Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 5, 1974 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Sunday, May 5, 1974
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Jlortfjtoegt 114th YEAR-tlUKMR 307 The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper FAYETTEVILIE, ARKANSAS, SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1974 PAGES-25 CENTS Contradictions In Testimony Of Dean Told By White House Hanging In There Horse racing enthusiast hangs from Ihe flagpole at Church- Mi Downs in Louisville, Ky. prior in the 100th running of the Kentucky Derby Saturday. From his porch 40 feet above the infield, he could have gotten a bird's view of the victory by Cannonade if security personnel harin't chased him otf before the start. (Al* Wire photo) Long To County Refuses Police Access Jail Prisoners Washington County Sheriff Bill Long, who has had difficulties with both a county Grant! Jury ami other law enforcement agencies in the past, last week twice refused to allow authorities access to county jail prisoners. Sgl. Bill Brooks, head of the Fayelteville Police Department's criminal investigation division, said Long f i r s t refused ( o allow a prisoner to be questioned at the request of M i s s o u r i authorities, then declined to cooperate in a, lie detector lest requested by the prosecuting attorney. Long said the wholct thing was simply a misunderstanding that arose chiefly from the failure of the prosecuting attorney and city fxjlice to follow county jail rules. Long's relations with citj police have deteriorated since a Grand Jury investigation ol his office -- an investigation 1 n which several city police officers gave testimony. Long last Tuesday refused to aljow^city investigators to talk with John Stone, 35", of Mem phis, at the request of Cape Girardcau. Mo., authorities. Stone, arrested by city am federal agents in the seizure o 100 pounds of marijuana here April 28, was found ii possession of n revolver thai had been stolen in the burglary of a Cape Girardean store Pol ice t here wa nt cd Ka yett c ville police to talk with Stone provided he was willing, abou the burglary. Stone, although not arreslei by the sheriff's department, hai been placed in the county jai been use be i s charged with i felony. FLAT REFUSAL Sergeant Brooks said Loni flatly refused to allow cil; police to sec Stone. The second incident occurre Saturday morning when Fxm refused to allow a secon prisoner -- also arrested by cit police -- to be given polygraph test at the rcqucF of Prosecutor Mahlon Gibsu and the prisoner's attorney. Gibson had arranged, Brook said, to biive the city poltc polvgraph operator give a te (o Robert Grubbs ,23. of Fa elteville. who is charged wil burglary and grand larceny the burglary of the sheriff evidence room at the coun' jail. Long said no arrangemcn had been made. Brooks said that when cit ficers arrived at the county il to take Grubbs for animation the sheriff refused let them either take the risoner or talk with him. Grubbs is charged will: iving broken into the evidence nom at the county jail and olcn three firearms. The .irglary was never reported bj ic sheriff's office, but cits ivcsligators came across evi (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO) Nixon Speaks At Expo 74 SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) ^resident Nixon opened th Ixpo '74 World's Fair on Salur ay and told a mostly friendi. idiencc that he is working fo" jeace In the world and belle imps at home. The appearance was part o Nixon's current campaign t ake his Watergate case to th ountry in a series of public ap ea ranees. There were .scattered boos iut most of the crowd wa heering as Nixon dedicate lie fair to cooperation of m ions and salvation of th vorld's environment. Sixty-two thousand colnrc ia!loons wore released as Ni in declared the fair open, ;,000 pigeons were freed ,\voop over the crowd est nnted by Expo officials many as 75,(100. The stage ammed with foreign dign aries. While Nixon spoke, a crou of about 150 dcmnnslr marchcrl toward the Kxpo Voni a demonstration at Ih U.S. Courthouse. No arrests ricident.s were'reported. ENVIRONMENTAL THEMfc Nixon macic no direct rcfc ence lo Walergate and his mcslic troubles. Fie used tl environmental theme as touchstone to key topics ha used to rally public support recent weeks. Nixon spoke of clean air a: water, parks, beautiful citi and countryside, but said vironmcnl also means nth (hings to people." "IL moans, for example," said "for every family America a job so that he c, enjoy the environment arou him." Europe Said Weathering Oil Crisis By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The soaring cost of Arab oil leaving its mark on the eeon XV and lifestyle of industrial irone. But most countries are eathering the crisis and the tlook may not be as gloomy first thought. When Arab producers tripled e price of their petroleum in e wake of Octolxir's Middle ist war. Europe's nine Com- 011 Market nations alone had find an additional 520 billion meet their oil needs in 1974. Europe has to buy about 60 ·r cent of its oil abroad -- jmpared to only 12-15 per cent r the United States. Inflation -- the most obvious suit -- will rim well over 10 cr cent almost everywhere- in urope this year. People are driving less and uying smaller cars. More and .ore Europeans are taking icir vacations at home. They :c looking for alternate ways i heat their homes and run leir factories. And many are icing old age on pensions ·oded by i n f l a t i o n . Here is a representative look t bow some European coun- ries are coping with the incased oil prices: WEST GERMANY West Germany's powerful conomy is surviving the situ- lion in better shape than lany i n d u s t r i a l nations. But ising prices and unemployment -- though small compared o other countries -- have con- ributerl tn a sharp drop in p'ub- ic support for Chancellor Willy Irandl's once popular government. FRANCE So far there has been little hangc in French lifestyles. Roads on weekends are as ull as ever though more people icem to be using smaller c a i s Total auto production for tin irst quarter of 1974 dipped lightly compared to the same icriod last year but production if small cars increased in the ame period by 8.2 per cent. GREAT HR1TIAN Britain, particularly hard hit y the increase in oil prices, las weathered the energy crisis ·ather well. Early this year Britain struggled with its own crippling coal (TIMESphoto by Kon Good) SOME HOUSES ARE GOING UP -- BUT NOT MANY . . .the foundation /or a new residence, a near-completed home in Hie background, shows construction isn't quite dead in Pay- elteville In Washington And Benton Counties By PEGGY FR1ZEI.L TIMES Slnff Writer Inflation continues to drastically effect housing production, according lo !?nh Ilarlan, housing director for the North- w c s t Arkansas Regional Planning Commission. In pre- ihorlngc when miners struck ,ml brought the country to ttie iriuk of economic chaos. Tlio Conservative government _· ousted in the Feb. 28 clec- ions -- put llio country on n .hree-day work wek, ordered in across-the-linard reduction of 10 per cent on oil company leliveiics, lowered speed lim- ,ts. and ordered cutbacks in lighting and healing. New Home Construction Down senting mission the report lo members this week, Harlan supported, his statement with the 1974 first quarter housing activity report. Single family housing construction in this year's first quarter was down 37.3 per cent' from that of a year ago. Duplex housing construction remained at the same level, b u t multifamily housing conslruclion was down'98 per cent from the firsl quarter of 1973. NEWS BRIEFS Last Day Tuesday. May 7, is (he last [lay to register to vote for the preferential primary election May 2fl in Washington County. There are three registration places in Washington County: the county clerk's office in the Washington Co'nnty courthouse; the Spriiigdale city administration, and in Lincoln. However, the Springdale pl- fice be closed Monday. Heavy Tea Drinker FASf.ANE BAY. Scotland (,\P) -- Trevor Robinson drank 100 cups of tea ill ft hours and 5fi minutes Saturday and claimed a world record. He added: "I feel terrible." Robinson, 117, is a chief nelly officer at a Royal Navy submarine base on Scotland's Garc Loch. He competed in a marathon staged lo benefit Ihe Scottish Spaslics Appeal Fund. Monday. May 13. is Hie first day a voter can cast an absentee ballot in persons at the counly clerk's office. Lower farm Prices LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Arkansas farmers got lower prices for their products durins April, the Arkansas Crop antl Livestock Reporting Service id Saturday. All crop prices were lower from the previous month. The Livestock and Livestock Products Index declined six per cent from March and three per cent from one year ago. 40,000 Cambodians Surrounded Fate Of Longvek In Question LONGVEK. Cambodia (AP)| -- Twenty-five miles n o r t h of: Phnom Penh on a sun-rircnchcdi plain, 20,000 adults and 20,000 children are surrounded by a rebel force. Their fate is in riueslion. The Longvek perimeter Is about 10 square miles, but it shrinks almost daily. Inside it, refugees and their cattle, soldiers and officers mix in a vulnerable patchwork. There are no doctors for the 100 wounded al Longvek, rice supplies arc dwindling, and Ihe refugees must drive pits into the ground to come up with tepid, murky drinking water. "If help doesn't come, it will be a h u m a n hell hero soon," a battalion commander says. But the Phnom Penh command is not planning to send reinforcements for the camp's -i.OOO de- 'enders, 16,000 military dependents and 20.000 civilian refugees. Longvek has been under siege since March 28. Some commanders say fresh troops are hard to come by; others he- lieve the high command would rather sacrifice Longvek than mount a costly relief operation in which still more government soldiers probably would lie lost. The order of the day is "static defense." The camp commander, Brig. General Turn Y a m , has only one plan; to wail for June when the monsoon rains flood (he land and make evacuation by boat a possibility. But the rebels are stepping up their pounding of the camp, using every weapon in their arsenal. The daily count at dead and wounded is 35 and up. "If the Khmer Rouge come Ihcy may kill us or Ihcy may lake us away," says an elderly woman refugee. "We came here from Oudong, but there is nowhere to escape to now.. ." Some of those at I.ongvck try to scramble'onlo hovering heli- coplers, grasping for the runners, Ihen spill off as the choppers spin away. The going rale for a seat lo Phnom Penh is about $30, but few have t h a t kind of bribe money. A i r c r a f t are the only lifelines left for Longvek. The big planes cruise high overhead, coming three more times a clay and unloa ing their strings ot parachute t h a t ferry a ton of supplie each to the ground. The civi ians say they are scared them. One p a r a c h u t e whic failed to open fully smashc inlo a refugee grass shack, kil ing its six occupants. /U Ihe camp's southwester edge, the front lines of the 0] posing sides arc close, the so diers hurling insults at eac oilier from as close as 50 yar over no man's land. At n i g h t f a l l , the camp's cor manders crowd into a soli well-appointed bunker. There a bottle of local whiskey and tape deck reeling out Xavic Cugat favorites as interprets by a Japanese orchestra. Lech in Arrested BUENOS AIRES, Argentina \P) -- Former Bolivian Vice resident Juan Lechin and oth- r exiles linked with the Holi- rcvolulionary left have cen arresled, apparenlly on largcs of plotting a coup in icir native country, reliable onrces said Saturday. They saitl tlie others seized riday night wei'e journalist cd Cordoba-Claure; Edil Sand- v'al Moron, ex-president of ihe Bolivian House of Reprcsentaves: Jorge Gallardo, cx-interi- r minister, and Gen. Samuel iallardo, ex-army chief ol latf. Urges Action LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Sen . W. Fulbright, D-Ark.. has rged immediate action by the -orps of Engineers to lower th valer level in the White River jasin. Fulbright, who is seeking re ilcclion, said Saturday a re luced level would facililati ilanling of crops in the area. "I am asking the Corps I' minimi/e Ihc release of wate rom Norfork and Bull Shoal ams on Ihe upper portion o he White River." he said in prepared stalement. "This wil Toatly aid the farmers in th mttomlands in gelling thci crops planted." Sentence Upheld WASHINGTON' (AP) -- Prcs idcnt Nixon has decided to up hold Army LI. William L. Ca ley's Iwice-rediiced sentence I 10 years imprisonment [or th massacre of Vietnamese civi ians at My Lai. administrate sources said Saturday. But Galley is expected (o main free on bond until a fede al judge in Columbus, On., ac in a separnte civil case brougl by Galley's lawyers in an a tempt to reverse his court-ma fial conviction. Preliminaries Over WASHINGTON' (AP) -- Tl long preliminaries arc over an the House Judiciary Committe settles down this week lo momentous (ask of delerminin whchcr grounds exist Ii impeaching President Nixon. Total housing activity was lout 60 per cent lower this ist quarter than a year ago. Besides inflation's market] feet, flarian noted that new dcral housing programs still no closer to being imple- enlctl than in last September ion they w r ere originally due. He also said that the existing nising activity is occurring ainly in upper cost ranges. addition, lie said that most the units reported to he iced (for construction only) the $12,000 to $16.000 range re at the high entl of the ale--near or at $10.000. TWO-COUNTY AREA Compiled from city building spcclors' reports in Henton id Washington Counties, the jporl showed that during the ·st quarter of 1971. permits build 178 single-family homes ere issued in 19 cities within ic two-county area. N i n e permits t o build uplexcs (with 18 dwclliti nils) were issued during the rst quarter of 197-1--all of lese in Springdale. Springtlale Iso was the only city to issue permit for multi-family ousing construction. Fotir welling units at a construction ost of over $12.000 each \ ) hnilt there. Several towns had no housing ctivity during Ihe first quarter, hey are: Ccnlorton, Gravcttc a'ncoln, and Tontitown. The lost construction activity took lace in Rogers, where 65 n- r m i t s for single-family .ousing w e r e issued. Springiialc was second ir trca a c t i v i t v with 08 permits ·aycttcvillc" followed with 20 ssued d u r i n g t h i s year's f i r s luarter. West Fork's permit.s single-family homes num K-red 11. I'KKMITS IfiSUKI) Ucntonvillr. Pea Ridge ant Springs each issucc icrmits for eight singlc-famih lornes. I/iwell issued fou termits for single-family home vitli Prairie Grove antl Sulpliu ·iprings each issuing Iwo per nils for the same. Rethe Icighls. Elkins, Farminglor ^t-rilry ami Greenland cac 1 ssued one permit for a single r a m i l y home. Compared wilh the fir quarter of 107!!, Fayettevillc' lousing activity dropped 8ft. per cent. Activity in Farn ngton decreased 'by 88.9 pe cent. Rentonvillc's housing cot struction decreased 80 per cen Housing a c t i v i t y in Gcnlr dropper! 75 per cent hetwee first q u a r t e r s in 1973 antl 19' Siloam Springs' activity w e i clown 73.3 per cent. Onl LOCAL FORECAST- Dccreasing cloudiness an cooler tonight turning to par [y cloudy antl warmer on Mon day. Highs today in (tie mi 7l)s. IXHVS tonight in the lo\ 50s. Highs Monday near Sunset today 8:07- Sunrise Mon day 6:19. Weather map on page 8D. ousing activity in West Fork creased, with three single mily units in the first quarter 1073 and If in the first jailer of 107'1 for a 266.C per Hit jump. New housing construction ac- vily was registered during this ist first quarter in Elkins and jlphur Springs. No change in ctivity between first quarters i 1973 and 1!)7'1 was the housing (CONTINUED O.\ PAGE TWO) Said To Bear Directly On Central Issue WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House, in a strongly worded analysis, said Saturday lape transcripts of John W. D e a n ' s conversations with President Nixon "contain a number of i m p o r t a n t contradictions" in Dean's sworn testi- lony before the Senate Water- ate committee. Some of (he contradictions, lie While House said in cbuUnts to lli Dean statements. 'bear directly and materially m the central issue o[ the i c a r i n g s: W h a t did the ^resident know and when did le know it.' " Dean, who was fired as White louse counsel April 30 last 'ear, has since become the 'resident's chief accuser in the Vatcrgatc cover-up -- implying hat the President knew about it as early as Sept. 15. 1972. The White House quoted Dean's testimony that he told Mixon on that day: "[ certainly could make no assurances that he day woidd not come when this matter would start to unravel." That statement, and several others like it, "is not only false." the White House analysis said, "it is ISO degrees from tile truth." SEQUENCE QUOTED The White House then quoted this sequence from the transcripts made public Tuesday. "Dean: Three months ago I w o u I d have had trouble predicting there would be a day when this would be forgotten, but I think f can say t h a t 5-1 days from now nothing is going Paintings Recovered DUBLIN. Ireland (AP) -- Declines ouse raided in southeast isolated Irckmd lo conic crashing down to our surprise. ]'The President: That what? "Dean: Nothing is going to c o m e crushing down to our surprise." First word of the analysis was given to newsmen by W h i t e [louse Press Secretary "Ronald L. Ziogler on the Ni.xon plane route from Phoenix, Ariz., :o Spokane. Wash. The While House later released the analysts. Xicgler took sharp exception to comments by Senate Watergate committee C h a i r m a n Sam .1. Ervin. D-N.C.. Sen. Lowell Wcicker. R.-Conn.. and Sen Howard Baker. R-Tcnn.. who have saitl the transcripts tend to backup Dean, "Anyone who says the transcripts support John Dean hasn't worked at his reading or is looking at it with a totally partisan or biased eve," Zie"lcr said. The analysis saitl some of the niLsstatemenls arc important because Dean claimed some of the conversations that took place on March 21. 1973 had occurred on March 13. .\0.\K COMFIRiVIEn "The coitions of Dean's testimony which alleged presidential knowledge of the cover-up prior lo March 21. 1973 were among the mosl widely publicized portions of Mr, Dean's testimony during his five days on Ihe witness stand." the While House said, a d d i n g : "Xone of Mr. Dean's state- men. ... is confirmed in the nlurday and recovered unarmed all 19 paintings stolen l the world's biggest art rob- ery, police said. "They're s a f e , they're safe." policeman said. A woman discovered at Hie ouse was detained for t;u oning. and police credited .. unch by two policemen for the 'iscovery of the cache. Friday, a ransom letter ad demanded that four Irish errorlsts be transferred from irilish to Northern Ireland ails and a cash ransom be 'aid for the safe return of the lainlings. A police spokesman said the laintings. worth an e s t i m a t e d TM 21)."! m i l l i o n , were wrapped ink " c »l"te House quotes aper in u close! of the rented! " can s testimony that Nixon louse at Glandore, a r u r a l areaj","' 1 , 10 '' to know when the case miles from Ihe city of Cork, "he paintings - i n c l u d i n g a Vcrmccr, n Goya, a Frans Hals tnd three R u b e n s -- were rc- orietl under heavy guard at a of the seven men indicted for tile Watergate burglary on that day would come lo trial. Dean said he toid Xixon "the Justice Department bad held off lolico stalion S a t u r d a y night. '°ng as possible the r e t u r n of The w o r k s were stolen n i n e i t h e i n d i c t m e n t s but much lays ago from the;would tlejjend on which judge mansion of gold-arid diamond got the case." antl that "the nining millionaire Sir Alfred licit. A gang of thieves raided he m a n s i o n near Dublin, tied up licit, his s e r v a n t s and f a m i y a n t l started p a c k i n g up the masterpieces. Some were ripped from their frames. President said thai he certainly hoped t h a t the case would not come to trial before the election." Snys the White House: "The entire statement Is (CONTINUED ON rAGE TWO) Inside Sunday's TIMES Spring Comes To White Rock 2A Program For Elderly Oil To Slow Start 7A Study Course About Women Draws Praise 38 Crossword Puzzle SB Wolves' Howls Intrigue Outdoorsmen 7C Foyettevill« Said Unprepared For Disaster ID Kditorial Hook Reviews For Women .. ... -IA . . . 6A 2R.1fi S|KlttS Entertainment Classified 1C-7C 3D 5D-7D

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