Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 30, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1974
Page 2
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· Northweit Arkansas TIMES, Toes.. April 30 1974 r«V»TT»VILI.l, ARKANSAS r New Miss University Of Arkansas Miss Fenner Upchurch, t h e housemother. Miss Upchurch, sas Union. She will repre- new Miss University of Ar- daughter of Mr. a n d Mrs. sent the University In f h P fcgtlcoe nfTmlx,,,* «» nn 1... ...:4U I _ _ Tl t * . .-_ .. ... _ _ . . v » l l V l-l a l t Y I I I I II e kansas, admires trophy with Miss MImi Fairhead, sorori- . . Joe Upchurch of Fayetteville won the title and crown at ty Miss Arkansas pageant at Hot Springs (his summer. w a s reported the laundry and merchandise stolen from storage area of the University Apartments, 529 VVhitham St., apparently over the weekend. Randy Garrett, manager of the apartments, told Fayetteville police that he discovered the thefts Monday night in i wire enclosed area ill the base ment laundry. Garrett sail each tenant has a storage spaci in the basement. Garrett told police that tw Coieman lanterns, a Colemar camp stove, a sleeping bag am a mess kit, all valued at $98 were stolen from his locker. Eric Wright, another tenant said a saddlebag and bicycle tools, valued at $32, were taken Three . . · - ;; -- ,-- --" ~-""" ·*" aiut oiiiutfia uus summer H ,} ii v Ild Mp- E(Jn i !» annual pageant held (TIMESphoto by Ray Gray) Heard, Alpha CM Omega Sunday- night at the Arkan- y y Camping Gear Said Stolen A considerable amount of camping supplies and other SDS Member Charged With UA Violation A member of Studenls for a Democratic Society (SDS) was charged with violating University of Monday Arkansas afternoon regulations after SDS , , from his storage place. A third tenanl, Fred West §aid a camping tent and two sleeping bags, valued at i were stolen from his area. Police said entry to the area was made by climbing over the doors to the storage bins. The main door to the laundry is lef unlocked to allow tenants easy access. Lewis Murder Trial Postponed The trial of Dennis Wayne Lewis, 17, of Wichita. Kan., for the murder of J. J. Cobb of Spnngdale on April 8, has been postponed from June 26 to July IB through 18. The first degree murder trial will be held in Washington Cir euit Court. The trial date had to changed because Lewis' torney is also one of the - torneys representing the city of Fayetteville in a Chancery Court suit filed by four Fayetteville residents. That t r i a l date was resched- irted last Friday to begin June 2o because of a conflict in the Kl I ° f ' f Chancellor Warren KlrnhrouBh of Fort Smith who l» hc-aringjhi city case. 212 N, Kan / T C . PuMIIhed dally o a Z . Paid at F-ayetltvTllt. Art MKJfBKK ASiOCTATKD PHFJ«| '"" *"°«at«i Pm , ,, ,,,,,,,,, S? 'i 7 , 10 . "" °'« lm f Wiid- Hoi a all local ntw. printed In Uili newiMwr u trill a all AP r«wi . Bffectlva October 1. IffTJ if toi« nenr« Per month by carrier Slntf« covr tillr lOc. DJ). K In WatMnjlon, RtnMtn. Ult, Arlt.. Adalr Co., I montha . i rnonUu - --_ » YEAR «adl«» (Una. O*l«.: I 8 50 BOX Rtctloaj bulilda Atxnt countlei: t 40.00 AU, MAI!, HIIMCKIPTrOKI rAVAKI.K I.N AUViNCX and several students set up a fund raising booth for Dr. Grant Cooper at the Arkansas Union, Joyce Goree. the SDS member who was charged, said that the money froni the drive, which will continue today, is to provide Dr. Cooper, self- avowed Communist professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, with financial and political support he needs while his pay is being withheld. The disciplinary charges according to Miss Goree. were for violation of solicitation booth use and fund raising. Sh was also presented with tlu same charges against SDS, a recognized student organization plus a charge for violation o g r o u p responsibility. Charles McBriarty. dean of students presented the charges to Miss Goree with Robert Barnes director of the union as a wit ness. Miss Goree is to appear before the all university judi ciary board for the charges. Although previously warnw by university administrators that charges would be filed Miss Goree and several other university students "found i necessary to fight university policy this way after wasting much time in the appeals process". The group's request to set up :he fund raising booth wa? upheld in a unanimous vote ol ;he Committee of Student Rela lions (CSR) but was turned inwn by administrators who held thai the committee's interpretation was in violation ol inivcrsity policy. Barnes and McBriarty sak -hat the CSR is only a recommendation hoard ant does not have the power to change university regulations. PA System Stolen Chester Stevens of the Fav etttville Speedway on Hwy. 71 south told Washington County officers Monday t h a t a public address system at the Speedway s missing. Stevens said the two speakers vere taken from posts in front )f the grandstand. The ampli- ier in the press box was also emoved. Fire In Kitchen F a y e t t e v i l l e f i r e m e n ·esponded to a minor grease ire in the kitchen area of the lamada Inn. Hwv. 71 north, Monday afternoon". A depart- nent spokesman said when iremen arrived they found the small fire had been extinguished by employes at the motel. No damage resulted. MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! If you cannot reach your TIMES carrier PHONE 412-6212 Dally 5 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday 3 to 8 p.m Sunday 8 to 9:30 a.m. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) and Miss Shanks was serving five years for breaking and entering with intent to steal. The three women surrendered Monday night after chase that ended on the Hazen High School football field. The football field had only one entrance. Police used a bullhorn and negotiated a s render. Lt. Jim Beach, State Police information officer, said the women at one point held six aersons hostage at a residence in the Brown Grove community 10 miles north of Hazen. He later said the women took :hre-e persons \yith them when .hey marie their escape from the residence. The women robbed Volner's Grocery at Brinkley of an undetermined amount of money about 6 p.m. Beach said, Officer Ernest Sullivan of the Carlisle Police Department said the women were armed with a pistol, a high-powered r i f l e and k n i f e . Beach said that three shots were fired in the store, but no injury was reported Sullivan said that after the robbery west on the U.S. women 70 in a headed pick-up truck. Beach said that a Hazen city police unit spotted the truck at the intersection of Interstate '10 and Arkansas 11 and then chased it westward. Greenwalt told the Hazen police dispatcher that the vehicle had stopped on Interstate 40 about three miles west of Haz. Beach said, then in his next transmission the officer said he was shot and needed help. The o f f i c e r also told the dispatcher that the vehicle was again going west on Interstate 40. Beach said the truck turned north on Arkansas n w i t h a Carlisle city police car in pursuit. The Carlisle officer radioed t h a t he was being f i r e d upon, but that he was not injured. Beach r.aid the suspects left the road about 10 miles north of Hazen and entered n house. There they held hostage for about 45 minutes Mr. and Mrs. Jim M a y f i c l d . Mr. and Yrs. Ernest Raper, Trennie lllllli'lirillilMi'tlCMII'BltH Obituary iiniiiirainiiniiniHiiiiiiiM MHS. SUI.A 11KACK R o g e r s -- M r s . Su Clementine Brace, 88. of Koge (lied Sunday in the Hoge hospital. Horn March 1, 1886 A t l n n l n , Gn., the daughter Robert and Mary Gay tangle she was u member of tl Assembly of Gcd Church. She is .survived by two son Ernest F. nnri Erlon J.. bo of Rogers; 11 grandchildren; 3 field and Bertha Mayfield. During that t i m r . officer:, from the Hazcn nnd Carlisle po- ice departments and the Prairie County s h e r i f f s office surrounded the house. KILLING THRKATENED S u l l i v a n , one of the officer!, who surrounded the residence, said the women threatened tc kill the hostages if the- police lid not retreat. At one point, Sullivan said, the women told iplicc that they had already tilled one of the hostages. However. State Police said none of the hostgages was larmccJ. The women left the house vith three hostages -- Mr. and rfrs. Jim May-field and Mrs. taper -- in the hostages' vehicle with police following. Sulivan said. Beach said the women pulled nto the p a r k i n g lot of Hazen ligh School and surrendered. Pic-ads Innocent Charles Neal. 23, Fayetteville, leaded innocent Monday in Vashington Circuit Court to a harge of delivery of a con- rolled substance, m a r i j a n a , Ncal's trial was set for June 4, wilh bond set at $5.000. Neal was charged and rrestcd April 24 in connection with a sale to an agent. / i Watergate (CONTINUED FROM PAGE I) secret bombing of Cambodia. Presidential counsellor Fred Buzharrit indicated toda Nixon would be reluctant supply further lape recorde conversations to the committee Interviewed on the CB Morning News, Buzhardt woul not divulge Nixon's response t the additional requests. "It :iot appropriate to do so unt .hey receive this material an digest it," be said. Buzhardt added that "I thin his tells the entire story of Wa ergate .. . It's a momimenla imount of material." Nixon also faces a deadline o 'hursday to answer a subpoena rom Watergate special prose :utor Leon Jaworski for tape ind records of 64 presidentia lonversations. Rodino, who insisted shortl, lefore Nixon's address tha nly full compliance with the ubpoena would be aceeptabl o the committee, decline; omment on the compromise ffer. The National Broad asting Co. offered him tele ision time for tonight to re pond to Nixon. Hutchinson said he would be perfectly willing" to under ake the job of verifying the ranscripts, but thought the wnmittee should examine hem first to see if anything urther was needed. "If it represents the complete ecord of Watergate, which the resident says it does, then I hink it would be adequate," he aid. MAJORITY VOTE It would take- a majority vote f the committee's 21 Demo- rats and 17 Republicans to ac- ept Nixon's plan. The vote for he subpoena was 33 to 3. Rodino has declared repeat- dly that he does not want to ave a confrontation with Nix) over the (apes, and it is like/ the committee will take no nniediate action. A briefing session at which o votes can be taken is sched- ed for today, and the next kely meeting dale is Thursay. Reaction among other com- litlee members generally was ong party lines, Republicans pproving of Nixon's offer and emocrats finding it unsatis- ctory. One Republican not endorsing e proposal was Rep. Thomas . Railsback, R-I11., who said e thought the edited tapes also ould be turned over to the ommittee. Railsback said, however, that e thought Nixon had "for the rst time come through in a ery convincing way" in detail- g his role in the Watergate instigation. Nixon had the bound volumes the transcripts in his office he spoke and the television meras showed them to views. He said in addition to turn- g them over to the Judiciary ommittee he intends to make em public, along with relent portions of other Water- te tapes he already has given e committee- Nixon said he had spent lurs over the last several lys "personally deciding ques- ons of relevancy"--the main oint of dispute with commitee embers demanding full com- ce with the subpoena. "The overriding issue is can e President control the infor- ation we have access to?" id Rep. Wayne Owens. Dah. Nixon said that if. in review- g the tapes to verify the tran- ripts. Rodino and Hutchinson sagree w i t h his decision of i-it is relevant, he would he "lin? to meet with t h e m per- iillv to settle the matter. He said his determined effort protect the nrivacy of t h e pes was dictated by the need n President tn nro'r-nt the nfidcntiality of the advice he ts Confiscation Set CARACAS. Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuela's new government says it is going to nationalize the iron ore industry, owned by American companies, and will sharply reduce foreign investments in other companies. President Carlos Andres Perez, who took office March 12, told Congress Monday night his government will revoke the iron ore concessions (hat expire in the year 2000. He cave no timetable but said: "We are taking them back now." People He/ping People J^iel Directors of Funeral Service on Service si HALL. VMIer -- Tucsrtny, 10 a.m. Chapel of Nelson's F u n e r a l Homo. The Rev. Eucll Loguc o f f i c i a t i n g Tntcrmcnl: M c C h r l s t l n n Family Cemotary. jAplon. BICKER, Harry H. -- Thurj- dny. 10:00 a.m. Chapel of Nol- Ron'a Funerft] Home. Dr. Joel Conpcr officiating. I n t e r m e n t , Anpen Grave Cemetery Burl l n u l o n . rowa. Srcnt-grnndchildren and great-great-grandchildren. tw Funeral service w i l l be a 2 p.m. Wednesday «t the Fir. Assembly of God Church i Rogers with burial in tl Rogers Cemetery, under tl: direction of Burns Ftmcrf Home. ROBERT UARR01V Springdale -- Robert Le Barron, 38, of Oklahoma Cit died Sunday in the City of Hop Hospital in Duarte, Calif. Bor July 23, IMS in Springdale. th son of Thomas Roy and Thclm Barrett Bnrron he was a electrician. Survivors are the widow, Mrs Jernadette Miller Barron of th lome; a son. William Edwar of the home; two daughters Mrs. Larry Tattum of Amarillo I'cx. and Mrs. Marsha Sweeney of Oklahoma City; hi )arenls of Springdale; tw mothers, Alroy of Lowell nn Tommy Lee of Springdale; tw sisters. Mrs. Tommy Watkin and Mrs. Roy Gibbs of Spring dale; his maternal granc mother, Mrs. Marzie Neal o El Monte. Calif, and one grand ion. Arrangements will be an lounced by Sisco Funera Chapel. LON CARTER icoln--Lon Dee Carter, f Lincoln, died at his home flonday. Born Oct. 23, 1893 in -incoln, the son of James and Mary Rauch Carter, he was a etired railroad employe and Methodist. Survivors are the widow. Mrs Hazel George Carter of tb lome; and two half sisters Mrs. Genevieve Phillips anc Mrs. Bernice Jones both o Oroville, Calif. Funeral arrangements will be .nnounced by Luginbuel Funer 1 Home. HARRY II. BECKER Harry H. Becker. 85, of Fay tteville died Monday in a loca ursmg home. Born Dec 1 1881 t Burlington, Iowa, the son o Henry and Margaret Horn retiree and Unitec Becker, he was a a i I r o a d employe member of Central dethodist Church. He is survived by the widow ·Irs. Lillian Shaw Becker of ayelteville; one step-son m r tl , Knallss °f Reading ; alif.; three sisters Mrs. OUs ·eslmg, of Burlington, Mrs da Lemon of New London owa and Mrs, Ester Moon of Jount Union, Pa.; two grand- funeral service will be 10 : m. Thursday in the chapel of elson s .Funeral Home with unal in Asten Grove Cemeterv ear Burlington. Three Injured In One-Car Accident Slight injuries lo three perms resulted when the car in hich they were riding over- rned on North College Avenue arly Saturday morning According to the Fayetteville olice Department accident eport, which was not filed until onday, Margret E. Slout 18 Route 7; Laura Pool, 10 of lk )"?, a nd Gary Kilpatrick.' 20 10.13 Mam St. were injured .the one car accident. Their juries were apparently n o t 'nous enough to require treat- According to witnesses, the Ccident. at 2445 N. College V k-", oc ? u . rre d when another hiele, driven by an unidenti- d driver, passed the car ·iven by Miss Stout, in the It turn lane, pulled in front her and stopped, causing her swerve to avoid hitting the ehiele. Miss Stout's car idded across the highway ruck the curb and overturned "r !"£ !£ itS wheels ' The r left the scene. Saws Stolen . n a v e be n ^ported missing from Ihc resi- ·ince of Eugene Jones. Route Spnngdale. Jones told Washington County ficers t h a t the saws were ken from a tool box on his uck -- p o s s i b l y Sunday ·enmg when the truck was rked near the house. The her tools in the box were not oved. G. R. LINCOLN .. .sought by police Warrant Issued For Arrest Of City Resident F a y e t t e v i l l e police a r e searching for Geroge Kober (Bob) Lincoln, whose lasl nown address was 104 E Sycamore St., on felony charges of possession of a controlled mbstance with inlenl to deliver A warrant, issued April 24 bj he Washington County pro seculing attorney's office, states hat "on or about the '1th day of April 1974, ( L i n c o l n ) did unlawfully, wijlfully, inten ionally and feloniously deliver a controlled substance, namely marijuana, in vioalion of Acl 67. 1972 Acts of Arkansas." On April 25, a seracb warrant vas issued by Municipal Judge Richard Wells for the house on lycamore Street. When police and state agents arrived, they ound Lincoln had recently moved from the address, Lincoln is described as £ vhite male, 24 years of age, ix feet tall, 200 pounds, brown eyes and black hair. Anyone believing they know lie whereabouts of Lincoln is LSked to contact Fayetteville 'olice Chief Hollis Spencer at 21-8050 or the departmenl's onfidential Line at 521-4549. Woman Hurt In 3-Car Mishap An 18-year-old Fayetteville ·Oman suffered minor injuries londay afternoon in a three- ar accident on Hwy. 71 south, ear Standard Register. She 'as treated at a local doctor's ffice. Lisa Bowens, 802 W. Maple ;., was a passenger in a car riven by Robert Lewis, 18, of Valdron. She was taken first o Washington Regional Medical enter. Fayetteville police said the ccident occurred at the site highway construction in the outhern part of the city. A agman had waved a car riven by Nell Underbill. 36. of .oute 3. Winslow to a halt and ic Lewis vehicle had almost topped behind her, when a car riven by John Gardner, 60, of 07 S. Locust Ave. struck the ewis car in the raar, knocking into the Underbill auto. Gardner was issued a sum- lons charging speed too fast T conditions. NEW YORK STOCKS! OHnlni Prtn. FurnlikMl by A, O. Idixrril *, I Ark liosl Corp Amor Tel Tel Ark La Gas Campholl Soup Central S W Chrysler Del Monte Dillards Easco A G Edwards Emerson Exxon Ford Frontier Air Gen Growth Gen Mtrs Gordon Jewelry .... Intl Harv I-T-E Imperial J C Penney Lev! Strauss Ling Temco Marcor Pan Am World Air Phillips Petro Pizza Corp Pizza Hut Ralston Safeway Sears ' Scott Paper Shakespeare Sou Pac Texaco Tri State Mtrs '.'.'.'.'.. Union Carbide United Air ' Victor Wai Mart '.'.' Ark West Gas 13% . 20 35% Hli 1C-V 4'/a 42'X 77W 491,4 6'/fe 14'A 48% O'/j 25% 70 154S 23'/i SOW ii/4 21% 4; 41% 80% if 6% 27% 38% 28% 15% -14V» Kearney Natl .......... 514-5 Mintue Man .......... I'/z-lT Pioneer Foods ........ 5W-5 (I K Porter .............. 30-31 Std Regis .............. 15-16 Tyson Foods .......... 13^4-13% Yellow Frt ......... S2M-53'/i Averages Inds U p Trans ................ up 54 Utils ................. down .35 Volume .............. 3.700.000 Commodity Openings July corn ................ 2.70 July soybeans ........... 5.48 May eggs ............... 36.10 July pork bellies ........ 44.00 July wheat ................ 3.83 Earls Sentenced On Forgery Charge Robert Lee Earls, 27, 1656 Mission, Fayetteviile, pleaded guilty this morning in Wash- nglon Circuit Court to a charge if ultering a forged instrument. Earls was sentenced to three 'ears in the state penitentiary, vith credit given for time he as served in the Washington bounty jail. Earls was charged in con- lection with passing a forged heck for $350 to the First National Bank of Fayetteville n July 27. At the time he was harged he was serving a uspended sentence for em- l e z z l e m e n t i n Washington 'ounty. Earls was arrested in Florida ,nd returned here -for trial, iowever. he failed to appear or trial on Dec. 12, 1973, and vas sought on a warrant for failure to appear in court. He was returned to Washington County in March. Vandalism Reported Mrs. 0. T., Williams Sr., of le River Road east of Green- and, reported various in- .ances of vandalism to Wash- n g t o n County authorities, iday. Mrs. Williams said that cars a v e been r a c i n g past h e r ouse on the last several week- nds, and thai shots have been red from the cars. Mrs. Williams said her yard ght was shot out last Saturday grit. Trial Date Set Howard Gene Sanderson, 26 oute 1, Winslow, pleaded inno cnt Monday in Washington Ci lit Court to a charge o ossession of stolen property. Sanderson's trial was set fo 1 une 24. He is free on $2,501 ond. .. our sincere desire is to serve with painstaking consideration of the smallest detail. 0 NATIONAL SF.I.ECTED MOiniaANS MOORE'S CHAPEL MMMUHOMfin Washington County Sheriffs Posse presents the THRASHER BROTHERS Wendy Bagwell and The Sunlighters SPRINGDALE JR. HIGH SCHOOL Thurs., May 2 7:30 P.M. Adulfs: $3.00 Children under T2: 5T.OO Tickets On Sale from Any Posse Member Trials (CONTINUKD KKOM I'ACiB 1) liana is esllnlilted at {21000 in MU.OOO, Gibson said lie bat! planned to nsk Unit $50,000 bond be set for each of (he live, bill decided Hint the $25.000 amount was less likely to lie appealed. Judgo Cummings agreed to nllow the usual 10 nev cent cash bond to be posted, making casb Ixmd [or cacb $2,500. Woman Arrested Lynda Schocp, 20, of 529 Whithnm St. was arrested by Fayetteville police tins morning for investigation of forgery in connection with the passing of a forged check on a former co worker. She was freed on bond of $2,500 pending Ihe filing of felony charges by the Washington C o u n t y Prosecuting Attorney's office. SEWING CLASSES ENROL!. TODAY FABRIC CITY Attention Sears Shoppers In the Scars Supplement in today's paper, the vinyl cover top carrier for $29.88 and the ice chest for 88c are not available at this time due to factory shortages. We apologize for this inconvenience, and will issue rain- checks for (he sale price. T h a n k you for shopping Sears. Northwest Ark. Plaia Phone 521-6000 NO HAPPY HELLO... ... Is ever quite equal to the warm welcome extended to newcomers by the Welcome Wagon Hostess. Her smile may be no brighter, her greeting no more cheerful, but she's made the welcome more awork of artthan a mere greeting . . . complete with a galaxy of gifts and helpful Information on schools, churches, shops and community facilities. So when a new neighbor moves In, follow up your happy hello wilh a Welcome Wagon greeting. A Hostess awaits your call at Phone 443-5438 or 442-8111 WELCOME NEWCOMERS! Use this coupon (o let us know you're h«re. Nam* Address City . . . ! |] ( I Pleate have the Welcome Wagon Hostess can on me. I I I would like la subscribe to the N..V. Ark. TIMES ( ) I already subscribe to ttie rill out the coupon and mall to TIMES. Box D, Fayeltevlll*, Ark* SHERIFF'S OFFICE DICK HOYT T H E IS ^iiK y ,'" ] fi T"P * U l c r ° worl(ln fi on t c «« -putting to good use the training he received In Accounting and Businpsfl Administration nl the U of A tn ttint you taxpayers will know Uiat your money and property In well tnken care of. Elect "Dick" Hoyt Sheriff of Washington County '' 0| A d pnlrt by Dirk Hnyt, F/iyotlovlllo

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