Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 6, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1974
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

HOUM Damaged : SPRINGDALB - Taint and dry cement were thrown on the exterior or a vacant house at 607 Allen Ave. during Hie weekend. Owner Ruth Saum, 2111 w. Emma Ave., estimated the damage at $75. FOOD FOR THOUGHT for you, A ie-tHirt e Vitatmn C you need each ··*, plus iron, niacin and Ihia- «im«. lt'« low in fat, low 100- «m|-.nd only 1M calories, no m«r» man an apple. One wiree lays that 'ketchup' «eme» from the Malay word · ' iptart fish ba ure. Never lem vegetables tilting In cookini water--they turn to itimh. Drain and reheat with butter and a liltl. boiling w*. Jertert ve,Mafck, ,| Suzio Weilg'l Rice Bowl cooked with Ik* same lovint care and expert handi aa everyth.t K else on our "«emi. Garden-fresh, properly ·*·*·"**· they complement a perfect dinner. Cor Catches Hr« i SPRIN'GDAbr; -- A carelessly discarded cigarette started a fire in the front s e a t of A. 0. Varner's car Sunday morning. Damage to the upholstery was moderate, according to fire department reports. G*Xrphyticist Dies GALVESTON. TEX. (AP) -Dr. Maurice Ewing, who received the National Medal of Science last October, died Saturday. Ewing, geophysicist and oceanographcr at the University of Texas Medical Branch, was 68. Neat Address , Book Write the names in your address b o o k with a pencil. Then you can make any address changes neatly simply by erasing and rewriting. wee 442-2212 Highway 112 North Closed Sunday t Monday 5 to 9:30 p.m. STARTS WEDNESDAY Open 7:30 p.m. Show Tim* 8:10 p.m. "CINDERELLA LIBERTY" -- PLUS -"LAUGHING POLICEMAN" MOVING! EXCITING! HELEN HELP US Male Chauvinist Likes Gals Who Can't Spell By HELEN AND SUE BOTTKL Dear Helen: ipronounced three words," "You Please print this because I played with your pencil," "I | knew you d get that quote want various opinions. I am a male chauvenist, 1(10 per cent. I don't like the way women are carrying on. The only decent woman is one who keeps her mouth shut. Females are followers, not leaders, and it's about time men straightened them out. Every man should be like me, then it would be a very wonderful world. There's an old saying, "Strength is the charm ot a man and charm is the strength of a woman." Unfortunately, U.S. women don't agree. Their "Lib" should b e o u t l a w e d , banisned, squelched. I'm for very feminine girls who stay home and wait for Iheir men, who they treat as Kings. Wake up, men, don't let your wives get nut of hand. Consider the Japanese women who don't dare raise their voices to males. They're my kind!-Champion Male Chauvenist Dear Chimp:: OK. s i n c e you've spelled "chauvinist" with an "e". I put the missing "i" in your salutation. Seems only fitting. Or maybe we women should ixed up," etc. etc. Not one r ord of praise. Could you please tell family members they should consider ic feelings of a parent (wife) /ho is doing her best in a new leld? Perhaps that's why vomen don't try for the top: males are so sure they'll never lake it.---New At Speaking jear NAS: : Consider them told! E v e r y o n e needs sincere jraise, and anyone who tries, leserves it. Your son and hus- MU. NEWMAN MMERTHtBrOUD "jr, THE STING WINNER OF SKVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture Funniest Western sine "Cat Bailou" Msl Brooks SADDLES , pG v Fet. 7:15-9:25 * Sun. Maf. 2p.m. GeneHockmon * The _ Conversation Open 6:45 Kna,tlMWMHIUa Fet. Sun.-Thur». 7:45 Fri..Sat 7:00-9:40 San. Mat. 2 p.m. (PC) GR6RT GflT/BV (PC) eonnniH-uMui Mon.-Thun., 7:45 c \Voody -Diane cAlleq/" : 'Keaton C O U P O N FOR THE FAMILY . . Ken's Pizza Parlor 4*9 WEST OICKSON 3 FOR 2, Order Three Pizzas - Pay For Only Two! This Coupon Redeemable at KEN'S in Fayettevilla use a u, chump.--H. and make it nd female) who are so watch- ul for flaws that they can't ee the good points. . . . N o t t h a t real flaws ;lioiildn't be mentioned, so you can work on eliminating them; but congratulations come first. A good rule for constructive criticism is: Start with the posi- ive, proceed to the negative and end on a positive note. Anc his goes for outspoken famih critics!--H. Got a problem? An adult subject for discussion? You can :alk it over in her column i you write to Helen Bottel. care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES Dear Helen: What do you say to a woman who puts a double sex meaning on everything we mention. Her jokes are crude and her dirty puns aren't funny. I'm sure you know the type: a smirk' a minute. Any suggestions for handling her?--Needs A Gag Dear Gag:: Why not tell her "Sex spelled backward is "X-es" (excess) and walk away?--H. CATERING the Colonel Dear Helen: Why is it that when a child is in a school play, his m o f h e attends because she's proud o him. and she knows he'll b exceptional (even if he isn't in the eyes of others): but whe the child--or a husband--see Mama perform in public, In sits there and cringes, knowin] she'll embarrass him? I was on a public panel dis cussion recently and my soi and husband were in the auc ience. They were more nervou than I was--I could tell the just knew I'd goof. Afterwards, they told me a] the things I'd done wrong...evoi though others said 1 marie ; good appearance. It isn't much f u n , when voi come off the stage quite prom of yourself, to be greeted b a family (hat says. "You mis land are typical of amily members (both many male Northww* Arkansas TIMES, MMU. May 6, Fall Network W Lineup TV Schedules 31 New Fall Shows By JAY SHASBUTT NEW YORK (AP)--A total of 1 new series will be on the letworks next f a l l . That's the highest number is recent his- ory. but don't get the idea it's suddenly become easy to get a new series on TV. * It's still the same old story: Many are culled but tew are chosen. That's the dismaying--for writers--word f r o m Larry White, the man in charge of programming for the NBC Television network. He estimates he gets between .·DO and BOO proposals for new series each year *'and I think you'll find the figures are J jroximately the same at every network." Out of this proposal pile, Flood Damage T,ITTI.E HOCK (AP) -- The slate Highway Department estimated Saturday that damage tr Arkansas highways and bridges 'rom heavy rain and flooding during April would run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The department called this a conservative estimate. One Injured SPRINGDALE --One person was injured in a two vehicle accident Saturday night at West Sunset Avenue and the Sonic Drive-In drivewav. Sharor Plumlce, 22, of Route 1. a passenger in Robert C. Plum lee's car, was h u r t but did not require hospital treatment. According to police reports a car driven by J a m e s W Jaker, 19. of Lowell, was east lound on Sunset and attempting o turn left into the Sonic Drive Baker did not see the ,ap preaching driven by Route 1. Coins Forged WARSAW, Poland (AP) -Authorities uncovered a collection of forged coins from the first century A.D. Coin experts said some Roman money was found near Warsaw with accurate likenesses of the appro priate emperor but incorrect inscriptions. Summer Cookouts Blend one-fourth teaspoon Ta hasco and one tablespoon seasoning and browning sauce into one-fourth pound of butter or margarine. Brush on meats chops or fish for the zestiest barbecue of the year. The TIMES Is On Top of The News Seven Days a Week westbound vehicli Plumlee, also o Vhite says. NBC culls about 120 rospects that the network con-! idcrs interesting enough to varrant a financial investment. Tile majority of these, he ays, only get as far as the lUlline 0]- script stage. About 15 actually are filmed as "pilot" shows . for new series, )ut the attrition doesn't stop here. At NliC, just 12 weekly pros- liccts got the g r e e n l i g h t for he 197-1-75 season. It's a higtier- han-usual number, but still ·epresents only 10 per cent of ill the shows NKC luul under serious consideration. From where do new st'ries proposals come? "You get the bulk- of them rom the professionals in the business, but you also got some "rom out of the woodwork, so to. speak," While said, referring o ideas submitted by amateur writers. While, who couldn't recall a case in which a network made a series submitted by an ama- .eur writer, was asked what factors determine whether a new series gels on Ihe air. lie said network executives look for such things as: "Are the characters the kinds of characters Who will have" a lot of available stones. Is the concept the kind that will have slaying power with varying stories. "Are [he characters the k i n d we believe audiences will like and identify with. These are all judgments we have to make. "In addition, [here's a lot of testing that goes on. We test :hc shows with audiences in ; healers, on cable fete vision and, on several occasions, \yf play the pilots em the air priof Lo decision time." How significant are the .ratings of a televised pilot show. · They're an i m p o r t a n t but not overwhelming Factor in the decision-making process, ho said, a d d i n g that "the most significant part of the rating; is what 'iiapncns w h i t e Ihe show is on, poos the rating hoid up, does it grow or rtoes it deteriorate." Ele said i\ major, but pleasant, problem he had in choosing next season's wares was an overabundance or good new programs. Because of (he wealth, he said, he 'had to cancel several current shows which,, while marginal performers in the ratings race, probably would have returned next season. THE HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521-3O11 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. rer PIZZA, m NOW SHOWING Open 7:45 ArULMENEmRMliflEHUUI BI-CRUTUNOfTHESt's! Chuck Berry Little Richard Fats Domino Chu,kSby Checker Bo Diddley 5 Salins The Shirelles The Coasters Danny and the Juniors · Special Guest Star [Bill Haiey %g Comets! Le tltie Good Times -- PLUS _ GARY GRIMES Class o LATE BONUS "THE FIRST TIME" The Colonel will eater your party, banquet, meeting, or function for a surprisingly low price. Phone 442-5481 or 443-4751 Den Carrs' frid Ukiik CATERING SERVICE Weatherford Quartet appearing with the RIDGEVIEW QUARTET DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Program* subject lo dune* withnt notice KTEW, Tulso, Channel 2 ICIWMMl I wi eabre in Fayettevllle) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsn, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburgh, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulia, Channel 8 ICJunntl 4 on cabl« In KOED-TV(ETV), Toko, Channel 11 KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 (Channel 9 on ca6l« in Fay*H*vUM CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, TV Tim* -- Weather -- Music 9 Channels -- FM Radio, All on "The Cable" O WARNER CABLE of Fayettevill* Phone 521-7730 MOVIES ON TV Monday Night 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-7 -- "The Underground Man" (1974) Peter Graves, Jack Klugman, Judith Anderson 8:00 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 - "The Kremlin Letter" (1970) Richard Boone, Bibi Anderson 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Mail Order Bride" (1964) Keir Dulles, Lois Netllelon 10:45 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "The Spiral Staircase" (1946) Dorothy McGuire, George Brent Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd" (1974) Mortin Sheen, Kim Darby 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Maracaibo" (1958) Jean Wallace, Abbe Lone, Francis Lederer AUTO INSURANCE · $50,r«0 LUhility · Uninsured Motorist 5 Year Renewable Guarant $2,000 Medical Drivers 16.60 Premium McCARTNEY-FAUCETTE Phone 442-2335 l 4 i N. COLLEGE GET OUT OF TOWN Drive out lo Hickory Crook Kor. ArM ·no] dino at THE BARN 2*4 Eaat OH Mwy. 71 Ctoofce «nd thrimp, homemado t roll*, roKMtos, and salad*. Family ilylr Inh fry Fridt/, Bar BQ Kiln Saturday. Ooon :-U p.m. t*t. and Sun. i2 noon.14 p.n,, Cam i oo M ot koaulrlnl Boavor Lako. MONDAY EVENING * J:M New* . . ........................ t World Report .................. i« Andy Griffith .................. « Mister Roger* .................. II Truth or Confluences .......... 7 To Tell The Truth .......... I Electric Company ....... . ...... II Twilight Zone ................ U News ............. 2. i, 5, «. T. 12 Truth or Coiuoquonooj - ..... · * I:W- Kodjgepodga Lodge ........... 11 News ........ 2. 3. 5, «. 7. 12, 9 16 To Tell The Truth .............. Untamed World ................ Wild Wild World of Animj!« .. 7 Open Door .............. ... ll Dragnet ......................... Kirehouse ........................ Hogan's Heroes . .. ....... L«f Make A DeaJ ............. * 7:H Rookies ................ 5 s Incredible Flight of Ihe Snow^ccse ............ ,. , Alvin Alley: Memories and . Visions ............. Magician .................... ' 2, 3'. 1974 COLOR TV NOW~AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound ZM3 N. College 442-8575 * S:"! -Movie ............ 2 3, 7. 5, 8. America'* Junior Miss Pageant 6 Fusion Suite ............ * 8:30 Book Beat ......... . .......... * t:M Medical Center Washington Slraisht Talk BUY YOUR CARPET DIRECT FROM THE LOCAL PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT. WHERE YOU GET THE BEST AND SAVE THE MOST. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. HIGHWAY CS WEST 75I-7!r«! SPKIXGDALE, ARK. in concert Tuesday, May 7 7:30 p.m. RIDGEVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH Hwy 16 East Today'* Yoza 11 * I«:H News 2, B «, T. 16 * 10:15 -- New« I. 8, 12 * 1I:M- Jnrinny Carson -.... 2, 3, T Movie 6. 16 * Ifl:45 -Johnny Carson , 5 Movie , 8. 12 Tomorrow 2. 3, 5, 1 * 12:15 News S * 1:00 Religion* Town Hall 2 TUESDAY MORNING * «:25 Moment! of Meditation I * ·:» SMS Forum .1 Garner Ted Anratronff 8 * S:J5 aspiration , 2 * «:40 News *.........« 2 Ncws L(»ht of Life Today in Agriculture ......... * «:55 -Harvest Tim« T»bemacl« ..... 5 Project .......................... I *7:»- Timmy in4 L«il* ............. CBS Nrm .................. ». H Country MiMfe Tbiw ..... 8 Today ................... », J, «, 7 Cartoons ., 12 * I:N -Captain Kangaroo », II Cartoon Circii* · Sewim* Street 1J * 8:30 Okliihoma: Tuesrfaj , I * »:M - O-A.M t Dinali Shore 1, S, 7 3«Aarne Street 3 -Tiller's Wild I« Movie ft Irs Your Bet 12 * 9:30 -Gambit 8. If .Tcopardy 2, S. 7 Love American Stylo 12 * 1I:W- Now You See It 6. 1* Wizard ot OdiU .'.... 3. 3. J All My Children * U: »- Hollywood Square* .... 2. 3. 5 lave or Life (, Brady Hunch a. 12 * 10:53 Coffee Break Xcw* 11:»»-- t. Paaaword Mike Dwii 3. S, 7 ... U Young and th* Restleta * !!:!»- . Split Second a, ll Baffle 3, i, 7 Search for Tomorrow I " * 11:55 News I. i. T TUESDAY AFTERNOON * «:»»- All My Children Xews 2, PhiE Donahue ..., TabletRlk . . . * 13:15 -Leave It to Carol .... * 12:30 Three on a Match .... As the World Turn* .. Lefi Make a Deal ... * 12:» Melody UmUitf* i-.n- Guiding Lliht Days of Our LlvM .. N«wlrw«d Cam* w 1:»- Edg* o Night Girl In My Lif« Doctor* * !:M- Prke i* Right General Hospital A n o t n e r World ....... * 1:1*Match Gama ,. How to Survive a Marriage £!*· Life to XJre Uncle Zen I.ucy Show Petticoat Junction ... Dinah Shore All My Children Three on a Match ... Dick Van Dyke * !:»- Cartoon* Taltletalea Today's Yoaa To Tel] the Trvjth Someraet . 6. 7. 12. I E 3 5 1« 8. !6 . Z. 3. 5. 7 1. 11 ». IS I 12 .. 1. 3. . 7 S. 12 .. Z. 3. S. 7 . 1 3 5 , l a. u It 6, 16 11 12 t. ». i. 7 I:3»- Petticoat J u n c t i o n Dinah Shore AH -My Children Three on a Match ............ Joker's Wild ....... Human Kelations ....... . Petl:co;U Junction ...... Uncle Zcb Lucy Show *4:M_ Star Trek Mcrv Gnmn Jeopardy ................. , 1 Dream of Jeannie ... Fugitive ...... Ronan?^ ,, Corner Pvlc. USMC A n d y Griffith . . . Sesame Street * 4:M- Reat the Clock Beverly Hillbillies ..'. ---- : Bonanra Lucy Show TUESDAY EVENING * J:M - Xcw.s ...... Andy G r i f f i t h Mister Roffern To Tell The Truth Truth of Consequences World Repor: * »:J»- Eleetric Co. Truth or Corufequencea News .......... 2. 3. 5, Twilight Zon« * I:W- Ricr-ntennial Lecture News ........ 2 3. 5. 6. 7 W i l d Kingdom l.i!T* -Make a Deal .. Hosim 1 ;; Efcrocs * Dvxty, Trail .. . ... . O?zic\ Cllrls To Ttll the Truth ... ^""snot !J!* 7:»K S I!:ip]» Das 12- M a u d e -] . , Bi)i Mover's Journal Lets M.ike A Deal . · · ' ?!* 7:30 - · ; ; · ,, · iiovio ·*· S:OI! Black Journal 5 3 19 12 7 . ..5. 12 6 J» . 2. 3 7 ..... 11 ....... i S, 8.. 13 . 2. J. 7 11 , *S::!0 - · 1' To Be Announced 12 * !:00 S Police Smrv Marcus Wclhy .... d Criinpiu .. * 3:JO Today's Yojja * 1I:M- 3 7 16 11 8 . 7. 12 16 * 10:30 One Deadly Owner ... Xews ........... J o h n n y Carson ...... * 11:01) .Movie ................. * U:00 -News .......... ....... Tomorrow ............ * 1:00 - ... 2, !. 7 ... 5. S. 12 11 I. 13 ». 18 2. 3, i. T 1 2. · *, 7 Oklahoma Forum t

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