Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1974 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 26, 1974
Page 24
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Z - NOItTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, FayeKevltle, Ark., Friday, April Z6, 1971 TABLE OF CONTENTS Party Foods , . . . j Salads. And Dressing* 2 Main Course Dishes Including Casseroles ... '.'.. S Breads And Rolls _ 12 D"""* 16 Judges Favorite Recipes 32 Prize-Winning; Recipes Are Printed At The Beginning of Each ClassificaKon Party Foods [WINNING RECIPES FIRST PLACE WINNER FRUIT SLUSH Lisa DeVault R.R. 1 Farmington, Ark. 2 cups boiling water 2 cups sugar (dissolved in water) 1 can crushed pineapple and juice (15 oz.) 1 jar marashino cherries and juice (8 oz.) 1 Pkg. frozen strawberries (10 oz) 6 bananas (mashed) 2 small cans orange juice or I large can Blend in a blender or mash nntil smooth. Turn into large Container. Freeze. Thaw to slush. Serves 15-20. SECOND PLACE WINNER ENGLISH CHEESE HORS D'OEUVRES Marsha Thompson 538% Whitham Ave. Fayetteville, Ark. % Ib. Cheddar cheese · (grated) % c. mayonnaise ; 1 tsp. curry powder · 1 sm. can chopped ripe olives (4 oz.) English muffins 'Mix all ingredients together, except muffins. Split muffins, generously spread mixture on halved muffins. Cut into quarters, place on baking or cookie sheet, place under broiler until cheese melts, and muffins are slightly browned. HONORABLE MENTION CHEESE PUFF CANAPES Debbie White Rt. 2. Box 20 West Fork. Ark. 2 eggs whites Vi tsp. salt 1 cup grated American cheese 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce Vi tsp. paprika '/4 tsp. dry mustard several slices white bread or round crackers Cut 24 - 2" bread rounds from the bread slices. Toast on 1 side. Beat egg whites and salt until very stiff. Fold in cheese, Worcestershire 3auce, paprika, and mustard. Spread the un- toasted side of the bread rounds with the mixture. Place the canapes under a moderate broiler name for about 6 minutes until the cheese is well puffed and brown. Serve warm. PRETTY BERRY PUNCH Raymond Belle Rt. 3. Box 19 Lincoln, Ark. 1 can fruit flavored punch colored red 1 Ikg. frozen berries, strawberries arc favorite but raspberries are good 2 pkg. strawberry flavored Kool-Aid 6 bottles Mountain Dew. 2 c. sugar In large bowl or punch bowl pour punch, a d d Kool-Aid, lugar and mix well. Just before serving add frozen berries and Mountain Dew. This has a fresh flavor that every one loves. Tf you use a yellow or ((me colored punch use lemon-lime Kool-Aid, DAVID.'S FRUKT DRINK David Eloyd; Backlin Rt. 1, Hwy,45 East Fayetteville, Ark. Vt tsp. igrapefruit instant breakfast drink 2 tsp. orange instant breakfast,drink 1 tsp. sugar % tsp. lemon juice Vz tsp. lime juice Mix breakfast drink, sugar, and juice with 1 cup water and stir vigorously. Adjust recipe to suit taste. Variation: try Seven-up instead of water. Drink tastes best if served cold. Mrs. Kenneth Bogan PARTY CHEESE BREAD 2225 Lawson St. Fayetteville, Ark. 2 jars Old English Cheese spread (5 oz. size) 1 egg 1 stick oleo V4 tsp. cayenne pepper Beat the above ingredients together and put on bread that has been cut into 6 small pieces per slice (frozen bread cuts easier). Bake in a 400 degree oven 8 minutes. These can be made ahead and frozen until party time. FINGER JELLO Mrs. James A. Ruth 911 Highland Ave. Fayetteville, Ark. Mix together: 1 c. cold water 6 envelopes Knox gelatin 1 c. sugar 1 6 oz. pkg jello (any flavor) 3 c. boiling water Stir to dissolve crystals. Add 1 cup cold water, stir again. Pour into buttered, flat cake pan. (9 by 13) Chill and cut into short strips or "fingers". Eat with fingers. Vary the colors of jello for different Holidays -- for Christmas, make one pan of red and one green. For Easter, use lemon and lime, etc. MEXICAN HOT DIP Mrs: David-Howell 1507 Cartwright Circle Springdale, Ark. 1 can stewed tomatoes 1 can plain tomatoes 1 med. minced onion salt to taste dash garlic salt 1 jalapeno pepper 1 small can green chili peppers Mix and boH about five minutes. Dip for lostodas, Dor- ritos or any corn chips. (Please try - very good) ; PUNCH '"''"''· Marion Vahgundy' Ht. 1, Box 215 ': ::""; West Fork, Ark. . V 1 cans frozen lemonade 1 pkg. frozen strawberries 4 bottles Tup 1 lime (or lemon) In punch bowl mix lemonade with amount of water designated on can. Add partly thawed strawberries and 7up. For decoration put several slices of lime or lemon in punch bowl. Deljcipus!! FESTIVE DATE ROLL Carolyn Pudias Rt. 2 Fayetteville, Ark. 2 eggs, beaten Vi c. sugar I stick margarine 1 pkg. dates, chopped K tsp. salt' 1 tsp. vanilla 3 c. rice kri spies 1 c. nuts powdered sugar to roll in. Beat eggs, add sugar, beat well. Melt margarine in saucepan or skillet, pour in egg mixture, and add chopped dates. Stir and cook until mixture thickens and turns dark brown (3-5 min. after mixture boils) Add vanilla and salt. Remove from heat, add cereal and nuts Cool slightly. Make into l o n g rolls like refrigerator cookies. Roll in powdered sugar. Put in refrigerator to harden, after putting wax paper around rolls. These keep indefinitely, and can be sliced as needed. Top with cherry inserted with toothpick into slices. BUDGET FRUIT PUNCH Judy Hoffelder Rt. 4 Fayetteville 1 pkg. cherry powdered drink mix sugar 2 qt. water 1 No. 3 can Hawaiian punch 1 No. 3 can pineapple juice 1 qt. ginger ale. chilled Mix powdered drink mix by directions on the envelope with sugar and. water. Add juices; chill. Add ginger ale just before eervmg. This is a red punch. If a yellow, .punch is desired, use the- tropical punch and lemon drink mix. If desired, the powdered drink mix may be omitted for a.vricher but more expensive punch. Yield: 3S;40 servings. WUERSTCIIEN IN BIERSAUCE L. D. Stimley ' 1F33A Rea'p^D. Fayetteville, Ark. 2 Ib. frankfurters (cooked) 2 cups German lager 1 tbsp. Iem6n juice 1 tbsp. brown sugar 2 cloves Salt and pepper Pour beer over frankfurters in deep fry pan. Add brown sugar, cloves, salt and pepper. Boil for 10 minutes. Remove from flame and add lemon juice. Do not let lemon juice boil. Serve hot. Salads And Dressings WINNING RECIPES PICKLED MUSHROOMS Harry Lane 2620 Stagecoach Dr. Fayetteville, Ark. 2 cans (3 oz. each) whole mushroom crowns drained 2 tbsp. fresh lime juice 5 tbsp. red wine vinegar 1/3 cup olive oil % cup dry white wine % onion chopped 2 bay leaves 2 cloves garlic crushed generous pinch of crushed red peppers salt and pepper Combine in a quart fruit jar. Let marinate 2 days in the refrigerator. Serve on cocktail picks as hors d'oeuvres CRANBERRY PERCOLATOR PUNCH ·:Miss Jan Johnson -·1095 Bonnie Lane iFayetteville, Ark. . 9 c. cranberry juice , :;..,9 cups unsweetened pine- r ..j.. apple juice 4% c. water 4 tsp. whole cloves 4 sticks of cinnamon I c. brown sugar Put all the liquids in a 30 cup coffee urn. Then put the cloves, cinnamon, and brown sugar in the basket. Let this perk through the regular cycle time. Then serve. Just (his recipe in h n l f for "'·· 'size percolator i FIRST PLACE WINNER CRANBERRY SALAD Mrs. Carolyn otinchcomb Route 2 Fayetteville, Ark. 1 G 02. pkg. cherry Jello I 16 oz. pkg. frozen strawberries (sliced) 1 8 oz. can crushed pineapple 1 16 oz. can whole cranberry sauce 1 cup chopped nuts Pour 2 cups boiling water over Jello in bowl. Stir until Jello is completely dissolved. Add frozen strawberries and stir until strawberries are thawed. Add pineapple and cranberry sauce and mix well. Fold in chopped nuts. Pour into mold or 9x13 glass dish. Chill until firm and serve with the following dressing: I 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese 1 8 oz. pkg. sour cream Soften cream cheese and stir into sour cream. SECOND PLACE WINNER SALADE NICOISE Mrs. Joe Upchurch 124 West Prospect Fayettfeville, Ark. 2 Jbs. red potatoes, boiled . sliced 2 cups cooked cut green beans 1 Cup canned or frozen artichoke hearts 1 cjup pitted black olives , If targe onion thinly sliced 3 7.OZ. cans of tuna, drained and broken into chunks li pint cherry tomatoes 6 hard-cooked eggs, quartered: I 1 . 1 'large green pepper, cut in rings % cup canned or bottled red pepper; strips 2 2 oz. cans rolled anchovies with capers 'A cup chopped parsley, fresh if possible. Can use sprigs. 3 cups garlic dressing Salad greens Combine potatoes, beans, artichoke hearts and onion with the garlic dressing. Marinate the mixture in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, stirring gently two or three times. To serve, line a large bowl or tray with greens. Drain the marinated vegetables, keeping the dressing for use later. a n d spoon them onto the greens. Put the tuna in the middle of the bowl and arrange the tomatoes olives, eggs, red and green .peppers and anchovies around it. Sprinkle lightly with parsley or tuck in sprigs. Pass the dressing at the table or mix it into the salad just before you serve it. This makes a smashing looking dish! Splendid for buffet. GARLIC DRESSING 2 cups olive oil % cup tarraTon vinegar Vi cup fresh lemon juice (2 lemons) 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tbsp dry mustard 1 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp salt freshly ground black pepper Combine mustard, sugar, salt and a generous amount of pepper. Mix in garlic. Add vinegar and lemon juice and stir to blend thoroughly. Add oil and mix well. Stir or shake vigorously just before using Makes about three cups. HONORABLE MOITtON "NO COOK" RELISH Mrs. June Hale 18 E, Spring St. Fayetteville, Ark. 8 apples, peel and core 3 carrots 4 onions 3 green bell peppers 4 green tomatoes Grind all together Add: 2 tbsp. celery seed 2 tbsp. salt 2 tbsp. mustard seed 1 cup sugar 1^4 cups vinegar Mix and put in jars. Peanut butter jars will do. PINEAPPLE CHEESE SALAD Barbara K. Rink 839 Hazel St. Fayetteville, Ark. 2 cups boiling water 2 pkgs. (3 oz.) lemon gelatin 2 cups cold water 1 can (1 Ib. 4 oz.) crushed, drained pineapple (save syrup for topping) 2 c u p s shredded sharp Cheddar or mild colby cheese 6 medium ripe bananas, sliced Prepare gelatin as directed on package dissolving in boiling water and adding cold water to this. Chill until thickened, but not firmly set. Sprinkle cheese over bottom of 9x13 pan. Fold other ingredients (pineapple and · bananas) into thickened gelatin. Pour this mixture over the shredded cheese in pan. Chill until firmly set. S e r v e with Creamy Topping. CREAMY TOPPING Vi cup sugar ' 2 tbsp. flour 1 cup syrup from pineapple 1 tsp. lemon juice 2 eggs, slightly beaten 2 tbsp. butter or margarine I c u p whipping cream, whipped Combine sugar and flour in a heavy saucepan, mix well. Mir in pineapple syrup, lemon juice, and egg. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until smooth and thickened. Stir in butter or margarine. Chill. Fold in whipped cream and spread over salad in pan. The cheese and bananas mixed together give this salad an interesting flavor. The topping adds to the texture as 1 appeal Try *· SEVEN UP SALAD with TOPPING Joyce Graening 16G5 W. Shadowridge Dr Fayetteville, Ark. 2 pkg. lemon jello 2 cups hot water 2 cups V-up 1 cup small marshmallows 1 can (20 oz.) drained crushed pineapple (save juice) 2 or 3 bananas (sliced) Mix jello and hot water Let cool; then add remaining ingredients. Set aside in a cool place to gel I. Topping 2 tbsp. butter Juice drained from t h e above pineapple plus enough water to make 1 cup W. cup sugar 2 tbsp. flour 1 egg Cook the above ingredients as for pudding. When this mixture has cooled, fold in 1 cup of cream whipped. Spread o v e r Jello mixture. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and refrigerate. A D D I T I O N A L COPIES OF THE TIMES' COOKBOOK 50c each at rhe Northwest Arkantat Time*' office or by mall

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