Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on May 1, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1974
Page 3
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Specific Charges listed Residents Amend Suit Filed Against City Four Fayetleville residents v who arc suing Ihe city of Fay' ctleville Tuesday filed an amendment aimed at specifying charges made in tlieir original complaint against (he city, in Washington Chancery Court. T. C. Carlson Jr., John Mahaffey. Richard Mayes and Anneilen Bnche filed suit against the city in November. 1973. challenging in particular the operation of the sewer, ' water, and sanitation departments. Tile amendment filed Tuesday deletes or modifies parts of the original complaint and clarifies other parts. The original complaint had dealt with the past 15 yelirs of city operations and the plain. tiffs are now reducing the span to I ho eight vcars from 196G to 1D74. The amendment also lists the particular violations that were referred to in the original com plaint involving the water, sewer and sanitation departments. Specifically they stale that: the city has illegally spent more ihan $190,000 of water revenues on the development ol an industrial park since 1970.... -- the city lias illegally spenl more than 550,000 of water and sewer revenue funds in the ac quisition. development and construction of the Hwy 16 ypass.... -- the city has illegally charged Ihe Water and Sewer De- arlmenl $908.50 a month as "rental" for offices in the City Administration B u i l d i n g , totaling $90,850 used for general revenue purposes.... -- the city has illegally used Water and Sewer Department iuttds to finance participation in , h e Northwest Arkansas ilanning commission (and) the JhatnbcT of Commerce, as well for general revenue purposes concealed as "loans" to city general funds.... -- the city has illegally charged different rates for different users, giving certain industrial users and certain educational users "favorable" treatment. PARKING METERS The plaintiffs also explain in Ihe amendment a reference to Ihe operation of parking niolers. The amendment says that "the city's development of private parking lots for the lenefit of downtown businessmen come, under any guise of the police powers of the State, by a construction or lawful exercise of the police powers, and that these police powers are merely the evidence of municipal credit and the col- lection of funds from the pub lie to support a private enterprise." The amendment asks the court to declare Ihe opera- lion unconstitutional and illegal. The amendment also delles a paragraph in the original complaint charging thai Ihe "Cily has and continues lo use its police powers for money raising purposes." The plaintiffs, in filing the amendment are responding lo an order by Chancellor Warren Kimbrough, of Fort Smilh, to make the complaint "more dcfinle and certain." The case is expected to come lo trial on June 25 in Washington Chancery Court with Judge Kimbrough hearing the ease on e x c h a n g c wilh Chancellor Thomas Butt of Fayetleville. MAN'S WISH COMES TRUE Al some lime in every man's ife, he has wished he could lell the buss what he could do with Ihe job and Ihcn follow il up wilh a punch in the nose. One man did just that to his job foreman at a Fayelleville planl Tuesday, The foreman told police that an employe walked up to him, told him he was quitting and liil him in the moulh. Police advised the foreman NortHw** Arhonm TtMCS, PAVITTftVILLI, ARKANSAS May 1, 1974 · Johnson Marshal Recovers Stolen Gear Reports of a disturbance in Johnson Tuesday night led Johnson Marshal Dick Hoyl and other police officers to (he discovery of property stolen in Fayctleville earlier this week -- by a round-aljoul process. Hoyl said he was notified that that if he wished to press char-1 a fight was about to begin on ges he would have to contact Second Street in Johnson and Municipal Judge Richard Wells before a warrant for the em- ployes' arrest could he issued. Coins Are Stolen C 1 a y t o n Mitchell, Lester Avenue, told Fayelteville police- thai $5 in pennies and about $5 worth of jewelry were taken from his home Monday night. Police said entry to Ihe home was gained by forcing'Open the rear door. reported stolen from an apartment complex in Fayelte- ville, Tuesday. Afler identifying (he camping equipment -- which included four sleeping bags, two lanterns, a stove, a tent and fishing equipment -- Hoyl arrested six youths for investigation of possession of stolen property. that one youth had a gun. Hoyt foujid the disturbance involved six youths who claimed that three other youlhs had stolen camping gear from them. Hoyl took (he complaint and noted the camping gear that was missing, along wilh a guitar said to belong to one of the boys involved. Hoyt said he then made the connection between the items reported stolen by the youths and those The three accused of youths stealing who they the stolen p r o p e r t y have n o t been arrested. Being held in Washington County jail on $2,500 bond for investigation of the charge are Benny Watkins, 17, Springdale; Rod Bonelli. 17, Route 4, Springdale; Johnny iUoreland, 18, Rogers: Donna M. Davis. 21, 1 N. School Ave., Fayctle- ville; Kalhy L. Burgess, 17, Lowell; and Loma T,. Mosley, 18. Lowell, A R R A I G N E D TODAV Miss Davis is also charged w i t h contributing L o t h e delinquency of a minor. The rest are charged with being minors in possession of alcohol. They were all arraigned in Fayelleville Municipal Court I h i s morning the misdemeanor charges, where all pleaded not guilty. Their trials were set for May 31). Prosecuting Attorney Mahlon Gibson said that he may file charges against at least "some of the youlhs today. The six were arrcsled by Hoyl, Johnson Officer Bob Taylor; Farminglon Police Chief Boh Farminglon McWhorler Officer Tom and Me- New Post Office Tonlitown will soon get a new Post Office building, according to Dili-wood F. Harris, manager of the Little Rock Postal District. The Postal Service is seeking proposals lo build and le.asc Ihe new bujlding. Harris said the building should contain l.fM6 square feet of floor space. Bidders should make bids to Harris in Little ftpck on May 20, The Postal Service will lease a suitable building for a base period of ID years wilh an adtli- iional 20-year option. Cawlcy. The items were originally slolen from Fred West, Eric Wright and Randy Garrctt at Ihe University Apartments at 529 Whilham SI They were stoi'cd in wire bins in the basement of the apartment building. New Fair Labor Standards Act Goes Into Effect Across U.S. A new fair labur standards »cl went inlo c-ffect across Ihe nalion today bringing 6.7 million more employes under coverage. In addition G.S million more employes will be subject to the '10-hour standard wherein overtime compensation at time and one half the regular rate of pay is due for hours worked in excess of 40 per week. Included in the act are those covered prior lo !9(6 who will be cnlitled to a minimum wage of $2 per hour cifcutive today; The act calls for minimum wages of $2.10 per hour as of Jan. 1, 1975; $2.20 per hour the following January and $2.30 per hour on Jan. 1, 1977. Many employes will come under the act for Ihe first time. Included are domestic workers, motion picture Ihealer em ploycs and some employes of molels, hotels and restaurants. The minimum wage for motion picture Iheater em- ployes is now SI .OB per hour when the theater's annual dollar volume of sales is SMn.oiK). Custodial workers and maids at covered motels and hotels are due overtime after 48 hours per week. This is reduced in slcps to 46, 44 and 42 hours wilh a 40-hour slandard by 1977. Weekly slandard for resluranl workers and other motel anr hotel employes are due overtime compensation afler 4f hours now. This will remain Ihe standards. SOME EXEMPTIONS Several exemptions are eluded: The seasonal exemption for processing agricultural commo dities has been changed anr ovcrlime compcnsalion afler 4i hours is now fine previously excmpl mechanics of trailer sales, aircraft sales and service firms. An exception has been added exempling salesmen of boats from the overtime requirement. Pipeline- transportation em- ployes will now he entitled lo over lime benefits as will em- ployes of nursing homes. Coming under the act for the flrsl time arc federal slate and local municipal employes. They will be due $1.90 minimum vagc and time and half for all tours over 40 per week. The act also authorizes Ihe ise of full-lime students by relail establishments and insti ulions of higher learning al 85 er cenl of Ihe minimum wage. Information of both employes md employers may be obtained rom the U.S. Department of .abor, Wage-Hour Office .,iUlc Rock. 'NEW YORK STOCKS Opening PrleM Fiirniflwd by A. G. Edwinft SMI Three Sentenced To Penitentiary Joe New. 17, and Charles Sradcr. n.Jioth of Elkins. and Doyle Swindle, IS), formerly of Route 4, Springdale. were sentenced Friday in Madison Circuit Court in Hunlsville lo 10 years each in the state penitentiary. The three were accused of burglars' and grand larceny in n break-in at Lineharger's slore in flindsvitle. The Madison county jury gave each man five years on each charge, which Judge Bill Enficld set to rui consecutively. All three men were also charged in Washington County with burglary and grand larceny in a bre;tk-in at Ihe Klkins Speedway in January. 1974. New and Sradcr were sentenced to two years on the charge, with all hut several months of the sentences deferred. Both pleader! guilty to the Klk burglary. Swindle is yet to come [o trial on the Washington County charge. A hot check charge against Swindle in Washington Countj was nolle prossed by Prose- euling Attorney Mahlon Gibson Tuesday. Prosecutor Gary Kennan ol the 19th circuit district, which includes Madison county, says New and Srader have also been charged wilh grand larceny -auto theft. Ark Besl Corp -,- ill's Amer. Tel Tel 47'/j Ark La Gas 19% Baldwin ..-.-.- 10% Campbell Soup ..." 35 r :« Central S- S.W. ., 14 W Chrysler v... 16% Del'Monle IQVs Dillards t 14% Easco 9*4 A.G. Edwards 4'/i: Emerson v 41% Exxon -.- 77'/i Ford .- v.. 49% Frontier Air T 6 Gen Growth 14% Gen Motors -. .· 48% Gordon Jewelry 914 Inll- Harv 2514 I-T-E Imperial ISVi J C Penney ?. 7014 Lcvi Strauss .......,..... 15% lying Temco v . . . 10 Marcor v.. 23 Pan Am World Air 414 Phillips Petro 50% Pi/za Corp HVi Pinna Hut ...; -, 22W Ralston ..,-.- 42 Safeway -.- 421i Sears .' r..-.-.... 8Hi Scott Paper ...-.-.... 16 | Shakespeare -,.... f'/2 Sou. Pacific v 3Hi 1'exaco - 27 Pri Stale Mlrs ...:;..-, 7 Union Carbide 3R'/2 United Air 28'/i ictor 7'/z Wai Marl 15-Vi Ark West Gas IS'i-Hlfc "italion v -Is-Hfc Kearney Mail- .,, 5-5(4 Minute Man lli-Hs Pioneer Foods SVrfvVi II K Porter 3fl'/2-31Vi Sid. Register I4W-15K Tvson Foods 12W-1314 Yellow Frt 52'/4-5314 AVKRAGBS Inds dn .24 Trans dn .11 Utils dn .41 Volume 2,810.000 COMMODITY OPENINGS July Corn 2.75 July Soybeans 5.4R March Eggs 3S-25 July Pork Bellies 43.70 July Wheat 3.77 Jewelry Missing A gold pendant and a ··· walch. valued at $225, were reported stolen from the home of Mrs. W. Z. Higgins at 1530 CresUvood Drive. Mrs. Higgins lold FayeUevillo l»lice the theft occurred some Ume during the past two months. No sign of forced entry Fayelteville Chess Woman Scores Win ST. PETERSBURG. FLA. -Miss R u t h Haring. of Fayette- vilie scored her second win in Iho Ihird round of the U.S. Women's Chess Championship underway at St. Petersburg, Fla. The win gives her a 2.5-.S standing wilh seven rounds re- m a i n i n g in the championship play. Her win over Eva (\ronson, co-tille holder for 1973, was her first victory over an international master, three of whom arc competing for the championship tille. Miss Haring. playing black, re.sorled lo her favorite Gructi- feld Defense in reply to Miss Aronson's queen pawn opening. The game concluded at 48 moves, several plays beyond the- lime control for normal adjournment- The local girl, a student at State College of Arkansas in Conn-ay was raled seventh in the order of rank entering the competition. Miss Aronson shared the 1973 title with Miss Braun. Gisela Grosser has dominated the event for the preceding decade. Eleven top women chess players are competing in the tournament which will conclude May 12. JCPenney - Mother's Day sale Sale. Get 20% savings on all JCPenney small appliances. Here's your chance to save 20% on aH our convenient, time sawing smafl appliances, fake advantage at tos great sate on such kitchen items as toasters, portable mixers, fryparts, oven broilers, and coftaemakers, among others. And save on other household items including ha»r dryers, irons, and an assortment ot many appMances to make your day a Httte easier. 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