Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 4, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1974
Page 8
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I Gentlemen, I am submitting a story to your magazine far consideration. | 1 have been a subscriber to your magazine for many years. If you don't publish my story, I am going to cancel my subscription. Believe JtorAbt/ A STONE HOUSE IN HUDSON, . BUILT IH 1853 BY JOHNH.WI6SWS OF BOSTON. MflSSi. WAS SO EXPENSIVE THATHEMNT INTO gANKWPTCY AND NEVER OCCUPIED IT SKIS PERSONALLY CAWED BV THE AHCIEHT LAPPS IN ELABORATE DESIGNS BtRE OfTEH THE GROOM'S UEDDIH6 PKfSfHT TO HIS BfVOf mental blocks. Look on the brigtil facets; stress optimism. Y o u r influences more I SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. auspicious than otherwise b u t i 2 1 ) you will have to watch y o u r i Do not make changes ar- make them where they will bring improvement. You may have to make some detours, but the goals are still straight ahead. (Dec. 22 lo Jan neglccl responsibilities in favor of pastimes, You innate good judgment shouk make this admonition almos unnecessary, but there are ten dencies toward recklessness now. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19' Day starts out brightly, and ficent. A splendid period for you will. Just be careful not creative interests: for homc| l o let irresponsible persons lead i* e s t o n n g Komance also . . favored y011 " 1to ""Productive activities. PISCES (Feb. 21) to Mar. 20) Be flexible enough in thought lo take in a b r a n d new idea-and make it work! Resist So there,too! JULIAN TAYLOR (mt WAS CONNECTED WITH COLBY caitGE IN K A STUDENT AMD INSTRUCTOR CONTINUOUSLY FOR f,7 YSAR.S .--I YOU CAN STAY UP UNTIL; Mlt-JE.BLTT NO RGHTIN3, NO NOSE, NO OVE^HATINS, AND B= POLITE.' · THAT'S A BIG PAF?TY '! iininuniiii FRANCES DRAKE Your Horoscope I TELL HI*A WAUNA DON'T DEAUN STOLEN GOODS. BUT I UNDERSTAND THftT' THE COLLECTION' IS HERE IH ISTANBUL AMD 1 THOUGHT MAVBE VOU MIGHT HAVE AN , VANK,THtS IS OYFRIEMP. VfflAT YOUR KMME? FOR SUNDAY, MAY ARIES (Mar, zi to Apr. 20) TIME. KIP. I'LL ASK AROUNP. step nevertheless. Some friction jbitrarily, in close circles possible. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Once you are sure that your ideas have good potentialities, lose no time in trying to bring j CAPRICORN them to realization. Good Venus 20) Don't influences should help you. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) A good day for long-range thinking and plans. Review c a r e f u l l y before launching unfamiliar ventures, but do not hesitate lo try for a new achievement. IT'S KABP ID *t«R £owg ca*n CANC14R (June 22 to July 23) Lunar influences highly bene- LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Engage only in activities lliat make you feel that life is really ?r h ,S' ^±^. W ^ome,io"otin= and tendencies toward more fit to handle busy ' 1 **"- ln ahead. JU6HAID HIS DflDBURW BUBBLE GUM!! VIRGO (Aug. 2-1 to Sept. 23 T h e discerning Virgoan should find this period enter taining and instructive. Be ready for new sharpened incentive. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) element of flightincss Inspiration should he at a peak j n a t u r e , and and could disclose heartening scatter energies. new vistas which will open to yon shortly. SCORPfO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) C o n j u r i n g u p imaginary HOPEITDOfJ'T SOOMD PIJSHV, BUT 1STHAR AlsW MIZZUBLE LI'L. SPOT OW VOPE 6OO-ACRE ESTATE V/HAR HE KIM PLAY? 1K1 HV1DEELSPOR1 EVERYONE is EQUAL rr HE CAN PLAV WITH WVSON.'/ AM ; AM'U- BE THROUGH WIF TH' TH' R.UGS,B.y MIDNIGHT--BUT HOMESTABE.GOT NOTHIN' TC D0/. r C.TAP.I v i DEE LspQRT--!i£ TAfc: ' 1 - Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer 4fl. Intention 42. Young g i r l 1 ·45. Cut off 49. Genus of olives 50. Kimono sash 52. Italian river 53. Kiln 54. Thing (law) 55. Type of lamb chop '56. Hcad(Fr.) 57. Joined 58. American engineer Av*rnpe lime tf DOWN 1. Health resorts 2. Final 3. Region 4. Actress: Betty -5. Parakeet 6. Money' of account 7. Departed 8. Black Sea port 9. Furnished with triangular inserts 10. Otherwise l u l i n n : '21 milt ACROSS '1. Fused refuse 5. Of. little depth 8. S-shaped molding 12. Young Salmon 13. Nalive metal 14. Properly 15. On the ocean 16. Truck 17. Being 18. Farm building 20, Throws 22. Tennis term 23. Employ 24. Identical 37. Mimickcr 32. Single unit 33. Free 34. Female sheep 35. Solve 38. Caesar's fateful dale 39. Menu item 00 YOU HAVE ANY DEMOMSf(?AToRS YOU WANT T066T Answer to yesterday's puzzle. ~A= LEAST YOU CAM 30 is RETURN! --f THAT H= DID MAKE 1-1= WAS K'ICE ENOUGH TO RSTLRM A CA'-LYOU DIDN'T I D1DM i CAU-AMY MR.DINWITTY/ DAGWOOD, ~N WELL, THEM YOU SHOULD CALLHfM NOW v- RETURNED VOURCAL-L · N«rlhw»*l Arkamat TIMES, Sot., May 4, 1974 · YITTIVILLI, AIIKANIAS |i«||||lll|ini|||!inillH||lll|l|||!l|lllllll!!l!!lll!lli!lll[l!IHlll!i!l!llll!l!«lllilllll[n!IMIllllllllll 1BIIII1IIIIIIII1IHIIIIIII1I1IIIHIIBIIIIIIII LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D Kidney Diseases Yield To Modern Treatment A member oF our family lias [Jright's disease. We feel t h a t _f we knew more about it it would help us in helping him. Mrs. J.L.B., Va. Dear Mr. B.: Bright 1 s disease, named after .he doctor who first described it, refers to m a n y forms of \idney disease. An infection of the kidney known as nephritis. This exists variety nt forms. Acute nephritis is an infection of sudden onset which, when treated intensively with modern antibiotics, can le conlrolled. If the function of the kidney is markedly impaired the problem becomes chronic ami more difficult to treat. OUTLOOK BRIGHT The outlook for even severe forms oC nephritis is mucl brighter now than it formcrh was, The kidneys play an im .portant role in clearing wasti products From the blood iincl xcrcting them in the urine VKcti kidney function is naircrf, those harmful waste iroclucls Loud to accumulate slid remain concentrated in lh' lood. The kidney machine, remarkable engineering device cleans the blood of I h e s oxic poisons and keeps man jeople alive and f u n c t i o n i n g . Your greatest contribution I vour relative is to give hh 'motional .supfxjrl and assm ance while the doctor's Lrea mcnt continues without iiito: ruptioti. My baby was born two weel after it was due. The child tie, but we worry that, lika remature babies, there may be 3me hidden birth defect. Mrs. L.M., N.D. ear Mrs. M.: A very elaborate stmly w a s eportcd in Nova Scolia on the ronlem of overdue pregnan- CS CiREATKR W E I G H T The obvious comment about longer pregnancy was that w average birth weight of the abies was greater than that f babies delivered when they r ere actually due. Probably the most important tudy of more t h a n 12,00(1 in- ants was that there were no norc abnormalities in this argc group than iti (hose hildren who were born in tha lurmal time. W h a t is the difference be- ween neuralgia and neuritis? Mr. M.W., Mont. )car Mr. W.: Neuritis is an inflammation jr 'infection of one or more lerves. Neuralgia is a painful [lisordcr of a nerve without ·ictual inflammation. This is a inghly technical distinction, Injury, infection and exposure to cold may be responsible for cither neuritis or neuralgia. DH. LESTER COLEMAN has prepared a special booklet entitled. "Pay Attention to Your I lea rl." For your copy, send 2a cents in coin and a large, self-addressed. stamped envelope to Lester L. Colcman, M.D., (Heart booklet). P.p. Bus 5178, Grand Central Station, New York Cily 111017. Please mention the booklet by title. lEIIIIlllillllllllFlElllllllllllinilllllira B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridqe (Top Record Holder lo Masters' Individual Championship Play) way, if (West dealer. s'either side vulnerable. NORTH A K 8 V K Q S 6 * K 4 3 * Q G 3 2 YOU BORN TODAY arc cue of the most versatile of all o u r ! versatile Tain-cans. BUT -- anrl! it's a hit "hut" -- all of your talents will come to naught if - - ' \ ' life, thai self-discipline and concentration arc the ptirarnount factors in success. There's an in your tendency to These traits must be curbed if yon would make the mrjsl ol your many assets. Fields in which you could especially excel: science (especially medicine) ,Lhe law. statesmanship, painting, music WEST 4 9 7 6 3 V 9 7 4 2 *7 5 2 + 105 EAST * Q 5 2 V A 103 » A 8 + K J 9 84 SOUTH A A J 10 4 ¥ J 5 » Q J 10 9 6 + A 7 The bidding: II. Ogles 19. Behold! '31. Umpire's call 24. French coin _25. Feminine name 26. Happiest 28. Wire measure 29. Dreamer 30. He in debt 31. Thing (law) ·3«. Treat with iodine 37. Scottish river 38. Pierce with sharp stake 41. Hawaiian hawk 42. Debatable 43. Wings 44. Average 46. Malayan 1 boat ' 47. Feminine name 48. Puts on 51. Insect West Pass Pass Pass North 1* IV Pass East Pass Pass Dble South 1 · 3 NT Redble Opening lead - ten of clubs. The objective in bridge is to in as many points as possible r lose as few as possible. Any ove that infringes on this rinciple must be regarded as n error, no matter how super- cially attractive it may seem. After South jumped to three nLrump, East, who Imd been ay ing possum, doubled, he anted to insure a club lead rom West - which Ihe double ailed for - and he hoped that way to heal the contract. South promptly redoubled. Ha realized that East was comm a n d i n g a club !cad. but since !South had the ace he did not fear the lead - anil besides, ha wns also confident of making at least nine (ricks. West was understandably unhappy, but d u t i f u l l y led a eliib. Dummy clucked and EasL. t h i n k i n g the ten might be a singleton, overlook it with 'the jack, Declarer ducked and Kasl continued with Ihe king. South j w o n and led a diamond tu Ihe · liiny, losing to the ace. East ·elurnc'd a club to t h e queen. Soutli d i s c a r d i n g a spade, and discarding a club and a heart from dummy. In UIG meantime, linst had In make three discards and threw two heart s and a spade. Declarer then led a spade to tlie king and a spade back. When East's queen appeared, South made ihreo not r u m p redoubled for 450 points. Act u a l l y , lie could have scored 20' spade. more by keeping double w a s not well thought n u t . True, he could not expect a club lead unless he doubled, yet he should have respected South's leap to three n o t r u m p which suggested a possible slam. With South t h i n k i n g in terms of twelve tricks, it WHS hardly possible that a club lead would stop him from making nine. PONYTAIt "Daddy, I have to rush and I don't have time to tx*; you for five dollars... so I'll settle for TWO!" BE A CUT-UP! You can save many times the small subscription price of the Northwest Arkansas TIMES simply by clipping the money-saving coupons that appear almost daily in the ads.

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