Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 3, 1974 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1974
Page 15
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Aritarwa* T1MB, F«VnTlV1LH. "aS-Hom» NMds-For Sal* .TACTOfcT FOKS1TU11B - Dlrert rtilp. menls. Aaotfcd rtyJM. This ««k ofilj. ««»/*·*. J *·* Ml tor lire (3 xta) H«w rKlii»r .t JM.96. No phm «nleri ; *·"·- nn* come, flnt MrvH. Caih or l»nm iviitiHt. Unllw FTeltfil s.!n, to 9 Vat.-m., an S:W Sat !«, «i l, ,, £ SJ: WANT MONEY FO» TRIP p»ir ot Soar «0 3-w»y »p*»k«n MS. AIM 1 tulr of IMiUitfe 2-wiy lertrostal ipMktra MB. Both Mto · ve walnut ciblnets and ar* In real «hp«. 1 S-trick Panixmlc omponent Up* tock »». PHone sa-em «ft«r «K p.m. »* for J« TRADE IN! 25" TiN« Kod«l T.V. w/«taw!. ¥17».«. Se* at Town 8* Country Heraeewitor, 1MB So. School Av*. SM-*JZ7B, STEREO ceJv»4 a shipment rf bmad , 1;lly equipped ooeMtec. Ate, Afferent l-les of ittr*o compcuent vyttMM aUr 17 at H9.9S. Cash or EZ termi ava bk. United FYfijrht Sales, apvn 9 ta Mon.-Trt.. H!l S:00 flU.. Hwy. C Weat. Flyctfevill*. - Mbc»Han»ftui POUNDS of 10-2MO lertlHier~piM» a-AntlqiMt-for Sol* OTtyvr. For tractor . Phon« or tmda tor HEAVY AU*s of ,prfl«! . garden molehtag at «fc. , Brentwond .Fboa* 634-2811. ^ MATHIAS DISCOUNT 7TB South on Curve SALE -- Ladles* casual leather , «andal« Two pairs, J5.00 Good aelection ladi**' t men'a w«tern boots - Tony Lama etc WESTERN Shlrtu -- «7.88 UD Western Blouse* -- M.H-fS.« AMERICAN made canvas -- |1.SO up. LADIES bra* _ Carnival brand -Vt Price. BEN Hagati font Joy Choppinx block. SIM, « pattem- raek ohafrs, HTS, Ice cream table 76. curved china cabinets (225 lore furniture, ',i mile wwt Appletown, Hwy. §2. Lincoln, t 15,000 BTU PENNCRESrr air conditioner esculent condition. Ffyme I6-3STO. it . ONE 12 fl. aluminum flat bottom MM *50. Firewood rulofl .saw, «5. Roto*ill* RO^ Hand garden cultivator. HO. Phor 30-Wantod To Buy , KTiNMORn el«clric ranffe, 9\12 cabin , ien1. Dinette set with \ chairs. 12 ffa 1 double barrel shot jmn. 521-1SPS. BRICKS tor .sale. Made in ISSfl's. ClTM. ·«1. Three speed bloprfe. excellent coniU tion. Trwne 267-3KH. ,OUH!1I70 tmi s io^ Estimfltcrt 1500 ,- items, c^fhlna and Blscella neons ItV lo *!.00. While BI*ptMni Shop. Hwy, 63 West. FAMOUS MATTRESS and box jprtn ,»ets (13 a la fraction ol normal reta price. Choose ticm nr exlra firm qiiali In heavy dut" ticks. Good guarantw Included- Queen maltres^ and sripin^s ju ?1]D.95 cash or terms ax-al]ab!e Ai now, going ftst. United Freight Sales open 9 to 9 Uon.-Frl.. till 6:00 Sal., Rt S, Hwy. S3 W. Fay*Ue\-lEe. RINGER tewirui machine* n«c*r been ..used. (S fully equippcri in T\*X, r verse stMrfi, lc. This Is * new sup .offcr. anil they w111 ^o fast r\ J7fl «rti. We have threaded them to yo hispertion. United Fe1(rht 9»l*s ope , 9 to 9 Mon.-Frl., till fi:00 Bat., R[. Hwy. S2 West, Fafr«ertlle H . MACITINES -- . . ,10 brand new 1974 heavy dirty, all stee aewing machines [or sale at IWS.S 6 · ·each. These (nmoua make fuU tfz* sew ing machine* [Mture round bobbins single le-er control for «a*e In selections, built In darner, zlfag Comes complete with 30 year hill factor ^aruanmtee. Unlfed FrtlaM PaL«, open ·9 to 9 Mon.-FH., GrOO Sat, Kt 3 Hws ·3 West, FaTHtcvl1le. MDTAL Derectoi* -- oarratt, Uw .. fesslnnal'i Cbotce. Gold and »llvei ctrtn bouEbt and ndd. Chll *b* Lincoln B867. Rosen. Art. -COATER lfl-10 T1r« rtwnger, perfect cond tion, KOO. B* Ma?«g Anto Bervice. Phom 443-! 347. 27-- Musical Merchandisft : ORGAN -- Mdgnavox, tw^ltfyboiiM. JninAistor^ Make offer. Phone 357-,'WOC. OMB year o!d Ortoivta twelve i IWllar. ExccElenL rwndirkwi. Sold ... for rJOO, wtil MoWcfl. for P3 Ptno " 531-SW7, BVERTBODY re*4l th* TQISI WAP ADS. Ton are! T Mil«l.r. * wivMc PCOPLK'S INN. 311 We* Mount*to, h»* [ew rooms open from H^.M per *e*k. Pf»PIJC'S INN. 311 Wert i« a few rtOma opea Iran Nk. Phorw S21-9WT. TODBNTfl; - Pumlthed ap*rtment, * from c*mpw. Oottaie* in o . 1C minute* from mapui. XS op, Ptwne 442403. PENINO April 15. PopUr Antique . 536 West Poplar, Ao»et», Ark. Oenerml ne nlc« antiques. Phone (Wl) TWO BEDROOM nlcelr fumi^H. Blork H from oampui. Fully earpetH. central eat/air. AU uyiJtiees paid. H-W month ANTIQUES THREE BKDROOM ImfuralSwd moil 01 Hoy. O W«. PtKXii NTIQUE !«AKRR ROPE BED. CAX1. AFTER 3:30 WAIK. Battlefield Antiques Furniture -- Primitive* -- Glaw China -- Br*M -- Collector'! Itenu Prairie Grove. Ark. Phon« S4-2M VE buy u^ed appliances. R»*rijet*lorn itezers, ranie*, washers, rtry*rs, !i*h ?ashen., woitdug or not. Ptw or cash. C S C O I N S H O P PAWN ring 160% Over Face for 5Jlv«i Buy Sell All U.S. Coin* 1208 S. Thompson 7S1-3T1I VANTEH: Kand^r«nk tjpe mnnlnc chin*, mpable ol KcemitM up to on gallons cans. 412-6651. ffl^HEST PR1CX3 PXK OOOD U8CD FURNITUKF, t APPLIANCES INCLO NG ANTIQUES 443-an WANTFH) 2 Hn 'RS-'TD model Chew .MC. or International wither wttboot tx!d. Must lx pod true*. 7M-S»» B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 160ft ABOVE FACE (Subject to d»Uy efaaitf*. call fo quote). Also need ·mall coin «n stamp collections top dollar D*l FAYETTEVILLE COIN STAMP 3M1 N. Coll«I«. 31-Want»d To Trad* CAN OITER SMALL 3 ROOM FUHNTSHCD HOUSE AND UTH, ITIES TO YOUNG MAKRFED AGRI SmrDENT TN EXCHANG FOB FARM WORK. CALL 33--Roemi For Rent MAU9 -- 3MO. with S o» people, tio w«k tor j*«t, fS s^wre (frtcerl«. Fr«* taiarfry, 2 Woe from campus. c*n earl}' n the mom in IT. -AROB t«ch. n aval^Ke Mar 06M For nnt, oirpcted, central heat. r-condHiOfffd, lt« Stet RIdceway rive,. Fayetterille. Phone 44MTM. Mountain, M--Apartnwnts For Rent PARTMT,NT fw male eturtpnUt In ba»e- it of private reaMencr. dote to nam. ut. Rraerve new for rannMr «r fall. * month. 331-7120 MEAR1.Y new. nice 1 bedroom. tfied ewesH stove t refrigerator perpeted, air and central heat. Merrle* coup!e. No peU. Call 443-3995 or 443- aR«r 4:00. FUH.VLSHED, 3 bedroom. B atuth nun on, Ajt 1. Oil 531-MIS or TS7-S115. FREE RENT THIS MONTH Jew apartments now available Move in now and get th« month of May rent free. Special jumme rat ea. Two bed rooms, f unit shed quality butit apartment* with »\ he extra* including dishwashers :all today for an appointmenl 443-4757. 4--Apartmvnts For R«nt TWO bedroom Mmisfced «p«rtmerrt, a^ Conditioned, dishwtsher, ctrpeted throojh- , baths. ,105 Unlv«rs itv CUMT-HNOS APARTirENTS. Now rent ng for summer. Clow to CBWIPU*. On and twe bedroom*, Him Ished. Fttarte 443-I7S7. FURNISHED, ]irin«ror»n-bedroom co o, hum kihiien and battir Private entrance. Oftsirwt parkinj. (90 ntllitfes paid, deposit Mature adult pre 'ired. Phone S21-634S after S p.m. TWO bedroom, FuUy mrpeted, wa distance of campus. Offstreet r w r . , , JIM plus utilities. C*U 442-n35 after P-m, LEASING FOR SUMMER Tomer of Levrrett jfc Lawson. dr. townhous* apartments. 1 bath, central air, frost free re rigeraior. dishwasher, diaposa burnished or unfurnished. Wate 5] 11 paid. One unit vacant May Is F*ive units vacant June 1st. For In formation and application Bryca Dcvta. 52I-86W1. 808 TOWNHOUSE FURNISHED very nice and oonrenlen Nfrttleship Apts- 1MO NetlleAip. Phw G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Monlh 1 Bedroom Furnished Al«o Renting for Fall: All Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenben 632 Putman -- 442-663; "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.Ot Two Bertcpom 125 i Three Bedroom 143 0 AH utilities paid, central heat an a/e. unfurnished, families WASHINGTON PLAZA APAHTJrTENTS 1656 N. Lewui Office Hours »:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sundays 4--Apcrtm«rtt» For Rent LARF-A-DAY "I must have dozed off... howzit coming...? 1 ' SCHOLARS INN NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER One bedroom efficiency furnlahed parlment. Utilities paid. $70. From 100-5.00 call SchoLam Inn. 521-5923. After 3:00 «nd w«kend call «42- 198. PURN15KBD one bedrvom, carpet. idltiwied. privau parkin?, sinale le- il«. I8S, rx Kl». 443-53S or «Z-«733. 4OW rentrnE for cummer aM fall--«n« nd two tedrttwn *partnm«tx. Kerr IB- v«staMnl Co. E-4346 or U3-3S37. FURNISHED trf-pler. Save caal Noat amiiuB, «ie bedrooni, paneled, tile fihow- r and tub, married couple Also one efficiency lor mature sludent. phone 442- THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSES Th» Ultim*te in 2 bedroom fur iahed and unfurnlfJied, I£ batha enced patio*. washer-dryer con ectlona. aU electric kitchen, 15« L*verett Street. Phone 443-2072 Sew town houses. 1828 N. Gregg Phone 521-4975. FURN1SHRO apartment Mid famish*-) mohite home. Deptnlt required. Ha Marine, BOO W. 8th St FteM 52-85* SEVERAL one utd two bedroom apartments, clos* to campus on Duncan, .mm«r rat«. F5 to ?125- phon« TWO hedroom rumlsheiS ap«rtmeirt«, ler n^onlh plus utilises. Close to cam- ·as. TOO N. Garland, 442-ttlE. ONB k tw and three bedroom furnished aptrbtento. MO to $L71, University HIS are*. Phone 442-2770. VRPTISHED apartment 5120 per mont areltned apartment $1M per mmf bills paid except water. HI Whitham 4434361 etficieno-. ?30. a!] utiltfle* P*Wi no pets, references reqnlr^- 521-SS61, SPECIAL SUMMKR RATES RAZDKBACK PLAZA oow taking applies- ions for June 1 nirnUheil, 2 bedrooms, bath, hilly carpeted, dishwasher, pooJ, ill bills patd. Walhtag distance la Un[- ·ersity Phone 521-StTS manager ·p«lt- mecil No 11 after 5 p.m. 53H359. CREEKWOOD VILLA Check Th«« Features: · Central Air · Shag Cnrp^-U · Queen, size beds · Frost-free re- frig. · Dish-washer Disposal · Pool * Free TV Hookup. Low aummer rates. $117.50 -- One Bedroom 8127,50 -- Two Bedroom All bills paid except dectria 142-6710 -- 443-3216 ASBMENT efhclency aptrtment, 3 rooms, 2 hlocks Irom cam.. .,, ulet student. f80 b'lls pa'id. 5^1-22^=;, i GRANDVIEW APARTMENTS NOW LEASING 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments. Furnished or Unfurnished, Central heot and air nditioning. Drapes. Unfurnished. Family living. Starling at $101 per month. Phone 521-8796. Manager on premises. PRICE REDUCTION SAIE ON ALL USED CARS CONTINUES THIS WEEK 1973 CAPRI 2000 4-Speed, radio, oir conditioning, Decor group vinyl roof, 14,000 miles. Wa» $3495 .NOW T972 CONTINENTAL 4-Door Sedan, pow»r and ajr, leather »«ot, brown wjth brown vinyl roof, one owner, real nice -- Wot $4895 NOW 1972 FORD LTD BROUGHAM 4-Door Sedan, power and automatic, AM/FM radio, red with white vinyl roof, 29,000 mit»«, one owner -- Was $2895. .NOW 1972 BUICK LeSABRE 4-Door Sedan, pew.r and air, real clean -- Was $2695 NOW 1971 MARQUtS 2-Door Hardtop, power and air, green with white roof, one owner, 23,000 miles -- Was $2695 NOW 1968 MERCURY PARKLANE 4-Door Sedan, power and air, tilt wheel, divided teat with black vinyt roof, 45,000 miles -- Was $1250 NOW 1973 CAPRICE CLASSIC 4-Door Hardtop. We believe every option offered H on this cor, 7,700 miles -- Was $4195 NOW 1972 CONTINENTAL 4-Door, AM/FM radio, leather seats, speeed control, most ether extras. 10,000 miles -- Was $5195 NOW 1972 MONTE CARLO, power and air, AM/FM radio, tilt whewl, one owner, clean - Was $2995 NOW 1972 IMPALA 2-Door Hardtop, power ond oir, radial tires, AM/FM radio -- Was $2695 NOW 1971 MARQUIS 2-Door Hardtop, power and air, 2,300 miles, en* owner -- Wo» $2695 NOW 1971 MUSTANG, V8, automatic, power steerinng Wo, $1995 NOW $3357 $4672 $2663 $2458 $2488 $1167 $3943 $4991 $2874 $2392 $2457 $1796 1969 CHEV 4-Door - Wai $893 NOW $681 196o dDS TORONADO - Was $695 NOW $499 1968 M£RCU»Y STATION WAGON - Was $395 NOW $250 1970 MAVEftrCK - Wa* $1595 NOW $1495 1970 DODGE V4 Ton, V8, air and power - Was $1695 NOW $1576 1969.CHEVROLET 4-Door - Was $1095 NOW $995 1967 MERCURY 4-Door - Was $795 NOW $663 1967 BUtCIC - Was $595 NOW $482 1964 MARQUIS 4-Door -- Wos $450 NOW $341 1965 CHRYSIE* 4-Door - Wai $395 NOW $297 1969 THUNOERBIRO - Wos JI095 NOW $963 1WO KM) 6 eyl. Wos $350 NOW $297 GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR CO. 4--Apartments For Rent fcLMOST NEW two bwroom [umlihei urtments. 2 block* campus, centra r. ftomm«r ratei. 521-1049 w 52i-5389 fter 4:06. MISTY HOLLOW APIS. Two bloclta of campus. Summer Rate*. 442-44CO, 521^249. or 21-2K8 EVERLY MANOR APIS INFURNTSHED apa rtment, two bed ^cxxns. JSO-Wfi per month plus E25 clea deposit. Reference requl red. South Block Sts.. Apt, 12. 'RANCESCA Apamnents: "Aerois :reet from campus." Summer rates ""urnlshed two bedroom, central air Alt isher. 442-6WO. JIJTMAN-HIIJ. AP-AIITMKNTS "arnUehd two bedroojn n pai linen 1.1 -conditioner! -- carpet -- t!irbnsc isposal - near University - !i;!-bTJ7 fter I p.m. MARIA APARTMENTS Avallibl* Now and Leading for Summer and F a l l Looking for q u i e t Living? One and two bedroom a p a r t m e n t s ami two bedroom town houses, Furnished or unfurnished All bilU paid except lights Carpet -- oool -- frost-free refrigerator -- all gu centra! heating and Rlr-condlntlonlnff. PHONE 4 4 3 - 2 1 4 1 f no answer 442-94*6 after 7 p.m HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS blox:k south of the Science inecrinji! Building. One and two bedroom, furnished apartment available now. Also leasing for aummer and fall. Summer rates, 521-3835. Northwest ArkanMH TIMES, Friday, May 3, 1*74 FAVITTf VILLC, ARKANSAS IS 35--Duplexes For Rent CONTEMPORARY AND BEAUTIFUL Two bedroom unfurnished townhouse. AU conveniences, shag carpel fliid gorgeous view. 12.30 per m o n t h . Call Lee BOM at Gallery of Homes, 521-7272. SUNLOVERS See this duplex. Two bedrooms, paneled t h r o u g h o u t , close to University. Redwood sundcck. U n f u r - nished. S1.' per month. Call Lee Boss at Ciallery of Homes 521-7272. TWO beilroora furnished apaclment. air rondiliorcrt, carpeted, Efi lomlton Phone 512-1052 n f t r r 6, 551-K15. NliniKn, I room house. Waafu r. afr conrlillnnlnjr, [art* !*wtv, rl. Availab'e .May 15. R15 i n i«. T\VO BKDROOM W«fise, 12« So. .. Families only. Pti^ ONK Ijeiliocnn turn!$hei] ihiplCK, (,-i block i L'ampus. Phons 53l4l« after 5:00 NOW AVAILABLE 1 3 BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN ARTS. friendly atmosphere 2 large pool*, recreation room. Summer rates effective June 1st. CALL 521-7200 9 TILL 6 TWO bedromn, furnished duplex apart t. no utilities T*t(J. Phone 52H045 available, unfurnished duplexes SKULL CREEK ARTS. 900 N. Leverett 521-2761 L. 2, and 3 bedroom furnlAhcfi or unfurnished, AH utilities paid, two twlmmlng pools, tennis court*, laundiy. grocery, gs facilities, air 35--Duplexes For Rent TOWNHOUSE, two hedrams, f u r n i s h e d , washer, r i r j ' e r , r t i s h w a s h e r . d i s p , fmsi-free relriseraLov, carpeled, bslcony. quiet Locaieri 151 Oklahoma Way. 481. T\VO bedroom duplex, u n f u r n e, relnerator a n l dra (Vill 4.MS56 or r fi p.m. nishod a,virlni in rfuplcx n P R r Univ May Ifi. CoupJp preferred. F/ianc 4 FUEtN'ISILKFJ two hedr pcled. tile b a t h , cent JIHO r?r monlh plus r^m duplex, cm al heal aii utilities Phm IAKGE hv el, central Lsposal, ff iff, Phone o bedroom. waLUo-wall cnr heal, air oinditioncd. g.irbag. od liimlture. o([ sited park m-SHl 1 after 4:00 p.m. N K\V, two berirfyrn v n fu rnlsh e*t a part I ^11 ullllllps p a i d ?1?5 per month P h i l l i p * Drive, 521-7106. TWO bed room furnished duplex 570 rum Ished. J65 unfurnished. Two bedroom f u r n i s h e d trailer. Electricity and watt furnished. JS3. C. H. Pautk. 830-3673- GUARANTEED QUIET. COupIes and ma turo singles only. TWO bedconin tumlliscd. except stove end relrieerator $L19. Call 521-1621 aftei 5 p.m. TWO betJroom, shag carpet, stove am roll-iterator turn!shed. Centra] heat »ni Mud it Ion e1, (taibafre disposal, wasli Ir - cr connections. -U2-SS7S. 36-- Houses For Rent TltREK bedroom. IH Hilhs. l«mil' room Root School , J165 month , $50 deposi available now. Phone 4K-SX9. f u r n i s h e d , quiet neishho o n l h , rotrrcnrrs reqi Sags, 531-3)20. 3 bedroom, central ales. 2 blocks u n i v e TWO BBP ROOM, ?1'JS a mo nth utililics. C l e a n u p deposit. Phon* 4JM3S a l t e r f i : l S . \\"EiT of University, one Inxlroom, [u ishod. ^50 per month, hills paid, one i denl. Phone «a-SS3U. SMALL unfurnished two bedroom hotr nc-ir shojiplnz crn1 rr, Norili on Happ Hollow Road. ?M. Phone J-12-7513. THREE bedrooms, l*= baths. slov« rpfrisetmlor, [orated in \Vcntilawn Height Fprinsdate. J160. Phore frn-2131 or " T\VO hedroom furnished alt e\lr a 1ritlc\, S.1S5 Qulcl nPi?bbrtit,w1 walk -- : --: --lo school. Hurrj' /or this. 4«-ti333 or 521- 14f)6 ask Inr ?1cvc. 6--Houw For R»nt OUSK A N D B A R N AND T AKTURK. CfADB LANK. N K n F , r R O m ( U r n i shed i I'Jdcnt :SO. . . ·yer, carport S7-51I5. after r «w! wr month. J15 lar«» hwise. Oov! lo- Eml. FayMfrvIlK *1W dermlt. 751-3309 or 7M- T F J R E B BEDROOM h*U» K PB-eHevI11«. arpet, central heat, no pets, H3S. Ron« JentOtiville. 273-5281. FURNTRlfBD two brfreoin. A!row*tl*w- ed. Sjnall jjardtri sp/yt. OoopJrt or wnalt i m i l y . \S - a1or p«id. J12S per moath. Phone 2fi7-3233. TWO BEDROOM MOBILE HOME $135 Three bedroom IIXV One bedroom. i7.i. These arc all carpeted, air- condition, all hills paid, no partie*, no drunks, lots of yard room. J3* Icanup deposit. 442-8371 EXCELLENT FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD Unfurnished, fully carpeted, three *c4- rivirnis, den «-Jlh fireplace,, utililr room, two baths, double car zaraire. central t and central air. On rargt lot. Call 5S.-63Ci5 to inquire. 37-- Mobile Homes For Rent Spaces SPRINGBROOK MOBILE HOME PARK ADULTS ONLY 3 miles U of A. -- 1 mile NW ArJt. Plaza on 71 bypass and Johnson Rd. Phone 443-2452. T-~URM3IIEE, two nedtwm mohlia hom», rarpeteri, air-conditioned, wasber/dryw connpctlons. Space 133 MfeKim Manor. 7o7-S115. TWO. one bedrtwm, rrKKjern b Fayette- vllfp. JG 1 ) and -JTTi, You pay ga* and plcctrir. U1-15S3. DUPLEX APARTMENT. Furnished, sum. mer anr]/or fall. IlOV N. Leverett. *i:0 a monlh. 4I2-7-I1S. ONE bcflrmm furnished duplex. ?30 per month. SK clcposil. From 8:00-6:00, 3213313. Weekends antl a t t e r 5:00, J 13-2259. DUPLEX, untarnished, two hcdrooms, adults preferred, on Whlltocls Street. Phone i 4 12-tttF^. MAPLE MANOR APARTMENTS Fayettevilie's Finest Now Leasing, One, Two, Three or Four Bedrooms Furnished or Unfurnjshed Summer Rates Effective June 1st Smalt Deposit Reserves Your Choice 3001 Wedington Phone 521-7206 FOR MARRIED STUDENTS! FACULTY/STAFF! GRADUATE STUDENTS! We don't need special summer rates... We offer reasonable rent ALL y»ar long. Large Complex Close To Campus. 2 Bedrooms, Unfurnished, Utilities Paid includes Kitchenette $85 Per Month Only $20 Deposit Call or Come By University Housing Razorback Annex -- 575-3951 LEWIS FORD'S TIMELY NEW MID-SIZE CAR IN THE THUNDERBIRD TRADITION: \\ America's Youngest Car is Unique in the MID-SIZE Field FOR THE LUXURY CAR BUYER WHO'S READY TO GO MID-SIZE. Totally new inside and out: Classic grille · unique twin opera windows · vinyl roof · elegantly contoured bench seats · distinctive instrument panel · SelectShift Cruise-0-Matic transmission · power steering . power front disc brakes · steel-belted radial ply tires · electric clock- much, much more. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENT OF THE NEW ELITES --OUR SHOWROOM IS FULL! COME OUT TODAY WHILE THE SELECTIONS ARE BEST! FORD 'THE BIG SPREAD" r ! LEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5X1

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