Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 5, 1974 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1974
Page 24
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·D * Nortfcw** Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, May 5, 1974 FAYKTTIVILlt, A UK A Ml** __ TM D»fwd*nt.J. 1. Brown I* wttnml to *PP*T Ln Ihli Cocrt within t h i r t y teyi *nd u»wcr tS» complaint n! ihe Ptalntirt In ttw »t»v* «illt'*d c*u»«. WHn*« my hand *nd r*nl ol thli Cotrl thll 10 d*y D! April. 1971. . . pr. Cb*nc*ry Or* , Slovak town of N o v a k y IcP. 1 4te M. . ». S WARMING ORDER IB th* Ch»nc*ry Court of Washin County, Arkfins** Jun** A. Krlly PIilnUH V». CH.74-2 JUIptwtU Ann Krily Defender,' T»e D«ffndnnl Batphelt* Ann Kollj tc w«m*d to npp«wr in Ihls Court within thirty days ind answer ih« complain vt th« PUinlin In the above entitled CAUM, ' Witnr« my h»rv« »nd *·»! * thL Court this llth day of Apnl. 1971. Alma Kollm«y«r Chuncery Clfr By K*y* Chuppell D.C «Te H 51, K. 5 Forgets Incident PRAGUE. (AP) -- When Czechoslovakia a dentist in the the ·ooiii [or a few moments, his patient jumped out of the chair and tried to rape the attractive 23-year-old dental assistant, a press report said. The woman screamed and other patients rushed i" from the waiting ;oom to subdue the man. l i e lold police he had taken painkilling drugs and remembered nothing of the incident. Authoritiesuncover. Courtesy Of Energy Crisis British Royal Ballet To Visit New York City Facts On Futures ·HID FACTS OF THE FUTURES Bv WYL1E PARKER and LAVERN HOUFIEL1) A. G. Edwards »nd Sons, Inc. The commodity futures markets continued to be erratic and indecisive during the last week. The economic news from the U S was not encouraging with a sharp drop in G N P in the first quarter and an inflation rate of 10.8 per cent. Interest rales moved into new high areas but this failed to attract respect for the dollar abroad. The magnitude of our economic problems and the growing belief that a presidential impeach- Heavier weights and mar tidings may continue in the short run. but more seasonally constructive numbers shoult emerge as t i m e passes. We would lie sellers of nearby con tracts in hogs and bellies on rallies. August hogs should do hetter than June, as is the case in Cattle. Futures should continue to b torn between strong grain prices and weak livesloc! prices. The cold storage figure LONDON' (AP) -- On account ,,( Britain's energy crisis and the three-day week. New York audiences almost got to sec barefoot ballerinas fouetling and pirouetting across the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House or the 25th anniversary visit ot le Royal Mallei. And this in the royal pros- nce of Princess Margaret, the allet's president and No. 1 fan. vlio will be in the audience for he Tuesday. May 7, gala open- nj! night at Lincoln Center. "Dance shoes were our big ;est headache in getting ready or the tour," confessed dircc or Kenneth M a c M i l i a n of the ioyal Ballet over the practice loiscs of a t i n k l i n g piano an( muffled tcet at Covcnt Garden 'Our supplier just couldn' teep up production because o ,he three-day work week. "One tiny London f i r m h a n d asts most of the .ballet slipper for the world. It takes Hire davs to turn out a pair: On . reveal a burdensome inventor from staging a spectacular vancc. We would treat broiler inent trial is probable, served to undermine confidence in the dollar. Finance ministers of the EEC met in Holland to discuss, among other things, the role of gold in their monetary dealings It had been suspected that they might decide to peg the price of gold at a level well over the "official" U.S. price. Rather, it was reported that they desired to have gold transactions between themselves at the market price. W h e t h e r this procedure is adopted will depend on the coming French elections and the approval of the U.S. which ordinarily opposes an increased role for gold in the world's monetary dealings. The advent of a new secretary of the treasury only adds to the uncertainty. THE MONTHLY cold storage report only highlighted what has been evident in the cash markets for perishables for some time--that the lockers are relatively full. These inventories will lend to keep prices from staging any major advances and could keep them at lower levels than m i g h t ordinarily be expected on the basis of new production outlook. The April 1 stocks of wheat had little direct market impact but the bullish pull from corn and soybeans helped to carr the market higher. There were scattered reports of new wheat moving. Beneficial rains in recent weeks have helped crop prospects in some areas of the southern Plains which had been dry, but some moisture shortages remajn. Overseas news continues to lean toward the bearish side. The only positive notes price- wise are the low Chicago inventory which could result some relative strength for Chicago wheat and reports of prob lems with Soviet spring crops. THE STOCKS dale on corn was a surprise to the market. A look at regional statistics in- was a surprise to the market. A look at regional statistics indicates that those areas which normally serve Chicago have relatively low supplies and this is engendering speculation t h a t old crop prices might gain on new crop. A higher market is day to make them, one day t hake them -- the toes are plaf tic, you know, and have to b heated and one day to finis them. In a Ihrec-act ballet lik 'Manon,' a dancer can wear 01 three pairs in a single perform anco.' 1 The New York visit open with "Manon," the brillia new ballet that choroographe director MacMilian created f- his superstars, Antoinette Si y and Anthony Dowel!. Three ecks later, the company goes , Washington for its first per- jrmance ever at the John F. ennedy Center for Performing rts. The Hoval Ballet was litcr- lly caught flatfooted until the iences who seem to earing at us. because ecent general election broughl i a new Labor. government lat settled the nationwide coa trikc and got the slipper-morig rs and the rest of the cmmtrj ack on a full working week. Kresh from rehearsal, a per piring Anthony Dowell, the ompany's premier danscu loblc, contemplated the horro going on tour with anylhinj ess than a full wardrobe o lance shoes. "New York is a tough tow on shoes. There's more frictio ind static electricity on th itage of the new Met, and th .lent wears shoes out quicke ,han other houses." The sad. oval face of h partner, prima ballerina Anto nette Sibley, became even sat der at the thought of execulin Swan Lake's 32 foueltes whirling turns on one font -- in worn-down slippers. Rut she brightened at the prospect of facing another New York audience: "They're so responsive, so enthusiastic, like the Russians. Maybe they clan right in the middle of a performance, bul at least you know they're out there. Nnt like English all- le national company, but auto- natically go wild for anything oreign." This year's American tour cally belongs to Sibley and Do- 'cll, who will open the New York season with "Manon" and lose with "Komco and Juliet." "This is the first time we have opened and closed in New enjoy York, and it is something we lave wailed all our dancinf ives for," Miss Sibley saic vilh a look full of pride and adoration at her partner. In the 10 years since thej were first teamed as Titania ind Oberon in "The Dream, Sibley and Dowell have devcl oped into what many danci critics consider to be the bes "natural partnership" in all o the ballet, and some add. pas or present. Their greatness as a naturn team in classical dance is ofte attributed to Ihe fact that the have similar frames, simila personalities and seem to hea the music in exactly the sam way. "I suppose it's true about i hearing the music the sair way," Tony Dowell muse "They took some pholograpl at a rehearsal some wee! back and we were joined in a solutely the same position." Although the subject t ma riage is avoided, their offstag relationship is marked by similar tenderness. "God, if ans'thing happene Antoinette. I think I'd umble," Dowell told an inter- ewer. And she has often spok- i of their determination to re- ain a permanent partnership: When you have something like e have, you don't stop. You ven feel slightly jealous when ou sec your partner dancing ith someone else. I just think i wonderful. I'm shattered y him. ahvays have been." At the moment, MacMilian is ss concerned .with crcativit;, ian with the everyday prob ems of getting his show on the oad and some apprchensioi bout whal sort of receptioin Manon" will receive in Nev York. The last lime he was l e r e , rabid balletomanes ~hased him down the street calling for his blood, because of some changes he had made in he last act music of "Sleeping Beauty." The company is also con ccrned about crime after dark n New York. "We're taking along a lot of young people, and we want to make sure they know whal to expect," said associate director Peter Wright. "They've been .old not to wander around in ones and twos after dark." Vernon Clarke, the company manager, was busy enrolling the 90 dancers and the 30 members of the technical.staff and getting in the various American stage unions, as well as assign ing seats to senior members o the company on the Royal Bal let's chartered jet. 'A dance company doesn't have the kind of tantrums you ,car about with singers, thank 3od," Clark sighed with relief. ·In a short tour, there s no .ime tor temperament." MacMilian remembers when the company used to go to America by boat a nd do a six month cross-country tour in a private train, taking along nma or 10 full productions. Now he- cause the cost of everything has gone up. even hiring the extras, we'll take along only four productions for three weeks in New York and two in Washington." KOB1E CAKES For Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and All Special Occasions. To Order Phone 839-2243 (Closed Tuesdays) Hwy 71, West Fork In 8 Short Months You Can Become A Professional Beautician, and Enjoy the Unlimited Opportunities Beauty Culture Offen PIAN TO ENROU IN ONE Of OUR ^ JUNE OR JULY CLASSES Beauty Culture as your career is f a «' na *' n f d . -Assures you good pay, personal '[-arm and £ dependent. Call today for information at no oo- 'Trfcansa ° E Progressive School o/ Beauty Culture" Ruth's Beauty College] ,200 North,* Ave - Fayettevi.le, Arkansas I 5 Weather Forecast Showers are predicted for to- dav over the Gulf of M e x i c o , Ca'lilornia and Arizona and part of Arkansas. Snow tlur- ries are predicted in the Great Lakes area. Cooler (cmpcra- tures are ^pected m the Western and I Northeaslirn slates. (AF ttirepnoto) JCPenney Country casuals. Bandana prints and denim are going places this summer. also expected to recent tendencies counter any on the part Summer Music Announced By The Department of Music at the University of Arkansas will hold its annual Music Camp in July and August, according to Prof. Robert M. Bright, camp director. Camp for junior high s_choo! students will begin July la anrl conclude July 19 with a final concert. This camp is for band a n d orchestra students. Professor Bright said. Also, schedules will be arranged to accommodate both commuter and resident campers. Resident housing for the students, plus meals, camp Insurance, tuition and master classes for all band and orchestra instruments Camp Dates University cost $55 will pay a of producers to forsake corn for p r o v i d e s soybeans. Fertilizer problems tuition and conlinue to be talked but are Junior high localized and do not appear to be 3 major threat to production at this time. Corn prices should pause after the technical shock of the stocks report has worn off. We expect an erratic market. The news in the soybean complex has a familiar ring to it. Brazilian selling of soybean meal, Peruvian fishing activity, and burdensome domestic inventories are keeping meal futures under pressure. Tight supplies, good foreign demand. and the absence of major sun- flowerseed oil sales by the Soviet Union continue to sustain the oil market and keep spreads light. I ON THE SOYBEAN front. processing margins are a little better but the mill inventories of soybeans are low and processors are still concerned about being able to buy soybeans at reasonable prices. We expect meal to continue to be under pressure Meal spreads are narrow; some are near full carrying charges. However, we set little prospect for tightening in these spreads during the summer. The over-whelming tightness in oil will maintain a "crush for oil" into new crop. Cattle trends will continue to dominate the hog situation in the months ahead so that any thought on hogs will have to include a cattle proviso. Commuter student? fee of S25. This fee camp insurance master classes students from ;railes six through nine are eligible to attend. Senior high school Music lamp will begin July 22 and conclude with a final concert \ug. 2. Students in grades 9 .hrough 12 are eligible to at- ln Maneuvers Navy Seaman Apprentice James L. Deaton. son of Mr. and Mrs. .J. O. Deaton of Route 2. Elkins, recently participated in a seven - day amphibious training exercise (iff the coast of Southern California. He serves aboard the amphibious I transport dock ship USS Cleve- 1 'and. tend. A fee of SHO be charged students who reside on c a m p u s . F o r commuting students, a fee of ?55 will be charged. T h e r e are scholarships available to outstanding music students." Professor Bright said. "If school music directors have students who can qualify for one. they should contact me a t the University Band Building." In addition, all All- State participants (band, chestra. chorus) will receive a $20 scholarship to be applied to their music camp expense. Invitations have been e tended to some 3.000 schools in Arkansas, Missouri and Okla- loma. Further information may he obtained by contacting the office of Dr. Guy Nelson, D e p a r t m e n t o f University Conferences, D i v i s i o n o f Continuing Education, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 72701, or by. telephonin^ Dr. Nelson's office. 501-575-360-1. Reversible cotton halter fop in bandana and denim. Red and navy in one size for juniors, $g Western style jean shorts of cotton denim in navy, 3-13,450 Bandana print crop top of polyester/ cotton with tie front in assorted patterns, 32-38, $g Western jeans of cotton denim in navy, 3-13, SQ SEWING CLASSES ENROLL TODAY FABRIC CITY WATER WEIGHT PROBLEM? USE X-PEL «to · fee to* te to bnll up _ _ · mM *rcfe, ·« help Mjr tatf nfl. Or Northwest Arkansas Plaza MfffflEBS The very special way to remember* COLLIER DRUG STORES 100 W. Dickson Across from Post Office Phone 442-0262 Highway 16 East Phone 443-3441 Like it? Charge it! Shop 9 9 Mon., Thurs., Fri. 9-5:30 Toes., Wed., Sat.

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