Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 1, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1974
Page 6
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* % North*** AmowM. TIMES, Vr«J., Moy 1, 1974 VAVtTTEVtlLC, A K K A N t A I Livestock Report Cattle rcceiptp were up a! HI livestock auctions helri in F'a ottFvillp and Snrmpdal? la.-t weekend, ;ic-corriinp to tlip Federal State Market New; Service. Auction result:- were SI'RIXCillALE CATTLE: K s t i m a l e d receipts 110(1. week ago RSfi. year 910. Compared to uvo weeks ago: Slaughter cows Mearly t( SI. lower. Slaughter bulls Sl.-.'i higher. Feeder steers and h r i fers steady to $2. lower. Supplv largely Good and Choice 3no-5St lh. feeder steers and heifers about 15 )XT cent cows and per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: U t i l h and Commercial S2J.00-31.6fi C u t t e r $21.-2fi.lll. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yieli G r a d p 1-2 12m-liW,i Ihs. J39. 43.90. FF.EDER S T K K R S : Prim -IflO-^ifl Ihs. JW.TiO 4il. Choice 30f ·ion Ihs. S!7.-.i2..-!Ori-.inn Ihs. $43. ·Ifi.. nnO fiilO Ihs. SH8..-13. Earl, m a t u r i n g and f l e s h y steers am hulls :isn .!,i|} Ihs. S3!).-·!-!.. 450-Sn Ihs. f32.-3B.50. High Gooci a n low Choice 2M-3nn lh«. ?4S S3,25. MO-MI) Ihs. S-lfi.·-!»., -inf SOn lhs.SiO.--l-).. 500-55-n Ihs. S3S 42.SII, .i.iO BOO Ihs, S3-I.-38. GOD 300400 ihs s i n , - i i . -loo-son ibs J37.-41. I ' E E D K R H E I F K K S : C l i n i c 20(l-.Wn Ibs. Stn.-49.25. 3II (HO Ihs. $41.25-44.30. 'ion-.ISO Ihs. ·13.25. ofin-nOO Ibs. S3fl.-M. His Good and Low Choice 200-31 Ihs. S42.-W.25. 3(in-400 Ihs. S.'iO 43.. 4nn 5nn ibs. S3J.-10.. 5n(i.en Ihs. J34.-38. Good .WMM Ibs 53fl 4n.. 4flo 5(1 ibs. 534. :is.i. KEPLACEM'ENT C O W S Choice 3-7 ye^r old 70(1-10(1(1 lh $29.fiO-3B. Good 3-7 year old $25 32.75. COW A N D C A L F PA1RF Choice 3-7 year old cows: wit 50-ISO Ib. calves at side S4tl2.5l 472.50. Good S33.5.-4IO. HOGS: Estimated receipts 3(1 including 8 .sows and 1 boa week ago 27f). year ago 158 Compared to two weeks ag barrows and gilts .50 higher. BARROWS A N D G I L T S - U 1-3 2011-250 Ihs. J31.-31.5n: US 22511-265 Ihs. S30.-31.; 210-255 Ib. S27.-2S. SOWS: US 2 3 285-360 Ib: 522.75 BOARS: 3M Ibs. S 2 l . l t ) . F E E D E R PIGS: US 1-2 50-fi Ihs. S27.-30. per head: r.O-f.S lh S30..33. per head; US 1-3 305 Ibs. 520,-25. per heart. K A V K T T K V I L L E CATTLE: Estimated receip 1600. includes -100 head priva' t r e a t y , week ago 800. year af 1018. Compared to two wee] ago: Slau2hter rows steady SI.SO lower. Slaughter h u l l s ' S 3. h i c h p r . Feeder sleers S3. lower. Feeder h e i f e r s Sl.- l o w e r . Supply largely Good ai Choice 3HO-60D Ihs. feeder sloe and heifers, about 15 per ce cows and 1 per cent hulls- SLAUGHTER COWS: U t i l i a n d Commercial S2B.75-3 Cutter S25.-2S. Canner ? · 2-1.25. SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yie grade 1-2 110(1-1585 Ihs. S-lf 42.7n. FEEDER STKE15S: Choi 275350 Ihs. S48.-53.50. 400-5 His. J42.-n.75. 550-700 11)5. S38 43. Early m a t u r i n g and flcsl steers and h u l l s 350 : 500 Ibs. S3h 43. High Gonri and tow Chok 200-300 Ibs. S!fi.-,i3.. 300-100 Ib S43.2S-48,. 400-500 Ihs. S-IO.-t 500-71)0 Ihs. J.!fi 10. Good 3IHI-4' Ib. S I O . - l l , . 400500 Ihs. S:lfi.-S F E E D E R H F . I F K R S : C h o i 250-40(1 Ihs SiO.-4S.50. -1005 Ibs. 537.50-12.25. 5110600 11- f35.90-37. Hiah Good and io Choice 30n-5!IO I h s . S35.-40.. 5f 6150 Ibs. S33.-37. Good 300-500 Ib ES3.-37. R E P L A C E M E N T C O W S Choice 3-7 year old 60(1-1000 Ib S30.-34. Good 3-7 year oid fit H'00 Ihs. S27.30.30. COW A N D CALF P A I R Choice 37 year oid with 75 1. Ib. calves at side S100.-15S f\ pair. Good 3 fi year old a few aaeri Choice cows wi 75-150 !b. calves, al side 5 3 4 0 . - ' 385. per pair. i HOGS: KsiiniEttcfl receipt? 37.5! i n c l u d i n g 24 sows and ll'i hoars. t w o weeks ago 334. Compared j to l a s t wcekV sales: Barrow si and c i l t s 511 l o w e r . BARROWS A N D G I L T S : TS : 1 3 2n'i-24!l Ih.s. 531.-3- · few "7l- 2S5 lh=. S2fl.-'J!l. SOWS: L'S 1-3 SOU.arm ]b= 5:3.-23.50: 400-500 ]bs. 522.50 23. BOARS: under 300 Ibs. J22 23. over 300 I h s , 52! -'^ FEEDER PIGS: US 1-2 30-).} !b.= . 21. 25.: 40 fin Ibs. 523-3! j u 50-80 Ibs. SM.50 $35.50 Proposed Oil Reform Criticized By Parenl LITTLE ROCK ( A P i Hn - schell Parenl. the director of the A r k a n s a s Petroleum Court cil. f a i d Tuesday t h a t a pro posed oil tax reform bill umiln add more than S13 b i l i i n n to the petroleum i n d u s t r y ' ? l a v bill during 1974.1979. m o s t l y on domestic oppration?. Consumers will be the "real losers" if the bill is enacted, hr said. The measure was a p proved Tuesday by the House Ways and M e a n s Committee. Parent said the tax load t h e measure would add to A m e r i can oif companies would make it unlikely t h a t the i n d u s t r y would be able to a t t r a c t t h e high level of investment needed to strengthen the nation's energy position. He said the industry needs to spend S500 billion or more in the U.S. to meet energy needs. If (here is not enough money · V£:!ablc. 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The workshop "will introduce teachers to literature available on usury law, land use, and the energy crisis, to name a few," according lo Mrs. Bessie Moore, state supervisor of economic education for the Department of Education a n d ' · executive director of the state Economic' Education Council. -' "We hope the workshop will leach them how to deal with Ihese controversial issues." Director of the workshop will " be Dr. Philip Besonen. assistant p r o f e s s o r o f secondary education al the UA. Others on the slaff will be Dr. Thomas M c K i n n o n , assistant professor of economics at the UA. and Mrs. Ila Nixon, curriculum consultant and editor of the Ar- - kansas Stale Council on Economic Educalion publications. Guest experts wilt be brought in for the workshop. SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Fifty scholarships covering the full cost of room, board and t u i t i o n will he granted to social studies and business education teachers in Ihe stale. Total cost lo scholarship participants will be 515.00 for a materials and textbook fee. For Ihose paying their own expenses, the wc-k- shop will cost $120. j n addition lo room and board. To ba eligible for a scholarship, a . teacher must be under contract to teach in Arkansas (middle school through h i g h school level) for Iho 1974-75 school year. Participant in Ilia workshop will earn three hours of graduate credil in economics or ecucation. Participants will be housed in Pomfret Housing Center, and classes will be held in the Graduate Education Building. Pre-reqiiisites are eilher Ihree college credits in economics or participation in a three-credt workshop sponsored by Hie slate Council. For more information, contact Dr. P h i l i p Besonen. College of Education. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark- 72701. NIXON SOUGHT MYSTERY BOX \VASinNGTON' (AP) -- During his Sepl. IS. 1972, conversation with aides H.R. Haldeman and John W. Dean III. President. Nixon inquired about a mystertoLls "little red box. 1 ' "Have they round the box vet?" the President asked, according to his W a t e r g a t e tapes · transcripts. Dean: "(Then Acting FBI Director L. Patrick) Gray has never had access to the box. He is now going to pursue the box ' Haldeman: "The latest public sfory was that she handed it over to Edward Bennett Wiiliams." Dean: "That is right." Haldeman: "TiK: Bureau ought to go info Edward Bennett Williams and start questioning him and have him tied up for a couple of days." Nixon: "Yeah. [ hope they do. The Bureau better get over pretty quick and get thai little red box. We want it cleared up. We w a n t to get to the bottom of it. If anybody is guilty over here we w a n t to know." Haldemau: "It will probably be in the news." Edward Bennett Williams is the well known attorney, but there is no hint to the identity of the woman involved -- or ivhat the "little red box" was all about. Marijuana Sale Now Misdemeanor LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Tha state Board of Health Tuesday Iran?! erred the conviction of sale or possession of m a r i j u a n a in its rules from a felony to a misrie-meanor cale.eory. M a r i j u a n a formerly was in t h p heajth hoarrl's Schedule I along with harrl narcotics, Mich as heroin and LSD, which carry felony penalties for those persons convicted of selling them. Legislation passed by the !(J73 General Assembly mover! m a r i - j u a n a into a newly created Schedule fi category ami established various degrees of penal- lies fo rpossosston ami sale. Two stale judges have ruler!. however, that the legislature failed to include penalties in t h e law for those persons possessing less t h a n an ounce of m a r i j u a n a and. therefore, no c r i m i n a l offense was involved. To bring its rules up to date, the health hoard created a Schedule 6 and put marijuana into it Tuesday. Chester Stinnel Jr. adminis- t r a t o r of the pharmacy services and drug control for the state Health Department, said, however, that m a r i j u a n a remained in the federal government's Schedule 1 of drugs.

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