Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 5, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 5, 1974
Page 14
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·c · Northw»«t Arkanta* TIMES, Sunday, May 5, 1974 PAY1TTIVILLI, A R K A N S A S i/i, r* i · Kite Fishing Ancient Art Of Chinese Practice Of Fishing With Lights Begun By Indians, Mountain Men Historical sources American I n d i a n s toll nf uling at and spearing Fish white mlrling a blazing wood lorch. Ii you haven't forgotten all the tricks of kite flying you learned as a youngster, yon might consider t a k i n g a kite »long when you go fishing. Kite fishing isn't p a r t i c u l a r l y new. As a matter of f a c t , Chinese used airborne f i s h i n g rigs long before the dawn of western civilization, and adventurous anglers throughout the world have kept the sport alive A n u m b e r of charter boal skippers based in Florida use * kite to catch s a i l f i s h and m a r l i n because it presents the bait better and keeps it f a r t h e r Rwav from the boat. However most of the real kite f i s h i n g addicts seem to be concentrated along the Eastern sealoard where s u r f f i s h e r m e n cast for bluefish and stripers. K i l e f i s h i n g is really quite simple. It requires a good kite constructed of waterproof fabric and sturdy supports. You'll also need a sturdy r o d , a large capacity reel, some sinkers and A lure or baited hook. O n e school o f thought suggests that the kite is honked directly to the fishing line. Send the kite aloft in an offshore breeze letting out about 200 feet of tine (or whatever seems suitable for your particular situa- t i o n ) . Then snap on a w e i g h t and » drop line which is attached to a lure. QUITE A CHAI.I.KNGR With the bail skipping along en top of the water or r u n n i n g just beneath the s u r f a c e , you can gradually let out line until von reach a place where the fish are feeding. Landing a fish with a kite presents quite a challenge because you are fighting both the- fish and kite m the same time. However, the pull of the kite is sufficient to set the hook the instant there ts a strike, and (he continued tension doesn't allow the fish to get any slack and shake the hook loose. Another kite fishing technique for big game fish entails the life of two lines. You use one line to fly the kite, and attach a fishing" line to the kite line with a clothes pin. When yoi get a s t r i k e , the line pulls awaj from the clothes pin. the kite flies Irce and you fight your c a t c h in the conventiona manner. This latter type of kite fishing Is particularly effective for sail fish or marh'n because a certain amount of slack line following the strike Is necessary to pro perly set the book. I h c ( l a m e and made the torch last hingcr. This ancient way of night fishing was copied by early Green pine was tho favored settlers. In the Ozarks, for wood, since the fresh sap f u e l e d ' e x a m p l e , the mountain men Species Of Fish Number 17,000 A f i s h is a fish, is a fish... except when i t ' s nol a fish! Sounds like double t a l k , hut They range from as small ... an inch J u n g (many species of minnows) to the h u g e denizcnF of the deep. In between is every DUUIlUi 11KU UUUDIU I H J K , UUl "' '"^ " * - - J " ' · · · *«-»· " * - - · · .,, i when you consider the f n a n y | c o n c c i v a h l e length, w i d t h , and pecie.s of f i s h throughout the s n a P c - vor.d. and the fact that they FHS{ s w i m m i n g Cish have ary so much in body structure, f "'" 1 "" rl v "" 1 " u rgan specialization and othci actors, i t ' s not unusual for sonic .species of fish to he mis- liken for others...or for other i n d s o[ a n i m a l s to be mistaken r fish. All t r u e Fish have some things n common, ami these separate hem from m a m m a l s t h a t arc such as porpoises. Fish arc cold- jloorter! vertebrates, with a ackbonc, permanent R i l l s , ami ins. But there the similarity ends. Scientists · aren't really sure rf the exact number of fish ,pccies because changing with evolved body shapes that almost in water rJxamplcs are t u n a , trout, some sharks, bonito a n d mackerel. These fish have specialize! "urthcr by developing smaller s c a l e s which offer les? resistance to water. Fish which usually live on tin in t torn have adapted to theii surroundings b y becoming flattened in shape. Among tin; large group are found c a t f i s h rays, flounder, s k a t e s a n c .suckers. A third type of bodj the compressed form recognized by anglers they keep time, and )ccausc new species -- and iome species thought extinct ire continually being f o u n d . But -here arc probably somewhere i round 17, COO different species of fish living today. As an example of the diversity of f i s h , consider their sixes. belonging crappie to sunfish fresh water. pompnno and permit in .sal) water. Other variations found in fisl extend to specialized organ and Functions, such as scale t h a t arc almost armor-like electric shock organs, pniso glands, teeth in Uie throat, light producing organs, and m additional exotic Features. used to build pine-knot Fires on c hmvs of their river craf aid in seeing fi^ti which the oulcl spear with steel gigs. Although spare [line-knots arc fficult to Find nowadays, in rest in night fishing hash' i m i n i s h c t l . In fact, modern idlers are t a k i n g advantage of cw light source. 1 ! to Fish after ark. Some of the more popular K'cies c a u g h t are channel i t f i s h , black bass, white rappie. walleye and m a n y alUvatcr fish. Cat fishermen use lights only o bail their hooks or to remove ooks from fish they've caught, hey're content with flashlights nd don't care to be bothered · i l h the insects continuous iumhiatinn brings. INSECTS BRING MINNOWS Just the opposite is true of he enthusiastic crappie angler vho wants a bright light unfiing over the water to a t - j ract insects. These b r i n g ! ninnows which in t u r n attract he silver-colored crappics. "avorite light sources arc g a s o l i n e o r propane-fueled nnterris of the same kind used y campers. f.ighls on bridges and piers jJong coastal are;is are helpful 0 saltwater anglers who catch ish that concentrate near these structure's. The lamps attract nsecls and s m a l l fish which are ceri for larger fish. Rather than building a fire on his boat's deck, the modern Mack-bass angler uses a baL- ery-opcraterl light. Most of -oday's outboard-powered craft lave one or two 12-volt power iupplies aboard, and fishing experts have .seen many boats ·igged with directional spot 1 a m p s that are used for searching in tackle boxes. changing lures, reading maps, and stringing fish. Burns, Gray Qualify For State Tourney SII.OAM Sl'HINGS -- l):irry Hums and lirad Gray, members of tlv; Siloiim Springs High School Golf team will gu to Twisting Easily Remedied Casting d i f f i c u l t i e s can o f t e n he blamed on poorly maintained m o n o f i l a m e n t line. F o r e x a m p !e, two common problems that develop with age and use are twist and curl. While both can be quite bothersome, they caii also be corrected quite easily. Curl describe.* the predicament of yoiir line coming off the spool like a spring. You can eliminate curl with a chamois cloth. First remove the line from the reel in an area where it will not tangle. Dampen the chamois cloth ;md fold it over. Place your line in the fold and apply n little , resstire with your finger; Then, keeping t h a t prossui applied, simply wind the lin back onto the reel. Curl usually results f r o m d tor Uon of the molecula structure of Hie line. Fo example, when you keep yen rods and reels in the trunk i back seat of the car. they ai in n magnetic field create when your tires heat up as yo go down the highway. To avoi c u r l , remove your reels froi the rods. Then put the ree in a cloth bag and keep then oil the front seat of the ca with you. The magnetic fie ' i s much weaker there. For Table Rock Reservoir Little" Ruck May If) to l)lay in the Slate AA HiRh Scnuol G u l f tournament at Rebsamcn Park Golf course. They will be accompanied by High School Golf Coach Charlie Phillips. The two-man team became eligible to play in Hie State event after llicy had \voi second place in the District tourney held at Harrison, Ark. a few days a#o. They will compete in Little Rock a g a i n s t seven other two man teams. Saving Fuel Quite Simple Many aspects of conservin, fuel are absolutely simple. Fo example, earn w h i t e refuelin can he reduced to using funnel and pouring .slowly. Th a me holds true for prcparin ·our gas-oil mixture. Ca refit m e a s u r e m e n t a n d earcfi muring result in a uol mix that will burn clean Be certain t h a t fuel line .. ings are tight, and also tak he time to distribute and Balance the weight, of all items n your hnal -- i n c l u d i n g your assengt?rs. Avoid unnecessary d l i n g md hold your throttle at .hrcc-Fourtlis instead of wide open. Team Tourney Set A six-man team of bass tillers will represent Arkansas n tlie National Team Tourna- ncnl to he held May 22-24 at .'able Rock Reservoir. Roger Mhoon of Kayettcville and Bob Parties of Spritigdale will represent Northwest A r k a n s a s n the National. f.iirry 0. Phillips of Springdale. State B.A.S.S. Federation Tournament Chairman. an- louncci! Friday that Arkansas will be among at least 22 states which are to have entries in the B.A.S.S. Federation of Bass "lubs -- National Team Tournament. The state ledcL'a- ·ion will pay a l l expenses for :he six mcmljors ol its team, Bill McGehee, National Team Tournament Coordinator, formed Mr. Phillips that the leailciuarlcrs for the tonrna- ncnt will he Wilderness Point on Table Rock Lake. All profits Torn the tournament go to ecology programs. MONEY PLEDGED U n l i k e t h e professional tournaments, t h i s tournament t u r n s over 5000 dollars to the State Federation whose team wins the tournament. The money is pledged to bass stocking and ecology programs. The top individual winner is given a free entry into the B.A.S.S. Miller High Life Classic to be held next October. Also, the winner earns a free entry into one B.A.S.S. national professional tournament for next year. Joining Boh Carncs and Roger Mhoon on the Arkansas team will be Joe Crowden of fort Smith, Billy Tew, Mclvin Womath. and Rick Garlow. These six were (lie top individuals ill the recent Arkansas B.A.S.S. Team Championship, held on Beaver Lake. -- A U B R E Y SHEPHERD Siloam Softball Plans Made SII.OAM SPRINGS -- Plans Tlie cost lo cuter a team is are being finali/cd for this'$120. which will cover the cost year's City Softball League, and[of using the field, lights, soft- any group interested in forming jballs, o f f i c i a l s , plates, etc. Kadi a learn should contact tlie [team entering will need to Chamber of Commerce by Way provide its own "loves, bats and 10. Tlie following groups have signed up to play in the 107'! leauiiei Kivvani.s. I.A /.-Roy. Webb Wheel, First Baptist Church. Franklin Electric, and JBU. personal clothing items such as hats and shirts. A league championship trophy will be awarded the team with tlie best record. E, Q, MUFFLER of Fayetteville SPRING SPECIAL Deluxe Mufflers $13.88 Installed and Guaranteed Glass Pock $9.88 Installed (Special Enrts May 17,1974) E. Q. MUFFLER CO. Hny. 71 S. and Locust St. Kayetteville, Ark. 521-J12 Oosterhuis Leads PARIS ( A P ) -- Defending champion Peter Oosterhuis of B r i t a i n rolled in three straight birdies on the Front nine Saturday en route to th e54 hole lead in tlie French Open Golf Tournament. Oosicrhuis carded a t h r e c - n n - dcr-par BR for a 211 total after three rounds over the 7,162- yard par 7! Chantilly course. Tammy Horton of Britain moved into .second place at 312 after a 70, and Vicente Fernandez uf Argentina, the second- round leader, was another stroke back at 213 after a 7'l. Peter Townsend of Britain shot a 68 for 214 and Tony Jacklin, another Britisher, was one of four players tied at 216. 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