Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1974 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1974
Page 16
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r (We IF r CAN TAKE £AR£ OF A f£W SHEEP WHILE I'M STANPIN6 WT HERg, I CAN PICK DP XAE EXTRA MONEY TEAM OUNEftS RATE Ti? SEE THBR rXAYEKf" PICK l/P LOOK/HAVE YOU R'SeeN ASWINS? COV\E QUICK.' HE'S 1H HUNDREDS, AND FBEE.' TO TAKE ANOTHER ,, GIANT DIVOT.' ASCOT TO STA!?T.' WHAT'S THE IMA BUDDYIHS ] JEALOUS/ up TO THAT AMERICAN J SULEMIN? HE'S ONLY HAVE KHO\H HE'S NOT THE FUZZ? , INTERE51EP TO KNOW HE WAS AtWMRlMG MY NECKLACE, SUltV. WANTS TO KNOW COPS PON'T SLUSH, STUPITX IF VOU HAVE MORE. ALL I IS «Tf[N 15 A CLASS "A HEARACHE.' ALL i CAN see IS REP' SS6, 1 TOLO ou efiURTMepfTATI AIN'T AW.THAT BAR PCNTT6LUM6' WU ALL 19 HAVIN . ffACe BACKWARPS? VEP-- THAT'S HIM SHORE ENUFF I WONDER IF HE DONE ENfWGOOD ftlN'TTHAT UNK SNUF.FV COMiN'HOME FROM Trf CflRD GfiME; RUNT LOWKZV ? VIPPAV/.'AN'WEGITS TO LIVE IN IT HUH ? /£?-NOONE CAW LIVE \K \ ( VO' IS / A NATIONAL SHRINE/? 1 BUT O ALL I DON'T WORRY-1 PERSONALLY ) HEART, \ WILL SEE THAT YOUR. HOMES I O. NOBL? f ARE DEMOLISHED FREE ^McGESTURE. OF CHARGE/ RESEARCH HA-='PROVEN. DOGPATCH SHOULD feE A NATIONAL SHRINE--AND AWMS UK£D MY SPECIALTY/ SO THAT'S WHAT iu COOK. FOR SUPPER TOMISHT WHAT'S FOK SUPPER , gLJRMT POTATOES AMD LUMPY SRAVYJ OIL...FAP6E WHEAT.., VWAT ee FACED WITH Nejcr? I DON T EVEM SPEMD TEN DOLLARS FOR MY OWN LUMCH/ YOU SOTTA BE CAM I HELP IT IP MY FAVORITE OISM IS OYSTERS ' COULD YOU LET ME HAVE TEN DOLLARS --Belicro Jl or Nat/ IS CREATED SOLELY FROM fMTNOFUffFfRffff COi INDIA, EXUDES AN on FROM ns SALIVARY GLANDS JO KEEP fKOM GETTING- STUCK M VSOWiHJEB HENRY IRETON fKtMwo WAS DISINTERRED FROM A (3RWE N WESTWNSTGK ABBEV AFTER K) VHR? BECAUSE HE MftS FOUND T H#WE PLOTTED IKE EMOinOM OF MM6 CHARIEST. FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according lo the stars. SAT., APRIL 27 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. .20) : . You won't he able to accpm piish all you desire, so don't try to crowd yourself or others. Stay "on target" -- competent, but not pressured. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Faced with a decision regarding your home or career, take titrje to think things over. Leaving everything -status quo just might be the wisest course. GEMINI (May 22 lo June 21) Dietermine distance 'efforts must stretch to cover ground necessary. As with Aries, you may be tempted to press too hard now -- trying to cover more than is possible. Don't! . CANCER (June 22 to July .23) Despite possible obstacles, you could win many benefits Tom this day's efforts. Take steps to launch long-range }lans, to complete unfinished .asks. EO (July 24 to Aug. 23) You may run into unexpected opposition, "rough" areas.' Be ·eady, view all objectively, and try all the harder to achieve worthwhile goals. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) If the suggestions of others are not feasible, or your "sixth iense" warns againist them, by all means follow your intuition. 1BRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Avoid the illogical and close your -eyes to the -dubious schemes of others - n o ' m a t t e r low attractively they may he presented. Let your head rule your heart. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Employ the techniques used successfully in prior efforts but do not hesitate to update plan: and vitalize your approach. In personal affairs, try to be mor tactful than usual. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec 21) · - · Some awkward situations cai now be worked hn successfully an oppooent made an ally Adroit .thinking .is the naswe: - plus a shrewd bit of diplo macy. : CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Good invluences. A nove. method, a ' n e w 'approach to a stymied project; could spark fresh 'interest.' relieve ' t h e monotony of details. New gains indicated. AQUARIUS (Jan' 21 to Feb. 19) An inspiring day tor romance and creative activities. In the latter connection', ah avocation may prove to 'have remunera five value. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Curb. inclinations toward ex travagance. If you overspend on credit or impulse buying now you'll regret it later. YOU BORN t TODAY: The Taureans excel 1 iri the arts music, as writers, promotiona and advertising experts; also as scientists (especially in the medical field), inventors ant teachers. You ,are extremely ambitious, but not necessarily in a material way. Your striving is · for 1 extraordinary attainment - and you usually achieve it. no matter what your field. Your personality is quiet one, reserved and almost s.hy at times, | so you often amaze others with your obstin acy when opposed. In fact, you can be downright stubborn a times. Try to be more flexible Birthdate of: Gen. U.S. Grant 18th Pres., U.S.A.; Samue Morse, inventor · (Morse code). Crossword By Eugene She/ft ACROSS 1. Love god 5. Purse 8. Work 12. Banter M-Habbit 15. Opposite of debtor 18, Church part 17. Being 18. Gathered together 20, Lean 23, Gasp 34. Cooking utensils 25, Fireplace ledges 28. Skill 29 -- Antoinette 30. Paddle 32. Due to motion 34. Give in charity 35. God of war 36,Impres- gtong 37. Metallic element 48. Common value 41. Above 42. Lists in detail 47. Learning 48. Large tenter 49. Nourish 50. Permit 51. Leave the stag' DOWN L Rudiments of a subject 2. Deface 3. Lyric poem 4. Horsemen 5. Clubs 6. Past 1. Teutonic 8. Virtuous 9. Knocks 10. Scottish Gaelic IL Noxious plant 13. Baseball team Average lime of iolntkm: 25 inin. Answer to yesterday's pnzzle. fer 19. Poker stake 20. Health resort 21. Recreation area 22. Prefix: against 83. French A. "^ 25. Fabric 26. Diving bird 37. Seasoning - 29. Bare 31. Thing (law) 33. Dozed 34. Ridicule 38. English title 37. Kind of leather 38. Indian 39. Scrutinize 40. Saucy 43. Fasten 44. Roofer's ' tool 45. Hebrew priest 4». Harden · NorfhwMt Arktiwi TIMES, Friday, April 2*, 1974 ·m PAVITTIVILLI, AMKAHIAI IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIlllllltllllllllllTM LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Little League Laryngitis Is Unnecessary Hazard IJInlllHIli IIIIJIIII1IIIIIUII III Ilill! Ill llli.KII Illl llhilllllil IN III III :^ When the basebiill season gets underway there i.s Invariably a rash of cases of hoarseness, cspecliilly in the youngsters of the Little liraguc group. In t h e i r r i g h t f u l enthusiasm niul ebullience, tliey often nhilsc Iheir delicate vocal cords. Hemorrhages and swelling of Hie vocal cords, result in hoarseness which, if neglected, can be long-lasting. A prominent specialist, Dr. Leo Schwartz, wrole, "With the many benefits to be derived from participating in organized physical educational projects lias Come the problem of hoarseness. STRAIN PROBLEM "The strain exerled on immaturely developed vocal cords can creale a serious problem, this is particularly true in the juvenile and pre-adolesccnt ages before the voice has changed or matured." The vocal cords are two small bands of tissue that come together and vibrate lo produce sounds. The vocal cords are housed in the voice box, or larynx. Children must be luaghl that the vocal cords can be injured by uncontrolled screaming. Parents mid coaches, in addition to guidance in Uie technical skills of baseball, must control Ihc yelling hnblts In order to prevent ponnanent dumaRe to the l a r y n x . Small growths, t u m o r s anti polyps of the vocal cord can be Ihe result of constant vocal abuse. "Liltte League laryngitis" is not restricted lo children. Fathers and mothers, too, scream ecstatically when their children slide into home plate. "Momlny morning laryngitis" (or adults is not uncommon. PALM RKADING Many people, seem to be Intrigued by the lines of the palm of hand. The new science of derrhatfl- glyphics, or palm-reading, il concentrating on the understanding of heredity and physical disorders. A great deal of study and confirmation is needed before such ideas are completely accepted. II is an interesting fact that the lines of the palm are said lo be fixed about five months ; before a child is born. Thest · lines never vary Ihercaftcr. ii: iii ill in iir :iii,'"iiikiii:ii INIMII iinihii:'ii::ii'ill Jiiiairiii itauii^ ' B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder lo Masters' Individual Championship Play) You are Soulh, neither side vulnerable. The bidding has been: West North East South 1* Dble I V ? What would you bid how with each of the following four hands? · LAA83 VQ6 «K6S2#;QJ74 2.*K75J VKJ853 «A92 #6 3.AQJ8G62 V7 «QG4 *A5J 4.A96432 V5 4AQ93 +J85 1. Two notrump. In general, when your partner doubles for takeout, he has at least the minimum values for an opening bid. In responding to the double, you try to represent your hand in much the same way as though partner had opened the bidding. East's bid relieves you of the respond, and with a poor hand you would definitely pass. A voluntary bid at this point in time shows at least moderate values, while a jump response \yould suggest game- Soing possibilities. This 12-point hand is apt to produce game opposite a double, and a jump response is therefore in order. The absence of a heart stopper should not deter you from bidding two notrump. North is practically certain to have heart strength. 2. Double. Something is rotlen in Ibe stale of Denmark. East is probably fooling around and the best way of exposing his iniquity is by a double. If tha bidding lakee a new lurn, which is highly likely, you can then bid spades. Partner will thus be apprised of your heart' and spade length as well as the high card strength necessary for such bidding. 3. Four spades. Game in spades is extremely likely opposite a double, and by far the simplest way of transmitting this message is by bidding it. You would have thought game probable had North opened the bidding as dealer, and you should feel even more bullish here, as North has suggested tolerance for spadej as well as opening values. East's interference bid should not affect your outlook in any way. Your hand is worth about 12 points, counting the distribution, and there should be little doubb in your mind that four spades is the right spot. 4. One spade. There is easily enough strength for a voluntary bid and you should therefore speak your piece at this point. Of course, the spades are nothing to brag about, bul you must do Ihe best you can with what you were dealt. Remember that you're leaning on an opening bid by partner and a strong likelihood of spade support. "I t h i n k our relationship is in difficulty, Hobie... I dreamt we broke up and it didn't seem like a night- HOW TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD BY TELEPHONE Dial 442-6242-Ask for CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: (TMftME-'JKt) WOIID ATffl -- to flMrl Htinrlay flro acceplfd nnlil p.m. FrMnj'. -- To tlail Monrfqy nr« acrerferl unlll ] :W a.m. T^lurdAy. -- lo ilarI Tijf*rf»y Itiru Rnlurdiiy urn rv-*pir«.i unlll 4 p.rn- on lh day hef-w« rWPAf:B ADS - to Mflrl Htrnrky urn ncmplM tJnin 1 p.m. Thumdnv. -- Id t\fir\ Monfay on nrrenltr] itnlj 4 p.m. Krlrtay, - 1o alflrt TiioidJiy Ihni miunJAy ir« fl'-tpp«H unlll i p.m. two 4iyi bnlor* Classified Office Hour* Arei Monday through Friday, 8;00 -4:00 p.m. Salurdayi 8:00 a.m. to 11t30 a.m.

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