Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 6, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1974
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

STREAKING/! AS'P WHAT'S THE JOE COOt ALUVW5 KEEPS UP WITH TKE LATEST CA.WFJS FAP5... Believe h orMrt/ LA"ST CA.ttRJS FAP 7 STANDING S7AKT OH ONE LEG AND MANIPULATE STICKS AND 2 PUCKS XMUtTA- MOVSLY WKT MEETING HOUSE K WEST WOODSTOCK. VT, SUILT IN r/09. BY sow awisrs MD CO/V6ZKAT10MUSIT THEIR: SHELLS 15 TIMES BEFORE THEY" REACH THEIR MAXIMUM OF 6 IHCHES LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. 4 '·' Northwest Arkanwn TIMES, Men., Moy 6, AYITYCVILLI, »KK*M»»« lllllllllllHIM^ FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope iiiniiiiiiiNHUiiniiniiiiniiiiiuiiHiiinniniiiiiiiJtiDiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiio^ SEEMS X REMEMBER THg SHOw") BUT 1NTGRPOL IS BREATWKG DOW WHATU TWICE ^^ ., ! MUSEUM COW COLLECTION 15 : 4-MILLION \ T OF ., THE THIEVES'NECKS. THEY MIGHT .YOUR OF THE METAL CONTENT, I tamirii^mvSRf HWE T° MELT FRIENP / MO QUESTIONS ASKER SOLD ON THE OPEN I ^·ILUIP^S "" POVJ" ro ^ WY. e yf HE YJILL RESTORE «^,imim^TM^^ v^^a^ss. 10 AN'MEMO*/ COUMf »H SOWS IS 6OTTK6 MOST gVPCN'f J46MTO ^ MOTHW X--(///THAT NEW HftT O'VORN \£ 15 EWUFF TO MflKE Pi DOG / AH Kl M EASY S AV E THAT, V BVTH'TIME AH 154-7, 1FAH f DON'T GIT MARRIED, AM' V. WORKS --^^^TM-"' - --' ~- NOT UMTH-NOU GET SOME CLUBS OF YOUR OWN. THAT SET RUMS AROUND $500.00 CARFW THE B«3, AUDI HIT THE BALL-- WHAT'S LEFTOVERS FOR SUPP6R 1.1, .._ AMP HE WALKS AWAY,' TMAT ICOOKtP E5P£CIALLY FOR / I PONT OVeR TO THE 1 HAVE TO/ PX.ANPC5ET M£ A SIXPACK: a/\/W \ THE NESV AMD I DOSJ'T LIKE TO CARRY IT AROUND IM MY MR. BEASLEY, ^ rrt ONU/ N'IKE O'CLOCK IS! TWHMORN'IMG 5 --' E MADE MS A SAPDiN'E SANDWICH rf »' Tobacco Is Culprit In Emphysema Cases 1 have been to!d that I a m i heading for emphysema. In fact, I have heen warned that f 1 don't slop smoking it will ecome full-blown. Is there any other way of preventing emphy- a? Mr. T.E. Tnd. Dear Mr. E.: The sound advice you have iccn given must he followed. Cigarette smoking is an import- a n t factor in the development of this chronic, debilitating lung condition. There are other causes, too, but tobacco is a dominant one f o r t h e irreversible c h a n g e s that occur m the lungs. SLOW PROCESS The fact that your condition lias heen recognized early has given you a great advantage. There is still time to slow down the process of emphysema. Perhaps if you thoroughly un derstand what emphysema i-' you will be motivated to follow your doctor's advice. This chronic lujig disease affects the tiny air spaces in he lungs. They lose their resil- 'ency and thus interfere with he normal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxitie that lakes place in the lungs. When this happens, shortness of breath, wheezing, chronic cough, and general debility lime I walk through result. Every hook in the section in which | your birthday comes and f i n d ! ivhat your outlook is, according to the stars. KOR TUBS., MAY ^ ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Some block to progress indicated but, if determined. ,.'ou can remove any obstacle. Breakthrough could be achieved through a new method, idea, concept. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 20 Distant interests lake the spotlight. You may now be able lo take a trip that was postponed or you may hear some excellent news from a f a r . G E M I N I (May 22 lo June 21) Even if balked in a certain plan, don't let yourself be pushed into a corner. Have al ternatives ready. You are gooc at improvisation. CANCER (June- 22 lo July 23) Your i n t u i t i o n at a peak. A good clay for backing your hull chcs with zcstful, optimistic p e r f o r m a n c e . Travel a n d romance favored. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Avoid a tendency to "fly off the handle" if you feel wronged. If you must express grievances, do'so in a diplomatic manner. V I R G O (Aug. 2l to Scpl. 2:0 a ward filled with patients with emphysema, some i n w h e e l chairs, and others in respirators. I am filled with a sense of sorrow: in so many cases tobacco is tbe culprit. What kind of mental illness s shock therapy used for? 'Mrs. G. R. N.M. Dear Mr. K.: Before the advent of t h e many new psychotropic drugs, shock therapy was virtually the only method available to treat the psychotic patient. T H E R A P Y CHOICE The choice of shock therapy is dependent on the careful evaluation of highly trained psychiatrists and neurologists. Since there are so m a n y variations o f psychoses, t h e r e is no universal rule for the use of shock therapy. You can achieve most in your own surroundings now - discussing ideas and plans with compatible friends and associates. Results should be most worthwhile. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) A sudden flash of intuition in a romantic matter will he righl on target. Follow through am recent harriers to happiness will fall. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Never mind the odds againsl yoir Keep working toward your objectives. There is always a way Tor the imaginative, op timistic worker. And you art that! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. ) Do not pay loo much attention f associates seem d i f f i c u l t . low, so don't lake unseemly low, so don't take unsemly iction personally. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. You could launch a new vert- ;ure nuw if you have given it careful thought. A good day for promoting, a d v e r t i s i n g your wares; in general, to press on to belter things. A Q U A R I U S (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19)' Fine influences stimulate your ingenuity, creativity and personalty. Be careful, however, not to go to extremes in anything you undertake. PISCES (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) More gains indicated than you anticipate. But there will be some- obstacles, so pick your way alertly and cautiously - but wilhont anxiety. YOU BORN TODAY are extremely giften in the creative arts; arc idealistic to an musual degree and highly imaginative. Your talent for both music and poetry is not only dominated by an emotional quality but' by intellect as well and. as cither composer or writer, there are no heights , which you cannot attain. Should you prefer to train yourself along other lines, however. there arc many fields froni which you can successfully choose, notably; science, the law. statesmanship, education. photography or horticulture. In such case, music or writing would make a satisfying avocation. On the personal side, you have an outgoing and warm- h e a r t e d personality . aro devoted to f a m i l y and f r i e n d s and have all the instincts of the true humanitarian. Bii'tli- dale of: Robert Browning, Eng. pool; Peter I. Tschaikovsky and Johannes Brahms, world-renowned composers. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS L Haggard novel 4. Bounders 8. Actor O'Brian 12. Malay gibbon B. English author 14. Medicinal plant 15. Fourth caliph 16. County in Ireland 18. Hereditary factors 2fl. : Faucet ZVWeather word M. Actor McCarthy 28. Aclress Collinge 32. ttva Stevens 33. German exclamation 34. Brother oE Jothsm 38. Pub specialty 37. Brogue 33. Ran off the rails 4L Fine line DOWN of letter j. Scoria «..Defeat z. Actress utterly Barbara 44. Spanish 3. Actress :article O'Brien- 48. Style of Moore type 50.'Treat with respect 53. Turkish officer 56. Cry of Bacchanals 57. Rake 58. An affirmative 59. A fine fabric substance SO. Solar H. Female disk fowl 61. Table scrap .17. Tree IS. Blunder '2.-Frosted -3 .'African river 25. Ph-al 28. Pines or 'Wight 4. A privateer 27..Require 5. Service- 28. Fail to man's bid address 6. Underworld god 7. Denomination 8. Impede 9. German · city 10. Sticky 29. Dull pain 30. God of thunder 31. Air: comb, form 35. Actress O'Hara 33. Diva Farreli 40. Japanese statesman 42. In behalf of 45. Antitoxins 47. County in Ireland 48. Dyer's vat [iiiniiiiuniiiii]iii[iiiniHii!iiii!ini[i«!««iiiiii!iNiiiiiii iiiiiiiuuiiiiiiiinnnnniiiiniiinniiiiiiiniNiiniiniiiiiiiiiniiiniiiininiiiinit B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Playl North dealer. Neither side vulnerable. NORTH *A V 8 7 5 » J 94 + A J 9 5 4 3 WEST '*7 6 4 2 » J 63 » Q 6 5 *10 6 2 EAST * K Q J 9 3 *9 2 * 10 3 + K Q 8 7 SOUTH * 10 8 5 V A K Q 10 4 « A K 7 3 2 The bidding: North Kast South Pass Pass 1 * 2 * 2 *' 3 V 4 »' Pass 4 * 5 ¥· Opening lead - Iwo of spiide.s. A lot of hands from the an nual world championships never West Pass Pass Pass On the bidding shown, Avarclli's four spade call was an asking bid requesting partner lo reveal ins exact spade holding, and tins inquiry \vonld liivc been highly effective had Xorth seen fit to respond cither r i v - .-iNules oi 1 five no'i'nmp - eilher of which would have specified the singleton ace of spades. Rut Belladonna, exercising lis table .judgment - because he Tell bis red .suit holdings were very milch mulct' par - dceided to misrepresent h i .s actual holding by responidng five liearls- True, (his showed Ihe ace, but it did not disclose thai the ace was a singleton. Avarelli passed ami easily made six. His only lose]' was a diamond. When Maine and Ilamman wore Norlh-Sonlh, they also - , failed lo get to a s!am. bidding went: North East Pass 1 A South 2 V West Pass H a m m a n bid two hearts over a spade and Malhc raised him 53. Negative particle Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 54. Hint sec the l i g h t of day because * spade and Malhc raised him tbe outcome proves lo be a '· r TM r ' q h " cl °scd the bidding Mexican standoff. They arc dis- - prematurely - and the h a n d regarded for lack o f ' d r a m a t i c «'as_ * ,TM s1 TM' 1 - holh leam ' impact, scoring 480 points. For example, take Board No. Hamman could certainly have 113 from the U.S.-ftaly match bid his hand more strongly, a n d . in 1966. I M a t h e could also have saved When Belladonna and Avarcll I t h e day by making a cuebid were North-South for Italy, t b e ! o f two spades over two hearts bidding went as shown. T h e ] t o show no spade losers. But 2 5 8 9, 23 ii 37 4) 9 so sa 59 2- · 29 fyjjb. SI i · 10 M 52 m 9A · y a · is 44 4 3 6 34 · 4i · · i · " 39 · 4i s; 00 « in 23 41 9 14 · M 'jj§ 54 · IB. 7 ·"* · iS 4 ^ · 40 i l | if · · 3b IBf i i 58 w n 26 m 4U 1 in 27 H 49 i+ BE A CUT-UP! You can save many times the small subscription price of the Northwest Arkansas TIMES sim- p[y by clipping the money-saving coupons that appear almost daily in the ads. bidding went as shown. T n e , i o snow no spatlc losers. But American East did not consider i neither o{ them did - and an .hat his hand amounted lo an excellent slam was left lo wasta opening bid and he passed. ' * " ' 'its .sweetness on the desert air. PONYTA1L "I accomplished quite a bit in Algebra today. ..I made tbe complete guek list for my party tikis weekend!"

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