Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 30, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1974
Page 14
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Northwest Arkuuu TIMES, Tamd**-, AytfJ M, MM Ten Commandments For Lone Women Drivers Th«, T e » vereV'iMd* for fce I4M have.a *et of k her Dec»Jo«ur: Driver -Mr ·**: ·'Bet* THOU UF Bei* a "lady Saaiartta*" can be extremely riakjr adica you're an the road atone. "Beat fanocent fcokaif bay ** ta* sweet face may be a Bafcgr-Faec. Nelson ie THOU SHALL HOT LET YOOB CAS TANK GO BELOW ·ALrrvu, WM fee McreaMd fofi ahart- afe, Bua7 aeroce iUUeos arc ·fwratmc ·· reduced hours. It BUT »e aVfiraK to Imd aa »ft» tact aaeaat t* be ·leant to fine year ·artmeat! K was read. Try to witii thic reference. THOU SMALL BK PKET ABEB TBOU SHALL NOT GIVE ' STKANMD MOTOBISTS A LIFT When you're driving along: tae tighway and see an anxious motorist standing ta front of Bi» z a i s e d hood, keep right OB driving. Instead of groat; seene- one · lift yourself. fo to the nearest ser*ice**'e*atiQn. and report the situation, THOC SHALT BE SURE TO CARKY STARE CHANGE Asking for band-outs may ·work for a panhandler, but: in times of emergency a 'few spare coins are a necessitjc'Tbat pay phone won't work -on love, and that dime might j»»t be needed to call the police. THOtj SHALL ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS WHEN DRIVING ALONG An unlocked door or window is ar* open/^vitatJOB for intru- tiers. Your aide vent will provide enougfc fresh air. A locked door is not .anty a security measure, but jn case of collision it'll prevent you from flying out the door. THOU SHALL NOT ENTER AN UNLIT PARKING LOT ALONE Having a personal bodyguard is not always feasible, but try to have someone accompany you to your car at night. A lone female walking through a deserted parking lot is a temptation few muggers can resist. .: THOU SHALL ALWAYS DRIVE DKENSIVELY;.; V Placing the blame on "the other guy" won't help you much if you're in tbe bospial. Always watch for the: unexpected. THOU SHALL ALWAYS KEEP YOUK CAR UP TO SNUFF Avoiding a problem is easier than remedying one. And listen to your "woman's intuition." If you think something is amiss, stop in at a service facility anil have it checked. Cooling System Can Affect Performance No one pours gasoline in his radiator, but a car's cooling system can be responsible for reducing gasoline mileage. So can other car parts that seemingly have no connection with fuel consumption. Since the condition of the cooling system affects engine performance, abnormalities in cooling temperatures curtail gasoline mileage. A faulty t h e r m o s t a t , causing a n engine to run too cool, creates a condition where more gas is nec-cled to maintain power. An over - heating engine a l s o hampers efficient combustion of fuel. Inside the engine, a stuck heat riser valve also wastes gas. When this valve is not operating as it should, fuel is not vaporized efficiently and excess raw gas escapes hito the exhaust. As for. the exh«urt system' itself, if ti.-ere is any obstruction in it, fuel economy suffers. The reason is the obstruction win , mate ,the .eogine. vwrk . harder.. and thus use more gas. TMC SBAtt. LKAKf MSABUNC SITUATIONS The basic iacredieaU lor a wefl stocked car ioctode: a lack and spare tire, signal flare ar lanpc, tlasfalicht, city aad state Nad Bap*, first aid kit. ice aeraper add a«a wilioml . Bud's Auto Parts Specializing In Foreign Con CHECK ON PMCES ON VW» BOSCH and LUCAS CUctrlcil Par* 5214587 You can affordv ap~ V-GOOD/YEAR Quality tires at the right price--for every heed "Custom Steelgwd" wHh B help protect you 5 ways--and 9**too Guard 1 Against Ho*** Hdtnr\KraBjf RdyMfcB Cord Bo* - Quflfd 2 Against P«Batrat»emEada»B»aTairi ppsJHi BtaJ Mat Guard 3 Against WatirlMi rmaTtaap One*** Guard 4 Against SluBhhHaiifTllig ·jirrlalPinnifjUng Guard 5 Against LflMOtltoadCoalaetcaiCBrTai Bjeclal Btabili»«rsB»lHtatoSldewan +600 Jj«»r short ililww, watnIM eendtthn tt mllixe ttiti ihcw radii) Urea eomvarid to Mo- ndial Ur» on add to your fu nllMi*. Art Mr our frie foMn What You HwvM Knew Mwt ^^ ^^ 6«i Mileage And e«Ktftir»»flafnrM. alM BR78-13 Plus j2.ll Tti. . Tax and eld tin) off your Ctf. K U/AVR TO mAnm ·OnrOMdilMMrenmfte ·Mutirettn* ·BtnkAnirlcvil O WATS TU btUUtbB »Amitl»lByiMl»»tQCrt ·Ctrttilttcll* TRUST OUR PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE · ITS DONE RIGHT · PRICED RIGHT TUNE-UP 6 cyl, U.S. auto («dd$4ror8cyl,,idd }2 for alr-corwJ · New plugj, join t», condemn. * Bet dweD, ·toluitfausnguui balawM oarb, · T«t fterUnf, ohargtnf, eom- preetlqn, accelrration. · foclodmCatron, TorotM.VWt, FRONT-END ALIGNMENT ID' Any U.S. cv, plui pirtj, · Include! cowplett front-end Inlpacllon. · Camber, catler, and to«-In Ht by preclilon equipment, · A lound inveilraent for helping usun auxlmum tire mlleije. LUBECMLCHANGE · Pric* loclad*f up to I qlf, of oil nj ill labor coils, a Compltl* eh»ru lubrication, a Tianimlwlon and dllferantlal oil are alio oh«cV«d, BRAKE OVERHAUL Drum tfft, 4 wtiMlii *xc*pt fofeljn cars »Initall *nd d|uit new brake linlngi, aH 4 wne*li. · Turn drumt, * Arc lining* for total contact. N«w front (rojio tetli, « Nrw retora iprlnf*. · Clem, laijwot, repack front wheel Marhiff. Jf neeaedi wheel ojtle. |6.M ea. SERVICE STORES 104 N. Eost · FoysttavirU · 442-6222 J Mon. fhrw fri. l:00-5:00-Sot. »-4 -»· "· J

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