Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 1, 1974 · Page 33
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 33

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1974
Page 33
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14 Arkanui TTMES, Wed., May 1, 1974 rAVITTtVILLt. ARKAH1A* Each Arkansas County Now Has A Public Health Nurse A full-limo public health n u r s e is employed, for the first time, in each of the 75 counties in Ihe state. Miss Sarah Lou Butler, director of the division of Public Health N u r s i n g of the stale de partment of h e a l t h made the announcement today. "Although, this m a y not be as exciting as a new homc-nir record, it is i m p o r t a n t to the m;my ixrsons concerned public health services in the state." she said. Mosl counties, (all except 2') hare more t h a n one nurse P u l a s k i County with 31 has the largest number, followed by Jefferson with 15. Miss Butler pointed out (hat the state total of 248 nurses is the result of the e f f o r t s of m a n y persons \vno have shared the goals for better nursing ser vices in each county. All P H N ' s arc registered and 51 have baccalaureate degrees and four have master degrees. In 1917, Jackson County became the f i r s t to appropriate f u n d s for a nurse. It was followed by Columbia. Garland. Greene. Hot Springs and Pope. In J u l y 1019 Miss Linnic Beauchamp became the first state supervisor and by 1341) Car Care Vilal Before Vacation No one would tliink of mail a valuable package without making sure it was wrapped carefully and completely protected. Yet i f .statistics" o r e correct, most people aren't a? careful when se nitgrdtihino-scti correct, most people aren't as careful when sending t h e i r most prtcrious possession on a l o n g journey. If that invaluable cargo is a f a m i l y and the carelessly prepared container is a car, liter based on reports from official odds arc almost even t h a i there is at least one serious defect, in that vehicle. The odds arc base on reports from officui vehicle inspection agencies showing approximately one on of every two cars cannot pass simple safety checks. To help make certain you ant your loved ones have a safe and breakdown-free trip, here's a list of items lo check with your favorite service outle before you depart. Brakes, tires and wheels -Have brake linings inspected check f l u i d levels and seals an* adjust brakes. Check tires fo excessive wear or visible sign of damage. If needed, rotat the tires. Also, check whce alignment and balance an make sure your shock absor bers are not w o r n out or dam aged. Vision -- Check windshicl wipers, headlights, turn signal? back-up and brake lights t make sure they are in goo condition. Make sure waslie reservoirs are filled and tha ail glass and mirrors are clean Cooling system -- Clean ou End flush the cooling syste and refill with new coolant, an rust inhibitor if needed. Choc 1he thermostat, fan belt an water pump. Inspect all belt and hoses and condition of Lh radiator cap. Lubrication -- If nccricc change the oil and oil fillc As part of the overall chass lubrication, check transmlssio and differential fluids, froi wheel bearings, locks ar hinges. Tune-up -- It it has bee more than 10,000 miles sine your last tune-up, have one performed. As part of the tune-up ; check compression, coil output. ( charging rate of generator o r ' alternator, install new spark pi u 2 s. ins peel phi g w i res and boots, service and replace distributor components, service carburetor. check emission system and replace air cleaner. Also check battery and cables, cranking, starting and o p e r a t i n g voltages and electrical wiring. the there were 100 I'HNs state and IIP, in lafiD. addition lo the registered nurses there art 1 55 a u x i l i a r j nursing personnel working wjtr Ihe d e p a r t m e n t . Miss Butler says more nurses Looks Just Like Typical Englishman ...He Is NEW YORK (AP) -- Dressed u r g i n g of his younficst ( l a u g h - i t h o British civil service before are still needed. Health o f f i c i a l s usually recommend one PHX for 2.500 to 3.001) population pi, supervising personnel and con s u l t a n t s at regional and state offices. On this basis. Miss Butler says, all of the counties need two or more PHNs. pbid suit wi ridmj; easily an his g r a y i n g K a i r and ;i black m n b r o J a hHd loosely in his h a n d , Richard Adams looks v e r y much the E n g l i s h m a n -- which he is. Hut. as the 53-year-olcl novelist is quick to point out, the resemblance ends there "since I'm not reserved like so m a n y of the English, I talk r e a d i l y , freely and easily mid because of liiis some regard me as strange." He also isn't a typical novel isl, having written nothing -"just poL-ms when 1 fell in love with a girl as a young fellow" -- until he was 4li. And then only because of the constant hrnvler | ter, Krjsamond. M. "If she h a d n ' t forced me." A i t a r n s says with a laugh, "I w o u l d n ' t have ami w r i t t e n AVater- s h i p Down.' ' The novel, a f a n t a s y about a group of rabbits their n a t i v e warrei new and better place to l i v e , f i r s t appeared in Krrgland and recently was published in this from s who leave, a {t(.,. ·n in search of W ork retiring recently a f t e r 25 years. He- was still working when he began "Walership Down," and "alter my d a u g h t e r forced me [ decided to do it as an escape work, supper every night sit down and s p ich c o u n t r y , which explained the reason behind A d a m s ' f i r s t t r i p to the United States, a place he finds "warm and free," KX-PAKATROOI'Ell A d a m s , who took his degree at Oxford after serving as a p a r a t r o o p e r in World \V^r II. spent his entire working life in i t . It look me 18 m o n t h s to write- and another six m o n t h s to polish it but actually w o r k began on il mentally a long time before. "When my girls were quite young ( h i s other daughter, Juliet, is now 16) we'd go on long drives out of London and to while away the time I'd tell them stories. And that's how 'Watcrship Down' came into being. It started as a stor; right o f f the top of my head bout a rabbit named Ha/el but the girls wouldn't let me slop after just one story. I had to keep it up. And then after I'd made up all these stories, I was made to write them down." Adams, who thinks Ihc important thing for a writer is "to feel you're g i v e n pleasure to thousands of people -- that is very nice," considers his book a "yarn about adventure, a novel about leadership, and a hymn of praise to the English countryside" -- a point he emphasizes by showing color slides of rural areas which figure prominently in the novel. "I was brought up in the English countryside," he says, 'and I love it. We have a country cottage in Berkshire and we go there as often as we can. I snow a lot about English wild animals, wild flowers and bird songs." Adams recently completed another novel which is schcil' uled to appear in B r i t a i n later this year. Titled "Shardik." it deals! he says, "with, a giant bear in an imaginary world cdy type of tiling," he says, 'about the exploitation of animals by man. It will concern wo dogs who arc being used or fxperimental purposes who escape from the laboratory and run wild in the English coun- .rysicle. "I've nothing written yet," Adams says with a smile, "but I've got the plot in my head and it's knocking to be let, out." 'ho becomes the god of a half- civilized tribe. Its theme is a novelist's examination of man s concept of divine incarnation." The author is eager to get back to England and start work on a third novel. 'It's going to he a black com- The TIMES It On Top of The News Seven Days a Week 18 Officers Are Named For UA Law Review H u g h Spirits of North l.itllc Rock has been fleeted editor-in- chief of the Arkansas Law Review, published by the U n i - versity of Arkan?as School o f j Law. for the summer and f a l l ! semester?, according to Dean Wvlie Davis. Other officers named were Matthew Levitt of St. Louis Park. Minn., m a n a g i n g editor, Don Henry of Springrlale, business manager: Roger Osbom of C o m b s , comments editor: Richard Fleischer of R a r i t a n . N T .J., comments editor for the Little Rock branch: S u s a n Web her of Texarkana. articles editor; and Chuck Foehner of St. Louis, Mo., citations editor. Associate editors, n a m e d for the Kaycttcville Division of the School are John Cullen of Fayetteville; Waiter Pupko of Douglaston. N.Y.: D a v i d Smith of Hot Springs: Torn Staley of Little P.ock; Steve Vowel! of Green Forrest: and James T. W i l l i a m s o n of Falls Church. Va. Asiociale editors of the Little Rock Division ivill be named iater. To be eligible for the staff of the Law Review, students must be in the top 10 per cent of all the students in the School who have had at least 26 icmeslers of study. Shurfine ^^ FROZKN Orange Juice 12 oz. Can 2 FOR ONLY 2 Ply 200 Count REGULAR 39c Kleenex _. Facial Tissues WHITE ASSORTED REGULAR M Off Label plus Dillon's Savings 32 oz. PLASTIC BOTTLE Wisk Liquid Laundry Detergent t Carnation Little Friskies Dry Cat. Food LIVER, FISH OR CHICKEN t Kb Bag Kraft Chef's Surprise Box Supper Mixes 14 oz. Chili Macaroni, 15 oz. Sloppy Jo 14 oz. Homespun, 8 oz. Colonial, 9 oz. Fishernians, 13 oz. Ranchefo. m VALUE REGULAR $1.39 REGULAR m Following Open Heart Surgery Norihwert ArVanwi TIMES, W*d., May 1, 1974 · JS PAVITTIVIILC, ARKANSAS Didn't Consider VWf/ic/rawa/, Mrs. Riley Says Of Husband By D K B R A |[ALK LITTLE HOCK Claudia Rilcy says her husband never even coitsiilerei drawing from Ihc race despite Ilis open-hearl surgery April 8. LI. Gov. nob C. Riley. one of llin-e candidates [ Democratic n o m i n a t i o n fo ernor. "Hob has never t h i n g - So. Ihc idea o ing the campaign j of the question," Sir said in a recent interview. "To announce fi dergo open-hearl 0 then have a campaign some freshman year. lie was elected Bui there also is the possi-| heart now "[s just running like pretty good cold copy reader.' 1 is not my submission to Bob's \P) -- [uisbnnd Dveriior's carl SLII'- ty 4£1 is s for the for ijov- nit iiny- Minqulsli- was nut Kilcy, -1(3, c\v. fice, un- £ery and n seems IH'oplc, lint lliis doesn't seem out of Ihc ordinary lo us al all. He's been dointf this kind of thing all his life." Rilcy, who established and now heads the political science department at Oiuicliilii Baptist University, is blind in one eye and has limited vision in the other. Rilcy was wounded in 19-M w h i l e with the M urines at Guam. A f t e r a year of rehabilitation, tie returned lo Ai'katisas and earned Ins bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees at the University of Arkansas. In his to the stale House of Representatives. - Riley. who has returned to work, walks I'/* miles daily. "I Ihink you all have observed and I have observed a first-hand miracle," Hiley said. "His recuperative powers must he tremendous and unlike anyone's t h a i i have ever seen." SYMPATHY VO'I'K Some have speculated thai Hitey may t^ci a sympathy vote in the May 28 Dc'moeralic prim a r y . All's. Riley said if this is so, she thinks of this "not so much as sympathy as a d m i r a - tion for what he has done. 11 bility t h a t Riley 's open-heart surgery could scare off some voters who are skeptical about m health even though his doc- .ors have said that, if elected, Rilcy would be physically able "This (skeptic is til about Hi* lev's h e a l t h ) has always been Hob's bluest problem," Mrs. Uiley said. "We've dispelled that, we t h i n k , after his serving three years in Ihe lieutenant governor's office. As he emerges on the scene more and more, (his dispels the doubts people might have." Mrs. Rilcy said her husband's a new car." Her role in Uiley's campaign ;robably will tint bo increased jccause of Ins surgery although she will lie campaigning with liiin. she said- "i'm d r i v i n g more. but. of course, this is a political year, so t herd ore I've always resumed t h i s role d u r i n g campaign time, and we are driving onr car," Mi's. Riley said. "And. T am attending classes with Hob again for Ihc first time in about 12 years,, and he utilixcs rne for reading whereas he generally prevails upon (he students lo do this, but I'm a SUPPORT1VK ROLK Mrs. Rilcy views her role as the candidate's wife as a supportive one. "I support Bob in lus endeavors because Ihey happen to be my interests, loo, so this makes it very easy. "Wo have i\ unique relationship, possibly unlike any other political candidate's, of neccssi ty and then, of course, of interest. Aly degree is in political science. 1 find lhal very fascinating, and I'm f a i r l y knowledgeable about il, and so I can be of some help. "We agree on almost everything. This is interesting; this will or his to m i n e ; i t s simply that we are very much alike in our preferences and in our philosophies which I tliink makes it a lot of fun." The Kileys were married almost 18 years ago on May 2G after having known each other for about six months. The engagement therefore, was short. "We don't believe in long a n y t h i n g , " said M r s . Riley, "Hob makes decisions rather rapidly. There's never any pro- era stinali on or any deliberation. You doa'l vacillate. He's never been a middle-of- the-roader. You go one way or VAN CAMPS TUNA light Meat Van Camps Grated Tuna 6'/ 4 oz. Can REGULAR 43t Nestea Instant Tea 100% PURE TEA All Beef at Everyday Discount Prices! .Dillon's, OuiBeel isBeUei" Bone In ··^ MSCQWT RICn.. Em nty · Round ,115 ^sffi DISCOUNT Dillon't A0»d Super-Trim BMfloln Sirloin Steak 1,39 Dillon'* «e*d Mature Super-Trim ·*·* Loin T-Bone Steak 159 ·ill 3 Ib. the other. He'i never been a Hamlet." TIME A FACTOR On April 16. Riley held a news conference as he left the University of A r k a n s a s Medical . Center and told newsmen that , time would not permit him lo do "Ihe old h a n d - s h a k i n g down on the .square campaign." Mrs. Uiley said they would be visiting as many towns as feasible, but not as m a t i y ' a s (hey have in past campaigns. "The' first time he ran for lieutenant governor, we were in every county of which there a r e ' s t i l l 'a lor at least four limes." she · said. "Well, this is a Ire-'- mendous schedule. Our campaign was like a 24-hour scried- · ule. We slept anywhere; we ate .. . anywhere; we went home simply lo wash and to wash clothes . ind, to check and see if the louse was still standing." Mrs. Rilcy said she thought Ihe era of such campaigning vas possibly passed, but Riey's. opponents in the Democratic primary--former Gov. ; Drval E. Failbus and David H. : 3 ryor--are campaigning in up :o four and six towns a day in · their campaign tours. Nevertheless, Jlrs. Riley be- ieves this era is "leaving the · American political s c e n e " argely because of television. Mrs. Riley said she believes , lei 1 husband should be elected because "I think he's the most able person who's emerged on Ihc political scene in my lifetime, "Even as a little boy of four, he was out here running around ', in the legislalurc. He tempers his decisions with a great deal of analysis, which, 1 feel, is a ·. rare commodity. He just seems .0 know more about all levels ' of government," The Rileys are largely an ouldoor f a m i l y . They have a p r i v a t e pool, and "We swim th« . , year around." Mrs. Riley said. She said the lieutenant governor also enjoys sailing. "They say, 'How do you know where you're going?' " And. he ' says, 'You go with the wind.' " Dillon's Ae«d Motur. SufMr-TrhnBMf Chuck . ) Ib. 1.09 Everyday Discount Prices! Ice Cream All Flavors Half Gallon Discount Priced 09 "HOVLITY OF THE LlttU Want _ Ice Milk- » _ Sandwiches Everyday Discount Prices! Denorex Shampoo Anti-Perspirant Eye Drops Nabisco « Pecan Sandiest 4-01. Tub*. bgular or Powder. . 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Dillon'i n'i A«*d Round Bo Mature Super-Trim .Ib. .Ib. Super-T Mllen'i A0*d Mature Super-Trim Beef, 7-«one Chuck . Fr*»h--Not leu than 70*/4 lean Any $iu Package 1.75 Dlllon'i_» way to lower your food bill ..Ib. REG. 31 c Fresh RaisinBreai FRESH TASTY WHITE BREAD WITH LOTS OF SWEET DELICIOUS RAISINS. Pillsbury Slice and Bake Refrigerator Cookies 14-oz. Pwinut Butt*r, 15-OI. Choc. Chip .18-oj. Sugor Everyday Discount Prices! Dessert Topping jMAarcjartne a*,*TM* Soft Margarine Biscuits Alwayi Good... ShurfrMTi SurfwmMk or Sw**tMHk -Ib. Carton ..·-oi. Tub* Everyday Discount Prices! REGULAR 49c L O A F . . . ' Save UK French Fries Siwrfin* Crinkto . A.O. Hamburg*? or Sauiaa* Frozen Noodles Dillon's ^: DISCOUNT PRICED..Every Day Assorted Chops Dlllon'i Supr- TrlmPork (1/4 Pork lain) Escaped Cummins Inmates Sought Inside Grounds CUMMINS PRISON FARM. Ark. (AP) -- Two inmates at Cummins Prison Farm escaped Tuesday night after knocking down a security officer and twtt security inmates guarding a prison door, a spokesman for the stale Corrections Department said. The escapees were identified as Carl Smith, 2,1. who was serving 15 years from Pulaski County for armed roblKM'y and Mcarey Bridges. 25. who was serving 1ft years from Monroe bounty Tor burglary and grand arceny. Tim Baltz. information offt- 'er. said the men were believed o still be on the prison grounds early today. The men broke away from a iroup of prisoners coming back rom the library about R.p.m.. B a l t z said. He said they mixed w i t h a crowd r e t u r n i n g to heir cells following church services. After they reached an exit, he men knocked down Ihree guards, ran across the prison vard and climbed a fence surrounding the complex. Correction officers were searching for the men with iloodhounds. B a l t z said. Dillon". 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Chaplet 0 Flowers (or (irden ind house 39* BONUS $P£C/AL$ Wllxm'j Certified Franks O C 1 Hi f ! * T l t t r l i " E»l(l|:l m i M Ai*M"r "li'iVi J r n j |i«*H. [ | « l t : « i « t 0 ' » l t » r O i t i t ' 1*1 k .iKf-ii|i,u»niip|i hi nus. inimMs* II l»l 99 BONUS AND MANUFACTURER'S SPECIALS EFFECTIVE THRU TUES., MAY 7th, 1974 :j L: -J L. NOW AVAILABLE AT DILLONS ^nwtiiRs^W MONEY ORDERS XHH^ QUICK i SERVICE! Wntorn (rand Thick or Thin S|lc*d Bacon 1,69 2 L b Ofii* Imitation Chunk Bologna Ib. F!nkMn*r» OW Fa»Mon Roll (1 * 2 Ib. Rolll) Ib. Poetry Workshops Offered To Inmates Miller Williams, of the Uni- ' vcrsily of A r k a n s a s Department of finglistl f a c u l t y is conducting a second series of Poelry Workshops in A r k a n s a s ' prisons, The inmates al the men's and women's u n i t s at Cummins. Ihe Tucker Intermediate Penitentiary, the Boys Reformatory at Wnghtsville and the Girls Ref o r m a t o r y at Alexander, are participating with about 2 0 ' " enrolled in each class, Williams said. The program began under a firant from the N a t i o n a l Endowment for the Arts and H u m a n i ties, administered in A r k a n s a s through the A r k a n s a s Art* Council, directed by Miss" Sandra Perry. A s u p p l e m e n t a r y g r a n t was awarded by the Inglewood : Foundation of Little Hock. "The workshops are new to the state of A r k a n s a s a n d rarely have been held in Ihe n a t i o n , " Williams said. "The Poetry Workshops have a d u a l goal. The loss important one is to coach any exceptionally talented writer to enable him to w r i t e good poetry and perhaps even w r i t e professionally." W i l l i a m s said. "The primary purpose, however, is to hcip each inmate become comfortable w i t h words and more able lo express himself verhallv, w h i c h should assist in rehabilitation." Students at the University radio s t a t i o n , K U A F . plan a r e a d i n g of the inmates' poetry on a f u t u r e program. "At the end of this series of workshops, we hope a l s o to publish a small anthropology." Williams said. The workshops will conclude a t . the end of May. Everyday Discount Prices! Fit All VmlWVv · Commissioned nanny I.. M a r s h a l 1, son of Mrs. B a r b a r a Fowler of Route 5. Springdale, was recently commissioned as an Ensign upon completion or Aviation OKicer Candidate School at Prnsacola. Fla. Knsign Fowler has begun basic f l i g h t training a n d w i l l he designated a n a v a l avialor upon completion of more than a year of intensified training.

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