Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 29, 1974 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 29, 1974
Page 5
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Engagement Told Mrs. Lynn Ferguson of 1'ay- cltcvillc announces the en- gugcmcnl and approaching marriage of her daughlcr, Lyiitla Katliryn, (p T e r r y Hugh Slrceter, son qt Mr. and Mrs. Tiimims H. Strcclcr of San Anlonlo, Tex. Miss Ferguson is Ihe daughter of Hie late Lynn Ferguson. The weil- ding will take place May 1G at SI- Paul's Episcopal Church in Fayeltevillc. Refurbishing Rough On Backs By VIVIAN BROWN Spring refurbishing can be rough on the backs of women who might, decide" to move f u r - niture before they paint or wallpaper. They might nudge, push and inch a big piece Of furniture to a certain spot and then, stymied by a rug or other encumbrance, they will attempt to lift .the heavy object. Most people simply do not k n o w . the proper way to lift heavy objects and the wrong "methods can be a painful (and expensive) experience, advises George Sullivan in his "Do It .Yourself Moving." The book takes the mover through vari- 'ous aspects of moving, and it also gives good information on .how to move objects properly as professional movers do. Sullivan has done considerable research in respect to the amateur moving man's (and woman's) syndrome: muscle strain. He suggests the kinetic method of 'lifting that was developed, he says, by Prof. B. T. Davis of England. . AJthpugh safety experts consider it new, Sullivan points out 'that professional' mover's --' who can awe you with the ease with which they lift heavy objects -- have been using the kinetic method for years. "When applying the method to a lifting problem, the legs are used to the maximum; the back .is straight but inclined forward. As the lift is executed, the legs straighten and the back returns to a vertical position transferring the weight of the load lo Ihe legs," he advises. ' For- example, this is how to lift a carton or object of similar size: HOW TO LIFT . . .Face the carton, placing your left foot alongside it and the other foot in front of the box. Or place your right foot alongside and your left foot in front of the box if this position feels more natural. Keep the feet comfortably apart. The 'rear foot will point n a t u r a l l y away from the forward foot. . . . .Squat down but keep your back straight. Tuck in the chin slightly. The back of your head and neck should form a straight l i n e wilh the back. Your weight should bo concen- Iraled evenly on your feet. . . .Tilt · the carton forward slightly and then grasp the near right botlom corner witli your right hand. Usr a palm grip, not just the fingertips. Jloach with your left hand and grasp the outer left-hand corner of the carton, again using a full palm grip. It is important that the hands be diagonally opposite on the carton or'as close to diagonally opposite as possible. . . .Begin the lift by pushing off on your rear foot and continue it by straightening both legs. Keep the load close to your body as the legs straighten. .. .When legs are straighl step forward off the rear foot. As you walk keep the carton close to your body, letting your legs bear its weight. If you are not able lo walk normally, the load is too heavy. Get a bane truck, if you have a lot of heavy moving lo do. He suggests practicing the ki netic method with a lightweight object. In a few minutes you can apply it to almost any type of lifting situation and to arti cles of any size. But one shoulc know one's lifting limitations The Bureau of Labor Standards bulletin "A Guide to the Pre yention of Weight Lifting In juries" recommends that a man performing continuous or repeated lifting (as in moving f u r n i t u r e for several hours! limit the amount of what he carries to 50 pounds. Twenty five pounds is the limit for a woman, they say. LIFT ONE SIDE In moving furniture, follow ing these principles, one coulc lift one side of a piece of furniture over a rug, rise and.then squat again to lift the other side over it. The kinetic method could be adapted to the particular object to avoid strain. If something must be lifted to shoulder level, it should be rested on the edge of a table or other surface-. As you begin lo raise the object, bend the knees. Your legs should straighten as the object reaches the level of your shoulder. In addition to the pointers on lifling properly, Sullivan's book provides a great deal of information on moving. The advice ranges in scope from the decision of whether to transport your valuables with you to the tax-deductible., expenses that one might incur in connection with moving household furnishings. For those using rented vans, the book lists state regulations in respect to trailers which should he helpful. McKesson Bexel SPRING SALE Thru April 30th East Side of Square Daily Calendar of Events Today Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Picnic, Mrs. Mervin Johnson, 5:30 p.m. Weight Watchers, Easlgale Mall, 7 p.m. TOPS, Regional Medical Center, 7 ; 30 p.m. Duplicate Bridge Club, Legion Hut, 7:30 p.m. SMITH'S Communication 2 -Way Radio Your ,7-wny rndlo !· crtrtrnnlci XH N College 1928 4I3-2273 For Your Prescription Needs Seo Us QUAKER DRUG Kt E. Center -- (42*4241 City Parking Ixt In F!r«r Tuesday Weight Watchers, Easlgatc Mall, i):30 a.m. Chi Omega Mothers Club, Mrs. diaries Oxford, 10 a.m. Civilnn Club, Wyatl's, (2 noon Klwunls Club, Holiday I n n , 12 noon Current Rooks Group, AAUW, Mrs. J. F. Hyland, 1:30 p m Norlhsldc Hohry Club, Wynlt's, li:15 p.m. Art Show, I/A Fine Arls Center, 7-ST p.m. Bny .Seoul Troop 100, SI. Joseph's Calhollc Church, 7 p,m Chess Club, HOTC Building, 7 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Churcli, 8 p.m. Al-Anon, Wiggins Mclhodisl Church, 8 p.m. IinilllllJIIIM^^ Hints From Heloise-Words About- Few Calories Dear Folks: Dlols, diets, diets.,, I think I have been on every one of thorn mid to no avail. Then It dawned. If I could only cut down... I have been cailng two CKKS and two pieces of bacon for years, along with two nieces of toast. I have learned that I gained those extra (Ive pounds Mon. at a time. It only takes 32 of those to make a pound! If I could Just cut one ounce off breakfast each day, in 10 days I would have not put an extra pound of food in my tummy, now would I? So I started buying extra thin sliced bread. Before I used the bacon I sliced un inch' off the end of the whole pound. Pretty tricky! Two eggs are two eggs any way you look at it, as long as they are on your plate. When I have eggs at the drugstore counter they are always small, flight? When I cat my buttered toast and want to use less butter-don't laugh--I eat it upside down. This way I actually taste the butter because it hits the tongue. That's where you taste the food--not on the roof of your mouth. So much for breakfast. Now about baked potatoes: A later is a later any way you bake it. I started buying smaller ones, then smaller ones...I'm gonna eat one no matter what size it is. Takes less butter or sour cream loo. When it comes to a glass of milk--I only fill it three-fourths full instead of up to the brim. Every little bit helps. I have also learned that if I serve our plates in the kitchen and then put them on the dining table, that when my plate is clean I don't reach over and have another helping of something. 'Specially the gravy or biscuits. Those who want another serving can go to the kitchen for it. Also · by serving the plates from the stove, the food stays warm in the pan and I have far less serving bowls and platters to wash. Heloise P-S. if hubby has been used to extra Inrtfo fried eggs for breakfast, bolter buy large for ii while, Ihcn medium, llicn cut down lo small so ho won'l calch on, gals... Same goes wllh bacon. Only cut aboul a fourth Inch off the end of the pound first- then Irim it a lillle more as the weeks roll by. Save those pieces. Nothing should be wasted. They are great to fry for salads, when you save a lol of Ihern. Drain and pul in a Jar and refrigerate. Good to dash in scrambled eggs, lo lop lettuce salad and lo use in pancakes or waffles. I also learned that If you clean Ihe table and do the dishes right after the meal you're making a bad mistake. If I see a slice jf tomato left on my daughter s plate or a bile of roasl beef--I'll stick it in my mouth. I was taught, "no waste." The answer to this is lo have each one lake Ihcir own plate lo the kilchen, put up their leftovers, and rinse out, the dishes... Diets are hard lo come by, bul why try crash diets, which might ruin your health, when you can take it off an ounce al a time and not miss the food? . . . . Heloise Baptist Women Send Offering To Orphans A district Auxiliary meeting was held last Thursday at Central Baptist Church. Mrs. Alta Jones, president, presided. The program was given by Mrs. Beverly Almond, Mrs. Donna Binson, Mrs. Carolyn Schmilt and Mrs. Donna Treat. The guest speaker, Mrs. Melda Walker, president of Ihe national organization, spoke on "woman to woman.' The offering was sent to an orphan's home. The next meeting will be held at Sycamore Baptist Church. Mrs. Delia Mae Williams is reporter. Plans July Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Herman I,. Collier of F r a n k f u r t , Germany, announce tlic engagement of their daughter, Carlyn Jane, (o Thomas Vance Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Arnold of Fayeftcvillc. The hrlde-elccl graduated from Frankfurt American High School In 1970 and will graduate from Ihe University of Arkansas College of Education in January 1075 wilh a degree in Special Educa- llon-mentally retarded. T h e prospective bridegroom is a 1071 graduate of Fayelfevllle Higli School and has com- plelcd two years In the College of Business a( the University. He is employed In Fayellevillc. The wedding will be an event of July'6 al the First Christian Church In Faycltevilie. Amaranth Order Hears Reports At the regular meeting of 'ayettcville Court No. 13, Order of the Amaranth, reports were iivon on Ihe. Grand Court Session held al the Ramada Inn n North f.ittle Rock April 18-20. Those attending were Mr. and rtrs. Alex Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. loy Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yell, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold riottman, Mrs. Mabel Stanford Yfrs. Katie Snodgrass, Mrs. lolen Deyenka and Mrs. Jewell Wilds. During the social hour, re- reshmenls were served in the oungc by Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hoforth, Musicale Ends Season Friday The final Symphony Musicale of the season was held Friday at the home of Mrs. Joy Pratt Markham on Markham Road. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Theodor Avitahl and Mrs. Heydon Lewis. Todd Gordon, baritone, accompanied by Miss Margaret Holcomb, pianist, sang selections by Handel, Schumann and Faure, and Mrs. Lyndall Coffield at the piano played, "Sonata In C Minor," by Haydn and "Papillons" by Schumann. Announcements PEO Cooperative Board wil meet at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in the home of Mrs. Joe Pen dlclon, 109 Skyline Drive. EXPERT WATCH REPAIR _ . SWIFTS \ar JnuU*\ a North nWfc St. NOW OPEN THE ROMAN SPA Charter Memberships Are Now Available Enroll Now and Save Money! Get In To the Health of Things! COMPLETE MODERN HEALTH AND BEAUTY CLUB -- Your private keep-fit club Luxuriously carpeted, individual programs' personal supervision, world's finest ultramodern facilities. Patented scientific electrical and mechanical machines keep you .(it. healthy and beautiful. Exclusive Hot Hydro-Whirlpool Bath -Desert Dri Heat Room -- Ultraviolet Sunray Area -- Shaving Room -- Pri- vote Tile Showers -- Reception Area -Vanity Area -- Nursery -- Private Dress- Ing Booths -- Spacious Private Lockers. MEN Tuesday -- Thursday 12:00 P.M. -- 10:00 P.M. Saturday 12:00 P.M.-T:00 LADIES -- Wed. -- Frl, 9:00 A.M.--9:00 P.M. Tucs. -- Tfoure. -3:00 A.M.--12:00 P.M. SMmnnsUcs classes 10:00 A.M.--7:30 P.M. Mon. -- Wed. -- Frl. Twos. -- Thurs. -- Snt :):CO A.M. CALL NOW 521-1363 SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS 3340 No. College (Across from Lewis Ford) NurfbuHMat ArftuttBH0 TTT W /or OMEN Monday, April 29, 1974 ·. 5 Worthy Matron To Make Official Visif SILOAM SPHINGS-Louise Henderson, Worthy Grand 'Matron of Hie Order of Easlcrn Star cf Arkansas will make her official visit to Siloam Springs on Wednesday evening, May 8. Host chapters will be Siloam Springs, Gentry and Gravctte. A banquet and program has been planned, and will be held al the 4-C Restaurant beginning at 6:30 o'clock. Afterward the group will assemble in the Masonic Temple. Reservations must be mada by May I wilh Hazel Gaylor, phone 524-3804. Ruth's Beauty College 1200 North College Ave. -- Fayetletille, Arkansas 72701 LOOK INTO A PROFESSIONAL . BEAUTY CAREER FOR YOUR FUTURE! Our Hairdressers arc in demand! · Free Job Placement! · Unlimited Opportunities! · Year'Round Employment! For Complete Information--Clip and Mail NAME'.'. : y. ADDRESS . .:·.·'. ... £ v I Am Interested In Information concerning your school y THE FUN PI ACE TO SHOP f OR THE ENTIRE FAMILY This Week's BIG BUYS FROM OUR CANDY DEPARTMENT Pconuf Clusters , Reg. $2.10 Ib. Pecan Patties . Reg. 2.19 Ib. Small Pecan Rolls . . . . Reg. 2.59 Ib. Pecan Meltaways Reg. 2.65 Ib. Walnut Clusters Reg. 2.29 Ib. Almond Clusters , . Reg. 2.29 Ib. Cashew Cormel Parties . . . . Reg. 1.89 Ib. Mint Meltaways Reg. 2.04 Ib. 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