Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 5, 1974 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1974
Page 22
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*D A Nerthweet Arfcanwi TIMES, Sunday, May 5, 1974 PAVITTCVILLK. ARKAN»A« 15-- Heme Needs-- For Sale nuOTOAIRC M«*rie MA** wWi *)·»· i»vrl 4e*il!« oven with four dm «er «rti*« taw. rhane 521-7336. TACTORT FUKNTnjRK-IXrtct ahlr»- »wrt* *MOrte4 pt#of *. TTxli retk only ·arfa/cfMlr *«* fw |]J9! S mlkner* at W.ft. No r*Krv« or\J f n [»' f Asf . Fl rst «*m*. first strvri. O«h oc tfrm., Untied rrellW, We*. H»T. « W.. rt»eUrv|Ue. OPM M Mwi.TTt.. tiU 1 ML ITS fc»mc tte »*y we'r* Him* Bim Tjaptri to fJmn nun ind u[*o'jifry. Kent ihmiipeoti 91. Lewis Bros., on the ·awr*. WALMUT tafM Mrv4 hatch. Cbn- fcBiijiiinij «ty].tt|. Forn^cm Utfn and ft tMin. t«. rr*»t sai -Ail". CERT'S * i»y cfrl -- renrty lor A whirl tft*r clMnlnc orpetB with Blue Ijjstrp. Ktnt electric *h»mpo«T tl. Polk FurnL- *BT», COS W. Dk*s«i. REMNANT SALE SHAGS ·12* Color neX- Sale Pric« Price 12x* Green T»-eed » M.OO «K7 Green T»-e«J ^2,50 21.00 12x5 Mercury 44.M 29.50 l*rl« Sprinf Gre«n 1M W »4£Q 12x9.6 P*rlJ- Mini 71 .M 49.50 11x17 Creen Pepper 77.00 55.00 11x12 Gold Mirt 110.N) KM ltxl« OUve Creen 77.00 6o.OO 1ZT9 Homan Coin U4J» MOO I!x9 Gold Riuh 93.00 50.00 12X9 Purplr M.50 42.50 12x19 A n t i q u e Gold 101.00 75,00 12x12 No. ."W Gold 56.00 Itf.50 *x» DftkaU Gold 36.00 27..V) llv-4 Oranx« Tweed 21.00 13.50 12x4 rarert Green 43.00 25.00 12x3 Te«k Tone 45.00 20.00 12x11 Moon Sc»p« 144.00 59.50 12x13 FlnU 144.00 72.00 ]Sx9 Red Tweed MOO 47.50 Ux9 Red Tweed 6300 HM 13x» Red Tweed S3.00 47.M 12*13 Exprem 149.50 75.00 7x9 Gold f o » m b»c*) 31.50 24.00 1x13 Gold f f n a m baekl 49.50 37.50 }0-Wint*d To Btry IVAKTBD: Ifcmd-crunX tip* c»nn!n« ITU- rtime, twpjihlp of n«imln* up !o 0.1 e };A:!ins c*nj. it2-6Wl. m««Esr MUCXS run GOOD UBID FWR.NTTURF; * AFPT-IANCXS L\CLUI INO ANTIQUU «2-29n KASTTED 3 h)ti "W-T9 mo4«l Chery, CMC. or Intern* 1 !on*l withor irithwrt berf, Must tie r«l tmck. 7$14n. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING ,60°o ABOVE FACE (Subject to daily change, call for quote). Also need email coin a n t stamp collection*, top dollar paid. FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 25«1 N. College. S21-«421 31 -Wonted To Trad* CA^f OFFEH SMALi, S ROOM FUBNISHKD HOUSE AND imi^ ITIES TO YOUNG MARRIED A G R I STUDENT IN ZXCHAKC FOR FARM WORK. CALL 267-XO7 33-- Rooms For R«rrt PEOI'LE'S INN. 311 Wert HounUfa. h« a few rooms open Jrom 912.50 p«r wee Phono MW07. MM.B -- 31^0. with 1 other .vtxm people. IO wrelt for rpnt, t5 week 5hnre ffrocrrirs. Free faunilrl', a h'«4 Irom t*mrnu. r*Ii early In the mom In*. 413-3735. IARGK nwms »va!Iah MAV ]5-r* Blot):, awre Uvjnaroom, ritdwn. bath 4-- Apartments For R*nt FJ^RI.V n«». n!« ^ be^ry«i. w- umL**l nr*pt »tov« A rernfemlnr. «rr*tfr4. tk *n-l r»nt/A] h»al. Marfk'l e»»Ne. No r»tv C»H 4O!»B or 443- Kl* «ner 4:Cn. ·URNIK1IKTI, 3 l*ilr'K»n. ?0 Swlh Inin- mn. Arf. 1. Cjll M-S4M or 7OT.511S. FREE RENT THIS MONTH frw ap»rtmfnt* now available. Move 1n now and x«t the month f May rent free. Special s u m m e r ale». Two bcdrormia, furnished , (71 1 a] 11 y ml!t a p a r t m e n t s with al he extr^* ineludinz dl^hwa^herR. Call t o d a y for an appointment. VW-1TS7. "WO b*i3room furnished Jpartnwnt, air- eondillor.H. dhhwns/icr. carpeted Ihroujrti- oul, 154 balltf, summer re'luc«rt ratrs. AT University. OaJchilL Apis. Pt»cn« 361- 3MH or 4426W3. T^VO b*droom, f u l l y carpeted. w a l U n R f l i v t n n c p of campuj, OH.tfreft p-irlcins. J1SO plus atitiliei. Call 4\2-7l'£i after P"i. LEASING FOR SUMMER hath, c e n t r a l a i r , froct f r e e ref r i g e r a t o r , dishwasher. dispoxa . Furnished or u n f u r n i s h e d . Water h i l l paid. One unit vacant May 1st. Five unili v a c a n t J u n e lat, For in- rormatlon and application c a l l Bryce Davis. S21-860Q. 808 TOWNHOUSE FTJRMI.^HED very n!« unrt convenient. Nrtll^hlp ApU-. 1540 NeWeshlp, Phflne 521-M72. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.W Two Bedr_oom 1Z5.W Three Bedroom H3.M All u t i l i t i e s p a i d , central h e a t and a/c. unfurnished, families. V T A SFUNGTON lfmi^%* APARTMENTS ^ " ^ 1 165ft N. Lewla 521-30T3 Office Hour* 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturday* Sunday* 34-- AporfmenH For Kent T ! G L E N D A L E ; Renting for i Summer :'$!25 Per Month ' ' 1 Bedroom Furnished Also R e n t i n g for Fall: All U t i l i t i e s Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air C o n d i t i o n i n g Call Poul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 P u t m a n -- 442-6638 FUKNS.S1IED on« hHr*m, ctnxt. air- condldonfd, private pflrklng. finale female, to, r,o Mil. H2-IJ53 or 4tJ67M. MISTY HOLLOW APIS. Two blocks of campus. Summer Rates. 442-ittO, 521-4249. or 521-22M BEVERLY MANOR APIS. FUP.SlSirED ap«i1menl SIM p-r month. Unfjrnished apatLm*nt TlOO per month All bUls paid ««pl water. J1 WWtham. «243fll UXKURNiailBD ·[Wirlmen!, liro b*d- rofwns, foO-fn r*r minlh plus J3 clean up rlcposiL Refer* nee tefiulrrri, Eouth A B:W* fit's. t Apt 11 +42-T7M. F'RASCKSCA Aparrmenls: "Across Oi« sltt«l Irorri campus." Sumnwr r*l*s $125 Kumish«d two bedroom, central air, dJsh- wartpr. +42-WJ3. PUTMAN-inii APAR.TMKNT3 Air con iJHIwied -- carpel -- garbac disposal -- near University -- 4-12-879" atler 4 p.m. MARIA APARTMENTS Available Now and Lculnff lor Summer and Fall Looking for quiet Living? 135--Duplexes For Rent GUAKANTEED QtJIFVT. O*)pl« tntf lure linite* wily. TKO b*dr«in ilhiiN). rxrei* rtove and refrigerator. J110. Call 2MS71 iftet 5 ».m 37--MobiU Horn** Spaces For Rent TVO bedroom, shas canxl. B!OV« an3 frigerator turnlshH, Central htat , jf*rb*ze dljpo»l. w connection*. 442-8878. FURNISHED, Iwo bwdroom mr* 1 !* homt, eted, a I r*L*xiditl'n*d, * ash«r/ilr tt eotlona. S[«t« 133 IfcKlm «*r.or, To7-31JS, ·nvo bedroom lr«ll«r. utilities paH. »». Ma rried, couplt only, Jtiont 44W9Q7. 36--Houses For Rent FIVE b'ocks ab'e s bedroom furnished house, from new student tnKxi, a jnmw only. J'JOO mon'Jily. rfme n, unfurnished, house. Mar preferred. Oi c block south School. J55, Phone country horn*. NIC* yard, convenient to factories. Prrf couple or 2 setttH stirfenls. Reference Phn« c 4-42-7309. THrtEK bedroom. 1!1 Iwlhs. family room School , S1G3 mo:tth. J50 il.iWc n'jvr. Phone 4I3-827D, TWO lxihynn furnished, quiet ne^g hrwl, (llTt per month, reference* require* Phone Dr. John Su*z, 521-2020, . ? txrlroorn. central hea rales, 1 blocks unlveralt 38-Mot11. Hem** For Sol* SI-Mobil« Hom« For Soto UxTO TOTAU *:«lric. lhre« bKironm, 1 lno full balhi. Tirly Am*rlc»ix *y!e. Trip]* IniuLttn. C*U 443-C36 or Me M Trail wood. XXT FOR mobile home. Cat and w»1tr (shed. |30 a month. Fhon* FURNISHED l»» bednwm mobll* hom«. Carpetenl, alr-conrlilloneJ, po-^1 prlvile asher arti drjer booiupi, ja* paid. Call WESTERN HILLS Mobil* Homes CHAIfDIJIR Tra»« «nj nlllonwld*. K50 751-0821 JobnMl * Lika new 1ST2 and 1 T*rc« Delivery Setup Kwy. tt W»t at 71 Byp«M NICE two bedroom. furnlBhrt. wnlral fr-condlt!onlng. automatic washer, pool - Located Western Hills Purk, fas \ZxfS MOBILE home, two bedrooms, two full baths, furnished, air conddlUo " isher, dryer, sidlngr K,W. 521-19K \lAj «'«ctrtc, two bedroom. Phon« and 5i«c* paid. . Pton« 442-77%. T\VO BEDROOM. ?i^ a month ililillcs. Cleanup deposit Itwne ift«r 6:15. BRAND new 12x50 hwt bedroom, air- rofiditiontd, fully earpelH, no rfiltdrea, nf pels, J125 month, $50 Cleanup deposit, gas paid. 442*2434. MOBILE HOMES ZSM ML Comfort IM. -- tt2-«Z2» TayetUvUle OWNER mu* »U xti mobile homt. ied In r»l vea. cheap. UK** 39-Offie* Spoe» r For R*nt currently umler t»i. !JnJt t*nn M» a v . t«rl. Ideal for shop. warebouM « «p«e«. Ptme 443-^86. «. ft. Office I 1 or 443-2391. HIKKK bedrooms. 1% baUn, stnve anil efrigerator, locafert In Wood lawn Heights, Springdale. J1BO. Phone 61^-2131 or 643- IEir^n. 2 bedroom, washer an-1 carport. 9S3W California. Phone ·niKBB BKDROOM In KayettevLlle, central heat, no pets. $125, Phon 273-52S1. bedroom. Air-condition- SCULPTURED a n f B 49.54 12x10 Chapel Blue 12x13 Tiara ok) 12x5 A n t i q u e Gold 12ii2 Elmwood Green ISrIS Grc«n Tweed Uxlft Blu* COMMERICCAl 12y« F]ind*n Gold IJKlO Tnca Gold 15x1.1 Red 32x15 Pumpkin 12x15 Bed 12x17 . tt.Wl 57.50 39.50 W.75 ffJ.M 2fl.W 20.00 M.OO S9.M M.rKt S.04 112.00 7»,M KITCHEN 3*5.00 24.00 70.00 S1..W H3.00 110.00 90.00 79.50 90.00 70.50 SSfl.OO 172.60 cd. Small garden spot. Couples family. Water paid. J125 per month. SALES and PARK TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or 73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. Sea HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2303 Open tU V Each Evening 38--Mobile Homes For Sale ItOOM For rent, carpeted, ctntr*] h mr-crvwliUonod, 1106 liist RliUe Drive,. FnyrtlFvillc. Pfcone H3CT8._ 34--Apartment* For Rent ^T furnished, redecoraled upsl Ympie tw-cr 50 or «ie person over i month utilities paW. 310 N. Company. W«t*al« Shopplnjf Ctx, Fayettcvclle. Art 26--for Sal* -- Mltcellaneous fripermtor, and 1959 Ctwry SB 41M. i rr. POOL TABU:, rhone 839-376. ARANT fmw PF^,TNC. MACHINES 7 Kat!nr*(ly wl\Tra*4t brand. Thnc an ·rtrrtch *itrJi, zlgnff tewing muchlnM cnmple with M yr. puflnintee to b« ·nM tor (119.96 r»**i or lerms. Thne mjirtlnes have built-in if v«r« Mli buftonho'er. rlJirnlng, monocrammln?, many rth*r Ifaturts. Fee them *-h!l« they tart *t UrtMed Frelzhl Kiife, Hwy. S2 W. FivettevHfe open 9* Mor.-Fri., tiU ( Ifct. RCA TV, S jtiir warranty, JTO. 1369 Hmdn CL 350, ttM. Baby clothes, liz* 3 to s. prwn« sn-iaa BEAUTIFUL one l«iroom furnis .[MrUnent. PO month, utilities Included. Wa I k Ing d Kl n nc« to Ciim pus In w coded FUR.N1.HHK I) a Rrvd two bod r nl-- rf(i*trncics, one me-air t-oniiitloned; l envlrormcnl, r:o*e to ram- SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom efficiency furnisher! apartment. Utilities paid, 570. From 8:00-5:00 c a l l Scholars Inn. 521-592.1. A f t e r 5:00 and weekends call 4i2- 91M. NOW renting for summer and fall--one and two bedroom ajiarUnnets. Ken Investment Co 521-4W) or 442-2537, FURNISHF.D triple*. F*ve gns! Near campus. nc;e bcdwxMn, rwnelrrt, tile shower and tub, married roup'.e. Also one cifncy lor mature student. Phone 4JZ- 8S55, ONH a nd two bedroom, summer /all renlinz. Ciosr to Universlly. 4-J2- a f t e r 6:00, 521-2MT. FURNISHED apartment and furnished mobilt home- Derail required. HannA larine, GOO W *h KL Phone 521-6585. FUFINI.SHBR APARTMRNT, 3 · M u t H t H r s paid. 2 Works from en Ixverell. »110 · month. now. -H2-»?«. SUSLXKR RPHCTAL 1 bedixwm Rpurt- menls, 7 So- flun^n. Well funilshed, central Air. dishwasher, disposal ?U5, Phone 52]-5971. BEHIND THE WAIL APARTMENTS 555 West Mapfe J and 2. B«droorrw rurni.ihed or U n f u r n i s h e d May loth, for summer and fa]t. Phone 521-2761 400 POUND3 nf 1030-10 frrtlKwr pflui !· c* Mon prlef *t 447- flPftRTMENTS tnctor. Ftront U3-H2S. . S} Kectived In rftipmftil Tritfi pu.* button re^f r** ·tdtch md ilgwir oonlrol; Umou* m^lces- TTiey may be Inspected »nd te.tled nt UrJirt mlctit !laTM. Hw-. S3 W,. Fn'- «t*\-i!le, open 9-9 Mon.-Fri.. tiki Sat. MATHIA5 DISCOUNT 71B South on Curve ·ALE -- Ladlea' casual leather ·andala Two pain, 15,00 Good »e!ection ladies' A men western booU -- Tony Lama etc. WESTERN' Shirts -- Ji.PS A- up. Western Hloueea -- H.S5-£5.S AMERICAN made, canvaa -- 91.3d Ac up. . bras -- Carnival brand -\'i Price. BEN HoRan Too* Joy U.OOO KTU FtXNNC^ESfr i i r conditioner ·occvf.ont oonilkm. Ftran* 346-3870- ONE 12 n alumlnicn fat MKom V*at *». Firewood ruterff saw. J15. Roln'.illei tWL Hand jardon cu'ilivator HO. SUMMER RATES Furnished or Unfurnished NOW LEASING For i m m e d i a t e occunoancy. Also foi Jun e S e p t . Completely c a r p e l r d All u t i l i t i e s p a i d except Electricity A r k l a gas h e a t i n g and air condl tionin£. 2 -- -1 Bedroom -- Townhouaca B e a u t i f u l l y Decorated I'rost-FrcR R e f r i g e r a t o r 166-Lb. Capacity Freezer 60 Ft. Pool Comple'e Laimdry Acres of Playground Quirt Family Atmosphere 1?JK) Mel mar Drive Office 4-13-2141 -- Apt. 100 STUDENTS: Mirnished npartmei h'.oofcs from campus. Cottnst 1 . 1 ; ITI \.ry, 18 minutes from rampus. Jfi Phone «2-9CPS. APART.\rKNT for niBle stmlenls In ba.s ment of prU-a1e resiiJence- dose lo cam pus. Rcser\-* naw for stinmier or lai 149 month. 1-.21-7130. T\VO BK]ROO^t nicely fiirnirJirrf. B' ^T from campus. Fully r^irpplfd, cvntra hi-at/air. All ulitiliees paid. f l l O mi " XE.N'UORB *fectric ranee, 9x13 cabin ·ml EMnette »rt with 4 chairs. 12 Efturr 40ub'c liarret i4»t JTU.-I. c-21-3995. BRICKS Cor «!*- Sfafle in ISWs. Clean- ad. ThrM speed bln'c:*, excellent condition. Plwnc 367-5A54. METXL Detectors -- CVTVtt. tn* Fr a} 1 * Cbotc*. OoW and §l?T»r oo*n» and ·o'd. CU1 Al» UncQln. Cft COATED 1MO Tir« c*»njt*r, perfect rondi- txi, CWJ, Bob JUy«» Auto Service. Piwxie 1.000 LOCUirr rxafc. B4 fwl tonff- 1« comer post*. SN Ford tractor, two speed ·nd trailer. Phor.e 64S-318S. Clkini. 27--Musical Merchancfit* EXJS Thrt» J#!uxe »M tfale, full? MoniH. »^erephcnio hizh fdeUty :« ».i beairtitU! hard rubbed f;ni: e bnn4 of record changer «n-1 er audio ij-stem. *t J^K^.SJ, CA^h - United Freljrht =»Ies. Kwy. cTJ . ter.iile, open 9-3 Mon.-FT:,, Ul 6 SK. T«" HER te'*n *!er , iup*r six revert WANT MONEY TOR TRIP *ir of Sony ftlO 3-way ipeaTc . Al*o 1 pair of Realistic 2-\s r ElecrtroMat speakers $95. Both 5«bi have walnut cabinets and are in *reat «hap« r I Mrack Panasonic component Up* d*cJc $35. Phone ~ --» After fl:00 p.m. ask for Jo*. THREE BSMIOOM unfurnished l on H»i'. in-2 West. Thone CUMM1NG5 APARTMENT.*. Now rci ing for summer, f'losc In campus. 0. and l^o bednooms, fumishe1. Phon W -4 757. One and two bedroom apartment! and Iwn bedroom townhouses- · Furnished n r unfurnished · All bill* paid except il£bts Carpet -- pool -- frost-free refrigerator -- alJ gas central heating and air-condintlonlng. PHONE 443-2141 If no answer 443-9W6 after 7 p.m. HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south of the Science Engineering B u i l d i n g , One and two bedroom, furnished a p a r t m e n t , available now. Also leasing for s u m m e r and fall. Summer rates. £21-3833. TWO BEDROOM MOBILE HOME $135 Three bedroom J!^5. One bedroom, 575- These are all carpeted, a i r - c o n d i t i o n , al] hills paid, no parties, no drunks, lots of yard room. $35 cleanup deposit. 442-8871 nd two bedroom af*rt- (am pus on Ou ncan, f75 to L25. Phone 521- A'Q bedroom turnlrfiert apartments, ll(Xi S*r month« urJllllM. Clo^e to cam puj. TOO N. Trarlanrl. 412-M18. ONK. Iwc pa i In en I pus a sea. anJ three bedroom furnished s. W to 1130. University cam- Phone 442-2770. JSO, all utimie* paH, SPECIAL SUMMER RATES RA70RBACK PluATIA now taklnff appllca- is tor Juna 1 Furnished, 2 bertroo 2 balh f u l l v carpeted, dishwasher, pool, all bill* paid. W a l k i n g rii.slnnce lo Unl- ·erslty Phone 521-517S manager apart- ?n1 No. 11 a f t e r .1 p.m. 531-139. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check These Features: Central Air · Shag Carpet* Queen size beds » Frost-free rft- f r i g . · Dishwasher ic Disposal ool · Free TV Hookup. Low summer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom $127 50 -- Two Bedroom AH bill* paid except electric NOW AVAILABLE 1 tt 2 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APIS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large pooli rcLTp.ition room. Summer rales effective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 » TILL 9 EXCELLENT FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD x (5 BONANZA rnobi'e hnrne, lw« bedrooms, one acre land tenr*d. washer, dryer, rarpotfd, air conditioned, slorag* ihfd, »13,000. TRAVEL TRAILERS CAMPERS 22 Ft. 9e]f-Contained 21 Ft. Self-contained! 30 Ft. 5th Wheel 25 Ft- Self-Contained used. $2500. 10',i Ft. Sclf-Contained overhead pickup camper 442-8871 Unfurnished rooms, rtcn baths, i21-f)S05 to IflfjuLrc. fully carpcled, three hcrt- rim firrp'ace, utility room, 37--Mobile Homes Spaces For Rent FURNISHED iibile homes Also sjti ne Hinklc \ToVJ1o He East. Phone 113-265.?. SKULL CREEK APIS. 900 N. Leveret! 521-2761 1, 2. and 3 bedroom furnished or unfurnished. All utilities paid, two swimming pools, tennis courts, l a u n d r y , grocery, gas facilities, air conditioned. SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles U of A. -- 1 mile NW Ark, Plaza on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd. Phone 443-2452. P I , A N N I K G to .wll 12\50. 1/xvited on shaded lot five minutes fro mU. of Sjwce rent J15 monthly. 442-6059. 12x60 2 bedroom rurnished. 1A b carpeted ]Ivinjrrooni, no hat! floor Must sell. Call -HlWOCn. FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't ne«d speciol summer rates.... We offer reasonable rent ALL year long. large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Razorbaclc Annex -- 575-3951 35--Duplexes For Rent TOWNHOUSE, two bednxcns. furnished, washer, dryer, dishwasher, disposal, dust-free refrigerator, carpeled, balcony. quiet. Located J51 Oklahoma Wav. «a- GRANDVIEW APARTMENTS NOW LEASING 1, 1, and 3 becfroom apartments, Furnished or Unfurnished, Central heat and air conditioning. Dropes. Unfurnished- Family living. Starting at $101 per month. Phone 521-8796. Manager on premises. \VO bedroom dujtlcx, unfurnished except ove, refrigerator and. drakes, washer inflection, ample parhi/nf. $80 per month. Call «2-0?36 or 4454869 a f t e r 6 p.m. LARGE attractive, furnfsfitd apartment duplex near University. Avail Tay IB. couple preferred. Phrne -HM THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSES The ultimate In 2 bedroom !ur- nish«d and unfurnished, Hi baths fenced patios, washer-dryer connections, EilI electric kitchen. ISffl Tjeverett S t r e e t . Phone 443-2072 N e w town houses- 1858 N. Gregg Phone 521-4975. DUPLEX APARTMENT. Furnished, summer ard/or f a i l . 11OT N. UvereU, $120 onlii. U2-711S. ; preferred, on Wh'iilock Street. Phone ALMOST NfW two betyroom Mmlshet apartment*. 2 b!odr* rampus, wnlra. air. summer r»t«s. 521-1059 or 521-5368 BASEMENT effirfenry apartment. roonu, 1 blocks trMii campus, for very qiiirt student. $9) b'JIs paid. 521-23 " MAPLE MANOR APARTMENTS Fayetteville's Finest Now Leasing, One, Two, Three or Four Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnjshed Summer Rates Effective June 1st Small Deposit Reserves Your Choice 3001 Wedington Phone 521-7206 ri, tile per H2-87S3. bed room d u pie: centra! heat , plus utilities. B3T of university, one betiroom, fum- icd, SSO i«r monlh, bills iald, one slu- nt. Piioue -M2-SKW. TWO bedroom furnished all extras, !r riplc.v, 5135 Quiet neighborhood walk ;choor. Hurrj' for thij. 4-12-S332 or 521- j ask lor Steve. Mobile Home Owners SPECIAL OFFER Free Move and Set-Up For a I f m i i p d l i m e only. Call today. SHENANDOAH MOBILE HOME VILLAGE. Highway 16 By-Pass. 443-4757. Swimming pool, storage buildings, patio, gas grilles and lights. Laundry. FREE MOVE Wouldn't you really ralher live at Villa? We will move you f r o m your present locaifon -- FHEEt TWO bedroom, furnished duplex npflrt- tncnt. no uliliMo.t p.ild. Phone Kl-lrtl5 available, Tjnfurnished duplexes. :GE two bedroom, wall-to-wall carpet, central heat, air conditioned, parbnpe disposal, ^ood furni-fure, off street park' 2. Phone -H3-3MO after 4:00 p-m. NEW, tvro bedroom un furn' ^hc.d ill utilities paid, f!25 per i Drive, 521-7106. apart- *n\"O bedroom romisheil duple* J70 fum- Ijhcd, SZ5 unfurnished. Two bedroom furnished trailer. Electricity and water Inrnisfted. 535. C. R. Paul^. 8M-5673. MOBILE HOMR PARK Hwy. 71 K. 443*2214 Entrance Across rrora Holiday Inn ONE ^nd two bedroom mobile hornw Tor rent, furnished and ai[--conditioned, At VJlIa J[obile flome Park. Pho^e -H3- :ICt, tfiroe Iwdrojtn t r n i l p r home, per month. Country livrne. Couples Bills pa IS- C^l] 44'2-745. NIBLOCK'S MOBILE HOrAE PARK Spaces A Alr-cond. mobile hom*« rent. Good living at Good Prices Welt End SI' -- 1 S ,A ml- N.W. ot Oof.V- CaU Tf21-5323 or 521-5513. TWO bedroom, Hi«*y 45 East, water paid. Phone ^-1335 or 531-310. LEASE YOUR CAR A NEW PONTIAC-CADILLAC OR ANY MAKE OF NEW OR LATE MODEL CAR OF YOUR CHOICE. CONTACT: HERBERT HATFIELD 22 E. MEADOW - FAYETTEVILLE PHONE 442-2303 B R O W S E - D A Y . . . TODAY! M-Arrtiqiwi-for Sal* Battlefield Antiques TtfTnltur* -- Primitive* -- GTssa China -- Bnai -- Collector's Ttemj Prairie Grove. Ark. Phone Mfr-2881 T» Bvy tic . *e*4y fret . Ib., plas aittiu! boom. is-o.-f. P*nd S*c for p pmfucdfln two*. Pe^Frwz P.ibfj.t Jf«(. Koffn, Artr. 72754 WT, buy w, wa^herf, ^TT*rr. dish- dnAT m not- Pbor.t c s C O I N S H O P PAWN rtn« HMS Or*r Tta lor Silver Bur * S«1I AH UJ. Cainj i S. TUminunn Til-mt NOW - A SHOWROOM FULL GRAN TORINO ELITE OF LEWIS FORD'S ALL NEW AMERICA'S YOUNGEST CAR IS UNIQUE IN THE MID-SIZE FIELD WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENT OF THE NEW ELITES --OUR SHOWROOM IS FULL! COM OUT TODAY WHILE THE SELECTINS ARE BEST! LOOK 'EM OVER ON SUNDAY . . . COME BUY 'EM ON MONDAY! FORD LEWIS FORD 3373 N. COUEO 442-5301 HOLY COW WHAT A SALE! Whitfield has had so much success with tha new car sale they've decided to extend the Hply Cow Sale to these used cars. You can benefit by taking advantage of these HOLY COW USED CAR PRICES! 1973 OLD5MOBILE NINETY EIGHT LUXURY SEDAN A local one owner car with factory air condition ins, Power steering, Power front Disc brakes. Power Windows, 60-40 divided seat with 6-way power on drivers side, cm fee control, AM FM stereo R a d i o Til I'M'telescoping steering wheel, Vinyl top and whitewall tires. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE 1972 ODSMOBILE CUTLASS STATION WAGON Here is a local one owner in mint condition, Factory air c o n d i t i o n i n g , power steering power brakes, radio, luggage rack, drop tt iwing tail-Kate and whitewall tires. WHtTFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $4795 $2795 1973 OLDSMOBILE TORNADO CUSTOM COUPE Factory air c o n d i t i o n i n g . Power steering, power f r n n t disc brakes, power donr locks. AM FM radio, t i l t ' N ' telescoping s t e e r i n g wheel, R e a r window defogsrer and whitewaH tires. Beautiful cranberry p a i n t with cranberry vinyl top and. Interior. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $4795 1971 CHEVROLET VEGA STATION WAGON If you need lots of economy with * little room to go with it, see this one today. 4-c3'linrler engine, H-speerl transmission, h'^citet seats, radio, t i n t e d glass and whitewall tires. 20.WW actual miles. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $1895 1973 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 ROYALE 4-DR. HARDTOP Factory air conditioning, power steering, power front disc brakes. 350 C.I- V-8 engine turbo- hydramatic transmission ,AM FM Radio, Vinyl interior and wnilewall Urea. Another local one owner w i t h 18,000 miles. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $3250 1969 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS STATION WAGON factory air conditioning, power ateering, power brakes, turbohydramatic transmission, 150 C.T. V-S enfflne. radio, luggage rack and whitewaH tlrej. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE 1972 OLDSMOBILE NINETY EIGHT LUXURY SEDAN Factory air conditioning. Power steering, PoweT f r o n t disc brakes. Power Windows, 6-way power, seat, tilt 'N'tetescoping steering wheel AM FM sler0 radio. V i n y l top and whitewall tires. Local one owner car. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $1295 $3295 1970 DODGE DART SWINGER 2-DOOR HARDTOP 3-SQ C.I. V-8 engine, 4-speed transmission, radil« and bucket ."seals, vinyl top and whltewall t(r«. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE $1195 1972 OLDSMOBILE TORNADO CUSTOM COUPE Factory a i r c o n d i t i o n i n g . Power steering. Power front disc brakes, tilt'N'telescoplng steering wheel, AM FM «tereo radio. Vinyl top ind whitewall tire*. Very clean car. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICE 1972 GMC 3 /i TON PICKUP 3oQ C.I. V-8 engine, 4-npeert transmission, radio, two tone paint and long wide bed. WHITFIELD'S HOLY COW SALE PRICf $3295 $2295 WHITFIELD MOTOR COMPANY 14-16 N. EAST 521-7280

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