Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 30, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1974
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

Page 4 NortliwwJ Arkansas TIMES, Tuesday, April M', 1OT4 Untuned Engine Can Waste Gasoline Operating a car with a» untuned engine is l i k e having a small hole in vonr gasoline tank. You're wasting amlost two gallons of fuel for every 20 you put in the lank. According to tests conducted by a national company, n tunc-.'l engine will consume 8.2 per cent" less gas than one overdue for a tune-up. (That is an engine that hasn't been tuned in more than 10.000 miles.) Engineers explained w h y an untuned engine is a fuel waster. In simple terms, the internal combustion engine used in almost all cars in use t o d a y is powered by the ignition of a gasoline and air mixture. Two basic systems, carbure- tion and ignition arc involved. If those systems don't work right, tlien fuel is wasted. The carburetor receives a supply of gas and air and meters it in precise amounts to tlie combustion chamber. Here, an electrical c h a r g e supplied by the ignition system' through the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture. This source of power is converted into the energy that eventually drives Uio wheels of the car. Virtually any malfunction in drives the whels of the cnr. CONTRIBUTES WASTE the cnruurction and ignition systems contributes to gasoline wastage. If the carburetor is improperly adjusted, one of two conditions may exist, fit trier t h t i e is too mud- or too little yajuiiuc i. tha h.el air mature. If there j ton much gasoline the excess fiiel w i l l not be con vrHed to power but will event- u a l l y escape from the engine in a raw state. This not only wastes the fuel but contributes to air pollution. In some cases, a too-rich carburetor setting will cause engine flooding and an even greater waste of fuel. With a too-lean carburetor setting and with top little gasoline in the fuel-air mix. you hamper engine performance. Thus, you must step on the accelerator harder to get sufficient power to operate. So. more gasoline is wasted. Other carburetor - related defects that waste fuel include malfunctioning automatic choke and dirty, air cleaner. If the choke is stuck, you'll be getting VOLKSWAGEN REPAIRS and SERVICE From Oil Changes to Major Overhauls PARTS IN STOCK 443-3233 AUTO SERVICE Jim Foster -- Charles Foster Hwy 71 South F-ayeMeville ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE including Automobile MCCARTNEY- FAUCETTE INC. 442-2335 "Personal Service with every policy" 2140 N. College too much Biisbllne in the air- fuel mixture. If the air cleaner is d i r t y, · the air supply will be restricted, again creating a too rich mixture. In either case, you're ·dumping excess raw gas into tlie-e'ngine. Any defect- 'in 'the ·ignition system is liUely to create misTM fire and a resulting incomplete burning of the fuel- T h u s raw gasoline will e n d up in the exhaust, both squandering fuel and creating pollution. IGNITION SYSTEM 'ROLE The role of the , ignition system is to convert/ about 10 volts of primary current from the battery to upwards of 2.5.000 volts at -the spark' plug f i f i n g end. Any de-Iect in this system producing less voltage is apt to create a misfire. Common defects that\cnn-lead to misfire include -worn 'out or fouled spark plugs; deteriorated plug cables or boots, distributor or coil malfunctions. I f " any of these, components aren't working right, it is possible that the electrical charge provided won't be sufficient to fire one or more spark plugs. The air-fuel mixture rwill not Be ignited in affected cylinders. So, not only will gas be wasted in non-firing cylinders, but you need to compensate for loss of power by feeding more gas to the functioning cylinders. If : there is a general deterioration, of the ignition system, tho 'engine -won't start at all (with a resultant waste of fuel. trying to start the engine). . OTHER CONDITIONS -Other 'conditions that waste gas include poorly' set ignition timing. A poorly timed engine means -loss of engine power so .m o r e gasoline is needed to provide power necessary to operate. . Other engine power roobers a n d f u e l wasters include clogged PCV valve, plus other malfunctioning anti-pollution devices and poor compression .due .-to bad valves or other engine defects. To detect and correct any of these gas wasters, bring your car into your favorite service outlet for a tune-up. Don't be surprised if the fuel you save almost pays-for the cost ot that tune-up. Just Two Gallons . . - i f every motorist in the U.S. saved 'two gallons of gas a week, total yearly savings for {he nation would exceed one 'billion gallons. T SAVE AND * « jv * Save fuel... Save 5O% on selected parts with our Spring-lnto-Savings Specials! i !'!!!!!!U.'!!f"!»!»f"!»!'" !!J!"^i!"!«TiH-!!»1i^i!!J!i^Hi!l{! T f!{^:'!!^ r !!HJ!!i!"?'.^!!i!!'-M"H!!»!!Ml ENGINE TUNE-UP PARTS SPECIAL | Includes spark plugs, point set, condenser, PCV valve and s fuel filter. Sixes and fours, slightly less, Econolines slightly g Manufacturer's Suggested List Price $23.70* e i i a r * Engine Turie-up Parts Special. . . . . . . . . , non '^ Labor ; - . . . . : , , , . fi*-°° 8 Yojr Special P r i c e . . . . . . . . ,, . . , , . . , * , $24.65 g VALIDATION AREA Owner Signature R e p a i r Ofdei N u m b e r 5O% IHIKIHMT* Includes Aii Filler antf Oil Fillet wilh purchase of oil change and 5 qjails of oil. Four-quail apoc11y cats sligMly less. Manufacturer's Suggested List Price 5?.fO* Ait Oil Filfe; Paris S p e c i a l , 54.95 Icfeor ond 5 Quails of Oil ,, · $4.Qt) Your Special Price 59.8S VAIIDATION AREA » ·KS ·SK Authorized Dealership Signalure 7h!i price lubject lo applicable stale and local I tftttttijujcij OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30.1974 s!i.^:j f «!'.J!!!!iJ!:}!ii!^«!«B!!4'Ji:jiis^!^ o nn EHTCD :tt B-||«/ SHOCK ABSORBER PARTS SPECIAL 1 mwmxr'* SPECIAL-FOUR SHOCKS Include! four MolottroFl Shock Absorbers, Aik aaoul our special on 1wo ihi.k obso/bctj. Not applicable Ic topii and Corlino m3Je r j. Wonu^cfurcr'i Si/ggesled list Pike SS6.ZD :V " Stiock AbsoihEi Speiiql--t Shotki S28.IO Labor .... $8.00 Youf Speiiol ftite , ; , , . - . · . ; , $3 TC ·HK- 8 5t Oo^e Owner Signature K- *.M ; ·:·-..;...,; nFfFB FYPIHP1 IIIMF ^0 107,4 ;,. S^' Dale Owner S T g n o l u r c . fc; «!!* OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30,1974 ai ^«% DISC BRAKE »is«:o»s!T:x- PARTS SPECIAL ss i|io/ k i IS Sw!* MUFFLER SPECIAL | Itploremen! offronl diu i hoes and lining luembllelinclullng p "^l unjt. muHlei Hilpipi and clomps -» hoL.rc. P.rli prire appliel lo nosl lill-i» f .id, Mercury -s» «' m.WeJ ,».ke,i p,,,e. H, lpe ,, 0 l ,,lh pint is .g o»d Iu,»,y c«i. Dlhe, cors ore less. ** '«'""» '*"" Fird °J.' " e TMj; "'P 1 '"""""' S "" M '·» K «. BU f«' ^r-, SBBB .,^ i.-,. wo uMi * s *"' " -;· lumy ;°" "V d' .";·;-. ,,, ,,* s oi, t ir.v.r,,.,sp«i.i »M.5s ss: W 3,v,t;,;.; ^ " Pmo " uo «.,,,, s Lab«i Yotif SF E i n ' '''« · ·' · · - - · · ' · VALIDATION A R E A M495 %M Vnbor.Toilpipt, ETicften !. C l o m p s . ......... *19,dO M ·^3- Your Special Priie , . , $30.2: H 5% VAUOA1ION A R f A S P 8 ·££ Dalo O«r«r Signature ^ Ihil price lubjecl lo applicable irore and locol lo«e. -!H5 Tt ,;, p , ic , , ub j e , , o opr ,i lco fc[ e ,, olc an:1 | oco | ,,,,,, g EXPIRES JUNE 30, 1974 ft#ft%ttXi*nkx* OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 30, 1S74 OFFER APPLIES TO FORD MOTOR ' COMPANY PASSENGbR CARS FORD SALES, INC. 3373 M. C O L L E G E F A Y E T T E V 1 L L E . A R K A N S A S

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