Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 2, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1974
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

* ft Northwest Arkonui» TIMES, Thurv, May 1, 1974 F A V E T T C V I L L K , ARKANftAft 1-- Automotive For Sal* 3 71 MAVKKirK. f cviiMor. milnoinlio, *t$ CI1KVY IiOl Air. lour jTMr. nin-i r-m, OT all tiny Tii.-^lftV. MS EL CAM! SO, ^07 cupinc, stmd.ini rrOHT Motors mwr oj»n. Service on all tf.'.ff.t. -113-IW1. ·OH Fslo: landau l«vs for nil rare, cnvori'b'c to;n,aH lyprs nulo upSolsteiv. MS B*ly Phor-. 412-3^1. tt-KEtt, after 5:00 p.m.. If^-:*^. *72 GRKMUN X, VS. alr-tvyxli'.i'Kied. 13 ni'fs i*r p*l!oti, JISJO. Cal; allrr 1:00, ^xi CHBVROLKT [rckiip. Jftritf wide *f dL A -1 oondil ion thro'J shout, Ort own- 372 RK-\ZER, 4 urripel drive, automatic, R"S TORI) OWO two ton, no-J 1 irhui t npinr. two new tirc-5. At Clark A- Carter f?fl FORn, \? ton plrkup, for MlC or Oincks, fSW. itt^fi. Wfi VOLKS\VAGHN rampor, 4.W mis on rctKiill engirt, mini Mdy, IB miles per palton. Phone W2-55SJ, 1072 CUTTJiRS fl hanltop, power, *lr. very clean. Phono TSl-OsfiS. ITIJ! unit Phone 833-2U1. TM;S PONTIAC nwmrviUp, 2 cWir harrf lrt ? , rower and sir. Sec at Scottish Inn Phono 4-j 1-4356 or 751-^^6. SAVE MONEY K.PORE YC7U PAV VOUR AUTO ) R H OM EOWKER f S INSURA NCt, . A L L STrVE LEICHNER FOR A «J"OTE 9 A.M. TIL 5 P.M.. ttl ·^,.. E.VENINGS 443-2*81, \T\KK voar car look lOce new. PT^CE ^·tvm paint ati'l (wl\- work don« £ dcount prices. Phone 44VJS53. 22-- Machinery And Farm Equipment MA«S?:Y-KKRGUSON 133. J'ord P.v. ^s ·with two row cultivator, 4 5pc*l No llo'.land haler, Kew Hollar-d hi'Lc mk New Holland mower. ]Jeartim 2 ho^rm p'nw. Jnlin Deoro rin;r«r, mi s crUmieou I WO mrrfcl FAR5SAI.L, cub tractor wilJi bo! l v mower. New paint, has haJ je ccllent care. $350. Rione 2R7-S3CR. 23-- livestock-- For Sale HORSE SALE: Inton\-il!e, Lives toc:k Auctio.i May 6, 7:00 pm. PtBNTr OF HOUSES AND PLENTY OF BLJVKRS FEOISTERKH Arahijin ana y Arabia gel d ings. Phone SH1-GJW". PERFORMANCE TESTED EMULOUS ANGUS SALE Saturday, May 4, 1974 12:00 Noon, Selling: lor. Bred hci »rs, iniinv bred to Spur Emu 01 Master 1971 Inlernational Grai Champion. 50 Cows with calves. tS-Hom* Needt-For Sol* REPOSSESSED HOUSEFUL *iE«T anH chair covered In Hack ·inyl. Iwo larpc end tables with nialchinn coffee table and two dix:- [r,itor table lamps, five pietrc dine t t e , includes table and -t chairs. niching panel headroard in nl finish. Plus new full size c-ss and Ixix springs. Also twin ntt box springs. Used 2\? mnnlha. old n cw for SS95. Take up pa y- mcnts next month, Xow S617.86. On isplay at, HORN BROS. FURNITURE '4 mils West of Siloani Sprinj-s on Okla. Hwy. S3, Weekdays 9-9. Sun- ay ]2-9. TRADE IN! y Admiral Solar Color port a hi T.V, Still under factory warranty. $190.05. See at Town Country Homeeenter. l]M So. School Ave. 521^27^. white, KO. Phone -112-7'iVi. ' ' TRADE IN! 10" Tmclone Color T.V. See at Town Country Itomccenler, Tnc. 11S3 So. School Avc. 521-6273. ITS (crriCic the way we're seliniR Blue Luslre lo clean rux$ and upholslory. Kent shampooer fl. L/wjs Br' 11 ·?? .-'tic square. TRADE IN! 2V HCA Console Cotor T.V.. $109.0* Sec at Town A- Country Homeeen- ter, 1153 So. School Avc. 521-6:1(3 BEDROOM SI-TTS 12) Some still n rltifie fica dtxa rd , mirror rJicst an-3 rlress cr. To ln sold Jor ^Ki' Cash or Y.-7 tcnns. Unilei] Froiclil Sales, open 9 to C F^DVIHC. TRADE IN! Zenith 2^" Console T.V. New pic ture Inhe. S'J43.9,i. See at Town Country Hoinecenlcr, ll.^ So School Avenue. n'M-fW.'J. 6-- For Sole -- Miscellon N^; ="..\1L ;in't fi-.c n » ! ? h-M \r-\ ·.-en sin'! wh:l'.-. IV.'fi (or M/i 'o 1 -oji.'.i-.iJr. HMn;i;. · Wl H'tlJ l'KNNC'KKT .nr rotvl vo'l'or.L oimlil.on. ]'ii'.::- Kl^'ATO. NK I'J f t , sirtim mini (Inl t*,l',ni Ji. rirrwrtrxl 'ut^f -aw. !T.. U'1 K N NfOFt K c I n ·! ri i ' m n«p , f'x I? rnt IMnoUp n-t wilh 1 fha'r-. !? 'uhlc Kuirl sho-. ^un. .VJI-I^'S. t K l f ' K S fnr ilo. M^'lo in l^-nrs. Nj. Tnico sivoil h '·«::. rxcrl'onl :O^, 1'hono 'Jv77-?^Tfl. 'i H.W. \\Tii1c E'cr'tonl Sh"p. II Vr.-t. t-itT Oirio-jc liim or cvtra firm n hovi \y rtu t y 1 Ifkd . tltv*! HUH or-:n 9 lo 3 Mnn.-Yi.. til! B:l/ A 3, Hwy. (Ti W. F.ivfl1o\-ilii?. usH. 5.i fully ctiuippc'l to zigi rfle'r. "ar.rj jhey" will KO fast a c.nvi We have thrcaiJol lhc^n f » si'MDct'on. United Freight Ki!o n trj 'J rori.-Frl.. tilt R:00 Sal.. !!'.vy. fti Wc-sl, Paypltcvillc. HK\\']\ri MAMIINKR -- f!21.mi \ ]n hran'l now IfiTt ho^\-v r rlutv, Divine machin.-s for sn! "at ·ri'-h T(ioc famous make fti!l si Comrs ffl'mprcte with 20 vcar till' c lanmtep. Unj'.ed Frrisht F.ilt fi lo !» M-Bi.-Fri.. RiDO Fal. P.1. MKTAL Detectors - onrretl. t les^lonal's Choice. Cold and sllv io:ich1 .in'! sD'd. Call Abe l.fnc GSST. Holers. Ark. lion. ^W). noh Mnyrs Auto Service 27-- Musical Merchandi NKW SPINKT PiAKOS T-VKi.OO ori;n n.s w/iiii lo rhythm fJW.W ^G-211:' R. a. .McCl^in Music Co Okla Rf'A POP.TAHNK slereo. S-15. Ho^cn amp ivjlh speaker con tCiiwit\aV,t!. P/yjnc 521*li07^ a tier Oftf.AN -- Magnavox, two-key hf transistor. Make olfcr. I^onP 357 (INK r'd OrlonrE^ twelv " Kxcellctit conaitiwi. Rf lor 5m will sacrifice for ?LZ KTKftKO SVSTf^r -- We havs cfivcft .1, "ihijiment of hr-inl rev styl'ps of sloiro component syste alilr. Unitnl Frpi«ht Sales, one Mon.-Fri., till 6:00 Sit., Hwy. 28-- Antiques-- For Sale ANTIQUES Chopping hlork. S100, fi nck chftirs, SI75. Tee crnar S7S. eurvi?d china rabinc Mnre furniturp. fi mile Applclown, Hwy. R2, Unco tuH faclor ;;, o; 3. !!· BOB HARTLEY SPUR RANCH VINITA, OKLAHOMA IAP.GK QUAI-VPV ICorlliei.i Brown' k\viss. WyaU Kra.llK: mi'M Norlh o! Gravetle on KI, Kart on Eot-k- Dell HiRtway. ARTJ KICTA L ins pmi rmllon h;eo\!5, top bulls, /nst cf(Jr! to anyv\ticrr anytime. R?a* RKC3STEP.ED HOHNED IffiP-1 BULLS R A G S DULL FARM. Phnr Si-3, PRA1IIIK GnO\ r K. Dax-is Ijealfi cr Shop--«aames » Repaired or Unstorn msie- Kwi 24--Dogs, Cats Pets AKC Woimaranpr ['Jppic5, o\ccl!r InS Viml [o: 'sinrtr. f^ii; 521-»K 5:^0 p.m. ( h 1 0 a f l o r Ixn ROOM and din l;ib!c and rliair ,cjni»iniry s'.ylo.s. H pi f3. CfisK or lemu. Salos, oien 0 to 3 M . Umtt-rl PicEBht Sa $2 Weil ?^iyctlvi]ie. sets. Spnnis tc dlncttE J United Proiph fu-Fri., till S:0 s. Rt. 3. H« TRADE IN! Curtis Mathos Cnmbo Color T.V stereo $450.00. See at Town Country Ilomccenfcr, School. 521-6273. FACTORY KtfRXlTURK -- Di s. Assorted styles. This sofa ??ls tor $17 (2 sets , Have rcclinor nl Soft.95, N'o phono orricr- .isr. Fir.U «ime. first served. Cas." ;t-rms a v a M a W e United Froipht E%I!C! n 0 to 3 Mon.-Fri.. (ill 6:00 Fat tod Freight £A!CS, R(. S, 62 W'.. Fay ettcville. TRADE IN! THE FISH BOWL Tropical Fish A: Supplier Open Tues.-FrL. 1-S p.m. S a t u r d a y 10 a.TtvR p.m. S u n d a y 1-6 p.m. 442-8700. 249 E. Cleburn TUTU East at Sunbrite Janitor Servk-e on North College . PHONE FOX TERF.tER COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department Name Brand Lines Complexe selection or all vetert* ary supplies- Everything for yous animal Eastgate Shopping Crater. Hwy. 16 C»«t COLUER REXALL EAST AIL BREEDS DOG GROOMING Tor Appointment CaL 4 4 3 - 3 4 4 1 Collier* has SO ]b. 5acks of Wayne and K«« dog fool Complete Line of Pet Supplie* at all Collier Stores. P R O F E S S I O N A L DOG G R O O M I N G Cynthia Johnson, Groorrxr Individual Attention -- No Tram- quilizers used. Personalized grooming don* with t e n d e r loving carr OCCASIONAL BOARDING OBEDIFJ\ T CE TRAIXTXG FOR AATT BREZD Pbone «2-SS92 d ays or evenln* 25-Home Needs-For Sale TRADE IN! Curti* Mathes 19" U p r i g h t color T.V., S239.95, See at Town CO-JH- iry Homccenier, Inc. , styling. Dinner Uhle= (ray girl -- read;' Tor a whirl ·ntr e'.mr,ir,K rarpets wilh B:U L/is',re. ·rrt *ciric stvujipooeT U. Po'.k Tasrt'.- »or», 60J W. Dlcksor,. le Model T.V. w/slan 51711.95. See al Town S; C o u n t i Hoinecenter, 11 IS So. School Av 5'3J-627«. 26--For Sole -- Mtscelloneou HEAVY BALKS of spoi!«i hay. Brent wood .F'ho^e KH^ll. Atflt ems .' ms a n 0 to UFF-A-DAY 14--ApartnwH For lent SCHOLARS INN ! NOW LEASING FOR SUMMER On* b*droom e f f i c i e n c y lurnihed p a r t m e n t . U t i l i t i e s p a i d , $70. From ·M-5:W call Scholars Inn. 521-5923. A f t e r 5:00 and weekends call 442- "Before I accept the position -- why did your last secretary leave?" COW rentine for ind twn twiroom ,-«sUrtent Go i21- ummer *nH lall -- on* apartnmels. KCTT In- JK or 4)2-2537, FURN15KKD trl-plcx. Pave £as! ipi^s. fxie bedroom, paneled, 111* shower and tub, married couple. Also one efficiency for mature student ptwne 4G- 8555. "A GREAT PLACE FOR FAMILIES" One Bedroom 107.00 Two Bedroom 125.00 Three Bedroom 14,3,01 All utilities paid, central heat and a/c. unfurnished, families. WASHINGTON PLAZA APARTMENTS 1«55 N. Lewis 521-3073 Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Closed Saturdays Sundays FURNISHED apartment and (urnlshi mobile home, Deposit required. Hanna Marine, 600 W. Gth SL Pfcone 521-S585. SEVKRAL one and two bedroom merits, close lo campus summer rates, S75 to 5125- Phon 5971. Dun 30-Wanted To Buy fKST PRICES FOR GOOD USED FURNITURE APP1-IANCKS INCLUD- NG ANTIQUES 442-2592. VANTED 2 ton - 6vn) mo^el Cftevy, IMC, or International wither without bH. Must be jrood truck. 731-5335. B U Y I N G U.S. SILVER COINS PAYING 160% ABOVE FACE (Subject to daily change, call for quole). Also need small coin ana stamp collections top dollar paid. FAYEITEVILLE COIN STAMP 25G1 N. College. 5Z1-W21 TWO BRDROOM. fri-pt«\. unfurnished pt stove anfl refrigenator, would liki nna! refcrejircs. photw 442-2854 or we at ]!84 R. Ash«*»1. 31--Wanted To Trade CAN OFFER SMALL 3 ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE AND UTILITIES TO YOUNG MARRIED AGRI STUDENT IN EXCHANGE FOR FARM WORK. CALL Z67-36OT 33--Rooms For Rent 34--Apartments For Rent p a t t r r n (able, S22o- .NTIQUR SHAKER HOPK BED CAU, LFTBR SiM '1IS-5-I02. Battlefield Antiques P n r n l i i i r c -- Primitives -- Glass Chiim -- Er,i.v; -- Collfictor's Items Prairie Grove, Ark. P)ion(! S46-2881 30--Wanted To Buy C S C O I N S H O P PAWN ying IBfl^ Over Face for Silver Buy Ss Sell AH U,S. Coins )S S. ThimipBDn 751-37 WAXTED: Hnnrt-crank tvpe Canning ma '' o. r;i[ialilc o( scaminK irp to MS on 05. 44^-fififil. M For rent, carpeted, c onditionwa, U06 Essl Drill-,, Faycttcville. Hion ntral heat KidBewa: NEARLY new, nice 2 bedroom, "is.-lic«I exec pi stove ref ri gera tor carpeted. aLr and central heat. MB i!e. No pets. Call 4J3-WR5 or -JSlfi utter 4:00. FURNISHED, S bedroon can. Apt. 1. Call 5'21-WlFi or ' . South Dm FREE RENT THIS MONTH 4--Apartment* For Rent bc'lrwom, pleasant location, furn- shed a!r-condiU(Hied ?90 per monlh :us ul1liU«Jr. Call between 6-9 442-5150. ·URinsirED. L^1nEroom-b«iroom combl- lation, huge kitfiipn and bathroom. J riva(e entrance. Of Street parkin?, WO, ililifies paid, deposit. Mature adult preferred. Phwie 521-6J16 after fi p.m. TJRNJSHKD apartment, utilities paid. JaWe a\~ai!ab:e. 308 North Washinslon. ie ·H2-8137. i bedroom, Jully carpeted, walking nee of campus. Offstreet r«r)cinz. 5130 pliu utilities. Call 442-712 after p.m. TIRED Of= BIG COMPLEXES ow Leasing New Apartments A 833 Sycamore Six 1-Bedroom Apartments Eight 2-Bedroom Townhouse* Luxuriously Furnished drape Beautiful harvest gold appliance including dishwasher, Water and gas paid Individual fenced-in patios Call Vic after 3 p.m. 521-1584 LEASING FOR SUMMER Corner oE Leverett Lawson. Mr. townhouse apartments. Hi bath. central air, frost free re- Jrig erato r, d ishwasher, disposal .Furnished or unfurnished. Water bill paid. One unit vacant May 1st Five units vacant June 1st. For information and application cal Bryce Davis. 521-8660. 808 TOWNHOUSE E'.NISHED very nice and conx-enient KeUlesfiip Apts., 1540 Nenleship, Phone G L E N D A L E Renting for Summer $125 Per Month · ^ Bedroom Furnished Also Renting for Fall: Ail Utilities Paid, Swimming Pool Central Air Conditioning Call Paul or Elsa Rosenberg 632 Putman - 442-6638 TWO BEDROOM furnished apartmen Central air con-iiHoning, clet-hic kitchei \s-all-tn-wall carpcling. Off-street porting $130 R montri. Water paid 521-1768. N ew apa rlmenls now ava liable -- · Move in now and get the m o n t h FURNISHED, clean, of May rent free. Special summc cnienl location, rates. Two bedrooms, furnisher quality built apartments with a) the extras including dishwashers- Call today for an appointment. -cnienl ..i, utilities. bedroom, Con Married couple- dogs. Can inquire a WO bedroom ramtshefl apartments, flfr er month plus utilities, Close to ram us, 7W N. Garland. 44?-9ilE. jSK, two and three bedroom furnish** nsrtments. $60 to S1W. University cam ar«i. Phone -H2-2T70. LARGE etficiencr. : R\\ : pa! 10 pets, references required. 521-2661. SPECIAL SUMMER RATES RAZORBACK PLiUSA now taking Rpp lor June J Fumiihed. 2 bedroom ,, ^ h f u l l v carpeted, dishwasher, poo all bills paid- Walking distance (o U versity, Itione iZi-Siie manaBer aparl menl No. 11 after 5 p.m. 531-1239. CREEKWOOD VlUA Check These Features: · Central Air · Shag Carpc · Queen size beds · Frost-free r frig · Dishwasher T)ispo.s il · Free TV Hoolcup. Lo summer rates. $117.30 -- One Bedroom 5127.50 -- Two Bedroom All bills pa id except electric ·14Z-B710 -- 443-32tfi GRANDVIEW APARTMENTS NOW LEASING 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apar merits, Furnished or Unfu pished. Central heat and a conditioning. Drapes. Unfu nished. Family living. Star ing at $101 per month. Phon 521-8796. Manager on pre ises. Al^IOST NEW two beflroom fiiml = a partinenls. 2 blocks cam pus, een1 air, summer rales. 521-1019 or 531-5 after 4:00. FUHNIF.HED one bedroom, carpet, i conditioned, private parking, single male. $85, no pets. «'MS58 or 44*6753. -Apartm*!*)* for R*nt THE SUGAR TREE TOWNHOUSE5 e u l t i m a t e in 2 bedroom fur- shed and unfurnished, IVz bat hi need pa I Eos washer-dryer con* ctions. all electric kitchen. 1591 vcrett Street. Phone U3-2Q72, iw town houMt. IBZt N. Gr«£f- lone 521-4975, MISTY HOLLOW APIS. Two blocks of campus. Summer Rates. 442-4460, 521-1249. or 35-DupUxM For , , cirptt. No pets. C85 ami toputK. lles. 443-2S71. _ _ WKST of Univtrsfiy. «» bedroom. f hhed, J?0 per month, bilk paid, on* ' TTVO bedroom furni a triplex, «35. Quiet n lo school. Hurry tor *J HW ask for St*\*. all mtrM. ·!· ghbortiood. iMlft , M248S3 or SR- EVERLY MANOR APIS. TJRNISHED apartment *13J pet month, ifurnijhed apartment T100 per month. I bills paid «xcepl water. ttl Whitham, DUPLEX APARTMENT, runilshrt, s mer and/or Tall. HOT N. bmratt, a month. 412-7118. UVK WHILE you rent In this srdudrt, sound-proof, two bedroom, famished townhouse. Essential* plus rmny Lurartec. Oill ·W^-7481. NFUROTSHED apartment, two brf- oom.-;, (5M£ per month plus $25 clean- deposit. Reference required. South Bock Sis., Apt. 12. 442-7790. $85 PER MONTH BILLS PAID V limited number of unfurnished wo bedroom apartments in Carlon Terraces are now available for ie Spring semester, $85 per month 11 utilities paid. Efficiency kilch- n and drapes furnished. Inquire t University o£ Arkansas Hous- ng Office or call 57S-3951 for in- ormation and applications. Must ·ried or graduate University ""·time faculty/staff. CONTEMPORARY AND BEAUTIFUL Two bed room unfurnished to wn- hotise. AIL conveniences, ihag carpet and gorgeous view. 1230 per m o n t h . Call Lee Bos* at Gallery of Homcfi. 21-7272. SUNLOVBRS See this duplex. Two bedrooms, paneled throughout, close to Univ ersit v. Redwood sundeck. Unfurnished. *165 per month. Call Le» Boss at Gallery of Home*. 521-7TT2. or gi full-' ·RANC?i3CA Aparrw ents: "Across tT« lr«?t from campus." SuniTner rates J125. " l s h e d two bedroom, central air, disfa- PUTMAN-HnJj APARTMENTS Fumisehd two bedroom aparUncnts -i r . conditioned -- carpet -- garbage isposal -- near 4 p.: On i versify -- 442-3797 ONE bedroom furnished duplex, O» pet month. f25 deposit. From 8:«W:«. 5211313. Weekends and after 8:00, 443-2259. TWO bedroom furnished apm-tment, «ir- condilloned, carpeted. Kood Jaeation. Phone yl'^HBg after 6. 501-2646. ^ ONB bedroom furnished duplex, % bloc* n campus. Phone 321-644* after 5:0* TWO bedroom, fumlrttH duplex apartment, no irtlUttMt P«id. Phone ~~ Also 'available, unfurnished 5B-4 DUPLEX, unfunil5hed,_tin neo, two urmwww, ·- Whflhx* St»tt Pte»« BASHMMST enid*n7 apnrtment, room?, 2 blocks from campus, for very quiet student, $80 WHs paid. MARIA APARTMENTS Available Now and Leading tor Summer and Fall Looking for quiet Living? · One and two bedroom apartmenta and two bedroom townhousc*. * Furnished or unfurnished 1 A\\ bills paid except lights Carpet -- pool -- frost-free refrigerator -- all gas central beatinj and air-condinttoninff. PHONE 443-2141 If no answer 442-9466 after 7 p.m LARGE two beiJroom, wall-to-wall pet. central he«t, air amditjoned, ^r dLsposa!, 0ori furniture, off itreet p FfK\V, two b menl -all utilities paid, »135 per Ptiillips Drive, 'TWO bedroom furnished ftoplex flO fora- Lahed, jSS oniurniahed. Two befeQoc* lurnistiert trailer. Electricity and watoff rutnbbed $85, C. R. Fault. 830-3S73. HOLLINGSWORTH ARMS One block south of the Science Engineering Building. One and two bedroom, furnished ap.irlment, available now. Also leasing for summer and fall. Summer rates 521-3833. NOW AVAILABLE 1 Z BEDROOM UNITS AT LEVERETT GARDEN APTS. Friendly atmosphere 2 large pools, recreation room. Summer rate* effective June 1st, CALL 521-7200 9 THiL GUARANTEED QOTET. Onapte and m*- ture sinjrles only. TWO bedroom :«*· Mrnihs«d, «xcept stove Mid J110. Call 531-1621 aftei- S TWO bedroom, *haa carpet, ata«t . rerrigcrator Mrnished, Central alr-conAHloned, gartefle dlapo er/d rj-er oonn«-tian«. 4C-8PI8. 36--Houses For Rent HOTfSE NBXR. Ufii\*epsit3', BeaaUnilly .Lliwled, aciTeage among trees. Two bert- ·owns, ttirec baths. 9uitat)e ooupl*. 1 children. Phone -m-31gT. KOUSK AND BA"RN AND 7 ACRES J'ASTURB. CLYDE UkNE, NIOR unlurrisJied, two bedroom o» South 71. 1335 a month. Phone 443-7191, ON B RRDROOM furnished. Fireplace. ·sir conditioned, utilities paJd. Femal« student preferred. Ol t 521-4*58 after 6:30. SKULL CREEK APTS. 900 N. Lewrett 521-2761 1. 2, nd 3 bedroom furnished or unfurnished. All utilities paid, two swimming pools, tennis court*, laundry, grocer?. CM facilities, air cond itioned. FUR^SHFD. 3 bedroom, w»sher wd dryer, carport, 9®ii C*litornia, PJwm« 787-5115. FURNISHED, 4 room bouse. Washer/dry. rr, nir cnnditioning, hnK t-awn, main- Uiin^. A.i-a11aUft May IS, (IIS a month. 44344K TWO BEDROOM hou« f J2K So. Snhool St. i^miltet onl'. Phon« 381-2402. , . per imnth, ?T5 deposit. EI, tor«t house. Good lo. 45 Bast. Fayetteviile. H50 THREE BEDROOM hOBM Carpet, eentntl beet, na pete. $1S- Phone vo hednKxn lumisried apartment, air- mditioned. dishwasher, carpeted Ihrough- it Ut bafhs, Sffii Un irersify. Ption* 361-21DS or 11WW1S. CTUJIJtIKGS APARTMENTS. Now rent- tor summer. Close to campus. One two bedrooms, furnished. Phone DELMARR Available May apartment all cept electric. Sum able. Phono 521-2 4-159 a f t e r 5 p.m. 1. Two bedroom utilities paid ex- rates avail- p.m., 521- TREMENDOUS VALUES The most automobile for the money is a 1972 or '73 Cadillac. A tremendous saving when you buy a two year old Cadillac with low mileage for less than $5000. See HATFIELD PONT I AC-CADILLAC For These Cars Today 220 N. College Phone 442-2308 We had an answer to the gas problem long before there was a gas problem. Plymouth Valiant. 14 jrars sga, wtten we pet o»r Bfst Valiant on display, it goi a lot of attention. And wby not? tt was part pi a new breed of small rais that offered good, sohd value io a compact size. A smaH car that iealured easy handling and parking, nice low price, room (or six inside, plenty of trunk space and good gas mileage on tegtrlar fuel. Back then, lie otiief auto companies came out with newcom- pacte, too. But wbtfe their lines hare bDen by (he wayside, Valiant has kept on going strong, h) fact, over 2.3 million Valiants have been sold since I960. So we hgwe we've been doing something right And naturally, Valiant's good gas mileage is part of rt. One good reason why America's No. 1 setting compacts come from Plymouth. Stop in today and wel show you plenty of other reasons. See us for eight great smaU car buys. IVEY MOTOR CO. 620 North College 442-8691 LEWIS FORD'S TIMELY NEW MID-SIZE CAR IN THE THUNDERBIRD TRADITION: America's Youngest Car is Unique in the MID-SIZE Field FOR THE LUXURY CAR BUYER WHO'S READY TO GO MID-SIZE. Totally new inside and oufc Classic grille . unique twin opera windows · vinyl roof · elegantly contoured bench scats . distinctive instrument panel · SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic transmission . power steering · power front disc brakes · steel-belted radial ply tires · electric clock · much, much more. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENT Of THE NEW ELITES --OUR SHOWROOM IS FULL! COME OUT TODAY WHILE THE SELECTIONS ARE BEST! FORD 'THE BIG SPREAD" IEWIS FORD 3373 N. College 442-5301 J

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