Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 3, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1974
Page 13
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ME SW? rnWTOTKE *U RE OVER THE HILL,-fOU 6c6lN To PICK UP EIt HIM ..IM FACT. H£ SAW HE FEELS «£At_ MTHEMORtB THE CRATER Of MT.ASO. AH ACTIVE VOLCANO W Japan, AMS A COKIMffflttCf of 71 met CHARLES OSBORNE IOWA, WHOrS 80-rtflRS Of^E, HASBEEM H100JPING- flaws VWKINS HOURS RJR MO7HAN 51 YEARS ESKIMO MEDICINE WEN ID DRIVE DISEASE FROM THEIR PATIENTS, FKOMTHE MTlfSOF RATTLE- SHAKES Submitted by E*«r|ETJbllv Vancouver Wash. FRANCES DRAKE North*** Arkamm TIMfS, Friday, May 3, 1*74 * AVITTIVILLK, AKKAMSAI § USTEJl,fiJU TALK TO WM^« VOWWEIF. HE GOT SOWC I RICH etJVWHO WfOTSTO f BIN STORE SNOW MUSEUM) COIN COLLECTION. HEY, SUIW.' TtF CP6 CR0HT,:Si VDU KNOW MOT) ANSWER tSNOf TBGVftNKWP k. WAKTS? AMP HO QUESTIONS ASKEP. STRJCTU* VietZ, VCV HAS CAMJB6P W MWSNfcTtlX- CONf6OH3 IT AIN'T \ flLLTHfVT / RJNNVL'. ,/ TH 1 SHIF'LESS SKONK CPU.LK? ME "TOMATO WOSE" WHAT DIP V£ KICK LUKe/ INTH 1 BRITCHES PER, PflW? -^ytXJ MUST PAN (JPTO SO PERCENT }f BUT- 1 ?-?- HCW SIMPU5TICr. r -MV LATEST SPEECH WILL EKPUAINWi-N IT'S A PRIVILEGE FOR VOU TO WORK. TO SUPPORT THE MOW-VJORKIMGn OH/THANK ·** FO'THIS LIB'RUL EDDV-CAV- SHUN.'.' HAIN'T ANY JO MORE DIGMIFtED THAW KAVIN' OTHER FOLKS ·iUPPOPT VO'? IN VAXES TO SUPPORT THOSE. WHO CAN'T FIWD D1GMIHED JOBS.'.' TRUE.'.'-WE'RE PAVING YOU s ACQOL / 61.00 AM HOUR-BOT- f JUST DOW'T ANVTH1M6 HRE THAT I WAIT A MM/TC! KWOW HOW ABOUT ONE OP -ae 3OBS? -- HE'S RUNNIKS OUT OF DIMES FT WDNT S K LONG i I*3W Your Daily DOMXJTHINK ( VXR HUSBAND jX_. VvOJLD LIKE r~, (THIS DRESS? o o f THAT DEPENDS- ^--r HCV/MUCH j--^-i ts rr? HE MSHT LIKE THE ·i, BUT I DOM'T THtNK H£t GO FOR THE ,TH!RTY- Horoscope U!IIIIIU!nillHIIIIII!!l[|l!l!IUH«llllllllllN!lNi»llllllllllllllllllllllli!M Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find w h a t your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR SAT., MAY 4, 1974 A R I E S (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) A good lime to develop a dormant talent, to repeat an old strategy when others fail. Don't yield lo frustration in ANY situation. Keep your eyes on a golden Future. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) This will be one of those "give and take" days, with emphasis on the giving. The artistic, (he extra trimming, the light touch can brighten all things. GEMINI (May 22 lo June 21) As with many others, you will get into difficulty if you speak or act in haste now. Stick to high principles, but avoid dissension, antagonism. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Sonic new events in the making, perhaps a new contact Give rein to your liveliest hopes now. Do not antagonize (hose who are really well disposed loward you. LEO (July 24 lo Aug. 23) Express your ideas and opinions discreetly but firmly Don't leave stones imliiriiei which may have gems beneath. A - generally good day--if you cooperalc. VITiGO (Atig. 2.1 tn Sept. 23) You can make headway in most matters, but some cessions may bo obligatory. Do not take on new ventures without thorough investigation. This is no day for acling blindly. LIBRA (Sept. 24 lo Oct. 23) Avoid a present tendency toward lelhargy. Gear efforts U: a c h i e v e ohjc-ctjvcs more quickly. Improvise occasionally. This day can he a helpfu' challenge. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Though yours is not usuiillj passive nature, you COULD ESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Doctor Doesn't Favor Wiring Teeth Together How do you feel about the dea of having one's upper and ower lecth wired together in rder to lose weight? I've Iricd verything else and now I read a woman in England had his done for that purpose. .Mrs. F. S., Calif. :ear Mrs. S.: How do I feel about it? I ec! that anyone who even ntertains such a ridiculous dca should first have them- elves wired for a brain wave esl, called Ihc encephalogram f Ihc resnlls are negative, then make an appointment with the nearest psychialrisl. HOSPITAL D R U G S I went lo Ihc hospital for one day. The nurses would not allou me to lake any of the drug? have been taking for man.v ·cars. These had nothing to do vith the reason I went to the lospital. I resent the fact lha he rules are so arbitrary. Mr. H.T.. N.J )car Jlr. T.: Sue!; obvious safety pro ccdurcs should he unricrstooc y everyone. When a real problem arise about drugs thai are t a k e n without tile knowledge of hos pital personnel they are ac cusccl of being negligent careless about Iheir sup«t ision. You do not indicate th« ex«rt 'eason why you went lo th« · mspital so I cannot really suggest any possible relationship between that and the drugi you were taking. Let me give you an illus,ration. A person could h» :aking drugs w h i c h , in combination with an anesthetic, might increase the risks on the operating table. It is even possible t h a t sotn« drugs may interact with dyei used in X-ray examinatioin. H is for this reason that ho*- pilals discourage bringing your .own drugs and using Ihem inless there are specific written instructions by the doctor on the nurses' chart. Since al] d r u g s are available in hospitals, there is no need to bring your own from home. Rules and regulations established for safety may seem "arbitrary" but they ire al- maximum safety for the patient. Speaking of your health--Never ignore persistent fever, even if it is low grade. Fever is bhe signal that some infection may be present. itace yourself behind Ihe froi- incs through modesty. A bit o lelf-prcss-agentry wouldn't hur a bit. ;AGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 21) A conservative and prudei attitude will k e e p you froi going overboard through mi guided enthusiasm--a tendenc now. Be especially cautious romantic matters. CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 to Jai 10) Warning signals are up whei rehavior and disposition ai :oncerned! Without realizing i you could be top quick lo pn icribe or criticize--with ui lappy results. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 1! Iron out k i n k s in voiir plai and tactics. You should be ah to interpret a n d handle si. nations ably now. In aiming for goals. h o w e v e r , don't overreach. PISCES (Feb. 2D to Mar. 20) Tip-top results indicated in current projects. You may he on delicate grounds in some areas, but no dilemma exists without its solution. Search! YOU BORN TODAY, though giflcd along creative lines as are most Taureans. could also succeed notably in the business and financial fields. You would m a k e an excellent merchant, slock broker or banker; would also thrive as a f a r m e r or builder. You have a great love of heritage and tradition and could make an outstanding career of t e a c h i n g history, archeology, anthropology and kindred subjects. Oilier fields suited to your many talents: painting, science (especially medicine), music, architecture and horticulture. Try to curb occasional tendencies loward obstinacy. Birlhelatc of: Horace Mann, nolcd educator: Audrey Hepburn, film slar. iiniiiii!i!inii[iiiiiiniiii!!nniiiiiiiN!iiii!iiiiii»nHiiiniiii!iniiiii[«!iH^ B. JAY BECKER Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1. Shin's record 4. Inlrcpid 8. Chemical element 13. Exist 13. Affirm 14. Bacchanalian cry 15. Procreale 17. Field of granular snow 18. Sailor 19. Diminished 21. Restaurant employee 24. Under-' world god Z5. Whole amount 26. Household pet 28. Large cat 32, Appear 34, Except 35. Withered 31. Mexican coins 39. Conjunction 41. Pinch 42. Absent . 44. Affrays 46. Sexes 50. Melody 51. Russian mountain range 52. Pilot's craft 56. Hoarfrost 57. American Indian 58. Meadow 59. Former pugilist «0. Placed ballon golf mound 61. Indian · unit of weight DOWN 1. Loiter 2. Crude metal 3. In India, non- Moslems .4. Hindered S. Eggs S. Certain Latvian 7. Intense- fear «. Book of ' the Bible 9. Above Avenge time of «Juliu«i 25 nhi. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 10. Affection 11. Exploit 16. Erode 20. Abyss 21. Insect 22. On the sheltered side 23. Steal 27. Weapon' 29. Military officers 3D. Pennsylvania city 31. Corded fabrics 33. More capricious 35. Singer Jones 38. Girl of song 40. Harvested 43. Treatise 45. Feminine nickname 46. Clothing 47. Charles Lamb 48. Title 49. Father 53. Female ruff 54. Born 55. Sense .organ On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) llllffiflilflilifyllniW^rwfflB NORTH * A K Q J V A 8 7 6 5 » A 2 + A2 WEST A -V K Q J109 » K Q J 10 + K Q J 10 EAST * _ V 432 « 9 8 7 6 5 * 9 8 7 6 5 SOUTH *1098765432 ¥ _ » 43 + 43 Contract - Seven Spades. Opening lead - king of hearts. Devolees of double-dummy iroblems will enjoy trying to olve this one where declarer mist make seven spade. s gainst best defense by East Vest. As usual in double l u m m y problems, declarer is lermitled lo look al all four lauds and take advantage ol vhat he sees. The task seems impossible, lut it can be accomplished. Declarer ruffs the heart lead ilays the A-K-Q-J of trumps rid ruffs another heart lo pro luce the following position: v A « T * A l West + A 2 V Q J 1 0 »4 * » « T f-TMa *»IT 41098 · 4 3 4 4 3 + K Q South plays the ten 9f and West, who cannot afford .o discard a heart, discards a diamond. (The outcome is th» same if he parts with a chib.) Dummy also discards a diamond, and let's say East div cards a heart. Declarer thereupon leads a diamond lo the ace, cashes lh« ace of hearts, discarding a club, and ruffs a heart to produce this position: West » Q 4 K Q *«· Nortt ¥.8 + A J Soott 49 4-4 *4 South plays the spade nine, forcing West to discard a club. Declarer thereupon discards hit now useless hearl from dummy, whereupon East also runs intu trouble and is forced to surrender. PONYTAIL wny, I d love lo go out with you, HoWe... let me M cbeckandseeiflcanfindalimestotforyou!" WANT ACTION? Phon* 442-6242 TIMES' CLASSIFIED ADS For best results, give full description n»f (tart your Classified Ad for 7 days. You may cancel it when results are obtained Vou'U only be charged for the actual cumber of day! th» ad ran.

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