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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, May 5, 1974
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You Can't Tell The Players .. . NerthwM Arkanias TIMES, Sunday, May 5, 1974 · 5A FAVITTIVILLI. A R K A N S A S T/ie Watergate Prosecutions: How They Stand Today WASHINGTON CAP) -- Here 5 the status of prosecutions in Watergate and related cases: THE COVER-UP- U.K. Haldeman, 47, former Vhile House chief of slaff. in- licted March 1, 1974. one count onspiracy (o obstruct justice, hree counts perjury and one 'mini obstruction of justice, ^leaded innocent all counts March 9, 1974. Free without wnd. Trial scheduled Sept. 9. John D. Ehrlichman, 48 form e r presidential domestic counsel, indicted March 1. 1974. one count conspiracy to obstruct justice, one count lying o t BI agents, two counts Iving .0 grand jury and one counl obstruction of justice. Pleaded in- nocenl all counts March 9 1974 Free without bond. Trial scheduled Sept. 9. 1974. John N. Mitchell, fiO. formei a t t o r n e y general, indicted March 1. 1974. one counl conspiracy lo obstruct justice, Iwo counts lying to grand jury, one count perjury, one count lying o FBI agenls and one count obstruction of justice. Pleaded innocent all counts March 9, 1974. Free wilhoul bond. Trial scheduled Sept. 9. 1974. Charles W. Colson. 42, former White House special counsel. indicted March 1. 1974. one count conspiracy t o obstruct justice and one counl obslrucl- iou of justice. Pleaded innocent holh counts March 9. 1974. Free without bond. Trial scheduled Sept. 9. 1974. Robert C. M a r d i a n . 50, former assistant attorney genera], indicted March 1, 1974, one count conspiracy to obslrucl j u s t i c e . Pleaded innocenl March 9. 1974. Free without bond. Trial scheduled Scpl. 9. 1974. Kenneth W. Parkinison. 46, at- torney for President Nixon's cam|aign finance committee, indicted March 1. 1974. one count conspiracy to obstruct justice and one count obstruction of justice. Pleaded innocent both eounls March 9, 1974. Fren wilhout bond. Trial scheduled Sept. 9. 1974. Gordon C. Strachan. 30. former presidential assistant, indicted March 1, 1974, one count conspiracy to obstruct justice. one counl obslruclion of justice and one count lying to grand jury. Pleaded innocent all counts March 9. 1974. Free without bond. Trial scheduler! Sept 9. 1974. Frederick C. LaRue, 44, aide to Mitchell when he directed the 1972 Nixon re-lection cam- naii'll, pleaded guilty June 27, 1973. to one count conspiracy to obstruct justice. Sentencing deferred until future trials of Watergate principals completed. Free without bone . Ride On A Tiger "ZSCUiESCWE VSU6 VEdTUBES SYNDICATE Jeb S. Mag ruder. 39, former deputy director of the Com- mitlee for Ihe Re-elction of the President (CRP) pleaded guilty Aug. 16, 1973, lo one count conspiracy to obstruct justice and delraud the United States. Sentencing deferred. Free without bond. John W. Dean 111. 35. ousted as counsel to the President April 30, 1973, pleaded guilly Oct. 19, 1973. to one count conspiracy lo obslrucl justice and defraud the United States. Sentencing deferred. Free without bond. Herbert L. Porter. 35. scheduling director for CRP charged Jan. 21. 1974, one count making "false, fictitious and fraudulent statements and representations" to FBI agents July 19. 1972. Pleaded guilty Jan. 28, 1974. Sentenced April 11. 1974 to serve 30 days of a 5-15 month sentence; entered m i n i m u m security facility at Lomnoc, Calif.. April 22' 1974. DIRTY TRICKS: Dwight L. Cliapin. 33. President's former appointments secretary, indicted Nov. 29. 1973. four counts making false declaration before grand jury- Pleaded innocent Dec. 7, 1973. Convicted April 5. 1974 on two counts after five-day trial. Sentencing May without bond. lo. 1974. Free Donald H. Segretti. 32, pleaded guilty Oct. 1973, three counts distributing illegal campaign literature. Sentenced Nov. 5, 1973. to six months in prison. Entered Lompoc, Calif., minimum security facility Nov. 12. 1973. Released March 25, 1974. with time off for good be- gcncral and Nixon re-election campaign director, pleaded innocent May 21. 1973. one count conspiracy to obstruct justice; l\vo counts cndeavorinig obstruct justice; six counts grand jury perjury. Trial in New York federal court Began Feb. 19, 1974. Acquitted April 28 on all counts after 48-day trial. Maurice H. Stans, 65, pleaded innocent May 21. 1973, to cue- count of conspiracy to obstruct justice; two counts of endeavoring to obstruct justice; six counts of perjury b e f o r e a ;rand jury. Trial in New York ederal court began Feb. 19. 1974. Acquitled all counts April 28. 1974 after 48-day trial. Robert Vesco. 37, indictee May 10, 1973, one count conspiracy to obstruct justice; :hrce counts endeavoring lo obstruct justice. Vesco a fugitive. Harry I,. Republican New Jersey Senate and chairman Nixon campaign that state, pleaded innocent May 21, 1973, one count conspiracy to obstruct justice and Uirec counts endeavoring to obstruct justice Scars granted total im- muniy and charges expected to be dismissed shortly. First Interoceanic Corp. and chairman, Dwayne 0. Andreas, each pleaded innocent Oct. 19. 1973, four counts illegal campaign contributions. No trial date set. FIRM C H A R G E D American Ship Building Co indicted April 5. 1974. one counl Scars. 53, majority former leader John H. Melchcr Jr., executive vice president and general counsel, American Ship liuild- ng pleaded guilty April 18, 1974 .0 accessory after fact in cover- up of illegal acls. Sentencing postponed. Free without bond. Northrop Corp. pleaded guilly lay 1, 1974 lo one count of making an illegal campaign coiUribuliuu bv a contractor, totaling $150,000. Fined $5.000; Thomas V. Jones, board chairman and chiof executive officer, fined $5.00(1; James Allen, vice president and assistant to the president, fined Jl.OOO. The following corporations and officers pleaded guilly to charges of making illegal cam paign contribution. Amounts of fines follow names: Minnesota Mining and Manu- acturing Co.. $4.000; H a r r y IclUcr, chairman $500. Goodyear Tire and Rubber '.a., ?5,OI)0: Russell DeYoung, chairman, $1.000. Braniff A i r w a y s , $5,000; Harding L. Lawrence, chairman, $1,11(10. Gulf Oil Corp., $5.000; Claude 25. 1971. Ple/idert innocent March 15, 1974. Released nn own recognizance. Trial date lot set. T H E O R I G I N A L D E F K i N D ANTS: Lidcly, convicted of six counts :f conspiracy, burglary and wiretapping; sentenced March conspiracy, one count illega campaign contribution; George 1 · In The Halls Of Congress Reform Meets Resistance By RICHARD .1. MAI.OY TIMES Washington Rureitu ' WASHINGTON -- Here is a roundup of news items gathered , by the staff of our Washington ( Bureau. R K F O R M -- Another effort '· is unrlenvay lo make Congress more efficient and it is running '; into heavy oppositioin. , The impending fight illustrates the practical difficulty of · , trying to gel any institution to reform itself. The proposed reform plan · would reorganize the cnnimiltec system of the House of Representatives for the first · time in nearly three docadcs. ·', It is (he product of a year-long, : $1 million bipartisan sluily. The real work of Congress is ' done in (he committees, and the = reason Congress consistrntb fails lo pleasure up to " responsibilities is lhal the present committee system if " disorganized. The reform plan, which wn ·= originally put in motion ls Speaker Carl Albert and then ' Minority Loader Gerald Ford would reshuffle the committee " system to give each panel clea ' l i n e s o f authority a m jurisdiction. It also would give each House member only om · commitlce assignment, ralhc ' than Ihe two or three whicl most members now have. The reform plan must firs win approval of the I Ions Democratic Caucus before i can come up for a vote on th House floor. And the Demi crals who control the House '· are badly split over th proposal. · The problem is that th reform plan takes power awa from some existing commute '- chairmen, dillutes the author)t : of members who now serve o · several important committee; and dislurbs co/.y relalionship · which now exist helwcc · committees and many specii interest groups. Accordingly there will be major effort inside Ihc Bern' cratic caucus early this monl .· to sciitllc the reform plan b ' ordering another study. .- Rep. Richard Boiling. D Mo chairman of the group whic '' drew up the reform plan. busy trying to line up snppo ·' for it. Republicans generall favor the scheme, but tl outcome isi said to be unccrta Inside lie Democratic Caucus THOSE INCOMES -- A nc 1 Commerce Department slut discloses locations around ti nation where people have t' b e s t -- and worst -- incomes. The study analyzes pcr-capi come in the United States for st year which average $4.016 r the nation as a whole. 13ut there are slates where e pcr-capila income was as ucli as 20 per cent above t'eragc, and other states where was 30 per cent below verage. The slates with the highest cr-capila income were Con- ?cUcul $5,880. New Jersev i.753. Illinois $5.753. New York i.lilB. Alaska $!3. Nevada i.aliO. Delaware $5.5'10, Michi- nii $5.439. California $5.438, liiryland $5.313. Hawaii $5.303 tul Massachusetts $5.233. The stales with the lowest rrcapila income were Ver- xint $4,022. Utah $4.1105. cntiicky $3,067, Tennessee i.Olli. Maine $3,9-11. West ·g i n i a $3.828. Louisiana 1.825, Soulli Carolina $3.817. Mexico $3.7(i4. Alabama 1.724, Arkansas $3.l[!0 am: lississippi $3.448. BLACK OFFICIALS There is boon n d r a m a t i c increase the number of black rlcclcrl facials in the United States in ecent years. This was disclosed in a new eporl niiiclo by the Joint Ccntei or Political Studies, a Wash nglmi based research organiza ion. As of this spring Ihcre wcro .931 black persons in eleeliv. iffii'cs in 45 stales. This :ompares lo 2.R21 a year agr uid 1,185 in 1869, the first yeai ,lich a count was made. The report showed there ari low 108 black mayors o \mcrican cities, a 32 per cen ncreane over last year. Michigan, with 194 blacV elected officials, is the: stall viiich ranks first in thi category. Mississippi is secon vilh 191 w h i l e New York i third witih 174 blacks in clectiv office. .MOVING COMPANIES ..-The big family moving seaso is near and Sen. Waller Moi ilale wants to do something fo the thousands of people who ge iustratrd rienlinifl with movin van companies. He has introduced legislatin which would require movin companies lo file public report on their records on estimate promptness and damages I articles being moved. The Minnesota Democrat wa s h a r p l y critical o f t h "deplorable performance" i moving van companies, ri pointed out that about 20 p cent of U.S. families move eac year and must deal with sue firms. M o n ri a 1 e said Intersta ommcrce Commission records iow lhat moving companies irierestitnale Iheir charges on per cent of Iheir moves, that ore than 30 per cent of the oves were not on time, and at damage claims were filed i 20 per cenl of the moves. "It is now up to Congress dp something for those mcricans who experience the havior. GEORGE HEARING George A. Hearing. 41,Tampa, Fla., pleaded guilty May 11, 1973. t\vo counts fabricating and distributing illegal campaign literature. Sentenced June 15, 1973, one year in prison. Released March 22. 1074 from Eglin AFB prison with time off for good behavior. Egil Krogh Jr., 34. former as- sislanl to John D. Ehrlichman. sentenced Jan. 24 to serve six months of a two-six-year term. Pleaded guilty Nov. 30, 1973. one count violating Ihe rights of Dr. Lewis Fielding, Daniel Ellsberg's, psychiatrist, in the Sept. 3-4. 1971 break-in at Fielding's office. California stale charges dropped after plea in federal case. Began senlence at Allenwood, Pa., prison farm Feb. 4. 1074. Elirlichman, indiclcd March 7. 1974, one count conspiracy to violate Fielding's rights; one count lying to the FBI; three counts lying to grand jury. Pleaded innocent all counts March 9. 1074. Free without bond. Trial scheduled June 17, 1074. Colson, indicted March 7, 1974, one count conspiracy to violate Fielding's rig'ls. Pleaded innocent March 9. 1974. Free wilhoul l '. Trial scheduled June 17. 1974. '·?!· G. Gordon Lirirlv. 44. Oxon Hill. Md.. former White House aide, indicted March 7. 1974, one count conspiracy to violate Fielding's rights. Pleaded innocent March 14, 1974. Trial scheduled June 17. 1974. Indicted also two counts refusing testify Iwfore Intelligence Subcommittee of House Committee M. Steinbrenner Ilf, 43, board 23, 1973, to monlhs to six years, 20 years; eight fined Wild $i;ooo. Ashland Jr., vice president, Petroleum Inc., $5.000; Orin E. Gabon Atkins, chairman and chief executive officer, indicted one count con spiracy, five counts illegal con tributions: two counts aiding false statement to FBI, four eounls obstruction criminal in vestigation. Firm and Steinbrenner pleaded innocenl April 19. 1974. Trial date to be set May 22, 1974. chairman of Ashland Oil Inc., pleaded no conlcst, $1,000. PHILLIPS OIL P h i l l i p s Petroleum Co.. $5,000; William W. Keelel', chairman, $1.000. Carnation Co., $5.000; H. Ev- eretl Olson, chairman, $1,000. Diamond International Corporation, $5.000; Kay Dubrowin, vice president, $1.000 American Airlines, $5.000. iMILK FUND Jake Jacobsen. 54. of Austin Tex., indicted Feb. 21, 1074 on $40.000. Additional sentence imposed for refusing to testify before the grand jury, the term to run the life? of the jury. Appeal has been filed. Lidcly in District Columbia jail. E. Howard Hunt, 51, sentenced Nov. 9. 1973. lo Vk to eight years on his pica of guilty Jan. 11, 1973, lo six counts; fined $10,000; released Jan. 2, 1973. pending appeal. after serving 10 monlhs. five days. James W. McCorrt .Jr., 49, convicted of eight counts, sen talced Nov. 9. 1973. lo one to five years. Free under $5,000 bond pending appeal. Barker, sentenced Nov. 9, 1973, lo 2'/z to six year.s, on his plea of guilty Jan. 15 to seven ~ ' ' ' ' 4. 1974 serving one year, 19 days. Virgilio R. Gonzalez, '15, sen .enccd Nov. 9. 1973, to one to 'our years on his pica of guiltv Jan. 15 to seven counts. Ru leased on parole. March 7. 1974 counts. Released Jan. lending appeal after making a false a federal grand one count of statement to jury investigating possible violations in connection with the secretary of agriculture's milk price support decision of .March Martinra. sentenced Nov. 9, 973 lo one to four years on his ilea of guilty .Ian. 15 lo seven counts. Released on parole, March 7, 1974. Frank A. Slurgis, 37, scn- :cnced Nov. 9, 1973. lo one lo 'our years on his guilty plea Jan. 15. 1073 to seven counts. p rei'd by coi'.rt order Jan, 18, 1974 to await Ihe outcome of his ippeal. parole lo take effect when appeal decided. INVENTIONS/IDEAS EARN CASH AND ROYALTIES IN INDUSTRY FtlEE EVALUATION! FOR COMPLETE DETAILS, WRITE OR PHONE COLLECT MR. POOLE (312) 827-2170 cJLaaulln Evelyn Hills Fayetteville WE'VE MOVED TO EVELYN H!US For Those Good Values . . . Come SCR Us slralions o v i n g ondalR iislalioin. of dealing companies." said in introducing his Today In History By The Associaled Press Today is Sunday. May 5. Ihc th day of 1974. There are 240 ays left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 19fil, Astro- nil Alan Shcppard was rock- led H5 miles inlo space from !ape Canaveral. Fla. He was he first U.S. space explorer. On t h i s date fn 1821. Napoleon Bonaparte led in exile on Ihe island of SI. Iclcna. In 1824. R r i t i s h troops took vcr Rangoon, Burma. in 18fil. Union Iroops were oulcd by Confederates in the ?ivil War Battle of the Wilder- icss, west of Fredericks burg. Va. In 1036, war ended in F.tli- opia as Ihe capital, Addis \baba. fell lo Italian troops. In 1955. West Germany became a sovereign state as the erms of [ho Paris agreements of 1915 went inlo effect. In kita on Armed Services. Pleaded innocent March 14. 1974. In D.C. I jail. Trial scheduled May 10. 1974. . | BF.RNARD B A R K E R ' Bernard L. Barker. SB. Miami. Fla.. indicted March 7, 1374. one count conspiracy to violate Fielding's rights. Pclatl- cd innocent March 14. 1974. Trial scheduled June 17, 1974. Free on previous appeal. Felipe DC Diego, 45 Miami, Fla.. indicted March 7. 1974. one counl conspiracy lo violate Fielding's rights. Pleaded innocent March 14, 1974. Free without bond. Trial scheduled June 17. 1974. Eugenio Martinez. 51, M i a m i , Fla.. indicted March 7. 1974. 0110 counl conspiracy to violate Fielding's rights. Pleaded in- nocenl March 14. 1974. Free without iKinrf under parole con lilions. Trial scheduled June 17. 1974. Ehrlichman. pleaded innocent Sept. 7. 1973, California charges conspiracy, burglary and iliry in Fielding break-in. All except perjury charge riis- nisscd March 13. 1974. Perjury t r i a l scheduled May 20. 1974. David R. Young, 36. former White House aide, pleaded innocent Sept. 20. 1973, California stale charges burglary and con spiracy to commit burglary ii Fielding break-in. Charges dismissed March 13, 1974. Liddy, pleader! innocenl Sept. 20, 1973. California state charges burglary and spiracy to commil burglary in Fielding break-in. Charges'dis- missed March 13. 1974 I'OUTICAf, C O N T R I B U TIONS: Herbert W. Kalmbach. 52 President Nixon's personal lawyer pleaded guilly Feb. 25 1974. one felony count charging . . : - , _ , - T . . . ,, . n " 19fiO, Soviet Premier Ni- Khrushchcv angrily announced lhat an American spy lane had been shot down over .he Soviet Union. Ten years ago: Israel announced that the first w : ater ivas Mowing from Us new pipe- ine from the Sea of Galilee to Ihe Negev Desert, despite Arab objection to (he project. Five ago: British Prime Minister Harold Wilson said Brilain would press for full membership in Ihe European Common Market, now that Charles de Gaulle had left office as presidenl of France, Today's birthday: Food expert James Beard ii 69 years old. violation Federal Corrupt Practices Act based on hidden campaign lhat raised $3-9 million for Republican congressional candidales in 1970; and one misdemeanor count promising ambassador betler posl for $100.000 campaign contribution. Scntencinig deferred. Free wilh- oul Ixind. REIN'ECKE INDICTED Howard Edwin Rcinccke. 50. lieutenant governor of California, indicted April 3. 1974 three counts perjury before Senate Judiciary Committee probing possible connection ITT antitrust settlement and pledge to 1972 GOP campaign. Pleaded innocent April 10. 1974. Trial SPOTLIGHTING WORLD EVENTS The great and near great events that shaped our lives nationally and internationally during 1973 are dramatically recounted in detailed words and excifing photographs in THE WORLD IN 1973; History As We Lived It. This 10th anniversary edition, produced by The Associated Press, world's largest news agency, is a tremendous volume that belongs in everyone's home--for young or old. Its 300 pages are cram-packed with 300,000 words written by men and women who were "there" when these events occurred, and hundreds o* photos in color and black and white. It's a book bargain you can't afford to miss--at J4.95 through this newspaper. THE WORLD IN 1973 Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas TIMES P.O.B. 66 POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. 12601 Enclosed is $_ Please send copies of The World in 1973 at $4.95 each to Name _____ . Address____ City and Stale Zip Mo.. dale not set. POLITICAL CONTRIBU TIONS: (MITCHELL STANS): Mitchell. 60, former altorncy Send gift certificate to Bortfjtoesfr Name Address City and Slate Zip No.. I wooM also like lo order The World in 1365 ($3) ; T*» WorU in 1366 ($3) ,- The World in 1SB7 ($3.50) ; Tttf World In 1363 ($3.50) ; The Work! in 1971 (t4.»S) --;The WorU In 1372 ($4.35) _; Triumph and Tragodf: The Story ol the Kennedys ($3) ; The Torch. Is Passed ($2) ; Eisenhower: A Gauge of Greatness (t3) --; How to Get Into College ($1) __; Footprints on th* Moon ($5) _; Where Did Your Money Go? ($1) _; A Contury ol Sports (t5.35) --; Enclosed is nal tor the books checked abon. I M^^^ 4b 4MW n Maf;e Chec-to Payable To The Associated Press 1

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