Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 5, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, May 5, 1974
Page 6
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Arkontat TIMES, Sunday, May 5, 1974 rAYITTIVILLI, AIIKANl*! STRANDS OF A TAPESTRY By VIRG1I, TAl.BOT MERKFORD TAl'KSTKY hy Charles MacKinnon (Delacorte -- 58.95) The Vernons were a well respected and noble family. Sir Godfrey Vcrnon was thp favorite aide-de-camp of Queen Victoria. Behind lay a long tradition of service to the crown Ahead -- the Mercforri Tapestry. It nil begins in 188B w! Henry Vernon, elder son of Sir OKAIILY SINS, by Konrad renx Ularcourt Hrace Jovanovich. - $VJ5.) In this thoughtful and thought-provoking book, Konrad Auslriati zoologist Edited by Bill William! MUCKRAKER'S BIOGRAPHY LINCOLN STEtTllNS, by Justin Kaplan (Simon Schuster.-SIO.) Justin Kaplan, wlio earned Godfrey, announces bis love {anri intention lo marrv) Alice . T . , , - ' , » j , n, i . Mason, a parlor maid. Nothing,]N T aUonal Book Award and Puht- ?al ot riisin- f-cr l'ri/c with his previous of- nol even Hie threat heritance changes his rnind. Henry and his move to Reading, London, and thus bride to-he outside of begins single strand of the tape.stry that is lo u'cave through five fascinating generations of Ihe Vernon family. The tale moves along through tragic aftermath of wars. Finally, (ho strands come together again u 1 i I h the marriage of David Vcrnon and Valerie Ver- are non, and the families reunited. The author is hereditary chieftain and laird of the Clan MacKinnon of Dunakin. Scotland. He gives us a fascinating story of English Jife from the tranquility of the 1800's lo Ihe fist-paced present. MYSTERY IN CORNWALL SHADOW OF THEAr.K, hy Frances Cow en (Ace-90 cents) Ruth Hilton takes a three- week working vacation at Thea)e House in Cornwall alead of going abroad as she has planned. She will be a companion In taken the clog for a walk o n e evening nnrl never come back. Julien, engages Ruth to watch over and entertain his daughter. While at Thealc House she is told that one of the ancestor? of Julien was a slave runner, others were smugglers bul since 1900 or so they hare a! been honest estate owners in Cornwall, Ruth finds herself threatened and pursued as .she inquires into the burned out yacht Black Unicorn. Eventually she Hs covers what Ihe yaclit carrier and why Lady TJicale turner up missing. "Shadow of Theale" is a nice novel to read while waiting anc If you like mysteries the ramifi cations will intrigue you. It cai be read at one sitting -- if you don't turn on Ihe television set-- bww E" [orl. "Mr. Clemens and Mark lurns bis attention l« Lincoln Steffcns t h i s time out and comes up with a notable, memorable biography of a man now known primarily for his contributions to that school ol journalism called "muckrak ing." StefEens, whose early writing consisted of such things as "a novel, which only his mother admired," spent a number bis formative years wandering about Europe as a professiona Indent before returning lo thi Jnitcd States and drifting inti a career in journalism. As a Now York City ncws]a crman he was able to ' a p p l y hi.s laboratory train ing and his l i t e r a r y ambitions to what ''as rccoc during the 1390s as th jrime data of the moder vritcr: the ferment, the sham and the promise of the cities. Stcffens looked into slum? strikes and labor violence, bu it was not until he began doin pieces for "McCluro's Mag; zine" that he made his "how a philosopher of graft and as muck raker," choosing as hi distinctive mode one with a innate mistrust of author[t\ constitutional fronts arici cent rations of power, and il certainly that the reality wa blacker than the appearance.' Kaplan does a fine job ni only in telling of Sleffcns's rol in Ihe times but of bringing th times to vivid life with his d script inns of turn -of -t lie-cent nr America, the Tammany Ha days, the corruption in the hi cities, the; World War I year and the days of the Depressioi Of especial interest is his d scription of the emergence i Bolshevik Russia from th . lins of World War I and Sic fens's attitude toward it, chai actertzcd, perhaps, by his n mark, following a visit to Ru sia, that. "I have seen the fu lure, and It works." Kaplan has done an excellei job of not only recapturing life bul of recapturing 11- times that shaped it. -- P LITTLE KNOWN EVENT IN BRITISH NAVAL HISTORY By RILL W I L L I A M S T H K KSCAPK OK THE JOKHKN. by Redmond ML- aughlin (Seribners-$7, ( JJ) As the world went lo War n 1914, two ships met 3f0 miles vest of Malta, One was of ex cptional sine, armor speed and rmament accompanied by a mailer consort. Ihe other a British ship of Ihe line. The ships approached each ther and passed without firing shot. This is Ihe story of the iveiils. political as well a? laval thai preceded ant r ollnwed the encounter of t h e Jermap giant "Gocbcn" anc .he British ship Gloucester. In 19M. the German Royal Navy had two ships in the Mediterranean. The Goe1cn and the Brcslau. The British had at least six ships in the area. Commander ot the Goebcr vas Rear Admiral Wilheln Soiichon. His opponent was Ad niral Sir Berkeley Milne. S o u c h o n was a fine seaman, according to all records of the period. M i 1 n * was a roan Who h a d in Merited his rank simply b; being in the peace limn nav; for so many years. The British had not fought a engagement since the defeat o Napoleon and subsequently ha losl their edge. This was c course no excuse. Also involved in this fare were Winston Churchill- I.or Fisher, admiral of Ihc Flee _ _ _ _ v e r Pasha of Turkey, an Rear Admiral E. C- T. Trou bridge whmo faced a cour ma rli al for fai li n g to engag the German ship, He \va acquitted and later w o n hi knighthood for service in th Serbian Mission. Souchtm was a remarkabl m [«i. He wa s a high I y pro fessional sea mail, short c stature, with a stubbly bear and Prussion haircut. He corr bined the Prussian passion Fo thoroughness with the Galli fa sh irn of bei ng genial a n bouy;ml. As World War J, began i earnest the Gocbcn was orrtere to go to Turkey to convince th Turks to join the Triple Entent rather than the Allies. The British pursued the tw German ships hut never o[cncc THREATS TO CIVILIZATION CIVIM/KI) MAN'i: K[(i NT I needs to. because Ihe dangers Foundation Donates Art To University UA campus, Stwctis said. Two d o i n g . .However, . . without hope; not work on were." For lliosc 1 am The Phi Gamma Delta Art Koimdatioti at the Univi-rsily of supported ,,, , in fact, 1 would this brjok if J 'tl lc ' Arkansas, which i ' i l arid Notx?] Pri/u \viriner JM]UFi!ity of life at this moment in medicine, takes a long look at'time " ' " Television Show Sponsor Seeks Comments NEW YORK (AP) -- It's rare for a major company lo invilc sponsors. Il's even rarer for tlie company's board chairman to go on TV to help out with the corporate invitations. But in the case of E.M. camera, made a n n u l Ihe show ton Corp., it's resulted in what the company says is more than 10,000 viewer letters on just two hour-long programs. The shows were Hie opening P a r a d e , " a 13-part series of historical programs Ihe network will air through 1976 to hHp celebrate the American bicentennial. The first show. "We, the Women," narrated by Mary Tyler Moore, aired March 27. The second, "Power and Ihe Presidency." narrated by George C. Scntt, was broadcast la si Wednesday. Al the end ot each. rtcWindt appeared on brief speech and asked viewers lo share their thoughts about the show with (he series 1 sponsor. Ealon Corp. Then an off-camera announcer gave the address ot the Cleveland based c o m p a n y , which manufactures truck, auto and industrial vehicle components. The mail the Women" ____ ______ ,, ,,,,,,,. letters, according to an Ealw. spokesman who said Ihe second show drew more than 500 letters over the weekend "and the mail is still coming in." DeWinril, who estimated thai 50 per cenl of the mail was addressed to him personally, said the idea of going on camera ini- lially surprised him when was brought up. "I don't think I'd tliougl \'ei i y mueh about it becaus this whole package was real tied to the bicentennial cdebr lion, 1 ' be saifl. He got in the acl, lie addei iceause 1 think we were Ir ing to personalize it and g people involved in the- spirit response to "We, was nearly 10,000 the I thin we were particularly anxious find out if we were hitting U mark." Does he feel more top bus ness executives should appea on television as spokesmen t shows their companies a sponsoring? "Well, I don't advocate il hi , m not against it," deWLm said. "It depends on what fl company may be trying to a complish." OPEN DAILY 9-10; SUN. CLOSED MON., TUES., WED. 4-FULL-PLY NYLON CORD BLACKWALLS ' GUdBWFED AS LWG AS YOU OWN YOUR CAR 13 Plus 1.78 F.C.T. Ml TWES PIUS F.E.T. UCN MOUNTED FRf E tNOTMK-WUOUIffiD SERVICES MCLUO. t»f ! »csfn«lBrrt«rid, CHECK IIR CMMTMNUS w K,I. j u* 5.66 DELUXE H. 0. SHOCK SALE (tar JU«. 7,17 -- 1 Mr* Or ***· 8.W-J 5.33., 6.56 FRONT END AU6PHEMT -. ..JW*f t-V*" pitlcn, tfipf* w for ne« U.S. can. mounli and )4"»hoh. · '.:,*! Is: St3,l US. C«l FROKT DISC BRAKE SPECIAL Our Keg. JS.K--3 ftiya 48.88 Afr conditl«n«rf c«i» 52,00 Fronl onl v on moil Amtr* «nc/«, for»ion bori «*l;o, coacori. Charge it and Save, 71 B North at Rolling Hills Drive in Fayctterille, Arkansas e. This was unfortunate lor e British, but Milne knew kinfj ahoul the arms oi e German ship and despite luperiority of arms never ec engaged it in battle. The Gocben and her crscort ...... went lo Turkey where e was re-commissioned hy the irks and renamed Yavux. The result of the escape found ilne aecuscc] of failure to arry out an order and event- ally his being relieved of immand. The author catalogues (lie (slakes of the British and the vareness of Souchon. oesn't make any excuses He for ]e British failure but lie does efend Troubridge. He appears o have very little good to sa\ bout iMilne. For those who enjoy storie? out little known bul import it cvciits in world history, 1 ould recommend this prelude Gallipoli. the world about him and is not overjoyed by what he sees. To Lorenx there are "eight separate but causally connected processes thai are threatening to destroy not only our c i v - ilization bul mankind as a species" and he discusses each of these processes intelligently and with frightening implication. They are; overpopulation, devastation of the natural envi ronmcnt, man's race againsl lirnself (competition), the \van- ig of deep emotions because ot verindulgence, genetic decay i break with tradition, the in creased indoctrinubility of man dm] and nuclear weapons. Oddly, it is the last of these lhal worries Lorenz Ihc least "With regard to the dropping o the atom bomb," he writes, " am more optimistic thai Ihi: he prevented than lha man's other seven sins will b checked." While this is a troubling book since some evidence of all th .sins can be seen with a carefi glance, it is not completely pes simistic about the future man and his world. In his foreword, Lorenz oh serves that while the sins h writes ot are there, the aware _ . . as in the future, book is required reading. - pt -ame name, has made its second contribution of original ai't vorks by well-known artists to .he University. S t e v e Stevens [ M i s s i s s i p p i C o u n t y ) , contribution was the donation ,of three photographs by t h e of Dell Dallas photographer. Lynn an alunmi il-punon. whom the fraternity member'of the Eratmiity who|sjw"sore(1 in an exhibit on the originated Ihe idea of the A r t I c a m p u s la^t fall. Edith Wants Out ZURICH. Switzerland (AP) - dith Irving says she wants a ivoi-ce from her husband, Clif- onl. whose phony autohiogra- )hy of Howard R. Hughes land- tl the Irvings in prison. The 38-year-old blonde he will try to earn enough nonc-y as an artist to repay luge financial claims against icr for her part in the S650.000 hoax in 1972. Claims against her, her husband and Richard Susskind. Irving's associate, total $1.365,100, she said. the fraternity r e d t u l i p s i n years ago. planted 2.000 planters in front of the University Library. Its previous art Foundation when he was a student. made the .presentation recently to Dr. Charles O.vfoixl, interim was a UA president. by Salle Werner of Houston, Texas, entitled "The Dream." The painting will hang in (he University Library Phi Gamma Delia has been active in civic projects on the .NVxt fall. Stevens said, the fraternity will spunsnr H visit of the ceramic sculptor, Robert [raduate of the Uni- of Colorado who currently is living and working in Dell. The fraternity has commissioned GiH to do a sculpture for the University, which will be presented at that time, Stfvcns .said. 71/2% We have savings program and interest rate to meet your needs. Fayetteville Savings Loan Association East Avenue REUPHOLSTERY SPECIAL! SOFA $129.00 Includes Labor »nd Materials Choice of .Naugahyde, Nylons, Herculorts and Velvets Choice of Colors 3 EAST. MOUNTAIN RECOVERY ROOM Phone 521-8815 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY ONLY Mother's Day OPEN DAILY 9-iO; CLOSED SUN. 3 Stereo Albums and 3 8-Track Topes Now QUALITY 3-WAY STEREO SALE AM/FM/FM Stereo Radio Turntable with Dust Cover, 8-Track Stereo Tape fjafif, Stereo Headphone Set and Roll-About Cart. COMPLETE MUSIC SYSTEM TAPE PLAYER WITH FM Our Regular 129.88 3 Days Only 8-track stereo tape player with FM / AM/FM stereo receiver. 118 12" BW TELEVISION $, Reg. 79.88 Solid stale deluxe portable, front Tni*(ted j" imicone 64 19-IN. BROADMOOR TV Reg. 1)9.88 Bfatk and white with high impact walnut grain palstrc case. Earphone and jack included $ A .Complete Set of Attachftients IMMERSIBLE! *15 88 8-eup automatic perk. Peek-A-Brew* gauge. HAIRDRYER EASY-TO-CLEAN! 4-SUCEMODEL W 97 Keg. 13.97 Keg. 7.84 17.17 4-position heat con- 2-slice toaster has Toast-to- your- taste trol. Large bonnet. hinged crumb tray. control. Harvest ·f'-f, CAN OPENER ·Hands-free" operation. Easy to dean. with the purchase of this NEW HOOVER CONVERTIBL * Eathem TMpte Action Cfeaiine Panel- n Be*, As H Sweeps, As K Cleans * Lxgt Throw-Away Bag * Automatic Rue Mitain O ft tO DCDIf SS^*-WSU^»v.-.i ^» * Two Speed Motor 4'yHrrcooKEB "":,? STEAM IRON 'SSSS22L ««^ *JLV6 K ^ -j3j 997 ' $^44 3 Day* Only f · · WWlbd 14 84 No-stick, all-day ska* cooker / cook poL i.M Ail I »i stcam Hwy. 71 B, North at Rolling Hills'Drive in FavefteviUe, Ark.

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