/C. u n f u r n i s h e d , fa mill as. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS I6» N. Lewis 5 O f f i c e ITours $:30-5:30 Closed S a t u r d a y s : Sundays SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom e f f i c i e n c y f u r n i s b e a p a r t m e n l . U t i l i t i e s p a i d , $70, Tror S:00-5LW call Scholars Inn. 521-592*. A f t e r 5:00 and weekends call 442 surriTrer and fall apo.rtmnrls. Ken Ir KUKXIJ-HSD l:i-I»:e?i. Save gas^ e-impus GO,* bc-dnxcn. paneled, li'e shos tr a-l l"Ti- married cTff.ip'.e Alsfl « fo: mal:ire s'u^«ni/Pho^e 4-T KUR.MSHED aj mobile h^-T.e. Marine, 600 W. TWO hfNiroom ium'.O;M ."T per mo-iUi pluji u t i L L i J e s . p-jj. TW N". Gar'.ati'l. 44?- SPECLAL SUJTMER RATES P.AZORBACK PLAZA wx lakin? app:: tltxis for June 1. Furnish^, 1! bearoc' 2 baLh. f u l l y carpeted, d:'hwasher, r ill W.'s paid, Wa'feir-7 ti.stance to Uc vcriit;-. I'none 521-MT6 mar.azer apari rncn( No, 11 p-Iter 5 p.m. 521-423?. CREEKWOOD VIUA Check These Features: · Centra! Air * Shag Carpe_ · Queen size- beds · Frost-free re irjg. · Dishwasher Dispos. · Pool * Free TV Hoofcup. Lo summer rates. S117.5C -- One Bedroom 5127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except electric AUIO3T !CEW two tearoom f u r n i s h ' ·fttrUnils. 2 biocks campus, centr \PKMKST cffidfDcy npnr "nv(. 2 h!ocV;s Irrwn CJinp-ai, Jiet slu-lt-nl. J30 b'lls paid. '· Renting for Summer $125 Per Month 1 Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning all Paul ar Elsa Rosenben 32 Putman -- 442-6638 TJRN1KHED one bedrtwm, carpel -- i o n c d . private* p a r k i n g slnirlc P. *S5. ^no pots. 4^2-1538 TJK.MSirF.D aiwtlmpnt, two bed rooms, ?:iO-!(fi per month pltti JS ctca: I» ripposil. f.olerenc.1- rcrjuirpd. Soul fc Hlot-fc Bts.. Apt. 12. ^IJ-TTOO. ^ uf-,SCj\ Apa rrmenl.s: ' 'Across Ih Ireet frum tampus." Summer rates J12" "urnlshod lis-o Itedroom cenlral air dis ·nsher. 112-fOIO. t%j mlsph r] two bedroom a i^rlm conditioned -- carpet -- j^ L -- n par Un i vers J ly -4 p.m. MARIA APARTMENTS Available Now a n d Lewlnji foi S u m m e r and Fall Looking for quiet Living? * One and two bedroom apartmenl n n d two bedroom townhouse*. Furnished or unfurnished All bills paid except lights Cnrpet -- pool -- frost-free r c f r l j era t o r -- all gas centra] healln and nir-condintlonlng. PHONE 443-2141 U no answer 442-9466 after 7 p.m HOLL1NGSWORTH ARM One block south of the Scicnc E n g i n e e r i n g B u i l d i n g . One and tw bedroom, furnished apartmen available now. Also leasing f summer and fall. Summer rati 521-3833. NOW AVAILABLE 1 * 2 BEDKOOM UNIT3 AT LEVERETT GARDEN ARTS. FriemHy atmosphere 2 l a r g e pool rutrcation room. Summer rates e t e c t i v c J u n e l=!t. 5?1-7200 9 TILJ. « SKULL CREEK »X) N. Leverett 521-2761 1. 2. and 3 bedroom Jumiahcd u n f u r n i s h e d . All utilities paid, tw swimming pools, tennis court l a u n d r y , grocery. e*s facilities, a ·onditioned. 35-- Duplexes For Rent TOWNHOU3B. t licr. tlrj'cr. i.she hcdronnis, fu dishwasher, drspo.- I'rator, parpotpd, Uilco 15-1 Olrlafwma Way. ^ ncnlion, ample parkin?. !50 per me Cdll 12-PS56 or M3-tSR) ador 6 p.m. KGF: atlractive, furnlsri^ d u p l e x near- University. v lit (Vmp!c nrefrrreil. Phon apartn Availa 44iM ojn, fur \VEKT rr University, one denl/ Phone H2-5KW/ n hfviroom turr.irf»Kl. _ a ! l oxtraT lo jit-hool. Hurf* for this, 44:2-8333 or 5 1 1-lC-ti n-:k for Slovc. DUPLEX APARTMENT. Fkimlriird. · and/or fa!3, 1107 .V. leveret I SI DHPLKX. unfumishM, two bedrooi dulls prpierrrf, on ;Vm!!oc.V street Phcr- ' "HVO bedroom. fum1 shed ilup]cM ---il. no utilities paid. Poor.? 51*1-!CV ) available, unfurnished dup!t-\ LARGE t-.vo bedro , rentral heat, ai , wall-tfvwall c^ onditioned, grarba d furniluri 1 , off street J43-35-H; alter -i;00 p.m NEW, two btslri nient all u t i l i t i e s lipa Drive, a pa \"O bedroom nimishcil dup'es STi) pd. S65 u^umished. Two bednw L=h,-ri trailer. Electricily and iL^hcd. f?5. C, R. Paulk. SS)'3S GU A R,\NTBED flUTET. Cbupres and m e 5:n?les only, TWO brdroor ihseJ, e\«pt stove and refrig . Call 521-1521 aft^i 5 p m . TiVO edroMn, Sia? carpet, slore lor furnish M. Centra: fc*at rJ i tionM, parbagc d isposal, ' 36--Houses For Rent SIX i prcfe,-r prooer . wa'.kir.e tore a.-ir! U room hrKis s and rl.?^ 6--Houftes For Rent , I'tn-.ts r.r,-21.'!l or Sl'V UF'.NlSHKli. "J ^o i-siis. I K K K m:nnooM i rpct, centra! lic-al. U11NI5HBI1 two hc"Lrrvjm. Alr-i-nn-lil . Small Kardt'n s[»»".. ('o'JpTrf o; srniill ·- VS'.ntcr (tail). ILlfj jer mwilh. EXCELLENT FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD misiol. lully carpeted. Uirce txitfts. i|(ub:e car saiMKe, centra an.J central air. On large lo 1 - Cal f to inquire. 17--Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent I J R N I F K E D mnftilr- homes. Ato or rent. Wayne Mirhlo Mob ; lo El Park, Hwy. IR Kail. Phone in.'JvA 5PRINGBROOK ^AOB[LE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY m i l e s U of A. -- 1 mile NW In7a on 7! bypass and John.^on Hd. Phone 41.1-2.152. Mobile Home Ownera SPECIAL OFFER : ree Move and Sel-llp Tor a limited t i m e only. Call today SHEN A NDO AH M OB 13.E HOM VILLAGE. Highway 16 By-Paw 1*3-4757. Swimming pool, slorag buildings, palio, gas grilles an iights. Laundry. FREE MOVE Wouldn't you really rather live a V i l l a ? W e will move you froi your present location -- FHEEJ Villa MOBILE HOMB PARK ^.wy. 71 N. 443-2? En t ranee Acroaa from Holiday Inn JN B and two bedroom mobile horn for rent, furnished anil a i r-condilf ontv! At Villa llobllc Home Park. Phone -I! .TICK, -.i.tce terJmom rrailor home. $] cr month. Country living. Couple* onl, Hills paid. Call .(12-7615. NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOME PARK m A AAr-cend mottle hcm*» 1 rent Good living at Good Prices Wt End St -- I«A mt. N.W. of UofA- Ca 5323 or 521-5*10. TWO rxxliwrn, paid. Pfiono ^2 lEti, two Bedroom mobile hon , Rir-nwdilioned, vi-nsher/iirj ns. Space ]33 ilcKim iTaiv ailer, utilities paid. $. only- Phone 413-5)0 LOT FOR mobile home. Gils Fan nsloi I-'URMSHRT) two bortroom mobile nom Cnr[«lod. air-condilioned, pool nrivilegi shcr and dryer hookups, gas paid C. 521-739. KICK two Iwdroom, fucnishod, «n1i air-xn(iilionins. autonialic vvaslier, p p r i v j i e f f p , located Weslcrn ILIL; Paik, g and SIHCC paiej. H'JO. Phone 442-27M. BRAND new 1^50 two bedroom, conditioned, (ally carpeted, no child no pels, §125 month, !30 Cleanup d posil. ;?as paid. 4*2-^12-1, MOBILE HOMES 2SM Ht Comfort Rd. -Fayetteville SALES and PARK 38--Mobile Homes For Safe TRAVEL TRAILERS CAMPER 22 Ft. Self-Contained 21 Ft. Self-contained 30 Ft. 5th Wheel 25 Ft. Self-Contained used. $250 lOii Ft. Self-Conlaiu'ed overhea pick up camper 442-8871 PI^AXXIXG lo sell l?\6a I-ocated -hadod lot five m i n u t e s fro mU. o! Siwti: rent Slfi inonLhl}'- JJ?-ff^fl, c-arpelcd 3ivir,prom. no hall floor p'; Must s-?ll, Ca]i 441M007. I 4 \ f 0 TOTAL c:tvlric, three Iwdroo two fu:i balhi. Early .Vnierican stv Triple insulation. CM 4X.$X£ or see WESTERN HILLS Mobile Homes Like new 1972 and 1973 Repos, Free Delivery Setup Hwy. 62 West at 71 Bypass MOBILE home, two fedrwms, t bsths, furnished. a:r oo^rirlL^ftr 1 . ier. drj'er. siting !5,SCO. 5C1-1M1 * monthly. Phoie TiVO be liroom, unfumi.0i.-d lyyjsa. M ar r.c-d Cffjp:e prefi-r.-cd. Or,e blocf: .vjt of Jefferson ??K«:. 5:5. phone 41 11 ·m, COTTAGE -- Style oxinlry' rKyn~N7c yard, convenient to faeJones. Prefer ft"J plo o^" 2 sen: ed s: ade,-.1 -- Rt-f e re r. if quired. Phono -r!"-7UZ. THREE beijroorn. IVi baths, fa.Tnry rcom. fiov. Ek^ool, fli ' bedroom furriish . 1125 per mc^th, r e Dr. Joria Sjg?, . ru!et u frencci re S2I-3X1}. FURNISHED. 3 bedroom, central tieat air. rJinmcr ralei, 2 blocks university ' TiVO BfTDROONf, , deport. Phor.e O\V.\EP, m-Js! sell furnisho^. tw ro.-m niob.:e hom*. a i r - c o - d i l i w . e , . raed in frood area, cheap. Ph-Le 521-21 CHANDLER Traan Oonvoy. Inc. aa UonwidfL, ICO *ppnrwd. Pbor* Qga. Jonson. Ait 39-Office Space, Buildings For Rent COMMERCIAL B-jilrtin?. Tomship currently u^dor cur-simclior, 36C«D fju feet. Long term !?aw avaiiatte. AH pan. fdesl for shop, war*ixise or off (L O' Irani aae. im'Y. 51 nd 71 Ei73», Wesi?a1« sho pinx Center. 5,fr» square fesl, icda heat f air. carpets, two baths and s fipirss. Readable. Cart ColLiw il 44 10CO SQ. Ft store on W«t Dxkno i University. Phone +42-8H THE LITTLE WOMAN 47-Reot fstate-Far Sale IN CITY On old Ro'Jnd M o u n t a i n R o a d . 3V)' of f r o n t a g e by 200' deep. Small b a r n . S p r i n t ; . City w a t e r a v a i l a b l e . Good s t a n d of Fw;cue. Several large trees. Ideal [or home and loom to keep a horse or a couple of cows. Or develop Into a 3 or 4 large lots. Only $6500. CALL HEINEY REALTY CO. 47-*Ml htoto-For Sole Hwy t6 East 447-9236 "As chairman of the Women's Club Charity Drive I want to thank you for your contribution of $20." 9--Office Space, Buildings For Rent 47 Real Estate--For Sale-- OFflCE BUILDING FOR RENT '!5 N. College. X offices a n d Best r ehool. cccption room. 21-1300. Call James Baker Baker- Freeman 1618 N. College 521-1300 eattircs. 3 BR, 2 tin. Family rm v/PP. complete k i t . CH A. 2 ar ga r. La rg e tea n hal . ?.15 ,000 . Call Chris BLandeau. Res. 521-2004, AUCETTE REALTOR Co. 4O--For Rent Or Lease -'HAMK and hrick home, 3 lK;drooms, -arport and sloragc room. Ori [w ;l ropt wjlh sid ewalks. 1 h!ork f r ilemcnlary school and very cCose tjni%-crsi1*.' of Ark. Excellent "location richt Tamtly, Call owner, 2T3-3.1CM 273-3S5S, Bcntonviltc. CHOICE RETAIL OR WHOLESALE SPACE 1EOO Sq. II. Jn a new building. Ixx'afe'l block west of Hwy 71 on Riokin A vcfi ue in Span ff(J,i]c, Pa neleil. t.e. ntra! iieal anil air conditioning. Ijots ni park. e.NculiDnt louilion. Hitfi traffic count. 751-0203 after 6 p.m. 41 --For Rent--Mfecella neous SECURITY SELF-STORAGE 3 SIZE UNITS. NIGHT LIGHTING BUSINESS OR HOUSEHOLD GOODS. LONG O H SHORT TERM RENTAL- E. 19th ST. FAYETTE- Phone 751-7068 WILL rent pasture for horses in city ortheast near Butterfietd School. Phcmi 42- Wanted To Rent Or Lease PBRMANRNT, LOC.VL retired coupli i re rental of S belroorn horn c 01 sized lol Will consider mo-iorn nity home. Write Box JI-M c/o North i Ark. Times. 43--Real Estate--Wanted APPROXIMATELY JO-FO acres wit without hou;p, wUhin 30 miles of Fay cUcvfllc. llpnsonalt^' priced. \Vri1e i n formaljon to : I^on Lowe,-2209 Kulfo. Drive, Joiie.sboro. Art:. 73J01. WANTTU) to rent or lease: pasture land 1,000 neres or more, any and all ncrcagc-s ronslde red. Phone a [f er p.m-, 521-51BO. 45--Lots For Sale CHOICE LOTS in residential developm- CYo-usover Rtl. 0.73 acre, J3,r^0 ? O.S7 acre, $6.500. Phone 5'J1-33SI or alle ) p.m. 52I-:j?^. to Home live .Not far ti 1 JT. old. Has best SUBURBAN BRICK A l l electric with Insulpanc glass, UY INSULATED to SWEPCO specs., formal ditiing and Hving- roo^s, f a n i i l y room with FP and deck 3 bdrms, 21i iiaths, OXK ACHE near Hv.-y -15 East, on quiet country lane. By appointment. 4 BEDROOM TRI-LEVEL Over 2,200 feel of l i v i n g space. Formal living, dining, eating area in k i t c h e n , LARGK REG ROOM and 2 car ffarnge on lower level, jedro01115 on upper Icveh Drapes included, so you uan MOVE RIGHT IN without extra expense. HIGHWAY 45 EAST 4 bedroom ZV? bath modern ranch - - -r Hoot School. La rge f a m i l y m with dining area. Ught, mod- k i t c h e n , 2 car port with lots of storage, p r i v a t e hack yard and patio. QUICK POSSESSION. WALK TO BUTTERFIELD School and save the taxi driving. 4 year young 3 h d r m and den, 2 balh old brick wtih living-dining combo, dinetle In end of k i t c h e n , fireplace in den most rooms c a r - peted. heat and a i r , too. 2 car port. On large level lot with room for g a r d e n . JUST 536 500, and that's in the old hall park. GREAT BUY Older -- Five room home, west of V.A. Hospital on q u i e t s t r e e t . Carpeted Living and Dining rooms. Family room with fireplace, f u l l basement with paneled room. Fenced hack yard. Price only $13.' 500.00. Evenings call 44?-6640. CLOSE TO SQUARE S t u r d y N a t i v e Stone home, large Hying room w i t h fireplace, two big bedrooms, kitchen with Dining area. Zoned 3-C. Call Art Clark evenings -- 751-972-1. ALL BRICK This spacious three bedroom home on West Sixteen is n earing completion and ynu can choose youi own paint and carpet colors. Cal! Doug H a r t l e y for showing evenings -- 442-644$. GARAGE Well established General repair Good Metal b u i l d i n g , Gas Pumps Corner lot. acre of land. Across from proposed housing d e v e l o p m e n t . Room lor a d d i t i o n a l busi ntjssrs. Call evenings a f l e r 6 P.M -- 521-.=1833 for details. FOUR BEDROOM Small four bedroom on Rood leve lot, fenced back yard. Room fo g a r d e n . Built-in kitchen, washer dryer connections, one bath excel lent condition. Price only 516,750,00 -- $750.00 Down -- C a l l 442-6640 ev enin£s for d e t a i l s , BROILER--FARM RETIREMENT DREAM B e a u t i f u l view of mountains, valleys and 5 towns. 40 acres and 3 bed room. 1 '/a haths rock home. 40 acres Is divided into 8 pastures nond in each pasture, Home cornel ely redecorated. New roof on ome and 2 car attached garage. ow plumbing and eteclrlc, Wall to all carpeting. New cabinets in tchen. Cellar, barn and other ut buildings rock. Price 555.000. NEWIIN REALTY CO. W9-2SJ2 or $39-2259 West Fork. Arkansas DUPLEX RKNT . units. Excel l«rt cordittan. Oa*« I* Hwy. W West. 165,000. 1985 N. College J n l f e Eaves Jan Hen son Wllma Coolick Lor is S t a n l o n 521-8500 442-7262 521-6509 521-7087 ·112 37-11 "LINCOLN" Neat as a pin. This 2 bedroom home, at 506 S. Main in Lincoln Priced al Only $11,250.00. Just right for t h a t y o u n g couple g e t t i n g started. Call Jean Barrett. [*his is an except tommy well \i rated f a r m about 23 acres leve produces abundance of pasture EITL hay. Near new 3 bedroom h n m w i t h ail steel trusses, a u t o m a t i broiler house -- 15,000 capacity C a l l Doug Hartley six P.M. -- 442-G446. FIFTEEN ACRES South on Highway 255. gnod horn sites plus Limlier, good pond- Ca evenings Les Davis -- 521-4448. GOING BUSINESS and a two way income produce Drive-in R e s t a u r a n t and Servic Station on Main H i g h w a y , close ' FayetiRviile. Call Les Davis even ings ----- 521-W-UB. FRONTIER R E A L ESTATE Company REAITOR Bid Lazenby Les Davis Doug Hartley .. Arthur Clark .. . 1015 N. College 521-6700 . 521-583: . 521-444 . 442-644 . 751-972 "353 ST. CHARLES" Take a look at this neat renla Alayhe it is one you should ha\ in y o u r portfolio. Give Budd B r a t t o n a Call 521-2266. BARRETT-FINCHER 521-192 BARRETT-Flt^CHER 521 1 9 2 9 ' 4 BR HOUSE LARGE WORKSHOP NEAR UA A good piece of income properly with a gross income of S385 per montEi. Priced at J32.SOO. Owner will sell or Irade for acreage preferably w i t h o u t improvements. CALL: HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East 442-923(5 ONE acre huilrlinfr sile on Ahadow Drive, brcnlhlakin;; view, in sp!wl nergh- borhood For further information call 4-12- 25S1 weekdays 8^5. BUILDING SITES LARGE LOTS, CLOSE IN. NEW AHEA. BIAS A BEAUTIFUL VIEW. ALL UTILITIES. YOU WILL HAVE TO SEE TO APPRECIATE. TERMS AHF. AVAILABLE. BY OWNER. Fort Ctar:oHee. Florida, small and tafce over paymenU. Phone 46--Farms Acreages NI.N'R and 34 acres near FayelfeviHe. natural gas. excellent development. Phor.e ·1-C-5JJ7. LONG TERM LOANS on large Bud anall 47--Real Estaie-For Sale-- INVESTMENT SPECIAL- Full-Brick Duplex, paneled walLs, 2 b e d r o o m , 1600 Sq, Ft. total. Close lo shopping schools- This one slays full. Call Jean Barrett. · BARRETT-FINCHER 521-1929 4 BEDROOM BRICK OAKS MANOR ADDITION -- targe f a m i l y room with wood- b u r n i n g fireplace -- dinette space i n u l t r a m o d e r n kitchen -- separate utility room -- 2 large ceramic tile baths -- cent r a l air -- double garage -shaded l o t . S49.250.00. Call .143-tflfi NOW FOH APPOINTMENT. BRICK 3 bedroom 1 '2 bath home on \Vcdin?ton Drive -- lar^e lot 2.10 deep w i t h shade -- c e n t r a l a i r -- q u a l i t y carpeting--wootl- b u r n i n g f i r e p l a c e -- immediate possession, 528,500. Call 443-4316 for appointment. POTHAST REALTY CO. 443-4316 Floyd Pothast Flora 3.strunk 443-3406 LOVIXG HOME NEEDS NEW FAMILY 2 Acres off 45 East. Butterfi«ld School, brown cedar native stone trim and fireplace. Over 1,800 sq. ft. Central a-c, carpeted, 3 bed- rooni 2 baths, h u g e familyroom, dinintroom. lei tchen with eating space. Slable for HORSES. Com ptetely fenced. By Owner. TWO BEDP.OOM houie. [wo bloc Its Irrnn U of A cam.y^. ? Fr.soo, lol 50x235 Jo.CiJO. «2-"o63 or 443-3757. OO.VTESrrORAP.Y cwlar, two t»!room. H wooded aero. 1551 Hefley, come i lo a p^n. $21 500- DAVID FRYOR wants to meet ym. 6:50 p.m. Tuesday, Washington County Fair- Paid /or by Stan DA\TD PRVOR want to mret von. S; P.m.. Tuc.sday, Washington Counly Fai itrounds. Free focxl. I.ivc cnlertainme Paidjor by K t n n McNulty, chainiinn. ! acrt-s, -IS F^isi. brick. ocrtml hw . rkshop. 1 p.m. , en rpelcd, ! a rjre sciiool. 531,500 htlc 2 BEDROOM house O^ 70".\'1W !o1, milp east of I'nrminElon. Prifeil for rju salr. $5,500. CaU 37-3796 between 5 a fl p.m, "H6 BOLES ST." This holm; is re;idy for you to move inlo. New Cnrpet, New Roof New Central Heat - Air. And close to it all. Post office D r u » Store, Doc- 1ors offices. Super Markets, Call Jean Barrett. BARRETT-FINCHER 521-1929 $11,800.00 TWO BEDROOM FRAME WITH CARPORT -- Combination liv- ing-dinmf* -- convenient kitchen -- A u t o m a t i c heat --- Air- c o n d i t i o n e r . Range, Refrigerator, C u r t a i n s and drapes inc l u d e d -- Near schools ft shopping. Office 442-7391. BRICK DUPLEX TWO COMPLETE UNITS -L i v i n g -- d i n i n g room, two bed rooms, convenient kitchen, separ;i1e n l i t i t y s f o r a g e room, tiled bath and central heat in each a p a r t m e n t -- On large corner lot near C i t y Park -A choice piece of property Call us today. Office 442-7391. KINCAID COMPANY REALTOR 333 N. College--442-7391 George W. Lewis 442-4753 Mike R. Watson 442-6711 Hugh Kincaid 5?I-6054 Margaret Huntley 521-1340 KXCLUS1VK residential suMivision bci deve'.opeii by own er to be opened nea r f utu ro. Commiimenls (or riioicc cleared build^S sites b-;ing accepted now. Enjoy all city conveniences In this country hideaway. For further Information call 442-2M1 weekdays 8-~ two story with 2 B/Fs, h a t h u p s t a i r s plus 2 B/Rs 1 ba downslairs -- iarjlt; playroom dow stairs - Also four room workshop co UKTRV 47--R*al Eitat* for AMU.Y horoe Fl ve ocdrcoms, thr«* ithrooms. »vinznxro, dlnlnaroom. Jell- hen, wash room- On law* lot. $4D,000. 2alL 443-2510. "LARGE TWO BEDROOM" et us show you this home today. 3ne as clean as this won't last ong. Large bedrooms, Livin£- oom. Den, Large Kitchen, Central Heat A i r . And the best part. Only $18.500.00. Buddy Brattlon-- 21-2266. BARRETT-FINCHER 521-1929 BUYA MOME TO BUY. flfu. a? CCWT, out DREAMS CAN COME TRUE will love this very n i c e cus- om built 3 BR, brick h o m e located on 1 acre. rouble garage, 2 'ull baths, f u l l y carpeted, largt iviniirooni and f a m i l y room jus i f f kitchen with aU huiltlns yoi A-ill need. CH A. $36,000. Cal for appointment. COUNTRY LIVING Mice 2 B Rhome on 7 leve! acres y a r d chain link fenced, bnrn. cor ml, loading chute, and pond. Goo shade and grass. Cfose in. Call fo ; ppointment §26.500. NICE COnAGE INVESTORS DREAM FD-35 1000 acres unimproved tlmberland, touches county road, lot* of water, excellent place for hunting IPdg*. "?5.00 per acre. 85 ACRE STOCK FARM WITH EXCEPTIONALLY NICE 300 SQ. FT. HOMH CD-15 real income producer aa well M .e u l t i m a t e In country tivinx. ome Is 3 years old has 2 fire- laces 2 baths, and all the goodies. 30 acres seeded to permanent rnss S live water spring*, good enccs. You will just have to »e* Owner will finance tool XCEPTIONALLY NICE CD-12 68 level acres nice 3 bedroom arm home 17,000 broiler capacity. oca ted 20 minutes from Spring- ale. Good price and good terms. UNUSUAL HOME AND 70 ACRES FA-243 calcd on blacktop 5 miles from Springdatc, 2100 sq. ft. home, fireplace 36x1*) ft. family room and: ill the extras. Must see to appre- :iate. 63 ACRES Of GRASS AND 5,000 BREEDER HENS FC-57 7hLs place could be what you ar« ooking for. Nice home with fireplace, good spring, lols of grass, " acres of creek bottomland, good] ncome. won't last long. All city utilities w a l k i n g distance 7% loan. S8500. on nice lot of UofA. Ha FAYETTMLE REAL ESTATE Office 442-7081 3?47 N, College Omcr Verwers Thelma Culwell Barbara McCleister Jury Watson 442-84 ·142-710 267-333 ALL OR PART A total of IS acres on b l a c k - t o :ounly road. About 10 acres ope fc about 20 acres in old fields. Na ural jjas. Drilled well small pen. Old b a r n , Elkins phone A: schoo A b o u t 13 miles f r o m down to' Fayettevillc. $32.000 for the acres. About SG acres old fields. d r I M OR s wi IC'I OR ith 20 acres well, old barn 9,38 acres of open land w i t h sma pond. Terms on contract. OR 10 acres of wooded l a n d . Terms n contract. HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 Eost 442-923. DIFFER EXT Tircil ot the J.ol me show lUOO MJ. f l . c decks and gl of iho T i l l 110 u my newly oonipl ·mporary home. Lots on 2 wooded acres es from bypass. Ciirl -H3-3SSS. 30.\SO w/ hath -- 112x250 fenced yard -- Good invt^tment at S27.500. WILL GO VA .1 B/Rs -- US balhs -- CH CA -- brick s i d i n s -- carpeting -one car garage -- oven, range disposal -- fenced yard. $25,500. WEST FORK Excellent c o n d i t i o n -- only 2 years old -- brick and siding -- carpeting - - one car g a r a g e -- oven, range disposal -- Priced at §18.000. FHA loan of §13,^00 can be assumed at 1\' A %. Payments only $90 m o n t h l y (includes taxes insurance), $8500!!! Hillside 2 B/R house on 1.3 acres, ·c-d. with trfes and garden space. 5 1 ,- miles f r o m town. B r i n g i y o u r broom and "' ' ' " "' place tool 3 B/R ON J /z ACRE . , acre. Adjoining 2 B/R 2000 sq. /t. refrigerated is also available for Priced at $22,450. collage, 3 acres, fenced, :«mi, organic garden, fruit -- n u l minutes from Univecsitv. $10.G09. Rt BEACON REALTY CO. Across from AQ Chicken House-- Hwy 71 North Springdole, Arkansas Office Ph. 751-7473 Earl Sherry Brad Wright Gary Tech BROKER Bob* McMillan 751-2959 361-2663 751-2196 741-97M NEW 3-4 BEDROOM HOMES Some nearly completed, others under construction. These homes ar* top quality with all the extras. Phone Builder. Garland Smith. 2673393 after 7 p.m. or contact your realtor. BY OWNER t bedroom. 1',* baths. cMrpeled, «ntr»I utr/licnl. den with woodhurning fireptara, lishw'iisher, double electric ovens, En. i-losed bat* yard, convenient to school*. Phone 44^-^)81 or D'Jl-4738. "SPRING TIME SPECIAL" 80 Acres for Only $14,750. You w i l l love all the Red Buds Dogwoods.! S t i i r i n n U r n ^ n i v i n ^ Only 20 miles from the .square.! i,- , ,i ^ S Call Buddy Brttton 521-2266 Terms slu ls ancl the donors were:: BARRETT-FINCHER ^ w TM ker ol 9 UA Students Gel Scholarships N i n e sludcnts i n th# U n i v e r s i t y o f Arkansas DepEirlrnenl of Accounting have received scholarships of $400 each for the next academic year from various firms, according to Dr. Charles Oxford, interim UA president. In addition, one student has received a $300 savings bond as the "Outstanding Accounting Student of [tie Year", Dr. .lames Modisctte. head of the I Department, said. This was awarded lo John T. Sanforri of Fort Smith and was presented by R. A. Lile of r.iHIc Rock. Students receiving scholar- Phone 521-1929 FOR B:\hB by owner: Tlircc 1eihooiiis. 2 bamroorns, fireplace, t l f n , bertutifnl id, tix-ation, ami nciRhbroLocxI. Phone Panoramic view from Hie deck of ll^ l a s t o f u l l y decoraled S BR, 'I 1a ^' 1 r) 011 ^ in Root School D i s t r i c t . ' -- A m y W. Walker of Foreman, from Dillarrt Department Stores, Inc., of Little Rock. --Joseph Phillips of Spring- d a l e , from Douglas Walker and Company of F'ayclteville. --John E. Lewis of Ocien (Montgomery County), from Russell Brown and Company of Little Rock. --Billy C. Hnrdin of McGehee. Phillips Petroleum REALTOR After hours call: Muriel Howard Glen Mason den p!a and on 1ei. Iyt l tvfcp^rfs, 4 COLORADO RECREATIONAL PROPERTY 7 plus Acre Water and otertnrily minutes lo various comn door sports. S-TO.CW down ownrr t r i l l miry V"-- ' ' provimately 10 yea 5 plus Acre I*ot Within stale appro* tilu] mountain v!ew interest for U7 mtte. 6 pin.; Acres Ass^UIlc loan--no inleresl-- hack paymcnL? of balance over 10 ye fisiiing^h ea rt o* if.g Call Collect (SOJ) 589-^1 MAPLE MANOR APARTMENTS Foyettevilie's Finest Now Leasing, One, Two, Three or Four Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnished Summer Rotes Effective June 1st Small Deposit Reserves Your Choice 3001 Wedington Phone 521-7206 brush. Fice- E nd basement view and \'i \ home and ed building r purchase. /-.I Estate hCoUfft -721S 521-JI50 m homo. Gar- Call after 5:00 10 NAL [Y ract accessability-- nirie^ and oul- , no Jnlerest, fance over ap- Iot ^division, beau- our drive to 4 as 7% simple s -matee up Iwo each-Sin 50.00 ose to hoating- coojitry- 1 or, to:3 ftw :«rry. TS roem» BeautUu] kituhcti. shag throuehnuf, Turn. rm. w/fT. CH A. 1 yr. dirt. Call Caihy Boyd. Res. 521-5S71; or Si-lvia Danforth, Res. 4'12-99:i, t t. PAUCETTE ? 4 l* 5 bTM"* BY OWNER Beautiful 5 bedroom, 2 story Dutch Colonial with 2600 sq. ft,, 3 baths plus dressing room; formal livirifi- dming room; GK double-oven and dishwasher in kilchen with lots of cabinets; paneled familyroom garage; excellent land scaping- variety of shale. fruit Irees and flowering shrubs, naluml rock patio and pool; fenced. 553 500 Call 521-6VT for appointment. Business and Home. On Hi acres with cily utilities. Large home with 3 bedrooms and Den. Dinette, utility. Room for offices and/or apartmpnls. Other buildings and storage. Idnat for retail store or small manufacturing. Location is gnod and building are good. The prEce is right at $35,000. Bargain 20 acres with over '/i mile frontage on 170 highway. Unimproved at only 450 an acre. Just ',· mile of Lincoln on blacktop 5 level acres with cily water and natural gas. Attractive 2 bedroom home. Attractive lawn and shade. 2 .small broiler houses totaling 10.000 or 12.000 chicks. Small laying house. Garage. $29,500. Terms. NEWIIN REALTY CO. 835-2522 or S39-2259 West Fork, Arkansas HOUSE NF3AR University. Ecaulilully sihinted, acreage amonc Irecs. Two bedrooms, three buihs. Suitable coup:*, 2 children. Phone 442-21(57. Company of Barllesville. Okla. Barhara Walls of Branson. Mo., from the Skelly Oil Company of Tulsa, Okla. --Stanley Green of Littta Rock, from Jack Frost and Company of Litlle Rock. --Donna H. Stansell of Hindsville. from Tyson Foods, Inc., of Springdale. -Carl D. Cross of Newport, from Thomas and Thomas Cerlified Public Accountants of Texarkana. -- Jlrs. Harriet 1.. Robinson of Harrison, from the Northwest Arkansas Veterans WASHINGTON (AP) -- Th« Veterans Administration said Saturday that 250,000 veteran* were living in Arkansas at th« ciul of last year. The largest single group con- sister] of 123,000 veterans of World War 11. F,stima[«i populations of other groups were 56.000 from th» Vietnam era. 48.000 from ih« Korean conflict and 14,000 from World War I. There were 25,000 veterans who served in the period between the Korean conflict and tlie Vietnam era. The VA said th se figures did not total because some veterans served in two periods whila they were counted only once in the over-all 250,000 figur . FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rates.... We offer reasonable rent ALL year long, large Complex Close To Campus. : 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come fly University Housing Rozorfaock Annex - 575-395)

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