Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 2, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1974
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N«ftWett Arkomoi TIMES, Thurs., May 2, 1974 F»YITTIVILI_« A R K A N S A S Pryor Names Campaign Coordinators David Pryor, Democratic gubernatorial cnndicate, today announced tlie appointment of ·Dr. George R. Cole Jr.. and Mrs. Betty Burke as campaign coordinators for Fayetteviltc. Dr. Cole. 38. is a n a t i v e of 'and an obstetrician-gynecologist in FayeUeville. He is a grad u a t e o f Faycltcville H i g h ^School and the University of ·Arkansas Medical School. He ;served in the United States Air ·Force from 1861-63. and has -since practiced in Fayettevilie. Dr. Cole is a diplomate of ·the American Board of Ohste- tricians and Gynecologists, a memlcr of the FayeUeville Chamber of Commerce, and a 'member of and former elder in the Presbyterian Church. Dr. iCole and his wife, Betsy, have 'three sons. Dr. Cole is the son of University cf Arkansas Athletic Director E m e r i t u s George Cole and Mrs. Cole. Mrs. Burke, an attorney ami housewife, is associated with the law firm of Wade, McAlis- tcr. Wade and Burke. Her hus- ;band is Tom Burke, also attorney, ,ind they have ^children. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Keith ^Jackson of Fayelteville, and is a graduate of the University of Denver and the University of Arkansas school of law. Mrs. Burke is a memler of t h e Washington County, A r k a n s a s and American Bar Associations, and the Washington County Hospital Auxiliary and the Fay- etterille Episcopal Churc.h. Franchise Lost, Company Is Told SPR1NGDAU3 -- Tho Fay- cUeville Transportation Service Inc., was granted today temporary authorization to set up cab service in Springdale, replacing the Springdale Cab Company which forfeited its franchise, according Lo Mayor Park Phillips. The decision came a f t e r a l\vo hour secret session this morning between city and company officials -- a meeting at which the news media WHS not present. According to Phillips, Springdale C a b C o m p a n y was notified that Ihey no longer h a d a f r a n c h i s e with the city. Phillips declined to explain further. Aldermen had previously commented on problems with the city-wide cab service, The council's cab committee will review an application for a franchise submitted by the Fayetteville Transportation Ser vice and meet with the company on May 14 b e f o r e the council meeting, Phillips said. Subpoena (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) President of something he i probably aware of." he said. But Wakiic's questioning of Diar established that non-compliance \vith the committee's subpoena could be an mipeach- able of/ense if it was a willful act. "Was the failure to supplv Ihe tapes w i l l f u l ? " asked Waidie. "Yes," replied Doar. Settlement (CONTTNTJED FKOM PAGE i) f i c a t i o n . lhat spoke f l a t l y o! "the f o r t h c o m i n g settlement ol the Syrian-Israeli dis-cngage- ment." as if t h e r e were no question about it ultimately. Before lone there will be an o!hc-r Soviet-American summit in Moscow. Unless something h a p p e n s in the M i d d l e East deadlock, it will open under a h e a v y cloud. The R u s s i a n s are f-aaer for s u m m i t results. The a l s o want to m a k e up for loss of influence in Egypt by producing some sort of 'Soviet showcase in Syria. N e i t h e r is possible without some break in ihe impasse. Regional (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) not be? i is. ex] in Ihe recommended regional plan. If the KI'A considers the p l a n t obsolete because it is not n accord w i t h I he regional p l a n , Lawrence was worried the city would not he able to obtain f u n d s lo rcp;md Ihe present plant so t h a i the city can continue waste-water treatmenl u n t i l the regional plan :ffccl. M e l t o n said the E P A ·cprcpcnlntivc .said the federal igC'Ticy would have to funci iant construction so t h a t treat- nent can ho kept al least al he same level it has been until he regional plan is in 'peration. In reply (o a member 1 ? Hiostion, "Arc we- going to i d o p L the plan and then try to conic up with the money ncodcc put it into operation? 1 Melton replied vcs. A D O P T I O N U R G E D R a t h e r t h a n do nothing abou' ·adopting a plan and so be. in violation of federal and state aws, Melton recommended the commission adopt the plan anr .hen try to get the standard? 'or Northwest Arkansas easex "because, very f r a n k l y , o 11 entire food proce-ssing industry .5 at stake." Melton was referring to the 'act t h a t 40 per cent of the waslcwater treateci through nunicipa! plants is from indus .ry and the area's largest in :iustry is poultry processing. I Ihe standards arc not eased, the a l r e a d y exorbitant cost of thi recommended regional waste- w a t e r t r e a t m e n t plan would ris even higher, forcing the foor processing industry to leave th( area for a place with a les: expensive .sewage treatmen costs. But the plan needs lo be idoplcd. Melton said. That waj NWARPC would have the plai n hand while talking to EPA o f f i c i a l s about changing stan · l a r d s or allowing more flexibility i n meeting l e g a deadlines. Fayeltcville City Managei Don Grimes said he did no w a n t water quality standard: reduced to levels below wha ,he streams can handle bit rather he wanted to s e e the standards imposed with greate flexibility in the Northwest Ar tansas area. He called the recommende r e g i o n a l plan a "godsend 1 compared to w h a t EPA would require cities to do will their individual wastewate: treatment plants if they are t ktep their EPA discharge per mils- LESS EXPENSIVE Melton pointed out lhat the regional approach to waste water treatment is less costlj t h a n an individual city ap proach. "Working together can pay for this," ho said noting tbat the area towns ar fortunate to be geographicall; close enough to set up regional system. " Ejs^/whcre the cities wil ilteir proportionate share o the fotal cost, Mitchell repliei be didn't know. He said lh- federal government will provid 75 per cent of the conslnictioi costs hut none of the operatin. costs. One man asked, "How ca Congress pass a law (public la\ S2-5Q0), appropriate money fo it and t h e n freeze the mone\ and expect the cities to com up with funds?" He told Melton he d i d n ' t expect an answer t bis question. Mellon did point out tha adoption of the plan m e a n t th commission member citie could begin applying for Stc One federal funds provided t study approaches to meethi t h e legal water quniit deadlines. West Fork M a yor ,Ta me McKnight noted that his cit has just completed constructio of at wastewater trcatrnen plant, -- "One of the m o s modern in the state." He askei if il will be mandatory tha West Fork join in with the re gional plan. XO CITY FORCED Mitchell replied t h a t no cit; would be required to participat but (old McKnight t h a t \vhe: the city receives the newh issued discharge permit w i t h it stringent regulations. Wes Fork will either have to mak additions to its present f a c i l i t ; or hook on to the region a system. Commission member Dal Rice of Rentonville -- the online m her to cast a vote agains adoption of the plan -- har several questions for Mitchell He askocl why there had bcei no study showing the cost el fectiveness of a plan t h a t 1150. existing t r e a t m e n t plants "i the standards you w a n t lowerer Illinois R i v e r were at all w a s t e w a t e ICimnf Pi'.A lll CT.BB POStlJt FtyerterU.'e, Art WEMBER ASSOCIATED PRR-* Tie AsiM!i!ed Pr«i !r e=Li'.:e3 n- ciiiilvelv to Lh» use tor rep"b'a- Ucn of all local cewj prijtsj b LVi SrBSClUFTIO.N IUTTS Effectlvi Orto%*r 1. 1573 BOOM Per moots by a K=j copy iaijy 03 ^y Be IB U«*. Ark., 1 fl r.9. KBH . Ber-l03, M£U*K dilr Ox., O*-U.; Ot7 oatsioe ij S men-A* 4 nOTtiif t TZAA - I 956 . IS.flD . 50.00 - 40.00 . f Ml . uoo for the lowered d i s c h a r g e p o i n t s ? " Rice questioned why if the com could try to get the · n a n d n r d s changed for the IHi nois River, it could not. try to get t h e m changed for othe streams. Mitchell replied t h a t he did not believe that the standard, for aU streams should be changed. He maintained tha the Illinois River standards should be changed in order to meet the rest of (he water q u a l i t y s t a n d a r d ? , a kind 'trarip-off." PL.A.V QUESTIONED Rice then a = ked why the ·f-gion would use secondar treatment in the recommended Police Checking Thefts, Arson, Bogus Tickets University of A r k a n s a s ' Dear t merit of Public Safety DPS) is investigating several icidonts of reported thefts. Uempted arson and bogus cun- ert tickets. Handy Young of 521 Spruce ,1. told DPS officers that a lattery was stolen from his car vhilc parked at a p a r k i n g lot vest of the First National Drive-In Bank on Dickson Street some-time between 8 a.m. and : p.m. Wednesday. Five residents of Fulbright H a l l also reported to DPS a series of thtfts over the pa si , i .vo weeks from their dorrr rooms. Items stolen inchidec three rings, a hair dryer several items of clothing. $3 n cash and an unde term Enec amount of change. A number of b o g u s concert tickets for the J. Geils Band performance in April were recently discoverer the sponsoring organization vhilc looking t h r o u g h ticke 1 ·eccipts, according to a DP5 spokesman. The tickets were valued at $5 each. It has been determined how m a n y ivere counterfeit. An incident of atlemptcc Irson was reported to DPF 'rom members of the Ph 3am ma Delta fraternity a f t e several persons observed some one set. fire to a grass wal surrounding t h c fraternit; louse and then drive- away in a car. The incident occurred af 10:20 p.m. Tuesday. Davis (CONTINUED FHOM PACE ONI a n s a s Legislature. person found guilty of murder u n d o the capital felony rtesignalio must either be sentenced to death or life without parole. NO PAROLE Both Gibson and Lineberge pointed out that the life sen lencc given to Davis Wednesdaj implies no parole. However, i is in the power of 'he gover nor's office to commute th sentence to a specific numbe of years, in which case Davi coulct come up for parole. Lineberger explained to th TIMES that the sentence desig nated "life withou', parole" ma also be commuted, but it is th f e e l i n g that the governor's stal and the parole board will b much less likely to grant th commutation with that desig nation. Faced with the possibility o the death sentence, or havin the life without parole desig nation on h i s commitmen papers, Davis decided to Chang his plea to guilty, Lineberge said. In order to get a verdict guilty on the capital felon charge, the stale would hav had to prove that Davis kille Mrs. Vander-slice in a robber; attempt. The law provides t h capital felony charge for case of murder implying robber kidnaping, a n d - certain othe crimes. According to the crimina court docket. Davis' life sen tence is to begin on Jan. 1 1974. when he was firs', arreste -- a date that might be of im portance if Davis' life sentenc. were to be commuted, since i would be used to figure paro] time. Class Reunion Set Plans for a reiinion of th 1964 graduating class of Lincol High School have been mac according to Sirs. Dolly McCra tic, c h a i r m a n . The reunion to be held at Lake Wedingto from 10 a.m. until dark o Saturday July 20, and person knowing 19G4 graduates ar requested to inform them of th reunion. Mrs. McCratic said that a n j one wishing to renew old ac quaintances is invited to atten and bring a picinc lunch fo iheir family. MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! 11 yon cannot reach yoor TIMES carrier PHONE «2-624J Dally o to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 3 to 6 p m Sunday 8 to 9:30 a.m. plan when the law required b 195 t h a t the best possible trea 1 ment available (for example tertiarv treatment ) be used Mitchell said (his is not a lega requirement, hut was include in the law as a national goal. Rice asked t h a t the writte testimony submitted at las week's hearing be read alout At first Melton declined, sayin it wouki take too long. But a f t e a conference with Riley, Mi chell had the four statement read aloud. All four statements com mended the plan while pointin out specific factors to be con sidered: The economic strai placed on the area by th federal and state standards: th need for wastewater treatmen for the Willis-Shaw F r o z e n Express Company of Eln Springs, a company whic .vanls to hook up to a regions system: and (he need to alien room to consider tlie possibilit; of more cost effective systems. The resolution as adoptee pointed out t h a t adequat 'ederal funding would be needed for this area to mee :he s t a n d a r d s and noted tha the determination of a more cost effective plan would tab. precedence over the recom mended plan or the alternative 'Ian contained in the regiona vater q u a l i t y management report. T = = = People Helping People Directors of Funeral Swvic* Service* · ICKIPT H«ry H. _ Thur!. A-.y, \0:tt a.m. Chapel of Nel- *on'» Funeral Home. Dr. Joel Cooptr officiating. Interment, Aspen Grove Cemelery Bur- linzton, Iowa. Obituary R. L. POTTKIt Prairie Grove -- R. I,. Potter, 1, a former resident of P r ; i i r i c ji-ovc, died in C I i n t o n. Iowa oclay. He was tarn March 8, 838 in Buffalo. Mo., the «on of 1 . H. and Martha Halt I'otlctr rid was a retired school teach- r and farmer. Survivors include three- bro- hers. E. B.. of Clinton. K. J.. f Houston, TDX-. and G. C. of San Antonio, Tex. Kuncral service will at 2 '.m. S a t u r d a y at the Little Elm hurch north of Prairie Grove vith burial in Ihe Karmingtcn Cemetery. I)R'. K A R I . M Y R O N SCOTT Prairie Grove --Doctor Karl .lyron Scott, 70, a former resi dent of the Fayettovillc area and a former head of the Uni- ·ersity of A r k a n s a s School ol Economics, diet] in W i n s t o n - ialem. N.C.. Wednesday. Horn Sept. 27. 1903. in Kansas, the son of H e n r y and Mary Scott, le was a professor at W a k e r orest University from 1955 un- il his retirement in 1971 ami a Mason. !e is survived by the widow, Mrs. Genevieve Shafer Scott of he home; three daughters, Mrs. Louis Pirko. Washington, D.C.. .Irs. Bernard Gregory, Alama ardo, N.M., and Jlrs. Beth Ellis, Dolhan, Ala.: one bro- her, John W. Scott, A u b u r n Ma,, and two sisters. Mrs. /ihcrlh Vermillion, Cunning- lam, Kan., and Mrs. E l s i e ~ lingingbell. Van Nuys. Calif. Graveside services will be Monday, May 6. at 10:30 a.m. n the Farmington cemetery. Money Stolen About $121 in c a s h was reported stolen f r o m the coach's o f f i c e at K l k i n s High School Tuesday ni#ht. A school .spokesman. .)im C u r r y , told s h e r i f f ' s deputies that the money was t a k e n f r o m a f i l i n g c a b i n e t . K n t r a n c r to the school was gained by b r e a k i n g a window m the* dressing ronm. LET GO And let God minister to you by word ded a* f a i t h t e a c h i n g - M i n i s t r y through an evangelist. VERN HOWELL Fri.-Sot., May 3rd-4th 7:30 p.m. Sun. May 5th 2:30 p.m. Hwy. (12 West, FayeUeville Turn South al Hawkins Body Shop. Call 41:1-4166 for Info. Evaluation Team B K N T 0 N 1 V I L I, E -- An v a l u a t i o n learn of the North Central Accrediting Committee visiting Gentonville High School this week. The team of 23 educators will evaluate the school's program of s e l f - e v a l u a t i o n , to determine the strengths and weaknesses in the school. Purse Stolen Mrs. Pal Noivcll of 2111 Patti, Springdale. told Kaycllc- vllle police that her purse was stolen from the Dillard's store in the Northwest Arkansas Plaza where she is employed Wednesday. Mrs. Norvcll said the pnrse contained credit cards, personal chocks and i d e n t i f i c a t i o n . Student Carwash Set P R A I R I E GROVE -- A carwash will be sponsored by the French Club at Prairie Grove High School Saturday. Students will wash ears at the north end of the Northwest Arkansas Plaza parking lot from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Proceeds will go to support club activities. Funerals S p r i n g d a l e --Jennifer Hughes; 10 a.m. F r i d a y ; Johnson Church of Christ; burial in Stuckey Cemetery. Memorials may be sent to St. J u d e ' s Childrens Hospital, Memphis, Tenn. Springdale -- George K- Rogers; 3 p.m. Friday; Sisco "uneral Chapel; burial "riendship Cemetery. Springdale -- R o b e r t Lee Sarron; 2 p.m. Saturday, Sisco Funeral Chapel; burial in Forest Park Cemetery. Lumber Missing Guy Terry, Route 2, Springdale, told sheriff's deputies that il eight-foot lengths of two by our lumber were stolen from lis home Wednesday. The lumber is valued at 52.42. Tires Stolen Ten to 15 used tires were reported stolen from the home of Edward Morris on the Elm Springs Road sometime in the past two weeks. Morris told sheriff's deputies that the tires were taken from his garage. THEY'RE MOVING MEN, NOT MIRACLE MEN Expert care and handling of your household possessions!* everything you can reasonably expect from the moving ma*. He can't put that oldj familiar neighborhood in a crat* .,. move 1he corner drug store to your new home town ... bring along Johnny's old school or Mary's favorite hairdresser. Neither can your Welcome Wagon Ko5t«£Vfarkmir»cEes. But she fan and will provide directions to the community facilities you need, and bring with her a galaxy of gifts from Its leading merchant*. She av:a;t?yourcallat Phone 443-5438 or 442-8111 WELCOME NEWCOMERS! Ui« this coupon to M ut know you're her*. Name t Address City , _ ( ! Please have the Welcome Wagon Hostess call on m*. ( ) I would like to subscribe , to the N.W. Ark. TIMES j ( ) 1 already subscribe to the « Pifl out the coupon and mail to ! TIMES. Box D, Fayettevilte, 1.49 each is all you pay for professional color portraits of your child. Select either large 5x7', or set of 4 wallet size, from several poses. For Mother's day · 2 children photographed together--1.69 each child · Alt portraits delivered' together--1.47 each child · Age limit: 12 yeart And we never charge for handling or delivery. Pixy is available only through JC Penney. JCPenney HOURS Thursday, May 2 11-5; 6-8 Friday, May 3 9:30-1; 2-5 Saturday, May 4 9:30-1; 2-5 Downtown Fayefteville "On the Square' .JCPenney Shirt dressing plus. All it takes is a little detail. And a great price. $ 17. 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