Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 3, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1974
Page 14
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Sell Those Items You No Longer Use With A "Result Getting" Classified Ad! Call 442-6242-ASK FOR CLASSIFIED SCHEDULE YOUR AD FOR OUR LOW-COST SEVEN DAY RUN. YOU MA Y CANCEl YOUR AD WHEN YOU GET RESULTS. PAY ONLY FOR NUMBER OF DAYS AD ACTUALLY RAN. Call 442-6242--ASK FOR CLASSIFIED 14 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, May 3, 1974 tO-Help Wanted FAYCTTEVILLI. A R K A N S A S Times Classified Ads Dial 442-6242 Daily .. 8:00 to 4:00 Saturday 8 '.00 (a Mi30 toe* · I ·» AMItlMM UP 10 7 Dayj $ 6 8 4 ~£ 18 Words 3 d °v s · · · * 378 2u 10 ITUIU* ) dav . . . . $| 44 8 « AM?* «r* th» C»sti DUcuunt ntw TOU will rec«Lve b or Avrlnj you i Ad it TTi« or h$ ordering VOUT Ad by IB 10 d«r« of the dm* 11L ed 10% added after 10 d«y» TOT b«t resuiu give full d«- ·crlptlon and it»rt votir art for 1 d«r», Vou may cancel your ad when re*u]tf »re jblained Vou'11 only b* eharrH (or th* actual number of d«v« th« «d run. PLEASE 1* sure to check your ad for erron the first A*y of publication Adiuslments w1l b« made on th« baali of th^ firat appearance onlr. No correction* mad* after «d baa expired. Thlj newapap«r r«erv« lh« rlfht to edft reject and properly classify »\\ adi SAVE MONEYl Place f oui ad on the** »p«i»l "at ratw 18 word* daily for one nto $21.60 Each additional word .. 5120 IB word* dally for 14 consecn- Mv« day* - $11,34 Rach additional word *V CLASSIFIED INDEX ·AHO OP THANK* Ml MCMOHIAM 1-- ANNOUNCEMENT* J-- COMING EV«HT* tZScHOOLI 1 *, INSTRUCTIONl t_U»T * POUND «-- T«AN«PO»T»TION 7_«U*IN1U OPPORTUNITY* «_ MONCV TO LOAN »_«AUIPEI»ONS WANTED U-- HELP WANTED U_»rrUATION5 WANTED It--HUVICC* OFF'KCD J5^1o»T« 1 » MARINE IUPPL1M U-CAMPINO « SPOHTINO U_*EC*EATIOH · P.MOHT* W-WOTORCVCLE* a-- AUTOMOTIVE-- FOK J»L» SZMACHIHEMV «. PAHM EQUIPMENT 2t_LIVE*TOCK - FOK SALE M-- OOCft. CAT* PET* a--Ztnti. HIED* - FOR SAL* SZpOR *ALE-MWCELLANEOin {7-- MUSICAL MERCHANOIM S--ANTiqUES - FOR *AI K »_*OR SALE OR TKAb* W-- WANTED TO BUY t-- WANTED TO TRAD* 0-- TOR SALI OR RENT U-- ROOM* VOR RENT J4-- APARTMENTS FOR KENT B-- DUPLEX FOK RENT H-- HOUSES POR RENT 17-- MOBILE HOMES SPACE* ·--WoV"* HOMES-FOft EALI ·k-OFFICI SPACE, ·UILDINCS FOR RENT M-- TOR RENT OR LEASE U-- VOR REHT-- MISCELLANEOUS 0-W ANTED TO R«NT O* LEASE a_RlAL ESTATE WANTED M-- WEAL ESTATE- SALE 0* TRADE IS--LOTS FOR SALE ·I--FARMS A ACRtAOE* «7-- «EAL ESTATE-- FOR SAL LEGAL NOTICES 1 -- Announcements THU public i« herHiy r."'ifiC'i wll rotilmus 11 !*· rciporisil.'r lor ,lch! 1 tarnrred b^ 1 my wi(p. liHi-iiy Fifth ann Tfruirv' hojry. David MrtVetlij. BICYCLE KIKE -- SF.HVICS DrRECTORY- Mir.lmum 3 Mnfts dally lot ONE MONTH ONLV SII.U Card o! ThanXfl -- R2,» Over 50 worria. »· o*r wordl -- DEADLINES CLASSIFIED WORD ADS -- to start Sunday ara accept- J ed until 4 Q.m Friday , -- to stun Mu;ulHy a r c Accept- ! cd until 11:30 a.m. Saturday - to itan Tuesday thru 9al- | irdav are acrepted unt'l 4 p.m an th* day before Duplication ; CLASSIFIED DISPI.AV (SPACK) ADS | -- to start Sunday are hcceoV j ed until 4 D.m Thui-sdar- , -- 10 start Monday art accept- | cd unlil 4 p.m. frlday -- to start Tuesday '.J::u Saturday ire accepled until 4 p.m. I C C 1-- Coming Events PUBLIC SALE MACHINE SHOP To scilllc Ihc estidt! nf Iho at Icirvcv Bnnhnui located at 220 KlU'ii St. in Ihc Pc.Kcful Va It? \ddit L»n In Sprin^tliile. Saturt n May I, 1:00. ,oi-;m lathe box t»r hit he tools H.iimmmd t:arbit!c drimJcr, Ex Ccllu I'lfcJ.sidii Ln.siiic :nd tnitsi] irimltr 1'rcclsion Kritidcr, Act*l L'lic welding outfit uoinplctc. Ga.s oline portable Lincoln 2flU amp o( wrcnulits Hii[l hand tools. Ya c chain hoist, Kiliri2 cabinet, Set o nil liny niaclnne tools, Hyitr.iu it inli(t"cs, Phllco 19" T.V., Adding nachinc. Katie Uonliam AriinJni.stralrix DA]H C, Heed. Auctioneer TARE-OUT t-'AI.K: IVMav an-i F;» unlni Men aurt wci;iicjrs rioUivfiS, (urmluir (1 1^1 PS. ni.inv cMms. Hwv. ]f K^st. *et onl JvJ*J--e on tcfi ji; Cr-.wover lioa-1 CARAGH f-'ALK, Sofn, scwjriit man ic r'uilni-. tovs, iiH kinrls L-l'/.hi/ii;, SfHJ h ItntitsvrUr, .-cjincr 16 past nn'l Willy* ^·UinJ.iv till in Kin, SPRING HOUSE CLEANING CARPORT SALE and Saturday, 905 K, Lakeside Dr. CAHPORT Sale -- 4 iLnliquc i:lia»r like new Coppcrltml! ))iiiltin OVL- :;w:tR hinip, kitiihrn ilcniR sina a)plKHiiL'cs, ha by items, clothing o U .sizes, records, inanv other house hold items. Friday and Salurdni 9-r». 21C10 Collonu-ootl nc-ir Shad Urovc Mobile Hoinp Park, OAR]*OitT SALU: s,Hurlav, May -1th a.m. In X p.m. SI'J Noiih Willow. Gir cntn-. .13: ^w.. HMO yi-iil, lrlf.c'3 IILCIUIC frames, old jcweiry. V A T M j'ALK: Friday im-l Sriluniay. 2 ^:'J':^ l m t L'MVriFtSI J - A f ) 1^(| r : is «ii,ir: WAN'lTD I'lMTicM i !fnr«, S* IftJlCfll t-'p ·oi'!. TU' IONSTF ria-K J^v r,nNni/-t-o In ' "rt«'Ji !.·», M-V! AN F4UA riiinr^ g!" ·n1 ^.n? ia p n ' ou JUNIOR 1 a . E-'-i'n ra unv W In ].*m Ait;. 7WS WASTKM 151-1771 fitr:!, 'jr hrlp. .\IT AW K npporlu jo r co i prefer (I) 10 K PERM/ U'r is til iifrlp? nn ji'otnrfit i s B we inntviial liLl:v:rLLia jf avnil sliifl. n [K-i-'-nn « Kcxionnl Kg N Coimler work \ person. ' full tini High^rii . MA IDS In is. 1-"n . \VAITIU J KXPKtl r*l. Con " AI[: in jl N". 3 1) T.UNCH five nig ^ Phone 7 IMA i ut VH-71H. I,P" o- R\- (or n*rt Line rrn. »lmn« nir.ifnli at home* ar.4 'ivl revjmf U Xallrml Para- rtv,rr«. Jr.v. 3210-A fioatti Nor- CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR Iru'-rron fit wn1Pr v'' '!. r'A» N. W. Ark. $200WEEir SALARY THE LITTLE WOMAN WANTED; shortage, but 1 had to talk to SOMEBODY1" 4 i-Krft. -'S. ^ ^ 2 rJ-- "1 1 3^ ut the gasoline JODY " tiv«- For Sol JIYrrBLK, yellow, AM/I-' MW5 a[(«r 3:00 p.m. OMsiiKibilc J floor Del rrilfl Impaia Ciuh Coin* 23-Uv«tock-For S«U PKjTrKt) marc. Exircmdy tfe/ill* /*r thlMren, !L"X). Pbone MVKM1. KKGISTHRKI) iunrt?r fKir*e t*r wtt*. welcome inMimi S»lut i n»j-bi»n'ti) - . S3y. 2113 a f c r 4:30. FALAMINO aei-iinz. iion yriy m«r« ati'l biiv urne. AH acntlt for ctilldren or aOuUi. Phon* III-S'JT?. RKOTS-n:ilKI pollH ftfrrtont bill!, ^ minllw. *xt-el!ent bloMlln-i Phone 8«- :5T9. REGISTERED ANGUS We im'ite you to visit and see what we are doing- We also have a few youns bull* tor sale. 20 years of Phone Homer Fry 443-2523. FRY ANGUS FARM HORSE SALE: Bcnton vi lie. Livestock Au ctiori May «. 7tfO p.m. PLKXTV OF HOHSKS AND PLENTY or BUYERS REGtETTKHED Arabian and W ArflhlaR Kc!din85- Phone 521-6W7. PERFORMANCE TESTED EMULOUS ANGUS SALE » Saturday, May 4, 1974 7 12:00 Noon. Selling; 106 Bred heir ers, many bred In Spur EmuloiL Master. 1971 Inter national Grand A Champion. M Cows with calves, 10 . Select Bull*. 24-Dogs, Cots I P»ti FOX TKitiUKit. purebrrt, 10 montht oW. Ho pftper, 130. F*0r« MTMM. HBAUTIFin^ pur*bre5 GCiTniti 9ier- swa. COLLIER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING for AppolntmMt Can 443-3441 Collier* hu M |b nek* of Wtjrn* and Kwco dO| food Com'jJete Lin* of Pet Suppltaa at All Collar StorM. PROFESSIONAL DCX5 GROOMING Cynthlc Jotintou. G roomer Individual Attention -- Nft Tranquilizers usei. Personalized groom- Ing done with tender loving care. OCCASIONAL BOARDING OBEDIENCE TRAINING FOR ANY BKEZD Phona 4424592 days or *vanlnx 25-Hom* Needs-For Sal* [O\ r ISG S*lt O)n1inucd. S-amc thinifs lofl at rciluwL prices. KIcctrir flrvor *20 Bedroom su i tc i-om ylele KQ or br it after. 1215 s. Sc-fraol. Hondn CJ« 3M. ^'^5' EJabv dolhts si» 1 (n 3. Plwne 521-1218. KFUGTDAIRB electric rarer with tyt level iloulile oven wllh lour drawer cwbinK base. Phone 321-73 W, TRADE IN! IS-Hwn* NMd*-Ter Sah TRADE IN! 19" Ti-uelOne Color T.V. See «* Town fc Country Honl«center. Itw. 1153 Bo. School Ave. 5Z1JS273 TRADE IN! 25" RCA Console Color T.V.. *l».»5. See at Town Country Homecen- ter, 1153 So. School Ave, 521-T*. BtJClEtOO.M SETS (2) OC1M ItiU !·) factory pecking cartons. TliCi* Mt tn cudfi hfradboard, mirror chtst ftrvl dres»* er. To be soM for 1139.95. Cash or E-S I*rm5, United Prclfht Btlw, open 9 to · ilwi.-Fn,, (ill 6:00 Sal.. Hwy. «2 West, Fnyettevjlle. WAE.XUT bulfel *nd slash hut*. Con- Ic m pora rv sU'Iing. Dinner ta Wes a rwl cjiaiis. S135. Phone i2M137. CJKitT'S a S"i. v Eirl -- mty (ftr a whirl niter cleaning carpeTi; with Blue Llialie. Kent elrctric sftani|»ooer $1. Pol» Furnt- Lure, «K W. nirttsor. REMNANT SALE SHAGS zt Color R«K- Sat* Prtce Prlu« 12x8 Grten Tweed 9 M.OO (35.VI rais'iiii hike for KW A r k . for Re'.anled C'mtdroa Bc^mnin^ A t 10:rfl A . M . -- Pat. May i ZrJcrmMion A- E n l r y for »r Hiphrolipr Cyclor- -Spring A ad»ol Bi. avAilfih lc '! f !ii:d r Comer (.1 by central ·minUy. Mav .III -. p n Instructions VERN HOWELL, Speaker The Faith Teaching Ministry. Inc.! will conduct s Charismatic Meet- fnc Friday and Saturday. T:30 p.m. and Sunday 2:30 [»-m. tTurn south ' from Hwv. 62 Wrst at Hawkin." Body Shop). Phone 443-4466 For home delivery of the TIAAES, Phone 442-6242 REGISTER TO VOTE BEFORE MAY 8lh DICK HOYT Candidate for Sheriff Pol. Ad paid for by Dick Hoyl 2--Conning Events INTERESTED i n learning to make your own jewelry? Call the ALLEY ART SHOPPE for class reservation before May 11. inCH SCHOOL Al HOME Diploma a w a r d e d - Finish Rapid ij. Write for free brocJwra. Ar-'criran Schoo at Chic-ago. Dcpt. At Bo^ T34S Ultti 5-- lost Found : Ftjrd,s North t G A R A G K irM.K: Fi piunp, d-stes. o.d bcil ao-i toys. ^jc. 4^ SWAP MEET May 4 and 5 ANTIQUES Where ycu can buy. se!l or trarie '"^ r - ARCHITECT GRADUATE touj iteme. Somerhinp :'or everyone. 0 miles north F ayc-i:evilie on Hi2hv.-R- JI?, ne-nr Grcathouse Open Da»! Phone i;2--T' ( ; JEANNE GRZL^THOUSE: G A R A G E P.kLK -- ~ P.LT-MMARE EAl£r f 7 s.m ;- I p.m., ?A 818 Earjg A v e n u e . Will OARAGt: SALE: Si JSmie furr.,ture, 331 . No. .Leveret. , J700 M i i s i m , 3rd h v i e w Ceriir.erv, S-7. lerr.ily cto*^, inf Good c ^.«, »r * «*l. 1-3 j BOWEN'S RESTAURANT Located jn the Northwest Arkansas Pfaza, has Immediole Opening for Full Time Cothjer 521-3010 Inn, F*j«uv_e. JUNIOR CO5T ACCOUNTANT · In !*rrj Slamii-. Hol;il;.v Inland Sub. ] I np. [JIM. I'.O. i'sX W tktVlay Island, ' ^TM!_!TM __ WASTEM: Mc-Kbanir with fc now.-] i? 1 a? oh 151-1771 help. Ai'piv al 7L Dme-In after 7 p.m. AMBITIOUS PERSON N' good character. Per man ml npporl unit y for S1 r0 a week. Major company. No experience. -prefer mir methods. 1V3-2593. 8:30 ID 10 A.m. PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY U'r Mil iH'Kin a cla^ tf Iralri nurses :«rles nmi nnierlLo.s for pcnnanenl *m- j:'otnrfit at WashJnaltti Ucginnal Medical Ccnlf-T May 3)!li. !/nalri nf Imininir is 6 wec-lis. willi |Kiy. Salary Ini'rrnie ln Iv-jrUiaK' jr-IeetC'J lo [Mi I: rip ale must jf available lo worlc full lime on ariv sli fl. nrto-l stalling salan'. Apniv In [x-i^nri only. I'er.-.onnc! Office, WashinHlon Kfjiial Opporlunily Knwloyer NOW HIRING Counter and Kilulum help. Steady work willi goorl pay. Apply in pur.son. Burger Broil 514 N. College. · 1 OU^f-; iiacc-nts /IT youth home. Paif or ' fill time, Semi b : j c f losujne to 1102 . MAIDS nrnlrd. apiilv in, Kamnifo Inis. KnyoitcviNc. . \VAITI(K^-S needed, five flays, apply n . person flllor 5 p.m. B and B Bar-B-Que. 1 EXE'KI'.IKNTED telephone wticilor neor - " A|»r!v in pert,TM MO North CoiWe. oJf;« 4 ; Nc». H hcUcen 10 and i. LUNCH coimlcr help. 7 p.m. In 11 p.m.. five niglils per week, In Fayetlov !Ie. - Phone 75K.SD1. IMMEDIATE OPENINGS i n HOSTESS and PBX: Will rc- . licvc (in hoslc.TS desk 3 evenings n d week, wilt relic ve on PBX nne n fjht n week. Typing required. ^ anil FciLdiiiK linen. Must bn avail- .ible weekends. SUKCilCAL Housekeeper: Will he ' doing heavy-duty housekeeping in ^ the sLirgical area. NUR9IXG Office Secretary: Will ~ be working weekdays, typing, fi - K ing. record-keeping and other gcn- ^ cnl office duties. Must be capable ot handling detailed work, OPERATING Hnom Ward Secre- ° t.try: Must he high school gradi]- n ate. Medical knowledge or work · experience helpful, tpying re- quired. e WARD Secretary CJass: Will s arl May 6, hi eh school graduate preferred .will consider rnalure inc i- vidual with stable? work experi- - emre. Mut be willing to work evening chifl, j. n ·le Contact Personnel SPRINGDALE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 1 ,j "51-5711 between S a.m. and 3 Moncfay thnt Friday and S a, in till }" notin. Saturday, d. is Equal Opporlunily Employer ^ FULL TIME I EXPERIENCED - HELP WANTED * Experienced Grocery Clerks week, potafii'2 shifts, COMPANY BENEFITS ^ Insurance Program % Piiid Vacations Chri=tmas Bonus .;. Profit Sharing '" Xrnployc-o Discounts i Contact: L. Clark I PP GIBSON j DISCOUNT CENTER -o An Equal Opportunity Employ* f,_' AVON a s k s . . . . FAMILY BILLS BIGGER THA YOUR PAYCHECK? You can sup piemen! your income selling Avor Products to friends and neighbors Make good money in your spar* time. I'll show you how. Call: 442-9836 MANAGER for retail furniture and appIUnci store, with experience snd gooc references 10 honesty and cxpabil il'. Excellent salaries, commisiion re'.iremtnt, tniurance. All inju rie confidenliaL Writ«: :^~11 c-( Northwest Arkan^aj Time*, Fay eltevHIe. ro" FV - A "ft r\a -·'· v ?j' anrf rt^er orcraiorj r.eedfi, Tr; Oty Oon Vjudioa Company. P^or.t TE-103). 0 Help Wanled IAXPOWKJC Temporary help service ceils rxprrjcnctyl scLTetariBl keypunrh, r realms trmiwiary assiiTninent. Work- or Manjw^er at ywir aJTivwiiencc. Call T'S HARD TO FIND A GOOD MAN Von can always got the othrr kind. The man we want won't mini! the one hours if he's paid w*U for imrs time. He wants to eel ahrsiri lust an fast as his nbility lets him. lp rloesn't need experience. We will train :it our expense. GOOD START ING PAY -COMPANY BONUSES rail till 7:00 Bnd nrrance for brie personal interview. Tfllk to Don. 521-6071. 14-- Services Offered U-STOR SELF STORAGE HOUSEHOLD AND BUSINESS NEEDS 10clfl to 50x60 ISM Lowell Rd. SPRINGDALE CAUL 751-9163 or 7a6-3:f'« MF;DK,'J\T, f«tp c!orh. or;r year p\|eri- cnif In rlrx;tor'S fliniL 1 . B-xrf rnfcrcnces. TJiore 112-1073 aftpr 1 p.m. S * K COME'i-ETK fawn service. Kra^s nifnviin;, scpfirng .111 il bedding. F^ast and criicicnl. Hione ·1I2-4W;. TIOOSB txiltHina .inft slun rainier.:, minor hoii-re repairs, llefprenccs. Free estimates. CM11 Mark, -in -'JaM a«ci ,1. VAr:i) or H-ardoa work; wanlcrl. -M^-JI-I. HOCK WORK, all kimls. fireplaces, elc. HAVK openings Tor three or tour par ol*U J3 per flnv, alsn will bab%-sit on tbtuiday, Vi. Phone -ll^r.Mt. NURKBR AIDE would Like oh as privat July siltinB ]n hospital. 3:WHliOQ o BABYSITTING In mv home dav shif C\i!l 5-J1-TT.17. BABI'SI'ITINO in mv homff. »H age rose to factories. Lunches and h CUSTOM SOWING. B!l tvpes of sewin Termites? Pests? Y^ABCON^N ^^ *A Better CootaoV^X Ray Johnson 521-3750 17-- Boats And Marine Supplies HlEAI., FISI1TNO Hlfi: 1-1 fl. Aluminu Ted Williams outhoanL Trailer has nr tir* 1 ' IJfe jacfeet-! arr] all, bj- own fin. \Vasrt R-trl: SR9-33S9. Motor Guide liollin? niolor 'and Johr\M 10 h.p. Klrctroniatic with ge/ie-rato h.p. motor Can Ix- spcn at 405 E, Map ader -J pin. or call 44.1-4707 for Inform M0.\' ARK bass boat- Jotmson 33, Too L-onlro! clci-lrir. '2 batteries and ; tanks. Dili;' trailer, anehormale. kx-,1 18 -- Camping And Sporting Goods 1373 STARCRAFT tent 1rni1i?r, Gn!a 4, Brakes, sparr tire, stove, sink, Lx br.x, [-arpv-'tcd. SICfiO. C^ill *x-S-S"J4l. 20 -- Motorcycles j?TO HON'DA d, 100. Phone 41V3ft?S tn* twe?n 10:50 a.m. unil 2: El) p.m. Pri«d at !000. Kl.KCTRin J[Olior.?VCI.KiS 5c (or nn'es, Arkansas'* Onlr Deater- CftU 36 L v .xo. 21-- Automotive For So 6 OVUXOKR. IMS IlamWer slat wA^on. Oool, re/ab:? swond car. X ii r cs. rad .0, au torn anc. f'^0. Phorii? H 1 W \"\V. N'p w pa inl . MV»'or ev« 1 n Ovpra!! conrtitiOTi pood. HS. IMS YM, Xsw painl- New moior. now icat cover Gtxvi lire*. Jtfffl. -1J3-WS1. AUCTK SATURDAY LOCATED 8'/2 MILES SOUTH STATE HWY. 265 NEAR HOG STARTING FARM E 1 TD9 International Dozer, 1 H F Spreader, 1 Drag Disk with Ha Chrysler Imperial Car. 1 2-Whccl den Tille. 300 Good Locust Posts 2 Mineral Feedert, 1 Bruah Sa w Driver. Teed Trough* and other C HOUSEHC 1 Duncan Phy/« Dining Room Set of Drawen, I Small Simmon* Hid (set), Old recliner, 2 Vinyl Covered Blond bedroom set, bed, dress* r a MANY OTHER ITEMS TO ; Mr. and Mrs. R "OW 1 HAROLD BARTHOLOMEW --Automotive For Sols 3 \~VJ ro.WHP/rrBLK, vellow. AM/I-'M l difj, rhotie 7r)]-l«?r5 utter 3:00 p.m. * U^T r:l ]W Okisiii'jhiU. } '!/wr Delia C or K*W aiovmlpl Impaia Ciut, Coupe, fa Ih car? arc lullv cnulp[e1 and one mily uxnL Phone S13-ii2t. £ To Place, Cancel or i Correct Your p Classified Ad for " Tomorrow's Paper CALL BEFORE f 4:00 P.M. TODAY , 442-6242 Ask For Classfied HOXR 5ai-S122. j*it PKUtJKcyr -1 rtoor «ed*n, 4 cylmrter, .-pcc'l. j«wxl ninnin? condition, sunroof. »i:i. Call 5L':-3S:H afler 5 p.m. \TR MODEL' slw:k car IKS Camaro c vc r bee n i a uc ii. Phon c U15-1 W-)?-l tcr 5:00 p.m. l*oitcr, Oklahoma. Sl.JWO. 7(} OLDS Helta 8 8 -- 1 ilonr -- power ml air -- IS mpg, Clean and heauUfiil. iione M1-21S4. 9T2 TRIUTPH SniLfirc. 8700 miles. Top iMuMion. Call 5?1-77K2 after 5 p.m., Ixvly and rn?lnp En c\i:«Ucnt 171 RANGKH XLT vi I'm heavy duty. "OR SALK: 1%^^ f,ihev.' v^n- Rno5 i p on- ilirwi. f150. Phono S21-M1. 1967 CHEVROLET cuslom. Ixjus wlrtc, B cvlinOcr slandanl. Gcx*l condition- H75, jihnne Hl(«r 5:00 p.m. TiirS-SfiM. l!h7J CI1E3VV II waijon. Fnir conitition. (Jfwl llro^ C.ill after S:00 521-S771. J175. White over d ,.iy. 3^70 GHAKU Prix, vollow with hei^e 1op, excellent conrJiUon. must sell. Phone 2573465. Dfr5 FORD slalio/i ivngon. alr-condilicKi- inn- lm?!?aso rack, hiMvy duly bxii hitcli, nciv nJifK;ks and load [evclcrs, new 1ircs anil battery J«SO. Phone -{42-liYJ after 4:00 p.m. ISn TOYOTA CoroM. Arr ro^rtitifMiod, ·'.M-133S. ]9CT ,\USrriN HEALY Sprite, Mark IV, S.OOO mi!s, 35 MPT. Economical, de- pcniiahlc, fun. ,2l-illa 10 a.m. o S p.m. 1«73 DATSUN pickup IfflXXx-, radio, leat- pr. whilGwalls. sotd color, 22,000 actual mites. !21ffi. Phone 81S-3152. 1071 MA \TiRLCK. 6 cylinder, automat c :iir condition and radio. Call Ml (I'M IftW CHEVY Eel Atr. four door runs Eood, «573 or b?.;t offer. 521-J145 after 10 p.m. or all day Tuesday. 1P63 ?;L CAM1NO, :I07 engine, strmrlard .rarumission, camper shell. Phone 413- ltroRT Motors now open, Service on aLL imr-orled siwrls cars and evc!«i 2960 N. College, 443-1031. 1S6.1 'VVf BUS, nine pa«?n jrcr. Phone 1%5 CilKVnOLKT [^L-Kiip, long wide c-r. J£W. Phone 267-^SW- air, low mileage. Phone ·142-S9S-). OXR ton Iodjje norviec truck with welding unit. Phone 8»-211]. IMS PONTTAC Bonnaville, 2 Anm harrt- Inp, povs-er anrl nir. .^ee at Scottish Inn. Phone 443-1356 or 'i5K'H%, SAVE MONEY BEFORE YCru PAY YOUR AUTO OR HOMKOWNER'S fNSUHANCt CALL STtA'E LS1CHNEH TOR A QUOTE. 9 A.M. TIL 5 P.M Bl- WWr EVENINGS 443-26B7 MAKfJ yotir car loo* like new. Professional naint anri hodj- work done a discount prices. Phone 443-4853. 22-- Machinery And Farm Equipment BVCKHOK Bi2 Oliver, six cylinder, o fl hut operal'ma. J500, Tank 1.500 «a or\s hratifl rew. batldx [our Inch «[, Vi*X) Iump 1ruch. JM1 IoJgc. five yards \S five speed p]us l«o jpced rear e^d run.i well, 3-iOO. IVS106. !nse tractor, New pfiint. Phone 1 3-lI«5 M. \Pftf: V- FERGUSON 133. Fom SX. Caw with i«o row riiTtivato:. 4 speed N«w Holland halcr, New Holland s:de rah* Nijvr ITi"an1 mo«er. Dearborn 2 bottiw p:ow. John Deere crimper, miscellaneous . EVERYBODY rWldl Q* TIMEJ WA.V1 ^ D3. Ton B re 1 3N SALE MAY 4, 1974 OF FAYETTEVILLE BYPASS ON EYE. WATCH FOR SALE SIGNS AT 13:30 P.M. QTJIPMENT armall Tractor. 1 Ne wide* Manur* row. 1 1963 Ford Pick Uup. 1 19, Dump Tratltr. 1 Grain Drill. I Gar 1 Chain Saw. 1 Cattle Head G»t« 1 Danoser 3-pt. power take off Po* 'atlle Handling Eouipment. )LD GOODS 1 4-Piece Sectional Sofa. Odd Chewl e-a-b«d, 1 Coffee TabIe-2 End TablM Chairs. Dishes -- Pot» and Pan*, etc nd cheet of drawers. 3 .NUMEROUS TO MENTION. alph L Ramsey, NERS" SOY McKENZtf, AUCTIONEERS Soturday, May 4, 1974 « 2:00 Noon. Veiling; 106 Bred hcif- rs, many bred In Spur Emulous taster. 1971 International Grand hamplon. M Cows with calves, 10 e ect Bull*. OB HARTLEY SPUR RANCH VINITA, OKLAHOMA ARftR qUAl.TTY Northern Hoh^fn prJnp?rs. Chlanlna hrerl nnd open r own Bw 1 s ^ Wvall Bra rlbe r rv, two lilcs Norlh of GravrLte on B9. on* mile aifl on floeky Dell Highway. KTJFIC'IAL InsBmlflalion s«rvice. A 1 1fi bulls, fast *Hic-ient Mrvlce, D anywhere anytime. Rwtionabte rilts. . KGISTtJ RED KOR NED HK REFOR n 5UULS. RAGSDEU. FARM. Phone WS- 5^, PR.ViRIE GROVT. lavii UMtftei Atop- «*odiek A Tftct, t repaired or (Juslom nwito. b*wy tW. M minvtur, 3T-3W8 24-Dogs, Cati P*t» I'D Y Fox Terrie rs , small, purebred moolfi haired, white and hlack, no nepers. *Jiarnp;on line. SSf-W)!, M\C Weim.iranrr pujijjic.H, cxivllrnl liunl- t-4 nnd pal slrx-k. Call 521.55GO after i:3{) p.m. \KO [JcRislcrcfl To' PowJIes. 'iVa Holly. 'hono li'-MiTtf. \KC REGlSTfiRRn mail? IiacJuhunrj, i atk ;ini! tan, two years old J30. Phone ST. BKrtNAHN pu[ries Jor Pile- A.KC, ]=X3UIt adorable, fcmnle. Fenlpolnf P ,1- nicac WUnis. 6 weeks old, SLO MCI. ·nvo red AKfJ rccisiLered Ha^rhund fe* mules, small type. Plinne S21-rM3. MAUIIEKN O'Neal NDCJA Dog Croom^r. ljarj*c and Hunting lo? KTOominij. A! scrviL-es, reasmiable. Professional groom- irir. Call JJ'WTn. THE FISH BOWL Tropical Fish Supplloc Open Tues.-Fri., 1-8 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday 1-6 p.m. 442-S700. 243 E. Clebum Turn East ai Sunbrtte Janitor ServJc* on North College- COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Line* Complete selection of all veiena- ary Fuppllea EventWng for youl animal Eastfdte ShotJpfnff Center Hwr 16 Ca*t h nK base. Phone 321-73 W, TRADE IN! ur is Malhcs 19" Upright color .V.. S2S9.9S. SPP at Town Coun- y Homecenter, Inc-. TRADE IN! enilh 25" Con»ol« T.V. Now pjc- ure tube. S2W.95. S«e at Town "ountry HnitieLcnlpr, 1153 So. chool Avenue. 521-6273, REPOSSESSED HOUSEFUL 3oM and chair cover erf In black -inyl, two large end tiibles with matching coffee table und two decorator table lamps. Five piece dinette, tnclurfes table anrt 4 chairs. Triple dresser and mirror with Hatching panel hcndboard in walnut finish. Plui new full size mat- rcss and box springs. Also twin s 7e bed complete with malire.ts and box springs. Used 2',i nitmtlis. Sold new Tor $899. Take up payments next month. Now JM7.JW. On display at. HORN BROS. FURNITURE Vi mile West of S[! Springs on Okla. Hwy. 33. Weekdays 9-9. Sun. day 1Z-9. TRADE IN! 19" Admiral Solar Color port ah «] See at Town Country Homccentcr. 1153 So. School Ave. 021-6273. ITS Icrrilic the way Mt'rti selling Blue Litslre to clea n rujri; n nd upholstery. Kent slwmpooer Jl. Lewis Bros., m | square r\Lrni«ni JMLL SHAGS zt Color Reg. Sat* Prtce Prlu« 2x8 Gr«n Tweed ( M.OO (35.fU S\-7 Green Tweed 32,50 21.00 -x5 Mcruury 44,00 23.59 2x16 Spring Green 128.8S 94 SO xD.6 Parly Mint 71.50 49 .50 xl? Green Pepper 77.00 53.09 2x12 Gold Mtst 11030 82.50 2x9 Roman Coin 144.00 R4.00 Jx9 Cold Rush 93.00 SO.M Sx9 Purple 6.T ..SO 42..V* 2x19 AnUque Gold 104,00 7o.OO 2x12 No. 38 Gold 5«.00 39.5B fl-vS Dnkol* Gold 36.00 27.nO Ixi Orange Tweed 2J.OO 13.5O 2x4 Forest Green 42.00 L'5.00 2x:s Teak Tone «.00 20.00 2r 1 Moon Scape 114.00 S9.SO 2x13 Fiesta 144.00 72 OO 3x9 Red Tweed ftt.OO -17.r0 3x9 Hed Tweed A3.00 47..TB 3x9 Hcri Tweed 63,00 47.5H 2x13 Expre.sso 149.50 To.nn 7x9 Gold (foam back) 31.50 24.00 8x13 Gold (foam back) 49,50 ST. 50 SCULPTURED 2x8 Persian Orange 49,50 33.00 7x1(1 Chapel Blue 57.50 to-SO ?.\-5,T Tiara oltl D9.7. R7.30 2x12 Elmwood Green 85.00 r«U 50 2x15 Green Tweed 84.00 6.'. (10 Sxlfi Blue 112.00 79.;^) COMMERICIAL KITCHEN 2x6 FiRnders Gold 3S.OO ''1 CHI 2x10 Inca Gold 70.03 Sxl3 Red 113.00 110.00 2\-15 Red 90.00 7fl n(» 2x17 Expresao 258.00 17250 Company. Wretgale 9hopp!nx CtT, Fayetteville. Arkanut DINING ROOM antl dinetle tumllure. 10 new l,ihl« and chair jscts. ^anisb. Mcriiterraiican, Rarly American flncl CCMI- (cin|ioran' styles. 5 ntpce dlneilc just J!K!,93, Cash or (emu. United Kreijjht SR es. oiwn ff to fl Mon.-Fii., till 6:00 Sai.. UnitPri Frcicht Sales, Rt. 3 Hwv. «i West, Kavetleville. TRADE IN! Curtis Malhes Combo Color T.V., -sleren MoO.OO. See at Town Country Homucenler, 1153 So, School. 521-627B. EVERYBODY readi th* TIMES WANT ADS. You are! * ' --- ~ - - T f \9 '*^ ,$ ^[SERVICE DIRECTORY^ Lv - L';i.;L^l ,1^ .J.. - . ,. ., ....,; -- Air Conditioning YORK Sales A Servlea. IniUllatVm, heating-cool Ins duels. Load calculatroni --Auto Repair-- FTJI-TON'3 AUTO SERV^C 1 E. S21-459I Tunc-ups: 6 cvlinder, J1J. v-S, 130. Engines rebuilt. 3100 plus parts. -Butldt-zing- HOADS, fONDS. (^TJ-JARING, REASON ASLK RATBS. *.-l-35f». PrX)WING -- DISCING -- Bfcde Wor% -All Tractor Work -- Free Estimate* -- ?hoiie 412-734'i, -- Carpenter-- HOUSB PAINTING ANI CARPENTRY WOP. K - - Ol ITS I [) K ANI IN", KA \T R RKRRKNCES. RAY RAG S DALE. 4 1? TlCfi or 4t2-SS05 COMPLBTt; HOME R EPATRE. We d( carpenter work that your husfmni won'l 412-2191. ANY CARPENTER. VTORK. PAINTING CONCRETE AN'D ROOFING, VERY DE PE.VDABLE REFERENCES AVAHABIJ: STEVEN' REAVES, 367-394S, FOR ihe besi cabinet wort, home bdlK bit , remodeling, texturrf crt 1 \figt, ML Remoielln?. carport Addllioni. Patkn House Leveltne. RxwHng. Painting, Phon 443^076, 75M774. RemodBllng. Oeneral Repair*. Room Ad (JUfons. Homes bu i 1 L Experience Worl Guaran'ecd. Rertrencej. Happy Ander»o«i Oil 7S-K«, evenings and weekends -Oirpet- cmMtffand JfrGnpefa CARPET WAREHOUSE TO.I W. 15th. Fayel Icvi! le 1 Block WMl of Mr- Quiolr. Hwj- 71 1 521-5W4 Open Frf4«? Night 9:00 p.m., C-Os* te roon -- Cleanmo-- RAZORS ACK Cleaners * Laundry s«rtc bi£ MI«. 5 stuns n, FtBti We. apMii dr»p*ry s«mce. Fin*«t outttr rwn t**d. j~re« Morajf«. CONCRETE WOT* -- p«t1« -- rrttlnhl walls -- driveways -- carpenter repair -- rock work. Call after 4:00. 4434LC CONCftETTB WOT*. pMt(». rrt^i'n* w*Xt drtvt«»-i, r*p*Ir4. Na Jo* tr» ·«·! Hoc* wort, Jtocfc IfiMr, *·-«* Dirt, Gravel, Top Soil- GOOD RIVER TOP BOIL AND GRAVEU PHONE 4424920. -- Ditch Digging-- 521-IS91. Jf no answer, rail after 5 p.m BACKHOK and Dump Truck Work. Joto Miller -- Phon* «2«78 --Earthwork-- NEED a road tr an old one rebuilt, top soil. Iwckhfw, road (Trader work am (Travel ha u Ii njj. bulldozer work, Ptiow Garden Plowing--^. cjii) tiller, aarrtena, Lavm.^, Flower beds 443-1057 PLOWING -- HarrowJiu, yard leveling bniihho;,'f?ing, RR Tractor Service Phone 4J3-2012. Kwjonable ratei, fret FIXJWTNG, discfng. bruahhoeging, had work. Paul's Traclor Service, Call U3 4^73. il no answer call after 5:30 p.m. TO PLACE AN AD EN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY SI 4 25 PER MONTH Hauling Y A R D Work, Imulinjr. General Cleanup Hedges Trimmed, Fast Service, llc-ason able and Reliable. Phone 521-5M5. HAULTXG. lawn mow ins, moving, jfrar* hauIeJ. yard work, trash wrvict. 521 41"* atler 4 p.m. LOOK1 HauUng. mwing * trash srrrta -- We traul it Reasonable. ffi-1\'9. -- Londftcapi ng -- Landscapf n 2, Leveling, Top 9oU * Creek Gravel, Dozsr Work, All M?-Sfi« -- IOWTH S Gordons-- QUALITY LAWNS AS You Like Th«m TVxn Well* 443-33M TOR Compie'te lawn care by oonlmc or by the }o* nil Delane*'i JaniM k Lawn Servicf. 443-78E1. -- Point A Paper-- Reasonable Rale* Plvm* JCndivil'e 79-2197 anytlraa PAPKP. RAAGDVO. blffrtBr/aMprta Pointing, For Fret t*tm«r* ABM · 2L3T or BWE7« V«at Fork. CTTERIOR * exterior ptlntbtf aa d corating. Knal] ttieetracfc work aad p*pi hanraff. AU work ituraotetd. Fhoa ·fter 5 ?m. ai)c for iUipfc, 442-JTS. PATmSG. pa?ef ^ttatoC aanrpatB kvf, abaat wctt fiaHb 00HM^ MtpHtt JoaMH. HMfll --Piano Tuning-PIANO CARE Phone (5«1) 442-7797 --Plowing-- PLOWING - Cultivate - Bnt* hog- Wayne Tdckell at 521-1183. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY Real Estate Reconditioning hauling, brushhogffin£, rtciclni. Tree ser- rice Liability Insurance, pbcn* tB9-"MOL ALL sener; and drains cleaned, 34 hour service, irAonable rate*. Rjzorteck. Sever CleaninB, 751-2460. -- Septk Tank Service-- SEPTIC TAHK2 PUHPCn Unei Repaired. Loweat Ratn Locftl Buslneu. Pbone M3-33DB. WAGE WOULD COST ONLY U.2S PER MONTH lique will repfllr any maV«. We are your Hutbor ized Whi te and Etrrui At* le r Wa tmara ntee service work. We · l«o hav* pants, wwing acceswiriei and Mwlng dassei- Phone 7514732. --Small Engine Repair-^ Lawnmoweni ajid small enfin*» rep«ire4 or (uned. Free pickup and delivery. S2L- 4SW alter S p.m. TO PLACE AN AD m THIS SPACE WOULD COST OJTLY $14^5 PtR MONTH CHAirrEP. OAK Tree Service. Inmrtrt t* 1300.000. Fre« estimatei. trimming, feeding, bracing, temovit. il2-?17^. TRIM. Cut fln4 remove Trees, Llmaa, Insured, Phone 521-2600. TRiHS Topping, Trinminf. haoliiv. 7n» Mtinutts. 3BT-33M, 1 InhiiJat^j il --UplHNMWT y -- rira f rnm $3M- C!a rJt's Upho 1 Men.' 5*iO«, South Hwy. 71, 3pfin*i*1e, 751-74*. -Venetemn Bfin-iW viurr£.'rij\^ atmum H^rjulUED m4 WLadi made to ortor. MMt tek* OH» ·r «»25S6. -- Wall* A Pump* WAKD BROTHERS W»TB( »rarpM» Plunps, W.'.tfn. Purtfintati. Ail »«kM KTrtCM. FkOM 94«f TO R^CC AN AD Df THIS VACE WOOLO CO«T OHLT n«Ji m MOUTH

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