Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 30, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1974
Page 12
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12 Northwest Arkaiwai TIMES, Tuei., April 30. 1974 fAYKTTIVILLE, ARKANSAS HELEN HELP US 'Why' Raps Society's Lack Of Logic, Candor By HEtEN AND SUE BOTTKL · flll!!lllllllllllll!]||IOi[|||l!ll|[ll|lill!llinill!!ini!ll![|||]ill!l!ll|[ll!l!ll!in^ Here art 1 some things I can't understand: Why oh why... ...Do girls shave their legs' but not tlieir forearms? One set of extremities Ims ns mucli tiaii 1 as the olhcr. ...Is "streaking" considered a harmless pastime, but nude swimming (where the water almost always covers the essentials) is outlawed on most beaches? · . . Is an almost - nothing bikini okay f o r poplsido wear, but it a woman parades in a bra and half-slip (which covers a lot more) she's indecent? ...Do people judge by labels, not by what's inside? (Put supermarket whiskey into an expensive-brand bottle and you'll "see what I mean. Like wise if a guy builds himself up as the best, most 'people be lieve him; and if gossip goes out that you're the worst, few people bother to check;) ...Are mixed-race children put down, when they might have a combination of genes that would make them superior? ...Are the words "illegitimate." "prostitute," "make love,"'etc., etc. okay for family STARTS WEDNESDAY Open 7:45 A FUU-IENETH FEATURE FILM RE-CREATION OF THE 50's! Chuck Berry Little Richard : Fats Domino Chubby Checker Bo Diddiey 5 Satins The Shiretles The Coasters Danny and the Juniors I Special Guest Star [Bill Haley ? h ^ Comets| Let The Good nines newspapers, but the good ol' Anglo-Saxon words are banned? They, mean the same, and they're shorter. '.-...'Do some uptight parents still frighten their daughters about sex nntl the "boys are after only one thing" syndrome, yet expect those girls to have good, unreprcssed marriages. If sev is "terrible" before the ceremony, how can it be "wonderful" after she signs a license? ...Can TV show stark naked "lost tribes" etc. but must censor films in which white people go nude? Even the streakers only had their backs to the camera, or else underwent a lot of "editing." ...Is a girl who plays around considered "cheap." but everybody admires an "experienced" guy? .,,And finally, it she charges $10, she's an ostracized pros- itute, but if she gets diamonds, ihe's an "international play- ,!irL" and travels in the best company--all for doing the "ame thing? Custom...Cultural worship...! guess Jiese are the answers, but they don't make sense. Right?-- W.H.Y. W.h.y Right! And here are more:: Why oh why is a man elevated to company vice presi- ient while the woman who does most of his work never advances past "executive sec- ·etary" at half the pay? Why oh why is Mom's golf rophy "just luck," while Dad's s the result of superior playing? ....And Dad's "Omelet Es- lartole" is a masterpiece because he makes all the right lour'shes, yet when Mom ierves the same thing, it's Oh. not scrambled eggs igain!! 11 --Helen And Sue GARY GRIMES Class of riap: I'm 16, and interested in par- icipating in beauty pageants. .ould you tell me how to COL- act some of the national con- ests so that I can find out how o enter? -- Hopeful: Write to: Miss American feen-Ager Contest, Inc., 1605 Lemoine Ave.. Fort Lee, New Jersey, 07024; and to Miss eenage America. Inc.. 1165 Cmpire Central Place. Suite 165. Dallas, Texas, 75247 -Helen And Sue T O D A Y / You never outgrow your neec for milk. HOW SHOWING Children Under 12 Free WALT-DISNEu. productions' and SAMONTHA UrtU'X^'U O K. 1.. S -- PLUS _ THAT DARN CAT" DENNIS THE MENACE By Ktttham More Funds Sought For River Project LITTLE ROCJK (AP) -- .iCol 1 . linrlfi D. Mr«yn«rd of Mljle Sock asked Congress Monday 0 appropriate un «dc(!tlon«! 2,7 million to, finance tnnlnte- mnce and operations fjr the Llltlc Rock District ot the ftr- innsas River Project. ''·;":;.' Maynard, the retired head: of the Little Rock district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, nmte the remarks before the Senate Appropriation Subcommittee on Public Works as president of the Arkansas Basin Association. Mnyr,ard told the subcommittee of several problem areas which have developed. He noted what he called "the failure of the President's budget to include sufficient fUnds for the full operation artd 'niain(e- nance capability of the Little Rock district." ' About $1.5 million is needed to correct deficiencies in! the design of bank stabilization fa- cilites and to make the 'river system more useful, he said. He also said $973,000 .was needed to complete fleeting areas -- or mooring facilities near Pine Bluff and Fort Smith. arc highlights, of, Pjfcsjdenl NiJc-' Oil's speech Mqnfjay. in'ghl : .""·As . tn r, · as IjWlifit' t lie dent' perBonally'-k'n'ewifati With .regn'i'dtf'tii 'iWfitjd'fint^ aiiii the. cover-ii('VlSi-,'' cbnc*fttck;. these inntorjn$-^trigetKbrJJ w'im those ali'eiuly'tnade 'avalljible Av will (ilK v ·'. , , ' , . . - . ;/' · \,"Because i this;:,i l sv»'i'.fest»*l|S profoundly.,- afreets '.'Sllf 11 Amedcn.ii peoplei in addition' turning over theSe .transirii to the House' J.uillbiflry i3ot._ mittce,' I have ,,dtrecl«h thit they .'.'Should all be-'^rnXdeJ pubi lie--all of '"·-'--'"--·'··"----"S-? here." Speeches Are Planned National Transportation Week Proclaimed May 12-19 has been set for National Transportation Week by presidential and guhernator- al proclamations. Dr. Grant Davis, Oren Harris jrofessor of transportation at he University of Arkansas, is state chairman for the obser- ·ances, which include speaking engagements to note the role ransportation plays in the society. Dr. Davis will speak May 13 at the Rotary Club in Sp.ingdale. On May 16 he will address the. joint meeting in Memptiis of the University of Arkansas a n d the National -River Academy of Helena. ; ";·; "; Other leaders in transportation who will .be speaking;-are Dick Lundgren, regional manager of the Missouri-Pacific Railroad; Clovis Bryant* state chairman of United Transportation Union; Eddie Holland, chairman of the Arkansas Avia.- tion Committee; Toby Carter, general traffic manager --for Alcoa; Paul Adams, chairman of Arkansas Waterways Com- County To Have SCAN Program A grant of $159,901. has been approved to extend the Suspec- ed Child Abuse and Neglect revention program. called CAN, into Washington, Garand and Jefferson counties. The funds, from the Department of Health, Education and Velfare Department, will make t possible to establish the pro;ram, which has been in opera- ion in Pulaski County since 972, into the three counties. The program is designed to irovide family counseling with rained volunteers working with amilies in an effort to prevent child abuse. The funding will provide a rogram director, a coordina- or, office space and funds to reimburse mileage for volun- eers. Mrs. Betty McGetrick of ·pringdale, president of the Northwest Arkansas SCAN Task Force, organized last fall, said program is already" in operation here with six lay- iherapists serving as volunteers. Since October the six lave provided 870 volunteer lours and driven 4,129 miles in carrying out their counseling -·irvice. SCAN is a private, nonprofit organization that contracts with the state Social Services Division to provide family counseling. A portion of the HEW grant will pay the salary of the state coordinator and evaluator for the program, according to Mrs. Sharon Palone, director of SCAN in Pulaski County. The program will begin Wednesday and continue for one year. Organ Stolen DALLAS (AP) - Burglars demonstrated little- reverence ut plenty of muscle at the True Vine Church of God. They pried open a door Monday and made off with the church's massive organ, valued at 13,000. ARKANSAS INSTRUMENT TV RADIO SERVICE Free Pickup Delivery "Color Specialist*'' 443-5552 or 442-9356 Stereo equipment at 15-M% off. call lor free catalog. Open S:4S Fft. 7:10 9:30 Sun. Mai 2 p.m. NOW SHOWING "SERPICO" 8:05 Many of Ns fellow offk:ers considered him the most dangerous , man alive-an honest cop. STRAIGHT FROM THE PAGES OF THE BESTSELLER ... ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE BEST ACTOR AL RACING "SGRPICD" Co'ort^TECHMCOCOR' A Parmawi R,~, a -- PLUS -ROBERT MITCHUM "The Friends Of EddieCoyle" THE PIZZ A HUT DELIVERS! CALL 521^3011 Now Open at 11:00 a.m. Is. MULNCWMAN ROBERT RCOTORO Rale (PG THE STING WINNER OF SEVEN ACADEMY AWARDS Including Best Picture Fet. 7:J« 9:20 * Sun. Mat 2 p.m Open MS NOW SHOWING AT MALCO I AND II (PG Sun. -Thurs. 7:15-7:45 Fri. -Sat. 7:00-8:20-9:40 Sun, Mat. 2:00 gone i/ the romonce that UJQ//O divine. /ID (TXRfiKH/ PflODOOKXI Of RO8RT c^ KDFORD FRRROUL GflT/BV Dp«n 7:N Sun.-Thurt. 7:4S Fri. lit. 7:00-9:30 Sun. Mil. 2 p.m. ENDS THURSDAY "THE EXORCIST" M Winner 2 Academy Award* mission; Gary Brewer,' chairman of .Arkansas Transportation- O.omrnissipn, and. .Bil.M 1 Gpodwin, president,. .Arkansas ·Bus-.and.T.ruck : Association. .-".-.' · : TAJ£ES -REVEAlEb - ' V transportation industry pays about one-fifth of all" federal taxes. He noted that employment in transportation is increasing and that approximately 15 percent of the' gross national product is spent each year on .transportation. . , -Tlte'. industry is expanding rapidly , and' Dr. Davis' said..; it is : predicted 'that by '1990 :ttte, amount · of .money spent !,on transportation, plus tranSpprf^- tipri. prbdueiio'n,. will · ihcrea'se two-fold; '···.' . · ' : ; Me,said it is.hoped that sche- diilirig ability will 'increase- on Frontief', ' American, Brariiff, Bella "and Texas International Airlines. Arkansas, he said, will be the first state to finish its share of the Interstate National Defense Highways. Last year 81 percent of the national system was completed and when it is finished it will carry more than 20 percent of all traffic. · The state has 78,850 miles of highways as compared to the nation's 3,370,082 and annually registers 1.7 million cars. Dr. Davis also expects to see tonnage on the Arkansas River increase since the ports of Pine Bluff, Little Rock and Fort Smith have made tremendous growth since they opened. Heights Of President's Watergate Speech ,n|id'',!ilms will be tn conflict ·tyth'.'sdiiic.'of tho tcsllmmiy (jiv- ,. itrhiBs ... ;ai\^v,JSoi«' jfijh'i Ayhom I have ilfiJlst^".\fcl!i'dlr' they will---mid ' they will hoof sncciilnliun ri(licu(e--which they -,.- f - _ , n o t Just because cer- ,ta«V' parts of them will' be i?ejt. : ^pon.,by my political and ·'--'·'···' '- ·' inents--which "f rqali/.e-^hese, will provide grist for many sefj sational. stories': in the press.- Parts'.' will seem to' b e j contradictory with one another-, 1 . be- ese'-ariil in all the "Conversations in this of- ·fijjc,' people, tmve spoken their jninds freely, never dreaming tfi'nt specific. sentences or even parts of sentences would be picked out as the subjects of Auditions Are Underway For Eureka Passion Play E iSt?RlNGS Auditions for the Great Passion Play on Mt..0beram'mergau are underway,^ a.n d all", interested persons are 'asked io attend a 7 'p.m. Ffjdayj ^meeting at the staging area. '·' The play, beginning, its sixth season is underline direction of Robert Hyde and staff jnem- bers R o:jv, '.'Bas'eley, Gene Lyon, David' ·Lockhart \ and Floyd ..Clark.;,;;, · r, :' t { Sixty men: /are nee'de'd'tio fill the roles, of the higfi prrests, ,, · ,, . - · .j ;. .. . Sanhedrin.,pu.aMs, Kir,£.;.He.rod, ;Dr. Davis said the national P o'nt1 u s -Pilate, Centurion Roman fjorsemeiy, soldiers, chariot arid camel drivers: and street' merchant's-, - ' - ' - ';, . Fifteen young,.men , and six children, are required' to! 1 .-fill vacancies such ' as shepherds, donkey leaders, servants ~td ; the nigh-priests' ;and to .assist'\tfte. street merchants-. ' . · i ' , .CAST MEMBERS : - ' . : - r Seventy-five m£n.jan,ct '\yomeiy ire needed to round out [he production cast and to fill the roles of Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene. Marv Alphcus. Claudia, w i f e of Pila'te, Salome, Sanhedrin and ^ornan serving women and all types of merchants. Auditions are . planned f o r several cameo roles, including Herod guard's, money changer, Lazarus, dove merchant, blind beggar, harlot, S i m o n of Gyrene who carries the cross for Jesus and cross thieves. Persons who were in the cast n previous years are urged to attend the registration meeting .0 make sure their names are on record, according to Hyde. Hyde also said a new wardrobe building Is nearly completed and this, coupled w i t h .he . n e w building erected last year ..will provide the entire cast vyith ' modern conveniences. .ppe'njng night is set for 8:30 three- sttiderits. x m .thei'-.bepaft.-: ment , of; . r .Erigin^ ' , f;: the .UniyEfsity^pf ':AfI?afiSa| College of · -Engineeririg - wepe 1 named outstanding ' HO.fth'e' junior, sophomore ' : ' and .- freslv man classes', "at -. -:'a. -. batiijuet Sunday at the Springdal'e 'Holiday Inn. The students and the awards received are Marvin Carl Covey of Gentry, outstanding junior, who received the Central Arkansas American Institute of Industrial Engineers chapter award; John A. Killingsworth of North Little Rock, sophomore, the Alpha Pi Mu Honorary Fraternity Award; and Kenneth Shepard of Little Rock, freshman, the Oliver Gatchell Memorial Fund Award. ··Rersetts -who are unable 'to" registration^ meeting audition may call manager, at 253 - - - " " · ' ive been reluctant IK- nthc principle of con- j!ity is absolutely csscn- conduct ot the Prcsl- 'I marie clear there was to be no cover-up." "Speaking to John Dunn, I said: 'Tell the truth. That is tho thing I have told everybody around here," "If read with an open and n fail 1 mind, and if read together wjllj. the record of the actions I took, · these transcripts will show that what I have staled from the beginning to be tho trilth has been the truth: That I personally had no knowledge of the. break-in before it occurred, that I had no knowledge of tlio cover-up until I was informed of it by John Dean on March 21, that 1 never offered clemency- for- the defendants, and that after March 21 my actions were directed toward finding the facts and seeing that justice was done fairly and according to the law." Dave Powers Elected To Architect Council Dave Powers of Kayettevilla has been elected chairman 'of the newly-organized Northwest Arkansas Architects council. The organization is open to all licensed architects and engineers associated witli architectural firms. The group's goal is to provide a forum for discussion of common professional concerns and hopefully to have a positive input into major architectural and environmental decisions made in the area. ··Meetings will be held the first Tuesday of each month. Architects interested may call Powers at "142-5565 or Don Spann at 038-7261 in Rogers. (Manned A workshop for parents of regarded children is scheduled Wednesday at the Washington County S c h o o l for Trainable Children in Fayetteville. Mrs. Eunice Noland, counselor of the Ozark Guidance Center will conduct the workshop which will deal with work habits at home and sex education for the retarded child. The workshop will begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at 11:30 THaqe 'Ifeaton STARTS FRIDAY Open 7 p.m.-Sun. Mat 2 p.m. SAT. 7:30-9:15 DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to ebmnte without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 (Channel t on cable In Fayettcvllle) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsb, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburgh, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (Channel 4 an cable in Fayetteville) KOED-TV(ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 (Channel 9 on cable In Fayetteville) CABLE TELEVISION NBC-CBS-ABC etv 9 CH, TV Time - Weather -- Music 9 Channels -- FM Radio, All on "The Cable" WARNER CABLE of Fayetteville Phone 521-7730 MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 -- "QB VII" (1974) Part 1 Ben Gazzara, Leslie Caron, Anthony Hopkins 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 - "The Lady Vanishes" (1938) " Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12 - "Death Race" (1973) Lloyd Bridges, Doug McClure, Roy Thinnes 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 - "The Horsemen" (1971) AUTO INSURANCE · $50,000 Liability · $2,000 Medical · Uninsured Motorist · 5 Year Renewable Guarantee Safe $·] /» £ft Quarter Drivers .LOiOU Premium McCARTNEY-FAUCETTE Phone 542-5335 2140 H. COLLEGE GET OUT OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory Creek Rec. Area and dine at THE BARN 264 Ealt oft Hwy. 71 Steaks and shrimp, homemade cinnamon rollc. relishes, and salads. Family style fish fry Friday. ·ar BQ Ribs Saturday. Open 5'10 p.m. Sat and Sun. 12 noon-10 p.m. Closed Mon. and Tues. Come see us at b2Ltiful Beaver Lake. TUESDAY EVENING-* 5:00 Truth or Consequences 7 To Tell The Trufh 3 World Report 16 Andy Griffith 6 News 8 Hitter Rogers 11 «V 5:30 News 2, 3. 5 7, 6, 12 Twilight Zone 16 Electric Co 11 Truth or Conaequencea s * 6:00 'Bicentennial Lecture tierlcs 2. 3 5. 6. 7. 8, 12, 16 News * 6:30 Let's Make. A Deal 3 Hogan's Heroes 10 Six Million Dollar Man 5 Ozzlc's Girls 7 Dragnet' 8 Dusty's Trail . 12 To Tell Tho Truth 2 * 7:00 Hank Thompson S Adam-12 2, 3, 7 Maude 6, 16 Happy Days 12 Bill Mayer's Journal 11 * 7:30 - Tcnafly 2 3. 5 Should Ihe Lady Take a Chance? IJ Movio 5 8, 12 Hawaii Five-O a IG * 8:00 Black Journal 11 1974 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound Z333 N. College 4-12-8575 1C To Be Announced . . . , , . , , . . 0, * 9:00 Love From A to Z 2 3, 7 Candid Campus . 11 ·k 9:30 -Today's Yoga n * 10:00 News 2, 3, fi, 7, 16 * 10:30 Johnny Carson 2 3, 7 Movie 6, 16 10:45 -News 5, 12 * 11:15 Johnny Carson 5 Wild. Wild West 12 * 12:00 Tomorrow 2, 3. 5 7 * 1:00 - BUY YOUR CARPET DIRECT FROM THE LOCAL PEOPLE THAT MAKE IT. WHERE YOU GET THE BEST AND SAVE THE MOST. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. HIGHWAY 6ft WEST 751-7DB1 SI'RINGDALE, ATtK. Oklahoma Forum WEDNESDAY MORN: * C . o r O.40 -Moments ol Meditation . * 6:30 - 9MS Forum Garner Ted Armstrong * 5:40 New* . . , · * 6:45 - New« J. * 6:50 - · Light of Life Today in Agriculture *.6:55 Harvest Time Tabern Project . * 7-M - Tlmmy and La«*l« News ... . . Today Country Muftta Time * 7:39 Cartoons * )i:DO Captain Kangaroo ... Sesame Street .... .. Cartoon CIrcuj *· 8:25 Oklahoma: Wednesday * 3:00 - · · Seume Etrat an Style Js It ren - , . ( . uares ... , id Rcstfe* epAtakcs . morrow 12 6, 1« » .... J. 1. 1 B. 18 . . 2 5 7 12 . 2, 3, S, 7 f 16 .. 12 2, 3, 3. 7 J, 12 6, II .','.','...',. It ... % S, 7 2 ,.'.'.'.' «,' 12 3,S, 7 «. It .... «. 12 t 1 7 Y AFTERNOON- t * 12:15 * 12:30 Three on a Malch , . , Let's Make A Dcaol .. As The World Turru . * 12:35 Melody Ma tin co ., * 1:00 Newly wed Game Guild In* Light Day* ol Our Live* ,.,, Edfie of NiRhl ,,.,,.. Doctor* * I'M Price Ifl Rttfht .,,,,,.. Another World Genera) Hojpftal * 2:30 How To Survlvo A Mnrrlntto One r/if* To Live .... Match Game 1l 'I ': l)0 -- Torfny'a Yotfn To Tell The Truth .... Bomcrjet * 3:30 ABC X l c r n n n n SpccJn Uncle Zch CirrAicoIendaj 16 .... r s, s .... 5. 8, 12 7 8 12 6, 18 .. t *. 5. 1 ..... 8, 1ft 2. 3, 5. 7 » 16 2, 3, 5, f .... «, 12 . 2, 3 S. T R, 12 ft IS ,,,,, g 11 12 2, 3, 5, 7 ..,'..',... 8 11 Three nn a M PctMcont J u n e All My Chihli Dlnnh Shore AUC Afiernoo A n d y G i i f f i t h Fugtlivr Sinr Trek . I Dream of J Sesame Street Bonnnza Mcrv Griffin * 4:30 Li/cy Show Beverly Hlllbl Ronnnzn Qrccn Acre* * 5:00 Wo rlil noport A n d y Orlfrilh Truth or Con MUlcr llogcrt T« Tell Tho * Ss!0 - NCWH Twlllfthl 7xno Elcclrle Co Tr«th or Con, WKDNESDA * 8:00- NOWJI Match 7 i, 8 , 2. 3, 3, 6, 7. 12 18 11 2, 3, S, «, 7, «, 12. 16 Inside Oklahoma Education 11 Dragnet 5, n Hogan's Heroes is Hollywood Squares 3, 12 French Clicf IT To Tell The Truth . J Walt Ti: Your Fiilher Gels '" Home .. 7 A 7:00 - Washln£lon Connection . n ' n "*c .. 2. 3. s 7 Sonny and Cher Comcily Hour S 10 The Cowboys . 8 ' 12 * 7:30 Movie Thcntcr In America ... f ft: (III · Short Slorlc* of l.ovc C.innon * 9:00 Doc F.lllnl Toilny's Yom Kojnk 8. 12 11 . . . . . 111:00 -Now* * 10:30 · .1, 5. T .. C, 10 . S. 12 n , 6 tfi 2, 3. 5. 6, 7, 8. 12. I Gcralilo Rivera: (goodnight America ........... 8 e. 1 12 e .................. e. in Johnny Canton . . . . . . . . . . 2 3 5 7 * 12:00- Tomorrow ...... ,.,.,.,. 2 3 5 7 Nnwa .................. ' a * 1:1)0 - TulBft Ynnlti r^mm ............ 3

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