The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 11, 1936 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1936
Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, August 11,1936 i a* Country Otnb— A ladles' one o'clock bridge Inn* fch*oB waft held at the club house at ttw Country dub, Wednesday aft- ernotm. There were 38 guests present Those on the committee in charge were Mrs. H. R. Cowan, chairman, Mrs. A. H. Borchardt, Mr*. Myrtft Griggs, Mrs. W. A. faster, Mrs. W, B. Quarton, Mrs, ML P. Haggard, Mrs. E. W. Hanton, Mrs. M. W. Jacobson, and Mrs. 3, C. Mawdsley. The high prize wu Won by Mrs. O. W. Stlllman, vt&ond prize by Mrs. J. L. Bonar, and the low prize went to Mrs. P. V. Janse. itorty Honors Goes*— Mrs. T. P. Harrington, Mrs. M. P. Haggard, and Mrs. M. P. Weaver entertained at the Harrington home Thursday evening, honoring Mrs. Harry Moore of San Antonio, Texas, who is a guest at the J. W. Haggard home. There were 20 guests present, at four tables of contract and one table of anagrams. Mrs. S. E. McMahon received the bridge, and Mrs.' L. J. Dickinson the prize for anagrams. A' guest prize was given to Mrs. Moore. tarty at Spencer—~~ The ladles of the Algona Country dub were Invited to .the Spencer Country Club for golf and bridge Tuesday afternoon. Those Attending are Mrs. W. G. McCullough, Mrs. Harry Hull, Mrs. C. W. Morck, Mrs. Mart Weaver, Mrs. D. P. Smith, Mrs. Joe Greenberg, Mrs. .At Granzow, Mrs. P. A. Danson, Mrs. Burdete Agard, Mrs. Bob Larson, Delia Welter, Mrs. George Henely and Mrs. W. E. Hawcott Bridge Mrs. Henry Purst entertained her bridge club last Wednesday evening at three tables. Mrs. Tom Holmes won high and travel prizes, and Mrs. Bruce Eckhart won second high. Mrs. Byron Caldwell of Greyslake, Illinois, and Martha Haynes of Wesley were guests of the club. Mankato Folk Wed— Leo F. Schema, 30, and Frances E. Relsenbegle, 25, both of Mankato, Minnesota, were married on Monday afternoon by Justice of the Peace, P. A. Danson. Attendants were D. B. Schultz and Florence Whalen. Party for Dorothy lawnon— Joyce Chrlatensen and Betty Gunn entertained at a dancing party Friday evening, In honor of Dorothy Lawson, guest of Mrs. Joe Cosgrove. The party was held in the shelter house at the Call state park. Letts Creek Folks Go to So. Dakota Lotts Creek: Mrs. Fred Meyer, and Mrs. Fred Boettcher. accompanied by their mother, Mrs. Mary Mittag, left for Marion, South Dakota, Thursday. Mrs. Mary Mlt- tag intended to see a doctor there. Mr. and Mrs. Art Rusch and family accompanied by Mrs. Rusch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schalltn left Friday morning for a week's visit at Galloway, South Dakota, with Mr. and Mrs. John Seegebarth and family. Mrs. Seege- barth is a sister of Mrs. Rusch, and a daughter of the Schallins. Wed., Thur., Fri., Aug. 12-13-14 Matinees daily 2:30 I Two Big Hits—Prices 10-26c WHERE THE LAW OF THE WILD IS THE Once again ...the author of The THIN MAN' scorss a 'HIT' hichHOng,thrfl: fag MYSTERY MARY OF SCOTLAND* HERE ARE THE 3.THINGS YOU WANT IN A FLOOR VARNISH! A BEAUTIFUL FINISH LONG WEAR QUICK-DRYING £owe Brothers Meptunite Floor Varnish has these three qualities i frnra'.'T? it'a designed for floors it ua'toaeof thcoe varnishes claimed to be "good foe everything." It 'give* you a smooth, gluu-j.i»g. •IrftiH^fii^ floor that can be * r alUe.i OB in a few hours; and the 'muu ^wSQ ctand op under the nai Jeut ( kind of wear yon can give it. \ Lowe Brother* aiso make other jbigb quality Heptun- fite varaiahej. Each <jDe i* designed to do a specific job. "Interior"—hi^ glu:>3 tor woodwork; "Rubbing"— iur -isc when the finiih i> to be .-ubbcd- "Spar"—for exterior u«e; and "Scat"—for chain; church UC-A-S, and other surfaces where unusually nard-drying i* rTiJJTf**! All Ncptunite Vanuahe* art heat proof, mar-proof aad water* proof. They won't turn white o» Cratch white. Come ia and let u» help you getthe right varnish for the work you bave ia naiad. ON UJUsFLAY AND I Oli s VI F. S. Norton & Son Social Calendar The Presbyterian Missionary society will have a special meeting at the church Thursday afternoon to work on hospital supplies, which are part of their offering to Foreign Mission enterprises. The Missionary society of the First Lutheran church will hold a meeting In the church parlor at 2:30 p. m. Thursday afternoon. Mrs Harry Spongberg, Mrs. Alma Nelson, Mrs. Halsrud and Mrs. Ben Bakken are hostesses. Mrs. E. R. Sellstrom will be the leader. The regular meeting of the Reb- ekahs will be held at the hall on Tuesday evening, (tonight) at 8:00 o'clock. The Baptist Loyal class meets on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. A. Miner. Mrs. Chas. Reaper, Will Presnell and Anna Cook will assist. The Foreign Missionary society will meet Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the church parlors at the Methodist church. Rich Point Girls Visit Minneapolis Rich Point: Mary Black spent last we«k in Minneapolis visiting her sisters, Lucille and Pauline Black, who are employed there. Pauline will return home during the last week In August and will teach the Delos Gardner school In Union township this year. Lucille will be enrollfcd in a Minneapolis business school after Sept. 14. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Godfrey were Rich Point callers the past week. Elgina Bahr Is assisting with the house work at the J. F. Black home this week. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson spent last week end with friends in Sioux City. Mrs. Hugh Raney and Mrs. Jack Dltsworth spent Thursday at the Arthur Jackman home near Fenon. Sonny Walker, son of Mrs. Clara Walker, Algona, is spending his vacation with his aunt, Mrs. Frank 2apesius. TheMcai About Town Says Mayor Carl Specht received a telegram the day before last Wednesday's celebration welcoming him :o the festivities and signed by the 'Courthouse Gang." # * * ATTACKSFEDERAL LAND BK. LOANS Badger Man Wants Receivership for Ft. Dodge & Eagle Grove Ass'ns The Federal Land Bank at Omaha and the farm loan associations through which its loans are obtained by farmers, was attacked by Arthur Arent of Badger, Iowa, in a speech at the Court House In Fort Dodge last week. In his speech he said that he would ask for receiverships for the Fort Dodge and Eagle Grove associations. Mr. Arent's story was that he had borrowed $16,600 and had to make a stock subscription of $850. His understanding was that when he paid his loan in full he would be given credit for the stock which would be turned in. Instead he was refused credit and retirement on his stock and told that he in fact had guaranteed the payment of all farm loans by his stock subscription. Mr. Arent journeyed to Omaha to take the matter up with the Federal Land Bank and says Mrs. Paul Blumer Hostess for AM At LuVerne, Thur. Lu Verne: The August meeting of the Evangelical Missionary society was held at the Paul Blames home northwest of town, Thursday. Mrs. E. R, Walter had charge of the devotional hour and Florence Hot reviewed the chapter, "The Church Serving" from the text book "Toward a Christian America", which the group Is studying. Marie Frlteemeler gave a reading, "Mrs. Harper's Stint" In the social hour that followed the hostess served a dainty lunch. Mr. and Mrs. George Ditzel and children of Spencer spent several days at the H. E. Peltzke home. Mrs. Vlda Boyles, Genevleve and Jack, Fort Dodge, were guests of Mrs. Harry Van Draska Wednesday. Hans O'Hara, a former LuVerne resident now living at Spencer, was a guest of Sam Swank last week on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wiese have gone to Livermore to make their home. They lived In the building, where the LuVerne News Is now located. Mrs. Fred Wolf, Grace Llchty inp reaerH. jLmim Dm,* »,.u *»,=>, . , that he was informed by high of- and Mrs. Wm. Klawltter will be ficials that no farm loan associa- . hostesses to the LuVerne Cemetery tion had any connection with the Association at the city hall Thurs- Omaha Federal Land Bank. No day afternoon. borrower has a single share of I Mrs. Edw. Dehnert and children stock in the Federal Land Bank. | left Thursday for a visit with rel- At the Fort Dodge meeting a number of borrowers organ ''.«•! to ask for receiverships for the Fort Dodge and Eagle Grov» lean agen- clos. Irvington Woman Goes to California Irvington: Mrs. Lawrence Hutchins leaves Wednesday for San Diego, California, for several weeks visit with her folks who reside there. She Is making the trip by train. The Embroidery club met Tuesday at the John Cox home. A splendid program was given including a play by Zelba Long and Lois Barr and Lucille Kramer. te in the afternoon a fine luncheon was served. Maybelline Miller assisted in entertaining and serving. WEST BEND NEWS •Returnable containers," words specifically defined in the sales tax law, mean nothing to some of Algona's merchants. They charge, and lose business by doing so, tax on sales which net ten cents. For example, a customer buys two coca colas to tuke out; the gross sale amounts to twenty cents, ten cents for the coke and ten cents deposit on the bottles; when the bottles are returned the customer receives ten cents back leaving the net purchase of ten cents; the merchant charging sales tax or twenty-one cents for the gross sale is receiving a ten percent sales tax and is not following the law. And that is why certain sales have dropped off at those who insist on a penny. Mrs. Carrie Bourrett and Mrs. Ben Walker entertained a number of ladies at a tea Thursday afternoon. The proceeds were for the two I benefit of the Methodist Ladies' tt» I A 1,1 atlves at Lake Mills, Wis. Mr. Dehnert expects to go for them the last of the week. Patty Breed, Jackson, Minn., Is visiting her cousin, Mrs. Grover Rentz. Mrs. Nellie Gregory is at the Breed home, returning with that family after a recent vfslt here. Milton Woito who has been an Instructor in the West Bend schools for several years is leaving there and will teach at Scranton the coming year. The Woitos have one daughter. Mrs. A. L. Jones and Mrs. Arthur Legler will be hostesses to the M. E. Ladies' Aid Wednesday. August 12, at the hall. Mrs. F. I. Chapman entertained the Presbyterian society last week. IRVINGTON NEWS Among the great sights Chuck Cretzmeyer Is taking in at the Olympics is a new order being organized and called "I Chased Owens Home." Chuck has probably seen all the members initiated. Aid. Former Residents Visit Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lelnbach and family of Colorado spent Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Wash Harris. They had been visiting his sister at Ocheydan and were on their way to Belmond to visit his parents. Rev. and Mrs. S. W. Leinbach. The Leinbach family were former residents here. To Graduate Soon Quentin Kongsbach and a friend came from Cedar Falls, Friday evening for a week end visit. He will graduate from the Teachers' College in two weeks and has a position at West Branch for this coming year. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Stone were celebrating in Algona Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cleal spent a few days the past week at Lake Okoboji. Watermelon Day was a success I Mr. and Mrs. Myron Boos and because everyone pitched In and helped one way or another. Dr. Andrews did his part of the entertaining when he entered a contest in throwing at the African Dodger. Among a party of friends the one who missed the Dodger the farthest was to pay for the others' ball. Doc won and paid on a wild pitch which cleared the canvass and broke a light bulb an estimated ten feet from the negro. • • • History is being made and are you aware of It? Imagine a fertile location like Kosauth county, lo-A-a, unable to raise enough sweet corn to satisfy a town the size of Algona. About the only corn available has been brought in by truck from Illinois and a few days ago a load from Fairmont. Local garden trucksters have found but few tars in their fields and farmers < annul pick enough to make canning worth while. And all this lime the city hogbters go without. • • • A >oung man with a bank ac- i omit who carries his own check book and keeps tab on his stub failed to fill in the first stub for wlvit the (heck was written. His \vife. ;m expert bookkeeper and ac- (ountant. who wanted to be able I t(< tell ;tt a later date where this I money went, rilk-d it in to suit her- j -i If with the words, "For—beer and, ! nlcohol " I * • • ! Billy I>au, Jr., who went on a trip I iiito northern Minnesota with the t timly. is certain the pictures he | has ijeen and the stories and hi.tiorieo he has read about Indians .ire all myths. At least his conception of Indians is wrong. Billy was .>hown an Indian, in fact, many o "lieiii. dressed like white men anc because they were not painted drested in blankets and feathers was disappointed. He insisted tlv trip take them farther north to see the real ones. children returned Saturday from a week's outing spent at Lake Oko boji. George Henderson of Spencer called on Mr. and Mrs. Henry Elsler Thursday. He formerly resided here. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mikes, Jr., of Fairfax, Minn., were callers on his mother, Mrs. Jos. Mikes, here, last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Riley drove to LuVerne, Wednesday after Velma Escher, who spent a few days at the Riley home. Miss Dorothy Miller returned from her visit at Fort Dodge, Wed- esday. She visited at the home of her brother, Ray and wife. Mr. and Mrs. John Munson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Munson and Miss Charlene Munson attended he celebration at Algona Wednesday night. The members of the Bay View club tendered a farewell party in tionor of Mrs. Sue Watson at the home of Mrs. C. C. Miller, Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Baas and children and Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Anderegg and daughters spent Wednesday evening at the celebration at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Babler ant daughter of Wisconsin, were dinner guests Saturday at the Wm. Kiley home. They left that afternoon fo: a visit with relatives at Renwick. Little Patricia Falb of Marshall town is spending some time at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Frank Lockwood. Her parents, Mr. am Mrs. Noah Falb are on a western trip. Mr. and Mrs. Art Zumach an Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eisler drove t Marion. South Dakota, Friday to consult a doctor in regard to Mrs. Bister's health, which has been very poor the past faix months. John Riley visited last week with his daughter at Woden. Rita Bauman from Humboldt has been visiting the past week with her friend. Doris Colwell. E. H. Thomas and family went to Chicago Saturday for a short visit with his mother, who lives there. Mrs. Elmer Dole and children and Camilla Frankl drove to Bancroft on Friday to spend the day with relatives. Mrs. Mary Dole assisted nt the Mike Borman home the past few days. The Borman reunion was held there Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. Thornton and Mr. and Mrs. D. Riley and John Gaffney attended a party at Livermore Saturday night. Mrs. Maurice Eddy and children arrived Sunday to spend a week at the A. D. Headley home. Mrs. Eddy was formerly Hazel Headley. . The interior of the Irvington school will be painted this week. Bill Scull is doing the work. Miss Jordan and Miss Thompson are to teach here. • The Harley Green family is moving from the Jennings place and the Bill Green family is moving back there. They formerly lived there before going to Sexton. The club dance was very well attended Friday night. All reported an enjoyable time. Next dance will be August 21 with Colwell, Scheppman and Kulow on the committee. Bill Scull Is now painting the buildings on the John Frankl farm east of Irvington. He recently com- leted the job of painting all the juildings on the Frankl farm one mile east of Algona. MRS. F. BROWN OFFENTONCtUB Fenton: The regular meeting of the Woman's Missionary society was held In the M. B. church parlors Thursday afternoon, August 6. Mrs. L. M. Holldorf had charge of the devotions. MM. Sarah Wels- brod was program leader. Letters were read from Mrs. Martha L. McCutchen and Errie M. Bartlett by Mrs. Fred Brown. Mrs. C. G. Humphrey read on "Extension Members" and Mrs. Frank McFall read, "In the Land of Promise." During the business meeting the annual election of officers was held with the following result: Mrs. Fred Brown, president; Mrs. Lester Weisbrod, vice president; Mrs. Carl Gilllngham, secretary; Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod, treasurer; corresponding secretary. Mrs. J. B. Hanson; Standard Bearer counsellor, Mrs. J. T. Snyder and Kings Heralds, Mrs. George Boettcher. There were 23 members and 18 visitors present. Hostesses were Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod, Mrs. Walter Widdel and Mrs. Bahne Bahnson. Sister Dies Mrs. Earl Dean received a message last week Sunday of the death of her sister. Mrs. Geo. Reber, who passed away at her home In Wisconsin after a lingering illness with cancer. The Rebers formerly lived near Fenton. Mrs. Dean was unable to attend the funeral. Whittemore Aid Meets Thursday Whittemore: The St. Paul's Lutheran Ladies' Aid will meet on Thursday, Aug. 13th at the Lutheran school hall for their regular monthly meeting. Those who are on the entertainment committee for this month are Mrs. Geo. Meyer, Mrs. Christ Meyer, Mrs. Wm. Meyer, Mrs. Hugo Meyer, Mrs. Albert Meyer. Maahs. and Mrs. Herman No doubt Violet Noriuun will takt her prize trip to Texas. Who 1.1 going with her seems to be a puzzling question to many of her wull-wi.shers. A young, good-looking, hard-working girl of Violet's make-up should not be permitted to ttiaku the trip alone. And there is where the sponsors erred. A contest for a young man should have been carried on at the same lime. TWO NEW CITV ordinances went into effect last week. One lorbids "U" turns on State street at Thorington, Dodge, Moore, Har laa and Jonfs intersections. The second forbids parking of trucks over 16 feet in length on State street. NORTH IOWA FAIR DATES AUG. 24-28 Auto Races—Monday Harness Races—Tues. Wed.-Thurs. Derby Day—Friday 7 Events THE GREATEST NIGHT SHOW OP ALL TIME—50 ARTISTS PARTICIPATING Entries Made Now A SMALL OUTSIDE GATE Adults 25, Children 8 to 16—15c Per Acre We have several farms on the bargain counter, priced as low as $35.00 per acre. Small down payment, balance to suit buyer. See these bargains at once. You Can't Afford to Bent McDonald & Company la. State Bank Bldg. Phone 125 Ralph Bartlett, manager Whittemore Farmers Creamery, announced last week that they will hold the annual creamery picnic at the Academy Park on August 20. Mrs. Eugene Schoonhoven of Clear Lake spent the week end on business here. Mrs. J. H. Fraser and son were Thursday afternoon callers at the M. J. Eischeld home. The Martin J. Elschelds and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schumacher were at Mason City Friday. Mr. and Mrs. John Schumacher of Bancroft visited at the Will Kelly home Wednesday. Leo Elbert, son of Mrs. Adam Elbert left for Detroit, Mich, Thursday to seek employment The Misses Marguerite Fleming and Owen Kelly were at West Bend Thursday morning on business. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Zumach and son. Laddie, left Thursday for a vacation trip through the Black Hills and Yellowstone Park. o, last Tuesday morning on business and Mrs. We*w*f . ,.daughters, LjNBA.and Ruth and . and son, Robert of Chicago, arrived last week to visit with relatives. Henry Lauck went to Port Dodge Wednesday where he had a minor operation on his nose by a nose specialist. He returned home Friday. J. M. Fleming accompanied by his son, Bob and Stanley Brogan, transacted business at Mr. Fleming's farm south of Bmmetaburg on Thursday. Werner Braat* who recently purchased the old Haacker house. moved his household goods to his new home last week Thursday. He formerly lived In the J. H. Wolf residence. 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