Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 6, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1974
Page 12
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AifcmM T1MB, MML, Jktay 4, 197* rArrrriviLLK, AIIKANIA* Oil Embargo May Have Helped Wake U.S. To Energy Demands ' HOUSTON CAP) -- The prcst- $*nt of the International Association of Drilling Contractors **ys the Arabs, in a sense, may have done the United States a favor by imposing their oil em- targo. *'I think we owe the Arabs our gratitude for making us face up to the inevitable shortfall in our conventional energy Kupplies in a manner and on a schedule which we could have achieved only in response to uch a dramatic stimulus." ·ays Alden J. Laborde of New Orleans. "An appreciation of owr in Creasingly critical situation was thrust upon us, fortunately at a time when our country can sii manage adequate solutions with relative case." ' In a message to drilling contractors, Laborde outlined several benefits resulting from the embargo. "Out of it all will come some needed changes in our atii- turies. hopefully away from the excesses of our wasteful society which result in our committing to the trash heap more commodities than most countries use," he said. "We also welcome the more reasonable reappraisal of the biter-relationships between our energy, needs and our environ ment with the result the Alas kan pipeline is now under way Offshore- lease sales have beer, resumed and accelerated, an jpterest in domestic energy tources other t h a n oil and gas Is being encouraged." '' 'SUBTLE BENEFIT* ... Laborde added that another though more subtle, bonefi ·"could h* that of causing us to reaffirm our wavering faith in the free enterprise system ""Labord* said the free m a r k e Straightened out the nation's meat problem quite well bu '*only when the governmen |»v* op in complete desper ·lion.** "T am convinced the free market could and eventual!j .will take care'of our fuel prob Ijems. too, when it in given the chance." he said. "Maybe by then we shall con elude lhat all the laws Congres ·an pass cannot m a k e a pounc f meal or tt gallon of gasoline. ill can be terribly disruptive n tho process of trying to. 11 Warren L. B n k e r , vice presi- !ent of t h e association, agreed iy saying the law of supply and demand is the only way the na- ton can solve its energy shortage. "Uncertain government pol- cies arc the greatest deterrent n the path of the United Slates ever developing sufficient domestic energy supplies to re* riucc its dependency on foreign sources to viable levels," Baker said. Baker said recent months iave offered ample proof how better economic conditions can stimulate oil and gas development rates. MORE R f G S USED "Since crude oil prices began rising last May. drilling rigs employed in searching for crude oil and natural gas pro duction advanced from 1,05-) to more than 1,353 d u r i n g the first two m o n t h s of 1971" he said. "At this stage Ihe likelihood "or a d d i t i o n a l major growth in drilling is being undermined by the failure of government to lake positive actions to provide stable favorable economic conditions. 11 Baker said current threats to further growth include continued price controls on petroleum, crude oil price rollback iroposals, continued regu- alions of wellhead prices of natural gas sold into interstate commerce, and proposals to phase out depletion tax allowances and to impose a windfall profits tax. "As long as these conditions remain in limbo, there is no way businessmen, large or small, corporate or individual, can program how they can make a profit on thnir investments," Baker said. Oil and gas prorlucers, he added, are accustomed to taking risks. "Forty per cent of all wells drilled in search of oil and natural gas fail to find production," he said. These odds are known and plans are made accordingly. What the petroleum industry needs more than anything else is stability." Enrl Adv Sunday AiMs May 5 Proper Home Care Is Needed To Keep Those Insects Away By VIVIAN BROWN AP News(e«(ur«s Writer '. Big black ants streaking '(cross your kitchen counter? ;riies tuning up on your warm ^·indow panes? It's ai] part of ^he hot weather harassment that begins its finale when mosquitoes hatch out oF the rain barrel or drain spou to do heir annual sting. What to dp annul the itchinE. "(rawling. winging pests? "The only escape might be lo Antarctica. Bui even lhat mighl b» too late. The German cockroach has gone everywhere m a n has gone." So says Dr. iouglass Mampe. entomologist W Elizabeth. N.J. In the United States the far- Dier south von go. the bupgicr it gets. But in Ihe North where .tihev have biting flies and mosquitoes, lliey make up in numbers what Ihey lack in variety. The new sex atlractanls nven't been too much help in foiling the average pest, he nays. Nobody even knows what attracts the cockroach, who apparently isn't as sexy as his numbers might imply. Sex attractants are useful only when inserts tiave strong hormones. Mampe says. Even then they might develop slrains that would be as resistant lo the at- raclants as they are to some Insecticides. Clothes moths and carpet beetles have almost disappeared with the advent ol synthetic fibers and treated n-oolens. he points out. "Bui insects have learned to live on fvery crop man has grown. Ir 20 years they will h a v e learned to enjoy rayon or whatever." Mampe is director of technical services [or the National Pest Control Assn. for whose MO members he oversees search. C L E A N I N G HELPS Cleanliness is the first key to keeping insects and rodents iwsy. Proper garbage disposal. careful food storage -- in metal «r glass -- and disposal of j u n k will help eliminate favorite breeding places of insects, he advises. He offers these additional pointers: . Big black a n t s . . .They came to your house for food and water from a tree perhaps 100 fret jwar. The best way to keep them out is to treat the base of jwur building wih materials containing chlordane. · Mosquitoes . . . some species have even developed a resist- ·nee to DDT. The best route is cleanliness and removal of breeding ipots -- stagnant water, wet garbage and the like. The mosquito ii man's biggesl insect enemy. Fleas.. .Rid the pet of them before going off on vacation Otherwise fleas mature and are hungry when the f a m i l y re turns. Pest control people ofte; fet calls Iat« at night when re fuming f a m i l y members f i n _ ·ttiey cannot sleep in (he house · Flies. . .Disease-carriers. The b»st way to handle: use ·ereens, and resin strips. · Wtsps.. .Below 55 degree ·ley arc lethargic. Above tha -yv» may need to *pray. · Termites., .After three day «f ((-degree temperature yo *My spot them in a matin flght vhaa they iwarm te asement or first-floor window, lundrcds of wings on a sill flay he an indication of an in- estafion. Unlike flying ants. r hich they resemble, termiles o not have pinched waists. Homeowners .shouldn't panic, all a pest controller. Mice. . .They travel only in r 20 fee! in a lifetime. The olci- rfsbioned mouse trap is best. lice may have rievelojiecl re- stance to certain chemicals. Squirrels. . .Even the pest in- nslry has difficulty ridding a ouse of squirrels.'They use the ave-a heart kind of trap-and- elcase cage. Bait is moved arther in until the squirrel be- omes confident and walks in, n hen (he trap is set. Choose the pest controller ·arefully. Mamno advises. .Eter t a l k i n g to three or so. ·heck out Ihe one likctl with the ncal Better Business Bureau. Reliable companies are mem- ere of state or national associ- itions and are supporting a :ode of ethics of their organ- zation. Dogs and cats should be kept ick and flea-free. Keep in mind hat the tick spread bubonic plague over Europe. AMERICAN TICK "The house should be simul- aneously rid of the nests as hey are removed from animals. Contrary lo popular on-in- on. the American tick always ives outside. The brown dog ick always lives indoors. After t feeds on the dog. it drops off udes in a crack in the baseboard or (he edge of the carpet or behind a picture rame or in the recesses of up- mistered furniture until it sheds its skin -- one of three imes it docs -- and returns to OOK for the dog." Materials c o n t a i n i n g pyrelh- ·ins or m a l a t h i o n are considered best for use on the dog. The house may be treated at he same time with diazinon or dursban. When pest controllers lo a house, the house is rcadv or occupancy in two to four lours. Pediculosis (lice in the hair) getting to be a national prob em -- the most recent outbreak was in Indiana -- ami many people call pest control companies to treat their houses, he comments. But M a m p e insists it ij a medical problem and he attributes the Tread of it to the long hair Dr. Mampe, who became in- erested in snakes as a bov ar.d earned his Ph.D. in eni'o^ mology at North Carolina State las a favorite insect -- the nch-long harmless iridescent ··carab. a beetle t h a t lives out doors "and probablv plavs ; role as pollinator" of more primitive things like magnolias Although he is inclined to trunk the only ture way to destroy an insect is the A and B block method (put it on the 4 block and smash it widi the B block), insecticides containini diazmin. dursban and baygoi But he reminds users that al insecticides are poisons and must he handled carefully. One reason in this ecological age there are more calls for professional help -- people art afraid to misuse poisons. Price* Good May 5th thru 8th Open 9 A.M. Closed We Reaerve. The Right To (Juanliliei Cudahy Canned No Dealer! Please 'Located Hwy. 71 North Across From Lewis Ford We gladly accept USDA Food Stamps Sunkist "88" Oranges Red Radishes BANANAS 9 ib. Hoyle Gift Bridge Set score pad-2 decks cards Wheat Chex Shurfine Tomato Soup $100 Boxed Stationary Cereal 18 Sheets-14 Envelopes Several Styles to choose from CAJNDY BARS Pay Day Milk Shake YOUR CHOICE Retail 15c ARC-RAY Colgate Dental Cream 36* LIGHT BULBS Heres. yaut chance lo stack up on quality light bulbs al substantial savings! Choose the power most suitable lo your needs -- from 25 to 100 walls. Slock up at great savings! Correclol 60's Cushion Grip Bactine Spray 4.5-Oz. Spartus Kitchen Hurricane LAMP randfather Clock J. JB. GRANDFATHER. if.l«ly minialort ol i POPDltr tr«difiow4 flrantffatftfr clock. With cryit*! covered xiligiM.goM errMt»d di« jntf twinging Illrriulum. KIMI · « . 1«'.,-»T"XJ Reg. 815.97 with iVight Light Availablein: Amber Green, Ruby Shop at 16-Ft. Gibson'* and Aluminum Save Where Prices are Born-Not Raised 2-Amp Automatic Battery Charger $ 2 0 Panty Hose Extension Ladder One Size Fits All No. 964 Hit ffit "fciot *pin" rungs nff loaded svfety locks. AN metjl Ijddcr I b«»m construe* tr«n and Ideal for car* boats, tractors, recreational vehicles. GIBSON BREAD

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