Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1974 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1974
Page 21
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47-Real Ettat«-For Sale-- SMALL ACREAGES »«" ttiyotlpvlllo C l l y l.lMill, N K bin? Ei. I 1 '"i",',', 1 ,"" 1 '"'"'I'"* «i"«« Dlu« ivlocr ailclltlnnni acrci. HnU rurnl»hcl on ruqucil. TWO LEVEL n'J".r ll j'!jl£ " av t, Wc«lcrn iiimch. over 4.MO Ki. n. plus iioiiiiie mi^ MHO. uucM hnuno Included, (I bid. rooti«, formal d l n l M K rooni , 'ft';. nul 1 vlnil room, Milieu wllli nil .owcr nml wntor. o' ° fronlnnu. hum-Ilia, « wt " w i l l ; lr.» or river blwwn by nppolntmiml. Real Estate Is Your Best Hedgo Against Inflation LINDSEY ASSOC. REALTOR J. W. Gnhel Larry Dowcli Sparky Cunningham Gladys Honncman Fjirrcll Conner Jim Ltndscy Jo Anne Slnnbcrry B. It. I^CW [A BUI Precce 442-6050 521-1215 if 21-3187 521-2734 521-5575 442-8613 521-5700 521-40: HOME LAND BY OWNER Secluded homo and. 6 acres · Mountain Woodland 3 miles from University, near Hwy. G'Z West Open contemporary design hy architect, western cedar construction, 4, bedrooms. 2 bntlis, screen porch, slonc f i r e p l a c e , quarter basement, kennels. Includes draper couch, table, dishwasher r e f r i g - erator, stove, many b u i l l l n s , houac and 6 acres. $59,000. Call 443-5123 n f l c r 6:00. Legal Notices NOTICE TO PROSPECTIVE DIDDERS The City of FnycUevillo. Arkansas wll Accept scaled b l r f s u n l i t 10;00 A.M. on May 13, 1974 for the turnlslilns am orec Lion of ono (1) metal slrvagi hultdlng to ho placed nt the Water am Rower Operations Center on Cato Spring Road. Bid forms, contract documents plans, specifications, and general com! Hans, and other Information may li obtained from the Clly Manager's Offfc In the Cfly Administration Building o West Mountain Street. The Cily reserve Ihe rlphl (b accept or reject any till bids, waive formalities In the Welding and to make n hid award deemed bo in the liest Interest of Iho City. Slurnnan Mackey Purchasing Officer 2Tc J9, 26 NOTICK TO PROTECTIVE: BIDDERS The Clly of FnyctlcvLlle. Arkansas wl accept sealed bids until 10:00 A.M. May 9, 1974 Tor lliu furnishing and ercc I n g of one (1) 120 It. x 75 ft. x 20 i prefabricated nielal hnnsjnr building 1 bo placed at Drake* Field. Did form: contract documents, plans, specification! general conditions, nnd oilier informatlo may be obtained from the City Titan user's Office in the Clly Admlnlslrallo Building on West Mountain Street. TJi City reserves the right to accept c reject any or all bids, waive fornialltic In Ihe bidding, and lr mnke an aw deemed to be- In th best inlcrcsl Iha CJly. Sturm an Mackey Purchasing O f f i c e r 2tc 19, 36 coat Notfcei-- Nil IN TJIK I'UOJIATJO COUUT OK WAKIILNtlTON (VXfNT*-, A U K A N H A H fji Iha mMler of Vie nnt»l« of Clmi'Iti IcnnMt llollcr, ui.-fmi«d No. I'7I Ii9 M k n o w n a]Jrti4i of Eocei1«ni: Lincoln. r k m u n s iilo of dohlli: A|H1 IR, JOT4 An JnMruinam cIMoil April 10, 1071. "A nil t!iu S.^rtl [ny of April, 1071, nil' illluil (n i i r u l M l u n* HID Init will i( in ulxivu tinnier] docoitom, imrl HID luruuinlcr. A tonloil of piobnl« I l l i u will rim bo olfcrlorl only liy Mlii* j K - t i l l u n w l l h l n llic lima provided hy iw, All pin-wins N n v l i i K c l n l i n i n n n l n n t Uio slnlo mmL enlilbli t l i c m , d u l y verified, i Iho ' uniloreigned w i t h i n i l x monllj. ONI Lho diilo rif Iho (1ml puhllcaKon I tills nrjlk'u, or Limy n!i/i!1 Iw Torovor nrrx-'rl mid precluded from n n y licnofll n Lho c n l n l u , Thin nolle* rirnl published 2ttli tiny / A p r i l , 107-1. lloljurl (ilocktonl HcnL, ICxcculnr T h u r m o n d Kvorctt P. 0, Hox A 1'rafrJo Grove. Arknnsns · 35, M a y S Welcome Is Less Than Warm Onassis Tries For New England Oil Refinery Teaching Said Preferred By Many Students PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) Teaching is the preferred profession of college students, according to the latest Gallup poll. Twenty-three per cent of the students interviewed chose education for a career. Fourteen per cent said their choice was the medical profession, 12 per cent picked business and 10 per cent named law. Science and research was next, with 8 per cent, followed by arts and crafts with 7 per cent. The latter category reflects a new interest in theater, music and painting noticed in other recent surveys.The field was chosen by 9 per cent of college women and 5 per cent of college men surveyed. The poll said social work has also increased its appeal among the students, providing further evidence of interest in what it called the "helping professions." Six per cent of those questioned said they were headed for a career in this area. Only six per cent of those interviewed were unable to give at least some indication of their general occupational plans. The remaining 14 per cent scattered their career preferences among other professions. Open House SATURDAY, APRIL 27 2-5 P.M. SUNDAY, APRIL 28 12-5 P.M. 3 bedroom, 2 h a t h , quality alt electric home In Wedlnsrton Woods. New. now ready for occupancy. 2.8 acres vvilh room for garden spot. Trees, including dogwoods. Exterior of native stone and Miami stone. Interior is fully carpeted, has b e a u t i f u l stone fireplace and stone planter. SiT.OOO will purchase this comfortable living environment in peaceful setting. Not No. 538 on Walnut Drive. Newlin Realty Company 839-2522 or 83?-2259 West Fork, Arkansas KmTOH'B NOTK: Tax mid rcguliilory advantages, plus New England's thirst tor oil, iinparcnlly made New I J n m p - anlro n preferred Bite when an Aristotle OmiHsis corporation set out lo build an oil refinery. Mere In the second of a four part series, Is an account of those (actors. By MlCHAKt, I'UTXKI, CONCORD, N, H. (AP) -The energy crisis dramatized w h n l New Englanders already knew: they are major consumers of oil, but, they arc also at the end of the pipeline, totally dependent on outside suppliers for refined petroleum products. So when Aristotle Onassis flew to New Hampshire last December, saying he was "not a Greek bearing gifts," he clearly expected a warm welcome for his proposal to build a giant oil refinery. He encountered a m i x t u r e of enthusiasm and bitter suspicion. Despite technological improvements, refineries produce noise and odors. Environmentalists have fought sug- 1 gcstions that one be b u i l t along the tourist-rich New England coast. Shelfon Fails To ' Appear In Court 3 LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Everett E. Shelton, 26, head of the r A r k a n s a s Black Politica . Caucus, failed lo appear it Little flock Municipal Court on 1 Thursday and a warrant wa 1 issued for his arrest. 3 Special Judge Louis Rostecl . ordered Shelton's $100 bond for j feited and issued the arres warrant. Shelton had been charget s with a check law violation i 1 connection with a $3,723 chec 5 to Target Printing Co. of Littl n Rock. Shelton had surrendered I - police Wednesday on the chec " violation and posted a $1C bond. He was not in custod " Thursday. - Municipal Court records sho\ r that Shelton was arreste ? March 11 on a bad check war rant issued March 6 alleging misdemeanor in connectio with a check of less than $50 t ~ pay for furniture. Fhe'ton later appeared i court with the complaining oar ty. who had been willing to le Shelton make restitution. CJov. Mcldrlm Thomson of p cw Hampshire has balked nt y uggesllnns from fellow New h Onglund governors and others mt the six stuti'B Join in a " cgional effort to HOlve the h rca's oil supply problems 0 ECONOMIC DOOM Since his Inauguration two , T cars ngo, Thomson has been ictivcly searching for someone o build un oil refinery in the c late. He Kays it would be a p won to the economy and a t olutlon to the energy shortage, fndustry engineers say any eflnery in New England must " ic built near the coast lo minimize the cost of piping rude oil from offshore tankers. . New Hampshire is landlocked xcept for an 10-mile slrlp of ( ocks and beach that touch the r Atlantic In the southeast corner j f the slate. Five major oil companies havo. looked at the area a n d ] !onc away, but Onassis decided 1 , was worth trying. He had t h e unqualified j jacking of Thomson and of Villiam Loeb. publisher of the Manchester Union Leader, the state's largest and quite powcr- ul newspaper. N e w H a m p s h i r e h a s elativcly little land-use legis- ation to protect the environment and ecology of the seashore. And there Is no )ersonal income or sales tax n the state. TAX EXEMPTION Official studies indicate that ,he wording of Ihe state's real estate tax law would exempl nost of a refinery complex rotn property taxes, and tax revenue most likely would be derived from the state's 7 per cent tax on corporate profits-- f the refinery makes a profit. I n d u s t r y spokesmen s a y refineries generally are the east profitable link in the oil iroducing and marketing chain. 3ne called them "necessary evils that the companies are forced to build only because they can't sell crude oil at gas station." Onassis became a millionaire at 25 by shipping oil, not refining it, and has made hundreds of millions since by putting together one of the largest independent . tanker fleets in the world. Twenty years ago, Onassis signed a deal wilh the king of Saudi Arabia that would have guarantped him the right to transport as least 10 per cent and as much as 80 per cent of that oil-rich Arab nation's c r u d e production. Several major oil and shipping com- panics, with the aid of the United Sliilcs and Drltaln, combined forces to m a k e him break the contract that would have given Jilm ,1 stranglehold on the market. Onassis continued to m a k e money on his fleet by pulling some tankers under long-term charier lo the major oil companies and retaining others for the "spot market," hiring out ships lo haul a single cargo on a single trip, Sl'OT MARKET Induslry representatives say the spot market can be extraordinarily profitable but also risky. "You can lose your shivl if you build a supertanker, and then cun't keep it full," said a spokesman for the American Petroleum Institute. In 1968. Onassis tried again to guarantee constant cargoes for his tankers by promising lo build a refinery and power complex for his native Greece. Stanley Asks Sentence Be Set Aside TOUT SMITH. Ark. (AP) --luck Stanley III of Korl Smith, who is .serving a life term in the slntu penitentiary for t h e KhoolhiK dc'iitli of his slop- rnlhcr, inis asked the Sebastian County Circuit Court. Court to set nslcta the sentence. Stanley was Sound guilty In September 19CT of Mrst-degrnc murder in the March 13, lOfi!) .slaying of l£clmond Reynolds, 54, in the family home at Fort Smith. The petitloiti contends that a confession introduced against the defendant was obtained without a "knowing and Intelligent waiver of his right to remain silent and to have 'in attorney present." The petition said Star-ley did not make -i "knowingly or intelligent waiver of his rights" because at the time he gave the confession he was H. The motion also alleges thai Northwoit Arkansas TIMES, Friday, April 26, 1974 FAYITTIVILLI, ARKAMSAt In exchange $400 million [or b u i l d i n g the plant, he would have had exclusive control over the refinery's oK shipments. Hut the deal fell through two years ago when Onassis couldn't deliver a total financing package or assure the refinery a source of low-priced Arabian crude oil. Olympic's proposal for New Hampshire would be even more expensive - an estimated $C00 million for a 403,000 barrel-per- day complex-hut with it Onassis would get a deepwatcr port on the Atlantic capable of servicing the highly efficient supertankers. ARABIAN CRUDE T h e r e has been talk. Stanley was not given an opportunity to consult with his mo'h- cr to seek her advice nor did the poiicc attempt to contact his mother to obtain permission to qiieslion the defendant. The 1 petition also contends that the officer who took Stanley's confession told him that "nothing would happen to him excep't that he would be sent to the Slate Hospital." Recorder Delivers Financial Report MARSHALL, Ark. (AP) Cily Recorder Luther Karns of Marshall complied with a Circuit Court ruling Thursday and delivered a report, to ho puh- lislied In the Marshall Mountain Wave, a weekly newspaper. Karnis was found in contempt In Soarcy County Circuit Court April 15 for falling to publish a financial report of the city. He was given 10 days to deliver a $100 fine. The report was delivered Thursday, the deadline, accord- ng to Jerry Pattlerson of Marshall, Karns' lawyer. C. Edward Tudor, editor and publisher of the Wave, filed suit ,wo years ago against the city to force it to publish the report as rcci'uired hy state law. Tudor said the report given to him by Patterson was "a balance sheet" of the city's financial transactions. "In my opinion, they haven't complied in good faith with the law," Tudor said. "In my opinion, it complies with the intention of the law as set out by the legislature," said Woman Named Democratic Party Head LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Nancy Ballon, 38. of Osceola. the first woman chairman of the state Democratic party, said ' Thursday she w in September if the ic pa ould ste'p gubernato- Henley Asked To Rescind Order On 'Muff'Jones LITTLE HOCK (AP) -- Attorney Phil Stratton of Cnmvny asked Judge J. Smith Henley of U.S. District Court Thursday to rescind an order that has prevented state Sen, Guy H. "Mutt" Jones of Comvay from practicing law In federal court. Jones, 62. was fined $5,000 and placed on three years probation by Judge Oren Harris of U.S. District Court on April 4, 1073 after Jones' December 1972 conviction on two counts of. income tax evasion and of filing false tax returns. A motion filed by Stratton said that on April 21 1973 court clerk W. H. "Pete" McClellan, acting under order from Henley, struck Jones' name from the rolls of lawyers admitted to practice in the court. Stratton contended that Jones had not been notified of the intended action, that no provision for hearing was included in the court rule governing such a move and that Jones had been denied a fair determination as required by due process of law. UA Agri Division Gels Three Grants Three grants totaling $2,500 have been received by the University of Arkansas Division of forestry and plant pathology. Weyerhaeuser Co. provided two grants of $1.00(1 each for research in forest diseases and vegetation control in pine management, associate Dr. plant F.H. Tainter, pathologist, is in charge of disease control. Dr. H. A. Holt, assistant forester, is worl'.ing on vegetation control. PICK YOUR PATCH In Strawberry Hill · Large Lots · Plenty of Trees · . Newly paved Roads · Beautiful Views · Financing's Tasty · Butterfield School District LEASE YOUR GAR A NEW PONTI AC-CADILLAC OR ANY MAKE OF NEW OR LATE MODEL CAR OF YOUR CHOICE. _ . . CONTACT: HERBERT HATFIELD 22 E. MEADOW - FAYETTEVIUE PHONE 442-2303 sometimes encouraged and sometimes denied by Olympic, that Onassis is willing to offer Saudi Arabia or some olher nil- producing nation a substantial interest in the refinery in exchange for a guaranteed supply of crude and an assurance of business for his ships. With the exception of a few American-flag carriers that Onassis built to settle a court case 20 years ago, virtually his entire fleet of about 70 ships sails under so-called "runaway" flags or flags or convenience. That means they are registered in. countries that don't tax or regulate them. ''If 1 had the fleet and the contacts ; in the Middle East," one industry insider said, "I'd buy the crude cheap at one and resell it to myself when it gets to the States so I could write off the refinery operation a n d take the profits on my runaway siiios." Next: holdings. Onassis and h i s HILL Located One Mile From Township Road North on Old Wire Road Helen Edmislor, 52T-3933 Marian Johnson 442-8837 Thomas McNoir 521-5987 TRUCK CENTER Of The 4 State Area 1973 CHEVROLET C65 Tractor, 429 engine, 4 Speed Transmission, 2 Speed, straight air with Air Connections, Air Lock, Power Steering, 12,000 FVonf Axle, Sliding Fifth Wheel, 10:00x20 Rubber, 20 ton Tulso winch. Dual 50 Gallon Step Tanks, Bostrom Seat, Only 12,000 Actual Miles. 1972 CHEVROLET 1 Ton, Dual Wheels, 400 Engine, Custom Deluxe Cab, Turbohydramaric, Power Steering and Brakes, Factory Air, Side Tanks, 10 ft. Van Body, Brand New Tires. 1969 FORD F600 2 Ton, V8, 18 ft. Van Body with Tuck Away Lift Gate, 42,000 Miles. 1972 CHEVROLET LUV PICKUP, 4 Cylinder, 4 Speed, 11,000 Actual Miles. 1965 INTERNATIONAL 2 Ton. 1973 DODGE HALF TON, long Wide Bed, 3 Speed, Side Chrome. 1966 CHEVROLET Vi Ton, Long Wide Bed, 6 Cylinder, low Mileage. Kennedy Clears Confusion Over Political Plans Bask In The Sun. . In vnur very own SUNROOM. U comes wilh this lovoly bdr., 2 bnlh home with pnllo. EXCELLENT condition! 1.7 ACHES. BONUS: rcfrljt- SilOT. wash?" ft tlrycr Included. Don't wall. Call Ken Ti!lmm. 521-6979. Have A Hankerin' For a L i t t l e SPACE To Breath In? TIFRF IT [SI !'» firros wlUi 1 txflr., I hntti home. Close In on ?Twy. Id E. H»Va«rn*e *mHll barn, fenced In Imck. H could be Ihe bMl move you hnvc ever mndo. ONLY 517.500.00. Cnll Ron Pyenlt now. 521-OTU. Property With INCOME - Only $18,500.00 Two-story home wllh 1 bclr.. 2!4 hath. Basically sound, need* lender lovintf cfire ALSO, rent house wilh 1 bdr.. 1 bath, kitchen appliance*, j\jk lor Knlticrinc riser. 521-1303. ELEVEN Roorm -- Only $23,500 Large lwo-5tory. up lo 6 Ixlr.. 2 baths. Just oTf Wo*l Dlckson. Don't let Phis be the H1G one lhal gal nwny. Call Ken Tillman for nn a p p o i n t - ment. 521-0979. What Do You Think Of When We Say "LAND"? DM you think or value, nccurlly, Investment, the f u t u r e ? Then what do vmi I h i n k of when we sny Rfl acres, close In on Hwy. 265? Call anrl let Ul know. Knlhorlnc f ijer. S21-130.1. B R Y C E D A V I S C CO. I N C . 1617 North Collago 521-8660 Katharlno Flsor 521-4303 ' BrycB DavU 442-8071 Ron Py«a» 521-2714 K«n Tlllmrm 521-6979 1964 CHEVROLET Topper. J A Ton, long Wide Bed, V8, 3 Speed, 1972 CHEVROLET l k Ton, Long Wide Bed, Cheyenne Super, 400 Engine, Full Power, Factory Air-Conditioning, Turbo-tydramatic, low Mileage. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, clearing up brief confusion over h i s . f u - ture political plans, was quoted today as saying his position on running for president in 1976 remains unchanged: he won't decide until late next year. The Massachusetts Democrat's position was in some doubt for a time Thursday after he told a reported in New York Cily that he would not be a presidential candidate. However, 'Kennedy later told the Boston Globe in Washington that, "My position is unchanged. It's been the same- It always was." Asked to restate that position, Kennedy said: "I will make some statement late in 1975. I've made no plans. I've said I will continue lo serve in the United States'Senate and that I have no plans other than to run for the United States Senate from Massachusetts." The confusion occurred as Kennedy, hi:; wife Joan and two of their children arrived at Kennedy Airport in New Y o r k after a one-week visil to Ihc Soviet Union. Kennedy, who visited the Soviet Union as gucsl of t h a t country's parliament, said the Russians' position on emigration remained unchanged. Me described his meeting Wednesday with a group of Jews \vho want to leave the Soviet Union as "extremely emotional and moving." He declined to give any details of his four-hour meeting with Communist party chief Ix;onid T. nrezhncv. saying he would elaborate next week. rial nominee did not want her as chairman. Mrs. Ballon took over the position after Brad Jesson of Fort Smith resigned. She had been first vice chairman. Jesson said he wanted to work for the U.S. Senate candidacy of Gov. Dale Bumpers. Mrs. Balton is a housewife with agricultural business interests. Jesson said it had been difficult to run the parly from Fort Smith and Mrs. Balton said she expected difficulty in trying to run the party from Osceola. "It will be tough," she said. "My car is my office, anyway. I'm used to being on the road. I will make,myself available for party needs." Mrs. Balton said the party state convention would be Sept. 13-14 at Hot Springs. The convention usually is held in Little Rock, but party leaders wanted a site in Ihe 3rd Congressional District to boost its nominee against John Paul Hammerschmidt ,the incumbent Re- Explaining her plans for the publican congressman, party between now and September, Mrs. Balton mentioned a June meeting to expo re the problem of campaign financing and a Sept. 12 meeting to allow candidates to state their views on the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. She declined .to state her preference among the candidates for Democratic nomination this year. $6 Million Refund Sought From Arkla LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. was asked Thursday to refund about $6 million collected from customers in excess of currently approved rates. Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform rjow (ACORN) made the request, saying the money should helm- mediately refunded with 10 per cent interest. Arkla instituted higher rates in November while the state Public Service Commission considered the firm's application for an annual rate hike of about $12.2 million. Arkla later received permission for a rate increase of $5.7 million. The PSC recently lipped the amount of t h e - i n crease to about $7 million. .' ACORN told Arkla President Sheffield Nelson in a lettter ;hat many persons had lost patience because of Arkla's refus- reception in the Fine Arts Cena l to comply with the PSC or" ' ' - - ' - - - der to refund the excess amount collected within GO days after the Feb. 22 order. no one has received said Estell Joshlin, offical. : ,,..,, ACORN felt that a 10 per cent interest rate on the excess payments to Arkla was ·-- - - ·· utility that mil- . A $500 grant from Guth Corp. and TSI Co., Ind., will be used by Dr. Holt for evaluating different . chemicals in brush control research. Art Students Work To Be On Display The public is invited eception in the Fine Ar tor at the University of Arkansas Monday evening. The rece opening of Read if April 28th in 1973 FORD Miles. 1969 FORD ma tie. Ton, long Wide Bed, V8, 4 Speed, 10,000 Ton, Long Wide Bed, Ranger, V8, 1973 INTERNATIONAL % Ton, V8, 4 Speed, Bucket Seats, Sport Wheels, 6,000 Miles. Shiny Black Finish. If What You're Wanting Isn't listed Here Call U» COLIECT at 417-451-3232 And We Can Tell You What Elso We Have. Open Every Night Til! 8:00 SPICER CHEVY-OIDS, Inc. 920 S. Neosho Blvd. Neosho, Mo. Suspension Suggested LITTLE ROCK (AP) - It hns hccn recommended to the director of the slate Health Department that David II. Win- cliell be suspended without pay tor nt least 10 days from his jobs as sanitarian and plumbing inspector in Saline County. If Dr. John A. Harrell. department director, accepts the recommendation the suspension would bo in effect while nn investigation is under way into possible conflicts of interest on Winchell's part. The suspension would start Monday as would the Investigation (o he carried out by James Wallace, chief of slnto sanitarians. Glen T. Kellogg, chief of the ;'yinrtmcnt's Consumer Protection Bureau, drew up tbe recommendation following a hoar- Ins Thursday attended by Winchell. three Health Department officials and n representative from the governor's office. "Beauty You" Section: Springtime Self- Improvement Program Do you knoio your skin's "personality" type? Normal? Oily? Dry? Or a combination? Arc you really what you eat? Can the art of makeup diminish an aging look? Have you learned the eight simple "tricks" to help you look five pounds thinner -- fast? Do you. know the "one pcrjccl" daily exercise? Family Weekly's up-to-the- minute solutions to common skin and figure problems can help you develop your own personal springtime transformation. Look for FW Women's Editor Rosalyn Abrevaya's complete pullout-and-save Beauty Special section. Her "Spring Beauty Discovery Program" is colorfully illustrated with how-to examples, helpful'suggestions and tips. "Medicine Chest": Science Bulletins Are bent cars somehow related lo heart attacks? Is there a cute for the depression .so common to old age? Was Don Juan a teetotaler? Look for Dr. Erwlrt Di Cyan's nins news-at-a-glance bulletins from the changing world of medical science. In your copy of the Nart!]uirat ArhmwaH SiuifB an ACORN offical. painting classes taught by Donald Roller Wilson. would have received about that to 9 o'clock. The paintings will lion, had it been invested remain on display through May WITH SATELLITE REMOTE CONTROL 18 PORTABLE COLOR TV VALUE PRICED 399 99 CART FREE MODEL TP5505LW 18" diagonal COLOR TV WITH FAMOUS QUASAR- RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE. PRICE INCLUDES CART AND REMOTE CONTROL. Special Values on All 1974 Models Wood's Radio TV 405 West Huntsville Springdale, Ark. 75T-7162 Town Country Homecenler, Inc. 1153 S. School Fayetteville, Ark. 521-6273

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